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"Hollywood's Biggest Night"

Aired March 2, 2014 - 18:00   ET


PIERS MORGAN, CNN HOST: This is it, the most glamorous evening of the year. The A-listers are here. The rain has miraculously stopped. Live from the red carpet, this is "Hollywood's Biggest Night."


ANNOUNCER: Tonight, the stars --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dead broke, really. I mean, the government took everything.

ANNOUNCER: The movies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ain't nothing out there that can kill Ron.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Twenty-six thousand dollars for one dinner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, this can be explained.

ANNOUNCER: The surprises.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Guess what? He is never going to leave me. He's always going to want me.

ANNOUNCER: The unforgettable moments.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I am off structure and drifting. Do you copy?

ANNOUNCER: And all the glamour of the red carpet. It's Hollywood's biggest night, and it all start news.

Here is Piers Morgan.


MORGAN: I'm Piers Morgan live on the red carpet outside Hollywood's Dolby Theater. And this is a night we've all been waiting for, the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

CNN's Nischelle Turner is up on the bridge overlooking the red carpet with super model and style icon Cocoa Rocha.

Michelle, Coco, what are we spotting? Any early trends?



NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: We'll go together. We'll definitely go together.

You know, it's funny, because we have been seeing and talking about what we're expecting to see on the red carpet here. I've been saying that my phrase for the evening is beating and bling, Coco.

But you definitely think there will be some trends that we'll see tonight?

ROCHA: I definitely think we're going to see bright colors. Lupita has been the perfect example of what she has been doing lately. I think there is going to be a lot of lace on lace, appropriate lady right here.

TURNER: On trend, lady, I'm on trend.

ROCHA: I think we're going to see a bit of metallics. And for the older ladies, I think we're going to see a lot of raft dresses. But hey, you never know. It could be totally different and I didn't get the memo this year. But I think we're going to see a bunch of variety of things.

TURNER: It's the Oscars.


TURNER: Anything can happen here. And I'm ready for to it happen.

Piers, there also may be some firsts here at the academy awards tonight. First of all, there is no movie that has ever won all four acting categories. But "American Hustle" has the chance to do that tonight, of course. Christian Bale nominated for best actor, Jennifer Lawrence for best supporting actors, Amy Adams for best actor, and Bradley Cooper for best supporting actor.

There have been a couple of films that have come close, "Network" and "A Streetcar Named Desire" won three out of the four categories, but no one has won all four categories.

Also, if Steve McQueen wins best director, he will be the first black director to win an Academy Award. And if Alfonso Cuaron wins best director for "Gravity," he will be the first Latino director to win.

So, we're looking to history being made and fashion being worn, fella.

MORGAN: And the most exciting thing is it's not raining. It's absolutely felting it down in Hollywood for the last three days. It's felt a bit like my old hometown, but the sun has gradually sneaked out. It's actually very nice conditions, which is very good for all the media here and is thousands of people. All the crowds obviously behind me have been very noisy. And this is a part of the day when suddenly, the biggest stars in the world come down this red carpet, and we're going to grab as many of them as we can and bring them live to you on CNN.

Let me ask you, Nischelle, where is your money going or the best movie? My money is going on "12 Years A Slave." But I'm hearing just around the parties here, a lot of buzz for "American Hustle" and also "Gravity," which apparently was very popular in Los Angeles.

TURNER: Well, you know, the interesting thing is I think I'm leaning towards you, Piers, on this. If I were to be casting my vote for the Oscar tonight, I would vote for "12 Years A Slave."

But you're right there. There's definitely been this groundswell lately for "American Hustle." We saw going into awards season "American Hustle" and "12 Years a Slave" kind of carve out their respective lanes and become front-runners for best picture. But I have to tell you, there could be a little wrinkle and caveat in this tonight. Because if "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" split the vote, then we could see a movie like "Gravity" sneak up and win best picture.

I have to tell you, if it did win, it wouldn't be that big of a surprise to me because Alfonso Cuaron really did some innovative things with this movie. He created new technologies for this film, things that we've never seen before. And it was a short film, 91 minutes. But he packed so much into this movie, it took a lot of people by surprise.

So, that definitely could happen tonight that would be a big surprise, although I think that he is the front-runner to win for best director.

MORGAN: I also think, of course, we haven't mentioned the wolf, "The Wolf of Wall Street," which also for any viewers who don't know the system of the Oscars voting, when it gets very, very close and you have lots of movies vying for the win, often one that is number two on all the ballots can actually sneak ahead and win it just purely by default. It's most people's second place vote.

And I think "The Wolf of Wall Street" will be many people's second place vote on these ballots, which means it wasn't necessarily everyone's favorite, but it could still sneak the win.

TURNER: Well, I have to tell you, Piers, it was actually my favorite movie this year. I thought it was brilliant. I thought it was --

MORGAN: No surprise.

TURNER: -- Martin Scorsese perfection. He made this movie. If you watched it, it was 2 hours and 59 minutes true to form. It was a three-hour movie. But it didn't feel that way. It was told in a very staccato type of fast pace, kind of a manic pace that Martin Scorsese does so well.

I think you're right. The thing with "The Wolf of Wall Street," Piers, people either really liked the movie, or they thought it was way too much. So, I'm not sure if it's going to be a lot of people's second choice on the ballot. Although they did do a really strong late-round push for Oscar voters. And they kind of really went strong at the end with their campaign.

So, you never know with this. The thing that we can say about it, it was a very strong year for movies this year. So, you're right. When we talk about why something can win and why something wouldn't win, there is an argument for just about every movie to be made, because it was a great year for movies.

MORGAN: Now, probably the biggest question other than who is going to win best movie is what you ladies are wearing. So, Coco, I had the pleasure of seeing your dress earlier. Tell us all what you're wearing.

ROCHA: Well, I'm wearing the lovely Zac Posen. He is one of my favorite people in the world. And I'm sure we're going see a few Zac Posen gowns on the red carpet.

What about you?

TURNER: Well, first of all, I have to say I'm wearing a Los Angeles- based designer. Her name is Karason (ph). She is fantastic. I liken her to Carolina Herrera vein because she really knows how to make a dress for a woman., because I have some curves, honey. And she fit all of these curves. And, of course, my jewelry by 14K -- you like, that, Piers, don't you?

MORGAN: I do. I like your curves actually.

ROCHA: What about you? What are you wearing?

TURNER: Yes, what are you wearing, Mr. Morgan?

MORGAN: I thought you'd never ask. I'm in a little Dolce number tonight, little Dolce & Gabbana, all Italian actually. So, (INAUDIBLE) Tom Ford shirt, just in case Tom Ford comes down, I'm going to tell him, as usual, I'm flying the flag for his shirts. Because you know why? The collars hold up really well. There is a little secret for you.

TURNER: Well, you need to tell some of the men on the red carpet that tonight, because one of the things, and I tell you what, a lot of times we see men, and, Coco, you can probably attest to this. We see the men and we think goodness, why can't they get a suit that fits quite right? The men don't have a lot of options. But a lot of times it's the color on those darn shirts.

ROCHA: And just Taylor it to yourself. Like go out. We took the time to find a dress that fits us. Find the time to fit. Make it so it's to your body.

TURNER: Exactly.

But, Piers, speaking of the men on the red carpet, we talk so much about the women. And, Coco and I were talking earlier today that we're looking forward to a couple of men who we think will set a good style train, Jared Leto and Pharrell tonight on the red carpet.

ROCHA: Yes --

MORGAN: I can tell you, I saw Jared Leto last night with his mom at the night before party, the big one for the motion picture charity. And he is ridiculously good-looking. In fact, it was quite funny. I was with Mark Burnett and Roma Downey who just made the Bible movie, "The Son of God", and made the bible series. And suddenly Jared Leto appeared and I said, there is the man for your sequel. If ever a man looked like the personification of the son of God, there is Jared Leto. And he quite like that analogy. So, watch this space, I may create (ph) a whole sequel story there.

ROCHA: His ombre hair.


We're going to go a quick break, ladies. So, quick break. We'll talk more after the break. We're going have more red carpet arrivals. They're all about to flood through, terribly exciting.

This is "Hollywood's Biggest Night".


MORGAN: Welcome back to the 86th Academy Awards. Excitement is building here. Red carpet is getting ablaze with potential superstars. We'll be here ready for them when they do.

Let me go back to Nischelle Turner and Coco Rocha. They're up there on the bridge.

Have we seen any more fashion, ladies, at the moment?

TURNER: We have been looking at a couple of pictures. First of all, I saw Robin Roberts come by. You know I have a little bit of a girl crush on her.

ROCHA: You do.

TURNER: She had beading and bling on. So she is kind of on trend.


TURNER: Exactly.

So we've definitely been looking at, first of all, Piers, I would bristle a little bit because you're down on the red carpet. But we have a wonderful advantage point.

ROCHA: We do.

TURNER: -- of the red carpet up here on the bridge today.

ROCHA: It is a sea of black suits right now. I was assuming there would be a lot more color. And hopefully the ladies are just getting their hair and makeup done and they're a little late. One thing about men, though, we were just talk about this, is grooming. Since you men can't really do much with your suits, which I wish they would. I mean, you think of Matthew McConaughey, he actually does play up. And recently he has been changing it a little in his colors of suits. And I like that.

But if they don't decide to do that, grooming very important, but I don't know why people get so frustrated with a man that is unshaven or a man that is unkempt. What are they possessed to do?

TURNER: I like it. I would tell you this, I would like to see Jared Leto because he does have that ombre hair. I would actually like to see him slick it all back and go very vintage, very classic here tonight because he is the front-runner to win the award.

Now, I also wanted to ask you, Coco, if we're talk about fashion, who are you excited to see tonight? Who does it right for you on the red carpet that you just know is going to slay it?

ROCHA: I mean, I think, of course, we all know Lupita is going to do amazing. I can't even guess who she is going to wear, because she is just everywhere on the board. Who else is there? Charlize Theron, I love her. And most likely we're going to see her in Dior since she works very close with Dior. Jennifer Lawrence I think will be looking beautiful and also wearing Dior.

So I want to see what that pick in Dior.

TURNER: You got some intel about what the host Ellen DeGeneres will be wearing tonight.

ROCHA: I know, we just found out. Ellen is wearing YSL.

Now, we haven't seen here yet, so I wonder, it's the pant suit, or do you think it's a dress?

TURNER: Well, you know, I said that to you earlier and you look at me like I had three heads. You said it would be a cold day in hell when Ellen ever wore a dress. You're right. She will be in a tux tonight, gorgeous Saint Laurent tux.

ROCHA: And Angelina Jolie, do you believe it's been two years since the leg incident?


ROCHA: I mean, the leg incident at the Oscars was kind of like, where were you when the man landed on the moon? You know where you are when that leg came out. So, they're always in black.

Brad Pitt will be alongside her. And he's also got a bit of a buzz cut I've heard on his hair since he is doing a new movie.

TURNER: Absolutely.

ROCHA: I'm waiting and seeing. TURNER: Now, Piers, there is a couple of races besides the fashion that I'm really interested to see in tonight's telecast. We talked a little bit about tonight's best picture. One of the most highly contested races I think going into tonight is best actor.

Now, Matthew McConaughey has kind of come into awards season. You know, he swept a lot of the awards. So people look at him as a front- runner. But like we talked about with the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street," Leonardo DiCaprio has had a really late push to go into this -- to the Academy Awards tonight in order to try to take home his -- to take home an Academy Award.

But I have to tell you -- here is a little nugget for you. Matthew McConaughey has acted with three out of the four other nominees in his same category tonight. He acted in "Amistad" with Chiwetel Ejiofor. He acted in "Rain of Fire" with Christian Bale and he also acted, of course, in "The Wolf of Wall Street" with Leonardo DiCaprio.

So, since I know you know Harvey Weinstein, Piers, I think say he needs to get a script together for Matthew McConaughey and Bruce Dern to do something together so we can just complete the circle and make it a wrap.

MORGAN: Well, ladies, I've got a very exciting first set of guests here. These interest ladies from "20 Feet from Stardom", a documentary, of course, about the backing singers who have now exploded on to the Oscar's red carpet.

Ladies, how are you?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Since the last time --


MORGAN: I saw some of you last night there you are hobnobbing with Oprah and Bono and all these huge stars --


MORGAN: -- Robert de Niro. What an amazing experience you're having.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's been wonderful, wonderful. Good to see you, Piers.

MORGAN: I had so much feedback to our interview. Everybody loved the fact that after 30 odd years of helping everybody else become huge stars, finally you're getting a slice over the pie, ladies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're getting our due. And it's wonderful.

MORGAN: Here is what I want to do. I want to get you guys to sing me a little something special.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We knew you were going do that. MORGAN: Just for me, and a few million people around the world. What are you going to sing us?




MORGAN: Fabulous! These ladies are fabulous. I want you to win tonight.


MORGAN: I want you on that podium, making the speeches of your life. When you get up there and you win, are you going to make a speech including a bit of singing.


MORGAN: And you all look fabulous, by the way.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you, darling.

MORGAN: Have a wonderful night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nice to see you, baby.

MORGAN: Take care. Bye. Lovely to see you. Take care, ladies.

I love those ladies. Very special.

Take a little break. When we come back, more from "Hollywood's Biggest Night". The stars are rolling in. Watch this space.


MORGAN: Back here live on the red carpet of the 86th Academy Awards, or the Oscars as we all call them. Nischelle Turner and Coco Rocha are up on the bridge looking down.

Stars beginning to arrive now, ladies. And it's a bit early for trends. It's a bit early I think.

Let's talk instead about best actress, because Cate Blanchett is sort of a shoo-in according to every poll I've seen. Are there any others who are threatening her position?

TURNER: Well, it's funny that you say that, Piers, because yes, conventional wisdom is that Cate Blanchett will win best actress.

But if you ask me who should win best actress this year, I'm going with Amy Adams in "American Hustle." She was brilliant in this film. She has done so much great work, been Oscar nominated five times. But this I believe was really her best work ever. She told me when I talked to her earlier on in awards season, that she kind of found herself in this film. She never felt so sensual so, so much like a woman. She really let it go and she dove into this role. She carried this movie.

I mean, the movie was filled with Oscar winners and Oscar nominees. But she carried this film. She was really that darn good.

And Coco and I have been up on the bridge here. We've been looking out for celebrities so we can go back and forth with this fashion. And we just saw Viola Davis come up in this green Escada.

What did you think of Viola Davis tonight?

ROCHA: I liked it. And, again, it was one of the trends we expected. It was a pop of color. There was no pattern on it. It's very beautiful and very sophisticated.

Against her skin color, it's dreamy. And we were also saying about how it's nice to actually see -- well, she has been doing it for a few years now, but her natural hair. It's refreshing, I like it. I think she has always had beautiful hair, and keep going with it.

TURNER: She's got that beautiful finger wave going. That's kind of a throwback to old Hollywood glamour. That's what we're seeing with her. She is very, very glamorous tonight.

One of the things you and I talked about earlier before we went on the air was that you did expect to see jewel tones. You expected to see bold colors. She is starting off the night in a very bold color. You're making Coco validated here.


TURNER: You know, Piers, we just saw Chiwetel Ejiofor here on the red carpet. And, of course, we have to give a shout out because he was with his lovely sister who is dear to our hearts, Zain Asher, who is a business correspondent at CNN. She looked beautiful in royal blue.

So I'm excited to see who Zain is wearing tonight. And Chiwetel looks very dapper in his tux.

ROCHA: Can I just say, though? Best actress my favorite person in the whole wide world, Meryl Streep. I think she deserves everything in life. So, I want her --


MORGAN: I saw Meryl Streep last night ladies. She was -- she was -- I was at this event last night, the Harvey Weinstein did for his company. A very cool event and everyone was there.

He said at one state, there are only two people you have to answer to in life, God and Meryl Streep.

ROCHA: Yes, I agree. MORGAN: Which I thought was a wonderful line. Even the big stars like Oprah and Bono were falling over her. It was great.

TURNER: I just did a piece a couple of weeks ago, Piers. The fact that Meryl Streep has been thanked at the Oscars more times than God. So maybe Harvey should have reversed those two things.

And tonight, you know, she is nominated again for the 18th time for "August: Osage County." The interesting thing about this film too, it kind of got lost in the shuffle, this awards season. Coming into awards season, it was really thought to be one of the favorites.

And I know the Weinstein Company was really pushing that film. It's one of their movies. And they were really having a struggle early on about what film they would really campaign for more. Would it be "The Butler", would it be "August: Osage County."? And both of those movies kind of got lost in the shuffle.

Now, we know Harvey Weinstein does it better than anybody in Hollywood. He knows how to promote a movie. He knows how to pick a movie, and he does it right. But I do think it's interesting tonight because both Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are nominated for this movie.

And Julia Roberts, again, another one who has gotten a little bit lost in the shuffle because this movie, "August: Osage County," she said was her most challenging role that she has ever done. And, again, a lot of people going into awards season were saying that they felt like this was her best work ever.

You know, I'm kind of -- I'm kind of surprised, Piers, that "August: Osage County" didn't get a best picture nominee. I'm going to send it back to you.

MORGAN: Ladies, I'm going to cut you off. This is incredibly exciting for me. Liza Minnelli, one of the all-time great superstars is within inches of my body right now.

Liza, how are you?

LIZA MINNELLI, ACTRESS: I'm wonderful. I'm so excited and so great to be with my stepbrother and sister.

MORGAN: You're with Joey your brother and Lorna your sister?

MINNELLI: We had different fathers, but we had the same mommy, didn't we?

MORGAN: And you're here to honor your mother, of course, Judy Garland -- 75th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz," one of the all-time great movies.

How do you feel about it 75 years later?

MINNELLI: I think it's wonderful. And I think she would have loved it. Of course, it's Lorna, Lorna, tell them what you said about her being here.

LORNA LUFT, ACTRESS: Well, if mama were here, she would have directed all of this. And she would have had such a wonderful time. And everyone from the age of 8 to 80 loves the movie.

MORGAN: Now, Joey, I imagine a sibling rivalry like no other sibling rivalry here.




MORGAN: Who's the best singer in the family?


JOEY LUFT: Mama, hands down.

MINNELLI: Mama, we all know that.

MORGAN: Unless for people who didn't know your mother, what kind of woman was she?

MINNELLI: Oh, she was great. She loved her family, her kids, more than anything. And she raised us with humor and she raised us to understand that not everything was going to be great, but how to laugh through it.

MORGAN: And we were here obviously to honor the great movie stars of today. But if I were to pin you down, who has been your acting hero ever, who would it be, outside of your mother, obviously?

MINNELLI: Charles Aznavour.

MORGAN: Really? Why?

MINNELLI: Because he is so good.

MORGAN: Did you ever sing with him?

MINNELLI: Oh, yes.

MORGAN: Lorna, who is yours? The greatest acting hero or heroin you've ever known?

LORNA LUFT: That I've ever known? I would have to say Lawrence Olivier.

MINNELLI: Oh, that's good.

MORGAN: What made him so special?

LORNA LUFT: Because of his honesty and because of his talent, and because of his -- he was egoless, all right. And he was a lovely, lovely man.

MORGAN: And, Liza, for you, when you walk down here, everyone is going there's Liza Minnelli one of the great stars. What are you actually feeling when you're walking down one of these red carpets?

MINNELLI: Nervous!

MORGAN: I'll bet. It's nerve-racking, right?

MINNELLI: No, I'm just nervous. I want to do everything right. This is for mama. And so I'm -- I'm vaguely nervous.

MORGAN: Well, I love the hair and dress combination.


MORGAN: The blue, sparkling blue everywhere. What are you wearing tonight?

MINNELLI: I am wearing classic Halston.

MORGAN: Fabulous.

Well, listen, it's been a delight talking to you. I could talk to you for hours and your lovely family.

Joey, final thoughts from you about your mother?

JOEY LUFT: Oh, she was the best. She was the greatest. And she always will be.

MORGAN: What a family. Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, and, of course, Lorna and Joey. It's been such a pleasure to meet you all. I have a lovely evening.

Try and stay calm, Liza. It's all going to be fine. You're Liza Minnelli. You don't have to worry.

MINNELLI: I'm better now. No, I promise.


MORGAN: Lovely to see you. Have a great night.

MINNELLI: Thank you.

MORGAN: Very nice to see you.

They don't make them like Liza Minnelli anymore. One of the great stars.

We'll be back after a break with more from "Hollywood's Biggest Night" here at the Academy Awards.


MORGAN: Back at the 86th Academy Awards here live from the red carpet at the Oscars.

I want to go straight to Nischelle Turner.

Nischelle, what did you make of Liza Minnelli? Because to me, I feel slightly, I don't know, overwhelmed when I meet a star of that magnitude but then I find out she was even more overwhelmed than I was.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: OK, first of all, I'm glad it's not just us up here on the bridge because both Coco and I were saying OK, hold the phone, stop the press.

COCO ROCHA, FASHION MODEL: We're coming down.

TURNER: We can go home.


TURNER: Because Liza is everything.

MORGAN: It's Liza.

ROCHA: She is everything.

TURNER: She is everything. OK? And I love the fact that she kind of went rogue on the Academy and put that blue streak in her hair, was wearing a Halston pantsuit.

ROCHA: She's good.

TURNER: She is fabulous. She can do no wrong.

ROCHA: She can do no wrong ever in my life. Like her music is my soundtrack to my life. So I was like, why are we not talking to her? But anyway, you got the good one. We'll be up here waiting for the next.


TURNER: And the funny thing, Piers --

MORGAN: Well, you know -- you know, what I like, though --

TURNER: Mm-hmm?

MORGAN: No. I just really like the fact that she admitted feeling nervous because you never imagine the stars of that magnitude ever get nervous. Of course they do. They're human beings. And for Liza Minnelli to walk down here, celebrating her mother's memory.


MORGAN: The great Judy Garland, with her brother and sister on this red carpet.

TURNER: Judy Garland, yes. MORGAN: Thousands of people, millions watching, or billions, you know, it's pretty nerve-racking. And I like the fact she can admit that.

TURNER: Yes, and you know, and I like that, too, because it's funny, I said something to someone earlier today. They were like oh, you're to be do this live show. I said, yes, I'm a little bit nervous. Then like, what do you mean nervous?

I love to hear that even Liza Minnelli still gets nervous, and it's still a little bit overwhelming. Because when you look -- I mean, we're looking over this red carpet, Piers. And I tell you what, the pageantry of this night still gives me goose bumps. It really does. And I know people think gosh, whatever, it's just the toy department. It's just fun. But it really is something special to see.

And to see a night like this, it's Hollywood's biggest night, like we've been saying. And we're seeing, you know, folks come down the red carpet. We've been definitely seeing a little style.

ROCHA: Yes, we have.

TURNER: Flow through here so far, haven't we, Coco?

ROCHA: That's something that I wasn't expecting there is very dark colors. I mean, Amy Adams is wearing Gucci, black. We saw Olivia Wilde in a black number. And even looking at here, there is a lot of burgundies and dark blues.

What happened to my prediction of bright colors? Where are you, Lupita?


TURNER: You know exactly. One of the people we did see, though, we saw Portia Di Rossi come through. And I know both you and I, we're looking at her from up here, and we said, who is that? She looks wonderful. She is in Naim Kahn.


TURNER: It's kind of white with the floral pattern in it. I think she looked beautiful. I really think that she wears a dress well, though. I mean, she's that tall and kind of lean figure. She really does wear clothes well.

ROCHA: She did. And as well as Olivia Wilde. I'm not quite sure what the dress was, but the fact that style the bump. I'm all about that.

I love when the women that are pregnant, they embrace the fact that they are pregnant.


ROCHA: And they come out and they're showing it. The same, I'm excited to see hopefully Kerry Washington with her bump and what she does. No joke. There is a hash tag, style the bump.

TURNER: Style the bump.

ROCHA: Style the bump. And Olivia Wilde did quite well with that.

TURNER: We've seen the couples start arriving on the red carpet, Piers. We saw Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard. She looked beautiful in kind of a gray -- kind of a creamy gray dress. He, on the other hand, I --

ROCHA: You didn't like.

TURNER: I'm not going to say I didn't like it. I just thought this is the Academy Awards. I would have liked to see him in a bow tie. He definitely had the long skinny tight -- I know he is a comedian and I know it's kind of, you know, whatever for him. It's not really a thought in his mind to really be fashion forward. But this is the Oscar.

ROCHA: This is what I mean. A bow tie is telling you that you don't like the man's look. I mean, don't look at my husband right now, because he is wearing a tie.

TURNER: But your husband is not on the red carpet.

ROCHA: This is true. But this is the thing. Like what makes a guy look different, it's really hard, unless he starts wearing a real snazzy like suit. Then we all go, what's wrong with him. Why did he choose that color today, you know?

TURNER: Well, then call me an old Fuddy Duddy, Piers Morgan, because I want a fellow in a bow tie on the Oscar's red carpet.

MORGAN: Welcome back to these 86th Academy Awards. I'm sorry. I was just distracted. I was trying to lure Kristin Chenoweth over here. And it's not easy on this red carpet. You've got to -- you've got to be elbows out and get some action going, so she's right next to me. She'll be joining us any moment. But I can see quite a few stars also coming through, the "12 Years a Slave" stars, we're going to get them as well.

So if you bear with us, let me tell you what's up there, Nischelle, when it comes to the dresses, how much preparation do these actresses put into this kind of thing? Are we off air? Guys?

Nischelle, if you can hear me.

TURNER: I'm sorry, Piers. Come again?

MORGAN: Slight technical issues.

TURNER: Come again?

MORGAN: No, we've got slight technical issues as I say. But we've now got -- I think we've got Kristin Chenoweth. No, not yet. I'm a patient man. Especially when it comes to Kristen. (CROSSTALK)

TURNER: Well, she looked beautiful there --

MORGAN: Yes, let's talk about her dress while she is standing there. That won't be awkward at all.

Kristin, how are you?


MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

CHENOWETH: I just love you to death.

MORGAN: Well, I love you to death.

CHENOWETH: You have to meet Dana. Have you guys met him?

MORGAN: I have not met.


MORGAN: How are you, sir?


CHENOWETH: My kind of guy.

MORGAN: Well, clearly, clearly. Now listen you're looking splendid. What are your wearing?


MORGAN: Cavalli.

CHENOWETH: It had to be done. Isn't it good?

MORGAN: How did you get into that?

CHENOWETH: About three people helped me.


Him being one of them. I thought I looked like an Oscar.

MORGAN: Now I just had Liza Minnelli come down. And I was quite star struck. A huge star just hearing her name. But she admitted to me she gets quite nervous at this event. She looked visibly nervous. Do you get nervous or is it all a cool facade?

CHENOWETH: You know, the fact that I can just be his date and support "Captain Phillips" and not have to sing or do your job, I feel like I've got it made, you know. So no, I don't feel --

MORGAN: Well, "Captain Phillips", this is a magnificent movie. And I'll just seen two of the guys go by. I love the guy who used to be a chauffeur and is now walking the red carpet at the Oscars. What a moment.

BRUNETTI: Yes, Barkhad. I mean, who would have thought. This is his first movie ever and he is opposite Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass. They don't get nominated and he does. I mean, it's life-changing for him.

MORGAN: If you weren't choosing your own movie, which has been your favorite movie this year?

BRUNETTI: If I weren't -- "Wolf of Wall Street."


BRUNETTI: I thought it was great. I mean, I think they captured a moment in time. I think it's this generation's "Goodfellas." I know it's under a lot of scrutiny, but it's something that happened. And I think Scorcese is a genius and --

CHENOWETH: How many times have you watched it, babe?

BRUNETTI: I watched it four times.


MORGAN: Really?


MORGAN: What's been your favorite?

CHENOWETH: "Captain Phillips," of course.

MORGAN: Of course.

CHENOWETH: Of course.

BRUNETTI: Right answer.

MORGAN: You've got to love Tom Hanks. Right? I mean, to work with Tom Hanks must be a dream for anybody who is directing and producing a movie.

BRUNETTI: Yes, I mean, he is a class act. And just -- we put him through the trenches, put him in the water, put him in that lifeboat bouncing around where everybody was getting seasick. And he was up and ready to go every moment. So he was a real trooper.

MORGAN: Kristin, who are you most excited to see dress-wise?

CHENOWETH: For me, I'm going to go with Cate Blanchett. Every time I see her, she does something different, and she's not -- she's a risk- taker, which I am as well. And I also am slightly jealous of her height.


So I always enjoy just a long skinny, beautiful girl.

MORGAN: (INAUDIBLE) Lupita N'Yongo, because I think she's been killing the dresses.

CHENOWETH: She has been killing it. I loved this red that I last saw her in, I think at the Golden Globes, with the caplet. Beautiful.

MORGAN: Now, you two are obviously one of the hot couples on the red carpet today. Should we be expecting anything developments in this Hollywood relationship?

BRUNETTI: That's fair.

CHENOWETH: That's not -- we're going to plead the Fifth.


MORGAN: I'm only being nosy. I was trying to get a scoop. You know me.

BRUNETTI: Doing your job.

MORGAN: Listen, it's great to see you. And have a great night. And it's a terrific movie. I salute you and all the team involved.

And, Kristin, I love you.

CHENOWETH: I love you too, baby.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

CHENOWETH: I hope to see you soon.

MORGAN: Take care. Bye.

So a lot of celebrities coming through, they're piling on now. And we're going to take short break and be back with HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST NIGHT.


MORGAN: Back on the red carpet live here, the 86th Academy Awards. Let me go to Nischelle Turner and Coco Rocha on the bridge looking down over all the action.

It's all getting very frenzied, Nischelle. What are you seeing from up there?

TURNER: Yes, we've been dancing to the best song ever by one direction, hello.

ROCHA: We are dancing. Where did he go?

(LAUGHTER) TURNER: Coco and I are having a really good time up here because it's kind of like we just became instant girlfriends.

ROCHA: We are.

TURNER: Who are dishing on clothes.


TURNER: That's what we love to do.

ROCHA: That's all we do.

TURNER: Because who wore what almost is as important as who won what.

ROCHA: As the award. Exactly.

TURNER: On Oscar night. So first of all we've got Amy Adams right there in blue Gucci Couture.

ROCHA: We do.

TURNER: I'm a little surprised by this.

ROCHA: I'm super surprised because at the Golden Globes Valentino, a plunging neckline.


ROCHA: Which was like an ode to "American Muscle."

TURNER: She got mixed reviews for that dress, although I thought it was beautiful. Some people thought it was a little ill-fitting.

ROCHA: The background on the whole dress. The wrap dress, the whole movie pretty much wearing is DVF, which this year is actually the 40th year of DVF wrap dress.

TURNER: It is.

ROCHA: So I thought it was only kind of appropriate at the Oscars she kind of would do the same homage once again and to the character. But, again, she looks beautiful.


ROCHA: Gucci Couture looks amazing on her. Her tied up. And always red hair with a really dark blue is always beautiful. And that's why the other thing, when she wore at the Golden Globes, red dress. Red hair on red is always supposedly a cliche or a clash. And she always does it and she always looks good.

TURNER: Right. I think she is becoming a little bit of a style icon for me. You know, I think what may be interesting, though, is how the weather is affecting some of the style. Because I know it's affecting the hairstyles. I mean, women would really -- most women are wearing their hair up.


TURNER: Because of the humidity and the frizz. So her wearing her hair up, wearing it back, it may have been different if it was a different type of day.

ROCHA: That's true.

TURNER: That blue Gucci is beautiful, though. We also saw Olivia Wilde come through here.


TURNER: And you were talking about embracing the bump.

ROCHA: I love it.

TURNER: We are talking about her earlier and we know that Olivia Wilde was in black Valentino.

ROCHA: With a strip of white in the back, if you got to see it. It was quite elegant and special. And again she's so covered from the front, but then in the back a little surprise. And I think she looks beautiful. They look so in love. Look at them, they separate, you go over there, sweetie, I'll be over here.

TURNER: Well, she does have that little pop of white in the back, on trend with the black and white color bloc that we've seen this year as well.

Now we're looking at Chiwetel Ejiofor and John Legend. Two men who are in classic tuxedo style.

ROCHA: Which is how you like it, right?

TURNER: Which is something that I like to see, well groomed that you talk. Chiwetel has actually gotten a haircut because he had little bit more of a 'fro through award season.


TURNER: So he's got a low fade now and John Legend always keeps it very classy as well.

Now we also saw --

ROCHA: The two Kristens.

TURNER: The two Kristens coming through.

ROCHA: Both got the same men. Cavalli.

TURNER: Embracing Cavalli. Now their dresses were very different.

ROCHA: Yes. TURNER: So we're seeing the wide range of Cavalli style. I thought Kristen Bell looked really, really pretty. I mean, hers was a little more feminine. Kristin Chenoweth's was a little edgier. A little harder.


TURNER: Exactly. But they both look beautiful.

Hey, we're going to Piers, because apparently he's got something good on the red carpet.

ROCHA: He got something.

MORGAN: Nischelle, Nischelle, I'm cutting you right off right now, that is, because of an exciting development, Amy Adams is joining me.

How are you?

AMY ADAMS, "AMERICAN HUSTLE": I'm very well, how are you?

MORGAN: Do you get nervous? Liza Minnelli told me she gets incredibly nervous. How are you doing?

ADAMS: Totally nervous. I woke up at 5:00 a.m., couldn't get back to sleep. I don't know why I'm nervous. I mean, of course, it's the Oscars so I guess everybody does, yes.

MORGAN: Obviously everyone loved your performance this year. Do you think about winning or is it just about being nominated?

ADAMS: It's definitely about being nominated. The actresses that I am alongside this year have been people that I've admired for so long. I can't even speak. But they're just so amazing and it's such an honor to be included among them.

MORGAN: And what are you wearing today, Amy?

ADAMS: I'm wearing Tiffany jewels and Gucci Couture today.

MORGAN: These earrings are fabulous.

ADAMS: Amazing. I know I couldn't say no to them. I was like gluttonously grabbing them up so.

MORGAN: Who is -- who is your acting hero or heroine?

ADAMS: You know, a lot of people for different reasons. But Meryl Streep -- just knowing her and knowing the balance that she has in her life between family and work and having integrity in both areas so I always look up to her.

MORGAN: What do you think it takes to make a great actor?

ADAMS: Humanity, humility. I know that's -- you laugh. It does.

MORGAN: I believe you.

ADAMS: But I really do. I think that you have to really be aware of the world around you. I think that sometimes as actors we can shut ourselves off and really the key to great acting is opening yourself up.

MORGAN: And if I could take to you to a desert island right now with any leading man actor in the world, who would you choose?

ADAMS: Who would I choose? Joaquin Phoenix.


MORGAN: Does he know this?

ADAMS: He does now.


MORGAN: Amy, thank you very much.

Amy Adams, a delightful lady. And Joaquin Phoenix, you just lucked out, big boy.

Anyway, we're back after the break with HOLLYWOOD'S BIGGEST NIGHT from the Academy Awards red carpet.


MORGAN: Back live at the red carpet and another very exciting moment because Chiwetel Ejiofor, the star of "12 Years a Slave," has joined me. How are you?

CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, "12 YEARS A SLAVE": I'm very, very well. Yes.

MORGAN: Not only are you British which gives you an immediate advantage in this particular interview but you're also related to one of own CNN stars.

EJIOFOR: That's true. That's a lot of pluses at the moment, yes.


MORGAN: Zain Asher, our business correspondent, is a very, very proud sibling. I saw you both last night at one of the many parties here. Can you quite believe that you're marching down the Oscars red carpet?

EJIOFOR: I really can't believe it. It's quite a surreal moment for me. I can barely keep a thought in my head. It's amazing, you know, it's amazing -- it's amazing moment for me, obviously, but for the film, the film, I think that we're all -- everybody that was involved with it was deeply proud of.

MORGAN: It was a movie that when I saw it, the audience was silent when they came out. It's one of those incredibly powerful visceral movies and your performance is one of the reasons why they were. It's made people look again at slavery I think in a whole new context and dynamic. What do you feel about the impact of the movie generally?

EJIOFOR: Well, I think it's been incredible and, you know, when we were opening the film, you never know how people are going to react to the film. You know, we all felt that it was good. We all felt we were proud of it. We all felt that it was worthy of its subjects, you know, and engaged with Solomon Northun's journey in a real way. But, you know, one of the proudest I am of the film is that the people have received the film in the spirit in which it was made and that was something you couldn't know whether that was going to happen.

MORGAN: I've asked quite a few people so far who their acting hero or heroine is. Who would you say?

EJIOFOR: Well, so many, I mean, through the years. It's kind of impossible almost to pick out one and it does -- it does change, you know, but I do feel like the people that I work with, people like, you know, Don Cheadle when we worked together, who are incredibly talented and also engaged with the process, always kind of alive to it. Just very special people to work with and to spend time with.

MORGAN: Chiwetel, it's a great pleasure to see you. Best of luck tonight. You could be a sneak little win tonight.

EJIOFOR: Who knows?


MORGAN: You'd love it. All right?

EJIOFOR: Who knows? It would be amazing but, you know, it's -- I'm just -- I am delighted to be here. Who knows?

MORGAN: Great movie and great role. Thank you very much.

EJIOFOR: Thank you.

MORGAN: Great guy, Chiwetel, and obviously a lot of CNN family interest there in him scooping the big win.

Let me go to Nischelle Turner who's up on the bridge.

Nischelle, what are you seeing up there?

TURNER: You know Piers a couple things about the movie that Chiwetel stars in, "12 Years of Slave". Not only -- not only you know was he nominated for best actor, we also saw Lupita Nyong'o nominated for best supporting actress, who we're seeing there on the screen right now. She looks beautiful.

You know Solomon Northup's works were -- were re-released and they actually are on the best seller's list now. It is -- this book has sold more since this movie has been released than it did in the 150 years that it's been in existence.

So that's just a little bit of the impact of this movie that we've seen. It's also going to be part of the curriculum in some public schools this fall going forward. It really has made an impact not just on the people who have seen it, the viewing public but it has kind of across America right now.

Again we're seeing Chiwetel Ejiofor there.

Now I'm here on bridge with Coco Rocha. And we've been talking a lot about fashion and we saw Lupita. We've been waiting for her.

COCO ROCHA, ACTRESS: We've been waiting I can go home now.

TURNER: Pale blue, deep v-neck.


TURNER: That headband I think she looks like a princess.

ROCHA: She does. And the best part is when you watch her going down the Red Carpet they're stopping her. Usually they're like move along, move along but they want this photo.

TURNER: They want the photo.

ROCHA: They've been waiting for her and it's so funny how she kind of sneak peak her dress when she showed a photo of her color on her nails so I'm glad we got to see her. I love the headpiece. I think that it brings it young, it gives is refreshing. She is young so why wouldn't you and rumored that it's Prada, but I've heard at CNN that's not always a good thing for rumors but she is the face of new I think she does.

TURNER: And she's been -- she's been the fashion face of the Red Carpet this award season.


TURNER: We know that she got her first campaign with Miumiu.


TURNER: So does have fashion -- fashion forward and she's wearing Prada tonight.

ROCHA: Prada yes.

TURNER: We're just confirming they're the same family.

ROCHA: They're the same family.

TURNER: So it makes sense.

ROCHA: And I am so excited for her, this fashion industry loves her. I mean they have taken her in and it is something that -- they're embracing her. Or sometimes you know here in Red Carpet wear who people can love them but you know the industry and the fashion world you know that they're so-so. They love her. They want her around always. TURNER: Exactly. All right so we got to get back to Piers. Because he has one of my favorites, John Legend -- I'm jealous Piers. I'm jealous I'm just saying.

MORGAN: You know what he's one of my favorites too. So John Legend, how are you?

JOHN LEGEND, SINGER: How are you Piers? Good to see you.

MORGAN: Now, you sang to the world about "Ordinary People".


MORGAN: There's no ordinary people in this Red Carpet tonight John.

LEGEND: They are now pretty extraordinary. I'm like how did I get in here?

MORGAN: You're actually performing at the Governor's Ball later.


MORGAN: Is that particularly nerve-racking given who is going to be in the audience?

LEGEND: You know, it's definitely a high-profile crowd but, you know, everybody loves music so you just try to give them a good show and make everybody feel good by the time you're done.

MORGAN: What do you think of the whole Oscars fuss, buzz, excitement?

LEGEND: You know, we get to celebrate our biggest stars and you know. I think it's fun. I come here as a fan really. I'm literally involved with "12 Years of Slave" because I helped create (ph) the soundtrack but for me I'm just looking at of these directors and producers and actors and saying, you know, well done. They did such great performances and I'm happy to come here to celebrate them.

MORGAN: And do you get star struck like the rest of us?


MORGAN: Is there somebody you may see today, do you think wow?

LEGEND: I do, I get a little excited. Because I work more in music so I come here more as a guest.

MORGAN: Which movie star if you saw them right now, would make you go, whoa?

LEGEND: I don't know. Angelina Jolie. She's a whoa.

MORGAN: Now your wife was with you earlier, Chrissy right.


MORGAN: And she's adorning the cover of "Sports Illustrated."

LEGEND: Yes she is.

MORGAN: Pretty amazing.

LEGEND: Yes I was -- I was really excited when we found the news and she was, too and it's always a surprise because you never know who is going to get it. And a lot -- all the girls want it and for her to be part of that iconic cover I'm proud of her.

MORGAN: You're the one of the biggest singing stars in the world, you're at the Oscars, you're performing at the Governor's Ball, your wife is on the cover of "Sports Illustrated", it's quite sickening.

LEGEND: It's a good -- it's a good life right now. I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

MORGAN: Good to talk to you.

LEGEND: Thank you.

MORGAN: Have a good night.

LEGEN: Thank you.

MORGAN: John Legend. All right Nischelle Turner get jealous, because he's a cool guy.

TURNER: Hi Matt Naomi Watts --

MORGAN: Nischelle, can you hear me?

TURNER: I can hear you. I'm sorry, Piers, we're up here talking fashion. We get kind of lost now in the whole thing we do.

ROCHA: Yes. We're not focusing on you really.

TURNER: I'm sorry about that. But you know one of the things --

MORGAN: I was just saying --


MORGAN: I was just saying how cool John Legend is, a really cool guy, down to earth, happy to be here, excited to see other stars.

ROCHA: My question is, are you going on the trend of the hombre long hair and if so, I will join you.

TURNER: You know the funny thing is when you talk about John Legend. You're right, and he's got this new song out called "All of Me" that he made for an ode to his new wife Chrissy Tiegen, and I have to tell you it's the sexiest, most sensuous, most beautiful song than anybody has ever made. If a man sang that to me, hello Piers Morgan start singing that song you and I will run away together. I will tell you that. Now let's talk a little bit more because you know John was talking about.

ROCHA: I'm stopping you.

TURNER: Oh you're stopping me.

ROCHA: Pharrell.

TURNER: Pharrell.

ROCHA: Because we've got to talk about that.

TURNER: We do have to talk about Pharrell.

ROCHA: Pharrell's shorts is like his new pant. I mean, his new hat, I mean it's shorts, guys.

TURNER: Well we knew he was going to make a fashion statement and there we're seeing it on the screen, Pharrell does has on long vans shorts. He's got on shorts.

ROCHA: Does he have a problem with that?

TURNER: I'm not sure how I feel about it.

ROCHA: And we just say there's two people that could do something tonight, is Jared Leto and Pharrell. And I -- I was waiting for a hat but since he opted out on hat and cropped his pants I'm all for it.

TURNER: I think I sound like the get off my lawn guy like the old person here because I just want to see something a little more sophisticated.

ROCHA: Something that we've seen all the time.

TURNER: I don't know, Piers, help me out here, because I'm drowning in fashion fury.

MORGAN: There's a lot of people getting very excited now and I think I see Lupita Nyong'o. We're going to take a short break and we'll be back with more from the Red Carpet. Because I want to pull Lupita here and talk to CNN live.


MORGAN: Back on the Red Carpet here at the 86th Academy Awards. I'm with Alfre Woodard because of "12 Years of Slave". Alfre how are you?

ALFRE WOODARD, ACTRESS: I'm well. How are you Piers?

MORGAN: I'm excited actually I really enjoy this.

WOODARD: Oh good I'm glad you do.

MORGAN: How are you feeling? WOODARD: I'm feeling really happy and excited. I see all of my castmates and Lupita and Chiwetel and Michael and Steve so I'm happy to be together with them tonight.

MORGAN: What would it mean for the cast to win the best movie for this particular film?

WOODARD: Well I think it would just be a big sort of loop but we found out that "12 Years" is now going to be a part of high school curriculum and so and as much the same manner as "Schindler's List" it's reaching international audiences and so for a story that belongs so much to not just Americans but Americans, Brits, Africans and Caribbean people, it's -- you know that's the great prize. If we win tonight, it would be just a good time to whoop it up but already we've reached the people that we want to reach and let's keep going on and on.

MORGAN: Your colleague over here Lupita is maneuvering her way, sallying down the Red Carpet.

WOODARD: I know. She looks like she descended from heaven tonight and I'm going to tell you, but she works like an earthling on this picture. Man she is amazing in it yes.

MORGAN: What are you wearing tonight?

WOODARD: Piers, you're asking me what I'm wearing? You don't even care.

MORGAN: I do care, actually. I do care.

WOODARD: Ok I'm actually wearing Baglin Nishka couture and thank you for asking.

MORGAN: Extremely glamorous.

WOODARD: Thank you, I appreciate it.

MORGAN: Do you get nervous? Is this kind of thing that you're you saying oh my God I can't go down this carpet?

WOODARD: No. I don't get -- I don't get nervous but it is a bit like junior high school when first day of school, a prom, you got to walk down and everybody's checking you out, looking at your bum and things that don't really matter, but what do you in life.

So hopefully I'm wearing my talent tonight along with the Baglin Nishka.

MORGAN: And it could be your movie which would be the best movie you've seen of the year?

WOODARD: Oh wow, I have so many friends. Wow.

MORGAN: Name one. And really ignore the rest of your friendships.

WOODARD: Hang on, best movie of the year other than ours, name one. I've seen some great movies.

MORGAN: "Gravity", "Wolf of Wall Street" "American Hustle."

WOODARD: It has I enjoyed all of those I enjoy them all for different reasons but I love -- so I love "The Past".

MORGAN: Very good. Very good.

WOODARD: Yes, yes.

MORGAN: Well listen have a fabulous night. The best of luck over there and I want to you win best movie.

WOODARD: I'd like for us to see each other some time.

MORGAN: Definitely. I would like that, thank you. Nice to see you.

Well the "12 Years a Slave" bus tonight. I'm going now to have a short break, I think and we'll be right back.

And now we've got Lupita? Let's stay with Lupita. Let's stay with Lupita. We've got Lupita live here.

Lupita Nyong'o how are you?

LUPITA NYONG'O, ACTRESS: I'm doing well. How are you?

MORGAN: You look almost ethereal and magical today.

NYONG'O: Thank you, thank you very much.

MORGAN: Every Red Carpet I've seen you and you have completely killed it.

NYONG'O: Oh thank you very much.

MORGAN: What is the secret to the Lupita magic?

NYONG'O: Listen to your heart.

MORGAN: And what's your heart telling you tonight?

NYONG'O: Well, my heart is telling me it's going to be a good night.

MORGAN: Do you mind if you win, you've had so much attention, and it propelled you into the stratosphere of actresses. You've almost done the hard work here right.

NYONG'O: Well I've almost done the hard work?

MORGAN: I mean does it matter if you win now?

NYONG'O: No it doesn't. It doesn't. I mean if I win that will be amazing but if I don't, you know, at the end of the day, (inaudible) was the win and all of this is bonus after bonus, an embarrassment of riches for sure. MORGAN: Who are you most excited about seeing yourself tonight?

NYONG'O: I'm actually really keen to meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

MORGAN: Really?



NYONG'O: Because I really -- I really love his work and yes, I just want to tell him that I love his work.

MORGAN: And I saw -- I saw you paying tribute to Sidney Poitier the other night, who I see quite a lot around time here. He's -- he's an amazing man.

NYONG'O: He is and he has been an amazing inspiration for me, you know, coming from another part of the world and coming and forging a way for himself in America. I've learned so much from him and his career and his integrity and everything so it was a real moment.

MORGAN: Now you know I'm a fashion expert. So I have to ask you what are you wearing?

NYONG'O: I'm glad you're asking because I'm happy to tell you. I am wearing Prada, and Fred Leiten jewelry.

MORGAN: Well it's completely beautiful and happy birthday for yesterday I think, right?

NYONG'O: Yesterday, yes.

MORGAN: It was yesterday, happy birthday and best of luck tonight.

NYONG'O: Thank you.

MORGAN: If there's any justice will you win. You are a magnificent.

NYONG'O: Thank you,

MORGAN: I love Lupita, amazing lady. We'll be right back after the break with more stars on the Red Carpet and the reaction from Nischelle Turner and Coco Rocha from what we just heard.


MORGAN: Back live on the Red Carpet with a British homegrown heartthrob, Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict, how are you?

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, ACTOR: I'm really well, Piers. How are you?

MORGAN: Most of my CNN female staff wanted me to interview you tonight.

CUMBERBATCH: Does that make you jealous? MORGAN: Insanely. How are you coping with becoming a Hollywood heartthrob?

CUMBERBATCH: I am not taking it too seriously. I mean I've had the same face for about ten years before it started to get on to the top ten list. And I don't know. It's -- I take it as a very flattering compliment about the kind of projection to do the work I've done which is a real compliment.

MORGAN: You've been in a great movie this year -- almost all the great movies I have enjoyed watching I think. What's next for you? What's the big ambition for you, personally?

CUMBERBATCH: Well, I'm starting a production company but just to carry on doing good work and you know, what I try to do every time I accept a job is work in the criteria that it's something I haven't done or people don't expect me to do so just to keep myself amused and others confused. I have to carry -- I mean I'm so lucky. And I cannot -- I am pinching myself.

I was grinning like an idiot on the phone to my mum earlier, saying your son is now going to the Oscars. And an ambition would be I'd love to bring her. That would be --

MORGAN: Is this your first time here?


MORGAN: What does is it feel like to come literally marching down this carpet?

CUMBERBATCH: Red Carpets are Red Carpets but this is just -- you can't explain.

MORGAN: There's a magic about it.

CUMBERBATCH: There's a real charge to the Oscars, yes. You feel you're tied in with sort of old Hollywood and you're surrounded with it as well. So it's fantastic. It's a great energy and I'm so, so glad I'm not only presenting but I'm here, you know, representing a film. I'm so proud to have a small association with the part I played in "12 Years a Slave". And I'm thrilled -- I'm really just grateful to be here.

MORGAN: Well, it's (inaudible) for Britain as well so best of luck tonight.

CUMBERBATCH: I'm wearing Spencer Hart, wonderful Savile Row tailor.

MORGAN: Just say your speech and get the words right, Benedict. That's all you've got to do.

CUMBERBATCH: I will. I think I'm going to do that.

MORGAN: Nice to see you.

CUMBERBATCH: Nice to see you.

MORGAN: Take care.

We'll take a short break. We'll be back with more action from the Academy Awards Red Carpet.


MORGAN: Ok, it doesn't get bigger than this. Bette Midler is in the house. Bette Midler -- Bette.


MORGAN: How are you?

MIDLER: Oh, Piers, it's you. I'm well, thank you. How are you?

MORGAN: You're looking fabulous.

MIDLER: Thank you so much.

MORGAN: And you're here performing?

MIDLER: I am here performing. I'm excited about it. I have never performed -- I've never sung at the Oscars, this is my first time.

MORGAN: You're singing to billions of people, even you must get nervous?

MIDLER: I sing all the time and I love to sing and I love shows. I'm in show business. So I'm happy to be here. This is one I've never done so now I can cross it off my bucket list.

MORGAN: And it's an amazing atmosphere now, isn't. All of the big stars are here.

MIDLER: It really is. It has a mix of modern and old that's so fantastic, the traditional and all this new technology with people, with people, you know, these mini cams and it's crazy but it's so much fun.

MORGAN: Who are your acting heroes or heroines?

MIDLER: There are so many of them. So, so many of them. Philip Seymour Hoffman for one -- that was a real tragedy to lose him. He was a giant. You know, I really have a weakness for black and white so I love all the old timers. I love Bette Davis. I love Kate Hepburn, you know. I love Olivia de Haviland.

MORGAN: We've been interrupted by Goldie Hawn. Goldie --


GOLDIE HAWN, ACTRESS: I have to kiss you. I've been waiting to kiss you.

MORGAN: How are you?

MORGAN: Goldie, come and talk to me.

MIDLER: We have a lot in common.

MORGAN: You can't honestly to stop from doing that. Before we go, last thought, as you walk down here -- you're Bette Midler. What's it going to feel like?

MIDLER: Well, it's very crowded and I'm very anxious not to have anyone step on my dress -- logistics.

MORGAN: Best of luck tonight, Bette.

MIDLER: Thank you.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you. Bette Midler.

Let me go to Nischelle Turner. Nischelle, a lot of big stars coming through now -- Cate Blanchett, Jared Leto, I can see. (inaudible)


MORGAN: What are your thoughts about all the fashion?

TURNER: Well it's been a great night for fashion. I know that Coco is up here fanning herself because she saw Bette Midler in that red Remacra (ph).

ROCHA: I am. Again -- you're driving me nuts down there.

TURNER: And you are just taken, definitely.

You know Piers, two years ago we saw Angelina Jolie appear on the Red Carpet -- Angelina Jolie on that leg, it made a comeback tonight.

ROCHA: It did.

TURNER: Anna Kendrick with Joline and Jay Mendel. I think we have a shot of it. It was kind of the same exact thing.

ROCHA: I think we were the only ones that caught it.

TURNER: Maybe so. I'm not really sure but she definitely did some Joline tonight and we did see Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey from "Dallas Buyers' Club", both in the white dinner jacket.

ROCHA: They phone each other. They were like bring your mom. I'll bring my mom and wear a white suit.

TURNER: Here is how I'm not such of a fuddy-duddy. I've been wanting to see a man in a bow tie and Jared Leto has a red one on. I love that pop of color that he did. I think he looks fabulous and he' taking pictures of the crowd. He's having a good time tonight. I think he looks great.

Also, we're seeing Cate Blanchett. I was waiting for this picture. She is in Armani and it's fantastic.

ROCHA: We've been waiting all night for her as well as Charlize Theron who also takes the cake. I'm done, I can go home. These guys are looking great.

TURNER: We both gave a little squeal when we saw Charlize Theron. Presumably she has on Dior.

We're going to send it back to Piers. Piers, this has been a fun night. Thank you for letting us hang with you.


MORGAN: You girls have been great. Thank you so much.

What we're going do -- we're actually going to carry on interviewing some of the big stars before they go inside. And we'll run some of that in our 90-minute show which will come after the Oscars. So we'll be live for about 90 minutes after the Oscars.

I'm going to include some of the interviews that I'm going to try and snare now.

So that's all for now. The "PIERS MORGAN LIVE SPECIAL" will be right after the Oscars. Thank you all very much for joining us. Let the fun commence inside.