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Celebrating Shakespeare`s Birthday in Globe Theatre; Robots Serving Armed Forces and Civilians

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CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Fridays are awesome. This is CNN STUDENT NEWS. We are starting off today with a few stories that have a lot of people talking. First one involves Americans who`ve served in the military. The U.S government requires Veterans affairs hospitals to see patients in a timely manner. But across the country, some vets have had a long way times (ph). In Phoenix, Arizona, a retired doctor revealed that hundreds of sick veterans were put on a secret waiting list. It hid the fact that they were forced to wait months for health care. The doctor says at least 40 veterans died waiting.

In the state of Georgia, the governor has signed a new gun law. It will allow Georgians who are already allowed to have a concealed weapon to legally take that weapon in the certain public places. This might include some bars, churches, government buildings, school zones and certain parts of airports. Supporters call the law meaningful pro-gun legislation. Critics call it extremism in action. And in Brazil, the nation`s army has occupied one of Rio de Janeiro`s slums. There`s been a surge in violent crime in certain parts of the city, and with the World Cup less than two months away, soldiers have joined police in trying to keep three rival gangs from attacks.

See if you can I.D. me. I`m a landmark in London that was first built in 1599, though I`ve been rebuilt a couple of times since then. I`m closely associated with William Shakespeare because I`m where he`s stages his plays.

I`m the Globe Theatre where Shakespeare was once an investor and an actor

The man himself, the world renowned playwright known as the bard was born 450 years ago this month. His Globe Theatre burned down by accident during a play in 1613, was rebuilt the next year, then torn down decades later, then rebuilt in London again in the 1990s, as authentically as possible. As you might expect this year is a big one for the Globe.


ROSIE TOMKINS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Face paints, bouncy (INAUDIBLE), punching Judy and, of course, a birthday cake.

A lively approach to celebrate an age old icon. Here at Shakespeare`s Globe in London, it`s all about maintaining a fresh and young legacy for the most famous playwright in history whose works 450 years and later still resonate with people young and old.


UF (on camera): Who`s your favorite Shakespeare character?

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: Midsummer Night`s Dream.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To be or not to be.

DOMINIC DROMGOOLE, SHAKESPEARE`S GLOBE: The Shakespeare is still young. Shakespeare doesn`t feel old. He doesn`t feel tires. He feels like he`s still asking fresh questions, still giving fresh insights, still provoking fresh laughter.

TOMKINS: The Globe is a theatre created specifically in Shakespeare`s honor. Now, it`s actually a modern reconstruction of the original building, which was built in Shakespeare`s day.

It`s not just here in the U.S., of course, and his legacy (INAUDIBLE). Shakespeare`s works continue to fill classrooms, theaters and cinemas across the world, all the way from hometown in Stratford upon Evon to Hollywood.

Among the more famous examples, Baz Luhrmann`s "Romeo and Juliet." Attempts have even been made to put a value on Shakespeare`s brand. With one study suggesting his commercial worth today would be over half a billion dollars. Four times the combined value of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

PROFESSOR MICHAEL DOBSON, DIRECTOR OF THE SHAKESPEAR INSTITUTE: The fact is, Shakespeare is really good at what he does. If you want to enjoy reading words, put it into a really interesting order, looking at patents of human behavior, going to the theater and imagining yourself into a whole world, Shakespeare is going to provide that in ways that no other playwright or poet has done.

TOMKINS: That global appeal is being reflected in the week`s birthday celebrations, including a whole week long dedicated conference in Paris.

As the birthday celebrations ricochet around the world, we continue to wonder and explore how one man`s work has had such p profound effect. Here at the Globe in London, at least, many of the children seem to have it all figured out.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: I like the way they talk, but sometimes hard to understand.

TOMKINS (on camera): What normally happens at the end?



TOMKINS: Rosie Tomkins, CNN, London.


AZUZ: For today`s "Roll Call." We are starting little ways east of Los Angeles, California. In Riverside, we`ve got the Rams watching CNN STUDENT NEWS. They are tuned in from Ramona High School. To the heartland, in St. Mary`s Kansas, beware the bears. You`ll find them at St. Mary`s high school. And in Ohio at Clay High School, the panthers are stalking our role. (INAUDIBLE) to everyone at (INAUDIBLE) high school.

Yesterday, we said that Wrigley Field in Chicago is America`s oldest stadium. It`s not. Wrigley was the last pro-sports stadium to have lights installed, but Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts is the oldest. It opened in 1912, two years before Wrigley. Fenway is not only a park, it`s a major tourist attraction for Boston, like the waterfront or the Museum of Fine Arts. And when there`s an event that draws even more tourists like the Boston Marathon, it`s not only police men and women who are helping keep the pubic safe.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Keep in mind, there is not one robot that meets every situation. The threats change, Iraq and Afghanistan. The needs of a change. Fukushima, Japan, Boston Marathon, it`s constantly an evolving process.

When you do have mass emergency response, things such as the Boston Marathon, there`s lots of robots that are around the scene.

This is the 110 first look. This was the sign for tactical teams, for a quick recognizance.

The coolest thing about this robot, is throw ball. This five pound robot has been used in Afghanistan for tactical situations.

This is the 510 ten-pack. This is designed to be one of the most versatile robots on the market today.

It usually has four cameras on the robot, a gripper and the manipulator that allows it to lift objects as much as 30 pounds. Looking to windows of first floors, really is a very versatile robot that can be used for a lot of applications.

Robots have had a huge impact on the end user. Ten-15 years ago, that could have been in EODTK. Now, it`s a robot.

After the tragic events of the Boston Marathon, one of the trends that we are seeing is the demand for robots at worldwide large events. It`s a great example of how robots are being utilized to provide security and emergency response. `

People typically think about robots, they are thinking about science fiction. Thinking about the robots that we see in "Star Wars". We actually have robots today, but they are practical robots. They complete tasks, they help people. They help save lives.


AZUZ: This would be one of those don`t try it at home videos, but your home isn`t at the top of the world`s tallest building in the United Arab Emirates, and even if you are wearing a suit to school today, it ain`t owing suit.




AZUZ: No doubt those guys were off base, but why make that leap? Why take that plunge? Why delve into danger? You could jump to all kinds of conclusions, but Guinness the record motivated them and they certainly had the right altitude about it. Even if gravity eventually got them down. I`m Carl Azuz. That`s my jumping up point for the weekend wishing all of you happy landings.