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New Year's Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin

Aired December 31, 2014 - 22:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And welcome back to New York's Times Square. I'm Anderson Cooper with the beloved Kathy Griffin.

KATHY GRIFFIN, CO-HOST: And the beloved Richard Quest.

COOPER: Richard Quest is --

GRIFFIN: Now I'm very excited to talk to Richard.

COOPER: Have you met him before?

GRIFFIN: No, but I like he's like a wild animal that you guys hire. Like a wild -- like, he's like a wild, like, rescue dog that was abused but then you love him. And he could turn out -- see? He's --

COOPER: Richard Quest. How are you doing, Richard, down on the ground?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Look, the wild beast in me is ready to go. Here's the idea. Very simple. Think about this what we're about to do. We get a million people --

GRIFFIN: I can't hear Richard.

QUEST: We -- we get a million people in Times Square and we ask them to watch and wait for that ball to drop over 60 seconds and these are the people who have been waiting.


QUEST: Now where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

QUEST: Where?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

QUEST: Wisconsin. She's used to the cold weather. But come with me. Where are you from?


QUEST: This lady is from Arizona. How many layers have you got on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Like five. It's warm in Arizona. QUEST: Five --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As much as we can.

QUEST: OK, what -- they've all been here for hours. What time did you get here?




QUEST: OK. The question everybody at home wants to know. It's now -- 10:00 at night. How have you been to the toilet in the last 12 hours?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don't even drink.


QUEST: What?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No food or water for us.


QUEST: No food and no water.





QUEST: This is the moment where I start pouring water to make them all go a bit.

Is it worth it?



QUEST: You do not look as if it's worth it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's worth it. It's worth it.

QUEST: You look decidedly unhappy.


QUEST: Where are you from?


QUEST: You haven't come far enough to talk to. I'm sorry.

Who's come the farthest? Right here.


QUEST: Japan. Lots of dying in Japan. Is it worth it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. It is worth it. I mean, I really enjoyed it, yes.

QUEST: Think about this, Anderson and Kathy. They come here, they stand here for about 12 hours. They have no food. They have no drink.


QUEST: Sorry?


QUEST: You don't want any water. You can't go to the toilet.


QUEST: Who is dying to go to the toilet?

COOPER: OK. All right. Richard?


COOPER: We're going to -- we're going to have you come up here.

GRIFFIN: I have to meet him.

COOPER: Yes. Richard, you've got to come up here. Kathy wants to meet you.

GRIFFIN: Let him out of the cage.



QUEST: I am very, very afraid.

COOPER: It's been too restrained. He's been too restrained. So Richard is going to come up here in a couple of minutes. He'll join us up here. And -- yes. So I -- you know, you will meet the legend that is Richard Quest.


COOPER: I'm not going to say.

GRIFFIN: Why don't you -- why don't you prep me for that?


GRIFFIN: So apparently CNN was hiring. And Richard was just like -- he reminds me of like when "Dateline" does a story about, like, a dog that chases its tail and they have to give it medication or like a dog that swims in a pool. What?

COOPER: Richard has a business show on CNN International.

GRIFFIN: I've watched -- when I am overseas I watch him as well.

COOPER: Yes. Of course. Yes. He's quest.

GRIFFIN: But I'm just saying.

COOPER: I love his enthusiasm.

GRIFFIN: OK. Let's go with enthusiasm.

COOPER: Lot's also check in with --

GRIFFIN: Richard Quest again?

COOPER: Yes. Let's go down to Havana.

GRIFFIN: Was he wearing a sequined bedazzled vest?

COOPER: We're going to find out. We're going to find out.

GRIFFIN: Maybe like a Swarovski tie-in?

COOPER: It's very possible.

GRIFFIN: All right.

COOPER: Let's go to Havana, Cuba, where Patrick Oppman is joining us.

Patrick, what's it like there for New Year's Eve?

PATRICK OPPMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, Anderson and Kathy. We're at the Tropicana Nightclub and Cabaret where you can see the show is just getting underway. Dancing behind us. This is an institution here in Havana. You know, it's not just the end of the calendar year here in Cuba. It's the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution when Fidel Castro took power here.

As you can see it's quite a show. We're just getting started. And this is something that predates the revolution. After the revolution took power the government of course took over this club. Took over everything, kicked the casino out. But the cabaret and the dancing here at this club, continued on. And several hundred international visitors. But what you don't see here are Americans. After the revolution, Americans stopped being able to come here. Of course there was an embargo, economic sanctions from the United

States on Cuba. But that's all changing with it and very, very soon. Of course, just two weeks ago, U.S. President Barack Obama, Raul Castro, Cuba's president, reached an historic agreement that's going to allow Americans to slowly be able to start coming back. We expect they'd come back to a place like this, like the Tropicana.

Well, the employees are telling us they're already hearing word from American visitors that they're planning on coming here, planning on once again enjoying the spectacle at the Tropicana. You know, don't see a lot of Cubans here because it's an expensive show. But Cubans we've talked to say, they're very hopeful that next year will be a better year for Cuba. That some of the Americans coming here, that they'll have an economic benefit to them. But at least, for the moment right now in Havana, they're dancing.

And it's quite a show, Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: Have a great New Year's in Havana. We'll check in with you a little bit later on. As we continue to count down the --

GRIFFIN: We're going to keep it light, Patrick.

COOPER: Well, you know, yes. A lot of information.

GRIFFIN: I didn't know Patrick was keeping it real from CNN.

COOPER: There's a lot of information. There's a lot of -- and look who joined us. Richard Quest.

GRIFFIN: Richard Quest is here.

QUEST: You invited me to a party so I had to dress for the occasion.


GRIFFIN: Why are you shouting at me? What have I ever done to you?

COOPER: Is that -- what is that?

QUEST: She's supposed to touch it first.

COOPER: OK. All right.

GRIFFIN: My turn.

COOPER: So that's like a metal vest.

GRIFFIN: It's beading. It's beading. It's probably been gently beaded.


GRIFFIN: I'm not afraid, Questy.

QUEST: No. GRIFFIN: Questy brings the heat.

COOPER: Questy brings the heat.

GRIFFIN: What did you do today?

QUEST: What did I do today? I basically was terrified of the prospect of what was going to happen in the next --

GRIFFIN: Why is he shouting? Why is he shouting?

COOPER: Because he's afraid of you.

GRIFFIN: Well, as he should be. Now where does one purchase a beaded vest such as this?

QUEST: Well, it's -- in New York. From a wonderful woman by the name of Patricia Field.

GRIFFIN: Of course. The designer for "Sex and the City."

QUEST: Absolutely.

GRIFFIN: But what I like is that you say in New York as if we're not here. Are you aware we are in New York, Richard? I told you.

COOPER: Richard, is this your first time in Times Square for New Year's Eve?

QUEST: Anderson, I was in Times Square, my first time was 1988.

COOPER: Are you serious? Really?

QUEST: Used to come every year. And I used to watch the ball. And then the fireworks.

GRIFFIN: And where would you stand?

QUEST: No, no, no. I was -- I was up by the Wellington Hotel up there.

GRIFFIN: You weren't a reveler?

COOPER: So you weren't as a reveler or reporter?

QUEST: And, and, and.

GRIFFIN: He doesn't care about your question.

QUEST: All right.

COOPER: Were you a participant or a reporter?

QUEST: I was in Times Square for the millennium.

COOPER: OK. GRIFFIN: He just won't answer any of your question.

QUEST: What was the question, sorry?

COOPER: Were you --

GRIFFIN: What I love. It doesn't matter. It's about you, Richard.

COOPER: It doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter.

GRIFFIN: Thank you. You've got -- you've got a little spirit. I like that. He's got some spunk.

COOPER: See, I knew you'd like Richard Quest.

GRIFFIN: Of course. He gets me.

COOPER: By the way, Richard, she and I had -- we had a dinner last night. And --

QUEST: Why wasn't I invited?

COOPER: Well --

GRIFFIN: You were.

COOPER: You were.

GRIFFIN: He wouldn't let you come.

COOPER: I didn't read -- I didn't get the message until you left.

GRIFFIN: Lies. Lies.

COOPER: No, it's true. I looked at my thing. She said, the message was, invite Richard Quest. He's way more fun than you are.

GRIFFIN: That's true.


GRIFFIN: I said he's way more fun that you are.

QUEST: You are such a loser.

COOPER: Yes, I know.


QUEST: Now it's two against one.

GRIFFIN: That's right.

QUEST: You really are.

GRIFFIN: And one of us is wearing beads. QUEST: How many layers -- how many layers have you got on?

COOPER: I've got like eight. I got eight --

GRIFFIN: When's the last time that you were at the gym and you are on the treadmill dancing to Lorde?

QUEST: Well, I was in the gym today.

GRIFFIN: Big guns.

QUEST: Yes, big guns.

GRIFFIN: All right. Put them away, tiger. It's OK. Corral over here. You know what I am talking about?

COOPER: I don't know. I really don't know what you are talking about.

GRIFFIN: What did you have for lunch?

QUEST: What did I have for lunch?


QUEST: I was too nervous, meeting you.


QUEST: Because I was in a tither.

GRIFFIN: You don't want to (INAUDIBLE).

QUEST: Listen, there are people out there who haven't been to the toilet in 12 hours.

GRIFFIN: Well, you barely mentioned it.

QUEST: Well --

GRIFFIN: I like when you said, you just keep yelling water as if it's Guantanamo Bay. I mean, take it down a notch, Richard. You're scaring us.

QUEST: If I'm scaring you, then I'm in deep trouble.

GRIFFIN: That's right, because he's got an apology (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: Richard came to me the other day and asked how --


COOPER: How he should prepare for you.

GRIFFIN: What did you say?

COOPER: I just said there is no way you can prepare.

GRIFFIN: No, there's no way you can prepare.


GRIFFIN: You can't be prepared for Questy.

COOPER: I recommended Kevlar, but he's got metal. So that's good. It bounces right off.

GRIFFIN: I feel like I'm in (INAUDIBLE).

QUEST: You can rip it open. You can rip it open if you really want to.

COOPER: No. All right.


COOPER: All right. OK. I think we've got to take a break. A lot more from here across the country.


QUEST: Kevlar they're skipping.


GRIFFIN: I'm Kathy Griffin, again, in CNN.

COOPER: Where's the sign? Where's the sign? I apologize. I apologize. And I am surprised at you, Richard Quest. I'm surprised at you.

GRIFFIN: Yes. How dare you.

QUEST: How dare I am.

COOPER: You're British, a little decorum. GRIFFIN: I mean, what about the royals? What would they say? The


QUEST: Don't start on the royals.

GRIFFIN: No. I love them all.

COOPER: All right. We're bringing the best of the evening no matter where it's happening all around the world. The United States. We'll be right back from here in New York.



COOPER: That is one of the my favorite bars in New Orleans. The legendary Spotted Cat Music Club in New Orleans. It's in Marigny and Frenchmen. If you haven't been you have got to go any time you're in New Orleans.

GRIFFIN: How much?


GRIFFIN: How are much are you getting from them?

COOPER: Nothing. Just one of my favorite places.

GRIFFIN: It's so obvious you're getting a kickback.

COOPER: I'm not getting a kickback. There's no kickback.

GRIFFIN: And by the way, it's not like you're Mr. Pub crawl. I mean --

COOPER: No. But I go --

GRIFFIN: I love this bar and that beer.

COOPER: No, the owner is a local --

GRIFFIN: Who's Tony Romo?

COOPER: The owner is a very nice guy. And it's a small club. They have live bands. Like the New Orleans Jazz Vipers used to play there.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry. Did you -- did you miss the tweet?

COOPER: The tweet?

GRIFFIN: We just got a tweet from the American Authors.


GRIFFIN: And it says, and I quote, "Wait a minute. Who is Anderson Cooper?"



COOPER: They tweeted that?


COOPER: I'm sorry. I do know -- OK. See.


COOPER: Yes, I know their song.

GRIFFIN: Somebody just got served.

COOPER: I did. I got served. You're right. I'm not --


COOPER: -- all that well versed on music.

GRIFFIN: Why don't you get your sign? You sign yourself products.

COOPER: OK. All right.

GRIFFIN: I apologize to them.

COOPER: All right. American Authors, I apologize.


COOPER: I apologize.

GRIFFIN: I don't.

COOPER: I do know your song.

GRIFFIN: Never heard of you.

COOPER: I did (INAUDIBLE) the lead singer.

GRIFFIN: You know Celine Dion. I'll tell you that much. And you know it.

COOPER: Of course, I know -- yes. But --

GRIFFIN: I'm yelling at them, saying, you know, it's not Backstreet Boys.

COOPER: No, but I do know their song. And I like --

GRIFFIN: The Backstreet Boys is a real thing.

COOPER: And I like their song a lot. And I wish them nothing but the best.

GRIFFIN: Well, they just hate tweeted you.

COOPER: Apparently they did. But that's OK.

GRIFFIN: So Anderson just revealed that he cannot read his Twitter at this moment. So what I know that means is that at 3:00 in the morning, he will be in a ball, sobbing, being spooned by his mother again because he will not believe that three out of 10 million loving tweets are somewhat negative. He cannot get over it.

So, Gloria, get ready. Keep the light on. And get the big, the big --

COOPER: I don't live with my mom.

GRIFFIN: Yes, you, do. You don't know he lives with his mom.

COOPER: I don't live with my mom. GRIFFIN: He's got a small room, what's called a Murphy bed. And it

goes down. And then there is story time. And they have lunches and tea and scones. Scones. And they would rather do other things than talk about the American Authors.

COOPER: For those who are just joining us and if you weren't joining us at the top of the program, explain your ensemble.


COOPER: Because --

GRIFFIN: My ensemble --

COOPER: Because it's controversial.


GRIFFIN: It's controversial.

COOPER: You're wearing real fur which I was surprised by.


COOPER: I don't know anybody who wears real fur.

GRIFFIN: I was surprised. Correct. I was surprised as well. However it is the actual Dennis Basso coat of my dear departed friend, Joan Rivers, and I wanted to --

COOPER: This is her actual coat?

GRIFFIN: It actually is inscribed Joan Rivers inside. She got it in 1980. And I just thought in her honor.

COOPER: That's nice.

GRIFFIN: And because it's freezing but in her honor, I'm wearing it. And as you know, I'll be taking over her throne, big shoes to fill in "Fashion Police" on January 12th. And so Melissa lovingly said yes, you may wear one of my mom's prized furs.

COOPER: That's so nice. That's nice.


COOPER: I still --

GRIFFIN: I know that Twitter hate will come. I know that.

COOPER: I mean, just get serious for a moment. I still can't believe that she is gone.

GRIFFIN: Yes, correct.

COOPER: You know? I mean. GRIFFIN: I know. There really was only one. I will say

posthumously, I actually think she is getting the respect that she deserved when she was alive. But it's actually nice to hear people saying all these wonderful things about her.

COOPER: The fact that she was, you know, working as hard as she worked.

GRIFFIN: Eight-one years old.

COOPER: Incredible.

GRIFFIN: Did an hour long set the night before she -- she got ill. And just one of a kind. One of a kind.

COOPER: Yes. Amazing, amazing lady.


COOPER: I do want to go back to New Orleans. We just showed you the Spotted Cat. My favorite bar on Frenchmen. Our Don Lemon is down in New Orleans.

Don, what's the scene like tonight?

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: It's crazy because it's not only, you know, New Year's, it is the Sugar Bowl. And we got a lot of -- of fans here from Alabama. I've got this -- Kathy has her coat and I've got these. And I am going to bring back to New York to give to Kathy some real --

COOPER: You are not messing around.

GRIFFIN: Don, Don, who is playing in the Sugar Bowl this year?

LEMON: It's a really big ball, Kathy.

GRIFFIN: I like your ball.

LEMON: It's Ohio State and Alabama.

GRIFFIN: Don, who's playing in the Sugar Bowl?

LEMON: It's Ohio State and Alabama.

COOPER: See, Don knows.

GRIFFIN: Don knows.

COOPER: Of course Don knows.

GRIFFIN: Don knows something you don't know.

COOPER: I don't know anything about --

LEMON: I grew up here.

GRIFFIN: That's got to hurt.

COOPER: Yes. Of course.

GRIFFIN: Don, look at the camera and say --


LEMON: You know, Anderson -- I'm Anderson Cooper and this is CNN.

GRIFFIN: Do it. Do it. Anybody will do it. I mean, seriously.

LEMON: Let me tell you.

Anderson, the crew guys, the crew guys, every night, they're like watching the game and talking about sports to me and I talk back. And they say, are you like Anderson, do you know absolutely nothing about sports? Did you just comment on the outfits and the colors of the uniform?

COOPER: Exactly. But how do you know what game they're talking about? Like there is a million games on. I turn around. There's like ESPN 2, 3, 4, and ESPN classic. I don't know what game you're watching.

GRIFFIN: I can listen to you and Don Lemon talk sports all night long.

COOPER: You're better --


COOPER: You're going to hurt somebody if you throw those beads.

LEMON: But, Anderson, you have -- you have the New Orleans connection.

GRIFFIN: What country won the gold medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics hockey?

COOPER: I do. Yes, I love New Orleans.


LEMON: Canada.

COOPER: My grandmother's old lady's hat. It means so much. What?

GRIFFIN: Yes. You're right.

LEMON: So then you know -- you know --

GRIFFIN: Sorry. I was talking to Don.

LEMON: I was a model, I was a model for Maison Blanche. But here's the thing. Do you know what I had to do to get these? Because you have to do things in order to get these. GRIFFIN: Wait. Does CNN just hire models?

COOPER: I can imagine. Yes, I can imagine.

GRIFFIN: What kind of things, Don?

COOPER: We will leave that -- we will leave that unsaid.

GRIFFIN: Do things.

COOPER: That's right, Don, and Brooke Baldwin are going to take over -- Don and Brooke Baldwin are going to take over at 12:30. Our live coverage to --

GRIFFIN: What would you do?

LEMON: Nice coat, Kathy. I love your coat, by the way.

COOPER: That coat's on.

LEMON: Wear it with pride. Wear it with pride.

GRIFFIN: I am. Joan Rivers. Hashtag.

COOPER: All right. We're going to check back in with Don.

And, Don, you should also check out the Spotted Cat down on Frenchmen.

GRIFFIN: OK. I get it. You love that place.

COOPER: I do. I love the place.

GRIFFIN: You drank your Bud there. One of your many beers you're known for.


COOPER: You asked me about a beer. I gave you the first beer that came to mind.

GRIFFIN: All right. I didn't know every day is a pub crawl for you. Can I just quote one more thing in your Italian --


GRIFFIN: OK. Anyway --

COOPER: Do you take part in Santa-con, by the way?

GRIFFIN: Santa-con?

COOPER: Don't about --


COOPER: Santa-con is -- I don't know if it's only in New York but it was on -- it was a couple of weekends ago.

GRIFFIN: I saw it in Colbert.

COOPER: And it's where all these drunk people dress up as Santa and go on a pub crawl.


COOPER: It's virtually for charity. I hope it is.

GRIFFIN: I don't think it is. I mean, I'm not buying it.

COOPER: I don't --

GRIFFIN: I grew up Irish Catholic.

COOPER: And I live on a block that has a bunch of bars.

GRIFFIN: It's like Christmas in our house. Yes.

COOPER: So it ends up with just --

GRIFFIN: Vomit and Santa.

COOPER: And drunk Santas who have --

GRIFFIN: And the stockings are just doused with vomit.

COOPER: Yes. Exactly.

GRIFFIN: Yes. But, you know, it helps the children.

COOPER: I don't know if -- I hope there is a benefit for it.

GRIFFIN: What are some of your resolutions?


COOPER: OK. Kathy asked me this because every time even if I begin to say one of my resolutions she'll pretend to fall asleep because they're all so freaking boring.

GRIFFIN: Also because you have no soul. So -- I mean, if you had to have a resolution?

COOPER: You really want to know?

GRIFFIN: Yes. I really do.

COOPER: Well, I -- no, I'm not going to tell you.

GRIFFIN: You don't have one. He doesn't have one. Because it doesn't matter. It's like a heart of glass. It's like the song, "Heart of Glass." Except his doesn't shatter because he was bad.

COOPER: Now that I know. That's Blondie. GRIFFIN: Way to go. You are done with --

COOPER: I mean I love that --

GRIFFIN: You're right up there with (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: Because that was -- that's from the '80s. That's why I paid attention.

GRIFFIN: That was your era.

COOPER: That's my era.

GRIFFIN: I know. I can see the limelight.

COOPER: I was never better. I was never better.

GRIFFIN: Three, four of the limelight. I can see it.

COOPER: That's right. When it's Studio '54. You know how it was.


COOPER: OK. I've got to get in a quick mention of the online opportunities to join the fun.

GRIFFIN: So I should be an anchor on CNN?

COOPER: Join to celebrate --

GRIFFIN: Can I just join online and then you can say this is CNN.

COOPER: You can post on Twitter, on Instagram, the hashtag to use if CNNnye. CNNnye.

GRIFFIN: I've been using that.

COOPER: Have you? You've been tweeting?


COOPER: No, you haven't.

GRIFFIN: I have.

COOPER: Have you?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Not necessarily nice things about you but things.

COOPER: Yes. Tweet us your New Year's wishes, resolutions, photos of your celebration. We're going to air some of them. And feature others at

GRIFFIN: There's a lot we can't air.

COOPER: CNNnye. In addition, you can follow me @andersoncooper on Twitter, also on Instagram. Kathy is @kathygriffin?


COOPER: Are you on Instagram as well?

GRIFFIN: Of course, I am. On all of them. In fact I actually recently Instagramed a photo of -- I was at a party at Jackie Collins' house, having a lovely conversation with Sydney Poitier. And I was talking to Sydney, it was a great moment. And someone took a photo. Jackie Collins. And there's literally this hand in the middle.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: And of course, it's freaking Piers Morgan ruining the moment. When I'm having a conversation with Poitier. Like he's still that guy that when you're having a great conversation will have no sense of it. And there's a photo of just Piers Morgan's hand right in front of me and Sydney Poitier.

COOPER: Piers who?

GRIFFIN: Yes. You're going to get some tweets, mostly from Piers.


GRIFFIN: By the way, it takes a stiff wind to have a Twitter war with Piers Morgan.

COOPER: No, he's dying for a Twitter war. I -- make no mention of him.

GRIFFIN: This is -- we made his night. With no apology.


GRIFFIN: Put the sign up.


GRIFFIN: No. He's like the Heidi and Spencer of formerly CNN. Wants a Twitter war.

COOPER: Listen, I hope he gets a job, you know, one day. I hope he gets gainful employment.


COOPER: We are back --

GRIFFIN: Because what's great is that Anderson is nervous and nauseous and then see the words -- he sees the words live crab on the teleprompter.

COOPER: That's right.

GRIFFIN: So I just want to explain his facial discomfort. Go ahead. COOPER: That's what it says on the teleprompter. Live crab.

GRIFFIN: Because you know that Piers is going to say, like, way to go, making fun of me. And then talking about crabs. #classy. Like you know we would do something like that?

COOPER: I don't think anyone cares what he does. There is the crab. A giant crab and a man posing with said crab. That is in Easton, Maryland, that is the crab drop.

GRIFFIN: I'm already itching to see the story because I'm sure it's fascinating and a global look at New Year's.


GRIFFIN: I'm not giving the check back.

COOPER: And Gary Tuchman --

GRIFFIN: Did I ever talk about the disclaimer?

COOPER: What's the disclaimer?

GRIFFIN: The disclaimer where if I say something too far, you get the check back.

COOPER: That is true. Yes.

GRIFFIN: I'm not giving it back for the crab joke. Yes.

COOPER: Kathy has to give back the check if she goes too far. In past years she has gone too far.

GRIFFIN: I'm not giving the check back.

COOPER: She's had to give the check back.

GRIFFIN: I already have (INAUDIBLE) personally.

COOPER: But first, Randi Kaye is on a cruise ship for us. And she meets the bionic bartender.

GRIFFIN: I love that show.



RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: So, of course we found the coolest bar on board Royal Caribbean's "Quantum of the Seas," we have robotic bartenders here. They choose from 160 different liquors. I ordered my drink on an iPad. They shake it up. Deliver it to you. And here it comes my way. Here we go.

Cheers, Kathy, Anderson.



COOPER: And welcome back. We are live here in Times Square. I'm Anderson Cooper with -- with my buddy Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: Wait, just hold on. Hold on. Hold on.


GRIFFIN: OK. When you guys show the clip that you showed before the commercial.


GRIFFIN: I feel that your way to set me up.

COOPER: OK. Now let me just --

GRIFFIN: So you can't just show something like this to me.

COOPER: I will show you the clip again. This is Randi Kaye --

GRIFFIN: I'm a human being.

COOPER: This is Randi Kaye talking --


COOPER: Doing a stand-up about -- I guess on this cruise ship they have something called the bionic bartender. Let's just take a look at the beginning.


GRIFFIN: OK. So really I'm supposed to just talk about, what, current events or how your day was? And that's clearly, Randi re- enacting --

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: You know, last night?

COOPER: Anyway. Anyway, so --

GRIFFIN: Is Randi single?

COOPER: Did you see Randi --

GRIFFIN: What, is that her version of Tinder?

COOPER: Did you see Randi earlier?

GRIFFIN: Are you on Tinder?

COOPER: I don't know what Tinder is. I do know what Tinder is. But no, I'm not on it.


COOPER: Well, how can I be -- why would I be on these things?

GRIFFIN: I think it would be fantastic.

COOPER: No, I don't --

GRIFFIN: I would love to see you on a blind date.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: Like, what's up, I'm Anderson. You do the squint. And then you bring that blue thing that looks like a --

COOPER: A what?

GRIFFIN: The blue thing that Randi Kaye was --

COOPER: Right. Did you see Randi Kaye earlier this year when she was in Colorado at a medical marijuana clinic?

GRIFFIN: Yes. She got high on the air.

COOPER: She's a little tongue-tied.

GRIFFIN: I know. I know.

COOPER: She's all red. It was very sweet. It was very funny.

GRIFFIN: Well, you enjoy the blunt, am I right?

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: Game night.

COOPER: Moving on. Right around this point we would check in with our Gary Tuchman, who traditionally has done like the fun run in Central Park.


COOPER: He does the midnight run in Central Park. Some other unique celebration around the country. He is on assignment. Tonight, though, he is covering news on the other side of the world. But luckily, luckily for us, his daughter, Lindsay, who is a talent in her own right, she's young reporter, just starting out. She joins us now from Easton, Maryland.

Lindsay, welcome to the party. Thanks so much for pitching in for your dad.

GRIFFIN: Hi, Lindsay.

COOPER: How are you doing? LINDSAY TUCHMAN, GARY TUCHMAN'S DAUGHTER: Yes -- no, thank you guys.

I'm doing great. It's a little cold. But we're doing great out here. It's -- the crab drop.

COOPER: Now explain the tradition --


TUCHMAN: Continue.

COOPER: Yes. Explain the tradition here. Does that crab actually drop?

TUCHMAN: Yes, that crab does drop. And it's pretty interesting because crabs here are a really big deal. And that's because they drive the economy forward. The watermen go out on the Chesapeake Bay every day fishing all day for crabs. And earlier actually at 9:00 they had a drop already of this big guy behind me. They dropped it for the little kids.

So they all gathered around. They dressed up as seafood themselves. Jelly fish. Sharks. Crabs everything you could imagine. So that they could see the crab drop before midnight when they're going to be warm in their beds. But the rest of us will be here for the rest of the night.

And you really need to take a good look at this crab behind me here. He is 8 feet by 8 feet. And that's claw to claw. That's what they're telling me. It's made out of papier-mache. And you can tell that it's not -- it looks pretty delicious I'd have to say.

But I do have a confession to tell you guys when I first moved down here. I was not a big seafood fan. And everyone around me before you boo. I have to tell you that my co-workers did make me eat crab when I came here. And I am a fan. And that shows why crabs are so important here. And that's why we're having the crab drop tonight -- Kathy, Anderson.

COOPER: Cool. That's so nice.

GRIFFIN: I see Lindsay Tuchman --

TUCHMAN: Yes, it's pretty exciting.

GRIFFIN: And I raise your crab.


GRIFFIN: Lindsay, you're too young to have crabs. Look, I don't know who these guys are you're running around with.

COOPER: Gees. You know what?

GRIFFIN: But I mean --

COOPER: Keep it nice. Keep it nice. Keep it nice. GRIFFIN: Nice make-up.

COOPER: Lindsay --

GRIFFIN: You kids don't have to go crazy.

COOPER: Lindsay, how are you liking -- you're just starting out as a young reporter, how are you liking it?

TUCHMAN: You know, I am loving it. It is really fun down here. I have a lot good -- I've made a lot of friends since I've started. I've got a lot of practice. And I got to hang out with you a couple of weeks ago actually so that was pretty cool as well.

COOPER: Lindsay came to our Christmas party, at our office Christmas party.

GRIFFIN: But how did she get the crab story? I mean, that's --

COOPER: We asked her because --

GRIFFIN: That has to be the worst detail.

COOPER: No, because --

GRIFFIN: Why isn't she on a boat with Randi Kaye?

COOPER: Because her dad was going to do it and he couldn't do it. And we thought it'd be great to have Lindsay do it.

GRIFFIN: Is he mad at her?

COOPER: No. And Lindsay, you do anchoring as well?

TUCHMAN: I do. I do. I'd fill in a bit. I work on the weekend. And I anchor today and I'm going to anchoring tomorrow. So it's pretty cool.

COOPER: Well, we wish you nothing but the best. And we'll check in with you a little bit later on for the actual crab drop.


GRIFFIN: Sorry, Lindsay. This is like a tough story.


COOPER: No. It's -- you're managing a live shot with Kathy Griffin. You're doing great.

Lindsay Tuchman, thank you very much. We'll check in a little bit later with you.

GRIFFIN: She fills in like on the weekend and everything? (INAUDIBLE) on the weekend?

COOPER: I -- you know what.

GRIFFIN: It's been a while. It's been a while. Building one of your seven houses. Ellen.

COOPER: I volunteer --


GRIFFIN: Really, Ellen, Neil Patrick Harris II, building your 17 houses.

COOPER: Ellen has a lovely taste in houses.

GRIFFIN: She's like a house flipper.

COOPER: Ryan Seacrest bought one of Ellen's houses.

GRIFFIN: Isn't that difficult? I mean, it's such a (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: Why? What's wrong with that.

GRIFFIN: It just makes so much sense.


GRIFFIN: I think I'm going to call it a coven. I would say they're in a coven with Oprah. Ryan Seacrest, Ellen and Oprah.

COOPER: A coven, really?

GRIFFIN: I believe they were in a coven.

COOPER: Like a witch's crew and like there's --

GRIFFIN: Why can't they have her their story? Like Jessica Lange in "American Horror Story."

COOPER: Yes. Down in New Orleans, have (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: Yes, that's right. I wouldn't put anything past --

COOPER: What kind of make spells are they doing?

GRIFFIN: They're the trifecta.

COOPER: Do you think they're making spells against you, don't you?

GRIFFIN: I'm glad you confirmed it.

COOPER: No, I didn't. You think that.

GRIFFIN: And I know Lindsay Tuchman is going to back me up.

COOPER: In past years you have said that you believe Oprah is trying to kill you.


COOPER: Which is ridiculous.

GRIFFIN: It's true and --

COOPER: I don't --


GRIFFIN: It's proven by science.

COOPER: No offense but I don't think she gives you a thought.



GRIFFIN: She can barely sleep. She calls Gale and they cry. And then they go, where's Stedman?

COOPER: I love Gale. And it's her birthday this year. Well, not this year obviously but it was her birthday --


GRIFFIN: Wow, you are so smooth tonight. You are like Mr. Smooth. You're like satin. You are so nervous because when I make fun of Oprah, you lose it. You get so freaked out at the mention of Ellen, Oprah, Neil Patrick Harris, and slightly --

COOPER: I'm friends with Neil Patrick Harris.

GRIFFIN: How close? Are you on the boat? Those two are on the boat?

COOPER: Well, no. Clearly I'm not on the boat.

GRIFFIN: You didn't get -- you didn't get the boat invite.

COOPER: I didn't get the boar invite.

GRIFFIN: All right. Interesting.

COOPER: Never got the boat invite.

GRIFFIN: I was at a big Mafia party with Sydney Poitier.



GRIFFIN: With Sydney Poitier. I was at a big Mafia -- a Beverly Hills Mafia party.

COOPER: You --

GRIFFIN: The point is, I choose not to be on the boat. You're not invited on the boat.

COOPER: I'm not invited. That's fine.

GRIFFIN: And that's a metaphor, too. Check the Tony Romo.

COOPER: Oh, yes, huh. Nothing.


COOPER: Nothing.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, I can't get over this.

COOPER: Do we have -- we have the picture of you with Sydney Poitier. Let's take a look.

GRIFFIN: That's good. I referenced it half an hour ago.

COOPER: How cool is Sydney Poitier?

GRIFFIN: He's very cool. That's his wife. That's Piers Morgan's fingers. And that's Sydney going, who are you? And Piers got offended when he was like very -- Sydney was like very kindly saying, I'm so sorry, what's your name? And that sets Piers off.

COOPER: This is the most air time this guy has gotten. I mean, you are -- you are making it his year.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry. I don't mean to. I know. I just -- I'm like -- I'm just --

COOPER: Oh, my god.

GRIFFIN: A funny photo. It's a funny photo. It accidentally happened.

COOPER: My goodness. All right. Let's --

GRIFFIN: Hey, who's the new surgeon general?

COOPER: You know, I don't know the name of the new surgeon general. I should know that.

GRIFFIN: It's Vivid Murphy.


GRIFFIN: And who is he replacing?

COOPER: OK. You know what? I'm not -- no.

GRIFFIN: I'm not Chris Matthews, say it. And I never will be. Let's play hardball. You didn't see that coming at all. You are like of all the people, she is going off to reference, why would she ever bring up Chris Matthews. That makes no sense. Because I knew it would get you. COOPER: No, it actually does make sense.

GRIFFIN: It's like a little shake. It's like a little "Orange is the New Black," and I am Crazy Eyes. I am your Crazy Eyes.

COOPER: I met Crazy Eyes.

GRIFFIN: And she's very nice.

COOPER: Beautiful.

GRIFFIN: Beautiful. Yes.

COOPER: Beautiful. Fun. Nice. I can't even remember where I met her but she was lovely.

GRIFFIN: Prison?


COOPER: No, not prison.

GRIFFIN: What do you think of Joe and Theresa going away any day now?

COOPER: I have no comment.

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry.

COOPER: Because if you say anything about them --

GRIFFIN: Convicted felons.

COOPER: No, those people.

GRIFFIN: I have comments.

COOPER: Their folks on Twitter go bananas.

GRIFFIN: Their folks? They have folks?

COOPER: Yes. They have people on Twitter.

GRIFFIN: Hold it. I have this (INAUDIBLE) trying to kill me, like right now, more than Oprah.

COOPER: Listen.

GRIFFIN: Way more than Oprah.

COOPER: I feel for their family.

GRIFFIN: OK. Whatever. They're convicted felons. They -- you know.


GRIFFIN: Did a crime. Serve the time. I get it. COOPER: Yes.

GRIFFIN: I can't believe, you are the like apologist for the Guidices.

COOPER: I am not making any apologies. I just said I feel bad for their kids. Frankly.

GRIFFIN: All right, F. Lee Bailey. I didn't know you're taking the day's off. Wow. Next we're debate Darwinism.

COOPER: F. Lee Bailey, remember when F. Lee Bailey used to appear on like "Match Game"?


COOPER: Remember he used to appear --

GRIFFIN: Yes. He was like a celebrity lawyer.

COOPER: Yes. "Match Game," I miss "Match Game" because they always seemed like --

GRIFFIN: A little drunk.

COOPER: A lot drunk. And that they were having some party.


COOPER: And then Charles Nelson Riley was on who I loved.


COOPER: And Jeanne Rayburn had the long --

GRIFFIN: I wonder why? My point is --


GRIFFIN: My point is. Did you like Tom DeLuise, too? I think you did. Anyway, my point is, you watching "Match Game" by yourself, home alone.


GRIFFIN: In your mother's Upper Eastside Apartment, just crying, thinking that they were your real friends, is what really happens. And making your own hot Toddy, Vanderbilt recipe. That's really what I live to see.

COOPER: It was on at 4:30. I would get home --

GRIFFIN: You remember the time.

COOPER: Of course. Actually it was right before the 4:30 movie which was a big day in my life. GRIFFIN: Of course. A day-after-school movie.


GRIFFIN: "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble"?

COOPER: Yes. My god. Awesome.

GRIFFIN: You are the boy in the plastic bubble. That's what's weird. They didn't know when they wrote that movie there'd be a boy in the plastic bubble. And I'm like this, trying to get in. Get me in the bubble. With my mallet. Let me in. No.

COOPER: I was sort of like the boy.

GRIFFIN: No. No. But trust me. No one is getting in the bubble. Like if you think people get in the bubble? Still, rock hard bubble.

COOPER: Let's go to the hardest working woman in journalism this year. She's already reported, as I mentioned, from an extensive -- oh, man.

GRIFFIN: The bubble.

COOPER: She's -- she was in Colorado where we already talked about her getting a little contact high.


COOPER: Anyway, she is joining us from a cruise ship.

Randi, what is happening there? Are folks just loopy now?

KAYE: Yes, people are pretty loopy, Anderson. I got to tell you. But you guys sound pretty loopy yourselves, having a great time there in Times Square.

I am now behind the bar, some place where it's just been very, very --


KAYE: This is (INAUDIBLE). You were telling me, you have a -- you have a favorite drink here that a lot of people like to order on New Year's Eve.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just want to promote our signature drink from (INAUDIBLE) which (INAUDIBLE). It's making more patron, raspberry pure, and black pepper.

KAYE: Very quickly, he's going to make one for us because this is in high demand here. And right after he's done, I have a very special surprise for all of you. Look at that.

It is nuts up here. I got to tell you. We are somewhere, by the way, we are making our way up the Eastern Seaboard. Somewhere, somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. Off the coast of the Bahamas. Then you add champagne. So this is tequila, champagne?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And little more. Yes.

KAYE: Oh, my goodness. OK. Let me --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And look at that.

KAYE: Can I take -- look at that. Oh, wait. And black pepper.


KAYE: All right. Now wait. I got to make my way. Hold on. I got to make my way outside the bar.


KAYE: I'm on my way to show you guys something very, very special. If I could just get through here. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.

GRIFFIN: Randi, are you OK? Randi?


COOPER: Where is Randi?

GRIFFIN: Randi, can you hear me?

COOPER: Wow. Is she being assaulted?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Do something.

COOPER: I don't know what's happening?


COOPER: Randi, where are you?

KAYE: I got caught in a mosh pit. Wait. Wait. We have a surprise. Look at this. Look at this special cake. We had this cake made for you guys. What do you think?

GRIFFIN: That's very special.


GRIFFIN: Tasteful.

KAYE: Do you like that? Does that bring back memories for you? It says 36 and it's a rum cake. It is a rum cake filled with (INAUDIBLE). We are going to eat it during the next live shot. We have decided which ones we're going to eat first.


GRIFFIN: I have four eggs in my body. And by the way, that's more eggs than I have right down in my body. I'm just saying. Thank goodness. I have 35 eggs. I don't care where you are in the Caribbean. 36 or bust. Yes.

COOPER: Wow. OK. Randi --


COOPER: Randi, we'll check in with you a little bit later on. But we are good on that.

GRIFFIN: One of those revelers is going to be a new anchor on CNN because he's just a drunk guy, going, "This is CNN."

COOPER: By the way, when she said 36 eggs, I knew you were going to have to say something.

GRIFFIN: But you literally fell on me because it was so random and so bizarre that they don't even think I would have 36 eggs. But they're there are in the cake somehow magically. By the way, I like how CNN has turned into it like "Bar Rescue."

COOPER: Bar rescue?

GRIFFIN: It's like -- bar rescue. Like a Food Network. You're focusing on cakes and this random confetti. What was your confetti wish? If you don't know this Anderson earlier in the non-televised portion was with the Cosmo girls doing a confetti wish.

COOPER: No, I'll tell you what happens. Here in Times Square people are here, you know, as you know, for 12 hours or so, so they have entertainment for the crowd from the -- like the Times Square Alliance.

GRIFFIN: Why did you do this, though?

COOPER: Because they asked me to and it seems like, you know, it seemed like a nice thing to do.

GRIFFIN: But what's a Cosmo girl? What does that mean?

COOPER: That has -- I don't know. That was nothing to do with me.

GRIFFIN: Is it the magazine or?

COOPER: No. And so in every hour they count down every hour. It's not televised. And so at the top of the hour they asked me to come -- for like the top of the 8:00 hour, and read like confetti that drops.


COOPER: You may not know this at home. The confetti that drops here at the stroke of midnight people have written wishes on a lot of it. So it's actually kind of people's wishes dropping. So they had me read a couple of people's wishes.

GRIFFIN: Were they like positive or are they bummers?

COOPER: There were two of them. One was like, you know, somebody wanted love for everybody.


COOPER: Which is nice.

GRIFFIN: Boring.

COOPER: The other one was somebody wanted to be a fish. I don't know. I just pick them randomly.

GRIFFIN: We have a crab. I mean, they went to the perfect person to meet a fish. It's a crustacean. I'm just saying. This is a show. We meet a fish. And there's some random teenage girl, because Gary Tuchman is on location. And you can actually, like, shake legs with the fish? It's Kizmet.

COOPER: It's Kizmet. Goodness.

GRIFFIN: Would you rather be --

COOPER: What time is it?

GRIFFIN: It is early.

COOPER: It's early.

GRIFFIN: First of all, I'd like to show a photo of the gift that you got from Kelly Ripa. I hope this is shame based for you but I've asked for the photo because you tweeted it.

COOPER: No. Yes, I did. It's a lovely --

GRIFFIN: It's a gingerbread house.

COOPER: It is a beautiful -- by the way, Kelly Ripa is the -- she and Mark Consuelos are the greatest gift givers, they are the -- nicest friends, and so generous to all their friends. And they sent this lovely gingerbread house.

GRIFFIN: Now, OK, I just want to remind you, if you have been watching us from the beginning. Anderson was talking about how his assistant basically breathes for him. Gets, puts songs on the iPod. And the Ripa-Consuelos are building gingerbread homes for Anderson.

COOPER: They build -- well, I don't know if they built but they sent me this lovely --

GRIFFIN: Did you listen to it and then say it was from --

COOPER: No. No. And they're watching --

GRIFFIN: Please tell me.

COOPER: They're watching with their family. And I want to wish them a very happy new year.

GRIFFIN: They like a little drinky with you. Right? You guys going drinking, right?

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: I've heard stories about it yesterday.

COOPER: You're making that up.

Do you know that Kathy Griffin has never had a drink in her life?

GRIFFIN: Do you want me to loosen up?

COOPER: Is that true?

GRIFFIN: I've never had a drink in my life.

COOPER: Back when you were a miss -- like a teen, a troubled teen?

GRIFFIN: No. I was a troubled teen for sure.

COOPER: Were you a troubled teen?

GRIFFIN: Yes. But no I did not.


GRIFFIN: I am an Irish Catholic if you know what I'm saying.

COOPER: OK. I don't know what --

GRIFFIN: I think that my relatives have done enough for me. And I say that with love. Hi, mom.

COOPER: I didn't hear that. Someone is talking in my hear. So in case you said something offensive --

GRIFFIN: That's me. I'm talking in your ear.

COOPER: In case you offended a group of people, I apologize.

GRIFFIN: My family. I offended my mom.

COOPER: OK. That's fine.


COOPER: That's fine.

GRIFFIN: But she's used to it.

COOPER: And if she is watching us --


COOPER: I know she's not watching us. Just ahead. More from New Orleans, Memphis, Havana, a whole lot of places. We'll be right back.


COOPER: That scene in Hong Kong tonight. Spectacular.

GRIFFIN: They had a great year. Anyway, I love when you don't know what we're coming back to out of commercial.

COOPER: Right. Yes.

GRIFFIN: And you're just looking at random footage, you go like this to me, like this. Like I am going to, Anderson, that's actually Hong Kong.

COOPER: You know --

GRIFFIN: I got this one.

COOPER: I don't know if you're joining us earlier, we had dinner with Ryan Seacrest. And he was talking about all the -- the meetings they had.


COOPER: And like endless planning.

GRIFFIN: He kept saying. He was taking phone calls, which is so rude. He's like, hold on, DCP. And we didn't know what that was.

COOPER: DCP, Dick Clark Productions.


COOPER: But he was talking about, that they were in a table reading. They had --

GRIFFIN: Rehearsals.

COOPER: There's no rehearsals for us.


COOPER: This is it. So we come together.

GRIFFIN: I'm surprised you've been talking to the sheriff. Last year he didn't talk to me.

COOPER: Let's go to -- let's check in with Memphis. Our Pamela Brown is down there with an Elvis tribute artist, Victor Trevino Jr.

Pamela Brown. Pamela?

PAMELA BROWN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Anderson. Delivered on what I promised you all earlier. Very special guest here. Because after all, we are in Memphis, home of the blues. We have Victor Trevino here.

VICTOR TREVINO, ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST: Thank you for having me. BROWN: An Elvis tribute artist. Flew in from Chicago here to Memphis

to be with us.

Thanks for being here. First off, tell us how did you end up in this role? What inspired you to become an Elvis tribute artist?

TREVINO: Well, I've always loved musical theater, and I've always loved classic Americana, particularly older music. And so I was doing acting and trying to do different things in my early 20s. And so I was waiting tables at one time. And a lady said, have you ever thought about doing the role of Elvis? At first I thought well, Elvis is really cool but I've never really thought about pursuing it.

BROWN: And then the hair?

TREVINO: I have super, super curly. Then it wasn't that.


TREVINO: But she -- she kind of planted the seed. And then that weekend at a Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, where I was born and raised, they had an Elvis --


TREVINO: Elvis competition. And like --

BROWN: So it wasn't because you are someone who has like an Elvis shrine in your house?


BROWN: Then, you know, you walk around --

TREVINO: I have so much respect for Elvis. And he was an American icon. However, I'm Victor when I'm off stage.

BROWN: OK. ; All right. Cool. And let's just quickly talk about your get up here, Victor.

TREVINO: This is a golden lame jacket that Elvis wore in the late 50s with Swarovski crystals.

BROWN: Not the $10,000 jacket, though, that Elvis had. All right. So we can't let you go before you do some songs for us. We're going to put you on the spot here, Victor. I know you have been practicing. First up. "Hound Dog."


BROWN: All right, "Don't Be Cruel."


COOPER: All right.

BROWN: All right. That's impressive. So back to you, Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: Pamela Brown, thank you so much, Pamela. All right.

TREVINO: Thank you.

COOPER: The scene in Memphis, Tennessee.

GRIFFIN: Who books the show? I mean, I -- let me just say, I -- were you sick that day? Look, this is why you tune in because you know it's off the cuff. I'm just saying even I am standing here, where even I have moments where I'm like, seriously, what the -- how did that -- is there, and now we're talking about the jacket? So I get it. I'm just saying he is adorable.

You know, I'm just -- sometimes even I am like a little shocked. Like a little bit surprised. Like I know how Barbara Walters felt when I went on "The View." Like I get it now.

COOPER: You think Barbara Walters felt when you were on "The View"?

GRIFFIN: Yes. She was looking at me like, what's happening?

COOPER: Right. Yes.

GRIFFIN: And now I get it.

COOPER: Well, I did have that feeling right now. Thanks.

GRIFFIN: Did you book him?

COOPER: No, I didn't know about it.

GRIFFIN: I feel like that's one of your bookings.

COOPER: No. That's not one of my bookings.

GRIFFIN: Like to ask someone you --

COOPER: I had no knowledge of that.


GRIFFIN: I want this guy or I walk.

COOPER: I don't care about anything else. I want the Elvis guy.

GRIFFIN: That guy. That's right.

COOPER: And I want to know his personal history.

GRIFFIN: All right, can we please?

COOPER: I don't want to hear the songs first.


COOPER: I want the personal history first.

GRIFFIN: The jacket. Is the hair curly or straight? I want to know about the product. I get it. I totally -- that's why this broadcast was different.

COOPER: I was a huge Elvis fan as a child. Do you know that?

GRIFFIN: Do you want to sing "Hound Dog"?

COOPER: No, but I --

GRIFFIN: I thought so.

COOPER: I was a big Elvis fan.

GRIFFIN: Don't write a check you can't sign?

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: That means, if you're going to say you're an Elvis fan, I expect you to sing.

COOPER: No. I'm not going to do that.

GRIFFIN: Well then, what makes you so great?


GRIFFIN: All right. First of all --

COOPER: I want to show how relatable I am.

GRIFFIN: Keep trying. Because what made you relatable is, and I had the cutest clip up. Because you know I texted you during this entire interview. If you didn't see Anderson Cooper's interview with controversial Clippers former owner Donald Sterling please take a look at my personal favorite moment.

COOPER: Great.


COOPER: Why did he say don't say anything?

DONALD STERLING, FORMER CLIPPERS OWNER: He said, wait, be patient. I will help you. We'll work it out.

COOPER: Why do you think he said that?

STERLING: I think he wanted me to just do nothing so he could buy the team. He thought maybe the whole thing was going to be resolved in two weeks. Well -- what has he done? Can you tell me? Big Magic Johnson? What has he done?

COOPER: Well, he has -- he is a business person.


GRIFFIN: Yes, that's the moment. I mean, that's -- it was hard to find news stories that had a comedic twist but the look on your face.

COOPER: I was so surprised that he is attacking Magic Johnson.

GRIFFIN: Obviously. But really what I know, as I was watching at home, I thought, oh, god, he's thinking, oh god, if he expects me to know one stat about Magic, like one stat. So this one goes like, he's a businessman.

COOPER: No, I mean, I was so stunned by what he was saying. Yes, I brought --


GRIFFIN: I'm like where's the five-time NBA champ? Three times NBA MVP. Twelve-time NBA All Star.

COOPER: Listen. I don't have a crack -- I don't have the research team.

GRIFFIN: I got this from watching "Oprah's Next Chapter: Magic." I swear to god. Oprah's "Next Chapter."

COOPER: Wait. Had I known that he was going to attack Magic Johnson maybe I would have like had some --

GRIFFIN: You were so clearly fearful. He would ask you one like sports --


GRIFFIN: You should have said, Magic Johnson is great because in addition to being --

COOPER: We don't need to relive this. But I will tell you. My strategy on this was --

GRIFFIN: Because you had the pinwheel eyes. You had the pinwheel eyes. But what about when he said to you, and I quote, Donald Sterling saying to Anderson Cooper, "Did you ever like a girl."

COOPER: I like that moment.

GRIFFIN: "And was jealous of her a little bit seeing her with other guys."

COOPER: Yes. I know.

GRIFFIN: The look on your face was priceless.

COOPER: I know. That was one of those moments. I was happy there was a cutaway camera because I was like.

GRIFFIN: What were you thinking? COOPER: I was thinking what I was going to say to him was I can

honestly say no.

GRIFFIN: Correct.

COOPER: That's right.

GRIFFIN: And as I was watching.

COOPER: But then I thought, you know what, I don't want to get in his way. I just -- let him just continue.

GRIFFIN: That was a great moment because you truly didn't make yourself a story.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: But the rest of the world knew what the story was.

COOPER: Right. Yes.

GRIFFIN: Which is that you have never been walking past Saks or Nieman's with a lady friend, and thought, my goodness, to get her to go to bed with me I will buy her that ball gown.

COOPER: That's right. That is completely true.

GRIFFIN: But he asked you that in a very earnest way like --

COOPER: Repeatedly yes.

GRIFFIN: Was there a young lady who was attractive. Over and over.

COOPER: Yes. I know. We got a lot more ahead. The party is just getting started. We're coming off on 11:00 here. The anticipation is building. Certainly growing here in Times Square.

GRIFFIN: There's a million people.

COOPER: Just over an hour until we ring in 2015. Looking once again tonight at the aerial shot from the top of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

What guest do we have coming up? What band?

GRIFFIN: We have One Direction. Taylor Swift.

COOPER: No. We don't have any of those with us.

GRIFFIN: Patti Labelle. Ann Labelle.

COOPER: Patti Labelle? Mandy Patinkin.

GRIFFIN: Mandy Patinkin is going to be here again every year.

COOPER: No. Sadly we don't have them either. GRIFFIN: And the entire cast of "Homeland."

COOPER: We want to thank the folks from the hotel that made that possible. Also Key West, Easton, Maryland, the Bahamas, Cuba, around the world, around the United States, a lot more ahead.

GRIFFIN: We might have Carol Perkins impersonator in Duluth.


GRIFFIN: If you could get him.

COOPER: Duluth. Have you played Duluth?

GRIFFIN: Of course, I have. I played everywhere. for tickets.

COOPER: All right. We'll be right back.