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Germanwings Revelations; Manhunt Intensifies; MERS Outbreak; Zhou Yongkank Sentenced to Life; Murdoch Likely Preparing to Hand Over Control to Sons; Migrants Desperately Search for Better Life; A Star's War on Cancer; Christopher Lee Dies; ISS Crew Members Return to Earth

Aired June 11, 2015 - 15:00:00   ET




MAX FOSTER, HOST: A Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz before the airliner crashed into the Alps.

And the end of an era, Rupert Murdoch hands off day to day control of 20th Century Fox, but the Murdoch dynasty is far from over.

Then out in force to hunt down two escaped convicts we'll tell you what makes police in the North East of the United States think they're closing


And later his deep voice and stern demeanor plays well in Pulp Fiction. Now Samuel L Jackson is using that trademark seriousness to raise awareness

about men's health.


Hello, I'm Max Foster live from CNN London, this is The World Right Now.

Well we're going to begin with that braking news about the Germanwings co- pilot who is believed to have deliberately crashed a plane killing all 150 people on board.


Now a French prosecutor announced the opening of a judicial inquiry today. He said authorities want to know why Andreas Lubitz was allowed to fly a

plane even though he'd been receiving treatment for "psychiatric disorders".

The prosecutor said some doctors had acknowledged that Lubitz appeared unfit to fly. Let's get right to Richard Quest for more.


What do we know about his state of mind Richard?

RICHARD FROST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well what we now know is that according to the prosecutor that he had Lubitz had seen 41 doctors in the previous

five years.


And if you look at just in the month before he crashed the plane, he had seen seven doctors in the last month alone including three psychiatrists.

And in all of these cases he was complaining either that he couldn't sleep, he was sleep impaired, his vision was impaired, all these issues and the

doctors who he consulted were told found there was no physical defect, there was nothing wrong with him per se which of course raised the issue of

it being a psychological or psychiatric or psychosomatic issue.

Now Max, why this is all significant of course is because it goes to what did Lufthansa know and what the airline have known. And immediately

related to that Max is what could the German doctors have told the airlines? This is not - this is about a complete failure of the whole

medical reporting system in Germany that allowed a man who was clearly unfit to fly with doctors who were aware of his deep serious deteriorating

mental condition but either were fearful or unable to go to his airline.

FOSTER: It's all down to patient privacy isn't it and what sort of information the airline had. But where could the prosecution go next

because people will want someone to be accountable won't they?

FROST: Yes, and of course in this case under French law, because Lubitz is dead he can't obviously be tried or indeed there can be no investigation

for voluntary manslaughter against Lubitz. So what the prosecutor is going is this catch all involuntary manslaughter. In other words going after

everybody else who may have had a role, or part, or played in this. Now I imagine that will include some of the doctors. Almost certainly it will

include Lufthansa the airline and Germanwings, because Lufthansa admits that when Lubitz was in training, they knew he had withdrawn from training

because of psychiatric issues and depression.

But because doctors had then certified him fit to fly he was allowed to rejoin his training and eventually get a job with the airline.

I just want to pull this - pull this together. I've just come back from (IATA), Max which as you know is the International Airline Transport

Association, it is the - it is the - it's the independent industry body. Every airline CEO I spoke to said this is a conundrum that nobody knows how

to deal with.

This is an issue that (inaudible) privacy with pilot's ability to fly, with passenger rights, with the airline, and so far how do you handle this Max

without driving the issue underground so that pilots can self-report without fear of losing their license?


FOSTER: Richard, thank you very much indeed for joining us from New York.

Now one of the world's most powerful media executives may be getting ready to hand over responsibility of his empire to his two sons.


Sources say 84 year old Rupert Murdoch is preparing to step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox. The 2011 phone hacking scandal involving British

tabloids owned by Murdoch has cast a shadow over his legacy and one of his sons and Murdoch watchers say he's been grooming son's Lachlan and James to

take the reins for decades now.

To talk more about the family tree and the transition, let's go to Brian Stelter, CNN's Senior Media Correspondent, is live for us also in New York.

Thanks for joining us Brian.


He's not in any way moving away from the business but there is some sort of transition going here isn't there. So which of the sons is looking like

he's lining up to replace the top boss one day?

BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Well both are and the loud message from the company today is that both sons will be taking over; both

sons will be sharing the leadership of the company. But of course that brings up some questions about what kind of drama could ensue as a result.


This is a family that has been studied for generations because Rupert Murdoch is one of a kind; a media mogul with both political power and

cultural power. Someone who has been grooming his sons as you mentioned for a long time (inaudible) to take over. And James Murdoch is already one

of the Chief Operating Officers of this company, 21st Century Fox. He's going to become the CEO while Lachlan, the other son becomes the Co-

executive Chairman with his dad. So it's essentially a trifecta of power running Fox in the future.

You know the makers of the message has been pretty clear from the company to say that Murdoch's not going anywhere, the elder Murdoch will still be

involved, but this is obviously a big moment to have James becoming the CEO, to have Lachlan becoming the Co-executive Chairman. Mr. Murdoch, the

elder, is clearly preparing for the future.


FOSTER: What about the non-Murdoch's in that top sphere?


And also we just saw an image of her there, Elizabeth Murdoch, she's in this country very regarded as a media executive. Is she going to go in

there at some point as well? What's her position?

STELTER: You know she hasn't been talked about by the sources today that are describing the succession plan. We've seen her most recently as a

producer you know producing all sorts of television shows quite successfully.

The biggest highest ranking non-Murdoch at the company, Chase Carey will be stepping aside. Right now he's the President of the company and the Chief

Operating Officer. He'll become an advisor but he won't be staying on as the President of the company. It's really a sign that Rupert Murdoch is

now handing his company to the sons and they are now taking over even though the elder Murdoch will be staying involved.

One source close to the family said to me, he, Rupert, really wants both the sons to take control of the company and run it together. And all of

this will become more official next week. There's going to be a board meeting held where this will all become more official. Until then it's

just been described by sources at the company but it does seem to be a big transition for the Fox company.


FOSTER: It's fascinating. Brian, thank you very much indeed.

STELTER: Thanks.

FOSTER: We're going to stay on the United States now and possible new leads in the ongoing manhunt to find two convicted killers who made a

brazen prison escape.


Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional facility in upstate New York over the weekend. Sources say dogs have picked up the

scent of two men about three miles from the prison. Food wrappers and an imprint of a show were also found. And according to a district attorney,

bedding was discovered in the area.


Let's cross live to the scene of that search in upper New York State. Miguel Marquez is there for the very latest for us. It's fascinating this

isn't it?


MIQUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is not to be believed, you wouldn't believe it unless it had actually happened. They broke out of their prison

cell by way of a steel grate which they had to cut through somehow and with cat like reflexes they were able to wind their way through the belly of

this prison, cut through the metal of another 24 inch pipe and then out to Freedom and now authorities are searching an area about three miles east of

that prison near a town called Cattyville New York. This is way up north in New York State, just south of the Canadian border.

They found that bedding that you mentioned. Sort of leaves and grass had been meshed together like somebody had slept there over night. A lot of

food wrappers around, possibly a footprint and a boot. Something also led investigators to believe that they had been there very, very recently.

Bloodhounds were able to pick up a scent there so they think they may be onto them. But this is an area that's also a vacation area of New York

state. There are hundreds if not thousands of vacation homes here, many of them maybe empty. They have 500 people out there looking for them right

now. We are being held back about four miles from where they are actually looking for them right now because they are not quite sure which way they

may go. Very heavily wooded area, lots of lakes around here, they could pop up anywhere. People throughout this area into Vermont even showing

extreme caution and concern.

People who have homes out here are being told to check on them but if you see anything, a break in, anything that looks fishy or suspicious, call the

cops, don't go in. Max?

FOSTER: And this is what's fascinating to people that there's this huge operation going on and there's you know just two guys apparently just

running around without any sort of support and they're managing to evade law enforcement. But is there a sense that they will be caught eventually

it's just when?

STETLER: Yes, there is a very certain sense among at least officers that we're speaking to here that they will be caught, it's not clear if they did

have help at all. There was a woman, Joyce Mitchell, who worked in the prison who had seemingly befriended them. A family member was telling CNN

that she had - was acting out of the goodness of her heart. Others have portrayed it as some sort of love connection. One investigator telling CNN

that the inmate had made her feel special but we're not entirely sure what that means. But in any event she may have been on the road to helping them

escape, changed her mind the last minute and now left them to defend for themselves. Not clear where they've gone but if they are where authorities

think they are currently, they're not very far from where they slept for many years. And keep in mind; these are two convicted murderers, Max.


FOSTER: Absolutely, Miguel, thank you very much indeed.

Coming up allegations of spying at critical nuclear talks with Iran.


We'll speak with the cyber security firm that says it uncovered a highly sophisticated web of espionage.

And FIFA sets a date to (inaudible). World Football's executive committee will meet to determine the date of that all-important presidential

election. We'll have the latest on the scandal for you.




FOSTER: Claims of espionage have been swirling for months around the international nuclear talks with Iran and now two countries are taking



Switzerland and Austria are investigating allegations that hackers used a high tech computer virus to target hotels hosting the talks. Swiss

authorities raided a house in Geneva seizing computer equipment. You may remember several months ago the Wall Street Journal reported that U.S.

officials accused Israel of spying on the talks to try to undermine a potential nuclear deal.

Today the Israeli Prime Minister's office declined to comment.


A Russia based cyber security firm says it uncovered the spying whilst it was investigating an attack on its own systems.

Earlier I spoke with David Emm, Principal Security Research at Kaspersky lab.


DAVID EMM, PRINCIPAL SECURITY RESEARCHER, KASPERSKY LAB: Well this is a targeted attack, in other words it's an attack designed to go after

particular victims and it's a spy based attack. They want to gather information sensitive, corporate information and Kaspersky lab was one of

the victims of this campaign.

FOSTER: What was new about it?

EMM: Well what was new about it was that they were specifically going to great lengths to make sure that they evaded detection. This code that

they'd created existed only in memory, it left no traces on the disk, it didn't insert anything into the registry so they were banking on the fact

that they could fly under the radar and not be noticed.

FOSTER: And what did they get from you?

EMM: Well they were specifically looking after getting information on future product and technology developments. So they stole information

linked to further developments that we're working on.

FOSTER: So if someone else had your technology they could find a way around it if they wanted to attack someone else?

EMM: No they wouldn't be able to do that, they were separate to what we put onto the people's computers. They were rather looking to kind of steel

the march on what we were doing so that maybe for future campaigns they work on they could devise some evasion tactics so that our techniques for

finding them would actually not work.

FOSTER: And do you believe the attack on you was part of the attacks on the - alleged attacks on the Iranian talks in the hotels?

EMM: Not directly no. We think they were after ours because we're a well- known anti-malware company and internet security company and finding out what sort of things we're working on can help them develop the next

generation of malware, of spyware tools. So not directly linked.

FOSTER: But a similar attack.

EMM: Yes similar, exactly. Using exactly the same techniques which was using vulnerabilities or flaws in software loopholes in order to sneak

their code onto the system and then look for information they could steal.

FOSTER: And what do you know about what they got from the Iran talks if there were these attacks?

EMM: Well we're not really in a position to say that. I mean we're happy to talk about the impact of the attack on us but obviously as a security

company we don't want to talk about what are the impacts you know on other people.

FOSTER: You've obviously been linked to that attack because of the timing and the type of the attack and there's a suggestion that this was state

sponsored the attack on the Iranian talks. Do you feel that was the same for you as well?

EMM: Yes. We feel it is confident that it is a state sponsored attack because of the amount of money and the sophistication of the attack, the

resources required to do it. But trying to specifically say which government might be involved is impossible.

FOSTER: So where do these theories about Israel come from based on what you know in terms of technology?

EMM: Well I think people look at the geopolitical situation and tend to draw their own conclusions about who may be involved given the targets with

the P5 +1 talks and so on. But our job obviously is to look at the code, do the analysis there and provide protection from it rather than

speculating about who's involved.

FOSTER: Is there any way you can work out where it came from?

EMM: No, it is so easy for an attacker to leave false flags if you like to set a false trail of breadcrumbs leading to somebody else's door. You know

that - you know you can use code, off the shelf code which you know has been used in attacks by other third parties to make it look like it's the

same attackers. So it's really easy to cover your tracks especially if you're talking about something with this level of sophistication.

FOSTER: And how can you reassure companies that rely, not just on your technology, but the technology of you and your competitors? If they're

targeting you that's pretty frightening isn't it for clients?

EMM: Well what it says is that no company is immune from attack including a security company and it really just shows however large or small you are

and whatever sector you work in you've really got to be on your guard and looking at what is the technology out there available that can safeguard


And it points out increasingly the need for pro-active detection rather than a reaction to something you already know about.

FOSTER: David Emm there speaking to me earlier from Kaspersky.

Now FIFA has confirmed that its extraordinary executive committee will meet in Zurich on July 20th. That meeting will be used to decide when the vote

to elect a new President to succeed Sepp Blatter will take place.


The meeting follows a series of corruption and bribery allegations ongoing investigations on both sides of the Atlantic and Blatter's resignation and

today's announcement comes off the back of FIFA's Director of Communications, Walter de Gregorio standing down in what some believe was a

fall out from a poorly timed joke on radio.

Let's get more from CNN's World Sports, Don Riddell. First of all the latest resignation it just feels as though the organization's imploding

right now, but just explain what happened today.


DON RIDDELL, CNN WORLD SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: Well it's not exactly clear while Walter de Gregorio left. The line from FIFA is that he has left

although he'll continue to work until the end of the year on a consultancy basis. It is being reported that he was asked to step down by the

President Sepp Blatter this coming in the wake of the joke which was told, as we understand it on Swiss television. And the joke went something like

this. The FIFA President, the FIFA Secretary General, and the Head of Communications are sitting in a car, who's driving? The punch line, the

police. And so of course that wouldn't look particularly good for FIFA their Head of Communications telling jokes like that.


It is worth remembering that de Gregorio though has been one of Sepp Blatter's most senior aids since 2011. Remember it was he who was left to

face the music alone immediately after those incredibly spectacular arrests at the FIFA hotel right on the eve of that congress a couple of weeks ago.

He was the guy that was sent out to face the music to speak to the media, and remember he famously tried to spin it as a good day for FIFA. He was

there by Sepp Blatter's side last week when he said he was going to be resigning so a very, very close ally of Sepp Blatter but obviously now no

longer a part of the organization.


FOSTER: And then people are looking beyond Sepp Blatter of course, they are looking at a date to set a date for when Sepp Blatter will be replaced.

Talk us through that process, how long is it going to be?

RIDDELL: Yes, FIFA need to have a meeting to figure out the next meeting and of course they're all extraordinary which is perfectly apt for the

situation they're now in.


But as you said earlier, July the 20th is the date they've set for the extraordinary executive committee meeting at which point they will announce

the date for the extraordinary elective congress where Sepp Blatter's successor will be chosen. We understand that will be sometime between

December and February.

It remains to be seen whether Sepp Blatter is still in charge in that point. We also heard from the European Parliament today on Thursday

calling for him to step down immediately. As it stands, he's very much behind the desk, running the show.


FOSTER: OK, Don, thank you very much indeed.


Sir Christopher Lee best known for playing Dracula as well as roles in Lord of the Rings and Star Wars has died at the age of 93.

He played more than 150 film roles in a long career that began back in 1948. One of the men who starred next to Lee in a couple of Star Wars

movies was Samuel L Jackson. I spoke to him earlier and he told me about what it was like to work with Lee.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: I remember being in aw just meeting Mr. Lee when we were doing Star Wars. And I had the great opportunity to sit and talk to

him about his beginnings in Hollywood and why he was there, and what his place was and this whole business in him you know speaking about the odd

looking fellows that were there and he became one of those odd looking fellows. That worked because he was very odd, and very tall, and had this

great roaring booming voice. So blessed to be able to have spent some time with someone who had that kind of career and that kind of longevity. I

mean come on I wish I could have a lifesaber battle when I'm 80 years old. Hopefully that will happen.


FOSTER: Well you can see more of my interview with Samuel L. Jackson later on tonight's show. In about 30 minutes we'll be talking about some of the

issues men have dealing with male cancer. He's got some interesting things to say about that and a good bit of video to show you.

We'll be back in a moment.





FOSTER: Welcome back, this is what's happening in the business world right now. You can see the Dow Jones industrial average is again up again today,

point - well a third of one percent up. The NASDAQ and S&P similar thing as well, and this is what's happening in Europe.

So the positivity came really from strong retail sales data in the U.S. but there was also way down particularly on the European market news that the

IMF had basically ditched talks with Greece, wasn't happy with the way negotiations were going, hadn't completely pulled out but there's a

temporary halt in those talks and a few officials flying back.


Now, police in the Malaysian state of Sabah have arrested four foreigners believed to have been part of a group of tourists who stripped atop of the

summit of Mount Kinabalu.

They're being held while authorities investigate what they're calling an obscene act.

Meanwhile the indigenous people of Sabah believe the tourist behavior angered the spirit of the mountain and was the reason for the deadly

earthquake that killed at least 16 people. Isha Sesay has more on that.


ISHA SESAY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Four foreign nationals led out of a Malaysian court amid the chaos of cameras and onlookers.

Two Canadian brothers, a British woman and a Dutch woman between ages 20 and 33 were arrested accused of posing nude at the summit of Mount Kinabalu

sparking outrage in the country.

It was posters like this posted on the internet that landed them in police custody.

One of the women was arrested at the airport as she tried to leave the area. A judge has ordered them held for four days while the incident is


Police in the Eastern Malaysian state of Sabah vowed to go after other suspects.

(UNIDENTIFIED MALE): According to the picture of course you can see five or 10 people who are naked, but for now we have detained four of them. We

will continue the investigation and look for who else is involved and if they are still in Sabah we will catch them.

SESAY: Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia's highest peak is considered sacred by locals. They believe the mountain houses the spirits of their dead

ancestors. The Indigenous people deemed the behavior disrespectful of their culture. Officials believe the incident angered the spirits of the

mountain causing Friday's deadly earthquake.

The magnitude six quake at least 16 climbers on the mountain and caused rock slides. The tourists face up to three months in jail or a fine.

ISA SESAY, CNN, Atlanta.


FOSTER: Well the latest world news headlines are ahead for you. Plus a changing of the guard.


What does Rupert Murdoch's pending departure as CEO of 20th Century Fox really mean for his family and the company's future?

And later starting a new life in a foreign land. We'll speak to some refugees who risk everything to reach European shores.



[15:32:37] MAX FOSTER, HOST: Welcome back. This is what's happening in the world right now.

French prosecutors are opening a new inquiry into the crash of Germanwings flight 9525. They say they want to know why Andreas Lubitz was allowed to

co-pilot the plane, even though he'd been receiving psychiatric treatment. They say some doctors acknowledge that Lubitz appeared unfit to fly.

Authorities believe he deliberately crashed the plane, killing everyone on board.

There are possible new leads in the ongoing manhunt to find two convicted killers who made a brazen prison escape. Sources say dogs have picked the

scent of the two men about three miles from the prison. Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped in Upstate New York over the weekend.

South Korea's central bank cut key (ph) interests rates today to try to contain the financial fallout of the MERS outbreak. So far, 10 people have

died of Middle East Respiratory Symdome there, with health officials confirming 14 new cases, bringing the total to 122. Officials have

stressed that transmission of the virus remains in hospital clusters (ph).

China's former security chief has been sentenced to life in prison for corruption. Zhou Yongkank is the highest-ranking Chinese communist party

officials ever to be charged with corruption. He was a member of the party's politburo standing committee, which effectively rules all of

China's 1.3 billion people.

The world's best-known media mogul has struggled to regain his place at the top since the phone-hacking scandal. But now it appears Rupert Murdoch may

be preparing to bow out. And the transition of power is already underway.

Our Senior Media Correspondent, Brian Stelter, reports.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: It's a stop the presses moment for the media business. Rupert Murdoch, one of the world's most

influential media executives, preparing to step down as CEO of 21st Century Fox.

Sources with knowledge of the matter say the 84-year-old media titan is ready to hand over the reins to his sons, James and Lachlan. James will be

CEO. Lachlan will be co-executive chairman, alongside his father. It will apparently be a power-sharing arrangement, with the elder Murdoch having

final say. But it's a clear moment of generational change.

Rupert Murdoch's career began over 60 years ago, when his newspaper publisher father died and left him in control of a local Australian

newspaper. Now, the powerful media conglomerate includes the 20th Century Fox film studio, the Fox broadcast network, the Fox News Channel and Sky


His other company, News Corporation, has HarpersCollins publishing, and newspapers like the "Wall Street Journal," Britain's "Times" and several in

Murdoch's Australia.

But his rise to the top has come with many challenges. In 2011, a phone- hacking scandal led Murdoch to close the British tabloid "News of the World," his pride and joy.

The powerful businessman even faced questions from British politicians.


RUPERT MURDOCH, CEO, 21ST CENTURY FOX: I'd just like to say one sentence. This has been the most humble day of my life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you close the paper down because of the criminality?

MURDOCH: Yes, we felt ashamed of what had happened and felt (ph) we outa bring it to a close.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People lied to you and lied to their readers.

MURDOCH: We had broken our trust with our readers.


STELTER: During that testimony, Murdoch's then wife, Wendy, also grabbed headlines for what she did, after a pie was thrown at her husband. Murdoch

filed for divorce from Wendy in 2013. A year later, the media mogul made an $80 billion bid for Time Warner, the parent company of CNN. A month

later Murdoch withdrew his bid for what could have been the biggest media merger in recent history.

Respected by many, feared by many, Murdoch's political and cultural power may soon be his sons' power. If James and Lachlan work as long as their

father, we could see them at the helm for another 40 years.

Brian Stelter, CNNMoney, New York.


FOSTER: I'm joined now by "Guardian" columnist, Steve Hewlett. Just last January, he declared the Murdoch was all but over in a blog post.


FOSTER: You did. You've obviously watched his movements over the years and how he manages situations. What do you read into what he's done today?

HEWLETT: Well, in one sense, not that much because all that's happened is he's stepped back from being chief executive. He will remain executive

chairman, and James Murdoch will move into chief executive officer.

So, at the moment, Murdoch senior is still kind of holding the ring, as it were. But, strategically, the move is clearly afoot. So, in the wake of

phone-hacking, he was forced to split the company - something Rupert never wanted to do - into what is now called News Corp. Remember, at one time

(ph), it was all called News Corp.

News Corp is the name of the newspapers assets and some Australian TV stuff. That is 21st Fox now, which is the American entertainment arm (ph).

That's where all the money was, though he was forced to separate the companies. In the News Corp part, he'd already - in 2013 he stepped back

from being CEO, and Robert Thomson, a former "Times" and "Wall Street Journal" editor, stepped in. So he's executive chairman of that.

All he's doing here - on the face of it - the same. Now, why is it significant? Well, first of all, the day is gonna come - we all go sooner

or later, we all go. And Rupert is 84, although his mother lived to 103. That doesn't mean he's going anytime soon. But, clearly, succession has to

be part of the plan.

And, you know, it's Rupert's long-standing, fondest-held wish and desire that he hands over the business to a member of the family.

FOSTER: But which one?

HEWLETT: Well, that - this has been - this has been like "Dallas," if anyone remembers the famous TV series. They've been in. They've been out.

The - the heir apparent - before phone-hacking, James Murdoch arrived - it was in the U.K. He was made chief executive of Sky, which is Rupert's big,

very successful paid TV - satellite TV business in the U.K.

And, against expectations, I have to say, he did really well. He also did something very interesting, which is he bought a sort of - a small Internet

company and a telephone company, and he took Sky into the Internet age. It's become (INAUDIBLE) triple-play, where consumers get Internet, paid TV,

and (INAUDIBLE) from the same company - a really big move.

So, it was - at that point, it looked as if James would be heir apparent. Then phone-hacking, to cut a long story short, phone-hacking hit -

FOSTR: Under his watch?

HEWLETT: Well, he's not there when the offending behavior takes place. But he is there as the whole thing begins to unravel. And was widely

believed - no one proved this, I should say - but, insofar as the company covered it up, James Murdoch must have known.

The position he was then really was, is he naive or is he a fool? If he knew, then he's not trustworthy. He's not a person - he's a straight

dealer. If he didn't know - and I say no one's proved that he did know - if he didn't know, he should've done (ph).

So, for investors - as a potential chief executive of this hugely valuable global corporation, either- either outcome is not great. So, he's now

spent a period of time below the radar in New York working with his father, so on and so on (ph), and he (INAUDIBLE) finally back in. And it would

appear that he's the heir apparent once again.

FOSTER: Brian Stelter's sources telling him that people close to the family are saying, actually, Rupert Murdoch wants them both to lead the

company when he goes. But that's - that's not realistic, is it?

HEWLETT: Look, maybe, maybe. While Rupert is alive, I'm sure, as a partnership between James and Lachlan (INAUDIBLE) won't work. I don't - I

mean I don't know Lachlan. I do know James a bit. I don't know how they get on as family. But, you know, with all - with all these (INAUDIBLE),

they are the global media's first family. And the dynamics of the business - the dynamics of the family are very, very difficult to disentangle.

Common sense and history, and 90 percent of any family you've ever met tells you, that when it really comes to it, without Rupert to hold the

ring, it's gonna be quite difficult for both of them to run the business. That (ph) either one is gonna to do it, or the other's gonna do it. And,

you know, we'll see.

(INAUDIBLE) the other point is, James, I think it's fair to say, has a reputation for knowing about things that his father really doesn't. Rupert

and - and the Internet - I mean he's got as far as tweeting, but -

FOSTER: Famously.

HEWLETT: - but James - James is a digital native. And, he's - what he did at Sky was move them decisively into a different era. And, you know,

that's why people thought of him as the heir apparent. So, he's got things that his father hasn't.

What - well, the other thing though is Rupert is a swashbuckling - you know, a buccaneering - you know, he's a devil for detail. But he takes big

risks. He bet the farms - bet the farm numerous times to build that business from nothing.

Has James or Lachlan, or between them - the pair of them - got (ph) the same?

FOSTER: We'll see. I thank you, Steve, very much indeed for joining us.

HEWLETT: You're welcome.

FOSTER: Now, thousands flee across the Mediterranean away from conflict and persecution of war zones like Syria. They're - they're not a sure (ph)

of anything when they arrive here in Europe. CNNs Isa Soares now has been on the island of Kos in Greece this week - her speaking with families

trying to find a better life.


ISA SOARES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He has little to smile about, but he doesn't even know it because, unlike others, he's made it to Europe


Walk the streets of central Kos, and you start to get a sense of the challenge authorities have on their hands. Just behind me, the majority of

people there are from Pakistan. This is a group of friends who've arrived from Syria. Next door a family from Malapa (ph) with three children. The

other two houses are being rented full of people also from Syria. And right at the far end a group of friends from Afghanistan.

All these people - desperate - looking to Europe for a way out.

The Baderkhan family from Malapa (ph) arrived in Kos only 10 days ago, making the perilous journey from Bodrum in Turkey.

MEDHAT BADERKHAN, MIGRANT: It's so hard, because small shipping and air - not good shipping and seven hour in water. And, all the children and woman

so scared.

SOARES: Here, they're a fractured family.

BADERKHAN: This is my cousin. This my wife, my daughter. I don't have no mother, no father - in Syria.

SOARES: A family ripped apart by war and torn by sacrifice.

Why didn't the mother come?

BADERKHAN: No money.

SOARES: Now living this 15 (INAUDIBLE) night (ph) apartment, they wait to be transferred to Athens. Time is all they have here, so they tidy and

dote on six-month-old Anna (ph). The boredom is so (ph) that even playing with pillows makes time go faster.

But a life on poors (ph) is better than one in conflict.

BADERKHAN: I believe (ph) in Syria because I don't have nothing now. My home it's finish. I'm scared for my family. So much war - is big - big

war. If view (ph) this house - if you're looking, you see people die.

SOARES: In case I still didn't understand, the grandmother, filled with emotion and anger, tells me what has been their biggest struggle to date.


SOARES: The Baderkhan's are one of thousands of Syrian families seeking shelter here. According to UNHCR, 70 percent of the refugees arriving in

Kos are Syrian. The war back home means their asylum applications are given priority over other nationalities.

But others are not forgotten. And every night, as the sun sets over Kos, hundreds leave to Athens. And for these refugees, this part of their

journey is just beginning.

Isa Soares, CNN, in the Greek island of Kos.


FOSTER: This is THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. Coming up - a movie star's war on cancer. Samuel L. Jackson tells us to learn to love the glove.

And, later, the cinema world says farewell to one of its most unforgettable villains, as British Actor, Christopher Lee, passes away.


[23:59:12] FOSTER: Cancer is a word that worries us all, and a disease that affects so many. And, according to Cancer Research UK, in 2012 there

were an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer worldwide. In the same year, an estimated 8.2 million people died from cancer worldwide.

In men, lung cancer is the most common form of the disease worldwide. Almost a fifth of all cancers deaths worldwide are lung cancers.

And, it's the levels of cancer in men and their reluctance to get checked out for it that has got Hollywood actor, Samuel L. Jackson, involved. He's

part of the One for The Boys campaign, which urges men to get checked for cancer. I spoke to him earlier and began by asking him about the

organization and its aims.


SAMUEL L. JACKSON, ACTOR; CHAIRMAN, ONE FOR THE BOYS: They wanted to figure out a way to make men be more aware of their bodies and the fact

that cancer affects them. And, interestingly enough, more women get cancer in the U.K., but more men die from it per year, because they don't do

anything, or they don't realize the signs.

So, we're trying to create a world where, you know, guys not only talk to each other about their bumps, bruises or - or pains, but when they go to a

doctor, they do more than just get their blood pressure checked and see if their cholesterol's OK.

FOSTER: Is it because we don't understand enough about it, or that we generally - genuinely sort of try to block the whole idea out of our minds?

JACKSON: Well, we wanna block it, number one. But we also don't realize, or don't think - when people talk about breast cancer, they - they all of a

sudden go to women. And men get breast cancers. Men have mastectomies, you know. I've had friends that had mastectomies.

Men don't think of cancer as being a body attacker the same women do. And women have more tests. You know, when they go to the doctor, they take pap

smears or, when they take a shower, they touch themselves and figure out - find their (ph) lump. If a guy finds a lump, he figures he strained

himself, you know, reaching for something or doing too many pushups.

So, all we want men to do is be more aware and to get themselves checked the same way women do.

FOSTER: There's also this other issue - we've got one of your videos about your promotional campaign.


JACKSON: We asked 212 men to volunteer for a prostate exam. These are the only ones that said yes.


FOSTER: What sort of reaction have you had to that video? Because it's funny, isn't it as well?

JACKSON: Funny help because guys like to crack jokes. And we want guys to see that - guys don't scream, guys don't die, some guys kind of like it.


JACKSON: It's kind of funny. And it's one of those things that - that's absolutely necessary. And there are now procedures that bypass that. You

don't necessarily have to do that. They have a machine at the Royal Marsden where you can just give some blood, and they tell if, you know, if

you've got prostate cancer or not.

So, hopefully, that machine will be available to the world at some point. But until then -

FOSTER: Can I talk to you how this has affected your life, though? Cause you actually learned more about it. You've probably looked at guys around

you, haven't you, and sort of prompted them to go for checkups? Have you gone for checkups?

JACKSON: During movies, you have to get checked up. Every movie required you to take a physical. Nobody wants to use the same physical. So I get

checked all the time for different things. But I always have my prostate exam.

Through the conversations and through my involvement in this organization, I've had friends talk me and say that they've gone to doctors, and they've

had events that they didn't tell me about, but they did go to treatment. And once they got clear, then they talked to me about it.


JACKSON: And that's why, too -

FOSTER: You've save people.

JACKSON: Yes. Well, I don't know if I saved them. But they were more body conscious, and they got in and saved themselves, because they had the


FOSTER: But your message is - that people watching this - could save their mates, effectively, just be talking about it.

JACKSON: Oh, exactly. All you wanna do is have a conversation about, you know, a pain that you have that's - that's not common. Or, if you spend

enough time out in the sun playing golf - playing football - or doing whatever you do, and you get a lesion, you know, look at it a bit

differently. You didn't just bump your arm on something. You might have a small melanoma. Get it checked.

FOSTER: What have you learned about male psychology through this process?

JACKSON: Well, you know, guys are hard headed. You know - I mean - guys - guys always wanna be tough because we're taught to be tough. You know,

play till it breaks, or play through the pain. And that's what we do.

And, sometimes, all you need is an advocate or to hear a guy say, you know, I - I've had an event that they didn't tell their friends about. You know,

well, I kind of know what that is, and don't be afraid. I'll go with you.


JACKSON: And that's what friends are for.

FOSTER: And, so, you picked a series of events which guys can relate to and then you sort of tag this message on to it, and hopefully it becomes

part of the culture. Right?

JACKSON: We hope so.

FOSTER: The ball is one of them. You've got the golf as well. But, in terms of the ball, it's a big, glamorous event. But you're bringing

together guys, right? And you're saying talk about it.

JACKSON: I guess it's sort of glamorous. We have a lot of guys that are flying in from America and actors from here in the U.K. that will

participate in the One For The Boys Fashion Ball, which kind of kicks off the men's fashion big (ph) year in London. And I guess the unique aspect

of it is that we are the models. We will be wearing designer -

FOSTER: What are you wearing?

JACKSON: I don't know yet. Nobody's told me. But -

FOSTER: It could be swimwear.

JACKSON: Let's hope not. I'm not sure if you'd wanna see me strutting a runway in swimwear. But all the actors and personalities that come to

support the cause will be the models wearing different designer clothes. So, it should be a fun event.


FOSTER: That ball on Friday night. Samuel L. Jackson speaking to me earlier.

Now, he was loved by many for his portrayal of movie villains. Now, the cinema world mourns the death of actor, Christopher Lee.

We'll have more when THE WORLD RIGHT NOW continues.


[23:58:02] FOSTER: He was a charismatic presence, a horror movie icon and an unforgettable, onscreen villain. British actor, Christopher Lee, has

died. He was 93-year-old.

In the course of a very long career, Lee went from being Dracula to a James Bond villain to a character in "Star Wars." Kelly Morgan has more.


KELLY MORGAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The face of a villain - such as being (ph) that the third role (INAUDIBLE) Christopher Lee in a movie career

spanning almost seven decades.

CHRISTOPHER LEE, ACTOR: Before I accept a role (ph), I ask (ph), is it worth playing, am I right for it, can I do something with it and will the

public remember it?

MORGAN: Indeed, the British actor gave enduring life to cinema's most iconic vampire.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was the quintessential Dracula.

MORGAN: Albeit, a (INAUDIBLE) performance.

LEE: I never said it word - not a single word - the reason being that I read the script, and I flatly refused to say my (ph) lines, because they

were not good.

MORGAN: It was a character Lee shaped even in the makeup room

LEE: Lines here, outside of the nose. I think it gives a slightly more savage expression. They say that eyebrows that meet in the middle means

you've got homicidal tendencies.

MORGAN: Tendencies shared by another of his best-known characters, Scaramanga, in a 1974 James Bond film, "The Man with the Golden Gun."

LEE: See, Mr. Bond, like every great artist, I want to create an indisputable masterpiece once in my lifetime - the death of double o seven

- mano a mano - face-to face.

MORGAN: He would duel again three decades gone (ph) in the "Star Wars" franchise as (INAUDIBLE) lord, Count Dooku.

His appetite for the fantastical (INAUDIBLE) also extending to middle earth in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Actor award-winning and a sir, Lee was an actor whose performances could elevate a film to cult status, not the least one of his favorites - "The

Wicker Man."

LEE: There (ph) jump into the flames in the hope that the god of fire will make them fruitful. Really, you can hardly blame them.

In his later years, Lee would also lend his low, resonant tones to music - heavy metal music published under his own label, Charlemagne. His singing

is summed up like this.

LEE: I don't imitate anyone. I do it the best way I can.

KELLY: The same could be said of his entire, fantastic career.


FOSTER: Christopher Lee.

Finally tonight, three crew members from the International Space Station are back on earth. Landing in Kazakhstan a few hours ago, the trio spent

nearly 200 days in space, after a Russian rocket delay forced them to stay a month longer than scheduled.

Samantha Cristoforetti of the European Space Agency now holds the title for a single, longest space flight by a woman.

Mission Commander, Terry Virts, used his last days and hours aboard the International Space Station to capture some lasting memories. Take a look

at these photos. Those (ph) Virts posted on his Twitter page. This one he said, I will miss this view. You would, wouldn't you? And accompanying

this photo, Virts posted - home - I wonder what sunrises look like on other planets.

He also posted a picture of the pyramids in Egypt. Virts says quote, "It took me until my last day in space to get a good picture of these."

This has been THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. Thank you so much for watching.

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