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Turkey Alleges ISIS Behind Recent Bombing on Syrian Border; US-Cuba Relations Normalizing; Blatter Pranked at Press Event; Trump May Have Gone Too Far with McCain Comments; Cheating Website Hacked. Aired 3-4p ET

Aired July 20, 2015 - 15:00:00   ET


[15:00:23] HALA GORANI, HOST: Tonight violence flares on Turkey's border with Syria.


GORANI: Could this carnage change the regional fight against extremism?

Also a grand re-opening as Havana and Washington mark a historic moment in diplomatic relations.

Plus showered with money. A prankster steals the limelight as Sepp Blatter announces his reign over FIFA is set to continue for months.

And later Donald Trump says former prisoner of war, John McCain is not a hero. Has the presidential hopeful gone one controversial step too far?


GORANI: Hello everyone, I'm Hala Gorani, we're live at CNN London, and this is the World Right Now.

Turkey's Prime Minister says there is evidence that ISIS carried out a suicide bombing that killed at least 28 people on Monday on the border with

Turkey across by the way from Kobani inside Syria.

We're about to show you some graphic and disturbing video the moment it occurred. We're showing it to you to demonstrate of course the inhumanity

and horror of this terrorist attack.


GORANI: The explosion ripped through a crowd gathered at a park for a rally.


GORANI: More than 100 people were wounded. It happened in the town of Suruc, 9kms from the flashpoint Syrian City of Kobani.


GORANI: Our senior international correspondent Arwa Damon joins me now live she's in Suruc with more.

What's going on there now Arwa?

ARWA DAMON, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well Hala where the attack took place at that cultural center is in a building that is right on

the other side of those vehicles that you see right there.

We were inside just a short while ago and investigative and forensic teams are still there trying to gather more evidence. There's still a fair

amount of blood that is on the ground. A very understandably somber mood.

A mostly group of Kurdish activists had gathered as part of the effort to reconstruct Kobani that was the aim of their gathering. They were supposed

to be holding a press conference. A fair amount of people in the garden there when that suicide bomber detonated the explosives.

The Turkish government coming out eluding to the fact that this is in their opinion most likely the work of ISIS, most likely in retaliation there

saying for Turkey's role in the war on terror over the last few weeks. Turkish authorities have rounded up hundreds of individuals who they have

accused of either being members of ISIS or having ties to ISIS.

This attack most certainly has shocked so many people. Individuals at CNN spoke to here in Suric right after the blast took place describing how

stunned they were. How rela5tives of those that had been attending that meeting rushed to the scene. They were pulling back blankets and covers

that had been placed on top of the corpses trying to identify their relatives.

The sad reality though is that Hala none of this comes as that big of a surprise. This is a nation that has been bracing itself for the violence

in Syria to spill over. Exactly how it was going to be manifesting itself no-one was entirely sure but everyone fairly confident that some sort of

violence would take place. This most certainly is not the first time that we're seeing attacks along the Syrian/Turkish border Hala.

GORANI: All right, Arwa Damon is our senior international correspondent reporting from the town where that horrific attack took place.


GORANI: And as we mentioned there authorities already blaming ISIS. Thanks Arwa.

We are witnessing a chapter in U.S. Cuban relations not seen in more than half a century.


GORANI: For the first time since 1961 a Cuban flag is now flying over an embassy in the United States.

Both nations have formally re-established the diplomatic ties that were severed during the Cold War. The U.S. will raise a flag at its newly re-

opened embassy in Havana. Secretary of State, John Kerry, will visit on August 14th.

We've been following this story from the capitals of both nations and we are able to go to Havana in Cuba. Patrick Oppmann joins me now with more.


GORANI: What was seen in Havana today Patrick?

[15:05:10] PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well you know here we are for the first time in many years in front of we can

finally say the United States embassy in Havana. Historic day was just after midnight last night. This officially became an embassy which of

course means that Cuba and the United States after so many years of animosity, being at odds with one another have re-established full

diplomatic relations.


OPPMANN: You know here I'm sort of pinching myself because every time you go into this building it was like this checkpoint Charlie of different

guards you had to talk to and (inaudible) changes a really intense security presence around the building.

(The starting date) has been pulled back some. There's still police officers but there really aren't people preventing us from going into the

embassy, taking down your name which is one of the main complaints that U.S. diplomats had; they said that Cubans were intimidated from going into

what was previously the United States intersection.

Of course in D.C. that's really where the party was today. You had a large delegation of Cuban diplomats, musicians, people who fought in the

revolution way back with Fidel Castro, and they celebrated raising the Cuban flag. The same Cuban flag that was taken down in 1961.

And then you had a somewhat surreal moment Hala, where they were yelling viva Fidel, long live Fidel, and they were alongside some U.S. Diplomats

trying not to look uncomfortable but who had also been invited for the festivities here in Havana. It will be another few weeks before the flag

goes up.

But we did see American tourists and Cubans who came this morning just to really mark the event and take part in the first day of this being an

embassy. There were people going in registering as being Americans in Havana. It's the first time they could really do that. They were given

flags and little pins.

And you know it's really amazing because so many administrations said that this day would never happen while Castro was in power, but President Barack

Obama has taken a different attack feeling that finally after all these years that dialogue and engagement with the Cuban government is going to

have more results than isolation. Hala?


GORANI: All right, Patrick Oppmann is in Havana and as Patrick mentioned there all the fanfare was in Washington D.C. today. The big official grand

re-opening of the U.S. embassy in Havana will happen mid-August, August 14th we're told by officials with Secretary of State John Kerry travelling

to the Cuban capital. Certainly a historic day today with the Cuban flag there raised over the Cuban embassy in Washington D.C. for the first time

since 1961.

In fact I'm told Elisa Labott can join us from Washington. Describe the scene today at the newly re-opened Cuban embassy in Washington

ELISE LABOTT, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hala, there was so much jubilation and a very emotional moment as the Cuban Foreign Minister lifted

that flag above the Cuban embassy for the first time in more than 50 years.


LABOTT: The Cuban national anthem playing, really Cuban Americans, diplomats, officials, artists, veterans of the revolution all together with

U.S. officials, with congressmen, with U.S. diplomats. All together to celebrate the restoration of diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Cuba.

I mean Secretary Kerry speaking just now with the Foreign Minister said that everyone realizes that there's still a lot of disagreement, still some

mistrust, but really today a day for celebration of these two countries that share so much in culture and other things to be able to finally say

that they're not enemies any longer.


GORANI: And how does this concretely change the relationship between the two countries? Now the symbolism of the two embassies. OK we're seeing it

- we're seeing it in these historic images; what changes now practically?

LABOTT: Well you know there's been a lot of cooperation behind the scenes between the U.S. and Cuba on a whole host of things from counter narcotics

to law enforcement to terrorism.


LABOTT: But now I think that cooperation is going to be more in the open and you'll have more regular meetings between Cuban diplomats and U.S.

officials, and the Secretary of State, and the Cuban Foreign Minister. And we saw President Obama meeting with President Raul Castro a few months ago

at the summit of the Americans.

So I think you're going to see more cooperation, I don't think the two countries are going to be you know best friends or even consider themselves

allies, they still have profound differences on human rights. You know this is not a normalization of relations. That'll come when the embargo is

lifted when the U.S. closes Guantanamo Bay which is a sore spot for Cuban - for the Cuban government.

And certainly there are a lot of other issues that they need to work through but I think the most visible thing will be more obvious, out in

front, tangible cooperation between the two governments.

[15:10:06] GORANI: All right, Elise Labott there at the State Department in Washington. Thanks very much there for joining us on this story.

Breaking news from the world of Golf; The American, Zach Johnson has won the Open Championship.


GORANI: He won it after a three way play off beating his Australian and South African competition. All three players had finished atop the

leaderboard at 15 under par and we'll bring you more on this story later in the program.


GORANI: Staying with sport, Sepp Blatter looks to be clinging to football's top job for as long as he possibly can after FIFA announced

today it will elect its new president in February of next year. Blatter also announced a range of reforms. What seemed like a simple press

conference quickly turned just a little bit awkward.

Amanda Davis has more.

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: As much as FIFA tries to move forward to draw a real line in the sand they're forever being reminded

of the corruption scandals to engulf them. The FIFA president's news conference interrupted by a British Comedian throwing a wad of fake cash at


But there was real progress made here at FIFA house on Monday. The first step to replacing Sepp Blatter as president with the decision of the date

for the extraordinary congress where the vote will be held.

Blatter had said he wanted time; well he's got it. It wasn't the December date that many were pushing for. Instead a date of February the 26th. But

fear not, Blatter insists he won't be standing again.


SEPP BLATTER: I will not be a candidate for the election in 2016. I have put my mandate at disposal and now there will be new elections -election

for the new president, I insisted on that. It's not only for a president - for a new president, I cannot be the new president because I'm an old



DAVIES: The man in poll position for the job it seems is the UEFA President Michel Platini.


DAVIES: He opted not to stand at the last election and arguably has the most to lose of all the people being talked about. But it's understood

that Platini has received the backing of four of the six world's confederations, importantly of Asia.


DAVIES: And his Chief of Press Pedro Pinto confirmed that he is considering his options.


PEDRO PINTO, UEFA HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS: He has been pleased to hear a lot of words of support from some of the world's leading football decision

makers and that has not gone unnoticed. So he will have to make a decision regarding what his next steps are. He's not ready to make that decision

now but he has been impressed by the fact that many people could see him as a possible successor.

DAVIES: Platini and any other potential candidates have until October the 26th to officially declare their intention to stand.

And the decision of the executive committee to agree in principle to the reform process put forward by Domenico Scala and the establishment of an 11

person taskforce means that reform should be well underway by the time the new person takes charge.

Amanda Davies, CNN, FIFA, Zurich.


GORANI: A lot more to come tonight; a video that has to be seen to be believed.


GORANI: As footage of surfer, Mick Fanning surviving a shark attack in South Africa goes viral, CNN speaks to the man of the moment about how he

fought to save his own life in the water.

And Donald Trump finds himself again facing backlash, this time over comments he made about Senator John McCain. We'll tell you how he's

responding to critics. All that and much more when we come back.



[15:16:05] GORANI: Millions watched in horror as surfing champion Mick Fanning fought off a shark during a competition on live television this


One of those viewers was the Australian surfer's own mother and today she revealed exactly how terrifying it was to witness.

David McKenzie is in South Africa with more.


DAVID MCKENZIE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The terrifying moments of a great white shark attack unfolding on live TV. In nightmarish slow

motion Mick Fanning, one of surfing's great, stalked by an awesome predator in the Eastern Cape. And he is still deeply shaken.

MICK FANNING, SURFER: All of a sudden I sort of sensed something behind me and then all of a sudden I just jumped on my board and you know I just was

like OK, something's going on. And then I felt myself getting dragged under by my leash and then the next thing I know I saw his fin. And the

next thing it came back around and went again at my board. And yes, I was like all right, it's either me or the shark.

MCKENZIE: On the other side of the world pride turned into horror as Mick's mom watched the attack live from Australia.

ELIZABETH OSBORNE, MICK FANNING'S MOTHER: I just couldn't believe what I was seeing really. I saw this sort of fin - big fin and then Mick sort of

scrambling and sort of turning around and then he went down and I realized then it must be a shark attack. And I just - well I was absolutely

terrified. I thought we'd lost him.

MCKENZIE: But instead of swimming away, Mick turned to face the sedan sized shark and swung a few punches.

FANNING: If I'm going to go down, I'm ready to go down in a fight. And like you sit there and you say all these different things when you're on

the beach, and you joke around with friends. But, I don't know it's just instinct. Like, it's one of those things, just like part of life pretty


MCKENZIE: Mick Fanning says it was ultimately up to the shark whether he lived or died. For pro-surfers surfing is like a religion but he says that

this attack has put his life into focus.

FANNING: I woke up this morning and I spoke to my family and friends and you know cried a little bit. And it's, yes, it's just - you know it's - I

dunno you never know like you're just lucky - you just think whatever gods are up there or whatever just to say thanks. Thanks for looking after me.

MCKENZIE: The attack has rattled the pro-surfing community but this story could have ended so much worse. And Mick says he just wants to get home to

Australia to give his mom a hug and decompress. But Mick says he'll be riding the waves again soon.

David McKenzie, CNN, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.


GORANI: Unbelievable, lucky escape. I'll know to punch the shark next time it approaches me.

The UN seal of approval for that nuclear deal with Iran the security council voted unanimously to back the agreement.


GORANI: Delegates from all 15 countries raised their hands in support of the new deal struck between Iran and six world powers.


GORANI: Now, it would lift sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits on the country's nuclear program. U.S. President Barak Obama called the vote

proof the deal has overwhelming international support. And there is also the issue of wording a new resolution with regards to Iran sanctions that

the UN will have to handle very soon.

Of course those who support the deal don't - do not include Israel in that group. It has called on U.S. lawmakers to reject the agreement.

[15:20:00] The American Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, is in Israel right now trying to ease concerns over the talks. He spoke earlier alongside his

Israeli counterpart but it was clear the two countries are very much split over the deal with Iran. Listen.


ASH CARTER, AMERICAN DEFENSE SECRETARY: Israel is a cornerstone of our strategy in the Middle East and its security and qualitative military edge

are a top priority for America, for our military and for me personally. That's especially true when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining

nuclear weapons which the deal reached in Vienna last week, which is a good deal, is designed to do.

Friends can disagree about whether it will work, and we'll be watching Iran very closely to see.

MOSHE YA'ALON: ISRAEL DEFENCE MINISTER: Even the deepest divisions and there are such differences of opinion between us, will not impact our great

friendship and solid relationship.

We greatly disagree when it comes to the agreement with Iran and fear for the future in the aftermath of its signing. Yet we discuss this issue in a

fully open manner alongside many other issues of great importance.


GORANI: There you have it, the two men counterparts with very different views on that agreement with Iran.

A lot more coming up on the World Right Now.


GORANI: Former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis speaks to CNN and he doesn't hold back on his opinions of Greek's creditors.





GORANI: Here's a look at the big board on Wall Street and we're up 28 points so far this session. The NASDAQ and the S&P for you. It's also a

positive day for the other indices on the New York Stock Exchange and a look at European's stock market indices, and it was also a mildly positive

day across the region.


GORANI: The International Monetary Fund has confirmed that Greek has repaid its debt which totaled more than $2 billion in full.

The European Central Bank also confirms that Athens made a bond repayment worth more than $4 billion today.


GORANI: This comes as Greek banks opened today for the first time in three weeks. The banks have been shut down since late last month to prevent the

country's financial system from completely collapsing.

Withdrawal limits are still in place and the stock exchange is still closed.

Meanwhile Yanis Varoufakis, you remember him?


GORANI: Well he has spoken for the first time since he resigned as Greek Finance Minister. He spoke with my colleague, Christiane Ammanpour and he

has criticized the group of Greece's creditors for their method of negotiation throughout the process. Listen.


YANIS VAROUFAKIS, FORMER GREEK FINANCE MINISTER: If you look at the way they have behaved from the very first day we assumed power on the 25th of

January to last week or so, I think that close inspection is going to reveal the truth of what I'm saying. They were far more interested in

humiliating this government and overthrowing it or at least making sure that it overthrows itself in terms of its policies that they were

interested in an agreement that would for instance ensure that they would get most of their money back.


GORANI: Yanis Varoufakis there. Let's go back to that golf news that we brought you earlier. The American, Zach Johnson has won the championship

after a three way playoff.

Patrick Snell is at the CNN Center with more. Patrick?

PATRICK SNELL, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi there Hala, yes it was officially the 144th Open Championship, the longest in the tournament's 155

year history ending just a few moments ago in victory for the popular American golfer Zach Johnson.


[15:25:11] SNELL: It seemed at one point that no-one wanted to win this tournament but he held firm. It went to a dramatic three man, four hole

playoff and in the end he would see off the challenge of the Australian Marc Leishman and the 2010 winner from South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen.

As I say the key moment really coming on the second extra playoff hole when he birdied to go ahead for the first time. He held his nerve, he stayed

firm. And of course this now adds Hala to his previous major, the 2007 Masters title just down the road from us here, the Augusta National when he

got his hands on the coveted green jacket.

So his two majors so far in his career are eight years apart. And you know he now becomes the first golfer ever to lay on his hands on two majors

coming at those two iconic venues, not just the Augusta National, but also right here in Scotland, St. Andrews, the old course; the home of golf, not

a bad place at all to land your first two career majors. And a sign really that age is no barrier to success. He's 39 years of age now and he'll

probably feel that in some ways he's really just only getting started.


SNELL: A wonderfully humble man, he's one of the growing band of Christian golfers on the PGA Tour that attend bible study at various select points

during the year. And he said afterwards in a very emotional interview just a few moments ago to one of the U.S. broadcasters basically fighting back

tears at one point crying that he had scriptures going through his head.


SNELL: He said he was humble to win and the one thing he didn't like to see was another man miss a putt, and thereby gain victory that way. That's

in reference of course to Louis Oosthuizen who had a testy 12 footer or so to try and stay alive in the playoff. He missed the putt and the title is

Zach Johnson's. And he will be absolutely delighted, emotions flying high.

But in typically humble fashion, what is he doing in terms of celebration? Well his wife Kim revealing just a few moments ago they're getting straight

on a plane to fly home Hala, and be with the kids.


GORANI: Wow, rock n roll. Thanks very much, Patrick Snell, with the latest on that breaking golf news we brought you.

The latest world news headlines just ahead. Plus this;


GORANI: Do you recognize this man?


GORANI: This man?


GORANI: That's Rand Paul. This man?


GORANI: No? But there was one candidate for the republican presidential nomination that everyone knew, Donald Trump's controversial comments seemed

to only help his name recognition abroad.

And a little later, hackers make some serious threats after stealing large amounts of data on spouses who use the Ashley Madison website to cheat.




[15:30:10] GORANI: Welcome back everybody, here's a look at our top stories.

Turkey's Prime Minister is saying that initial evidence suggests ISIS is responsible for a suicide blast that killed 31 people in a Turkish town in

Suric at the border.


GORANI: More than 100 were wounded at a rally ended up getting aid for the embattled Syrian town of Kobani which is located just a few miles away on

the other side of the Turkey/Syria border.


GORANI: Also among the top stories we're following - Cuban officials have raised their nations flag over a newly re-opened embassy in Washington.


GORANI: The U.S. has also re-opened its embassy in Havana. Both nations have formerly re-established the diplomatic ties that were severed 54 years



GORANI: The FIFA President, Sepp Blatter had a news conference disrupted by a British Comedian today in Zurich.


GORANI: A prankster threw a wad of cash at the embattled football administrator. The turn of events overshadowed a raft of reforms announced

by the supporting body. There's a still image clearly showing the floating one dollar bills.


GORANI: The American Zach Johnson, has won golf's Open Championship.


GORANI: He won it after a three way play off beating the Australian and South African players against him. All three had finished atop of the

leaderboard at 15 under par.


GORANI: Donald Trump is refusing to apologize for comments about U.S. Senator John McCain's war record. At a campaign event in Iowa this weekend

the republican presidential candidate said McCain was not a war hero because he wasn't fighting he said, he was captured.

Trump ignited political furor but as Dana Bash reports he is not backing down.


DANA BASH, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: In a new (inaudible) in USA Today Donald Trump remains defiant ramping up his attack on John McCain

saying "the reality is that John McCain, the politician, has made America less safe. And McCain has abandoned our veterans. I will fight for them."

The billionaire sparked a fast and furious bipartisan backlash over the weekend taking direct aim at McCain.

DONALD TRUMP: He's not a war hero.

BASH: Who still wears the scars of five years as a Prisoner of War in North Vietnam after his plane was shot down.


BASH: Even turning down early release because of his father's high rank in the Navy. Trump was speaking at a gathering of conservatives in Iowa


TRUMP: He's a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren't captured OK. I hate to tell you that.

BASH: He tried to clean up his comments at first with reporters.

TRUMP: If a person's captured, there a hero as far as I'm concerned.

BASH: And on Twitter saying "captured or not all soldiers are heroes." But that didn't stop the deluge of disgust from republicans; most who hope

to knock the real estate mogul from his surprise spot atop the GOP Presidential field.

MARCO RUBIO, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It's not just absurd, it's offensive, it's ridiculous and I do think it's a disqualifier as

Commander in Chief.

RICK PERRY, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Donald Trump owes every American veteran and in particular John McCain an apology.

BASH: Even the Republic of National Committees said "there is no place in our party or our country for Trump's comments."

Trumps words only escalate an ongoing feud with McCain over illegal immigration. McCain had accused Trump of rallying crazies with his event

of little more than a week ago in McCain's home state of Arizona.

In his new (inaudible) Trump said McCain would rather protect the Iraqi border than Arizona's.


GORANI: There you have it; Dana Bash with that report. Now what about John McCain? He's given his first direct response to the comments saying

Donald Trump needs to apologize not to him but to other veterans who were captured in war. Listen to John McCain.


JOHN MCCAIN, U.S. REPUBLICAN SENATOR: When Mr. Trump said that he prefers to be with people who were not captured, wel,l the great honor of my life

was to serve in the company of heroes. I'm not a hero. But those who were my senior ranking officers, people like Colonel (inaudible), Congressional

Medal of Honor winner, those who have inspired us to do things that we otherwise wouldn't have been capable of doing. Those are the people that I

think he owes an apology to.


GORANI: John McCain responding to Donald Trump. Now, you know Donald Trump is making headlines in the United States. He's even shaping the way

the Republican race is going. How well though is he known in the rest of the world.

Well, I thought I'd go find out on the streets of London to see how many people recognized Trump and his Republican rivals. Take a look.


GORANI: Who do you think this is?


GORANI: No idea? American politician republican? Republican candidate? That is Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, this is Jeb Bush,


GORANI: Rand Paul. Did you know him?


[15:35:14] GORANI: Do you recognize this man?


GORANI: No? This man?


GORANI: That's Rand Paul. This man?




GORANI: Bush, Jeb Bush correct. This guy? Rand Paul.


GORANI: Kentucky. Oh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They're all running for their party.

GORANI: They're all running for their party's nominated. And do you know this guy?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, Donald Trump, hates the Mexicans.

GORANI: This man?


GORANI: And how about this man? You know actually.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know who that is?

GORANI: Finally, how about this man?




GORANI: Well, there you have it. Everyone recognized Donald Trump. Very few people knew at all who the other candidates were. Let's get more on

this story I'm joined from Washington by Doug Heye who was Deputy Chief of Staff to former U.S. majority leader, Eric Cantor. Thanks Doug for being

with us.

First of all ..

DOUG HEYE: Thank you.

GORANI: First of all let's talk a little bit about this controversy involving what Donald Trump said about John McCain saying he's not a hero

because he was captured. It's not hurting him in the polls at all. He's still leading in a Fox News poll and another U.S.A Today poll. Why not?

HEYE: Well it's still brand new. These were comments that were just made over the weekend. But it's certainly coming into everybody's collective

consciousness. And in a way I actually see this as a positive thing.


HEYE: Because I think this is going to be really the beginning of the end of Donald Trump. What we saw this morning on CNN, Chris Cuomo did

something remarkable. He asked about substance of policy issues on the veterans administration, the reform that we need there.

Donald Trump's spokesman was unable to answer any of those questions because they don't have answers on anything that's substantive. He's not a

candidate. He's more of a professional wrestler trying to evoke and illicit a reaction from the crowd, provoke a reaction from the crowd and

that's what he's doing so far.

And I tell you I'm a little disappointed that things on the Kings Road and Canary Wharf has as much exposure to Donald Trump, I was hoping they'd be

luckier than we were.

GORANI: No, well let me tell you he is known also because of the U.S. version of the Apprentice aired here in the U.K. I was told. And of course

he's known because he makes himself known. He's active on Twitter, he says controversial things.

But you tweeted something Doug. You said understand how Trump can hurt the GOP Field but why not a media that - but why not a media that privately

laughs at Trump yet covers him ad nauseam.

But you have to cover the candidate who's leading in the polls don't you? I mean Trump's at 18% in the latest Fox news poll.

HEYE: No absolutely. It certainly warrants coverage. What I found troubling is when you're in newsrooms you'll talk to people who you know

don't take it seriously and then cover it, then ask the question, then ask the next question. And what we've seen and you know appearing with you

right now I'm obviously guilty of it too, what we've seen is just an exhaustive coverage of this. It's all Trump all the time. So if you're

Marco Rubio and you gave an education speech in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, that didn't get any attention as it should have.

If you're Rick Perry and you spoke on race right as the Confederate flag issue was really heated up in South Carolina, that didn't get the attention

it deserved.


HEYE: So what we're losing is the real substantive issues that voters need to learn about because we're hearing nothing but bluster and insults from

one part of a sideshow.

GORANI: But I feel like we hear this every election. You have candidates that know how to use the system, social media is a very powerful tool and

platform. If something goes viral, if your image or your message is controversial and colorful, you'll get more attention. Isn't that just the

way politics works now?

HEYE: Unfortunately that's always the way it works. What I'd like to see and I think a lot of folks on our side would like to see is really more

substance on this.

You know Jeb Bush has talked a lot about his economic policies. We should focus on that.


HEYE: We should focus about what Marco Rubio's talking about on education. You know if you're a candidate like Mike Huckabee or Rand Paul, we haven't

heard from you in the past couple of weeks because they're starving for attention right now because all we're doing is talking about Trump all the



GORANI: And they are not - well they did react to the McCain comment, they defended John McCain and his war record, said that he was a hero in fact

because he was a prisoner of war and suffered immensely but they're not though directly engaging with Donald Trump on other issues. Why do you

think that is?

HEYE: Well I think for a lot of candidates they know that if you wrestle with the big, both the pig and you get muddy and they don't want to get mud

on them. But at the same time if we talk about the substantive issues; if we pushed Donald Trump to say you know it's one thing to say that you love

veterans, how are you going to reform the veterans administration?


HEYE: That's a whole different issue and that's where we'll see the emperor doesn't have answers and the emperor doesn't have clothes.

GORANI: But Doug, let me ask you; can he win? Can he clinch this nomination? Is it possible? Nothing is impossible in U.S. politics.

HEYE: Almost nothing is impossible in U.S. politics. I would say Donald Trump actually winning in a state, any state, is an impossibility. It's

not clear how he could appeal to Iowa voters or get him to talk about substantive issues. Agriculture is a really big issue in Iowa, how's he

going to appeal to the Iowa caucus voters with his expertise on agriculture? He has none.

[15:40:03]: In South Carolina religion, there's a lot of conservative Christians in South Carolina and in Iowa too. His comments this weekend

about how he's never sought forgiveness from god. It's not going to go over well.

So we've got a whole lot of issues where we can go after Donald Trump but I think the smart way to do it is to go after the issues and ignore the clown

juggling in the corner.


GORANI: Well, you can pinpoint issues but overall he's doing extremely well on the polls, we'll see how that progresses, how that unfolds. It's a

fascinating show to watch from the other side of the pond. Doug Heye, thanks very much. We appreciate your time with us this evening.

HEYE: Any time. Thank you.

GORANI: The British Prime Minister, David Cameron is stepping up efforts to prevent the nation's youth from joining terrorist groups. He made a big

speech about it today.

He's announcing new measures targeting the spread of extremist ideologies on home soil.

Our Senior International Correspondent Atika Shubert has more on this new strategy.


ATIKA SHUBERT, CNNI SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The masked militant known as Jihadi John has become the poster boy for all that has

gone wrong in Britain's attempts to keep young Muslims from turning to terror groups like ISIS.

Identified by security officials as Mohammed Emwazi a shy London teenager before he left for Syria and became the mass murderer featured in the

gruesome videos from ISIS.

Now Britain's Prime Minister is vowing to crack down on the extremist ideology, both violent and non-violent that enables groups like ISIS.

DAVID CAMERON, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: Here's my message to any young person here in Britain thinking of going out there. You won't be some

valued member of a movement, you are cannon fodder for them. They will use you.

If you are a boy, they will brainwash you, strap bombs to your body and blow you up. If you are a girl they will enslave and abuse you.

SHUBERT: Hundreds of British men and women are believed to have joined the terror group and others like it in Syria and Iraq. Cameron is now

promising to crack down on preachers of hate who operate within British law and yet encourage extremist ideology. He's also bolstering Muslim groups

to speak out against ISIS and other terror outfits. In his speech he used the word (kufar) or disbeliever to make his point.

CAMERON: This means confronting groups and organizations that may not advocate violence but which do promote other parts of the extremist

narrative. We've got to show that if you say yes I condemn terror but the (kufar) are inferior. Or violence in London isn't justified but suicide

bombs in Israel are a different matter then you too are part of the problem.

SHUBERT: But Cameron also risks alienating British Muslims many of whom already feel targeted by British security services, even as they try to

distance themselves from groups like ISIS.

And support for organizations like ISIS is most prevalent online where extremism is hardest to tackle. That is how so many including these three

school girls from East London were lured into joining ISIS last year. To those young men and women Cameron had this message.

CAMERON: I know that for as long as injustice remains be it with racism, discrimination or sickening Islamaphobia, you may feel there's no place for

you in Britain. But I want you to know there is a place for you and I will do everything I can to support you.

SHUBERT: But, it may take more than Prime Minister's speech to win hearts and minds and defeat extremism.

Atika Shubert, CNN, London.


GORANI: This is the World Right Now.


GORANI: The CNN Freedom Project looks at the underworld of the U.S. City of Atlanta and how authorities there are trying to bring an end to human





[15:46:05] GORANI: One of Japan's largest and oldest corporation is taking responsibility for an atrocity it committed during the second world


GORANI: Mitsubishi has formally apologized for using captured American soldiers as slave laborers. Our Will Ripley has more from Tokyo.


WILL RIPLEY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Japan's brutal treatment of World War II prisoners is subject to Hollywood movies and history books.

James Murphy lived through the horror described as slavery.

JAMES MURPHY: It was a force labor camp where you either worked or you died.

RIPLEY: The 94 year old American became a Prisoner of War in 1942. He spent his early 20s in Japanese labor camps enduring near starvation,

regular abuse watching fellow prisoners die.

Murphy worked in a mine owned by Mitsubishi Mining Company known today as Mitsubishi Materials.

On Sunday in Los Angeles it became the first Japanese Corporation to publically apologize for wartime atrocities.

MURPHY: Elation and happiness that we finally after 70 years got a direct apology from the Japanese who mistreated us during World War II.

RIPLEY: Mitsubishi's apology comes as Japan prepares to mark seven decades since the end of World War II. It comes at a time when government leaders

here in Tokyo are trying to move past the nation's war crimes.

Ignoring protests and plunging approval ratings, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing controversial legislation through the Japanese parliament.

Expanding the role of the nation's military for the first time since World War II. Mitsubishi is not offering financial compensation for POWs like

Murphy. The Tokyo based company has faced law suits seeking payouts to former prisoners including British, Chinese, Koreans, and Filipinos.

MURPHY: We can on now even though we certain have been living in a past, but we don't want to forget the past.

RIPLEY: The apology comes far too late for all but a handful of survivors now in their late 80s and 90s. Murphy says he forgave his captors long ago

but spent 70 years waiting for this moment, waiting to hear two simple words, we're sorry.

Will Ripley, CNN, Tokyo.


GORANI: Well imagine if a teenager you knew was trafficked into the sex trade; it's not as distant a possibility as you may think. Even children

who lived in developed countries or wealthy cities can fall victim to this modern day slavery. And it is our mission here at CNN to expose this risk

wherever it hides. And the CNN Freedom Project partnered with Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith to gain an unprecedented understanding of human trafficking

inside U.S. borders.

It's a documentary called Children for Sale: The fight to end human trafficking. And she discovers why Atlanta has become a kind of breeding

ground for predators.


JADA PINKETT SMITH: When my daughter was 11 she came to me and she said mommy did you know that there were girls that were being sold for sex that

are my age in this country. I was like, I think there's a mistake, that doesn't happen here.

After that it was just - I remember I was stuck to the computer for days; story, after story, after story and I couldn't believe that I didn't know.

Dalia Rachine knows, she's the DeKalb County's Assistant District Attorney. Would you say that there's a difference between prostitution and


[15:50:05] DALIA RACHINE, DEKALB COUNTY'S ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY: Trafficking is the manufacturing of children for the sex trade. They're

just getting sold and passed on from one exploiter to the other and a lot of times it's because they don't know another life after this. Those

exploiters can come from anywhere.

PINKETT SMITH: Is there such thing as trafficking occurring in airports?

RACHINE: It is the world's busiest airport which kind of lends to us then being one of the hubs is because that man can get on that computer

anonymously say I'm coming in to go have sex with this child. He'll fly in on a 3 o'clock flight, meet the child at 6 o'clock, and be gone on the 8

o'clock. How are we to ever find them? How are we to ever know who they are?

GORANI? Well you can see the entire CNN Freedom Project Documentary Children for Sale, Wednesday at 8pm in London, in our slot in fact, in the

World Right Now slot, that's 9PM Central European Time on CNN.


GORANI: All right a quick break. When we come back Ashley Madison promotes extra-marital affairs and brags about its tight security.


GORANI: Now hackers are threatening to expose its users. We'll explain why and how the site is reacting.




GORANI: Hackers are threatening to release the information on millions of people who use the controversial dating website, Ashley Madison.

The company helps married people cheat so you'd want to stay pretty discreet and pretty anonymous if you could, right? But the hackers said

that the user data that was stolen could be divulged.

Samuel Burke is in New York with more. What are we hearing Samuel from this hacker group? What are they going to do with the information that

they say they stole?

SAMUEL BURKE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well Hala, they're threatening to release it and I think there's only one group of people who

are happy about this hack and that's divorce lawyers because if this were to be published you can only imagine how many husbands and wives would be

taking their significant others to court.


BURKE: Now these hackers say that they're unhappy with the site and the fact that when they offered the full delete service for $19, the hackers say they don't actually delete all of this stuff, all this information, so they say they're going to publish people's

names, their account information if these websites aren't taken down. Hardly a moral stand if you ask me.

Now the hackers say they don't just have the full records of all these users, 37 million of them Hala, they say they also have their financial

information. But to tell you the truth financial information is probably the least of your worries. You can change your credit card number but you

can't change your fetishes and you can't change your cheating past if you're on this website.


BURKE: Now the company behind this website, Avid Life Media, they say, they apologize, they acknowledge the hack and they have worked to fix the

hole already. But in a statement they said the following:


BURKE: "We are working with law enforcement agencies which are investigating this criminal act. Any and all parties responsible for this

act of cyber terrorism, they call it, will be held responsible."


[15:55:07] GORANI: But I'm sorry, how does Ashley Madison actually - I mean it's a cheaters website. How do you allow yourself to be hacked?

Where was the hole? Why was there such a vulnerability in their system?

BURKE: Well what I found most fascinating about this is that they told security researcher Brian Krebs, the CEO of the company Ashley Madison said

that they actually believe it was an inside job, Hala. Not one of their employees but somebody who did have access to their technology. So again

they've said they've worked to correct this hole but it is incredible. And that's what happens a lot of times, somebody has to be able to access

information in a company many times, so that's what can happen. An inside job; at least that's what the company is claiming right now.

And it's actually not just this website, it's a group of websites that this company owns. Also which I'm sure you're not familiar with

Hala, but Cougar is in case anybody doesn't .

GORANI: It's not in my favorites tab.

BURKE: (LAUGHING) Cougar is of course a woman who goes after a younger man. And also is a part of this site's portfolio.

That's a site that bills itself as a place that connects young beautiful women with successful men, also part of this massive hack.

GORANI: All right, thanks very much, Samuel Burke for opening my eyes to all of these different types of websites out there for every need in the


Thanks Samuel Burke.

And finally, I'm sure Samuel you saw this amazing footage of that surfer, Mick Fanning, and his close encounter with a shark.


GORANI: Well, it's grabbed the attention of Twitter users. This was the moment the Australian surfer was attacked while competing at an event in

South Africa. Some were quick to see the funny side, after all Mick Fanning wasn't injured.

This (meme) posted by (Josie) in Australia has the #sharksgotnothing and legendary effort. And in Jurassic World park ranger style this image comes

with the #sharkwhisperer. There are also some tweets from the shark's point of view. Here's one "tried to help a drowning surfer back to shore,

got punched in the nose." And one more from J. Bay Shark; "Hey Mick Fanning, was just trying to get an autograph."


GORANI: There you have it, this has been the World Right Now, thanks for watching. I'm Hala Gorani. I'll see you here same time tomorrow. Quest

Means Business is next on CNN.