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Trump on the Mexican Border; Kenya's Security Challenges; Secy Kerry Defends Iran Deal in Hearings; Chinese Artist Ai-Weiwei Interview

Aired July 23, 2015 - 15:00:00   ET


[15:00:09] HALA GORANI, HOST: Tonight, Donald Trump is in Texas this hour touring the U.S. border with Mexico.


GORANI: What will he say next we should find out any minute.

Then as Kenya gets ready to host an important visitor we'll look at the security challenges that will face the country long after Barack Obama's


And John Kerry plays defense on Capitol Hill. Find out how feisty he's being with Iran deal skeptics in Washington.

Plus an exclusive interview with dissident's artist Ai-Weiwei after the Chinese government returns his passport.


GORANI: Hello everyone, I'm Hala Gorani, we're live at CNN London and this is the World Right Now.

Well he has said some controversial things, he has angered many people. American billionaire Donald Trump is taking his campaign for the Republican

Presidential nomination right to the U.S. Mexico border.

In his last public appearance Trump gave out the personal cell phone number of a fellow candidate Lindsey Graham.


GORANI: And today's events could be even more colorful. Remember Trump's inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants, the candidate is expected

to spend about 15 minutes at the border with Texas officials but border patrol agents will not be there. A union representing them announced that

it would not participate. And this happened at the very last minute.

Now there are growing worries among Republicans that Trump will declare as a third party candidate if he fails to win the Republican nomination.

CNN Political Reporter, M.J. Lee joins me now live from our New York Bureau.


GORANI: M.J., you have covered this colorful, this controversial campaign by Donald Trump. He's right there are the border now, what are we

expecting for the day?

M.J. LEE, CNN POLITICAL REPORTER: Hey there, right, Donald Trump is making a big push to talk about the issue that he wants to talk about the most

which is illegal immigration.


LEE: As you know he started his campaign and launched his campaign by talking about this issue and getting himself caught up in some controversy

when he made comments about Mexican immigrants coming into the country, being racists and criminal. That obviously did not sit well with certain

people in this country, particularly the Hispanic community.

Now that has caused a lot of heartburn within the Republican Party which has obviously been trying very hard to win the Hispanic vote and was hoping

to make a lot of inroads with that community in the 2016 election.

He is, Donald Trump, is in Laredo, Texas today as you mentioned. It is a U.S. Mexico border city and he will be getting a tour. And it will be an

opportunity for him to talk about with reporters, and there are many of them there today, about the issue of illegal immigration. He has talked

about wanting to build an impenetrable wall along the country's southern border so we know that this is something that he will likely talk about


GORANI: All right, M.J. Lee, thanks very much there reporting for us from New York. M.J. has covered this campaign, Donald Trump's campaign.


GORANI: Well she mentioned Laredo, M.J. and this is where Donald Trump is going to be doing most of his, spending most of his time during this visit

to Texas, right at the border area.

And let's get some perspective now from a Democrat congressman ,Henry Cuellar. He was born into a family of migrant workers in Laredo, Texas, so

who better to join us live from the U.S. Capital in Washington.

Congressman thanks for being with us. What are you expecting from Donald Trump after all these controversial statements he's made about Mexicans?

Especially when he announced that he was running for the Republican nomination.

REP. HENRY CUELLAR, D-TX: Well first of all if he thinks he's going to do outreach to the Hispanic community by making those hard statements, it's

not going to work.

But listen, I hope that what he's able to do if he's on a learning experience is one he's going to go to the most Hispanic city percentage

wise in the whole country, 96%. He's going to see there that for example my father was born in Mexico, came over, he had eight kids here in the

United States, and one of them became a U.S. Congressman, one's (inaudible), one's a Municipal Judge there in Laredo.


CUELLAR: He's going to find out also that a lot of the people who are providing security for him or escorting him around are also of Hispanic


But also this is the most important thing. He talks about violence. If you look at the FBI statistics you will see that Laredo, using FBI numbers

is safer than Washington D.C. Three murders for 100,000 compared to 16 murders here in Washington D.C. Or even in New York City.

So you know again you've got to call reality what it is and not say the things that he has been saying lately.

[15:05:03] GORANI: But Congressman let me - OK, you've said you were quoted in Time Magazine today saying somebody who uses words like Trump

will not win a general election.

Look at the latest polls though. Donald Trump at 24% in the latest polls among Republican candidates.


GORANI: This is better than Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, so clearly this is resonating with a very large portion of Republican voters.

CUELLAR: Right. And again general election is a Democrat versus a Republican. In a Republican primary yes he's doing very well. In fact

it's been interesting watching the Republicans, the other more modern Republicans have all the air sucked out out of this primary because of

Trump. Again, you know let's see how he does in the Republican primary. But I'm talking about a November election; there you've got moderates,

you've got other folks, it will be very hard for him to even win in the November election.

GORANI: And but right now he is getting the spotlight, he is getting the coverage.


GORANI: Other Republican candidates are kind of staying out of it when it comes to immigration. They spoke - they spoke up when he questioned John

McCain's military record. But on everything else they're allowing Donald Trump here to get all the attention.

What do you make of that?

CUELLAR: You know he's a very smart man. He knows what he's saying. He certainly knows exactly what he's saying. So he understands there's a

certain anger right now in America so he's tapping that. I only wish that he wouldn't use the harsh words that he has used in the past but again you

know he's going to say whatever he can. But he is sucking up all the air in the Republican Primary. And the other Republican primary candidates are

having a hard time trying to get the attention that he's been getting.

GORANI: Well what about the Democrats, I mean they must be looking at this? You're a member of the Democratic Party and saying this all sounds

good to me we can just let the Republican's fight amongst themselves and Donald Trump sort of control the message for a few weeks or perhaps a few

months, and we just stay out of it, and just kind of sit back and watch.

How is your party reacting to all this?

CUELLAR: Actually we're looking at that with a little bit of amusement. We're just - if somebody's going to fall off the cliff, what do you do?

You just step out of the way and let them fall off and that's what we're doing. He's doing what he thinks is best.

Again I don't think he believes that in his heart but again he's a very smart man, he's calculated and he knows exactly what rings in the

Republican Primary.

GORANI: So you don't think - you just said something interesting. You don't think Donald Trump believes in his heart some of the things he says

about immigrants.


CUELLAR: Look, I've met him before, at least at one snapshot I never got that impression from him. But again, he is saying those things so I don't

want to make an excuse for what he's saying.


CUELLAR: But again those are very harsh words and again you know if you're trying to win the Hispanic community I think the latest poll shows that 79%

of the Hispanic community disapproves of what he's saying.

GORANI: Now congressman you're not just critical of what Donald Trump says, you have been critical of the President, Barack Obama, who of course

is a member of your own party. Last year he was planning a visit to Texas, he didn't go to the border area. You're calling what's happening at the

border a humanitarian disaster.

What needs to be done? What wider measures need to be taken regardless of the political party of whoever's in the White House to try to - to try to

solve this problem at the border?

CUELLAR: Well and you're right I am a Democrat but I'm an American First Texan, then a Democrat, and I call it the way I see it. And again I always

find it interesting from people who live the furthest from the border of the freshman's that come with very strong opinions about the border not

even knowing what the border's all about.

So whether it's a Democrat or Republican in President, surely I want them to understand the border because for example Laredo my home town handles

about 40% of all the trade between the U.S. and Mexico. Every day there are over 12,000 trailers of trade coming in north and southbound.

So people need to understand what contribution the border gives to the rest of the United States.


GORANI: All right, Congressman, Henry Cuellar, Democrat from Texas. Thanks very much for joining us on CNN, we appreciate your time this


CUELLAR: Thank you so much.

GORANI: And by the - thank you - by the way our viewers we're seeing some images there, I believe they were live images of Donald Trump there at an

event at the border area, he was at the podium just seconds ago.

I'm just trying to make out what we're seeing there. No we are waiting on Donald Trump, we were seeing some file footage there before. So he's going

to be addressing reporters there. He's become this worldwide phenomenon in terms of this worldwide story that has gone far beyond the Republican

Presidential nomination race.

[15:10:00] Of course Donald Trump very well known for his reality TV show appearances, and then these inflammatory remarks he made about Mexicans

saying many of them crossing the border are rapists into the United States. That has angered many Latinos and Hispanics in the U.S.

And so he is right there at the border area within really just a few hundred meters pretty much of Mexico. We'll see how that goes down in a

city Laredo by the way is 95% Spanish speaking.


GORANI: To Kenya now, a country a buzz with anticipation ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's arrival.


GORANI: Mr. Obama is expected to arrive tomorrow in the East African country, it is his father's homeland. He is set to speak at an

entrepreneur summit and Kenyans are getting ready to give him a raptures reception. However, as you can imagine, security is tight in the capital,



GORANI: Now the main security concern in Kenya is Al Shabab, that is the Somali based militant group that has carried out numerous deadly terror

attacks in Nairobi and other cities. Let's better understand the threat that this poses for the country and we talk to senior international

correspondent, Nima Elbagir, and she joins me now from Nairobi.

Let's talk a little bit about the security precautions that have to be taken of course for any Presidential visit but particularly for this one


NIMA ELBAGIR, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely, it's always going to be difficult going when you have a visit with someone of

this stature here in Nairobi. But especially from a country that's still reeling from that terror attack at the Greece University in the

Northeastern Province where almost 150 people were killed. There are always concerns but these concerns are unfortunately heightened right now.

The issue remains of course that most of those concerns are centered along that Kenya/Somali border, along that incredibly porous border. And for

years now it has been a security nightmare for the Kenyan authorities. We travelled up there to try and get a closer look Hala.

GORANI: All right, Nima, we'll get back to you in just a few minutes. We want to go back to Texas, to Laredo, Texas where Donald Trump is addressing

reporters. Let's listen to what he's saying.


DONALD TRUMP, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'd like to introduce first the Mayor, he's going to say a few words, then I'll say a

few words. We were treated so nicely, we learned so much in such a quick period of time. But the Mayor has done a fantastic job, Mr. Mayor.

PETE SAENZ, MAYOR OF LAREDO, TEXAS: Thank you so much Mr. Trump. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I'm Pete Saenz, I'm the Mayor of Laredo,

Texas. We're excited to have Mr. Donald Trump here in Laredo, Texas. It's provided us an opportunity to present to Mr. Trump and his entourage what

Laredo's all about.

You know Laredo's the number one land port in the nation. We do - Laredo per se does over 40% of the Mexican trade. Laredo is known for obviously

transportation, you can see the big trucks behind us, and logistics.

We are, NAFTA has been very good to us, we're excited about that. We also have oil and gas production in our county, and it also provides a revenue

to us. Mr. Trump has brought up certain issues, you've got the immigration issue in particular. We, at least I feel personally that immigration

reform is required, it's needed, we need protection in the border area. We need to secure the border but we also need other elements you know

obviously out of the immigration, the act, the bill. So with that in mind I - it's a pleasure to have Mr. Trump. The excitement that he brings is

also very on the plus side for our city and we appreciate all the attention. But we know that the attention comes primarily to this

gentleman here. OK, Mr. Trump. Thank you.

TRUMP: Well thank you very much for being here. It's been an amazing experience. Mexico is booming; absolutely booming. And (inaudible), the

city manager and Pete have done an amazing job right here. But a lot of what's happening here is because of the fact that Mexico is doing so well.

It's just doing beyond what anybody ever thought. And I don't know if that's good for the United States but it's good for Mexico.

Anybody have any questions?


TRUMP: Yes, I think I'll win the Hispanic vote. You know I have thousands of Mexicans and Hispanics. And I think when it comes right down, I don't

know if you saw the poll, but they just did a big poll in Nevada, the state of Nevada, and I'm way ahead. And more importantly as far as I'm concerned

I'm way, way ahead with the Hispanics, well into the 30s which - and I think second is like 11.

[15:15:00] So I have a great relationship. Over the years thousands and thousands of Hispanics have worked for me and now work for me and the

relationship is very good.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have been killed - have been killed .


TRUMP: How many people killed?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Seven people this year in (inaudible) Chattanooga five people were killed in less than an hour by a marine. By an American

citizen coming from the Middle East, so it means that killers come from all over the world.

TRUMP: Yes, I agree with that. No I agree with that, and they come through here but they come from all over the world. I agree with that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: . Danger. You keep saying that there's a danger, but the crime along the border is down, what danger are you talking about?

TRUMP: Oh there's great danger with the illegals and we're just discussing that but we have a tremendous danger on the border with the illegals coming

in. Yes ma'am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you seen any evidence here to confirm your fears about Mexicans (inaudible) being (inaudible) across the border?

TRUMP: Yes I have and I've heard it - and I've heard it from a lot of different people. And in fact as you know the border patrol was the one

that invited me. I think most of you have that invitation. We sent it - the border patrol invited me and then they cancelled because frankly they

don't want to get involved. They know that from - the reason they invited me was because of the tremendous problem and the tremendous crime and all

of the things that you're talking about. So they invited me and then at the last moment, I mean we were virtually in

the air, and they said we can't get involved. And I heard they got those orders from Washington.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What evidence specifically have you seen?

TRUMP: We'll be showing you the evidence.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (inaudible) who called you a racist (inaudible).

TRUMP: Well you know I have - we just landed and there were a lot of people at the airport and they were all waving American flags and they were

all in favor of Trump and what I'm doing. And I mean virtually everyone that we saw, there was such a great, warm - I was actually surprised. But

there was such great warmth at the airport with all of those people that were there so we're very, very honored.

Yes, go ahead.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible) it's one thing to say things .

TRUMP: No, they were chanting for me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, they were chanting against you.

TRUMP: Well I didn't see them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is the most amazing part of this trip being here on the border for you?

TRUMP: Well I think meeting the Mayor and meeting (inaudible) the City Manager, I think these are tremendous people, they're doing a tremendous

job. Come on (inaudible) say a word.

This man I'm going to steal him to run something for me. He's fantastic, the City Manager.

(INAUDIBLE CITY MANAGER) Thank you Mr. Trump and welcome everybody to the City of Laredo. You know this is one of the greatest cities on the border

and we're a vibrant city. And as Mr. Trump mentioned you know the trade that we have here with Mexico, this is where the rubber meets the road and

all of you can see it right behind us. This is where all the trade comes through that Mexico and the United States have in common right here.

But not only that but this is where it goes to the rest of the world. And I'll tell you what we wouldn't be where we are if it wouldn't be for the

support that Mayor and members of the city council that are also here with us, Mr. Council (inaudible) and Council Member (inaudible), we are very

fortunate to have the support that they provide us in order for this city to be such a great city and the number one inland port in the country.

Thank you very much.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you know - why is immigration an important issue to you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you agree with Mr. Trump that the way to make the border safe is to build this long wall?

(INAUDIBLE CITY MANAGER): Well, that's a - that's a federal issue and we have our comments on that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is your comment?

(INAUDIBLE CITY MANAGER): We don't - we don't think that's necessary at this time. I think there's other ways that we can work together with the

federal government. I think right now we have a process that we work together with border patrol, CBP and everybody to be able to get some of

these things done.

The relationship that the City of Laredo has with the federal government with all the law enforcement agencies is a tremendous one. Thank you.


TRUMP: No, not at all, there are different sections, this is one section but there are different sections.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What would you actually do to change the illegal immigration.

TRUMP: Well the one thing you have to do and as (inaudible) and as the Mayor was saying, there's a huge problem with the illegals coming through.

And in this section it's a problem. In some sections it's a massive problem.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But what do you ..

TRUMP: . And you have to do - you have to create - you have to make the people that come in, they have to be legal, very simple.


TRUMP: You have to let people do their job, the border patrols. Which by the way I see the unions are very much involved with the border patrols.

But you have to let them do their job. They want to do their job, that's why they invited me. They invited me, I didn't come here. The border

patrols invited me because they've got such a problem. They want to be able to do their job. If they can't do their job, believe me, they're

unhappy, they want to be able to do their job.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . still in favor of a wall across the entire border?

TRUMP: In certain sections you have to have a wall absolutely.


TRUMP: By the way, the wall - the wall will save you a tremendous amount of money. But you absolutely there are areas that you have to have the



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . the threats from (El Chapo)?

TRUMP: The who?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: From (El Chapo) the drug cartel leader?

TRUMP: I don't know anything about it.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: . the past couple of days potential third party runner (inaudible).

[15:20:13] TRUMP: Look, I'm a Republican, I'm a Conservative, I'm running, I'm in first place by a lot it seems, according to all the polls.

I want to run as a Republican, I think I'll get the nomination, we'll see soon enough but I think I'll get the nomination.

The best way to win is for me to get the nomination and run probably against Hilary. Hilary is the worst - look easily - she's the worst

Secretary of State in the history of our country. She's going to be beaten and I'm the one to beat her. And I will take jobs back.

And the reason I won with the Hispanic vote and I win all over with the Hispanic vote `cause they know I'll take jobs back from China, I'll take

jobs back from Japan, and every other country that's killing us. I'll bring the jobs back and you know the Hispanics are going to get those jobs

and they're going to love Trump, and they already do.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you ready - are you ready to apologize to those Hispanics that have felt insulted by your words?

TRUMP: No, they weren't insulted because the press misinterprets my words.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What would you do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are already here?

TRUMP: The first thing we have to do is strengthen our borders, and after that we're going to have plenty of time to talk about it.

Thank you very much. Thank you everybody. Thank you.


GORANI: Well talk about some colorful quotes there from Donald Trump, not disappointing if you were looking for something controversial. I think

I'll get the Republican nomination saying that Hilary Clinton is the worst Secretary of State in the history of our country and that the way to beat

her would be for him, Donald Trump, to win the Republican nomination in this presidential race.

He is visiting a border town Laredo after incredibly inflammatory remarks when he announced his candidacy saying many of the Mexican immigrants who

enter the United States are rapists. That's something that's angered Hispanics quite a bit.

He is in Laredo as we mentioned. It is within a few hundred meters of Mexico. He even said I think I'll win the Hispanic vote despite all the

controversy he's (inaudible) and generated with his remarks about immigrants.

He said he was very honored by the reception that was given to him. And then reiterated the fact that he believed that there is a huge problem with

illegal immigrants and also said that building a wall is something that he would do, that he has promised to do, if he wins the presidential election,

and that it would in fact save the country a lot of money.

There you have it, Donald Trump, in Laredo, Texas.

Let's get back to Kenya now. Of course we're on the eve of a very important presidential visit; that is the visit of Barack Obama to Kenya.

It is the country of birth of his father.

The Obama family, a big portion of it still lives in Kenya. Our Nima Elbagir, our senior international correspondent often reports from that

country and one of the big security concerns in Kenya is of course the infiltration of Al Shabab militants from Somalia into Kenya.

She went into that particular border area and filed this story. Take a look.


NIMA ELBAGIR, CNN INTERNATIONAL SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Dirt tracks crises- crossing through the bush. They're known locally as (inaudible), the (rat moves). Essentially a backdoor for getting into Kenya.

We've been told that these are the routes that Al Shabab are using to travel back and forth into the country and we have to put on our protective


Behind us, that's the official route but this, this is a smuggler route. It takes you from Somalia into Kenya, back out again. No government

presence, no checkpoints, you can bring in what you want and who you want.

Two years ago we travelled the same tracks, we come back to see if anything had changed. It's even busier than before.

Surprised to see us some spot the camera and turn back. One man stops to threaten us with rocks. When our producer approaches he calms down enough

to admit this is his regular route, ferrying people back and forth to the Southern Somalia port town of Kismayo. No passports, no questions.

And this junction isn't out in the middle of nowhere; it's only 20 km from a major military base and the Dadaab air strip. And yet out here, you

wouldn't know it. There is no government presence just clear access all the way to Somalia.

In spite of an increase security drive for the government Al Shabab's and ambitions have been spilling over into Kenya with deadly frequency. Once

little known back roads the (Pannia) are now a security nightmare.

In Nairobi the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior tells us they're doing everything they can to fight this but it's not easy.

[15:25:00] MWENDA NJOKA, KENYAN MINISTRY OF INTERIOR SPOKESPERSON: There is a border that is being - a border that is being constructed along the

Kenya/Somalia border. It's a long border, it has been porous for a long time because the previous government have not taken serious action to

ensure that there is - there is - there is proper control.

We've established a border patrol police, that's a specialist police unit, with the specialist - we are equipping them with specialist equipment but

we are not denying that there is a problem in that area.

ELBAGIR: On the (Pannia) route the sun begins to set; night falls as we wind our way directly into the heart of Dadaab town, no checkpoints, no

security searches, and no one the wiser.


GORANI: Nima Elbagir there reporting from the Somalia Kenya border. A quick break, we'll be right back.



GORANI: This is The World Right Now, I'm Hala Gorani. A quick look at our top stories,

The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he's "way ahead with Hispanics in the polls."


GORANI: He's visiting the U.S. Mexico border today and just met with local officials from Laredo, Texas, a border town. A union representing border

patrol agents pulled out of the border tour at the last minute.


GORANI: Also among the top stories; top officials from the Obama administration spent four hours defending the nuclear deal with Iran to



GORANI: They face some tough questions from Republican critics of the deal but U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told law makers there's no better

alternative to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.


GORANI: The U.S. Defense secretary made an unannounced trip today to Iraq.


GORANI: Ash Carter arrived in Baghdad after earlier stopped in Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, where he tried to ease concerns in those

countries about Iran's nuclear deal.

He's meeting with Iraq's Prime Minister, Sunni leaders as well as U.S. military commanders there.


GORANI: A preliminary autopsy in the Sandra Bland case has ruled her death was suicide by hanging; that is the latest from prosecutors in Texas.


GORANI: Bland was found hanging in her jail cell more than a week ago, three days after her roadside arrest. But her family say this was no


Cameras outside her jail cell show no-one entering or leaving before her body was discovered. Now investigators have released even more clues about

Bland's mental state. Ed Lavendera is following this story.

ED LAVENDERA, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: New details about Sandra Bland's condition have been revealed by local law enforcement.

ELTON MATHIS, WALLER COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY: We have an initial report that she did have a quantity of marijuana in her system. However we are

waiting to make any kind of formal determination of that.

LAVENDERA: The Waller County District Attorney also says the preliminary autopsy results show some scars on her arm.

[15:30:11] MATHIS: The opinion of the medical examiner appears to be cutting, scars on the arm that looks like where someone has been cut

overtime. Some of those actually appeared to be fresher in that they were scabbed.

LAVENDERA: On this police intake questionnaire Bland notes a previous suicide attempt by way of pills after a miscarriage in 2014. But on

another page the answer to the question of attempted suicide is no, conflicting information leaving her family with continued doubts.

SHARON COOPER, SISTER OF SANDRA BRAND: I have a hard time dealing with inconsistency and that seems to have been the theme over the last couple of

days here. So I don't have a problem still asking questions.

LAVENDERA: Investigators are now analyzing DNA evidence on the trash bag allegedly used in Sandra Bland's hanging.

And on Wednesday police released another version of the dash cam video of Bland's arrest but this one three minutes shorter than the original.

POLICE OFFICER: Get out of the car, I will lock you up, get out, now.

LAVENDERA: Attempting to clear up the visible anomalies in the footage where cars and people disappear and reappear chalking up the glitches to an

error in uploading.

And for the first time we are hearing from Sandra Bland while in police custody a haunting voice message to a friend the day after her arrest.

SANDRA BLAND: I'm still just at a loss for words honestly about this whole process. How did switching lanes with no signal turn into all of this, I

don't even know. Um, but I'm still here so I guess call me back when you can.


GORANI: Ed Lavendera reporting there on this case that has once again created controversy surrounding the treatment during the arrest of an

African American in the United States. We'll continue to follow this story of course.

Let's get back to that Donald Trump appearance at the U.S. Mexico border and specifically the view from Mexico.

I'm joined now from Mexico City by Latin American Political Analyst Ana- Maria Salazar.

Ana-Maria, thanks for being with us. So let me just ask you about some of things, and I don't know were you able to hear what Donald Trump said there

when he addressed reporters just a few minutes ago in Laredo?

ANA-MARIA SALAZAR, LATIN AMERICAN POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes, I was - I was able to hear it and I was going to ask you what was that about? It was

very confusing.

GORANI: Well, I can tell you what he said (Laughing). He said I think I'll win the Hispanic vote, just to remind our viewers.

He said I am very honored about the reception I've received here in Laredo. He reiterated the fact that he believes illegals as he calls them are "a

huge problem for the country", and then also reiterated his promise to build a wall that would make the country richer.

You're in Mexico City, how do you react to those statements?

SALAZAR: I mean it was I think just watching Donald Trump it seems that he's backtracking on some of the statements. He said he was going to be -

build a wall to cross all the border, kind of separate the border between Mexico and the United States, now he's talking about parts of the border.

He talks about being very popular with Hispanic voters, oh he's not.


SALAZAR: And from Mexico's perspective it's been very interesting `cause we follow this - I follow this almost daily on my TV show and my radio

show, and it's been you know this is kind of clownish behavior. I mean it's as if - it's almost impossible to take him seriously.

Now with that said of course a lot of people are talking about he's doing well, in - at least he's the front runner for the 16 Republicans who are

trying to be the presidential candidate for that party. So I mean you kind of have to take him seriously just because of that.

But when you see this press conference in which he was supposedly invited by the border patrol union and then the border patrol union kind of

basically said no we're not going to be there. And then he has this very confusing press conference where he does have government officials from the

city of Laredo which is a border city with Mexico. I think he was trying to make a statement in which he - in which it was that he was going to

control the border. But everything got kind of lost between the fact that the border patrol did basically not appear, was not there.

He wasn't really sanctioned by anybody but he was with some public, with his Latino Mexican American (inaudible) officials. But other than that it

was just a lot of contradictions.

GORANI: But Ana-Maria I've got to

SALAZAR: I love a (inaudible)


GORANI: And I don't have to tell you this - yes, Ana-Maria you mentioned his position in the polls, he's not just doing well, he's leading. Which

means that what he is saying is resonating with a large part of the Republican voters.

Do you think that perhaps people by not taking him seriously are actually not seeing the situation - I mean does he have a chance to actually clinch

this Republican nomination? Do you think that's even possible?

[15:35:12] SALAZAR: No, I mean let's put it this way, I think that you know you're talking about 16 candidates and we were - I spoke to some

pollsters about this and they basically say you know there's just too many people trying to be a candidate right now, I expect we'll get a better idea

as to what this is going to look like in about a month, month and a half.

But you know what is amazing about Donald Trump is here he had the exact opportunity, this was his moment to get that photo op with Mexico behind

his back where he was going to reaffirm we're not going to let any single you know illegal come into the country the way he talks about Mexican

Americans, or people who live in the United States without documents.

And this was his opportunity and it got kind of lost and he was - and the other - and the fact that he's basically now kind of backtracking saying

well we're only going to build the border with this big wall in parts of the border. And the fact that he couldn't answer a fundamental question

and the Republicans are having a lot of trouble with this question is; OK, you stop people from coming into the United States but what are you going

to do with the 12 million undocumented people in general? Because there is both Mexican and other nationalities, what are you going to do with them?

GORANI: Absolutely, and that's going to be .

SALAZAR: . And they can't answer that question.

GORANI: That's going to be a big debate coming up for sure not just for Republicans for Democrats as well as this race heats up.

Ana-Maria Salzar in Mexico City, thanks very much we appreciate your analysis on this.


GORANI: Staying in Mexico Joaquin El Chapo Guzman is still on the run after escaping from a prison nearly two weeks ago there.


GORANI: The drug lord is reportedly worth a billion dollars so he's got enough money to finance his lifestyle right now. And Mexico is offering a

$3.5 million award for information leading to his capture.

But as Polo Sandoval reports the admiration some people have for him is very much complicated efforts to track him down.

POLO SANDOVAL, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: On the streets of Mexico City everyone knows the name Joaquin Guzman. At this bustling market in

the heart of the city we found that ruthless cartel boss known as El Chapo.

About $8 will get you a t-shirt that bares the face of Mexico's most wanted man. (Inaudible) the shopkeeper here says his Chapo t's became his hottest

item after the bold escape.


SANDOVAL: He says people of all walks of life, all economic backgrounds come here to buy this shirt.

For (Hemenes) it's not about the face on the shirt, he tells me he's simply filling demand.

(UNIDENTIFIED MALE): We have money and even drugs.

SANDOVAL: And then what's interesting is we also have the custom made t- shirts like this one here, it's a plain white t-shirt but they have a machine here on the premises to be able to print Chapo's face on there, it

even has the FBI on top. This is the actual wanted poster that's been circulating here in Mexico.


SANDOVAL: Then there are the musical attributes to El Chapo, (narco ballards) are flooding the internet and lyrics of these (inaudible) tell

the story of a so called great escape.


ANNABEL HERNANDEZ, JOURNALIST: People are saying it was (epic), the escape was epic. He's amazing, he's incredible. Like El Chapo is a hero or a

very smart man, and it's not true. This guy is a terrible criminal.

SANDOVAL: Mexican journalist Annabel Hernandez says El Chapo was often admired and seen as a Robin Hood like figure.

HERNANDEZ: Let's be like El Chapo

SANDOVAL: She says it's this glorification of the narco culture that allows Guzman to remain camouflaged amongst the people that revere him.

Polo Sandoval, CNN, Mexico City.


GORANI: Let's bring you back to a story we told you about earlier, President Obama's upcoming visit to Kenya.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin recently visited Kenya for an exclusive video with the President's relatives and his half-sister, Auma Obama, discussed the woman

who could be the next U.S. President, Hilary Clinton. Listen.


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Just speaking about strength in women and looking at all those little girls in (inaudible) I

have to ask coming from a U.S. perspective; Hilary Clinton is running to be the President of the United States. If she's elected she would be the

first female. What do you think your girls of (inaudible) would think hearing about a female President in the U.S.?

AUMA OBAMA: I think in that context with the right exposure it wouldn't surprise them because we have very strong women. We have strong women in

politics, we have strong women in business it's just that they're not at the right places of power, the decision making positions.

[15:40:06] So in that context I think they would be really like wow, what a great thing to have happened. And this is kind of the craziness of our

culture is that we're constantly confronted with strong black African women. But the trouble is that these strong African women when it comes to

the man suddenly they bow and the men take the upper hand, or they give the men that space where the men have to take the role of the father, the

stronger person, the one who makes the decisions.

But really I think in the background the women are making decisions with the men as well.

BALDWIN: Do you think we would be seeing Hilary Clinton posters around here instead of Barack Obama posters.

OBAMA: I think we're not ready for that in many ways. I think if we were to have a women who was trying to be President in Kenya, `cause that's the

way I would - I would compare it, I think our men would be like why a woman?

BALDWIN: In Auma's memoire "And Then Life Happens" she writes of Clinton's fierce attacks of her brother, jabs she took personally.

Are you over some of the jabs she threw at your brother.


OBAMA: No comment. He's a good friend of mine.

The jabs it was politics, I learned that. I learned a little bit about politics, I got to know her and she was really nice, I was really impressed

with her. Strong woman.


GORANI: Well you'll hear more of Brooke's exclusive interview with Auma Obama, Friday on CNN.

This is The World Right Now live from London. When we return;


GORANI: Bill Cosby suffers a legal setback in a sexual assault lawsuit against him. Now the entertainer might be forced to answer questions under

oath. We hear from Cosby's attorney next.




GORANI: Bill Cosby could be forced to answer questions under oath after a civil sexual assault case against him got the go ahead.


GORANI: It dates back this one to 1974 when accuser, Judith Coot alleges Cosby molested her at the Playboy mansion when she was just 15 years old.

Cosby has denied the allegation but the California Supreme Court has now effectively cleared the way for the case to proceed. In an interview with

CNN Cosby's attorney emphasize - emphasized I should say that her client is not facing any criminal charges, listen.

MONIQUE PRESSLEY, BILL COSBY'S ATTORNEY: Even though we hear excerpts from accusers and we see headlines that discuss things like calling him a

rapist, or saying that he's committed sexual assault, the case actually is in a civil court and there are no criminal charges filed. And I think it's

important, no matter what manner the attorneys are speaking (inaudible) the media is covering it that that's a point that stays clear.


GORANI: But it does not mean he's not in legal trouble.

Jean Caserez joins me now from New York. So not criminal charges, we knew that, there's a statute of limitations in sexual assault cases. But

civilly what could - what could he be facing now?

JEAN CASEREZ, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well money damages. And what's interesting about this suit is this is a sexual assault suit in

California, it's not defamation. And the other civil suits that are alive right now, they're all defamation suits that he said something against the

accusers that defamed them and hurt their reputation.

[15:45:14] But this is saying in 1974 you assaulted me sexually when I was 15 years old. And now you're wondering well that 40 years ago. But in

California they do have a special exception for minors that are sexually assaulted. Because when you're a minor you may not fully comprehend what

has happened to you and so only years later do you actually face the realization. So that's why they even were able to file this case.

But the defense is saying years ago you tried to extort money from me, you tried to go to a tabloid with your story, so you're not discovering in the

last few years that I allegedly sexually assaulted you, you were claiming that a long time ago. So therefore it would be outside the statute of


GORANI: All right now what about though this testimony or this questioning under oath of Bill Cosby. In what context would it take place?

CASAREZ: That's going to be the next thing, Gloria Allred who is the attorney who is representing the accuser, Judith Huff, she is now saying

that she is filing notice immediately that she wants Bill Cosby to sit down for a deposition. And she is going to expect him to show up.

I would think he would fight this because he's been through that before, that was the deposition that was just released last weekend after 10 years

being sealed and it inadvertently was released by the court reporting agency. So I think we'll have to wait and see what he does.

There is an active police investigation in the Los Angeles Police Department right now for suing the potentiality of criminal charges against

Bill Cosby so he could plead the fifth; saying that anything I say could be held against me in a criminal court of law if this would come to charges.

GORANI: And what about other cases? I mean you explain this well where California does allow for cases to be brought forward in cases where minors

allege that sexual assault took place. But what about women who were older at the time they say they were assaulted by Bill Cosby? What happens to


CASAREZ: Yes, exactly. That's why they're bringing defamation cases that he has in the last few months has defamed them, hurt their reputation by

speaking out when they suddenly came forward and say Bill Cosby assaulted me.

But back to the Los Angeles case for a second; this is someone we believe is Chloe Goins saying in 2008 she was sexually assault by Bill Cosby at the

Playboy mansion. So that could still potentially be within the statute of limitations. We'll see where that goes. We don't know if there will be

any charges, very likely there won't be. But the fact is they're investigating it so that always leaves the possibility that he could be

charged criminally.


GORANI: All right, Jean Casarez, thanks very much for joining us there with the latest from New York on these Bill Cosby - this case and

potentially cases. Thank you (inaudible).

Don't forget you can get all the latest news, interviews and announces from the show on Facebook.


GORANI: You can find and you'll see there some of the latest video that we posted on our page as well as pictures and

updates on our news stories.


GORANI: Coming up CNN catches up with the fastest man on the planet he's Usain Bolt.


GORANI: And now he's facing a tough challenge from Justin Gatlin. Is a new athletic rivalry in the works? More on that when the World Right Now




[15:50:10] GORANI: Chinese authorities have returned artist and dissident Al Weiwei's passport ending four years of diplomatic limbo.

Al Weiwei is a vocal critic of the Chinese government. He was arrested and jailed in 2011 on tax evasion charges and much of his work was censored

online as well.

But now he says he thinks the government is showing a new tolerance towards him allowing a new Beijing exhibit and lifting a defacto travel ban.

CNN's Ivan Watson has this exclusive interview with Al Weiwei.


IVAN WATSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: You got your passport back, how does that feel?

AL WEIWEI: I feel, my heart is at peace. I feel quite a release.

WATSON: The international travel ban has been lifted. Chinese authorities gave Al Weiwei his passport back on Wednesday after confiscating it more

than four years ago.

It's been a big summer for China's most famous artist provocateur. Freedom to travel and a new exhibit in Beijing.

WEIWEI: This is the first time I showed (inaudible).

WATSON: You're first solo exhibit in your home country?

WEIWEI: Yes, yes.

WATSON: Al Weiwei intentionally split this huge installation between two neighboring galleries rebuilding part of the ruins of a 400 year old wooden

house photographed here which he found in Southern China.

WEIWEI: I think it represents last of the old China, you know the aesthetics or the moral and the philosophy of the whole society it's

completely disappeared. And there's this building represent that kind of condition.

WATSON: Al's outspoken criticism of society and the government in China has gotten him into a lot of trouble.

He made this music video ridiculing Chinese prison guards after security forces detained him for 81 days in 2011 during a crackdown on human rights


Chinese authorities later accused the artist of tax evasion, charges he denies.

You seem to enjoy being a bad boy sometimes?

WEIWEI: Well, only when situation become too ridiculous that I start making fun of it. All the beams go through the wall.

WATSON: These days the irreverent artist seems subdued. Perhaps more cautious about mocking authorities who shut down his blog and sensor his

name on popular social networks. But he says his convictions remain the same.

WEIWEI: What will not be changed is my demanding of freedom of expression. I think those are very essential rights and those rights should be

recognized in any society.

WATSON: After years of persecution this artist insists his faith in his ideals has not been broken.

Ivan Watson, CNN, Beijing.


GORANI: Usain Bolt has been virtually unbeatable since he shot to stardom at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


GORANI: Now after six gold medals and a string of world records, he is being challenged for his titles by American Justin Gatlin. He's the

fastest man in the world this year and the two are set to meet at the world championships. But before that Bolt will run in the anniversary games here

in London and that's where CNN's Amanda Davies caught up with him.

She began by asking how he's preparing after an injury - after an injury plagued 2015.

USAIN BOLT: No definitely I will go. I never back down from a challenge I just say I need to get to (nine six), I think that's my aim every season

try to get back into the best shape that I can get into.

So for right now that's the focus and the work that I need to put in to get there. I am doing it so everything I know everything will be fine.

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The fact that everybody's talking so much about Gatlin and his great form, it's a different position

for you to be in. Have there been any moments of doubt in recent months?

BOLT: No you can - you can never doubt yourself. I think I've been in these situations a couple of times where leading up to the championships I

haven't been competing at my best. But I know when it comes to the championship - I don't know what about championships but I have a different

mindset going into a championship. When I get there my whole vibes just change.

So for me I'm never worried, I know Gatlin is running fast, he's doing great, but I know when I get to the Championships I'll be ready.

DAVIES: What if Justin Gatlin breaks your world record?

BOLT: I don't think he is going to break my world record.

DAVIES: But what if somebody who has been found guilty twice of doping, is he worthy of your world record?

[15:55:07] BOLT: Tough question. If he did it clean sure, if he didn't no. (inaudible) right? So, but I don't think he's going to break it and

if he does I'll break it back.


GORANI: Well Justin Gatlin has denied ever using any banned substances in the past and according to the U.S. Anti-Doping website has been tested 59

times since his second suspension ended in 2010 including nine times this year.

Now investors start your engines; Ferrari is set to make its New York Stock Exchange debut.


Ferrari's current company, Fiat Chrysler will spin off the Italian luxury car brand with a view to an IPO in early 2016. And as much as 10% of

Ferrari's shares will be up for grabs in an attempt to raise at least $11 billion.

Now despite the shake-up, the son of Ferrari's founder, (Keiro) Ferrari is expected to maintain his 10% stake.


GORANI: Well from Italian sports cars to Spanish beaches. If a private beach is your idea of heaven you might want to pass the Spanish resort of



GORANI: These are scenes taken just yesterday, perfect if you like a lot of company. Spain has set a record for the number of tourists in the first

half of this year. It appears as though the country might be benefiting, I hope you're not agoraphobic if you're out there, might be benefiting from

the financial insecurity troubles of other Mediterranean vacation spots.

Almost a quarter of visitors to Spain were British, most likely the slightly sunburnt people in the photo you see there, you can make out


That has been The World Right Now, I'm Hala Gorani. Quest Means Business is next.