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Aircraft Debris Confirmed from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370; Gahdafi Son Tortured in Prison?; President Obama Speaks about Iran Deal; GOP Debate Preview

Aired August 5, 2015 - 15:00:00   ET



HALA GORANI, HOST: All right, our sister network there, CNNUSA covering that breaking news both out of Malaysia and Paris where we heard two

announcements pointing to the same conclusion but one slightly more definitive than the other.


HOST: The Malaysian Prime Minister saying - confirming that the flaperon that was found on Reunion Island was in fact a part of MH370, that Boeing

777. The Paris prosecutor perhaps not so definitive saying that signs point toward the fact that it is a part of the plane.

Now you`ll remember that this is the debris in question, we`re showing you the video now, that Boeing 777 flaperon as it`s called; a piece of airplane

wing, it was found washed up on the Island in the Western Indian Ocean. French experts plan further tests on the debris tomorrow.

A French Deputy Prosecutor as I mentioned there was not a definitive as the Malaysian Prime Minister, he wouldn`t go as far, but still seemed quite

confident of the wing part`s origin, listen.

MACKOWIAK: There is very strong supposition that the flaperon found on the beach of the island of Reunion on the 29th of July actually does belong to

the Boeing 777 of Flight MH370.


GORANI: The Paris Prosecutor there, we`re going to have a lot more on this story of course, this is The World Right Now, starting a little bit late

this hour, I`m Hala Gorani, thanks for joining us.

There`s a lot going on today, another major story developing. Rescuers are working to save hundreds of migrants after their fishing boat capsized near



GORANI: We hear these stories a lot but the scale of this one is noteworthy. As many as 700 people are thought to have been onboard. The

organization Doctors Without Water says there are "many deaths" but the numbers cannot be confirmed right now.


Of course the journey across the Mediterranean is often deadly. The International Organization for Migration says more than 2,000 migrants have

tried doing to do just that, cross the Mediterranean so far this year.

The IOM`s Regional Director, Eugenio Ambrosi, joins me now from Brussels. Mr. Ambrosi, first of all thanks for being with us.

Secondly we`re hearing 700 people perhaps on that fishing boat, that a few hundred have been rescued. Do you have any confirmation on numbers?

EUGENIO AMBROSI, IOM REGIONAL DIRECTOR: We don`t have the confirmation of how many people were on the boat as yet because as you said the rescue

operation is still ongoing. The information that we have received so far talk about 600 to 700 people on board. What we know for sure is that 367

have been saved so far.


AMBROSI: 25 deaths have been also confirmed. But we don`t know whether these numbers are going to increase in the course of the evening or of the

next hour. Because as I said the rescue operation are still ongoing.

In any case it`s yet again another tragedy in the sense of Mediterranean that occurs this year.

GORANI: Right, so 25 deaths confirmed, but if it is the case that up to 700 people were crammed onto this fishing boat the death toll could be much


[15:15:04] The IOM, The International Organization for Migration; what do you think needs to happen here because this problem is not going away. And

very periodically we hear these tragic stories of death in the Mediterranean. What needs to happen now?

AMBROSI: Well first of all I think what this - the event of today shows once again that search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean are

essentially. Because while it`s true that more than 2,000 people have already died this year without the current search and rescue operation that

has been ongoing since a few months in the Mediterranean the death toll would have been much, much higher.

So the Search and Rescue is an essential component of the response but it`s obviously not enough. These people are on these boats and are running this

risk because they are in the hands of traffickers and smugglers.

And they are in the hands of traffickers and smugglers because there are no other option for them to try to reach safety in Europe either because

they`re refugees or because they are escaping extreme poverty.

GORANI: And do you .

AMBROSI: So what needs to happen is .

GORANI: . yes go ahead. Go ahead


AMBROSI: No, I was saying what needs to happen is that we have to get much more serious in the fight against traffickers and smugglers but also we

have to get much more serious in advising appropriate legal channel to allow these people to reach, in safety, the shores of Europe and not to

have to resort to these mechanism of trafficking and smuggling.

GORANI: You may have heard the Swedish Minister said regarding this situation in Calais, not what`s happening in the Mediterranean that

countries like France and the United Kingdom are essentially not acting responsibly, they are not pulling their weight, they should be taking in

more asylum seekers. Does the IOM agree with this assessment?

AMBROSI: We don`t point finger at any different countries but definitely we are convinced that the 28 European member states should so more

solidarity among themselves and share the burden of what`s happening in the Mediterranean both in Italy and in Greece by the way; far more than what

has been done so far. Some country are heavily burdened with the situation, some other are less burdened, and I think there must be an

effort from the 28 to show solidarity.


AMBROSI: And efficiently and effectively handle the situation in a common fashion and not leaving the individual country to fend for themselves.


GORANI: All right, Eugenio Ambrosi, of The International Organization for Migration, joining us from Brussels, thanks very much.

Reacting to the news, just reiterating for our viewers that we are hearing that as many as 700 people were onboard a fishing boat that capsized, just

about 15 miles off the coast of Libya. That 300 people have been rescued we understand just about, 25 confirmed deaths Mr. Ambrosi was telling us

right now, but that leaves of course hundreds unaccounted for. And although this happens regularly the scale of this particular incident

certainly worth noting. This problem not going away with many more tragic stories such as this one, experts are saying should be expected as the warm

months continue to unfold.

So we`ll keep our eye on that. Now to use out of the U.K., you may be familiar with this space and this name, an Islamic preacher within a London

courtroom today proclaiming his innocence after being charged with "inviting support for ISIS."


GORANI: It`s this man, Anjem Choudhary, and another man accused of supporting ISIS in lectures which were then published online. Both

indicated today that they would plead not guilty. The next court appearance is scheduled for August 28th.


GORANI: Libya`s State Prosecutor has opened an investigation into a disturbing video posted online. It appears to show a son of the late

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi being tortured in prison.

Jomana Karadsheh has more. We caution you there are disturbing images in this report.


JOMANA KARADSHEH, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It`s a chilling video unclear when or how this was filmed but emerging online this week the

clearly edited video, at times too disturbing to watch appears to show Saadi al Gaddafi, son of former Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi being

abused by prison guards.

Blindfolded Gadhafi is first made to listen to it sounds like the screams of other prisoners being beaten up outside this room; later he is made to

watch a beating before he too is insulted, hit on the face, and then beaten with a stick on the soles of his feet using a makeshift instrument to

elevate his feet.

HANAN SALAH, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: It raises concerns about the interrogation methods that are being used in this particular prison in

Libya. It is not just concerns about Saadi Gaddafi who is currently in pre-trial detention whom we saw in that, you know awful video being

interrogated and you know, probably coerced into answering a certain - a certain question but our concern goes for all the other detainees who are

in that particular prison.

[15:20:16] KARADSHEH: In a short statement on his Facebook page the office of Tripoli`s Prosecutor General said it has launched an

investigation into the incident.

Since last summer the Libyan capital has been under the control of militia alliance and its self-declared government, one of two rival governments in

the country.

Saadi Al Gaddafi was extradited from Niger in March of last year after he fled the country during the 2011 Revolution. He`s been held at al-Hadba

prison in Tripoli where other former regime officials are held. The court in that same facility last week sentenced nine former regime officials,

including his brother, Saif al-Islam to death by firing squad.

The older Gaddafi was sentenced in absentia, he`s being held by a militia in the city of Zintan. The sentences and the trial raised concerns by

right groups and the United Nations who described it as flawed and did not meet international standards of a fair trial.

Allegations of abuse and torture emerged last year prompting authorities to release several videos on state TV including this one where Al Saadi says

he`s being treated well.

Four years after Libyans overthrew an impressive regime many are now questioning what justice that revolution really bought.

Jamana Karadsheh, CNN, Oman.


GORANI: And that is a good question. Still to come, U.S. President Barack Obama calls it "the strongest non-proliferation agreement ever negotiated."


GORANI: He says virtually the entire world is behind the Iran nuclear deal except Israel he says. Now he`s urging the U.S. Congress to get on board.

We`ll be right back.




GORANI: If Iran cheats we can catch them and he will. Those words are from the American President as he continues to try to sell the Iran nuclear

deal to the American public, and also importantly to congress.


GORANI: Mr. Obama gave a lengthy speech today batting down criticism of the agreement, batting down criticisms one by one. He says the deal cuts

off all pathways for Iran to build a nuclear weapon and added that sanctions can "snap back into place" if Iran violates the accord.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: So this deal is not just the best choice among alternatives, this is the strongest nonproliferation

agreement ever negotiated, and because this is such a strong deal, every nation in the world that has commented publicly, with the exception of the

Israeli government, has expressed support.


GORANI: Despite all the carefully laid out arguments President Obama still faces an uphill battle to convince congress to accept the nuclear deal.

But is there really a risk here for him on Capitol Hill?

Global Affairs Correspondent, Elise Labott is live in Washington. I mean he -- really he would have to have even members of his own party turn

against him in order for this deal not to go through right Elise?

ELISA LABOTT, CNN GLOBAL AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: That`s right, Hala, there would be a significant amount of Democrats to vote against it in order for

him to lose that veto proof majority. But he is fighting for every vote on Capitol Hill.


[15:25:10] LABOTT: President Obama has even been meeting with reluctant senators one on one, representative Nadler, other - representative Eliot

Engel. A lot of Democrats are holding out, they have legitimate concerns with the deal. They said they`re not going to be swayed by party politics,

they want to study it more carefully.

One of the key senators to watch I think is Senator Chuck Schumer who`s on tap to be the next senate minority leader. He`s under intense pressure at

home, he has a very large Jewish American constituency in his home state of New York. But on the national stage where he`s going to be running the

Democratic party in the senate, he`s under intense pressure from the White House, and from Democrats who support the President.


LABOTT: So, you know the President is not only fighting against the Republicans, but he`s also fighting against intense lobbying by pro-Israel

and Jewish interest groups that are spending a lot of money as well to get these Democratic votes.

GORANI: Now did the public, at least public support from Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, other Gulf countries for the deal, and we know they

feel very existentially threatened by a nuclear Iran. Did the fact that they came out and said they support this agreement, is that helping Barack

Obama domestically or not at all?

LABOTT: I don`t think it`s helping him a lot but I think it`s helping him in some ways because Secretary Kerry was able to go and assure these

leaders that the U.S. has this broader strategy for containing Iran in the region.

You know I think one of the main concerns of the Gulf allies was not that Iran was going to use a nuclear weapon against them but they were going to

spend the money to create more chaos in the region. And I think that`s what President Obama missed an opportunity today to kind of put this Iran

deal on a broader context that some of the reluctant Democrats and pro- Israel and Jewish groups are looking for and (inaudible) in a wider region. How is the U.S. going to keep Israel safe? How is the U.S. going to help

contain Iran?

And I think that even though the President touched upon that today, I think the way the President laid it out as a case of war or the deal, I don`t

think that was really going to sway many Democratic - reluctant Democrats.

GORANI: All right, Elise Labott, thanks very much in Washington with more on the President`s speech pushing, selling, that Iran nuclear agreement.

The latest world news headlines are just ahead.


GORANI: Plus we get back to our top story; Malaysia`s Prime Minister says this piece of airplane wing is from MH370. We`ll talk live with an expert

on transport crashes, just ahead.




[15:30:16] GORANI: Here`s a look at your top stories. A piece of airplane debris found in Reunion Island in the Western Indian Ocean is

indeed part of flight MH370, that`s according to the Malaysian Prime Minister.


GORANI: The piece of the plane`s wing was found washed up on a beach last week and was sent to France for analysis, there it is.

The Paris Deputy Prosecutor has said that he thinks it`s highly likely that it is from the plane, experts plan more tests.


GORANI: Rescue workers are racing to save hundreds of migrants whose ship capsized off the Libyan Coast.


GORANI: The aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres says that there are many deaths. We don`t have by the way precise numbers but it looks like a

bigger death toll than some of the other incidents we`ve seen in recent weeks.

It is participating MSF in a rescue effort coordinated by the Italian Coastguard; as many as 700 people may have been onboard the boat before it

went down.


GORANI: India is struggling to deal with a flooding crisis that has killed so far at least 178 people and forced millions from their homes.


GORANI: At least 27 were killed when flood waters swept two trains off a bridge on Tuesday. The train was carrying as many as 1600 people so it

really could have been worse.


GORANI: U.S. President Barack Obama says none of the arguments against the Iran nuclear deal hold up to scrutiny.


He took critics of the deal head on today saying the only alternative is "some kind of war." Mr. Obama is trying to win the support of congress

which votes on the deal next month.


GORANI: Now to the major break into the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Malaysia`s Prime Minister

says the aircraft debris that washed up on a remote island is definitely from the missing jet, listen.


RAZAK: Last week on 29th July we were informed by the French Authorities that part of an aircraft wing had been found on Reunion French Island in

the Indian Ocean. Today, 515 days since the plane disappeared, it is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of

experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH370.

We now have physical evidence that as I announced on 24th March last year, Flight MH370 tragically ended in the Southern Indian Ocean.

The Paris Prosecutor was not quite as definitive as Mr. Razak. He told reporters the debris was very likely from the missing jet. Let`s get some

perspective on what this means for the investigation.


GORANI: Let`s bring in CNN Aviation Analyst, Peter Goelz, in Washington. He`s the former head of the NTSB which investigates major transportation

accidents in the United States. Thanks for being with us.

First, this confirms what we were all suspecting, after all there aren`t any other missing 777s but this was a flaperon from MH370. Now what


PETER GOELZ, CNN AVIATION ANALYST: Well I think the reason why the French Prosecutor was somewhat more circumspect, but only a little, is that you

know you have a team of engineers, they do not have the absolute final confirmation that this flaperon came from this flight.


GOELZ: They will conclude that I think in the next two days of examination.

But what happens now is they are going to examine this piece of wing, microscopically and try and determine how it`s separated from the rest of

the aircraft.

GORANI: And what does the fact that it washed up on Reunion Island tell us about the possibility, the hope that we might find more debris? I mean

could it be that just this one piece of debris washed up on Reunion and then others were caught in some other drift pattern?

GOELZ: If - the drift patterns of that part of the ocean are very unpredictable. And we got this piece at this time is really quite

remarkable and it really does not do anything to speed up the search. That aircraft it confirms that the aircraft went into the water, and tragically

there were no survivors. And it confirms that the aircraft went into the water in the Southern Indian Ocean off of Perth. But other than that, we

still have a long way to go to try and find the full wreckage field.

[15:35:18] GORANI: But obviously I`m not - I`m no expert but I mean when you, I think ordinary people would hear this news and would say great, now

we you know we`re getting closer - we`re getting closer to finding the plane.

GOELZ: Well we`re closing in knowing what happened. I mean remember before this piece was identified there was - there was still speculation

rampant that well perhaps the plane had landed somewhere, maybe it didn`t go South, maybe it went in a different direction. I think that this piece

of wreckage given the drift, the broad drift patterns confirms that the experts who had analyzed the so called handshake from the aircraft to the

satellites were correct. That the plane headed south, and that`s where it ended its flight tragically.

GORANI: So Peter now you`re saying that engineers and experts will microscopically analyze this flaperon to determine how it came off the

wing. What could that possibly tell us? I mean what`s the most we could learn from this?

GOELZ: Well I think - I think there`s a couple of things you could learn. One is looking at the piece from afar it does not look like that piece was

probably attached to the plane when it hit the water because you assume the plane is going 400 to 600 knots when it hit the water, there would be a

great deal of compression damage.

It`s more likely that the flaperon separated from the wing prior to impact and that would indicate that the plane was in a spiral or out of control

just prior to landing in the - in the water. But other than there really is not going to be a lot you`re going to get out of - out of this piece.


GORANI: All right, well I guess something is better than nothing and we hope that more debris is found. Peter Goelz, thanks very much. A former

head of the NTSB joining us from Washington, we appreciate your time this evening.

GOELZ: Thank you.

GORANI: Of course the people most affected by the disappearance of MH370 are the relatives of those lost on the flight. Among them is K.S.



GORANI: You see him on the right, on this photograph. On the left is his wife who was onboard the Malaysian Airlines plane. I spoke to Narendran a

short time ago for his reactions to today`s confirmation.

K.S. NARENDRAN, RELATIVE MH370 PASSENGER: When I heard the news from the Prime Minister of Malaysia I was quite saddened I suppose a heavy heart

felt all the way down. And subsequently when I heard the French Authorities speak I was left a little confused to start with because the

Prime Minister was very definite and the French were sort of . what shall we say . I think there were - there was a lot of wordplay there and I was

wondering therefore what to believe. Because I think the families, the children have waited for a lot more definite conclusions to be shed.

So I was left somewhat confused, a little - frankly angry and dismayed.


GORANI: And Mr. Narendran, your wife was on MH370 are you - I mean are you being kept informed by authorities or by the airline or are you getting

your information essentially from the media?

NARENDRAN: Tonight and it`s past midnight here, tonight I got the news from the airline authorities first, and within a matter of a few minutes I

saw Mr. Kazak speak on television.

GORANI: So you are getting some information from the airline. Obviously what you want now is solid information, you want to know exactly what

happened and you don`t want it to be contradictory. Is that - is that kind of your hope going forward right now?

NARENDRAN: I think that`s the minimum that`s owed to us that there is a - that there is a certain painstaking analysis that happens and there are

facts put out that substantiate a conclusion that`s drawn that the flaperon part that`s been washed ashore was indeed from MH370. I didn`t hear fact,

I didn`t hear the basics, I heard nothing. And so it leaves me wondering whether, you know, (inaudible) foregone conclusion and everybody`s racing

to the finish.

[15:40:03] GORANI: And what`s your state - if I can ask you - if I can ask you now what is your state of mind now? I mean we`re a year and a half

or so after the disappearance of the aircraft this is our first potential - potentially our first physical clue, where are you now in terms of your

state of mind?

NARENDRAN: In terms of the state of mind all I can say is that it`s continued to be a struggle to cope with looking at life ahead and you know

we continue on a daily basis to confirm the reality that in my case well it`s my wife that`s not around. And all that one has to sort of fall back

on are flashes and memories that are all the time a close friend and accompaniment. And that`s all that there is left. So it`s been a

difficult process and we try to sort of reconstruct our lives you know from a certain traumatic phase that we`ve been through. That`s been my struggle

over the last few months.

GORANI: Well K.S. Narendran whose wife was MH370 there saying he`s angry that he`s not getting definitive information and certainly one can

understand just how frustrating and - a time this is for him and his family.

And also bringing you this news before we take a quick break this is just in to CNN.


GORANI: Police in the Southern U.S. City of Nashville say a suspected gunman at a suburban movie theatre has been killed during a shootout with a

SWAT team.

A police spokesman says the suspect may have also been carrying a hatchet that he used to wound one person.

We`re going to take a quick break. We`ll be right back on CNN.




GORANI: Well we may be about a year and a half away from the election but we`re just one day away from the first debate of the 2016 Presidential



GORANI: These 10 Republican candidates will face off on Primetime television giving voters a chance to see where they stand on issues.

Donald Trump of course is going to be the big draw, he`s leading in the polls.

Randi Kaye looks back at some iconic moments from past Presidential showdowns.

RANDI KAYE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Candidates learned early on from the first televised Presidential debate to keep cool, literally.

It was 1960, Republican Presidential candidate Richard Nixon squaring off against Democrat John F. Kennedy when Nixon`s makeup started to run under

the hot lights. Then Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was quoted as saying, my god they`ve embalmed him before he even died.

And the Chicago Daily News ran the headline "was Nixon sabotaged by T.V. make-up artists?" Nixon never recovered though he only lost by a fraction

of a percentage in the 1960 election.

[15:45:09] In the 1988 Vice-Presidential debate Republican Dan Quail compared himself to John F. Kennedy while trying to defend his

inexperience. His opponent, Texas Senator, Lloyd Benson, gave this scathing response.

LLOYD BENSON: I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine, Senator you`re no Jack Kennedy.

KAYE: That flawless response earned Benson huge applause and a moment in the spotlight but his ticket with Michael Dukakis didn`t win the election.

In 2000 Democrat Al Gore made himself heard while debating George W. Bush. Gore was mocked for his heavy sighs. New York Times Columnist, Maureen

Dowd likened his behavior to a country song she called "you`ve been sighing and lying." Others described him as a teacher`s pet, annoying and

irritating. Gore took a hit falling five percentage points in the CNN USA Today Gala Poll.

Remember this moment from November 2011?

RICK PERRY, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Commerce, Education, and the um, what`s the third one there, let`s see.

KAYE: Republican candidate Rick Perry unable to remember the third government agency he promised to shut down. The meltdown went viral and

was spoofed on Saturday Night Live.

[Video] "All three now ready, commerce, oh god I only know one now.

KAYE: Still Perry`s memory lapse only cost him one percentage point in the CNN Tracking Poll.

In December 2011 when GOP candidate Mick Romney tried to bed opponent Rick Perry during a live debate critics pounced, saying he appeared out of

touch. Perry even suggested the 10 grand was pocket change for Romney. Late night comedians had a field day with it.

[video] "$10,000 bet? I`m not in the betting business but OK." This is awesome a Mormon gambling with an evangelical over who`s the bigger liar.

KAYE: On a contributor wrote "a $10,000 bet he offered to Perry could not have helped him in the heartland." Turns out Romney jumped 8

percentage points in the CNN OCR Poll conducted after the debate; so his gamble actually paid off.

Randi Kaye, CNN, New York.


GORANI: Well some people said Donald Trump wasn`t a serious contender, he is leading in the poll in a major way by the way, and he`s been

consistently leading for the last several weeks.

Let`s get more on what we can expect from the debate, Larry Sabato the Director of the Center for Politics with the University of Virginia, he

joins us from Charlottesville.

Thanks very much Larry, for being with us. First of all what should we expect because this is a primetime spectacle. This isn`t just politics

anymore, you have reality show stars, you have billionaires who say what they think and say some brash things sometimes. What should we expect from

this? Has it become a show?

LARRY SABATO, DIRECTOR , CENTER FOR POLITICS, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: Yes, it has become a show, it`s Hollywood meets Washington and Hollywood tends

to dominate.

Look this - this is the 169th Presidential Primary Debate since our debating system started in 1944.


SABATO: That`s excluding all the general election debates that your piece just covered. So we have a lot of experience with this and I have to say

the vast majority of those 168 debates that have happened already have not produced critical moments. There are a few though and that`s why we watch.

We watch for the car crash.

There could be a car crash tomorrow evening and just about everybody is betting it involves Donald Trump either as the driver or the car that`s


GORANI: Well I wonder what his strategy then is going into this. I mean the rules, according to our Dana Bash, there who`s been briefed by the

organizers, that because there`s so many on stage each candidate has 60 seconds to answer. This could actually work in Donald Trump`s favor

because he hasn`t given many specifics on some of the most headline grabbing proposals he`s made so far like building a wall and having Mexico

pay for it, et cetera. Or bombing ISIS oil fields all across Iraq. So he doesn`t give specifics, so if he`s got only 60 seconds that should work for

him, right?

SABATO: That`s a very good point. If a candidate is lucky he may get 10 minutes out of the entire debate because there are so many candidates on

stage. You can fluff your way through 10 minutes especially in 60 second chunks and they`re 30 seconds for rebuttal so it`s pretty easy to get

through if you want to.

I think though what Trump is going to try to do will surprise people. He will try to avoid the kinds of attacks that he makes on the trail when no-

one else is there, or in tweets on Twitter. All the other candidates is going to be there and every one of them is prepared with a comeback clip.

They`ve all been trained by their consultants and they`re just waiting for the opportunity. He may not give them the opportunity or he may not be

able to help himself, it`s Donald Trump.


GORANI: But it`s a catch 22 for him because why is he leading in the polls? I mean is it because he attacks, because he says what`s on his

mind, because he`s the anti-politician in the minds perhaps of some Republicans. And if he doesn`t go down that road during the debate will

that in the end hurt him?

SABATO: It could hurt him because people are tuning in to see him. He has doubled or tripled the debate audience. The other candidates actually owe

him a lot.


SABATO: They`re going to be seen by a lot more Americans because people are tuning in for Donald Trump. But when you get right down to it, you

need to remember that this first debate incredibly under the American system is being held a year and three months before the November 2016



SABATO: And a full six months before the voting in the Primaries even starts. This is a long process. Donald Trump is doing well now but I

rather suspect the air will come out of that balloon at some point in time. I don`t know when, I don`t know how, but it`s very difficult to imagine him

being the Republican nominee for President.

GORANI: Remind me Larry, do we usually have debates this early in the process or is this just earlier than usual? Because a year and three


SABATO: Believe it or not we have had debates even earlier than this. Our Presidential process now stretches out over years. It actually begins the

day after the last election.


SABATO: And the debating can start as early as, oh I would say 18 months in advance of the election. It`s ridiculous but it`s our system.


GORANI: Larry Sabato, really appreciate it, thanks for joining us from Charlottesville, Virginia, and we hope to speak with you again soon -

perhaps after this debate. Thanks very much.

We`ll be right back, stay with us on CNN.




GORANI: We`re talking about U.S. politics; U.K. politics now and there`s a surprising candidate making waves in the race for the next Labor leader. A

slew of recent polls put the man behind me, opposition lawmaker Jeremy Corbyn ahead in the campaign for the party leadership. There`s a poll from

yougov last month that puts him in front of his rival - his closest rival.

Max Foster takes a look.


MAX FOSTER, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: This is the kind of reception usually reserved for star politicians not party outsiders like Jeremy

Corbyn. But his campaign for the Labor leadership has gained unexpected momentum bringing a new wave of support to the far left.

JEREMY CORBYN, LABOUR LEADER CANDIDATE: [Video] move on from the blame culture, move on to the collective and how things are achieved.

FOSTER: Corbyn is a well-known activist regularly appearing at anti- establishment demonstrations over his 32 years as an MP.

CORBYN: [Video] Now I support a price freeze on energy.

FOSTER: His straight talking often superseding party politics, regularly rebelling against his own leadership in Parliamentary votes. Most famously

when a Labour Government chose to back the U.S. led invasion in Iraq in 2002, and he doesn`t let things lie. Still asking for answers.

[15:55:13] CORBYN: [Video] And it`s absolutely disgraceful that the current cabinet`s secretary should refuse to release letters sent by the

then Prime Minister, Blair, to President Bush.

FOSTER: Notoriously quirky he`s won the award for Parliamentary beard of the year a record five times.

He barely had enough nominations to even run for the Labour leadership let alone turning the leadership contest on its head. But Corbyn is drawing

big crowds these days. He`s topping the polls and attracting supporters by the dozen.

CORBYN: [Video] Your whole life in Korea has been about banking.

FOSTER: Some pundits say it`s his frank talk that has put him ahead of the other three contenders.

[Video] This is exactly why Jeremy Corbyn is shown in this Times Poll this morning as way ahead of the rest of you because he`s given me a straight


FOSTER: His competition all high profile Labour MPs wildly endorsed by the party.

But even as he surges in the polls Corbyn`s hard-left policies are drawing criticism from senior Labour party members who warned if he wins the party

will suffer an even more dismal outcome than it did under former leader, Ed Miliband.

With an election manifesto based on anti-austerity, renationalization, raising taxes for the rich, and nuclear disarmament, he`s won the backing

of a key support base for Labour, the U.Ks biggest trade unions.

There`s no doubt the U.K. has been hit by some sort of Corbyn mania, he`s rarely out of the newspapers, there`s even a thread dedicated to his

sexiness on the popular mumsnet parenting website. He isn`t new to politics but his potential as a political leader is new and is seen by many

as refreshing to a party that`s spent years now in opposition.

Max Foster, CNN, London.


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