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Race Relations Examined; Trump Campaign Continues to Roll

Aired August 11, 2015 - 21:00:00   ET


[21:00:00] DREW PINSKY, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight a state of emergency in Ferguson, Missouri, again. A city on the edge one year after Michael Brown

was killed by a police officer. Plus, Donald Trump speaks out about Megyn Kelly, women, and why he`ll not apologize. Former "Apprentice" contestant

Omarosa is here with us. No curfew tonight but a state of emergency still in effect in Ferguson. Take a look at this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: St. Louis county police say a handful of bad actors threw frozen water bottles or rocks at the police lines. As

officers take down the protests, a woman gets too close and gets blasted with pepper spray.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Weapons in an already wounded community is a recipe for disaster.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you have this extra military force, people are intimidated and feel more threatened than they ever have been. That`s

indicative that things have not changed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Many of the people who have their own agenda as and wish to escalate violence mix in with peaceful protesters. So it is

difficult. And particularly for law enforcement who has no idea oftentimes who is who.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They have to step up to restore law and order. I`m not protesting to defend lawlessness but question police brutality,

inappropriate police tactics.

PINSKY: Today is 50 years to the day after the Watts riots in Los Angeles. We`re still struggling with these issues. Joining me, Omarosa,

former Apprentice contestant, Mike, host of "Chain Reaction" on GSN. And Areva Martin and Lisa Lockwood, former police detective and S.W.A.T. team

member. And let me go around the horn. Has anything changed since Ferguson a year ago.

OMAROSA: You know, Dr. Drew the more things change, the more they stay the same. There`s still an underrepresentation of African-American

officers on the force. Still African-Americans being arrested at higher numbers than their counterparts. Things have stayed the same.

SAMANTHA SCHACHER, HOST: And that`s just temporary. That`s what a - when I was reading interviews, they didn`t like the now police chief who is

Black and the city manager who is Black, which is great it`s representative of the 67 percent Black residents but they have an interim title. So they

are fearful this is just a temporary fix and they`ll not have permanent positions.

PINSKY: Lisa, one thing that struck me is a woman saying there`s a militaristic force. Are police supposed to step back and let people run

through the city or should they protect people`s private property?

LISA LOCKWOOD, FORMER DETECTIVE SWAT: Absolutely they need to be protected. We have the example of what happened last time. Were we

prepared? Absolutely not. This time when we`re trying to do a memorial, police presence need to be there.

OMAROSA: But the police were aggressive.

SCHACHER: It was a big mistake to declare a state of emergency so soon. There was no need for that. I`ve got my finger on the pulse of

what`s happening. They should not have declared a state of emergency. There`s no longer a state of emergency. They were too quick on the


AREVA MARTIN, LEGAL ANALYST: I disagree. And I disagree about the progress. I grew up ten minutes from Ferguson. I`ve been there and talked

to the residents, and people feel a lot has changed.

OMAROSA: The arrests are still up.

MARTIN: Arrests are up, but...

OMAROSA: Sops are still up and...

MARTIN: You can`t minimize the change or progress. Are we where we need to be in this country on race issues? Absolutely not.

OMAROSA: Don`t put a band aid on it. They put a band aid on it.

MARTIN: Omarosa, I let you speak. When you have 1,000 jobs being offered by corporations all over the country...

OMAROSA: Why are they rioting?

MARTIN: You mix apples and oranges. We can still protest peacefully because we want to go further. It doesn`t mean we`ve come a long way. You

have to recognize the progress or else you won`t be able to continue to move forward. There`s been a lot of progress in Ferguson.

OMAROSA: It`s all cosmetic, and that`s why people are rioting.

MARTIN: It is not cosmetic. 1,000 jobs is not cosmetic.

OMAROSA: They`re not in Ferguson.

MARTIN: You`re wrong about that. Those jobs are being offered to residents in Ferguson, Missouri. You`re wrong about that.

PINSKY: A lot of the built-up frustration is young men who are unemployed, financial disparities, things endemic throughout the country

just boiling over in these communities.

LONI COOMBS, ATTORNEY: It takes time to change those things. Like Areva said, those changes are coming. We can`t judge everything on the

protests getting out of hand. Once it gets dark, a lot of people come in that have other agendas and spin it out of control.

MARTIN: It`s not even a lot of people. It`s a handful of people hijacking these people.

SCHACHER: Three or four blocks.

PINSKY: I talked to the former police chief. He walked the streets of watts and 65 and said when he talked to the people who lived in watts

they said this isn`t us it`s people coming to watts. Jason Carroll, give us an update on what`s happening tonight?

JASON CARROLL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: So far it`s been relatively calm. In comparison to what we saw last night when we saw what dozens of

protesters being arrested. But as -- what we`ve been witnessing out here so far, streets seem really calm. There`s a protest planned. Things seem

to go south when the sun goes down. Last night things in terms of ache arrest, that was some time around midnight. I was looking to your

panelists talk about progress being made.

In terms of those who I`ve spoken to they acknowledge some progress has been made. A year after Michael brown`s death, some people would

easily acknowledge there still needs to be more work that needs to be done on the ground. That`s why you`re seeing so much frustration. Also in

terms of frustration, a lot of the protesters have been peaceful. It`s the pockets of people who are basically hell bent on causing destruction.

Those are the problem we`re seeing with protesters.

Those people arrested last night, a lot of them came from out of town with the express interest of getting arrested and confronting police.

Actually at one point we heard demonstrators fighting among themselves. When you come out here and do this you`re causing problems for our

community. So there are a lot of different dynamics taking place.

PINSKY: Thanks, Jason, I appreciate it. The police response measured during the day. Seems to be more militarized at night. John, you

heard the conversation. What are your thoughts?

JHN CARDILLO, FORMER NYPD OFFICER: It`s the first time I`m going to appear on your show where I agree with 90 percent of your panel.


CARDILLO: Jason`s analysis from the ground was great and spot on. And I agree with the lieutenant and everyone else. This is really

different groups of people. During the day I`m speaking to local law enforcement. During the day your local residents who at nightfall locks

their doors and groups of agitators come in. They are the ones causing the problem. It really isn`t, at this point, doesn`t appear to be Ferguson


PINSKY: We have new video of the moments before Tyrone Harris was shot. Police say he was part of a group firing shots on the streets of

Ferguson. New surveillance shows a man police identify as Tyrone Harris retreating at the sound of gunshots, then pulling a gun and running toward

the sound of the shots, weapon drawn.

Harris shot at officers and their vehicles. Officers hitting him four times. He`s in critical condition. He lives in a town about four

miles from Ferguson. One of the outsiders that peaceful protesters are complain about. But Omarosa, explain that. Are they just ne`er do wells.

OMAROSA: There`s been an emergence of the Black lives movement. There are people who legitimately want to protest peacefully. There`s

another arm that`s more extreme that want to start trouble. They want to go into the situations. They want to go toe-to-toe.

PINSKY: Revolution?

OMAROSA: When you are laying in critical condition in the emergency room that`s not revolution. You have to live to fight another day. It`s

foolish to think you`ll stir it up enough to give your life for this. I don`t think that`s the message he was trying to send. I was on the ground

in Baltimore and Ferguson. There are different dynamics among the protesters.

PINSKY: Later, Donald Trump at it again on the defense. Speaking out at a campaign event. We`ll hear what he`s saying after this.

[21:10:00] YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I`m Yasmin Vossoughian. Air traffic controllers are confirming what you don`t want to

hear. They make mistakes because they`re tired. 20 percent of controllers admitted such mistakes from fatigue may be here`s why. They averaged about

six hours of sleep per night. Those on the midnight shift got just three. Positioning planes too close together. That`s a mistake.

And for the first time the crew on the international space station ate food grown in their own space garden. They had some red romaine

lettuce. Half will be saved and sent back to earth for analysis. It will be key to long-term journeys like potential missions to Mars.


BERNARD KERIK, NYPD COMMISSIONER: People start throwing bottles, they`re going to have protective gear. You can`t send them out there

without that gear. They use that as an excuse that they now have a reason to riot. The officer involved in the incident is gone. I think there`s a

new police chief there. There`s no city council, new political leaders there. All this great stuff that`s happened within the community.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A year later there`s not the hope of change we`d hope to see by this point. Some faces have changed but the system itself

is still in place.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everything is law enforcement`s fault. No matter what bad behavior is exhibited by the rioters, looters, arsonists, shooters

that somehow that lands on law enforcement`s shoulders.

PINSKY: Protests are planned for tonight in Ferguson. For now streets are calm. I`m back with Sam, Omarosa, Lisa and John. A group that

calls themselves the oath keepers are in Ferguson. They are claiming to be there to protect local businesses. The police chief called their presence,

quote, unnecessary and inflammatory.

Lisa, how do they deal with that is effectively a vigilante group.

LOCKWOOD: They want to make sure that people are safe because they don`t feel the police and national guard is doing their job. 30,000 people

in this group.

PINSKY: 30,000?

LOCKWOOD: 30,000 people in this group. Across the nation. And they decided their presence would be good in that area. Obviously it is

inflammatory. It`s not what they wanted. They didn`t want to go into a state of emergency after the shooting which they`d already done. It did

incite some behavior that could have been prevented.

PINSKY: This kind of group scares me. Are they a weird underground vigilante group?

CARDILLO: Well, this group started at military guys that were going to be at the ready if something were to happen. What it`s become I don`t

like and agree with the panel. There`s no place for them there. They came with the conspiracy theory website info wars.

PINSKY: Love conspiracy theories.

CARDILLO: Yes. And it has a lunatic founder, Alex Jones. They`re there claiming he`s their security. The whole thing is ridiculous. The

cops are doing just fine on their own.


MIKE CATHERWOODS, HOST: I think it`s important to identify if we look at these very small segment of protesters that are actually people

going there with the intent to cause harm. If we look at a small segment of extremist vigilante groups and we can get - the argument has the waters

get murky where we focus on, this side is very much White and these guys are very much Black. And then end up taking what is probably a productive

exercise in peaceful protests and things get really crazy and out of whack.

We should always like behind ourselves that. There are some people there that have caused crime and have committed crimes and maybe need the

intervention of police force. And there are some people there that are looking for an excuse to bring out their assault weapons. But at its core,

this is not a citizens racial thing.

PINSKY: Whatever you`re saying, Mike, hold on. What`s going on?

OMAROSA: We`re not addressing why we`re here.

PINSKY: Why are we here? How did this happen.

OMAROSA: Michael Brown was shot, the middle of the street in front of his community. The officer got off. This community is still trying to

recover from this injustice. We`re talking about protesters and vigilantes but not talking about the situation that failed this community.

MARTIN: I`m looking at this group of White militia or ex-military guys with rifles in Ferguson, Missouri. This African-American town

thinking how horrible and how alarming that must be to see these White guys walking down your street with rifles saying they`re there to fill in the

street when the police don`t do their job? What kind of training do they have to insert themselves as law enforcement into this community? That`s


PINSKY: It`s crazy, right?

COOMBS: Here protesters are saying we need more change and more African-Americans and in come more white guys with assault rifles.

SCHACHER: I was watching a number of live broadcasts from periscope and a number of other things. They were talking about they still feel

disenfranchised, and they do not trust their own mayor. Our own justice system has said under your leadership you`ve strategically pulled over

mostly African-American males in order to bank roll your programs.

Until that mayor is no longer that`s mayor, there`s still a group of people that don`t feel the assurance of the change. We also have to bring

up the fact, the body cameras are a positive thing that came out of Ferguson.

MARTIN: You are talking about that DOJ report, the scathing Department of Justice report that said this police department has been

involved in systematic racial disparities for years. It`s going to take years. You don`t undo that systematic racism overnight. We need so much

more in that community and communities like that. I want to give it up for those young activists out there. Black lives matter.

[21:20:00] Now major presidential candidates are looking at and incorporating the strategy and platform of these young activists that have

gotten national attention on these issues, not talked about until they were getting into the faces of major political candidates.

CATCHERWOODS: And I - I`ve not been to Ferguson, Missouri, but I was right there for a lot of the occupy protests. And there is something to be

said for how the police approach a protest. I think - it does - it may sound stupid but you want law enforcement to be prepared. But seeing a

militarized police force can be inflammatory to group of protesters. I didn`t know if there`s an immediate need to see guys in riot gear and


PINSKY: It is a question.

CATCHERWOODS: It is a question of safety.

PINKSY: And we want officers - the question is at issue. People keep saying we`ve got to change and do something. What do we have to do.

Give three things. A new mayor is one.

OMAROSA: Take the interim from in front of their name. All of those appointed are interim. It undermines their authority and ability to make

long lasting sustainable change. We`ve not dealt with the fact this community does not have economic opportunities. I`m sorry, Areva, but

these young men and women are unemployed and...

MARTIN: My statement about...

OMAROSA: You can never fail building up the educational system. This school to prison pipeline...

PINSKY: What they`ve shown again and again. Schools make less of an impact than families. All of us as parents have to invest in our kids`

education. It`s not just the schools. It`s all of us. Would you agree?

OMAROSA: Teamwork makes the dream work.

PINSKY: Next to the hashtag which is what we`ll be talking about. I think this is productive conversation. I appreciate what you have to

offer. The police become the representative of all that is wrong in people`s lives. There`s so much to be done. We all have to work on it.

And is it all economic and about the health of our families and opportunity. This is what Mr. Trump is tapping into in some - it`s why I

think it`s what he`s trying to tap into.

Let`s get going and do this, work on these things. You may or may not agree the way he`s doing it but he`s getting attention. He`s not

losing his grip on the spotlight or the polls. His remarks he made tonight. We`ll take a look at those after this.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You can see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her, wherever.

HILLARY CLINTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I thought what he said was offensive, and I certainly think that it deserves the kind of reaction that

it`s getting.

TRUMP: I cherish women. I will be so good to women. I`ll work hard to protect women and work hard to protect everybody.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you pass an equal pay for women?

TRUMP: I`ll have a position on it in the not too distant future. I just don`t want it to be a negative where everybody makes the same way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you pay the women at the top of your organization the same as men?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do you say Hillary Clinton.

TRUMP: I know my capability and her capability. I`m a whiner and I keep whining until I win.

PINSKY: Still whining and riding high despite the blood feud between he and Megyn Kelly. Omarosa, you know this man. Is this business as


OMAROSA: He`s the most clever candidate. He`s found a way to lead in the headlines. Everybody is talking about him, and his poll numbers

reflect the voters are interested in seeing Donald Trump.

PINKSY: How about this guy that canceled him? Erick Erickson.

OMAROSA: To cancel somebody that can Garner...

PINSKY: Is he stupid and dumb...

OMAROSA: It could have been huge if he had come to your event.

PINSKY: World class slob. Clearly bleeding from wherever.

OMAROSA: Wouldn`t, Dr. Drew, wouldn`t you have Donald Trump come and explain his Megyn Kelly comment at your event as opposed to canceling him

in the midnight hour and Erick is the biggest misogynist. This is better than any scripted drama on television.

SCHACHER: That`s the problem. It shouldn`t be - I, too, have been very entertained by Donald Trump. We`re all chuckling. We shouldn`t be

laughing and grabbing the popcorn for a presidential debate.

OMAROSA: We sat through eight years of George W. Bush. That was popcorn and laughter and a man who couldn`t pronounce basic words.

CATCHERWOODS: I echoed the same sentiment a few weeks ago. I think that he`s just now really realized and monopolized the spotlight because

he`s the only one willing to, I guess, lower the standards to what we as voters and citizens want to see. And, by the way, exploiting the media and

resorting to pretty nasty language is nothing new in American politics. It goes back to our founding fathers.

[21:30:00] PINSKY: Absolutely it does. When we had newspapers representing what is essentially being done on television. That was

politics as usual in 1790 and 1820. It got nasty.

SCHACHER: But is it strategy or is this really him?

OMAROSA: He`s clever. He`s clever.

SCHACHER: Is it him? He sells the sizzle. He`s not worried about the steak. He`s selling sizzle.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can he deliver the steak later?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s going to have to. The moderates are not going to allow him to keep being vague. He`s going to have to hone down

his message and come up with a realistic platform.

CATCHERWOODS: Selling the sizzle and not the steak. And the credit we have to give to Mr. Trump is as we`ve started to investigate the steak,

there really comes up with nothing negative. These comments there it be about illegal migrants and we see that has negative toward Mexicans. As

they investigate his treatment of Hispanic employees, seems pretty good. And he says these things about Megyn Kelly.

OMAROSA: He never said anything about...

CATHERWOODS: We interpreted that. As they investigate how he treated female employees. No one has come forward to say that he`s done

anything negative by their gender, their race.

PINSKY: I do not understand why the Republican party doesn`t let this horse run as fast and far. But - and get as many Americans running

behind him, democrats, republicans, sweep this into a frenzy of enthusiasm for his party and see if he can deliver the steak.

CATHERWOODS: The republican party is not in one segment. When it is, we will see. He`s gone on record today very proudly saying Donald

Trump is going to run as the republican candidate. He wants to be a republican. But right now the republican party is not this monolithic


PINSKY: But the people whom the Republicans are supposed to represent looks like they`re sweeping along with this guy. Perhaps some

other people can come along for that ride. He was asked what he`d do to address poor race relations in this country. Something we`ve been talking

about. This has just happened in Michigan where he`s speaking. Let`s listen to this.

TRUMP: You look at what`s going on in every place. And we have powder kegs all over the country waiting to explode. You need spirit,

spirit de corps and jobs. We have to take them back from all these countries that have taken our jobs.

PINSKY: Just like Omarosa said.

MARTIN: Dr. Drew, I`ve been sitting here very quietly. Loni and I are lawyers. Precedent are things we study. a.k.a history. Does anyone

remember Herman Cain? Do you remember Rick Perry and Rick Santorum when they were up so high in the polls around the same time in 2011? And let`s

look at 2007. Hillary Clinton, 44 percent over Barack Obama.

We couldn`t even say Barack Obama`s name and pronounce it correctly. If we`ve learned anything about history, these early numbers don`t predict

the future. If you ask someone who they are going to vote for of course it`s going to be the guy with the highest name identification.

PINSKY: You`re making my case.

MARTIN: Today does not predict the future tomorrow and the winner of the presidential campaign.

PINSKY: Why isn`t the republican party going with this. It certainly will get people interested in their party and platforms.

LOCKERWOODS: That`s the idea to get people involved. What`s the impact of all this reality TV going to have? It`s getting people involved

in politics because they`re seeing it as a reality show. There`s a good side to that. The republican party should use that to their advantage.

The problem is at some point the sizzle is going to die down.

OMAROSA: You are both going to have to eat crow when Donald Trump is the republican nominee. I`m sorry.

CATCHER: I`m being told he`s now dating Tiga and is going to change his gender.

PINSKY: Disaster in a cycling event all caught on tape. I`ll give you that after this. Only nexium 24hr gives you nexium level protection

for frequent heartburn all day and all night.


TRUMP: I`m am the most fabulous whiner. Because I want to win.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s a businessman. Whether that translates to government. I worked in the white house. Donald may work.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a great tactic to win the republican primary.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Donald Trump is delusional thinking he can win.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Donald Trump is brilliant.

PINSKY: Sometimes people with great leadership and great intuition are success.

TRUMP: Carl Icahn is a friend of mine. I said if I pull this off I`m putting you in charge of China and Japan.

PINSKY: No one seems to be tired of Donald Trump except for some of the other candidates. We`re going to look at two new post-debate polls of

500 likely participants. Scott Walker is at 12 percent, Marco Rubio at 10 percent. In the morning consult tracking poll of republicans and

independents, Trump has 32 percent. Jeb Bush 11 percent and Dr. Ben Carson 9 percent.

CATCHER: Can we focus on the pictures of Jeb Bush and Donald Trump they decided to use.

PINSKY: Loni, are you surprised?

[21:40:00] LOCKERWOODS: I am. No matter what Donald Trump does his numbers go up. Almost like the numbers are broken. He`ll do something.

The John McCain thing, people said that`s it. There`s no way, and they keep going up.

PINSKY: Ronald Reagan had similar rhetoric around him and worse numbers. Omarosa, a huge shutout in the "Washington Post" column. The

writer was dismayed over what you said about Trump. A different matrix and analysis to use. This is the new reality.

OMAROSA: Is that a good thing? It`s a really good thing. You have young people who have never tuned in to a debate interested in the issues.

You have people that have checked out of the political process. Now they`re in. This is good for politics as a whole.

MARTIN: I`m going to agree with Omarosa. It`s not just happening on the GOP side. Let`s talk about Bernie Sanders. He`s drawing crowds of

20,000-plus people. I think Bernie and Donald are getting the FU vote because people are so outraged with what`s happening.

OMAROSA: Bernie is a bore.

MARTIN: Bernie is getting 27,000 people at a rally.

SCHACHER: I think Trump is going to start to sink in the next few months.

PINKSY: Trump has asked what to do about planned parenthood. There`s the recent scandal over the alleged sale of body parts. He was

asked about it. I`m going to have you respond.

TRUMP: If the time came, I`d look at the individual things they do and maybe some of the things are good. I know a lot of the things are bad.

The abortion aspect of it should not be funded by government. I`m prolife and strongly about prolife but I also feel you go with the exceptions.

PINKSY: His exceptions are rape, incest and potential ill health of the mother. What`s going on?

COOMBS: I`m not surprised. Trump has flip flopped before. Used to be pro-abortion, even in favor of partial birth abortions. The fact he`s

saying first of he was for defunding the biggest abortion chain in the country and not so sure about it now. It`s not a surprise.

PINSKY: When he was single, he was very pro-abortion.

COOMBS: That`s just very sad.

PINSKY: Why does planned parenthood have to take on the moniker you just gave it.

COOMBS: Because they are.

PINSKY: The moniker is what I`m asking about. One of the more common - probably the highest, most common delivery system for young

females for health care. Why can`t we divorce those two things. Not all of them have abortion at their clinics. Each one is individually operated.

Why can`t the government fund the women`s health part and let the abortion of separate.

COOMBS: Planned parenthood commits over 327,000 abortions a year. Almost one-third. 40 percent of their clinic income abortion. Those

numbers a lot of people don`t know about it.

SCHACHER: That`s not true. 3 percent of their service goes to...

COOMBS: That`s a planned parenthood...

SCHACHER: Bottom line, I relied on planned parenthood when I was broke. I relied on it for cervical cancer screening and birth control.

COOMBS: There are 9,000 federally qualified health centers that don`t have the branding or marketing or big abortion lobbying. They`re not

getting the tax dollars going to them. Instead planned parenthood is getting it instead.

OMAROSA: Name one other than planned parenthood.

COOMBS: Federal qualified health centers. A major brand and lobby.

OMAROSA: You can`t even name it.

COOMBS: Here`s another question.

PINSKY: Everybody stop. Stop. When I say stop, for God`s sakes, stop. I work for a long time trying help get young women health care. And

it`s really hard to get them to trust something. And planned parenthood developed that trust. It took 20 years. It`s not like you can go just

head over here. Young people want to know they have confidentiality and can - that they are sort of age appropriate, they can communicate with the

people they`re likely to see there. They`ll see their peers. Their parents aren`t going to be there. It takes a long time.

COOMBS: Two responses. I have personally been under cover in planned parenthood posing as a sexual abuse. They said they`d cover up the

abuse, get me an abortion. No questions asked. That`s a sick codes of confidentiality. That`s not being pro-women.

OMAROSA: Instead of strip away all the beneficial...

COOMBS: Who has watched any of the videos from the center for medical progress that expose them selling body parts of the children they

abort against federal law, manipulating the abortion procedure in order to deliver an intact specimen of these babies to harvest hearts, lungs and...

OMAROSA: Thousands of young women have the ability to get check-ups and...

COOMBS: Even getting check-ups and do you federally qualified health centers. Over 9,000 of them in this country. There are only 700 planned

parenthood facilities and for many of them that do abortions, over half of their service is abortion. If you want the noun go to health providers go

to the ones that care about women.

PINSKY: Thank you, everybody. Disturbing video from a bike race. We`ll tell you the latest on those involved and the outcome is good.


CATCHERWOODS: A YouTube video that`s gone viral capturing a good day Orlando host that walked off set because in the middle of an entertainment

report, check it out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m having a good Friday. So I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today. You are on your own. I`ve had enough

Kardashians. I can`t take any more Kardashian stories on this show.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you like it if your daughter named her Pet John?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s exactly what Kylie Jenner did. She got a gray beautiful fluffy rabbit and named it Bruce.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So a lot of people internationally are uploading him two million views on YouTube, 56 display his name is Dan


OMAROSA: Paris Hilton has called for a week on no press on Kardashian for all bloods and all military.

CATHERWOODS: David Beckham is upset watch out. The Daily Mail which is an excellent outfit and everything they do is great. Published a photo

of his four year old daughter with a pacifier in her mouth and suggest that as she continues to use it, she could suffer from speech or dental issues.

Beckham refused to be parent shame. He posted on his Instagram, why do people feel the need and feel they have a right to criticize a parent

about their own children without having any facts. Everybody who has children knows, what comforts them best is a pacifier. So those who

criticize think twice, you have no right to criticize me as a parent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What do you think?

PINSKY: Listen, it`s not as though. They can have dental problems but Beckham as if don`t have the dental issues. But the other issue for me

is it`s sort of weird, this guy is loosing in the public for a long time. People do feel entitled to. They can comment on everything. I wonder what

he is talking.


PINSKY: Video of accident. Competing in Utah lose control. Everyone is fine. Tweeted a photo from his bed, there in his hospital

saying all good in hood guys, thanks for the messages. Follow us on Facebook and Snapchat.