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Awaiting Donald Trump's First Post-Debate Speech; Clinton To Give Private Email Server To Justice Department; Carly Fiorina Surges in New Iowa Poll; Trump Leads In New Polls From Key States; Trump Speaking At First Campaign Event Since Debate; Rookie Cop Who Killed Unarmed College Student Fired. Aired 7-8:00p ET

Aired August 11, 2015 - 19:00   ET


[19:00:08] KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: OUTFRONT tonight, breaking news, we're standing by right now as Donald Trump is about to speak before a sold out crowd the first time since his headline-grabbing performance at the first republican debate.

Plus, we have more breaking news. New surveillance video appears to show a Ferguson teenager on the night he was shot by police. His family says he was unarmed. The video may tell a different story.

And just into CNN, police fire the officer who shot and killed a Texas teenager. So will the officer now face criminal charges? Let's go OUTFRONT.

Good evening, everyone. I'm Kate Bolduan in for Erin Burnett. OUTFRONT tonight, breaking news, we are standing by for Donald Trump about to make his first public appearance since the big debate and since the latest controversy to engulf his campaign. You're looking right there at a live picture where he is about to speak. He's getting ready to take the stage before a big audience at a republican fundraiser in Michigan and Trump is riding high tonight. The first polls out since the debate, they were just released. He's now leading in two key early voting states in Iowa.

Trump over taking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with 17 percent of GOP caucus voter support. Walker at 12 percent. Perhaps the biggest surprise there, Jeb Bush dropping from the top five. And in New Hampshire, Trump again leading the pack with 18 percent. Jeb Bush in second there with 13 percent. We're going to have much more on these very important polls coming up.

But first, Sara Murray is OUTFRONT for us with the Trump campaign in Birch Run, Michigan this evening. So, Sara, what are we expecting from Mr. Trump tonight?

SARA MURRAY, CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, you know, it's always hard to predict Donald Trump but if I have to guess, I'm pretty confident we'll going to hear him talking about the latest poll numbers. I know his campaign is very happy about those. The big question is, when he shows up here tonight, is he sort of going to continue this feud with Megyn Kelly or will going to see Donald Trump give in. If he's going to move on to going after one of his other rivals or maybe even offer some policy specifics? I think that's the big question. It's also interesting to note that he's doing this event in Michigan. This is a state that doesn't vote until early March and he's drawing a pretty big crowd. The campaign tells me they sold about 2400 tickets for this event and it's starting to go in right now with people drinking beer and munching on popcorn waiting for Donald Trump.

BOLDUAN: You've been talking to folks at the event, Sara. What are they saying about Trump? What do they want to hear from him tonight?

MURRAY: Well, it's really interesting, the first thing that people are telling me is they think that Donald Trump's feud with Megyn Kelly and problem with women is totally over blown. A lot of the women said Megyn Kelly was doing her job, she was asking him tough questions and when the Donald feels like he's attacked, he responds. That's politics, we move on. But the other thing they're telling me is okay, you have our attention, you're at the top of the polls and now it's time to offer some specifics. In particular, a lot of people are saying, we like what he's saying on immigration but it's time to offer a plan for how you secure the border. Now that voters are actually asking for this and not just the media, it will be interesting to see if Donald Trump fulfills their wishes.

BOLDUAN: Yep. Where are those specifics he says he's ready to talk about, just not quite yet when the media ask some about it?

Sara, thank you. Sara standing by. Now speaking of folks at this event, I spoke earlier with the organizers of tonight's event. Michael Moon, he's the chairman of the Genesee County Republican Party and Amy Carl, the chairwoman of the Saginaw County Republican Party.


BOLDUAN: So Michael, Donald Trump, we know he is unpredictable to say the very least. What are you guys expecting tonight from him?

MICHAEL MOON, GENESEE COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY: Well, we're expecting him to be Donald Trump. I mean, that's why we got him. We sent out an invitation and he accepted and we've sold out his crowd. So, it's going to be a really exciting event.

BOLDUAN: Amy, following the debate --


BOLDUAN: Trump was disinvited from a conservative gathering hosted by red state because of the comments that he made about FOX News host Megyn Kelly. There were some calls for you all to resend his invitation, as well. Why did you decide to go ahead with it?

CARL: We felt committed from the very beginning to give all candidate as voice, and we thought that was important to honor our commitment to our party and the surrounding areas, all folks that bought their tickets and we're still very excited about it. So, yes, we've never thought once that we were going to cancel. BOLDUAN: Michael, what is the response then to him coming to

speak? Did you have any hesitations at all about having Trump as your keynote tonight?

MOON: No, I invited every presidential candidate. We sent an invitation now it to every one of his schedulers or handlers. He was the first one to accept. And if someone else accepted, we take them too. They call a month from now if they want to come in, or there will be Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or whoever. We will take them, as well. We didn't do it in any specific order. Our job is to raise money for our local parties and that's what we're doing.

[19:05:23] BOLDUAN: And let me ask you, Michael, Trump he not ruling out -- he is still not ruling out a third party run. The consensus of course is, if he does, it will only going to help the democratic candidate. From your position and being ahead of your party there, should he make that pledge to not run as a third party?

MOON: You know, I'm a believer in individual freedom. That's his choice to make. Whatever he wants to do, that's fine. I mean, he knows what he's doing. So, I have no problem with the whole third party thing, if that's what he's going to end up doing. But I doubt very much that's what he's going to do. I've heard other things from other people, you know, that's just not true or he's not going to do that. But if he does, that's his choice.

BOLDUAN: Michael, Amy, thanks so much.

CARL: Yes, thank you. Thanks for having us.

MOON: Thank you.


BOLDUAN: And OUTFRONT with me tonight, CNN's chief political analyst Gloria Borger. So, Gloria, you heard there from Michael and Amy, they not only -- they said they are excited to hear what they have to say and that folks are excited to hear what they have to say, and they never once considered cancelling. This is clearly a draw for them. It's a fund raiser.

GLORIA BORGER, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL ANALYST: Yes. He's a celebrity. It's a fundraiser. He was your keynote speaker who could accept it, it seems like a while ago and they decided to honor their commitment. Red state is a political blob, kind of a different organization. They had other speakers. So, it's sort of apple and an orange and they want to sort of give the people the guess that they were waiting for.

BOLDUAN: Yes, and as Sara Murray was talking about, she was talking to folks at this event, they want to hear specifics. That's what some of these folks said. They want to hear him talk policy and obviously, that's been a big question is when will he going to get specific. Chris Cuomo asked him exactly about that this morning in that half-hour interview that played out.

BORGER: Right.

BOLDUAN: And here is what Trump had to say on the issues of equal pay and taxes.

BORGER: I was asked that same question yesterday and I'm looking into it very strongly and I'll have a position on it in the not too distant future. Leave the system alone and take out deductions and lower taxes and do lots of really good things leaving the system the way -- and I know exactly what I want to do. I just don't want to announce it yet.

BOLDUAN: I know exactly what I want to do, I just don't want to announce it yet.

BORGER: Right.

BOLDUAN: How long is this going to fly? Why isn't he talking policy?

BORGER: I'm sure votes are cast. He's not talking policy first of all because I think he doesn't have it ready. Secondly, because I don't think he wants to become a political target for the other candidates. And I think the other candidates and you saw that today from Rand Paul and Scott Walker are going to come from the right and say to his supporters, you know what? He's not as conservative as you think he is. But here is the thing about what is going on in the Republican Party right now. This is about disrupting politics as usual. It's not about Donald Trump's positions. It's about people who feel disaffected, disenfranchise from their own Republican Party and they are saying okay, we've got to stop this now and you have to start paying attention to us and listening to us and Donald Trump, for now, is the vehicle for that. And they are saying, you know what? The establishment hasn't worked so maybe it won't be Donald Trump. But there is something else going on within the Republican Party that other candidates actually have to pay attention to.

BOLDUAN: Yes. And they should listening.

BORGER: Exactly.

BOLDUAN: Gloria is going to stick around. Gloria is going to stick with me because we are waiting. And you see, OUTFRONT next, we are waiting Donald Trump set to take the stage. Any minute, the keynote speaker, the first time he'll be speaking out at a campaign event since his big headline-grabbing debate performance. We'll going to bring that to you as soon as he takes the stage.

And meanwhile, Trump is flying high in the polls. The first polls since his latest controversy exploded. So what impact did the debate have on those poll numbers and which candidate just dropped out of the top five?

Plus, just into CNN, new surveillance video captures the man police say is the Ferguson teen involved in a shootout. In the video he's armed and running into the gunfire. And will Donald Trump really run as an independent candidate? It

might be tougher than he thinks. We have a special report on that ahead.


[19:12:42] BOLDUAN: Welcome to our viewers, welcome back to our viewers here in the United States and around the world. We are following breaking news tonight.

Hillary Clinton's spokesman telling CNN that she is now handing over her private e-mail server and all work-related e-mails from her days as secretary of state, handing all of this to the Justice Department. Now, Clinton is hoping, of course, to squash an ever expanding investigation into her use of a private e-mail account during her time as secretary of state. This follows an order from a federal judge for Clinton and two of her former aids under penalty of perjury to state that they have turned overall the documents in their possession. We're following that and we are also following other breaking news.

Our top story tonight, Donald Trump expected to take the stage for his first post-debate speech any minute now. You're looking live right there at a picture. We'll going to take you there as soon as the republican candidate takes the stage and despite the uproar over his latest controversial comments during and after that debate. Trump is still holding the lead in the latest GOP polls. Two new polls from two key early voting states out tonight. Iowa, a New Suffolk University poll showing Trump now ahead of Scott Walker who was leading in the last poll in that state. And in New Hampshire, Trump has lost some ground but still is holding the lead with 18 percent of the vote. Jeb Bush remains in second place there with 13 percent support.

Dana Bash is OUTFRONT now. So, Dana, Trump has taken as we discussed in quite length a lot of heat for his blood remarks but it sure doesn't when you look at these numbers, it sure doesn't seem to have turned people off.

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It doesn't especially with, let's just talk about the women, I mean, he's still leading with women, and beyond that, even people who watched the debate and talking about a poll in the state of Iowa, thought that he, you know, he was okay except for this, check this out. Fifty five percent say that they are less comfortable now with Trump after the debate. However, this is kind of a key telltale sign of who his supporters are. Forty one percent say, he was unfairly treated by the moderators, 45 percent say that it is political correctness, that is why he is being criticized and of course, he talks a lot about how he's not politically correct.

Thirty two percent say that it does not show respect for women. So, you would think that if the sort of deluge of criticism that was coming that you heard really hurt him, that it would be a lot higher than 32 percent. But that 55 percent I started with Kate showing that he's, people are less comfortable with him as a candidate, that could be a sign that his support is chipping away but look, he's still leading and Scott Walker who had been leading for months is not in this poll.

BOLDUAN: Exactly right. Those top numbers definitely tell the story but there could be some more clues when you dig a little deeper in these polls. Dana, another big winner in these new polls out, Carly Fiorina.

BASH: Absolutely. Look, she was the consensus winner in the undercard debate, the debate that happened at 5:00 in the afternoon last week, the people who are on that stage were there because they didn't rank high enough in national polls. And boy, has her number or have her numbers, rather, changed in the statewide polls we were talking about in Iowa and New Hampshire. Check this out. Favorable, 70 percent. Unfavorable eight percent. I mean, that is pretty remarkable. And now, just seven percent say that they have never heard of her. At one point, she was the most googled name on the stage.


BASH: And so, that really gives you a sense of how she has the potential to really seize on the way that she did in that debate and maybe put her on the stage with the big boys at CNN's debate next month. We'll see where her polls go on a national level and as they go from here in the next three weeks but she could certainly capitalize on it and I can tell you, she's certainly trying to capitalize it when it comes to fundraising. I get e-mails from her campaign, you know, several a day saying, you know, please give money and never mind, show your support for our campaign.

BOLDUAN: Absolutely. Well, that's a good candidate, right? Especially when you're going to be running a long campaign you hope.

BASH: Yes.

BOLDUAN: Dana, great to see you. Thank you so much.

BASH: Thank you.

[19:17:00] BOLDUAN: You can see there on the left side of your screen, we are awaiting Donald Trump set to take the podium, a keynote speaker at a local republican fundraiser in Birch Run, Michigan. He's going to be speaking there any moment, we'll be taking it, bringing you to it live when he takes the stage.

Let's continue the discussion though, OUTFRONT with me now, CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord, the former political director in the Reagan White House. Chief political analyst Gloria Borger, she's back here with me. And Josh Holmes, the former chief of staff for Senator Mitch McConnell. And he also managed McConnell's 2014 re- election campaign. It's great to see all of you. A lot to get through tonight. Because these are some important numbers that came out.

Josh, first to you, you see Trump leading once again in these new polls. You think the other candidates, you think the other candidates should ignore them but can they at this point?

JOSH HOLMES, FORMER CHIEF OF STAFF FOR SENATOR MITCH MCCONNELL: Well, it's awfully hard to ignore Donald Trump but, you know, my take is basically this, we're still in the entertainment portion of the program here and these polls that we're analyzing, there are two polls that are taken in August over the weekend in New Hampshire and Iowa. I don't know if you've spent much time in Iowa or New Hampshire in the summer but people don't like to sit on the phone and answer 60 questions about their favorite presidential candidate the year before the election. I'm not saying the polls are wrong. I'm just saying that the issues that people are considering right now just basically aren't the issues that they're going to be considering much closer to the election.

BOLDUAN: Interesting point but still the numbers are out there, my friend Josh. Jeffrey to you, Donald Trump no doubt happy with these numbers. I definitely expect to hear them talking about them but when he does take the podium. But when you dig into it, Dana was talking about this a little bit. There are some interesting points that can't be lost here. He has lost ground in New Hampshire. He was polling at 24 percent in July. He's now there at 18 percent. In Iowa, 55 percent of those who watch the debate are now less comfortable with him as a candidate as Dana was pointing out. Are these troubling signs to you?

JEFFREY LORD, FORMER REAGAN WHITE HOUSE POLITICAL DIRECTOR: I don't think so. I think there is a long way, Josh is right about one thing, there is a long way to go here. The fact is he's still ahead. He is ahead in all of these different polls. He takes punch after punch after punch. He keeps popping back up. I really don't think that this is a sign of anything other than, you know, there might have been a person here or there that was upset about this or that with a debate but I really don't think that this is, you know, something that he has to worry about. You know, the American people get this or a lot -- let's put it this way, the republican constituency, a lot of conservatives get this. They see Republicans as as being professionally targeted by the media. And even I think this last go round by FOX News and they look at this and they say, there they go again basically and rally to their guy. So, whomever that might be.

BOLDUAN: Well, Gloria, what do you think about those kind of two points? Do you think it's a big nothing burger that he really he's leading in these states and that's the way it is or do you think these could be signs of something?

BORGER: No, I don't think it's a nothing burger and I don't think the other candidates think it's a nothing burger because that's why you see him being attacked from the right. You see Rand Paul coming out attacking him and saying, he's not really a conservative, you see Scott Walker doing that. You have seen in the past Rick Perry, Lindsey, you know Lindsey Graham doing that. Hasn't gotten them anywhere.


BORGER: Really hasn't gotten them anywhere. But I believe that now he's affecting their numbers. And so, you'll see Jeb Bush. You know, Jeb has to pay attention to him now because Jeb Bush cannot afford to do poorly in New Hampshire particularly since he's nowhere in Iowa right now.

BOLDUAN: So, it just dropped out of the top five?

BORGER: Exactly. Yes, he's in single digits and that's a problem for the Bush campaign and particularly since I see John Kasich moving up in the polls in New Hampshire.

BOLDUAN: I was going to ask about John Kasich. We have to talk about him. That's a big jump for him. Is that all thanks to the debate?

BORGER: Absolutely. It was a break out debate for him. People liked what they saw particularly in New Hampshire where he is suddenly in double digits, they're fundraising off of it, they had some ads up in the state.


BORGER: That was pretty smart of them to do. And John Kasich now, you know, Jeb Bush is looking over his shoulder at John Kasich, too.

BOLDUAN: I want to bring up this interesting point. You know what? Jeffrey, this one is to you my friend, Trump was asked this morning about a New York post report calling him a whiner. This is how he responded to this question to Chris Cuomo.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do whine because I want to win and I'm not happy about not winning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are whiners winners?

TRUMP: And I am a whiner and I'm a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.


BOLDUAN: I guess that's how you win, right? Is that the way he should be answering that?

LORD: You know, I think what he did is he just took Rich Lowry's characterization there of whining but what he's clearly talking about, at least I think having interviewed him and talking with him a number of times, he's very, very persistent guy. You can't possibly accomplish the things that he's accomplished in his life and, you know, start to undertake them, get discouraged and walk away.


LORD: He just keeps going at it and at it and at it. And I think that's basically what he was saying there. And I think a lot of, you know, a lot of Americans identify with that.

[19:22:18] BOLDUAN: Well, I mean, Josh, to Jeffrey's point, I mean, a lot of the time he does a masterful job of taking a negative coming at him and turning it into a positive. We've seen that over and over that his supporters, they feel that way about him, what they might see as a negative in any other candidate like he's a rich guy, that was a negative for the previous GOP nominee, they think of that as a positive for Donald Trump. Should the other candidates be sitting down and just take notes on how he's doing this?

HOLMES: Well, you know, I mean, look, I think Trump is an incredible showman. Right? If we learned anything about this guy over the last 30 years, he's incredible at selling himself and everything that he's involved with. And so, if it takes whining he'll wine. If it takes dancing he'll dance and if you got to sing he'll sing. But --

BOLDUAN: That I want to see.


HOLMES: Trump is great at promoting himself and at this stage, that's really all that matters. Now, you know, I would argue that once we get into December and January and Iowa voters are starting to look at who is ultimately going to be the stand for the Republican Party and take on Hillary Clinton or maybe Bernie Sanders, who knows?


HOLMES: They're going to have some other things to take advantage of and want to look at.

BOLDUAN: They do have to. These candidates, they do need to figure out how to draw in the support from these supporters who clearly, they are angry with how the status quo has treated them and that's what they need to be able to draw from because Donald Trump is tapping into that tonight.

BORGER: Can I just say something about the whining?


BORGER: You know, Ronald Reagan was optimistic. He wasn't a whiner. Okay? And what I think people liked about John Kasich in this last debate --


BORGER: That he was of optimistic and not a whiner. Whining can get you only so far, my children will tell you that. Some when they were young.

BOLDUAN: I tell my 10 month old that?

BORGER: Right. But only so far after a while, you're like enough with the whining, tell me what your solutions are. BOLDUAN: Again, getting back to got to talk about the policy

specifics and what you're going to do to fix the country. Great to see you-all. A lot to get through tonight.

OUTFRONT next, we'll continue to watch that picture on the left side of your screen. See that crowd, they are all waiting for Donald Trump to take the stage. He's in Birch Run, Michigan to be a keynote speaker at a local GOP fundraiser there. His first big event since that headline-grabbing debate. What will he say this time?

Plus, we're also following some breaking news, just released surveillance video appears to show a Ferguson teen in the moments before he was shot by police. Does the video back their side of the story?

And more breaking news, the officer involved in the shooting death of a Texas teenager, he has just been fired. Ahead, we have new details about what happened right before that shooting took place.


[19:26:27] BOLDUAN: I want to welcome our viewers back in the United States and around the world. You see the man right there. Donald Trump speaking to the press before he takes the stage in Birch Run, Michigan. Let's listen.

TRUMP: I have another party that's got some big problems. I just saw today coming over the e-mail situation for Hillary Clinton is a big, big problem. If they judge it fairly, she's got a very big problem. Yes, yes, sir?


TRUMP: No, not at all. Not at all. I've been proven right. I mean, I've been absolutely proven right. Yes?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In all candor, do you think during this campaign there have been sometimes where you feel you have gone over the top?

TRUMP: I have what?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gone over the top.

TRUMP: I don't think so at all. I mean, I look at the polls. I can only go by the polls. A new poll came out, 32 percent. That's the highest for anybody yet. So I can only go by the polls. The people that we're dealing with and whatever is happened, it is what it is. You just look at the results. I guess Iowa just came out a little while ago and leading in Iowa, leading in New Hampshire, leading in North Carolina, leading in South Carolina, leading in Nevada. Leading everywhere. So, that's all I can go by. Excuse me?


TRUMP: Well, that's the best question. China. China. I think you have to do something to reign in China. They devalued their currency today. They're making it absolutely impossible for the United States to compete and nobody does anything. China has no respect for President Obama whatsoever, whatsoever. You have to take strong action. How can we compete? They continuously cut their currency, they devalue their currency. And I've been saying these for years, they have been doing it for years. This isn't just starting. This was the largest devaluation they've had in two decades. They are making impossible for our businesses, our companies to compete. They think we are run by a bunch of idiots and what is going on with China is unbelievable. The largest devaluation in two decades. It's honestly -- great question. It's a disgrace.


TRUMP: Major, fantastic. I watched you with President Obama two weeks ago. He was not thrilled. I'm sure I'll be more thrilled.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you grade his leadership when you have all the things that he did with -- Michigan people about --

TRUMP: Very fair question. There are two ways of looking at it. You could have let it go and rebuilt itself through the free enterprise system.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You could let it go bankrupt.

TRUMP: You could have let it go bankrupt frankly and rebuilt itself when a lot of people think that's the way it should have happened. Or you could have done it the way it went. I could have done it either way. Either way would have been acceptable. But I think you would have ended up ultimately in the same place. Yes ma'am?


TRUMP: Race relations are at an all-time high or all-time low.


TRUMP: Well, that's certainly. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, if you're president, what would you do to address that?

TRUMP: Jobs. Spirit.


TRUMP: Well, certainly I would. But in terms of what would you do to address the -- and really, they are at, I don't know about all- time but certainly they're doing poorly. You look at what is going on in every place. I mean, every place. And we have powder kegs all over the country waiting to explode. You need spirit, esprit de corps, cheerleading and you need jobs.

We have to take our jobs back from China, we have to take them back from these other countries that have taken our job.

That's why when the question was asked about China, it's just terrible. It's just terrible what's happening. More jobs are going to go.

Yes, ma'am?

REPORTER: How have you positioned yourself to win the women's vote?

TRUMP: Well, I think so. I think we're going to do very well with a lot of votes. We're going to do very well with the Hispanic vote. We're going to do great with the women vote.

If you look in Nevada. They did the poll and I'm leading in the Hispanic vote because I create jobs and I will be creating tremendous numbers of jobs. So I think we're going to do great and then the women's health issues, I'm for that.

I watched Jeb Bush give the worst answer the other day. I think that is going to be his 47 percent. Romney possibly lost the election for a lot of reasons, frankly, that he lost but one of the big reasons was his 47 percent. That was a disaster. I think that Jeb's answer the other day on women's health issues is a disaster for him. And I don't -- now he then went and he said he misspoke. How do you misspeak about that?

I will be great on women's health issues. I cherish women. And I will be great on women's health issues. Believe me.

Hello, David.

REPORTER: You said you'll be great on women, great on China, great on ISIS, great on jobs.

TRUMP: Hopefully everything.

REPORTER: Great. I talked to people outside today and they say when are you going to tell us what you'll replace Obamacare with? How you will fix China? How you will bring jobs?

TRUMP: OK, first of all, and ISIS, you didn't bring up ISIS, what happened?

REPORTER: Where is the plan?

TRUMP: I think you're going to see lots of plans, and you're going to see also -- and you have to understand, when you're coming one plan in business, you have to be flexible. There's got to be flexibility. And I recently bought something -- not so recently but Doral in Miami, everybody wanted it.

If I would have sat down and said here is a 12-point plan in order to get Doral, I didn't do that. I went and punched and punched and punched and beat the hell out of people and I ended up getting it. Everybody wanted it. All of the smart money wanted it. The OPO, the old post office on Pennsylvania Avenue, everybody wanted it. I got it.

In the Obama administration I got it, which is pretty shocking considering that Pritzker wanted it, which is Hyatt, and lots of other people. I got it. And I got it because I know how to get things and get things done.

You can't sit down and say, well, I'm going to come up with a 19- point plan to get the old post office and create it into a great hotel on the Pennsylvania Avenue. The most sought after property in the General Services Administration, Trump got it.

I'm not an Obama person. You probably heard that. You have to be able to have flexibility. You have to be able to do certain things.

REPORTER: So, you're asking people to trust you --

TRUMP: Well, I think there has to be a trust. There actually does have to be a trust. If you don't trust, you're not going to do very well.

Major, go ahead.

REPORTER: You said a moment ago you'll be great on jobs. Jeb Bush is quantifying --

TRUMP: Jeb Bush doesn't have it, Jeb Bush will not be able to negotiate against China. Jeb Bush will not be able to negotiate against Mexico. Jeb Bush with Mexico, they said people come in, it's an act of love, OK? It is not an act of love. We need a wall. We need a wall.

You see what is happening with illegal immigration and in all fairness, if it weren't for me, they wouldn't be talking about illegal immigration. You see Kate in San Francisco. You see what happened yesterday in California, which was horrible.

The whole situation with Jeb Bush with his active love, it's not working. I took a lot of heat that first week and people realized I was right and they apologized to me.

REPORTER: What do you mean by great on jobs? Do you have a number?

TRUMP: We're going to be announcing over the next two weeks numbers and specifics. Knowing that what I just said is right, you really have to be flexible on jobs and everything else. But we'll be and I'm going to be speaking about it later. We're going to be taking jobs outside. We're going to be taking them away from China, away from these countries that are stealing from us.

I mean, they are stealing our base, our money, our manufacturing. We'll be bringing them back into the United States. I'm going to be talking about this -- Ford as an example is building a $2.5 billion automobile plant in Mexico.

[19:35:02] How does that help us? I went to the Wharton School of Finance. How does that help us?

They're spending $2.5 billion to build a car plant in Mexico. Cars and trucks and parts will are going to go all over the place, but they're coming into the United States, no tax, how does it help us except they will be closing plants in Michigan and lots of other places. So, we're going to be talking about. We're going to be bringing back jobs to the United States.

Yes, sir?

REPORTER: (INAUDIBLE) how tall is this wall going to be?

TRUMP: OK. Let me tell you something, ten years ago everybody wanted the wall. The Democrats, the Republicans, they couldn't get it. You know one of the reasons they couldn't get it? Environmental impact statements. Did you know that? There were toads. There were -- it's the most incredible thing.

We're going to get the wall built and it's going to be built right and Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Mexico is making a fortune off the United States.

Mexico -- excuse me, Mexico is going to pay for the wall and be happy about it. You know what? They're going to be happy about it. Because the cost of the wall is peanuts compared to the kind of money they are making.

Mexico is becoming the new China. I have a great love for Mexico. I have love for the Mexican people. I have so many -- I have thousands of Mexico people over the years, Mexican haves worked for me and they are now, thousands. They are fantastic people, great spirit.

But their politicians and their leaders are much smarter and sharper and more cunning and I say the word cunning, more cunning than our leaders.

They will pay for the wall. They will be happy about it. They will continue to do well but not as well as they are doing now. They are taking too many of our jobs.


REPORTER: You said during the debate that you couldn't guarantee you would support the ultimate Republican nominee.

TRUMP: Third party.

REPORTER: Now, there are others in the Republican Party who say if you're the nominee, they may not support you. Are you concerned?

TRUMP: Well, that could happen. I mean, you know, that could happen. That's their choice.

But, you know, when you talk in the debate it came out on a network today, so there should have been 2 million people watching. You agree? About 2 million. That's been sort of standard, 2 million people.

They had 24 million people and the 24 I think is going to go to 28 or 29 and maybe 30 when the final numbers come in.

Who do you think they are watching? Jeb Bush? Huh? I don't think so. OK.

REPORTER: Do you think these other candidates can knock you off your perch as front runner?

TRUMP: I hope not. I mean, I want to run as a Republican. That's what I'm doing. I'm leading in every poll, the local and the national polls, leading, and by substantial margins.

I hope that I will be the Republican nominee because that's the best way to win. I'm going to keep the door open on the other if I'm not treated fairly and the word is fairly. Doesn't mean well, it means fairly. If I'm not treated fairly we'll see what happens.

Fairly means fairly, I want to be treated fairly. I want the establishment -- look, I was part of the establishment.


TRUMP: Let me explain. I was the establishment two months ago. I was like the fair haired boy a giver, a big giver.

Once I decided to run, all of a sudden, I'm sort of semi- antiestablishment. Now leading in all the polls, they are treating me very well. I'm being treated very well.

Reince Priebus has been terrific. His people have been terrific. They're dealing with my people. They're dealing with Corey. We have a great relationship.

I want to run as a Republican. I don't want to run as a third party or independent. I want to run as a Republican. As long as I'm treated fairly, that's going to be the case and fairly is an instinct, it's an instinct. I know what fair is and you know what fair is.

I know what it is, yes. I know what fair is. I think that's happening.

And by the way, win, lose or draw, I'm not just saying I have to win. Now, I guarantee you this, if I win the Republican nomination, I guarantee you all sitting there, I will not run a third party candidate. Do you agree?


TRUMP: OK. One more question, yes, sir? Yes, sir?

REPORTER: Would you give up your microphone to a protester --

TRUMP: I would never give up my microphone. I thought that was disgusting. That showed such weakness.

The way he was taken away by two young women, the microphone, they just took the whole place over and the audience, which like him -- I mean, they were him. They are saying what is going on? How can this happen?

That will never happen with me. I don't know if I'll do the fighting myself or if other people will. But that was a disgrace. The way they -- I felt badly for him. But it showed that he's weak.

You know what? He's getting the biggest crowds and I'm getting the biggest crowds.

[19:40:00] We're the two getting the crowds.

But believe me -- that's not going to happen to Trump.

REPORTER: One more, sir.


REPORTER: You could win it, you're way in out in front.

TRUMP: I agree. Did you hear what he said? You could win it. You're way out in front. I agree.

REPORTER: (INAUDIBLE) vice presidential material --


REPORTER: Having said, I've been trying to get in your car to talk about it, my resume --

TRUMP: You want to be what, vice president? Now, his question's no longer as good. He had great credibility until he said that. Now it's like, where did he come from?

OK, go ahead, one more. Go ahead.


TRUMP: One hundred percent. Mark it down, 100 percent. OK?

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. We'll go, make a speech, and then you go home. Have a good time.

OK. Thank you. Thank you all very much.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: And there you have it, Donald Trump being Donald Trump. Back with me now, Jeffrey Lord, Gloria Borger, and Josh Holmes.

And as Donald Trump now goes to make the speech. That was the media availability pre-speech we can only guess what we're going to hear in a few minutes when that happens.

Until then, Gloria, did you hear any specifics?

GLORIA BORGER, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL ANALSYT: I didn't. But what I heard was sort of Donald Trump the Zen version. I think he was toned down considerably.

BOLDUAN: I only heard one excuse me that entire press event.

BORGER: Right. You know, he wasn't -- he said Jeb Bush can't negotiate but didn't call him names. He was -- he said about the Republican Party, they are treating me very nicely, all I want to do is be treated fairly. Race relations, he said I'm going to create jobs, I want to be a cheerleader.

He wanted to be, I think, sort of a more positive sounding Donald Trump given what's gone on the last week or so. So, a very different tone I thought. No information but different tone.

BOLDUAN: Different tone, but still no specifics.

Josh Holmes, you were smiling through the entire thing. Do you find this funny?

JOSH HOLMES, FORMER CHIEF OF STAFF FOR SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL: I find it endlessly entertaining. I mean, love watching it. I thought one thing that was really instructive is, you know, he was asked about China and said yes, we have to do something about China and followed up and said what is that something? He said, well, we need to take strong action.

Well, oh my gosh, how did we not think about that before? Strong action. Holy smokes.

So, you know, I think that's basically what we see out of Trump and it's endlessly entertaining but as wear on this election cycle, people are going to look for answers and I'm not sure he's got them.

BOLDUAN: Jeffrey Lord, over and over again in this press availability, one reporter says, you say you're gong to be good on jobs, health care, there are some others that I couldn't hear and he said where is the info? Trump's answer is you're going to see lots of plans over the next two weeks, numbers, specifics.

Is Trump playing a game here? What is he going on? Why can't he offer up a policy?

JEFFREY LORD, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Yes, I mean, I think it's candidly takes time to put this stuff together. Remember, he's not a sitting United States senator or governor with a lot of staff people around who generates these positions over time. He's got to put this together now.

BOLDUAN: Neither is Carly Fiorina, who had some very strong positions on how she would address issues when she was in the undercard debate. Not that (INAUDIBLE)

LORD: Well, you know, you know, Carly Fiorina, it's interesting she ran for the United States Senate and I would make a little bet with you that we're going to as she starts to surge in the polls, we'll see more conservatives looking at the record in the Senate race and her positions on that vis-a-vis the establishment, immigration, and things of that nature.

BORGER: You know, in my experience, presidential campaigns are built on ideas because people have specific plans for the country that they think would make the country better. This is a campaign so far aside from make America great again is built on personality and built on Donald Trump, and that can be a problem because campaigns that are formative over a number of years and have well-thought out ideas generally do pretty well because the candidates actually have something they thought about for quite a long time.

BOLDUAN: But maybe this is flipping the construction on the head, Josh, and maybe that's OK instead of policy first, personality second. Now, you've got a whole lot of personality and they will come up with some policy.

HOLMES: Yes, well, you know, works for awhile and I think in the summer, a year before the election --

BOLDUAN: How long -- in your experience, Josh, in running McConnell's campaign, obviously, completely different from where we are now -- pause. Everyone. Take it in.

Donald Trump taking the stage with his packed crowd who's been waiting because he was quite delayed. Why don't we dip in and listen to it?


[19:45:05] TRUMP: Thank you, wow. Thank you all so much.

We're going to have a little fun tonight. We're going to talk about terrible things but we'll have fun away. Not a lot of good things happening if you want to know the truth. But it's going to be an interesting everything, what a tremendous crowd. And I know they have a lot of people outside that couldn't get in so I congratulate you for being good at real estate.


So, I came over today and I'm reading the newspapers and what have I been talking about for years?

China devaluing their currency. So they did it again to us today, folks. They are taking your jobs. They are taking your money. They are taking everything. And, by the way, we owe them $1.4 trillion. How do you that?

That's like a magic act.

We owe China $1.4 trillion. And I love China. Nothing wrong with China. Their leaders are so much smarter than ours. Mexico's leaders are so much smarter than ours.

They laugh at our people. They tell me -- because I have, as an example, with China, they buy my apartments, they spend $50 million, $40 million, $30 million, $15 million, they're the cheap ones.

When I sell a $15 million apartment, it's like China pays so much money to Trump. I have the largest bank in the world from China. They're my tenant. I don't have to worry about the rent, believe me.

Many, many, many times you take our biggest banks, Citibank, take JPMorgan Chase, many, many times the size, and you know what? It's amazing. People tell me they come over, they give me a lot of money and we talk. They didn't know I'd be running for president, otherwise they wouldn't have talked so much. It's true. And they say, we can't believe we get away with it.

People from Mexico. I love the Mexican people. They have tremendous spirit. Amazing spirit. They have amazing spirit. They're great.


No, they're great. And I was just telling the press, there was a poll in Nevada that was just a -- I'm leading in the Hispanic vote. And I'm going to win the Hispanic vote. Sure.


I'm also leading in the regular vote like 32 percent.


But when you look at what's happening, whether it's Mexico or China or Japan or Vietnam, which is doing unbelievable business right now, their leaders are so smart and so sharp and so much more cunning. And I use the word "cunning" a lot because the word "cunning" is very important. They know what they're doing.

And we have people, they're babies. We have Caroline Kennedy in Japan. I saw it on "60 Minutes." They said, "How did you get the job?" "Well, I went to the White House."

I mean, this is pretty much the way it is. "I went to the White House, and I was looking for a job, and I said, do you think I could do something for the administration?" And they said, "Oh, how would you like to be ambassador to Japan?"


And she said, "Really? Wow. Are you serious?" This is what we have.

So, here's what I did. I called Carl Icahn last week. Great guy. Killer. We don't care? Do we care that he's a killer? Does anybody mind?

He's a tough cookie. But he's a friend of mine. I said, Carl, if I make it and we're leading in every poll, which is really -- you know, it's been a very exciting couple of --


I said, Carl, you know, he's made a fortune, he's a great negotiator, talented guy, very smart guy, went to Princeton, one of the top students at Princeton. A lot of people don't know that about Carl. And there are other people like Carl that are brilliant people and great negotiators. They don't sleep at night.

Like me, we toss and turn and toss and turn. We're thinking, always thinking, ay yi yi. It's not easy on the family.

But we're tossing and turning and scheming. That's what we are. There's no 18 hours of sleep. Does that make sense?

So I said, hey, Carl, in fact now the press will call Carl, I'm sure. But Carl Icahn, great, I said, "Carl, if I get this thing, I want to put you in charge of China and Japan.

[19:50:00] Can you handle both of them?" OK? China and Japan.

He said, "Yes, I'll do it. I'll do it. I want to do it."

You know what? Just relax. Everything will work out fine. We'll make great deals.

Right now with China, I have a friend, he's a great manufacturer. He can't get his product into China. Can't get it in. They devalued today --

BOLDUAN: All right. We're listening right now again to Donald Trump taking stage, beginning his remarks in Birch Run, Michigan, at this Republican fund-raiser, getting a lot of applause, doing what Donald Trump does.

To me, this is reminiscent, Gloria, of his announcement speech. He is riffing. I mean, he might have themes he wants to hit but he's riffing. China being one of his favorite topics.

BORGER: Totally riffing, presenting himself as an anti- establishment candidate, who as he admitted just months ago was the fair-haired child of the establishment because he was given them money, talking about how Caroline Kennedy connected to the Obama administration, got her job as the ambassador, and using that as a negative in a way and then saying, well, I called my friend Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor and said, how would you like to take over China and Japan? OK, if I win.

It is meandering, and it's Donald Trump. But it isn't full of invective.


BORGER: Which is what we have been hearing from Donald Trump. It's more about, I am the anti-establishment candidate who can fix things. And it is all about trust me. Trust me. You know?

BOLDUAN: Trust me, I got this.

BORGER: I got it. I got it. You can see that I'm a great successful businessman.

BOLDUAN: And, Gloria, to the folks in the crowd, they're applauding him. We've heard from Sara Murray who says the folks say they want to hear policy. But when you look at the poll numbers, you hear from some of his supporters, they don't really care about hearing it, it seems.

BORGER: No, I think at some point they will because other candidates will force the issue, as will journalists. But right now, you have a candidate out there who says, I'm a success and I can make you a success. And I think they're so hungry for something like that they want to believe him.

BOLDUAN: You pointed this out earlier, Gloria. He's not angry, not combative, almost making a turn toward trying to be optimistic which we saw with some others in the GOP debate.

BORGER: Exactly.

BOLDUAN: Here we go again. Another Trump speech we're following. We're going to bring you any news that comes out of it.

Gloria, it's great to see you. Thanks so much.

OUTFRONT for us next, we're following other breaking news that we need to you. Texas officials, they fire the white officer who shot and killed this unarmed black teenager. Coming up next, the starting new details about how the shooting went down.


[19:57:09] BOLDUAN: Welcome back for our viewers in the United States and around the world. Breaking news this evening in the shooting death of an unarmed black college student at the hands of a rookie police officer in Texas. The department's police chief tonight saying that the officer involved, Brad Miller, has been fired.


DEPT. POLICE CHIEF: I have found several decisions made on scene to be troubling.


BOLDUAN: To say the very least. Nineteen-year-old Christian Taylor was caught on surveillance video at this car dealership, kicking out a windshield and driving his SUV through the showroom window. That is when police were called to the scene.

Taylor's family has been demanding answers as to why lethal force was ever used.

Ed Lavandera is in Arlington, Texas, with much more on this.

So, Ed, what else is the police chief saying about those moments before Taylor was shot?

ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the police chief really laid out the time line and the details laid out yesterday afternoon with the interviews with all of the officers that responded to the scene, including the 49-year-old rookie police officer Brad Miller who was the officer that has been fired and his training partner and partner with him that day, Corporal Dale Wiggins.

So, all of this based on the officer interviews and essentially, what they laid out here is a number of errors the police chief says, made by Brad Miller. And the key in all this is that the chief says Brad Miller entered into the showroom dealership area by himself against department protocol. And as officers were trying to surround the building and keep Christian Taylor from getting away, that Brad Miller entered the building and then confronted Christian Taylor.

The police chief says that Taylor was screaming obscenities at the police officer but there was no physical altercation between Officer Miller and Christian Taylor. The police chief says that when Christian Taylor was seven to ten feet away, that he had separated from his partner and entered the building alone. Christian Taylor was seven to ten feet away when he fired the first shot. Then his training partner caught up with him and deployed his taser.

And then, after that, Officer Miller fired another three shots that killed Christian Taylor right there. He was hit in the neck, chest and abdomen. The police chief described the actions of Officer Miller as troubling -- Kate.

BOLDUAN: As you pointed out, this officer was still in training at this time and his training officer there with him, of course. Prosecutors are obviously going to be looking into this case for possible criminal charges. How many damning could his partner's testimony be?

LAVANDERA: Well, it is clear from what the police chief said, they laid a lot of blame on Officer Miller. That he should have separated from his partner and that his partner was trying to catch up with him. And as you mentioned, the police chief says all the investigative material they gathered is being sent over to the prosecutors and he could face criminal charges now.

BOLDUAN: All of that happening this evening. Ed Lavandera in Arlington, Texas, for us -- Ed, thank you so much.

And thank you all for joining us. "AC360" starts now.