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Candidates Prepare for 2nd Republican Debate; Perry: I'm Dropping Out of White House Race; Thousands Expected at Refugee Support March; Candidates Prepare for Debate Night on CNN; Iran Deal Done, Now Implementation Must Begin; Serena's Grand Slam Hope Dashed. Aired 7-8a ET

Aired September 12, 2015 - 07:00   ET


[07:00:03] DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I would say that the questions that I were asked, they were a little bit in my opinion.

JIMMY FALLON, COMEDIAN: A little tricky.

TRUMP: They were unfair but these are minor details.


MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN ANCHOR: Ben Carson nipping him in the polls but taking a much calmer road forward.


BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: By living my life, by having town hall meetings where I don't screen the questions, that is probably the best preparation.


CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: The debate floor got a little less crowded.

Rick Perry bowing out.


RICK PERRY (R), FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: When I gave my life to Christ, I said, your ways are greater than my ways. Your will is superior to mine. Today, I submit to you, his will remains a mystery. But some things have come and become very clear to me. That is why, today, I am suspending my campaign.


PAUL: Here to breakdown our three big stories, CNN politics senior reporter Stephen Collinson, and branding expert Jamie Turner.

Steve, I want to start with you. I want to watch a bit more of Trump's appearance on "The Tonight Show." Take a look.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) FALLON: What are you doing that they are not doing?

TRUMP: I think they want our country to be respected again. I think they feel that if I'm president, I will do some great things for our country and we're going to be respected again. We're not scuffed at and we're not going to be laughed at, we're not going to make bad deals, we're going to make great deals and I think they feel that I'll be able to do that and I know I'll be able to do that.

And that's why it's almost like a movement in Dallas. Mark Cuban called. He said he has the arena. I said, the arena -- this was like three or four days ago. In Dallas, we have a sold out arena in Dallas and it went up like a few days ago.

In Alabama, we went to Mobile, Alabama, we had 31,000 people in the stadium, and we started looking for a people like a few days before. In fact, we were going to a hotel for 500 people as a favor to a friend of mine and he said, "This is crazy." We then went to a convention center. That was 10,000 and then a stadium for 31,000.

So, there is a movement going on that is amazing to watch and it's beautiful to watch, the people love this country.

FALLON: What the heck?


FALLON: What question did I ask? I don't even know what it was!

TRUMP: Something.

FALLON: Did I ask about stadiums? I don't know what the hell just happened.



PAUL: A taste a Trump's rambling there.

Stephen, I want to ask you -- is there a risk to doing late night for these candidates?

STEPHEN COLLINSON, CNN POLITICS SENIOR REPORTER: I guess there's a risk. Sometimes, a candidates or even a president can say something that he wished he didn't in retrospect. But in reality, these candidates, the upside for going on these shows is much higher. They don't get the kind of penetrating policy questions they would if they did an interview with a conventional journalist.

The audience of these shows is huge. It's a different kind of audience than the people that watch political talk shows. They go viral on social media. So, they enable these politicians, not only to reach a wider audience but to put across a more human side of their personality to, you know, portray themselves as not the kind of stilted politician in a sterile environment that you often see in, you know, normal political events.

SAVIDGE: Jamie, Ben Carson said he would meet with Black Lives Matter. He is the only African-American candidate. So, if you were him, would you embrace the group more and champion their message? What would do you?

JAMIE TURNER, BRANDING EXPERT: You know, it's a fine line. Politicians are basically brand and we buy products and brands based on the messaging that we get from them. When you're Ben Carson, is actually similar to Donald Trump in the sense he is going forward with who he really is and not playing the political games.

That said, anybody a as smart as Ben Carson is going to think clue what is the perception I'm giving if I meet with this group and he is playing the game and just like everybody else and looking at the numbers and trying to figure out the best approach for him.

So, the net/net for him he's got to think through what the perception is people will have when he meets with various groups and make sure that that comes through in everything he does.

PAGE: Stephen, listen, Perry took a dig from Trump essentially on his way out in a statement. And here is what he said, quote, "The conservative movement has always been about principles, not personalities. Our nominee must make the case for cause of conservatism more than the cause of their own celebrity."

But how much of this really is about celebrity?

COLLINSON: Well, politics, in some ways, is the ultimate celebrity game. If you look at how recent politicians going back to, perhaps, John F. Kennedy, politicians and celebrity have been interlinked.

[07:05:02] It's interesting that Rick Perry sort of takes the tact that Donald Trump really isn't a conservative. That's one of the attacks some of Donald Trump's foes in the Republican Party have started to adopt. At this point, it's not really working.

But we should remember that Donald Trump was at 32 percent the last CNN poll at the Republican electorate. That means that there's around 65 percent, 70 percent Republicans at this point who wouldn't vote for him in a nominating contest.

And the question becomes, does there emerge an anti-Trump candidate? We've got 17 candidates or 16 candidates now in this race with Perry's departure. The anti-Trump vote is split. At some point, to stop Trump, the establishment of the Republican Party or the true conservative wing of the Republican Party has to come up with a candidate to confront him and coalesce all of that support.

That's what's going to be very interesting to watch over the next four or five months as we go up to the Iowa caucuses.

SAVIDGE: Jamie, Trump's celebrity is something, of course, that all the candidates have to deal with. How do you match that kind of branding and ease in front of the cameras he has? He is clearly very comfortable on TV.

TURNER: He really is. He is unscripted, which is part of his appeal of the Trump brand is that he comes out and he doesn't say things that are scripted. That makes people really kind of grab on him and follow what he is saying.

As a -- at the other politicians that are out there, I'm sure very frustrated with that because they are saying, hey, when you peel away the onion and get down to the core of who Donald Trump is, is that who you really want?

Right now, people are kind of taken by all of the celebrity that goes around it and really possibly not even thinking very deeply about some of his answers because he doesn't go very deep on his answers. And when he is prodded about that and questions are asked about that, he kind brushes it off.

So, I agree with Stephen in the sense that sooner or on later, all the people who are voting or at least polling for the other candidates are going to have to make a decision. And whether or not they jump on the Trump bandwagon is s a question that remains to be seen.

I would suspect that a lot of those people might find other candidates to back.

PAUL: You know, part of the conversation that you hear from a lot of people is how does Trump get away with it?

Well, Rudy Giuliani talked to Wolf Blitzer about that yesterday. Listen to this.


RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: Somehow, he can make that comment and it doesn't have the same impact as it would if I made that comment or --

WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: It wasn't appropriate, though, right?

GIULIANI: No, he shouldn't be talking about her looks. No, of course, not. I mean, you usually would get a candidate in trouble.

But it has to tell you something is going on if he doesn't get him in trouble. There is something that the public sees here and I think it's probably the fact that he is talking to them straight. It's not the same political, careful, worried about everything. I think the public just loves that.


PAUL: All right. So talking, obviously, there about the comment that he made about Carly Fiorina.

Jamie, what do you think that "something" is that he talks about that seems to make him so like you have to feel around him and nobody can touch him? TURNER: I got to tell you -- the core of his brand, the appeal of his

brand is that he is plain speaking. He gets away with stuff like that that other politicians would never get away with in a million years. He says sexist things. He says things that could be considered racist. He even pokes at John McCain. How does he get away with that?

Well, people must be so frustrated with the status quo that they are saying we are going to forgive that and get somebody in who is plain speaking, and that's the appeal of Donald Trump, is that he is saying things that, quote/unquote, "people say behind the scenes" only he is saying it in front of a camera and getting away with it. I'm surprised, as surprised about that as anybody is.

PAUL: Stephen, real quickly, we only have a couple of seconds. But do you think this country is ready to hire as many call him Trump, an entertainer, over a politician?

COLLINSON: I don't think so, but, you know, the history would argue against that. But this is an election that has trashed every expectation and all of the expertise of the pundits. So I guess why we have elections. We're going to find out.

PAUL: All righty. Stephen Collinson and Jamie Turner, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today. We appreciate it.

SAVIDGE: They said the same about Ronald Reagan. So --

PAUL: Very good point. Very good point.

Hey, be sure to tune into the next Republican presidential debate hosted by CNN Wednesday, September 16th and starts at 6:00 p.m. Eastern.

SAVIDGE: Up next, a little change of gears. As refugees flood into Europe, a flood of support in the streets of London. Nearly 90,000 marchers have RSVP'd for a rally that's getting under way soon. We are live in that city.

PAUL: Plus, devoured by wildfires. Thousands of people evacuated from central California, as firefighters try to beat back those flames.

SAVIDGE: Also, 11 shootings along an Arizona highway. Now, police are questioning a person of interest. What kind of information are police getting out of him?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We really wanted to talk to him about a lot of things, so it's fair to say this will probably come up.

[07:10:00] But we basically want to spend sometime with him and find out what he knows.


SAVIDGE: Well, officials brace for yet another wave of Syrian refuges to pour into Europe this weekend. Thousands and thousands have racing to march through the streets of London and a show of solidarity with all the men, and women, and children who are desperate, of course, to find shelter and a better life.

CNN's Sherisse Pham is there live.

And, Sherisse, what's happening right now?

SHERISSE PHAM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Martin, we are seeing a crowd gather today. They are coming here to march to push the British government to step up and do a little bit more in the Syrian refuge crisis. This is the worst refuge crisis that Europe has faced since World War II.

You know, Prime Minister David Cameron said earlier this week that Britain is pledging to accept 20,000 refuges over the next five years. But, you know, and critics say that number is insubstantial compared to what the other countries in the region are taking in, namely, Germany, which is on track to take in 800,000 migrants by the end of the year.

A German official told CNN earlier today that the country is taking in as many as 10,000 refuges a day. So, we are talking over the span of two days, Germany taking in the same number that Britain has pledged to take in over the course of five years.

So, you know, the British citizenry are up in arms about this.

Take a listen to what an organizer of this march told us earlier today.


ROS EREIRA, ORGANIZED REFUGEE MARCH IN LONDON: I do want the British government to do more. I do want the British government to do more about Syria. I think that we, as -- as -- as a worldwide community owe it to the people of Syria to try to save their lives. I think they are being massacred from both sides and I think it's terrifying for them.


[07:15:05] PHAM: All right. That is one of the organizers that you heard right there.

As you can see, the marchers are coming in right behind us now. This rally is just getting under way. The Facebook page had a response of about 90,000 people saying they would come out here to march. Organizers aren't expecting that many, but as you can see, there's a wave of support is coming. They are planning to march down to the parliament and make their voices heard later today -- Martin.

SAVIDGE: Sherisse Pham, thank you very much. We'll be checking back with you.

Let's bring in CNN senior international correspondent Ivan Watson, who is live -- well, actually along the Greek/Macedonia border with the latest ongoing refugee crisis there -- Ivan.

IVAN WATSON, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Martin, we are just approaching the Greek order with Macedonia right now. The Macedonian government says they are processing 1,000 to 2,000 refuges today that are mostly coming from Greece. They can probably expect that number to increase dramatically in the coming days, because we were in the Greek island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea. They were and you can see they were receiving some 50 rafts overloaded with migrants a day, 1,000 to 3,000 people and the Greek government has been ferrying those people in short time to the Greek capital.

So, you can see how this migrant trail is unfolding and how Greece is now working to try to help funnel along the migrants and refuges on this conveyor belt up to Europe. Many I talked to say they want to go to Germany or Sweden which have offered to welcome tens of thousands of them -- Martin.

SAVIDGE: And sometimes the emotions of people when they arrive on the Greek islands there can be unpredictable. You had a perfect example of that. Tell us about it.

WATSON: Yes, of course. These people have taken a dangerous journey. By the time that they are loaded to these overloaded rafts to the Greek islands from Turkey, they are packed on board these barely sea worthy little dinghies, basically, 40, 50, 60 people on board seven meter along board rafts.

It's dangerous and they are working with smugglers and paying $1,300 in cash per person. If it's a family 10, we're talking more than $13,000 they are forking over the money to people who are essentially criminals smuggling people across the seas. So when they land, they are overjoyed and cheering and one kissed me on both cheeks when he landed on the beach.

What's a bit surreal is then I saw refuges and migrants immediately dumping their life jackets, which has become an unofficial uniform of these migrants and dumping them on the beach and then Greek municipal workers scooping them up and putting them in garbage bins. Some of the beaches you have there in Lesbos are littered with hundreds and thousands of life jackets and discarded inflatable rafts left behind by this incredible wave of human migration -- Martin.

SAVIDGE: What an amazing scene.

Ivan Watson, thanks for sharing that with us.


PAUL: Thousands of Californians are now being told to get out. This, as this inferno is raging ever closer to their homes. We'll talk about what is happening there this morning.

Four days and counting now until this big GOP debate. All eyes on center stage.

And Trump and Fiorina on the same stage? What's going to happen?

Stay close.


[07:22:07] PAUL: Twenty-one minutes past the hour right now.

New developments in the rash of shootings in downtown Phoenix. Police say they are now talking with a person of interest. That man taken for questioning less than 24 hours ago. Oscar de la Torre Munoz was taken into custody and charged with possession of marijuana.

SAVIDGE: The 19-year-old has not been charged in connection with the highway shootings.

Let's take a look at where the shootings occurred. Over the last two weeks, 11 vehicles have been struck by bullets or projectiles on and around the I-10 area.

PAUL: The city and authorities on edge. I mean, they're terrified that the next shooting could happen at anytime, as you drive down the highway. This is an eight-mile stretch. And I would think that would be pretty difficult for investigators because that is a good, long stretch of highway there, and off highway areas to try to investigate.

Jim DeFelice is the co-author of "American Sniper" and he's joining us now.

Jim, thank you so much for being with us.

When you hear about this, a situation like this, you've profiled people. Profile who this person might be, in your opinion, based on what you know.

JIM DEFELICE, CO-AUTHOR OF "AMERICAN SNIPER": Well, I think the first thing we can say is we know what he is not. He is not a trained military sniper.

The profile of the sorts of shots that have been taken, the times they have been done, clearly this is not a person with military or police training. Those people, it's as important to them when not to shoot, how to protect people and in order to get that kind of training, they have to be very well-balanced mentally.

PAUL: So, do you mean --

DEFELICE: This is not that kind of person.

PAUL: -- it's not military because, essentially, he's a bad shooter? I mean, fortunately, nobody has been hit.

DEFELICE: Absolutely. And I don't want to downplay the danger and certainly if I was in a vehicle and got hit, you know, that is not a good thing. But believe me, a military sniper or even a police sharp- shooter in this case is going to make a very different shot. There are definitely going to be fatalities.

SAVIDGE: Do you think it's possible there could be more than 1 person here I guess? What are the concerns now for law enforcement?

DEFELICE: Absolutely. And when you look at the different shots, we have BB guns and pellet guns and rifles, not to step on anybody's investigation. So, the police are going to have to look at all of those things very carefully.

This is the kind of, you know, thing that the police really have to dig into. You know, we get used to seeing police solve very complicated cases in an hour on, you know, CSI or some other program, but the police really have pulled out all of the stops here. I know they are going to eventually get the guy. But it's a lot of hard work and a lot of investigation.

PAUL: I have to think the stretch of highway -- I mean, I lived in Phoenix for five years. It's a long stretch of highway and there are a lot of things around it.

[07:25:00] But an eight-mile stretch, I mean, how difficult does that make an investigation like this?

DEFELICE: Well, absolutely. The other thing that -- excuse me, the other thing that is going on here are the police believe is going on here is a possibility that some these shots are being taken from another vehicle, from a moving vehicle. Now, that complications things when you're investigating quite a bit.

It's not difficult to on take these shots. Technically, these are easy shots. Again, I'm not minimizing the danger to other people. I'm saying that in order to investigate it, a lot of things that go into it. So, it's very complicated for the police to track down.

SAVIDGE: Jim DeFelice, thank you for your very specific and welcome insights.

DEFELICE: You're welcome.

PAUL: Thank you, sir.

Up next, the debate stage, it's set. Donald Trump, front and center for Wednesday's big event and certainly he is not the only candidate on the stage. Who is going to give him a run for his money?

SAVIDGE: Plus --


REPORTER: Serena, how disappointed are you?

SERENA WILLIAMS, PRO TENNIS PLAYER: I don't want to talk about how disappointing it is for me.

(END VIDEO CLIP) SAVIDGE: Serena Williams may not want to talk about her big upset, but we would love to hear from you. What is the biggest upset in sports history? Tweet us at #NewDay.


PAUL: Mortgage rates were mixed this week. Here's your look.



[07:30:18] DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I just think, in terms of targeting any voter, that's what I'm talking about, I want them to vote, I want them to love Trump, and I want them to know I'll do a great job. As far as candidates, you know, to me, they are all the same. They really are.





CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: Even Fallon cannot keep a straight face. Donald Trump last night on his show picking his targets ahead of the CNN Republican presidential debate which will be at the Ronald Reagan library in California.

And this week, he took on rivals, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina. And she's going to join him on stage at this debate, which is different from the last. So, a lot of people are wondering if he'll unleash more attacks, how they will respond face-to-face with each other.

Our national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux gives us some insight here.


SUZANNE MALVEAUX, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Carly Fiorina, the only woman joining her ten Republican rivals on the stage in next Wednesday's debate isn't holding back in her face-off with Donald Trump.

CARLY FIORINA (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Leadership is not about the size of your office, the size of your airplane, the size of your helicopter.

MALVEAUX: The former Hewlett-Packard CEO responding to Trump's jab after he said this to "Rolling Stone." Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that? The face of our next president?

Trump told FOX News the controversial comment was made because he is an entertainer.

TRUMP: Many of those comments are made as an entertainer because I did "The Apprentice."

MALVEAUX: It's a different explanation what he told CNN's "NEW DAY."

TRUMP: I'm talking about her persona.

MALVEAUX: And for a second day in a row, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal blasted Trump, comparing the GOP frontrunner to Charlie Sheen.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: Giant marquee names comes through on your called ID, and it's like winning.

TRUMP: I'm winning in all of the polls.

MALVEAUX: Today, Trump's second place rival Ben Carson is in Ferguson, Missouri, meeting city officials, the same city that erupted into civil unrest a year following the death of Michael Brown.

Carson refused to engage with Trump's attacks.

BEN CARSON (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Do I want to respond to Donald Trump's charges? The answer is no. I really don't.

MALVEAUX: Carson is tangled with Trump over faith and the critical evangelical vote, questioning each other's religious beliefs. I sat down with Carson and asked him about his faith.

CARSON: It's very easy for them to see that, you know, my faith is not something I come by lightly.

MALVEAUX: Trump has gone after Carson on his views for abortion.

TRUMP: He was heavy into the world of abortion.

CARSON: First of all, I've never done abortions and wouldn't approve of it and never have.

MALVEAUX: I also asked him how he is preparing for the upcoming debate.

CARSON: By living my life, by having town hall meetings where I don't screen the questions. That's probably the best preparation.

MALVEAUX (on camera): Dr. Carson stressed the need for respect and dialogue. He said he visited Ferguson to deemphasize the divisiveness of race. One group he has not met with is Black Lives Matter who criticized in the past. He says he is now open to talking to them.

Suzanne Malveaux, CNN, Ferguson, Missouri.


MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN ANCHOR: You know, I don't know if we have mentioned it, but that debate Wednesday is right here on CNN and we want to talk more about it because it is just such a hugely anticipated political event. The Super Bowl, if you will.

Joining me now is Maria Cardona, a Democratic strategist who advises Democrats and the party, and Cathy Lynn Taylor, a conservative political strategist.

Thank you for being with us this morning.


SAVIDGE: Good morning.

To you first, Cathy. Let's talk about stage placement. How will Donald Trump do you think fare between Jeb Bush and Ben Carson and two who he has mocked extensively this week.

CATHY LYNN TAYLOR, CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL STRATEGIST: Yes, well, look, it was virtual love fest last night and Trump realized there is no "I" in team but there is a "me" and it's working for Trump. He's tapped into the dissatisfaction exceptionally well. But the question is going to be -- I mean, the one thing consistent about Trump is Trump. He is unpredictable and I don't know how that is going to play for him down the road in a broader audience.

You know, it's very interesting. He keeps saying the evangelicals, they love me. But if you look at the recent Quinnipiac poll, it shows that actually Carson is ahead with the evangelicals. Trump is doing well with the Tea Party, which makes much more sense with their coffer change. I think he still has a long road to go.

SAVIDGE: All right. Well, let's just listen to more of Donald Trump last night from Jimmy Fallon. He asked to say something nice about Carly Fiorina.


TRUMP: I think she is a really nice woman. A really nice woman. Am I doing a good job?

FALLON: Yes. That was --

[07:35:00] TRUMP: I don't know. I haven't met her. I think she is a nice woman.

I think she is going to have a hard time. She had a very, very rough past corporately, but I think she's a very fine woman, a nice woman, and I said that she should be on the main stage at the debate and she is going to be.


SAVIDGE: He always makes it sound like he made that happen. I'm wondering, Maria, how long can he get away with this or will he always be able to get away with this kind of talk?

CARDONA: Well, Martin, I think it's all going to depend on his Republican rivals and I think this has been the big issue with everyone who is going up against Trump, up until now, because it hasn't been until recently that they have had to put on their big boy pants and actually go after him for completely inappropriate sexist, misogynist, narcissistic comments he has been making and try to convince voters that this is not somebody that they really want to be representing their country on a global stage as commander in chief.

So I think what this debate is going to be so interesting is that Carly Fiorina is going to be two people down from Donald Trump and how is she going to go after him? How is he going to debate, you know, like you said, Jeb Bush on one side and Carson on the other? I think the other candidates have a terrific opportunity to go into policy details -- though, it's going to be very challenging because, as you know in debates, you don't get a whole lot of time and this is a stage that, up until now, Donald Trump has shown he is the master. So it's going to be difficult for the other candidates.

SAVIDGE: He is definitely shown that. Let me ask you this. We believe, of course, that Hillary Clinton is going to be watching this or will she and I wonder who is she rooting for, do you think?

CARDONA: Well, it's interesting, because she said very recently, again, commenting on inappropriate way that Donald Trump has up until now treated women, that she would love to go up against him and debate him.

So I do think that she feels that way. I think that many Democrats would feel that way and so, you know, whether she watches it or not, I think that if she does like other Democrats, they will grab popcorn and beer because that will be pure entertainment, you know, very much like WWE Raw of people wrestle and tune into the GOP debate.

SAVIDGE: Yes. Well, it could be a case of be careful what you wish for.

Cathy Lynn, your predictions who is going to win this debate on Wednesday.

TAYLOR: I think it's going to be very interesting to see. You know, look. It's like the NCAA tournament. If you play well, it's a long season. And I think we have some Republican candidates that are going to have a very, very long season.

What's important is, you know, that they come out top three in Iowa. I think while Carly is going to be very well and Christie will be vying for air time on Wednesday evening, I really think that the debate is going to be a Trump/Carson show.

And don't count Jeb out. He is a savvy effective politician, he's run a state that is large and a border state and more akin to the rest of America than Iowa is, he is extremely well-funded and has a lot of support in the party. And so, we'll see if he can have a moment on Wednesday night as well.

No doubt, everybody is going to have eyes on Trump for sure.

SAVIDGE: Absolutely, they will. That's part of the reason they tune in.

Maria, Cathy, thank you both for your insights this morning.

CARDONA: Thank you, Martin.

SAVIDGE: As you say, be sure to tune in yourself for the next Republican presidential debate hosted by CNN, Wednesday, September 16th and it starts at 6:00 p.m. Eastern. I really can't wait for this.

PAUL: We are all going to be watching, no doubt about it.

I know a lot of you are watching this Iran deal. It is secured now. What are people in Iran, though, saying about it? And how is President Obama going to solidify its implementation?

Also, wildfires ripping through central California. Thousands of residents have been evacuated and we will tell you what is happening there this morning.


[07:42:22] SAVIDGE: This next story is one of those how does it happen? An investigation is under way in California to try to figure out exactly that. How a 19-year-old special needs student died. His body found inside this school bus and it happened Friday afternoon near Los Angeles. Police say the mother called the school when her son didn't come home after school.

The driver then found the student inside the bus at the yard. The bus driver was questioned and released. There has been no arrest made.

PAUL: And we have surveillance video to show here now from a Manhattan hotel. You see this. This is where former pro tennis player James Blake was tackled and body-slammed. You see it happening right there. Blake was just standing in front of a hotel and a undercover cop tackles him.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton have both apologized to Blake for what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. Blake however says police has to improve relations with the public. Blake will actually be here live on CNN at 12:00 p.m.

SAVIDGE: The butte fire that's raging near Sacramento is proving difficult to contain, even though 2,400 firefighters, 16 helicopters and eight tanker planes have been deployed. The inferno has grown to 65,000 acres, containment down to 5 percent. Yesterday, it was at 10 percent.

California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in Amador and Calaveras Counties. So far, the wildfire has burned at least six structures. But this fast moving fire is getting closer to a lot more homes.

Joining us is CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam -- Derek. DEREK VAN DAM, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes, Martin, you said it best, this

is an unpredictable inferno raging out of control just outside of the Sacramento region. This is the Butte Fire.

Look at the steep hillsides. We've got triple digit heat, very low humidity and leading to the factors for this fire and blaze to continue. Now, over the west of the U.S., we have currently 34 active large fires, roughly 8.6 million acres burned this year but the Butte Fire that we continue to pay close attention to. In fact, you can see on the map below me, the ongoing fire is taking place at the moment.

But as we zoom into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, as you can the Butte Fire, which is raging across two separate counties at the moment. Roughly 6,400 structures currently threatened from this raging inferno that continues to expand in six. And by the way, it's hugely unpredictable, changing directions at a moment's notice.

Now, the weather forecast for that area calls for another hot day and even tomorrow, but there some relief in sight. In fact, we are starting to see the remnants what is tropical storm Linda.

[07:45:00] That will bring in some much-needed rainfall to this area, even cooling our temperatures, helping battle those firefighters.

So, it looks like, Martin and Christi, we'll get some help from Mother Nature.

SAVIDGE: Yes, like that really can't come soon enough, though. Thanks very much, Derek.

VAN DAM: Thanks.

PAUL: Well, the House of Representatives votes to reject the Iran deal. It doesn't really matter, though. We will explain next.

Plus, two filmmakers killed in a plane crash after wrapping a Tom Cruise movie.


SAVIDGE: New this morning. Now that the president has sealed that Iran nuclear deal, the tough task of implementing it now begins. And the House of Representatives voted to reject the deal after an emotional debate, but since the Senate has already blocked the disapproval measure, the House measure was largely symbolic.

Still, despite that deal, Iran's supreme leader continues to blast the United States and says Israeli wouldn't exist in 25 years.

CNN senior international correspondent Fred Pleitgen now is live from Tehran.

Fred, I'm just wondering how ordinary Iranians reacting to the fact that sanctions on Iran will finally be lifted?

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, it's a good question and it's a mixed bag of reactions here from ordinary Iranians and, of course, also from the political elites here in this country.

If you look at the polls here in Iran and you speak to the majority on the ground, they'll tell you that they are absolutely thrilled that this nuclear deal has come through.

[07:50:05] They want the sanctions to be lifted as quickly as possible. You sense optimism here in Iran. The Iranians do feel that because they have a very young, a very well-educated population that is in dire need of foreign, direct investment, that they are now poised for big economic development here in this country.

Now, on the other hand, however, you do have the elite here in this country, many of the conservatives, who feel that Iran didn't get a good deal in the nuclear agreement, especially if you look at the military and the conservative clergy.

When you look at the remark that is the supreme leader has made, the one about America still being the great Satan, the ones about Israel as well, they do appear as though they ponder to that sort of constituency, because it is the conservatives that are really the staunchest backers of the supreme leader. It looks as though he's trying to make them feel as though there will be some change here in Iran and it won't come very quickly, Martin.

SAVIDGE: It's interesting because there are some who people who feel that way in this country. There are reports that Iran has found high uranium reserves. And I'm wondering, is that going to change the deal in terms?

Maybe Fred can no longer hear me. Are you still with me, Fred?

That would seem to be a no. We'll check back with Fred Pleitgen later. Thanks very much.


PAUL: Thank you, Martin. New developments here this morning, a series of shooting along the highway in Phoenix. Police have identified a person of interest. We are taking you live to Phoenix as there are these fears that the next incident certainly could be fatal.

Also, just days ago, "The New Yorker:" declared Serena Williams America's greatest athlete. But the greatest was just defeated by an unknown. We have the details on what could be the biggest upset of all time.


[07:56:02] SAVIDGE: We'll look at the headlines right now.

PAUL: Yes, two lawmakers at the center of a sex scandal are gone. One resigned and the other expelled after their alleged extramarital affair and botched cover-up became national news. Representative Todd Corker announced his resignation after hours of debate in the State legislator. He said, quote, "I felt it was the appropriate thing to do."

SAVIDGE: A plane flying from Colombia crashed yesterday and was carrying two members from a recently wrapped Tom Cruise film. Pilot was one of those killed. For 30 years, piloted planes that carried camera crews who captured sweeping aerial shots for movies and TV shows. Tom Cruise was not on the plane that crashed.

PAUL: Obviously.

Serena Williams was just a couple of matches away from doing really what only three women had ever done, winning a calendar grand slam. Most thought this was a sure thing. Even her Italian opponent in the U.S. Open semifinals Friday. Williams was outplayed by unseeded Roberta Vinci. The world number one stunned the world when she lost in three sets.

SAVIDGE: This is a huge upset. No doubt about it. It's being called the biggest upset of all time by some, but we want to know if you really think it is that way. So, we have been asking you and are going to ask Coy Wire if he thinks it's a biggest upset in sports history and really --

COY WIRE, CNN SPORTS: It has to be up there. If you think about Roberta Vinci, she hadn't even beaten Serena Williams in a set. They had played four times. Hadn't even won one set against her and Serena was so close to making history.

It's definitely up there. We asked our viewers and you didn't disappoint, as usual. We'll take a look at these.

Here's what they had to say, J.H. said, "Greatest upset of all time. The 2004 Red Sox taking the last four games of the ALCS against the Yankees is when the Yank Nation wept greatly."

Brian said the biggest upset was the New York Giants beating the undefeated Patriots in a Super Bowl February 2008. Remember the Pats had just completed their first perfect 16-0 undefeated season in the NFL.

Kenyatta said the biggest upset could be in yachting, the last America's cup, for the team USA certainly has the greatest in cup history.

Bob says and agrees with Martin, USA beating Russia in the 1980 Olympics in the miracle on ice.

Thank you so much for all your insight and your info. We love to have you on the show. Great as always.

SAVIDGE: I'm glad we got the yachting in there. Many sports.

PAUL: Everybody watches something.

Coy, thank you so much.

WIRE: You're welcome. PAUL: And keep them coming. We want to keep hearing from you.

SAVIDGE: Stay right there because we have a busy morning of news.

PAUL: Yes, the next hour of your NEW DAY starts right now.


PAUL: New this morning, could there be two different shooters targeting Arizona drivers? A copy-cat possibly on the loose as police question at least one person of interest. And armed civilians want to help solve this crime.


TRUMP: I fully think apologizing is a great thing. But you have to be wrong if you are not wrong. Like, for instance they wanted me --


SAVIDGE: One candidate makes jokes and another one drops out. The shake-up just days before the CNN GOP debate.

PAUL: And President Obama saying every country needs to do more to help the Syrian refugees. So, how the U.S. figures out which refugees to allow in.

It is always so good to have your company. Thank you for being with us on this Saturday. I'm Christi Paul.

SAVIDGE: And I'm Martin Savidge in for Victor Blackwell, who is, as I say, probably having the time of his life.

PAUL: Of his life, yes. He would have to be not to be here, wouldn't he, Martin?

SAVIDGE: He would be foolish not --

PAUL: So glad to have you here.

Listen, we begin with some new details this morning regarding that rush of shootings in downtown Phoenix. Police are saying they are now talking with a person of interest. That man taken for questioning less than 24 hours ago at this point.