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Awaiting Trump's First Appearance Since Dem Debate; Donald Trump Addresses Thousands in Virginia; Ivanka Trump Speaks To CNN About Father's 2016 Run. Aired 7-8:00p ET

Aired October 14, 2015 - 19:00   ET


[19:00:11] ERIN BURNETT, CNN ANCHOR: OUTFRONT tonight, breaking news. Donald Trump speaking live this hour weighing in on the democratic debate.

Plus, Ivanka Trump breaking her silence speaking for the first time about her father's run for president. It's an OUTFRONT exclusive interview. And the former NBA Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian's ex fighting for his life tonight after he is found unconscious at a Bravo. Press conference on his condition at this hour. I want to get to tonight. Let's go OUTFRONT.

And good evening to all. I'm Erin Burnett. We begin OUTFRONT tonight with the breaking news. At this hour live, Donald Trump at a rally. We expect he will talk about the democratic debate and some big new polls today, you see the crowd here in Richmond, Virginia. These are live pictures. Thousands are gathering to hear Trump in just a few moments. He will be coming out and speaking. The republican front-runner seen here arriving just moments ago. Taking back the national stage today, panning the democratic debate making it clear that he thinks he could beat Hillary Clinton in the debate. This is the latest CNN poll shows Trump's dominance growing. Double- digit leads in both early voting states of Nevada and South Carolina. Sixteen points ahead of Ben Carson in Nevada and double digits as well in South Carolina. The rest of the republican candidates still in single digits.

Sara Murray begins our coverage OUTFRONT at the Trump's rally in Virginia. And Sara, obviously Donald Trump is there going to be speaking. I know you had a chance to speak to him. Yourself right as he got out of that car. What did he tell you?

SARA MURRAY, CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: You're exactly right. I caught up with Donald Trump as he was going in. And like you said, he said he believes he can beat Hillary Clinton in a debate. I asked him why, then, is he going after Bernie Sanders today if he thought Hillary Clinton was the strongest competitor on the stage. And he said, well, he believes Hillary Clinton may have won the debate. You just never know what is going to happen in an election like this. So, it looks like he's trying to weaken both of those democratic front- runners as the top tier there. Because he's not sure who he might be up against if he does win the republican nomination -- Erin.

BURNETT: Donald Trump about to be introduce and taking that stage. Obviously, we'll going to be bringing that to viewers live. But I'm curious Sara where you are. You're at the Richmond International Speedway. Virginia does not have a primary until March, well down the line. Why is Trump focusing there?

MURRAY: You know, it's interesting, because I think the Trump campaign has gotten a lot of flak, he gets a lot of questions about when he's going to drop out and a lot of people assume that he will not go beyond the early nominating contest. I think him being here in Virginia is their campaign's way of saying, you guys are wrong, for the long-haul. Virginia is not a state that vote until March 1st, it's part of the Super Tuesday states and dozens of volunteers have been outside, getting signatures making sure that Donald Trump is on the ballot and, remember, the ground work you lay in a state like Virginia plays through the general election. This is not just an important state in the republican primaries but it is a swing state in the general. So, you know, this looks like a Trump campaign that's in it for the long-haul -- Erin.

BURNETT: All right. Sara, thank you very much. And OUTFRONT now, our senior political analyst and former presidential advisor to President Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Nixon, David Gergen along with our Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash. As we said, so everyone knows, that the Richmond International Speedway, Donald Trump being introduced in a moment. As he speaks, we'll going to bring that to you live. Because Dana, no question, he's going to be weighing in on the democratic debate. He already has taken a slam at Hillary Clinton. Here's what he said.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: In all fairness, like it or not, she did her job and they were very, very kind and they probably, you know, if they want to win, they really should have been a lot tougher, in my opinion.


BURNETT: So, kind of conceding she was the winner Dana but saying he would do better in some sense.

DANA BASH, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, of course. He's -- his whole -- the name of his whole game is that he's the guy who could beat her in the general election. Of course, if you talk to Hillary Clinton's campaign, they are begging for a Donald Trump, a republican nomination because they think the opposite. But look, he's right, that she did as well as she could have, you know, probably exceeded expectations because it's been a long time since we've seen Hillary Clinton on the debate stage. She's a very skilled debater. In fairness, there wasn't a lot of as Trump is even saying, there wasn't a lot of competition in terms of people really coming at her, either on a political or on a policy level.


BASH: There was a little bit of back and forth with Bernie Sanders on guns and so forth. But, you know, there's still room for somebody else to get in there, maybe a vice president if they want to because it was her and everybody else on the stage.

BURNETT: It's true. Now, Donald Trump is not just talking today like he has this locked up. It's going to be curious what he said in a couple of moments as he speaks here live. What he has to say about Hillary Clinton in the democratic debate overall. But today he was complaining he doesn't have Secret Service protection yet, treating himself really as a presumptive nominee in some senses. Right? So what do you say to that?

[19:05:14] DAVID GERGEN, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER: I think he ought to forget the Secret Service, just keep going. What was interesting to me is that, Erin, he's not allowing Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or anybody to take a victory lap from last night. Normally he expects Hillary winning performance. That she would be dominating the news. He's the showman. Boom, he's at the top of your show. And that's really an interesting thing. And I also think that that's like CNN had 15.3 million viewers. I think it's five million more for the record. That's part of the Trump effect, spilling over to the democratic politics.

BURNETT: It is. And you know, for those Dana who picked on Donald Trump who we can see live here approaching the stage going to speak to this crowd, as we said, we'll be taking it live, he has energized the entire nation to pay attention to this election -- Dana.

BASH: That's a great point. You know, the fact of the matter is we thought he really hit sort of his zenith in 2008 when we had that heavyweight championship between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that went on and on and on all of those debates. So, it was a bit surprising frankly that so many people tuned in. But I do think that Donald Trump really has brought people in. But the other thing is I think maybe we should, you know, give people credit. Is that Donald Trump? Maybe I'll toss it back to you -- Erin.

BURNETT: It is. And we're listening. He just said, "I love Virginia." As we get ready to listen to him. David, let me just get a quick reaction from you about where he stands as he's getting ready to speak in the polls, the latest polls today. Double digits --

GERGEN: Double digits lead in these two states.

BURNETT: Over his closes rivals --

GERGEN: Over Ben Carson. That's right. And he's doing well in Iowa and New Hampshire. You know, if he can stay in the league until Thanksgiving, there's a tendency for things to get frozen in the Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. And that takes you right into January right on the eve of Iowa. So, he's got another six or eight weeks if he can continue this. He and Hillary Clinton can be matched by Thanksgiving as the two presumptive nominees. (INAUDIBLE) Isn't it amazing --

BURNETT: And you truly think it could happen at this point?

GERGEN: I think he could definitely win the nomination. I think Hillary showed us last night she's going to have a hard fight. She was really good last night.

BURNETT: And Dana, let me ask you your reaction here to the poll, also in addition to double-digit leads right over Ben Carson, his closest rival, it's now a lot more than it used to be. It used to be Donald Trump did very well in the economy but not so much on other areas. Now, the economy, immigration, ISIS, foreign policy, Donald Trump is now the best person on each issue. I remember talking to him on the phone a few months ago. He said, see, Erin, Trump is number one on the economy. Number one on the economy. He wasn't on any of the other issues. That's changed.

BASH: That's right. Now, he is doing extremely well. And I think one of the things that was interesting and noteworthy was that today he didn't just, you know, talk about Hillary Clinton. He put out an Instagram video against Bernie Sanders and at first glance you might think, oh, that's kind of odd. Why are you wasting your time, Donald Trump, with Bernie Sanders? Well, think about a state like New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a place where you don't have to be affiliated with either party to vote. And there could be some, believe it or not, some crossover voters, people who are just angry with the man and the system and the fact is that if Donald Trump wants to win New Hampshire, he might have to take some potential Bernie Sanders voters. And again, it does seem to start really -- think that Donald Trump a capitalist who get anybody's voters who is even remotely socialist. But it's just the anger component that really I think is telling about the strategy that Donald Trump is talking, he really thinks he can do it.

BURNETT: Dana, you're going to stay with us. Because you're going to be with us throughout this. Donald Trump is thanking people, everyone right now, that's why we're not listening to it. But we do want to hear what he has to say about the debate. And we're going to hear that in just a moment. We're going to squeeze into a brief break, we'll be right back with Donald Trump live and our panel.


[19:12:18] BURNETT: Now, the breaking news. Donald Trump addressing thousands in Richmond, Virginia, now talking about his polls. Good polls today for Donald Trump. Here he is.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Thank you. Well, that was big. Sixty seven percent to Trump. Can you believe it? Now, you've got to remember, you know, if we had two people running and you had 67 percent, that would be a landslide, right? That's a landslide. If you won with 67 percent, the press -- look at all of those cameras going back there. So many. So many! Look at all of the red lights.


Show the crowd, everybody. Show the crowd. Show the crowd.

(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) A lot of people outside that the fire marshal would not let in.

So it's one of those things. But I will tell you that when you have 67 percent in a two-person race, that's called landslide. That's called massive victory. I don't think there's ever been a victory and here we have a thing called the economy. Would you say that's important? I think so, right? So 67 percent are in favor for Trump. Okay. We won this state by a lot, meaning the polls, by a lot. Now, a couple of these categories, I have to read them. Illegal immigration, important. We're going to build the wall. Okay? Believe me. We're going to build the wall.


Hundred percent. And you know, so we're going to build it. It will be paid for. Who's going to pay for the wall? Who is going to pay for the wall? So the next category -- the next category, which is so important -- that's okay. That's okay. That's all right. That's all right.


That's all right. That's why we have freedom of speech, folks, you know and I'll tell you how dishonest the press is. We have thousands of people in this room, 6, 7,000. I think 7,200 people. We have about ten people over there. They'll get the headline. You won't. That's pretty disgusting. Pretty disgusting. But that's the way it goes. So illegal immigration, 55 percent want Trump. Thirteen percent to second place. That tells you something right there. Thirteen percent. Thirteen percent. On social issues, Trump is first. On foreign policy --



We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump! We want trump!

TRUMP: Thank you very much. That's great. Thank you very much. But it is true. I see a couple of cameras for about four people and they are going wild, the cameras. You know, it's so disgusting. But that's all right. On foreign policy, Trump number one, 34 percent on ISIS, who is going to handle ISIS? Trump 46. We're not going to play games. We're not playing games. We're not playing games.


[19:17:13] On the change on how we do in Washington, on the change, how are we going to change Washington? Who is going to do the most effective job? Trump. Sixty percent. Sixty. Sixty percent. Here's an important one. Best chance of winning in November. Trump number one. Forty seven percent. Amazing. So we're number one at 42nd and then you get into 16 and 10. That's a big difference. So we've all come a long way together. We've all tomorrow. And you know, we have a lot of bad people out there. They want to stop progress and you see it all the time. And I used the statement, the silent majority. The silent majority is back, folks. The silent majority is back.


BURNETT: Donald Trump speaking live in Richmond. He talked about polls, he's now talking more about polls and how he's number one, as we were just discussing even in foreign policy right now. We're continuing to listen to him. But David, let me just ask you what we've just seen Donald Trump do, masterfully, which is stagecraft.

GERGEN: You know, for all his flaws -- you know, he has many flaws. He's very, very good at stagecraft. I mean, the very idea that after last night's democratic debate, which was potentially a very pivotal moment for the democratic side, here we are talking about Donald Trump again.

BURNETT: Uh-huh.

GERGEN: And he did that by seizing -- he understands, come on primetime, be out there where he can be seen, do big rally, and you can change the conversation. He's now holding out prospects and he's going to go on "Saturday Night Live." You know, host of the "Saturday Night Live."

BURNETT: First candidate to host "Saturday Night Live."

GERGEN: The first to do that. Do you know what kind of audience he's going to get for doing that, you know? And this was -- I don't think we've experienced this kind of politics -- I can't remember a candidate like this who has done what he has done. That's not to say -- it's a wholly different question --

BURNETT: Right. But you're saying 30 years of experience, you've never seen anybody like this.

GERGEN: I've never seen anybody, the whole stage this way and keep doing it and yet be so empty of substance. There's no major convictions. There are ravens that do well with the crowd for example. But Reagan was more with a traditional politician. He ran a good state of California. Donald Trump has never done any of that. He has none of the normal credentials and yet he's got everybody talking about him.

BURNETT: He does. And I can also say for our viewers, you know, a lot of his prior rallies, the people were in front of him, behind him was a wall. Donald Trump vocally complained about that. He said, he wanted the media to show the crowd. So now, look what he has done. He's put the crowd behind him, too. He thinks about details like that.

Brianna Keilar is OUTFRONT in Las Vegas where Hillary Clinton is holding a rally tonight. She's been covering Hillary Clinton. And Brianna, I mean, what does the Clinton campaign say about this? That this is essentially a very big moment for Hillary Clinton and yet on social media, the discussion throughout the day, a lot of it has been dominated by Donald Trump.

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, she's not actually responding to it specifically, Erin. It's really interesting. When she does respond to Donald Trump, it's not in this head-on kind of way. What she tends to do is what we saw on Monday when she first came to las Vegas, she showed up at the Trump Hotel to stand next to picketers, union workers who were trying through the culinary union to unionize the Trump Hotel here in Las Vegas. She does that in a way to really I think attract union support but also knowing if he goes to the Trump building, she's going to get some support and then she also uses him as this device.

We didn't hear her last night in the debate, confront Donald Trump head-on but she used him as a device to paint all Republicans as the same. You hear him now giving this speech and he's talking about building the wall and really riling up the crowd in that way. Well, last night is the debate, Hillary Clinton made an illusion to him as someone who is hostile to immigrants but she described all Republicans as this. So, it's a way for her to sort of loop Donald Trump in with other Republicans and tried to rile up her base with that.

BURNETT: All right. Well, Brianna, thank you very much. Brianna, as we said with Hillary Clinton who has several events tonight, Donald Trump is speaking in Richmond. We are watching that. We'll going to continue to watch it holding a very enthusiastic and raucous crowd in Richmond.

When we come back, more of that in our exclusive interview tonight. Ivanka Trump for the first time speaking out and she's defending her dad's comments about women.


IVANKA TRUMP, DAUGHTER OF DONALD TRUMP: Look, my father is very blunt. He's very direct. He's non-gender specific in his criticism of people.



[19:25:58] BURNETT: Breaking news, you're looking live at Donald Trump. He is speaking to thousands of supporters in Virginia. They are expecting 5,000. He said there are 7,200 by his count. Tonight, his top adviser, his daughter, Ivanka, is speaking out for the first time. Everyone has wanted to speak to her. She's speaking exclusively to CNN tonight talking about what kind of a father Donald Trump is, how he raised her. And she is proof, she says that he is great for women voters.

Poppy Harlow is OUTFRONT. Poppy, you spoke to Ivanka today. This is what everybody has wanted to hear. What did she say about her dad?

POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: She could not have been more complementary about her dad, how proud she is of him, she talked about the campaign. But also why she is not on the campaign trail and how focused she is still on her business. She also talked about the fact here how her father gave her, in her words, the confidence to do anything she set her mind to.


HARLOW: Let's begin with this. We're at the Fortune's most powerful women's summit and Michael Cohen, from the Trump Organization, said that the company employees 57 percent men and 43 percent women. But there are more female executives than male within the Trump organization. How can we see that translate across corporate America so that more women are at the upper echelons?

I. TRUMP: Well, I think it's incredibly important and I think companies who aren't prioritizing ensuring that women are at all levels within the organization and this disproportion of men versus women and gender and equality, you know, anyone who is thinking in those terms and who is not being very proactive to ensure that there are companies being thoughtful about the gender mix is simply going to fall behind. So I think it will be a self-selecting thing. I think in ten years from now, the companies who haven't evolved will not be the companies that they are today.

And I think my father recognized this a long time ago. I wouldn't be the person I am today, I wouldn't have the ambition, the drive, the passion, the commitment to what it is I am doing for both the Trump Organization and for my own brand if he hadn't encouraged me and emboldened me, given me the confidence that I could do whatever it is that I set my mind to accomplish if I had the vision, the energy, the passion, and the work ethic to match. So, I think really its leadership is about action. Leadership is about setting an example and he's very much done that within the context of the Trump organization and that is why, you know, my brothers and I are equally at the same level at the highest ranks within the context of that company.

HARLOW: You started women who work, it's an initiative you pushed to empower women at all levels to work and to follow their dreams. But Pew found that an increasing amount of American women are staying home, from 23 percent in 1999 to 29 percent in 2000 and some of that is, in part, due to rising child care costs.

I. TRUMP: Yes.

HARLOW: What's your message in this campaign to those women?

I. TRUMP: Also my campaign is about the fact that women are working at all aspects of their life and I think there is this tendency to talk about working women, the working women. There's this caricature of what that looks like. We represent 50 percent of the population. We're all working a different things. We all have different priorities and those priorities changed through the course of their lives. My priorities today as a mother of two with one on the way are different from what they were ten years ago. And likely it will be different in 10 years from now. So, I really wanted to create a brand that was celebrating the

fact that women are multidimensional, that we're all working really hard at architecting the lives that we want to live and lives that are consistent with our personal priorities. And I do think there is this unfortunate and prevailing depiction of the working woman as, you know, wearing a black pants suit and being solely focused on her professional role and that's just not true. And hopefully I can be a small part of changing the narrative around what it looks like to be a woman who works today and that's the purpose of the campaign. It's not to tell people they should work or they shouldn't work.

HARLOW: Right.

I. TRUMP: It's not to push people in a certain direction. It's to celebrate the fact that we're all figuring it out, we're all working very, very hard. I know, for example, I'm more exhausted on a Monday morning after a weekend home with the kids --


I. TRUMP: Than I am on a Friday afternoon.


I. TRUMP: Ad I work really hard during the week.

So, it's really about enabling and supporting women and architecting this ideal life for themselves.

HARLOW: Your father points to you telling him that he's been on the campaign trail, quote, "really misunderstood on his views about women." He has said some things that have -- about women that have shocked many people about Carly Fiorina. He said, "Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?" About Megyn Kelly's questioning about him in the first FOX debate, "There was blood coming out of her wherever."

Ivanka, what was your reaction to that?

I. TRUMP: Well, I think a lot of the sensationalism around this was orchestrated largely by the media. Look, my father is very blunt. He is very direct. He is non-gender specific in his criticism of people, and people that he doesn't particularly like, or people that he does like but thinks they are wrong on a particular issue.

So, you know, I don't think that he's gender targeted at all. Like I said, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't be high- level executive within his organization if he felt that way. So, he's always supportive and encouraged women and truthfully, he's proven that through decades through his employment practices, through his hiring practices.

HARLOW: What would President Trump do for this country?

I. TRUMP: He'd be amazing for women in this country. He would be incredible for women in this country. And he's starting to articulate his positions.

It's not my place to articulate those for him. I'm not part of the campaign. I'm very busy and he's kept me very busy working alongside my brothers and running the organization now that he's taking this step, and in terms of his efforts to try and make this country great again, as he says.

So, you know, I'll leave policy to him.


I. TRUMP: But I'll speak to him as my vantage point as a child, and also from vantage point as a colleague, and somebody who works for him.

He's been an amazing parent. He's given me every opportunity to succeed. He's been loving and supportive. He's pushed me. He's corrected me. He's disciplined me, and I think as a parent now myself I appreciate how hard that is more than ever before.

When I was 15 or 16, I was a little less impressed by how tough he was and how strict he was with us as children.

As a parent now, I see just how hard it is to raise children with drive and with passion and with energy who have a well-set moral compass and he's very much did that for me in his role as a father and then as an executive. I have seen what an unbelievable leader he is. He's the most formidable negotiator I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of great negotiators.

He is also somebody who really encourages people to achieve at their highest level. He sets very high goals for everyone who works for him and who works with him but really he helps them raise the bar for themselves in terms of what they want to accomplish.

HARLOW: What are your business goals for Ivanka Trump as a brand, as a businesswoman?

I. TRUMP: Oh, I have far-reaching goals. I think my goals are less specific and more general now. I want to continue to grow the Trump Organization footprint throughout the world. We have a hotel company, the Trump Hotel collection, which I'm incredibly proud of which is now the fastest growing luxury hotel brand.

We have many very, very exciting property openings in the year to come here in Washington, D.C., with the old Post Office building, an iconic building right on Pennsylvania Avenue, in Rio de Janeiro, in Vancouver and many, many others in the pipeline for the years to come. So, I think the opportunity on the hotel side and on the real estate side is huge. And I almost don't want to limit myself by giving a specific goal, but the growth potential there is enormous.

In terms of my own business, I feel like I'm just getting started. I am creating product in many categories that has been very well-received, that I'm deeply proud of and I'm looking forward to other opportunities in other categories and in international markets to grow that brand.

[19:35:06] Of course, my most important priority -- my family is growing and hopefully will continue to grow.

HARLOW: Congratulations. You are five months pregnant.

I. TRUMP: I am five months pregnant with my third.

HARLOW: Congratulations.

I. TRUMP: So, it's an amazing time and it's an exciting time for me in my personal life as well. So, I feel incredibly blessed and incredibly fortunate that I'm so happy personally and professionally, and I hope that all of this continues.

HARLOW: You are very good friends with Chelsea Clinton, and she gave a recent interview and she said, quote, "I love Ivanka" and she said both of your parents running potentially against each other in a general election has not affected your relationship.

How do you guys navigate that? Do you talk politics? Do you talk kids?

I. TRUMP: We -- it has not been an issue for us. I have great respect for her. She's been a great friend to me. I've been a great friend to her.

So, you know, the politics of our parents is not relative to our friendship.

HARLOW: I asked a lot of the women here at the summit and sat down with a group of them at the Democratic debate last night. I know you watched.

What did you make of the debate and who do you think would be the most formidable candidate against your father who is leading in all of the Republican polls?

I. TRUMP: I thought the debate was excellent. I thought the debate was interesting to watch. So I enjoyed watching. Like I said, I'm a business person, not a politician. So, I'll leave politics to other members of the family and the many, many people who are involved in the race on both sides. So, we'll see who emerges.

HARLOW: Ivanka Trump, thank you very much.

I. TRUMP: Thank you.


ERIN BURNETT, CNN ANCHOR: Poppy, a fantastic interview and fantastic get to her to talk. Everyone's wanted to hear talk -- when her father said she's going to be a close adviser, she is a close adviser.

HARLOW: Right. BURNETT: On the issues of women, what he said about Carly

Fiorina, what he said about Megyn Kelly, you asked her about that.

HARLOW: I did.

BURNETT: She tried to defend her dad. I can't imagine -- I don't know what she thought in the heart of hearts at the moment those thing happened.

What was she liked when you ask her that question?

HARLOW: Look, I asked her what her reaction was and she certainly didn't take us inside their world or their conversations. It was very clear to me that she didn't necessarily want to be talking about that, it was clear, but I did get the sense that she wanted to defend her father and she believes to her core that he is a supporter of women. That was very clear to me.

But you heard what she said at the end. I said who do you think would be the most formidable candidate against your father? She didn't answer that. She said the debate was very interesting to watch. She said, I will leave politics to other members of my family.

Interesting, because she came out and introduced him on the campaign trail when he made his announcement and a lot of pundits say she could be a huge asset to him on the trail. It did not seem to me like from that, the interview, that is where we will find her. Clearly, she's very busy with her business and a third child on the way.

BURNETT: It's going to be very interesting to see. Certainly, all eyes are on her second to her father.


BURNETT: On her, and of course his wife Melania.

Thank you so much.


BURNETT: Great job, Poppy Harlow, there with that exclusive interview here.

HARLOW: Thank you.

BURNETT: And OUTFRONT next, Bernie Sanders' debate performance won him lots of praise and he got $2 million in new donations as a result of that.

Well, guess what? Donald Trump's got a loud ruckus crowd. Bernie Sanders also has a loud ruckus crowd. We're going to be checking in with them both.

And breaking news, basketball great Lamar Odom, clinging to life. He was found unconscious in brothel. Moments ago in that press conference, investigators announcing illegal drugs were involved.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The reporting parties informed Nye County sheriff's Office dispatch, the male had been using cocaine.



[19:42:35] BURNETT: You're looking at live pictures. This is Donald Trump addressing thousands in Virginia. Just moments ago, he weighed in on last night's Democratic debate.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I watched last night with Bernie Sanders and Hillary and the other three guys that nobody -- yes. Yes.


The other three guys that nobody knows who the hell they are. Who are they?

But I watched last night as Hillary and Bernie Sanders, they just couldn't give things away fast enough and they are giving them to illegal immigrants. They want health care for illegal immigrants. They want driver's license for illegal immigrants.

They are suggesting -- listen to this. They are suggesting Social Security for illegal immigrants.



BURNETT: Trump has been slamming Bernie Sanders all day. Of course, Bernie Sanders, someone who does want to give more to spending in this country, at this moment, at the debate, is what Donald Trump picked specifically.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS (I-VT), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, I think the secretary is right and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails!




BURNETT: Of course, Donald Trump thinks that Bernie Sanders made a mistake. Sanders, though, is capitalizing on that moment, looking like a big person. They sent that clip, his campaign, to supporters mid-debate. They got 63,000 donations.

Sunlen Serfaty is OUTFRONT from Los Angeles where Sanders is about to kick off a fundraising event.

He, of course, Sunlen, I know but getting so many crowds, his fundraising spiked off last night's debate and that moment.

What are you seeing there in terms of the crowds tonight?

SUNLEN SERFATY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, it's interesting, Erin. Today, we're here in Beverly Hills. For Bernie Sanders, it really is all about money. This is an event of about 1,300 people here in Los Angeles. I should note that's relatively small for a Sanders campaign rally. The campaign calling this a mini-rally, focusing on small ticket donations, tickets here tonight cost about $25.

This is a source of pride for the Sanders' campaign. They want to show that they have grassroots support and that these are donors. Keep in mind that they can comeback to a second time, people that they continually go back to to raise money throughout this campaign.

But about those figures last night, $2 million since that debate the campaign said they raised, a majority of which came in the first four hours of the debate.

[19:45:05] But the focus here is trying to keep the momentum up, Erin.

BURNETT: All right, certainly. Sunlen, thank you very much.

Lots going on with rallies with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, all tonight.

A basketball and reality TV star once married to Khloe Kardashian is fighting for his life tonight after he passed out at a brothel. The latest on Lamar Odom's condition, next.


BURNETT: Breaking news, the former NBA player and reality star Lamar Odom is fighting for his life. Officials just announcing moments ago he's believed to have been using cocaine before he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel over the weekend.


SHARON WEHRLY, NYE COUNTY SHERIFF: The reporting parties informed the Nye County sheriff's office dispatch the male had been using cocaine. They confirmed his usage on Saturday but was unsure if that had continued through the weekend.

[19:50:02] They also informed dispatch that he had used up to 10 tabs of sexual performance enhancer supplements over the last three- day period. (END VIDEO CLIP)

BURNETT: Well, so far, officials are not commenting on the current condition of the 35-year-old who was married to Khloe Kardashian.

Kyung Lah is OUTFRONT with the breaking details.


KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): The Love Ranch, a legal brothel that promises discretion even to celeb VIPs.

But when manager Richard Hunter saw former NBA star Lamar Odom unresponsive, he immediately called 911.

RICHARD HUNTER, LOVE RANCH EMPLOYEE: They did ask what he had taken. The girls gave me an herbal supplement.

LAH: An herbal sexual enhancement says hunter once sold here at the ranch and sex shops. Hunter asked we not fully show his face. He claims since Odom's arrival on Saturday, employees did watch him take a number of the supplements.

HUNTER: They were ballparking like maybe ten over three days or something like that.

LAH: Two female employees say they left Odom asleep in his room Monday night and found him unresponsive nine hours later. Now at the hospital, the Reverend Jesse Jackson visited Odom. Jackson says Odom is unable to speak, breathing with the help of a machine.

REV. JESSE JACKSON, ODOM FAMILY FRIEND: Almost totally unresponsive, but now there is signs of responsiveness and to that extent, that's good news.

LAH: Jackson says former NBA Lakers player Kobe Bryant also visited and by his bedside remains Khloe Kardashian.

LAMAR ODOM, FORMER NBA PLAYER: I want to hang out forever. I want to get married now.

LAH: Odom's ex-wife and former co-star in reality television.

KHLOE KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: Lamar has suffered so much loss in his life.

LAH: A life filled with loss from an early age. His father left the family addicted to heroin. Odom's mother died of colon cancer when he was 12. He was raised by his grandmother who would also die of cancer and his first marriage in 2006, Odom's infant son Jaden died of SIDS. His father would return to Odom's life on reality television asking for money.

ODOM: We got a lot of hand some men in our family. LAH: The consistent anchor appeared to be basketball. Odom rose

to fame early in high school and winning two NBA championships. But his tabloid life eclipsed his professional one. Rumors of drug addiction and a failed marriage to Khloe.

She foretold of her ex-husband's troubles in a recent episode of her reality show.

KARDASHIAN: I'm on high alert for Lamar because -- I mean, anything I think will set him to spiral and that's kind of the last thing I want for him.


LAH: The sheriff's department did announce they have drawn blood from Lamar Odom while he's been in the hospital. Those results, Erin, are not back as of yet -- Erin.

BURNETT: Such a sad story. Thank you very much, Kyung.

OUTFRONT now, Dr. Charles Sophy, a psychiatrist.

And, Dr. Sophy, Lamar's ex-wife Khloe, you just heard her there in Kyung's piece. She's talked about Odom's issues on the show for many years. Here she is in a very poignant exchange back in 2015.


KARDASHIAN: Lamar, he is a very depressed person, which is sad, but understandable for everything he's been through in his life. And I do love Lamar with every ounce of who I am, but it's really scary when someone is such a deep low and you know they are kind of relying on you to get them out, and you're trying and you're trying and you're trying, and nothing is really working.


BURNETT: Were you surprised to hear about how this seems to have happened, Dr. Sophy, at a ranch with prostitutes, cocaine, herbal Viagra?

DR. CHARLES SOPHY, BOARD-CERTIFIED PSYCHIATRIST: No, I'm actually not surprised. I mean, I think the circumstances are a little extreme however, clearly, Khloe was telling us he has underlying mental health issues that have been with him a lot of his life, which are always the underpinning of a lot of the addiction relapses in addicts, especially ones that don't get real treatment. She felt the darkness for him and you can see that he took himself into a very dark place because that's how he felt.

BURNETT: And, you know, it just seems that were so many people trying to help him. This is happening on reality television, the country knew his wife, ex-wife was trying to help him. In a recent episode of the show, and she was concerned about her husband after his friend died of a drug-related overdose, a friend we saw Lamar Odom take on his own show he talked about. Everything that he would have need for help was there and yet, it

was not enough.

SOPHY: Well, but that just shows you that there's no help that's going to be accepted by an addict until they are ready to do it themselves and until they get on in their own way, they will be their worst enemy.

BURNETT: What happens here, Dr. Sophy? Obviously, we don't know his condition but it is very dire?

SOPHY: Yes, it is very dire.

[19:55:01] I think there was a lot of things going on in his body, he was putting in a lot of things that were counter-balancing each other and he could have easily had many medical issues, a seizure, a stroke, all of the above. Who knows?

But at this point, I think this man just needs a lot of prayers and a lot of hope from people that love and support him so he can get better and really get help, hopefully, if there is that kind of an outcome.

BURNETT: If that is possible. Yes, thank you very much, Dr. Sophy.

And we'll be right back.


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