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For Second Year, No Person of Color Nominated for Acting Oscar; Sarah Palin Endorsing Donald Trump; Donald Trump`s Vulgar Language About Hillary Clinton; Anonymous Source to Breaitbart.Com: Hillary Clinton`s Delay At ABC Debate Due To Something Related To Her Past Brain Injury; Uber Driver`s Attacker, Benjamin Golden, Has Counter Sued For $5 Million. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired January 19, 2016 - 21:00   ET



[21:00:13] DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST OF "DR. DREW" PROGRAM: We have a bombshell tonight. Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump. But, first of, for

the second year in a row, the Academy has decided no person of a color worthy of an Oscar nod in the major acting categories. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE SPEAKER: Things are looking a little too pale here if you ask me.



DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: For two years or a number of years in a row and no African-Americans, no people of color, that is an obvious problem.



MIKI TURNER, USC ANNENBURG LECTURER & REGULAR POP CULTURE CRITIC: The real issue in Hollywood is really not about discrimination or racism. Nepotism

is the biggest issue.



KIERNA MAYO, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, EBONY MAGAZINE: African-American stars not showing up to the Oscars would mean about 2 percent of the people there are

not in attendance.


MAYO: This is the big story.



TURNER: We are still talking about a 13.5-inch statute to validate your work and that just seems mildly amusing to me, as it just seems outrageous

when as a race we have so many other bigger issues to be concerned about.


PINSKY: Joining me, Sam Schacher, "Pop Trigger" on; Areva Martin, Attorney and legal consultant; Joseph C. Phillips, Actor, conservative

commentator and Ernie White, civil rights activist. Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith, they are refusing to attend the Oscar ceremony. The

question is, should others follow and does a boycott actually hurt? Ernie, what do you say?

ERNIE WHITE, CIVIL RIGHT ACTIVIST: Well, I think that we are starting to turn to an entitlement society. So, I feel like, you are talking about the

Oscars. Are we entitled to these things? No. I mean, are the kids are going to look at the millionaires and say, "Hey! I am entitled to get

something, because I made a movie and these group, they did not like accept or did not decide that my movie was the greatest." So, again, you know, we

got to get off this entitlement kind of attitude that we have.

PINSKY: I see --


PINSKY: I see Areva, back tone -- go ahead.



PINSKY: But, go ahead.

SCHACHER: Think of that.

PINSKY: What is going on?

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY, LEGAL ANALYST: Well, I think it is not about entitlement first of all. It is about diversity and inclusion. African-

Americans, Latinos, minorities buy 46 percent of the tickets at the Box Office and to have the largest institution that recognizes the work of

actors and entertainers be 94 percent white, 77 percent white males and for them not to recognize the great talent amongst minorities, it think is a

slap in the face.

I think it sets us back as embarrassing to the academy. I think it is embarrassing to the President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, who has to represent

this organization, as embarrassing to Chris Rock who is going to host it and to Reggie Hudlin, who is going to be the show producer. So, I am

disturbed by it.

JOSEPH PHILLIPS, ACTOR: It is not embarrassing at all to them because it has been like this for a hundred years. This is nothing new. I am shocked

that people are shocked that this is happening. This is the same academy that did not let Hattie McDaniel in the building when she received her

academy award. Nothing has changed.

PINSKY: Well, that --


MARTIN: But, it does not mean we have to accept it, just because it has not changed.

PINSKY: Well, no one will tolerate that.

PHILLIPS: No. No, you do not. But, I am saying, why is everyone suddenly shocked. It is the same as it was last year, the year before, the year

before and yet everyone was fine showing up. The difference this year is that Jada Pinkett Smith`s husband was not nominated.

Now, what I want to know is why was it all right -- and just to give you some context and to piggy back on something that you said. Why was it all

right in all of these years, when was the last time an Asian was nominated or won one of these major awards?

PINSKY: Right. Right.

PHILLIPS: Native American, Latino, Latina and yet Jada Pinkett Smith, Will, Spike Lee, everybody else was fine sitting up there with big smiles

on their face when all of this was going on. It is only now this year when Will was not nominated. I cannot see there is a problem.

PINSKY: I am not sure -- I am not sure --

PHILLIPS: That is the sinnick in me.

PINSKY: Yes. I am not sure of the case you are making, but you are saying that they are motivated to use this phenomenon for their own personal gain,

is that what you are saying?

PHILLIPS: Of course.


PINSKY: OK. Let us look at what --

PHILLIPS: Of course.

PINSKY: Let us look at what she said. This is Jada Pinkett Smith. She started calling for a boycott with this message on Facebook. Take a look.


JADA PINKETT SMITH, ACTRESS AND WIFE OF WILL SMITH: The academy has the right to acknowledge whoever they chose, begging for acknowledgment or even

asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power. Let us let the academy do that with all grace and love and let us do us differently.


PINSKY: Now, a response then came in from actors Janet Hubert, who you remember is the original Aunt Viv on the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" and she

sounded a little bit -- her response, the content a little bit like what Ernie was saying. Take a look.


JANET HUBERT, PLAYED "AUNT VIVIAN" IN "THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIRE" FILM: I wanted to say something about Jada Pinkett Smith asking other actors,

black actors and actresses to boycott the Oscars. For you to ask other actors and other black actresses and black actors to jeopardize their

career and they are standing in the town that you know damn well you do not do that.

[21:05:07] And, you all need to get over yourselves. You have a huge production company that you only produce your friends, your family and

yourself. So, you are a part of Hollywood. You are a part of the system that is unfair to other actors. So, get real.



PINSKY: So, Joseph, that is kind of what you were saying too, right? A little mix of both of you guys in there.

PHILLIPS: Well, yes --

PINSKY: Which was there are bigger things afoot, but they are part of the problem.

PHILLIPS: And, I absolutely agree with some of that, not all of it. Not the bitterness -- the dripping with bitterness. I do not agree with that.


MARTIN: Yes. I was going to say, that seemed very personal.


PHILLIPS: But the issue is not as one of the other woman said. It is not the statute. It is not an award. That is, absolutely, meaningless. That

is not going to enrich anyone`s life except those that receive it or are nominated. The issue is really jobs.


PHILLIPS: And, if we have more black actors and myself included working because actors -- which is why I said before, but more people working, more

actors working in a more variety of roles, diversity of roles --

PINSKY: To be fair, the biggest film of the year, the two lead roles, a woman and a black male. That is the lead roles. We are not doing so bad,

are we?

SCHACHER: But, Dr. Drew, hold on. Let me get in here.

PINSKY: I think it is the film of history.


PHILLIPS: That is one film --

SCHACHER: Yes. That is one film, Dr. Drew. You have to just call it what it is. Hollywood is racist. They are sexist. I am sorry, they are. You

look at ABC still in 20 seasons, there is yet to be a black bachelor, a black bachelorette. You look at all of the lack of diversity, these films.

You look at the lack of the roles. We talked about -- You look at the media headlines talking about advocating for Michael B. Jordan and Samuel

L. Jackson and Will Smith, and I get that and I agree with them. But, then where is the advocacy suggesting for recognition for women of color.

PINSKY: Oh, well --

SCHACHER: I have not seen anybody advocating for, where are the women who have not been nominated for roles this year either?

MARTIN: And, I just want to say something about your comment, Joseph, about it is just a statute. That statute means a lot to the entertainment

industry, and the people that work in it and it can drive you to get better jobs, to get more roles. And, I do not think there is mutual -- it is not

mutual --

PHILLIPS: Tell that to Martin Luther King, who has not worked since --

MARTIN: But, it is not mutually --

PINSKY: Yes, but tell it --

MARTIN: It is not mutually exclusive. You can work on getting more folks in the C-switch. You can work on getting more minorities in roles at the

same time. You can work on diversifying the Oscars. They do not have to be mutually exclusive.

PINSKY: Is it possible? Is it possible that certain actors are motivated not by Oscars but by the economic reimbursement they can get. I mean look

at Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. They do not give a damn about these Oscars. They are making these billion dollar films and they have gone on the

record. I think after the break I will show you the footage of Ice Cube saying, he does not care. He made $200 Billion on his last film.

SCHACHER: What about the working actors, though? What about the working actors --

PINSKY: Yes, but the point is, it may be a different motivation rather than getting a stupid -- I have a bigger question after the break is,

should anybody be judging creative work of another person, particularly a panel of people who do not represent the interests of the actors and


WHITE: I am starting to get afraid that we are going to start having affirmative action for these Oscars.

PINSKY: Well, that is kind of --

WHITE: Who is going to want an Oscar if I am going to get one because I am black.

PINSKY: I got go to break.

SCHACHER: Well, why you have to look it at that way?

PINSKY: Well, that is -- I can understand why a lot of people are talking about it that way. It is important thing. You worry that -- I worry that

people are going to be reduced to not reaching for greatness. I think if we start -- to me, not being willing to just acknowledge greatness is the

same thing we do in little league and sports with kids where everybody gets an award. Nobody is great.

It is a symptom of this whole thing that we all complain about and yet when we do it as adults, we go "Oh, no, no. We cannot -- Nobody is great.

Nobody is great. Everyone is the same. Everyone is the same." No. It is OK to say somebody is doing a great job and then aspire for that.

Next, a producer of "Straight Outta of Compton." As I said, he is going to talk about how he has no problem not being nominated. You will hear from

Ice Cube after the break.



PINSKY: Listen to what he told Wendy Williams.


CHUCK NICE, COMEDIAN: Even the boycott, it is like black people are not going to watch, black people are not going to attend. When the real

conversation is, when it comes to diversity, diversity is just that. So, the protest should also be diversified.



DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: I have the box office for "Straight Outta Compton", and this was in the end of 2015, $ 200 million worldwide.


LEMON: That is huge. You look at $42.6 Million creed for -- that is not even worldwide.


LEMON: So, when you look at that, those are the people we are supporting with our dollars.



TURNER: One of the important elements that is missing from this conversation is that on the other side of this, people are working. You

know, interest is getting work. You know, Michael B. Jordan. They are getting work. They might not be recognized for their accomplishments on

screen, but I would rather see them working.


PINSKY: I am back with Sam, Joseph, Areva, Ernie. I wish you guys would get everything straight here. That, obviously, was not the tape we

intended to play for you. What I was telling you is that Ice Cube, producer of "Straight Outta Compton" has no problem that his film was not

given an Oscar nod this year. Here is what he told Wendy Williams.


ICE CUBE, PRODUCER OF "STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON" FILM: I am not pissed. You know, I am not surprised. You know, what I mean. It is the Oscars. You

know, they do what they do. The people love the movie. The people supported the movie. You know, number one at the box office over $200

million worldwide. You know, you cannot -- I cannot be mad.



PINSKY: Yes. Why should a black actor be motivated to pursue an Oscar if he feels that the cards are stacked against him and he is in it to get some

economic benefit, why not?

MARTIN: And, I think that is an unfair argument, Dr. Drew. I love Ice Cube. I love Kevin Hart and more power to him if he is not upset about it,

and that is his prerogative not to be. But, there are people who do care about it. And, you do not have to be for the Oscars, it means you are not

for Ice Cube or Kevin Hart.

[21:15:13] So, you can support what they are doing, but you can also support those people that say diversity and inclusion matters. And, that

is all people like Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike Lee and the others are saying.

PHILLIPS: No, they are not saying that.

MARTIN: That this issue of diversity is not for them.

PHILLIPS: Listen. The Hollywood and the academy is a very incestuous organization. You are talking about --

PINSKY: The president of the academy is a black woman, right?

PHILLIPS: But, she does not do it.

SCHACHER: The majority of the academy is white people.

PINSKY: No. I understand that.

PHILLIPS: This is what I am talking about. The people who are nominated, we have seen their faces before. We are talking about millionaires

honoring other millionaires. So, it is not about the lower echelon actors. They are not being nominated for awards. Jada Pinkett Smith is not worried

that I am not being nominated for an award. She is concerned -- Spike Lee is concerned about whether he gets nominated for an award.

MARTIN: That is unfair.

PHILLIPS: No one says --

PINSKY: Sam, Joseph is upset he did not get nominated this year.

PHILLIPS: Well, I am for the 30th year in the row, I have not been nominated.


I mean, I think this is an important point, because I certainly am not saying that diversity is not important, but what I am saying is that all of

these voices screaming for diversity did not care last year. They did not care the year before. They did not care the year before that. It is only

now that they care and they want to boycott --


MARTIN: That is not true.

SCHACHER: I disagree with that. That is not true. The same hashtag that is trending right now, trended last year. The year before, there was

conversation --

PHILLPS: Where was the video of -

SCHACHER: Now, with social media it is pushing momentum.

PHILLIPS: Where was the video of Jada Pinkett Smith calling for a boycott asking people not to watch? I do not watch anyway, but not just because it

is a race issue because --

SCHACHER: Well, aside from that --

PHILLIPS: No, it did not --


PINSKY: Sam --

PHILLIPS: You try to avoid that.

PINSKY: You asked where the black women are, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson --

SCHACHER: Nominated this year.

PINSKY: No. I am just saying, though. But maybe --

SCHACHER: No. The host this year. There is no roles, Dr. Drew. There is a disproportionate amount of roles. That is what this is about.

PINSKY: What I am suggesting is the last ten years, one, two, three, four, five, six have been black women of the female nominees have been black

women. Maybe, the reason we have not heard so much over the last couple of years, we were making progress and then all of a sudden this set back.

PHILLIPS: No. Dr. Drew, we have not made progress --

MARTIN: It is not progress, Dr. Drew.

PHILLIPS: We are agreeing. I think we are about to agree, so everybody stop.


MARTIN: I think we agree that we have not made a lot of progress on this issue of diversity with respect to the Oscars.

PHILLIPS: Absolutely.

PINSKY: What about my data? Wait a minute.

MARTIN: Do we agree with that?

PHILLIPS: Absolutely.


PINSKY: What about my data? What about the data I just present?

MARTIN: That is not progress, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: What is progress? 100 percent?

PHILLIPS: No. It goes back to what I was saying --

MARTIN: With me, progress of no white actors or actresses were not nominated. That is something --

PINSKY: The what? The what?

MARTIN: Everybody says why are the African-Americans, Latinos, the Asians so upset about this? What if we had a year, which is what Chris Rock

tweeted, "The white be T awards." What if we had a year with no white actors or actresses were nominated?

PINSKY: I think people would sigh a big, whew!

MARTIN: Oh, no, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: If people will feel good, that is fine.


WHITE: An Oscar, though, it is a club and they can do whatever they want.

PINSKY: And, they kind of buy these things, do not they?

WHITE: They can do whatever they want with their club.

SCHACHER: There is big campaigning that goes on.

PHILLIPS: That is absolutely true.

WHITE: They can do whatever they want in this club.


PHILLIPS: And, this was my point when I was saying, that it is incestuous. That is what I was getting at, is that it is a closed club of people, who

are honoring each other. My issue is not whether or not enough people get an award, my issue is whether or not enough people are getting work.

SCHACHER: That -- I agree with that.

MARTIN: We agree. We agree with that.

SCHACHER: That is my issue too.

MARTIN: There are not mutually exclusive issues.


MARTIN: You can be about the issue of people getting work. And, that is what, what you are saying about Spike Lee is not true. Spike Lee has

insisted --

PHILLIPS: It absolutely is.

MARTIN: No, it is not. Spike Lee has been outspoken and vocal for years about the lack of opportunities for African-American directors and actors.

And, he in fact has employed --

PHILLIPS: Has anybody ever asked Spike --

MARTIN: Let me finish, Joseph.

PHILLIPS: Has anybody ever asked Spike, why he does not --

MARTIN: You are yelling at me and do not let me finish. Thank you.

PHILLIPS: I did not mean to yell.


PHILLIPS: They told me to talk loud.


PINSKY: Go ahead, why Spike what?

MARTIN: Spike has employed more African-American actors than any other directors and he has been on the frontlines fighting for diversity and more

African-Americans that can green light projects, so that actors like you can work.

PHILLIPS: I agree with that. I agree with that, but Spike has not paid those actors the same amount of money as they would have been paid

otherwise. Nobody brings that up. Spike talks a lot. Listen, I just want to make this point because Spike broke down a lot of doors --

MARTIN: Thank you.

PHILLIPS: And, I absolutely respect that and I do not want to diminish that in any way. But Spike is also a self promoter and Spike is about

Spike in the same way that Jada is about Jada and Will is about Will.

MARTIN: As so Joseph is about Joseph.

PINSKY: And, let me read this statement, guys.

PHILLIPS: But, I am not boycotting the Oscars.

PINSKY: Let me read this statement from the president of the academy. She is an African-American woman. She issued the following statement, quote,

"I am both heartbroken and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. The academy is taking dramatic steps to alter our membership. We have

implemented changes to diversify our membership in the last four years. But, the change is not coming as fast as we would like." So, I mean --

[21:20:02] SCHACHER: Some of those members are lifetime members. How does that work?

PHILLIPS: Well, you are always a lifetime. Once you get --

SCHACHER: So, how does that work? Yes.

PHILLIPS: Because once you get nominated, you become a member of the club. So, long as people of color --

SCAHCHER: That is bull --

WHITE: It is a club.

MARTIN: She did bring like 300 more diverse members last year, but that is 300 compared to the 600,000 plus --


MARTIN: -- that are lifetime members that would have to wait until --

WHITE: Their club is like a plantation.

MARTIN: And, here is the reality.

WHITE: It is like a plantation and Jada and them need to get off the plantation and stop begging them for a little awards. Stop begging them.

MARTIN: The ratings were down 15 percent last year. They are probably going to go down again this year. So, at some point, this a matter of

economics. So, if those guys want to stay disconnected from the 21th century and the reality of who buys tickets to movies then let them,

because they will continue to see a decline in the ratings and possibly in the Box Office.

PINSKY: It is progress now for perfection, but who I feel bad in this whole thing for is Chris Rock. What is he supposed to do?

MARTIN: Getting a lot of pressure from his friends.

PINSKY: I do not know what he does.

MARTIN: He should pull out.

PINSKY: All right, next up -- what is that, Jo?

PHILLIPS: I said he is not going to pull out. He is professional.

PINSKY: Well, Areva just finished saying, he should not pull out because it is about the jobs.

MARTIN: He should not -- I do not think he should pull out.

PINSKY: All right. There you go. There you go. I like that.

All right. Next up Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump, bombshell. We will talk about what it means after the break.




[21:25:18] DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Governor Sarah Palin, special, special person.


SARAH PALIN, GOVERNOR: Are you ready to make America great again?


PALIN: No more pussy footing around. Our troops deserve the best. You deserve the best. He is from the private sector not a politician. Can I

get a hallelujah! He is a multibillionaire, not that there is anything wrong with that. Are you ready for a commander in chief? Are you ready

for a commander in chief, who will let our warriors do their job and go kick ISIS ass.


PALIN: God bless you. God bless the United States of America and our next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.


PINSKY: Yes, Mr. Donald J. Trump has endorsed -- was endorsed by Sarah Palin tonight. I am back with Sam , Areva, Joseph, Ernie and joining us

tonight, John Cardillo, WJNO Radio Host, former NYPD Police Officer. John, what say you? Is this a good thing or a bad thing for Mr. Trump.

JOHN CARDILLO, WJNO RADIO HOST AND FORMER NYPD POLICE OFFICER: Yes. It is good for Trump. He needed some conservative bonafide. She gave that to

him and it is going to play well to a crowd in Iowa where Sarah Palin hold somewhere around 80 percent last year with conservative republicans. So,

all in all for the caucus, it is a good thing.

PINSKY: Sam, am I right that when John is a police officer he does not wear those glasses, but as a politician he wears the glasses. Is that what

I am seeing.


SCHACHER: Smart move.

PINSKY: Very interesting.

SCHACHER: That is kind of like what Sarah Palin did.

PINSKY: Very much like what she did.

SCHACHER: Faking note. Birds of the same feather flock together.

PINSKY: Ernie, are we hearing sort of movement towards Sarah Palin as a possible running mate, you think here, or is this just an endorsement to

gain more --

WHITE: I think right now we just need to look at this as an endorsement. I do not she is a running mate yet. I think he is still looking. But,

right now, I am so excited about the fact that she is endorsing him. But, I want to say to republicans, we need to come together. And, if it is Ted

Cruz, we vote for Ted Cruz. If it is Donald Trump, we vote for Donald Trump.

I watched that last democratic debate. All three of them said global warming is real. The science is over and that we need to just give up all

of our lives. So, again, we need to get one of these guys in office and if it is Donald Trump, everybody need to support him.

PINSKY: Has any of you -- has anyone ever been to a Donald Trump rally? I have talked to somebody today -- was it you, Ernie? Ernie, you are a


WHITE: I have never been to a rally.

PINSKY: I talked to somebody today on the radio from POLITICO, who had been to one. He said -- this tape reminded me of how sort of extraordinary

they are. They are not like your typical stump -- there is no speech. There is just three or four points he wants to get up there and make.

Somebody comes out against him. He has them carted off. You see those pictures of him. Those are all the tapes of him going, "Get them out of


MARTIN: "Get him out of here. Get him out of here."

PINSKY: "Leave their coat behind." It is a very strange sort of happening where there is --

PHILLIPS: It is reality television.


PINSKY: Yes. Yes. And, the guy said that he really senses what he -- he is relating to the audience and getting them stirred up, but there is not a

lot of information exchanged.

PHILLIPS: "Because I am really smart and I know a lot of smart people and boy, just wait until I get in office, we are going to do a lot of great

things, boy. You just, you just wait." I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.

SCHACHER: Yes. Thank you.

PHILLIPS: Here is a guy hat was at best a moderate last week. Now, he is the standard bearer of conservatives. As a conservative, I am a bit

offended by this.

PINSKY: Does bringing Sarah Palin in, make you feel any better?

PHILLIPS: She is another reality star. You know, when she started doing - - what was her show, "Trade the Housewives" or whatever -- I lost respect for her.

PINSKY: Well, no. There was Sarah in Alaska or something like that.



PHILLIPS: Either you are going to be a reality T.V. star or you are going to be a national politician.

PINSKY: Or guys, this reality T.V. our new sort of medium that politicians must master much the way John Kennedy had to master the use of the

television? Are we on to some new age that these two represent masters in? It is possible, right?

SCHACHER: Well, they are both good salespeople. Donald Trump reminds me of like a used car salesman. He is very flashy. He tells you what you

want to hear. He tries to speak your language, to be unfiltered, but in reality everything he is saying to you is strategic. And, I do think if

you look at what happened at Liberty University people are starting to see that he is not sincere.

PINSKY: Well, however --

PHILLIPS: I do not think it matters though.

PINSKY: Right.

PHILLIPS: I do not think it matters.

MARTIN: That segment that he is tapped into and --

PINSKY: I am going to show that.


PINSKY: I am going to shoe that, but it is -- I want Ernie to respond to this, because Ernie is a supporter, you know. Be careful Sam or Ernie will

take you on.

SCHACHER: Ernie and I are cool. We can disagree in politics, but we are cool.

PINSKY: What is interesting is it does not matter. This is what Joseph is saying. That is interesting. So, here he is at Liberty University

yesterday. It is a Christian college. And, here is what happens when he tried to quote a scripture. Take a look.


[21:30:00] TRUMP: Two Corinthians, right? Two Corinthians 3:17, that is the whole ball game, where the spirit of the Lord, right? Where the spirit

of the Lord is, there is liberty. And, here there is Liberty College, Liberty University, but it is so true.


PINSKY: Of course, it is about Second Corinthians not two Corinthians. But, Ernie, nobody seems to care. Is it because something about him or is

it the spirit that they are accepting what he -- or do they care or did the people responding to that?

WHITE: I think the fact that he is trying to fight the establishment, trying to stand up. He is actually standing up against the republicans.

He is standing up against the democrats, because the democrats have put up Marxist and socialists. And, no one is getting upset about that.

I mean these guys are talking about Trump and you got Bernie Sanders standing up there saying that this is going to be a new socialist country

and he does not care if we have 90 percent taxes. If we have 90 percent taxes, I am done working. Might as well, sit back and relax.

MARTIN: Well, no matter what you think about Bernie Sanders at least he is saying something substantive. What we see --

WHITE: That is substantive?

MARTIN: What we see --

WHITE: Socialism and Marxism is not substantive?

MARTIN: And, the person that you spoke to on the radio is just these "Rah, rah." And, I say Trump and Sarah Palin, what a couple made to be together.

WHITE: Bernie sanders and Hillary, perfect couple .

MARTIN: They are perfect together. Let me tell you what she said. She wants to be Secretary of Energy under Donald Trump. But guess what? She

wants to get rid of the energy department. So, that is the kind of whacko- crazy stuff Sarah Palin is known for saying.

SCHACHER: Correct.

MARTIN: She did in fact when she was VP Candidate and she is doing it again. So, I just think this is a Democratic Party`s dream to have Sarah

Palin on the stage with Donald Trump saying, "Let us kick some ass."

PINSKY: John, to Ernie`s point, Bernie had espoused what he is suggesting today. 50 years ago, he would have been arrested, right?


PINSKY: It was what the FBI was fighting against back in the day.

CARDILLO: First, Dr. Drew, I got to thank you for the superman comparison that I whip my glasses off to fight crime. But, Ernie`s point is 100

percent right. The Democratic Party right now is fielding a women who may be indicted for disclosing classified information, a communist who is proud

to be called a socialist and the guy responsible for Baltimore.

SCHACHER: Oh my God. I cannot --

CARDILLO: This is a republican dream field.

SCHACHER: Are we on Fox News right now? Really?


PHILLIPS: No. We are in the Dr. Drew show.

PINSKY: Hold on. One at a time.

PHILLIPS: It is the same thing. It is the same thing, and he proudly says that, that is where the direction he wants to take --

SCHACHER: Because socialism has become a dirty word over the years.

PHILLIPS: It is only once --

SCHACHER: All that Bernie Sanders is advocating -- all that Bernie Sanders --

PINSKY: Not over the years.


SCHACHER: All that Bernie Sanders is advocating -- no. Actually, all that he is advocating for which fits under the definition of socialism is

narrowing the income and equality gap and trying to provide healthcare for everybody. Those are two --

MARTIN: As the republicans say that it is OK to make $7 an hour and that somehow you should pull yourself up by your boot straps and you can make

your life great again. You can make America great again on minimum wage as a multibillionaire runs for office.

WHITE: I live at the black community right now and look at our black community. Nothing is happening in our black community. We have lost our

black community. And, Trump is the only one saying, I am going to bring those jobs back to that black community.

MARTIN: Oh, Ernie, now Donald Trump is going to save you for African- Americans. Come on, Ernie. Come on. Be real.

WHITE: What have we seen happened? What have we seen happened? Oh, come on. Hillary Clinton is --

PHILLIPS: I have to say, it is Hillary Clinton to be honest and I am no Donald Trump fan, but once again -- this is -- this is very bizarre to me

because on the one hand you have a guy standing up proudly saying that he is a socialist. You have a woman who is being indicted. And, on the other

side you have a reality television star. A guy who is not a conservative, who is now out in front and conservatives are cheering.

MARTIN: It is amazing you all keep talking about Hillary being indicted when the justice department has made it clear over and over again that

Hillary is not under investigation. This whole campaign by Donald Trump and GOP is just fraught with so many inconsistent and misrepresentation


PINSKY: I got to throw another thing in this too, because we are just now learning that Sarah Palin`s 26-year-old son, Track Palin, was arrested last

night for domestic violence. So, there is more sort of chaos in this story.

Next up, something may not be right with Hillary Clinton. You said this from last -- This is pertaining to the story about her emails. But, I got

some concerns about her health. And, I want to get into that conversation, because it really is bothering me. We will talk about what Mike, in fact

be wrong after this.




ALISYN CAMEROTA, CNN HOST OF "NEW DAY" PROGRAM: Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Grand Rapids Michigan using vulgar language about Hillary Clinton.


TRUMP: Where did Hillary go? They had to start the debate without her. Phase two. I know where she went. It is disgusting. I do not want to

talk about it. Now, it is too disgusting. Do not say it is disgusting. We want to be very, very straight up.


PINSKY: And, that video was referring to this following moment at the December 19th democratic debate on ABC. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE MODERATOR: We want to turn to the American jobs, wages and raises in this country. And, we believe Secretary Clinton will be

coming around the corner any minute.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE MODERATOR: In a similar time frame, raises for CEOs up more than 200 percent.





PINSKY: Now, an anonymous source told that, that delay was due to something related to her past brain injury. They also reported the

two security details saying Mrs. Clinton had to rest because she was fatigue, dizzy, disoriented and pale, which is a separate phenomenon.

I have not treated this woman. I am not diagnosing her. My concern is, if I -- Sam, I want to try to explain this to you. If we take away that this

is a political candidate and just look at the case of a 69-year-old woman and the care she is getting, as a physician get concerned. I am going to

break it down.

[21:40:00] I am back with Sam, Areva, Joseph, Ernie and John. And, I guess first up, the question is if there is something wrong should that

effect her electability? I do not know -- There is no criteria for president.

If I go as a physician and I evaluate a presidential candidate, there is no set of criteria that says this person is eligible. When the doctors talk

about the state, the medical status of the candidate, they can say anything they want because there is no criteria being met.

WHITE: There is going to be hard to decide if there is something wrong with her. I do not know if there is something wrong with her. I know the

fact that --

PINSKY: OK. Well, there is something wrong. There is several things wrong.

SCHACHER: How do you know?

PINSKY: Because they have reported what is wrong and unfortunately because I am a physician I interpret what is coming through. The Hillary camp has

published as document that shows what happened. She has had two episodes of deep venous thrombosis in her leg.

SCHACHER: What does that mean?

PINSKY: It is a blood clot in her leg.


PINSKY: They can migrate and go to the lung and you can die suddenly. They are common things, but they do not happen a lot. They do not happen

repeatedly to many people. So, two episodes. Then when she fell and hit her head, why she fell, we still do not know -- Why she passed out.

She developed a very rare condition called a Transverse Sinus Thrombosis, which is associated with a little stroke, where the blood -- It is not the

usual blood clot under the brain at all. It is the veins that drain the cerebrospinal fluid. So, she had two clots in her leg, one clot in her

brain -- why? Why is this woman clotting like this. They put her on a medication called Coumadin, which is a great medicine --

SCHACHER: Blood thinner, right?

PINSKY: Blood thinner, old fashioned. Not something I would put her on if she had that condition. It has to be monitored all the time. It is a

higher risk for bleeding than in newer medication. Who is giving her Coumadin? On top that of that, she has an under active thyroid, common.

But, she is being treated with armor thyroid, which is something I have not seen used since like the `70s.

SCHACHER: So , you are saying --

PINSKY: Wait. And, that armor thyroid is associated with blood clotting. So, when I add all that up and here that this woman gets short of breath

and diaphoretic and dizzy and what not -- and are they putting her on a treadmill? Are they doing sleep studies on her?

Why is she on armor thyroid? Has she had a propper clotting profile? Why the Coumadin? Why not Eloquist or Zeralto? It is bizarre the care she is

getting for my eye. I do not know, maybe they thought this through. I actually explained this to a hematologist. Do you guys have that tape for

me because I thought I check myself, so I got a consultation. I got on the radio, my KABC radio show --

SCHACHER: What is a hematologist? What is a hematologist?

PINSKY: It is a specialist in blood.


PINSKY: Thank you. Am I making sense so far?

SCHACHER: Yes. Because I keep --



SCHACHER: English. English .

PINSKY: I need you. Because I do not seem to be getting this across. I have explained it a number of times, people are like "Big deal."

SCHACHER: I wonder why.

PINSKY: It is a big deal. Forget that it is Hillary Clinton. It is just a person, 69-year-old women being treated with thyroid medication and blood

thinner that do not seem right to me. Here is what the hematologist said.


DR. CARY PRESANT, HEMATOLOGIST (via phone): In a woman who is very active, who is at risk for having more blood clots, to add to that an increased

risk for bleeding, has to be considered very carefully. I would frankly prefer to use one of the more modern medications to help her.

PINSKY: There you go.


PINSKY: Right. I mean, just a hematologist I said -- I just presented the case, because I do not know why she is in Coumadin, it does not make sense.

So, my question is, is she getting the right health care even? Why would - -

SCHACHER: But, these are just rumors, though. How do we know?

PINSKY: No rumor. No rumor. This is present by her team. No rumor.

SCHACHER: They said she has a clean bill of health.

PINSKY: Like I started with, no doctors have any criteria for what a clean bill of health is for presidential candidate.

MARTIN: But, with all due respect to you Dr. Drew, and I know you are a great doctor. I have all the faith in the world that Hillary Clinton with

all of her resources and all of the money she has available to her is getting good medical care and I resent the fact --

PINSKY: Areva. Areva --

MARTIN: But, wait a minute.

PINSKY: I am going to stop you. I am going to stop you.


PINSKY: I cannot tell you how many -- look at Michael Jackson with infinite resources. Look at the healthcare he got. My concern is that

special people often get the worst healthcare on record. I do not know if she is getting it or not. I do not know. But it worries me what I am

seeing is does not fit what I would do.

MARTIN: It does not fit what you would do, but there are lots of doctors, obviously, they are looking at her condition and treating her. And, what I

resent is that we are taking a woman who went in the bathroom and was gone for 20 seconds and somehow now are concocting this theory that she has this

serious medical problem.

I do not know about you, Sam. But, when I go to the bathroom as a woman, there are things that woman do in the restrooms that men do not do, like

hair, makeup, jewelry. All kinds of things that could have happened in the rest room. So, I do not think it is fair to diagnose some condition that

she purportedly has based on a 20-second absence --

PINSKY: Areva, let me be clear. The bathroom break means nothing to me. Zero.

MARTIN: But, we started the piece, Dr. Drew, with the bathroom break.

PINSKY: Because the Breit Bart made a big deal out of that. That means nothing. What it means to me is she had a clot in her brain, a clot in her

legs. She is getting a strange treatment and she has something that she is staying on that we have not used since the 70s that causes clotting.

It has been advocating -- It has been implicated in clotting. Why would even someone trying her off that medicine? Why still the Coumadin? Just

explain that. There may be a good reason.

MARTIN: But, do you even know that, that is the last medication she is still on?

[21:45:00] PINSKY: Yes. I have heard it from her team. Yes. Her team has reported that directly. They are on the record. I have a printout

with it.

MARTIN: I am confident that she is going to get the best in medical care and I think we are making a big deal out of it.

PINSKY: You know what? Michael Jackson was confident also and I would had the same -- Listen, John F. Kennedy got crappy healthcare, the worst -- the

worst healthcare on record was given to John F. Kennedy. He was given amphetamines and IV opioids. It is crazy what special people get. Be

careful, everybody. That is all I am saying. John, are you out there? John ,you have been hearing some of this too, right?

CARDILLO: Yes. And, I was actually -- I gave Breit Bart the information. Now, the story is predominantly my sources and keeping their confidence I

need to impart the level of -- I do not want to say prestige, but the level in law enforcement at which the sources are at. And, there was one local

law enforcement officer in one city, a different one in another city, federal and then a first responder at the debate.

They do not know each other. None of them knew that any others had spoken to me. And, all of them told me the exact same thing about her condition.

And, it was something I had mentioned to you when I saw you in L.A. Three different high level sources.

PINSKY: All right.

SCHACHER: Sounds like hearsay to me.

PINSKY: It is hearsay. We cannot confirm it. And, John, you are talking about the exercise -- the exertional intolerance, that kind of stuff. I am

actually not that worried about that, but it is just more evidence that I am wondering if she is getting adequate attention. That is just all I see

for that.

Again, forget that it is Hillary Clinton. Just think of your mother or grandmother, 69-year-old or something, who is having this kind of care.

You would want other consultations. That is all I am saying.

Coming up, a passenger beat up an Uber driver, suing the man he had attacked. Back after this.




EDWARD CABAN, UBER DRIVER ASSAULTED BY A DRUNK PASSENGER, BENJAMIN GOLDEN: No. I am kicking you out, man. You are too -- you are too drunk to give

me directions, man. Get out of my car or I will call the police.



GOLDEN: (EXPLETIVE WORD) Yeah, I am giving you your (EXPLETIVE WORD).

CABAN: Yeah, yeah.


PINSKY: Days later the Uber driver filed a $25,000 lawsuit against his passenger alleging, quote, "Emotional injury and distress." Now, the

attacker has counter sued for $5 million claiming the video was recorded without his consent. Areva, defend the attorney that takes this case.

MARTIN: Oh my God.

PINSKY: Forget defend the defendant. Defend the attorney as who takes this.

MARTIN: This case makes me so sick. Not only did we watch the driver get his head bashed by this passenger, his lawyers went on national television

and apologized. He was crying on some of the morning shows.

PINSKY: I got it. I will show it. I am going to show you.

MARTIN: Weeping.

PINSKY: Let me show you his apology. Here it is. Take a look right after you see him beating the other guy up. He gets hit with pepper spray. Do

not worry, but --


BENJAMIN GOLDEN, TACO BELL MARKETING EXECUTIVE WHO BEATEN AN UBER DRIVER: I have seen the video a couple of times and -- It is not me. I lost my

job. I do not have a lot of resources behind me, you know. So, I just do not know what to do. This has been -- it has been overwhelming and at the

end of the day I -- I messed up. I crossed the line, right?


PINSKY: It is his fault, but I am going to sue the guy for $5 Million.

MARTIN: We do have this law in the state of California, a two party consent law that says if you want to audio tape someone you have to have

that person`s consent. So, what he is claiming in this lawsuit is that he was illegally recorded.

PINSKY: Is that a criminal matter, though. He illegally recorded --

MARTIN: There is a penal code that prohibits you from audio taping someone without their consent. Now, it gets blurry when you start talking about

videotaping without the sound, because nanny cams and surveillance cams in homes are very much accepted in the law and you are allowed to videotape


PINSKY: Every time you walk into a liquor store --

MARTIN: This really come down to expectation of privacy. Do you have an expectation of privacy when you take what is essentially public

transportation? But, let us face it, this guy is countersuing, because he has criminal charges filed against him. He has a lawsuit filed against him

that is a damn good lawsuit. And, he lost his job. He apologized on national television except responsibility for your actions and get over it.

I hate this lawsuit.

PINSKY: Joseph.

PHILLIPS: We used to call this in my neighborhood hoot spa. And, yes, I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood.


PINSKY: Your people called it that.


PHILLIPS: Yes, exactly. This is the height of hoot spa, but Areva -- and I am not an attorney, but I just want to ask -- so, I am asking the

question there is an exception to that penal code, which that you are allowed -- you do not have to have consent if you are taping someone in the

act of committing a crime, which being beat about the head certainly qualifies being battered as a crime. So, I think, in my layman`s eyes that

this attorney is going to have a hard time with this case.


MARTIN: Yes. You are right.

SCHACHER: Not only is this hoot spa, but he is a dick. He is a straight up dick --

PINSKY: That is what it is in Sam`s hood.

SCHACHER: Yes. But, here is the thing. This is an Uber car. So, he owns his car. Uber drivers own their own cars. This is his place of work. So,

cannot he have surveillance within his private --

MARTIN: Well, that is an argument that he has no reasonable expectation of privacy when you take what is essentially public transportation. You get

on a bus, you get on a subway you are being videotaped on all forms of public transportation.

PINSKY: Right.

MARTIN: This lawsuit has no merit going nowhere.

PINSKY: Right.


PINSKY: Here is what I want to do. When we come back, I got some good news for mothers against drunk driving as it pertains to Uber. So, I want

to put it a little spotlight on some good news. Right now, we will take a quick break. We will be right back after this.



PINSKY: Here is the good news I promised, a survey from mothers against drunk driving, found that 78 percent of respondents were less likely to

drive impaired now that ride sharing is available. Virginia, alone, has seen a 50 percent decrease in alcohol-related roadway deaths in the past

two years. So, good news, guys. And, Joseph just told us, he was an Uber driver. So, thank you for contributing to improve in the outcomes --

SCHACHER: He got stories.

PINSKY: I know he does, but he cannot tell them on T.V. though or Areva, want to sue him. My son is driver Uber lift. There are great programs. I

really appreciate it. DVR this program then you can watch us anytime. Of course, we are always here. It is -- we appreciate your participation as

well. You can meet us after the show on our Facebook page. Sam cannot make this one. I told her I would give her grief about that. The four of

us will be on the after show. Find us there. See you next time.

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