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High School Prom Shooting; Police: Four Federal Agents Shot While Making Arrest; Minneapolis Set To Honor Prince; Dawson: "I'm With Lewinsky On This One"; Koch: "It's Possible" Clinton Best Candidate; 911 Calls Released After "Execution-Style" Killings; High School Prom Shooting; Four Federal Agents Shot; Donald Trump Mocks Hillary Clinton; Maine Governor Paul LePage Harsh Words To Senator Ted Cruz's Campaign; Remembering Prince; North Korea Submarine Missile Launch Claims; Massive Fire In Arizona; Nine Arrested At White Lives Matter Protest; Missing Teens' Boat Found 100 Miles Off Bermuda; Astronaut Will Run Marathon In Space; Anthony Bourdain In The Philippines For "PARTS UNKNOWN." Aired 6-7a ET

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CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: It's 6:00 on Sunday morning, and we are so grateful for your company. Thanks for being here. I'm Christi Paul.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Victor Blackwell. Good to have you. We're starting this morning with two breaking news stories happening overnight of two shootings. One at a high school prom in Wisconsin. The other in Topeka, Kansas where four federal agents were shot while trying to make an arrest at a motel.

PAUL: I want to start with the Northern Wisconsin situation, where police say two students were injured at their high school prom after a suspect showed up with a rifle and started shooting. This happened outside the building.

BLACKWELL: All right, joining us on the phone, WSAW reporter Rebecca Cardenas, and Brandon Irish, a former student there, and he was deejaying that prom. Rebecca, we are going to start with you. Tell us what you know about what happened.

REBECCA CARDENAS, WSAW REPORTER (via telephone): Good morning. So when I arrived on scene, parents were the only ones being allowed in and out of the school entrances. They were picking up kid who have been contained to a greenhouse at that point here on the school's campus.

I saw students still on their prom dresses getting in cars with their parents. The sergeant that I spoke to at that time did share with me that the situation was contained.

What we know at this point is that there are three in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, one of those is a shooter, who according to the police chief says was shot by police.

As you said, that weapon was a rifle that a used, that the shooter used on the other two who are in the hospital, the other two students. As I said, all this confirmed by the Antigo Police Department at this time.

BLACKWELL: Rebecca, do we know if the shooter is a student or former student? Any identifying information about this suspected shooter?

CARDENAS: The shooter's connection to the school hasn't been confirmed to us at this time.

BLACKWELL: OK, stay with us. Brandon, let me come to you. You were at this event. What you did you see? What did you hear?

BRANDON IRISH, DJ AT PROM (via telephone): What I saw is we were stationed by the entrance to the field house, providing entertainment services for the kids that night, and everybody was having a good time and I looked outside and saw red and blue lights.

At that time, I went outside to see what was going on. At first, I saw that there was a person on the ground. I thought that they maybe got hit by a car. That was shortly taken back, once I saw a cop kind of running around the school, with his gun drawn.

I knew that the situation was definitely greater than that. And at that time a number of law enforcement officers arrived on scene, and started to clear the area and set up a perimeter.

They got everybody inside the field house, put us into a corner, they probably had, I don't know, five to seven officers within the field house clearing the area, making sure nobody was inside there keeping all the students safe.

BLACKWELL: Were the students -- did they know what was going on? Could they hear inside what was happening outside?

IRISH: You know, they heard that there was a shooting, I believe. I think they didn't know for sure what was going on. You could see that they were -- there was concern within their eyes, their actions. But you know, we were surrounded by a lot of law enforcement. Like I said, I commend the Antigo and Sheriff's Department, especially in today's world where they get a bad rap. They secured everybody.

BLACKWELL: We do know the investigation is beginning now to -- the connection between this suspected shooter and victims here, maybe they know and just have not said, but the investigation is ongoing. Rebecca Cardenas with WSAW, and Brandon Irish, thank you both for being us with this morning -- Christi.

PAUL: Also breaking this morning, four federal agents have been shot in Topeka, Kansas. Police say it happened outside a motel while they were trying to make an arrest. The agents suffered injuries that are not life threatening we understand.

But during the shooting, the motel caught fire. Police say it is not clear how that fire started, and no word as to whether the suspect is still inside or has escaped.

CNN law enforcement analyst, Tom Fuentes, joining us now via Skype. Tom, thank you so much for about with us. One of the things that stood out to Victor and I as we were talking about the situation, was the fact that this apparently had to do with federal law enforcement was involved in this.

[06:05:01]Why would federal law enforcement be involved? What does that tell you first and foremost?

TOM FUENTES, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, Christi, good morning. I think part of that is that they had a task force looking for this individual. He had committed, or alleged to have committed a number of armed robberies in northeastern Kansas, especially involving sawed off shotguns.

So they assembled this task force of U.S. Marshalls, FBI, and possibly other police, and tracked him to this particular motel. And you know, somewhere in the process of trying to make the arrest and we don't know the details yet, the shootout started, and witnesses report as many as 50 shots being fired.

As far as the motel catching on fire, that's possibly due to if they use teargas. Teargas is often -- depending on the type of teargas that they induced is a small grenade that's incendiary. It gives off a small amount of smoke to carry the teargas in the air.

And if they use that, that might have started a fire at the scene. We don't that yet either and we don't know if the person they were hunting for is still in the motel or got away.

BLACKWELL: OK, quickly, tom, let me ask you about this prom shooting, just one quick question here. We're still waiting for information about the suspected shooter. But a shooting at a prom, do you go into this investigation expecting that this is someone who knows these students, knows someone inside this building?

FUENTES: It's hard to tell. I think you -- when you go into an investigation, you don't have a preconceived notion, you know. You're looking whether it was someone that picked the site randomly because there would be a lot of people, or a lot of commotion or people hearing loud music on the inside and wouldn't know what was going on outside.

You don't know if it was a targeted shooting, that the individual was upset because someone took someone to prom that he may have been the one that wanted to take someone to prom. You don't know if this was intended to be a particular person or group of persons or just random, or if he was connected to the school at all.

BLACKWELL: All right, CNN law enforcement analyst, Tom Fuentes, thank you so much.

FUENTES: Thank you, Victor.

BLACKWELL: Today, a special tribute to honor Prince. His native city of Minneapolis is holding a series of memorials and movie screenings, performances. There is also a block party.

PAUL: The events cap off what has been a very emotional weekend. The family received Prince's remains and they held a private memorial yesterday. CNN contributor and close friend of Prince, Van Jones was there, tweeting, "Small intimate memorial at Paisley. Just the 20 of us. When he was alive, we felt like an army. Now we feel so small."

BLACKWELL: CNN's Stephanie Elam is live outside Prince's Paisley Park compound there. As we said, more expected there today.

STEPHANIE ELAM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Definitely, although the weather, as you can see, turning here. As you see behind me right now, Victor and Christi, just starting to pour here outside of Paisley Park and also thunderstorms, some lightening happening here today.

But all in all, it was a very, very full day outside of Paisley Park. Many people coming by yesterday to pay the respects. The memorial growing even more than when you were here yesterday, Victor. It's spreading out further along the fences here.

As that memorial was happening, as people were going inside, there were also people who were coming out and handing out these purple boxes, wrapped in purple fabric to a few of the fans who were outside. Here is what one person had to say after receiving one.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was in your box?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So I have, just it looks like it came from his home. I'm going to keep to that, but it's a booklet, and then for some reason, to me, this fits my personality so well.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hold it up so we can see it. What did you get in your box?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's amazing, because you can tell, I have a tank top and I pursue body building and weight lifting. It is a personal gift it seems like. For him to give me a tank top, it's just amazing.


ELAM: And it's really interesting to see something like that happening. You have such a private person and then in these moments, these gifts coming out. The day before, family and friends came out and handed out pizza to people who were out here, so thanking fans for their love for Prince.

And that feeling really spreading throughout the entire area here outside of Minneapolis and here in Chanhassen. Movies theatres showing "Purple Rain" throughout the week and you also have different dance parties happening and going into the night as well.

Also, last night at Target Field, there was also music -- his music played and then the showing of "Purple Rain," that happening last night.

So these kind of events happening throughout the area. I happened to stop by the Mall of America yesterday and throughout the entire building, of course, you heard Prince -- Christi and Victor.

[06:10:05]All right, Stephanie Elam, I would be remiss if I didn't point out the purple behind you and the rain coming down as you are reporting this morning. Stephanie Elam from Chanhassen there, thanks so much.

We've got more stories about Prince on our website, So much there as we're hearing from his friends and those who were very close to him. Check it out. You can watch what is arguably for instance's greatest guitar solo of all time. Go and find that.

PAUL: Take a moment to listen to it for a second because it is spectacular.

Allegations of bullying in the Democratic Party. Find out why an actress and Bernie Sanders supporter, she sides with Monica Lewinsky. She said that in an attempt to call out Hillary Clinton apparently.

BLACKWELL: Plus, a huge manhunt happening right now in Ohio after eight family members were all found dead, shot execution style. We've got the 911 calls coming up next.


BLACKWELL: It's 14 minutes after the hour now. Monica Lewinsky was invoked at a campaign rally last night in an attack on Hillary Clinton not by one of her Republican rivals, but instead by actress and Bernie Sanders supporter, Rosario Dawson. She's accusing a Clinton super PAC of bullying Sanders supporters online. Watch.


[06:15:02]ROSARIO DAWSON, ACTRESS, BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER: We are really fending for ourselves right now. We are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. Now, I'm with Monica Lewinsky with this. Bullying is bad. She is actually dedicated her life now to talking about that. And now, as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied.


BLACKWELL: All right, here to discuss CNN political commentator and political anchor for New York One news, Errol Louis. Errol, you see it didn't really resonate with the people in the crowd there, just a few people responded. You heard kind of a murmur amongst the crowd. Question after New York, the campaign ramped down some of the rhetoric. Is this effective? ERROL LOUIS, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, let's be clear. Rosario Dawson is a campaign surrogate and a Sanders supporter, I don't know that she was speaking for the campaign. The question mark you saw popping over the heads of the young people really reflects the fact that most of them were probably not alive or watching television when the --


LOUIS: -- Lewinsky scandal broke. I mean, it's 20 years behind us now. It's not something you would expect every young person to really remember in a vivid way. And I think Rosario Dawson probably got a little bit off message because the Sanders Campaign has said absolutely nothing to support or in any way defend her from those remarks.

BLACKWELL: This is a topic that Bernie Sanders himself has intentionally stayed away from. You know, there has been this element of Sanders supporters, the Bernie bros who have been criticized for bullying and harassing Clinton supporters. Jake Tapper asked Bernie Sanders about that a few weeks ago. Let's watch that.


JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST, "THE LEAD": Have you heard about this phenomenon, Bernie bros, people who support you and sometimes attack in very crude and sexist way?

BERNIE SANDERS (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Yes, I have heard about it. We don't want that crap. You know, we will do everything we can and I think we have tried. Look, you know, anybody who was supporting me is doing sexist things is, we don't want them.


BLACKWELL: You think this reference by Rosario Dawson of Monica Lewinsky deserves a similar condemnation from Bernie Sanders? Do you think he's going to give it?

LOUIS: No, I don't think so. It wasn't the kind of direct attack. I mean, the Bernie bros has been really quite crude, and quite specific, and you know, really unquestionably over the top.

Where, you know, you're threatening to go after people and find them and criticize them to their face and all of this kind of stuff. I think what's going on here, and it's an understandable frustration, Victor, is that Bernie Sanders is not performing as well as his supporters might have hoped.

He has called, he, Sanders has called for a political revolution. In some ways, it has not materialized the way that a lot of his supporters really wanted to see.

For me just now, even saying that, I'm going to get a bunch of Twitter responses saying you're attacking Bernie Sanders and so forth, but the reality he is, he is hundreds of delegates behind.

He has not won states that he predicted he would win. He predicted dozens of times that he would win New York, and it just didn't happen. They're taking out their frustration I think on the Clinton team in ways that are sort of understandable but very unfortunate.

BLACKWELL: All right, let's talk about Charles Koch, one of the billionaire Koch brothers who -- the pair that have been courted, of course, by GOP candidates, criticized by Democrats. They've weighed in now on this primary fight. Let's listen to what Charles Koch said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So is it possible another Clinton could be better than another Republican?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You couldn't see yourself supporting Hillary Clinton, could you?

KOCH: Well, her -- we would have to believe her actions would be different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way.


BLACKWELL: Is this at all a warming to Hillary Clinton, warming, not warning, but warming, but just a rebuke of the Republican candidates?

LOUIS: I think it's more the latter, Victor. You know, actually you know, the most important thing about all of this is to sort of see the Koch brothers operate, not just their actions and the money, and we've followed that and reported that quite a lot.

But if you think about it, their whole place in American politics, they're going to be here as long as the republic stands. This is one of those major fortunes that unless something really strange happens, it won't be dispersed in a generation or two.

It's sort of like "Game of Thrones." They get to move chess pieces around. They're being asked, do you think you can use the queen. He is saying well, yes, if we have to. That's not what we want to do, "Game of Thrones."

BLACKWELL: They have not invested as much in this cycle as they have in previous cycles. We'll see where that money goes if it comes into this cycle at all. Errol Louis, thanks so much.

LOUIS: Thank you.


[06:20:03]PAUL: First Lady Michelle Obama told graduates at Jackson State University to take a deep breath and rise above racism. She gave one of her final commencement addresses as first lady yesterday urging the class of 2015 to take their social activism to the ballot box and warn them that their rights can be put to waste if they don't so.


MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY: We see it right here in Mississippi just two weeks ago how swiftly progress can hurdle backwards. How easy it is to single out a small group and marginalize them because of who they are or who they love.

So we have to stand side by side with all our neighbors, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, immigrant, Native American, because the march for civil rights isn't just about African-Americans, it's about all Americans.


PAUL: President Obama meanwhile will give two commencement speeches this year. One at a high school in Arizona and the second at the City College of New York.

BLACKWELL: We now have those 911 calls related to that execution style group of murders of eight family members in Ohio. We're going to have them for you in just a moment. The details on the massive manhunt going on right now.

PAUL: Also, South Korea is on high alert this morning, after North Korea flexes its muscles again with a submarine missile launch.


BLACKWELL: This morning, police in Ohio are looking for the suspect or suspects in what they call the execution style killings of eight family members.

[06:25:02]PAUL: This has shaken, this area here, each of them were shot in the head, but this is a small community, trying to come to grips with what they call an unspeakable crime, as you can imagine.

Police have released audio from the 911 call, when one relative, and can you imagine for the person first came across the scene. Nick Valencia has the latest on the manhunt.


NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It is difficult to hear. The sound of agony as a relatives discovers members of her family have been murdered in cold blood.

OPERATOR: Tell me what's going on.

CALLER: There is blood all over the house. My brother-in-law is in the bedroom it looks like they beat the hell out of him.

VALENCIA: The ruthless killings apparently calculated attacks in four separate homes. Police tells CNN, they believe the suspect or suspects were familiar with the victims. The seven adults and one 16- year-old apparent targets, but why. Police have not release a motive or named a suspect. For this

tiny town of about 2,000 people in Southern Ohio, the senseless nature of the slayings is simply too much to understand.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is just unbelievable, really this has taken place.

VALENCIA: Phil Fulton was pastor to some of the victims.

(on camera): I think maybe the most disturbing detail in all of this is the fact that one of the victims was killed next to her 4- day old baby.

PHIL FULTON, VICTIMS' PASTOR: I cannot believe how anyone can kill a mother with her 4-day old baby in her arms. It's -- that's out of my realm of thinking that anyone could do that. How heartless.

VALENCIA (voice-over): With no official leads, late Saturday, an Ohio businessman offered $25,000 of his own money to help catch the killer or killers. Jeff Ruby has no connection to the family, but says that he wanted to get the word out to find the person or people responsible for this.

OPERATOR: OK, just stay out of the house. Don't let anybody go in there, OK?


OPERATOR: All right. We have deputies on the way, OK.

CALLER: All right, thank you.

OPERATOR: You're welcome.

VALENCIA: Nick Valencia, CNN, Pike County, Ohio.


PAUL: Now, anyone with any information on this case is being asked to call the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. That number is 1-855- BCI-OHIO.

BLACKWELL: Let's get back to other breaking news here. This shooting at a high school prom, this was in Wisconsin. The very latest on the shooting and what we're learning in a moment.



VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: Two big breaking news stories overnight.

First the prom shooting in Wisconsin. Two people injured there after gunman started firing at students who were leaving the high school prom. We're told that a rifle that person showed up with. Police patrolling the parking lot, acted quickly. They fired at the shooter, and then took the suspect into custody. The officials there say the other students are safe.

CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: Also breaking this morning, four federal agents have been shot in Topeka, Kansas.

Police say it happened outside a motel when they were trying to make an arrest. They suffered injuries that are not life threatening, fortunately. But during the shooting, the motel caught fire. Police say it is not clear how the blaze started. Nor is it clear at this hour whether the suspect is still inside, or has escaped.

All right, let's talk politics here.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump saying he doesn't like tone it down. It appears there is no sign that he is going to, either. The billionaire businessman will campaign in Maryland today. This weekend, he has been railing against everything from what he calls the crooked Republican establishment, the Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If I was presidential, first of all, I would have a teleprompter. Did you ever see crooked Hillary Clinton? She walks in -- good afternoon, Bridgeport. How are you? This is crooked Hillary Clinton. Then people start yawning, leaving -- the whole thing is a disaster. She'll be a disaster as president.


All right, CNN political commentator Ben Ferguson with us and Scottie Nell Hughes, national political commentator for USA Radio Networks and a Donald Trump supporter. Thank you both for your time this morning.


PAUL: Good morning. So yesterday, I want to let you know, I spoke with Trump's convention manager, Paul Manafort, to clarify his recent comments about Trump's public and private tones. Here's what he said.


PAUL MANAFORT, TRUMP CONVENTION MANAGER: What I was talking about was to be in a different environment where different parts of the message would be presented in a way that was different from a campaign rally. So there would be no reason to change -- the man has been most effective modern communicator in politics certainly since Ronald Reagan.


PAUL: Scottie, you know there was this perception based on his initial comment that there were two different kinds of Trumps, two different Trumps, you know, two different people in one man. He -- they're clarifying that he is just going to change his tone depending on who he is addressing. But still, when you listen to what we heard yesterday, how is this man going to unite the Republican Party with the kind of rhetoric that he is using?

SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES, NATIONAL POLITICAL COMMENTATOR FOR USA RADIO NETWORKS: Well first of all, thank you very much for doing it on the record and out in the open, unlike what originally started this whole thing was off the record, behind the scenes, and always being taped in a closed private meeting that was released Mr. Manafort's comments in the first place. So thank you for doing it.

The (INAUDIBLE) is saying that you are recording Mr. Manafort but his comments are nothing different from what we've been seeing since day one. Is that Mr. Trump has been the same product, he has the same principles. But it's just you've changed your messaging and change based on the environment that you're permitting (ph) to. It's nothing --


PAUL: I know that, Scottie, but the big issue is that he went to the RNC, Mr. Manafort, to assure them that Donald Trump could unite this party. But how does he -- how do you unite this party with the rhetoric that he is using?


HUGHES: Well, we unite the party behind beating the Democratic, beating whoever their nominee is. We unite the party behind honesty, transparency and making sure the people's voice and the people's vote actually count ahead of the politicians. That's what it is about. And unfortunately sometimes we're not seeing that.


PAUL: Go ahead, Ben.

FERGUSON: I love the fact that you just used the words honesty and integrity, while talking about a GOP establishment individual who is running Donald Trump's campaign, who says to the Republican Party in private, and you're upset because it was taped when he said, what you're seeing on stage, what Donald Trump is doing out there is basically not reality. It is a fraud. He is speaking to an angry audience. He is not going to be that way in private.

I actually do believe there is two different Donald Trump, which is not honesty and integrity you just talked about.

PAUL: OK. But, Ben, let me -- let me ask you --

FERGUSON: Donald Trump out there in public -- let me finish. This is really important.

PAUL: Go ahead. Go ahead.

FERGUSON: There is a Donald Trump out there that is this guy that is saying all of these conservative things, when in reality, behind the scenes, he is still a guy that has been in favor of abortion, he is still in support of planned parenthood, he is in support of attacking traditional ideas, he even did that last week, when he started talking about the bathroom issue. And talking -- supporting transgendered individuals, grown men being able -- going into a bathroom with young girls or young women. This is the real Donald Trump. And the thing is, they got busted. They got busted for lying about who he really is. And now they're upset that someone taped it. That's absurd.


HUGHES: ... great talking points, Ben.

PAUL: OK. I want to talk about, you know, this honesty and the integrity that you're referring to because those are things that Ted Cruz has been...


PAUL: ... criticized for as well. Now, I want to point out what happened yesterday in Maine. He collected the overwhelming majority of delegates during the state's GOP convention there. But Maine Governor Paul LePage had some harsh words for his campaign. I want to read to you what he's quoted of saying.

He said, "We reached a deal with Cruz's national campaign to put up a unity stage that would honor the wishes of the thousands of Mainers who voted at caucus. But Cruz's Northeast Political Director, David Sawyer, lied to us, and broke the deal. Sawyer stabbed us in the back, reneged on the unity state, and betrayed the people of Maine. As we have seen throughout the country, Cruz's national campaign is run by greedy political hooligans."

So first of all, Ben, was a unity deal broken?

FERGUSON: No, I don't think it was. And the second this is it's very obvious the governor has never been a fan of Ted Cruz or the conservatism of Ted Cruz. You've got a moderate individual there who is not liking Ted Cruz.

And let's be clear about something. That is this. Ted Cruz has never wavered on what he believes in on abortion, on gay marriage, on guns.

HUGHES: Get to the delegates. Get to her point. Don't go back on the talking points.

FERGUSON: Let's be clear. These aren't talking points. I come up with my own ideas. I don't have to listen to a campaign.


HUGHES: ... address the governor --


FERGUSON: Let me finish what I'm going to say here and then you can say whatever Trump told you to say in a moment. What I'll say is this, you have an individual here that is not happy with Ted Cruz's success. Your goal when you're running for president is to pick up as many delegate as possible. There is nothing wrong with winning, to quote Donald Trump. You go into each contest doing what you can to win.

Donald Trump has even said, you do what you can to win. The difference is, what you have here is Ted Cruz has been honest about who he is as a conservative his entire life.

PAUL: OK. But, Ben, you don't know -- just to clarify, you don't know whether a unity deal was broken?

FERGUSON: I said I don't think a unity deal was broken here.

When you go to campaign, you go into win as many delegate as possible. And people are upset that Ted Cruz has been very good at winning and picking up delegates. That's the whole goal of running presidency is to pick up delegates. Everyone is talking about delegates. There is nothing wrong with winning. And there are some people that are just sore losers when they don't get their way. And the governor didn't get his way.

PAUL: OK. We're running out of time, Scottie, I want to give you a chance to respond here.

HUGHES: Please. Here is where the unity deal was broken. Ted Cruz was supposed to get 12 delegates and Donald Trump was supposed to get 9 delegates. Ted Cruz has a politic system. He made a deal, he broke it.


HUGHES: Ben, it is my turn to talk.

Then the chairman had made a deal with the Cruz campaign, they went back on their deal, like we're seeing in Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, and they actually did not stand by their word, because Ted Cruz and his campaign have run a dirty campaign and are politicians. That's why we're upset. Delegates who are supposed to be...


HUGHES: ... into Donald Trump delegate spot, and I don't know how they sleep at night being frauds, saying they're Trump, but they really have been Cruz delegates all along.

PAUL: All right. I know there is so much to talk about and I'm so sorry that we're out of time. Ben Ferguson and Scottie Nell Hughes, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us this morning.

FERGUSON: Thanks, Christi.

HUGHES: Welcome.

BLACKWELL: All right. Coming up on 20 minutes after the hour now. A special tribute to Prince, and a version of "Let's Go Crazy," that I know I've never heard. Maybe you've heard it but (INAUDIBLE).

PAUL: Right (ph).


BLACKWELL: We're going to play a little bit of it courtesy of "Saturday Night Live."


PRINCE, SINGER (singing): ... at least you got friends. You see I called my old lady --





PAUL: OK, don't laugh at me. I was in junior high when I saw that on "Solid Gold" no less. Do you remember "Solid Gold"?

BLACKWELL: "Solid Gold" and the "Solid Gold Dancers"?

PAUL: Yes, he does. Yes. He remembered the dancers.

BLACKWELL: Yes, I remember that. I remember that.

PAUL: And I said this guy is fantastic. And all my friends are going, what is wrong with you? I said, you just wait. And then "Purple Rain" came out and booya.


PAUL: But listen, I know that you've all heard Prince's music for the last 48, you know, hours -- three days with all these tributes. You are about to hear, a never before seen clip of Prince and this is spectacular.

BLACKWELL: It's an amazing rendition of "Let's Go Crazy". It's courtesy of "NBC's" "Saturday Night Live" and the cast dedicated last night's show to Prince. And it featured a special performance at the "SNL 40" after party last year, enjoy this.


PRINCE: If you don't like the world you're living in, take a look around you, at least you got friends. You see I called my old lady, for a friendly word. She picked up the phone, dropped it on the floor, ah, ah, is all I heard.

Are we going to let the elevator bring us down --

(END VIDEO CLIP) [06:45:12]

PAUL: Oh, they have to release that (INAUDIBLE) because I want that on my phone (ph).

BLACKWELL: You slow it down a little bit, it gets nice and funky.

PAUL: Yes.

BLACKWELL: All right. Joining me now is CNN senior media correspondent, Brian Stelter.

Brian, so we understand that that was an impromptu performance that was sparked by a dare.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Yes, that's right. This is the "SNL" after party, the 40th anniversary party last year. Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney and others got up to the microphone. But actually Prince was call up to the microphone because one of the announcers has heard that Prince was in the audience. He came up on stage and this is something that was recorded at the time, but wasn't broadcast. So "SNL" decided to share it last night on a special episode of "SNL".

The variety show was going to be dark last night, it was going to be a repeat, so they decided instead to make it a full episode all about Prince, a tribute to his life and his music. And it is still trending online this morning. It has been well received by fans.

In the beginning of the episode, Jimmy Fallon talked about Prince's relationship with the show. Here is what he said.


JIMMY FALLON, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": Dave Chapelle comes up and he says -- he goes, hey, man, Prince is here. I bet you if you did him the right way, you can get him to perform. And so I go, oh, OK. At this point it's 4:30 in the morning. So at this point, all bets are off. I have no -- I can't be polite and say, hello.

So I just said, Prince, if you're in the room, I dare you to come up and sing something with us. All of a sudden, the crowd parted. It was unbelievable. Just picked up a guitar that was there, and just made it his own and played "Let's Go Crazy".

STELTER: Pretty remarkable to hear Fallon talking about that performance. He described, Prince has been never not cool. He said, he had his own color. Who gets his own color? But of course, Prince had his own color.

BLACKWELL: And we understand, I was asleep, but I understand that last night there were several Prince sketches on the show.

STELTER: Yes, you know, they replayed some of their old sketches called the "Prince Show". They used to have a recurring bit where they pretended to have Prince character. Actually, some fans didn't appreciate those sketches, so there has been some blow back about reairing those. But the highlights of this "SNL" were really the performances. Prince's first performance on the show back in 1981 and others later.

So it will be on Hulu if you want to watch it today or tomorrow. People can check it out. Then, you know, of course this is not the only tribute we've seen in recent days. "Purple Rain" back in some movie theaters this weekend as well. And doing well. So lots of different ways we're seeing across media to pay tribute to this legend.

BLACKWELL: All right. Brian Stelter, thanks so much.

STELTER: Thanks.

BLACKWELL: And catch Brian on the "RELIABLE SOURCES" at 11:00 a.m. Eastern today right here on CNN today.

PAUL: We are watching a reclusive North Korea this morning, claiming that it just fired a ballistic missile from a submarine.

BLACKWELL: Plus, a new twist to the London marathon. Details on how an astronaut from outer space will join that course.



PAUL: New this morning. North Korea has released new pictures of its ballistic missile launch, claiming that the test was a success, and leader Kim Jong Un personally -- we understand, gave the go ahead for this launch.

BLACKWELL: So we have to mention here that CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of these pictures. So we just want you to know that.

CNN correspondent Paula Hancock is live from Seoul for us this morning.

Paula, North Korea is saying it will stop nuclear test if the U.S. stops these joint exercises with South Korea. Talk more about that, if you would.

PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Victor and Christi, this is something we've heard from the North Koreans before, saying that they would be willing to throw in the towel for their nuclear missile program if these massive drills -- military drills going on at the moment are to end. It's not the first time we've hear this which is presumably why we don't get a response from Washington or Seoul. Let me put this question to them.

They don't see this as a serious quid pro quo. They don't believe that North Korea would give up its nuclear program if those drills did end. But we do know that those massive drills do annoy Pyongyang every single year. This year in particular. Because there has been so high-tensions before those drills even started. And they go on for about eight weeks. They should end at the end of this week. But certainly, these photos we're seeing today from state run media will be poured over by expects around the world, by intelligence agencies to give them any kind of information about whether or not this was a successful missile launch from a submarine.

BLACKWELL: All right. Paula Hancocks. For us this morning in Seoul. Paula, thanks,

PAUL: I want to bring in some live pictures here of Air Force One, President Obama as he is just arriving right now in Hannover, Germany. Of course, coming from London, where he has been for the last couple of days.

We know that he is set to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel at 9:10 for an arrival ceremony and then he'll have a meeting with her at about 9:25, trying to win support for a trade deal there between the U.S. and European Union.

BLACKWELL: Saturday, we know about 35,000 people marched in Hannover against the proposed deal that would create the world's largest free trade area. A supporter say it would result in more than 1 million jobs. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back. Again, we're watching the president's arrival here in Hannover, Germany.



PAUL: Edging towards the 7:00 hour here. I want to let you know about a massive fire at an Arizona construction site. We're watching first responders in the hospital. A firefighter -- his hands were burned, several police officers have been treated for smoke inhalation. More than 100 firefighters are working to get that fire put out.

BLACKWELL: Nine people have been arrested state park outside of Atlanta known for the confederate memorials there. It happened as two groups of demonstrators clashed, this is at Stone Mountain Park, demonstrators wearing "White Lives Matter" shirts were outnumbered 10 to one by counter demonstrators. One man threw a smoke bomb at state troopers. The counter demonstrators also reported threw rocks and fireworks at police. Report eight were arrested for covering their faces.

PAUL: A boat belonging to two teens missing since last summer has been found. Just the boat here. It was located 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda. Still carrying a cell phone and tackle boxes. Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen were lost in a storm last July. There is still no sign of what happened to the two 14-year-old boys.

BLACKWELL: British astronaut Tim Peake is running the London marathon this morning in space. Yes, to do it, he has to attach himself to a treadmill with this harness. You see it here. The London marathon starts this morning. Peake is on the International Space Station. He'll follow the marathon's route using his iPad.

PAUL: Something else. All right.

Anthony Bourdain taking on his next chapter with all new episodes of "PARTS UNKNOWN". He sat down with Anderson Cooper for a sneak peek of his episode on the Philippines.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: So where you've been traveling? You went to the Philippines. You've been there before. Why do you want to do that?

ANTHONY BOURDAIN, CNN HOST: Philippines, very proud, very proud people. There are a lot of Filipinos in this country. They apparently like my shows.

COOPER: You had planned to go to a lot of islands, but you got stuck with a typhoon.

BOURDAIN: This I think most Filipinos will understand or be sympathetic to as they're all used to -- all too painfully familiar with typhoons and flooding. We essentially got flooded into Manila. So it is really a manila show.


PAUL: Don't miss "ANTHONY BOURDAIN PARTS UNKNOWN," it's tonight, 9:00 p.m. Eastern right here on CNN.

You know, we always love waking up with you in the morning.

BLACKWELL: Yes, thanks for starting your Sunday with us. The next hour of NEW DAY starts right now.

PAUL: Take a nice deep breath.


It's Sunday morning at 7:00. I'm Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. It's good to be with you.