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Latest Missy Bevers Murder Investigation Developments; Charlie Sheen Sued for Sex Battery; Model Hires Hitman on Husband`s Ex-Wife. Aired 8-9p ET

Aired May 4, 2016 - 20:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: Breaking news tonight. Mom of three Missy Bevers, at Creekside church 4:00 AM to teach aerobics, murdered in the church,

surveillance video catching the killer in what appears to be police SWAT gear arriving just before Missy, murders her and leaves, face hidden.

Missy`s father-in-law brings blood-stained clothes to dry cleaner`s after she`s killed. DNA testing now as police still trying to nail down the

husband`s out-of-town fishing trip alibi.

Bombshell tonight. In the last hours, it is revealed Missy dies from multiple stab wounds to the head and chest, the killer packing not one but

multiple murder weapons. New police info, Missy goes off camera where the killer is waiting. She`s murdered, and neither ever seen on video again.

Was the killer waiting in the aerobics room to ambush the young mom?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: According to a newly released search warrant, Missy Bevers was last seen on video inside the church walking towards her killer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Police believe this figure in a SWAT team uniform ambushed Missy when she arrived for her early morning boot camp class.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Police now say the suspect is caught on video walking around the church with a hammer.


GRACE: That`s

Did a gorgeous model hire a hitman to kill her husband`s ex-wife and then feed the ex-wife`s body to a woodchipper? Tonight, we obtain secretly

recorded tape of the model planning the murder, woodchipper and all.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re the one that wants to have her killed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t want her killed!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You mean, like, making it look like maybe a home invasion?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m going to, like, have an orgasm in my car just thinking about it.


GRACE: Movie superstar Charlie Sheen sued for sex battery after a dentist`s visit. The star visits dentist, leaps from the dentist`s chair,

grabs the dental assistant`s breasts, punching her in the chest, tries to rip off her bra. And that`s not all. Claims she (ph) lungs at the

dentist, repeatedly stabbing the dentist`s chair with a knife, the dentist`s walls covered in Charlie Sheen`s spit as he screams, I`m going to

f-ing kill you.

Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

Bombshell tonight. Mother of three Missy Bevers, at Creekside church, 4:00 AM to teach aerobics, murdered in the church, surveillance video catching

the killer in police SWAT gear. He arrives just before her, murders her and leaves. Her father-in-law bringing blood-stained clothes to the dry

cleaner`s just after she`s killed. DNA testing right now.

Bombshell tonight. Missy Bevers, it is now revealed, is killed by multiple stab wounds to the head and the chest. Does that include the face? The

killer packing not one, but multiple murder weapons. New police info, Missy goes off camera where the killer is waiting. How did he get out?

He`s never caught on video again. Was he waiting in her aerobics room to ambush her?

All of this shedding new light on the murder of this young mom. This as police still trying to nail down the husband`s out-of-town fishing trip


But let`s don`t put the cart before the horse. Let`s start at the beginning. What we are learning tonight is the reveal. Missy Bevers is

killed not by a bludgeoning death, but by stabbing, puncture wounds all around her chest and her head. Now, if the perp is stabbing her in the

chest, does the perp stab her in the face?

And isn`t it true, Pat Lalama, managing editor, "Crime Watch Daily," the police are making no secret about it. They`re not revealing everything.

We managed to get this out of police search warrants that have just been released.

[20:05:04]What I`m saying is they are very clear, Pat, that they`re not releasing information. They`re saying it`s a tactical decision. For

instance, where on her face was she stabbed? They accidentally slip up and say tools, T-O-O-L-S. We know there was more than one weapon.

What are we learning, Pat Lalama?

PAT LALAMA, "CRIME WATCH DAILY": Well, we also know, Nancy, it is revealed in the search warrant that you talk about, that she struggled. They

believe she actually struggled through the course of this heinous murder.

And they do say tools. They do refer to a hammer that the killer is swinging about all throughout the church and breaking windows and doing

damage to doors. But then they do talk about tools next to the body. That`s what we know at this point.

GRACE: OK, let`s see what we`ve got from the search warrant, Liz, if you could put up those tears.

Justin Freiman, what they say -- they`re not giving it -- hold that, please. They`re not telling us everything, but we`ve deduced a lot. Video

shows Bevers walking toward where (sic) the suspect`s location. See, the suspect is already back there. Neither the suspect or the victim are never

seen on the video again. Victim later found deceased. It is in her workout room? Bevers multiple puncture wounds, puncture wounds, very

clearly -- hold on, Justin.

Joe Scott Morgan, certified death investigator, professor of forensics, Jacksonville State University. Joe Scott -- if you could just leave that

up for me, Charles?

Puncture wounds. Puncture wounds. That`s not bludgeoning. Multiple puncture wounds head and chest with tools the suspect carrying. What does

that say to you, Joe Scott?

JOSEPH SCOTT MORGAN, CERTIFIED DEATH INVESTIGATOR: What it says to me, Nancy, is the fact that we see in the images this individual is carrying

what`s commonly referred to as a claw hammer. That means that we have these two claws coming back that you normally dislodge nails with. I`ve

seen this many times where people will actually take the hammer and use the clawed end. This will create an actual puncture wound. This is easily

identifiable utilizing the technology we have relative to tool mark evidence.

GRACE: Got it.

MORGAN: So this is very key.

GRACE: Yes, it is. Unleash the lawyers. Joining me tonight, veteran trial lawyer Randy Kessler, Atlanta, Misty Marris, defense attorney out of

New York.

OK, Randy Kessler, they say very clearly that there are tools, in the plural. The killer is packing more than one weapon. Now, if you look at

that video Liz was just showing you before I went to you guys, you see a weapon in the left hand and the fingertips going along the wall as the

person walks in the right hand. That only means one thing. The other weapon is concealed in that jacket.

Now, what does that mean to you?

RANDY KESSLER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: What does it mean? I mean, what are we talking about? There was a murder. This still doesn`t explain whether the

person was there not trying to burglarize the place and just happened upon her...

GRACE: Could you please think a little bit more deeply?

KESSLER: What does it say?

GRACE: I mean...

KESSLER: We know there was a murder.

GRACE: I`ll tell you what it says. Justin Freiman, what it says this. This was not just a burglary that went wrong. The person goes in packing

at least two weapons. They`re walking around with a hammer, but when the cause of death is puncture wounds, that`s not what you get from a hammer.

There`s another weapon involved.

When you go into a burglary, why are you packing knives, unless you plan to do a murder? This is targeted. That`s what it means. It`s not brain

surgery, for Pete`s sake.

JUSTIN FREIMAN, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Right. Well, police are being very careful not saying exactly what the wounds look like or exactly what caused

them because they say that`s something only the killer will know. I think they want to use that to their own advantage.

GRACE: OK, I want to talk about that, Pat Lalama, managing editor, "Crime Watch Daily." They do -- police do say exactly what Justin just

reiterated, that they are not giving any more information about the wounds themselves.

Why? We know now from getting our mitts on that search warrant that she was stabbed in the chest and the head. Is there something about the

stabbing on the face? Was she stabbed in the eyes? Was she stabbed about her face or her mouth in specifics?

What about it are they not telling us that only the killer would know, Pat Lalama, about the stab wounds?

LALAMA: Well, something about those particular tools. And where do those tools take us. They`re clearly leaving it -- making it a sin of omission

on purpose so we that don`t know because that killer does know, and they`re on to something, for sure.

GRACE: Another thing, Lisa Pineiro. They say that the killer goes by, and that Missy then goes toward where the killer is. It sounds like the killer

is waiting in her aerobics room to ambush her.

[20:10:04]LISA PINEIRO, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST (via telephone): Yes, it does, Nancy. And you know, if you take a look at that aerial shot of the

church -- let`s just kind of walk through where we think everything may have happened.

So we`re told now in the search warrant that Missy entered in the front of that church. And that is the part there that kind of faces the highway.

Now, her body was found in the southwest corner of the church, which is this lower corner closest to the highway. And so based on the surveillance

video, we can sort of safely assume that if she was -- when you`re facing the church, if she turns to her right to walk over to that southwest corner

-- we know that the killer broke in all the way on the other side of the church or on the back of the church.

She would never have known. She would never have seen the broken glass. He or she could have walked around the back side of the church and up that

hallway and right there to that southwest corner where her body was found.

GRACE: Got it. Got it.

OK, here`s the other thing. Justin Freiman, the reality is, we also have learned there has been a search warrant for her cellphone, her iPad.

Explain what`s going on there, Justin.

FREIMAN: That`s right. They specifically say they want to find out who she was in communication with before and/or during the incident. So they

want to find out, because was she telling somebody that the class was moved indoors? Who knew where the class was going to be and who knew where her

whereabouts? That`s going to be very important information.

GRACE: Unleash the lawyers, Randy Kessler and Missy Marris. OK, now that I`ve laid it out for you -- I basically had to Q&A with myself, Randy

Kessler, no offense. But Misty Marris, now that we know that the perp has come in with not one but two or more weapons that totally debunks the

theory that this was just a burglary.

MISTY MARRIS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Nancy, all I see here is a suspect. I don`t see a killer. I don`t see them interacting on the video.

GRACE: You think she committed suicide?

MARRIS: I don`t think she -- certainly doesn`t sound like a suicide, but who`s to say...

GRACE: Put her up.

MARRIS: ... that this man wasn`t, again, maybe committing a crime, maybe there for a burglary. The tools that he has looks consistent with a

burglary. He`s opening those doors. I don`t even see them interacting on the video. I`m not assuming he`s the killer.

GRACE: OK, you know what? Let`s just follow through with your theory, Misty. So you break into a church at 4:00 AM to take what? The children`s

bulletins? The Sunday school books? What do you think you`re going to get?

MARRIS: Nancy, we all know that there could be some valuables in a church.

GRACE: What?

MARRIS: That`s really not the issue.

GRACE: What?

MARRIS: The issue here is...


MARRIS: ... we have a suspect!

GRACE: The issue is that there`s nothing to steal in the church. Even the husband said it.

MARRIS: Haven`t you ever put some money into the basket during -- during...

GRACE: Yes, on Sunday, and then they take it to the bank. They don`t leave the money there.

MARRIS: Nancy, we don`t know what this man was looking for, if he thought there were valuables...

GRACE: OK, you know what?


GRACE: I`m chasing my tail trying to talk with you about this.

Ben Levitan, telecommunications expert, we know her car is still in impound. Tonight, the bombshell is she dies from stab wounds to the chest,

to the head. We know the perp killed Missy head on by stabbing her in the chest. Are the stab wounds to her face?

Why is it so critical, Ben Levitan, that they get access and can break into her iPhone and her iPad? Why is it so important?

BEN LEVITAN, TELECOMMUNICATIONS EXPERT (via telephone): Well, Nancy, you`re absolutely right, I can`t tell you how many cases we find today that

people are having an ongoing dispute by text message with someone who they eventually end up having a conflict with. If we could get into her cell

phone, we could determine if she was having some sort of conflict.

The other thing that`s important here, Nancy, this is a very rural town, 21,000 people. There`s only three cell towers in the vicinity of the

church. As you said before, we could -- the police have probably done a cell phone dump, and they will be able to know every cell phone that was in

the area of the church at this hour, 4:00 AM on a Monday. And that should tell you exactly. If the suspect carried a phone with them, Nancy, we`ll

know who that was.



[20:18:32]UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Court documents reveal more about Missy Bevers`s final moments.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I believe she was targeted.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Police now say the suspect caught on video walking around the church with a hammer as he or she walks the halls and enters

offices. The killing was not caught on video, and neither the suspect nor the victim are seen after the killing.


GRACE: So how did this guy, or women, get out of the church? He kills her. How does he get out? He`s never seen on video again. Lisa Pineiro,

investigative reporter -- Lisa, what are you hearing about the weapon being found by her body?

PINEIRO: Yes, this is what`s so weird, Nancy. We have an NBC affiliate here spoke to police, and they say police indicated that the hammer was

found near Missy`s body, and get this, along with other tools from the church.

So I think this really brings up the question, you know, is this suspect carrying things inside the church with the intent to murder somebody, or is

he or she burglarizing the church, finding tools because he hears a noise and hears someone enter the building and trying to defend himself or

herself? I mean, it`s a good question to ask.

GRACE: Yes, the whole burglarizing the church doesn`t make any sense. They`re looking in closets. For what? Why are you looking in a closet?

And again, how does the perp get out of the church without being on video again? CNN has not confirmed that the murder weapon is found by the body.

Lisa Pineiro, investigative reporter, is reporting that tonight.

[20:20:08]Another issue, Pat Lalama, managing editor, "Crime Watch Daily," is it true the husband was at the police station today. And has he taken a

polygraph? Not a suspect. I can`t say it enough, but typically, everyone close to the murder victim is polygraphed. Has he been polygraphed?

LALAMA: One thing really quickly about how the suspect got out -- I learned today that the cameras outside that church weren`t working, which

may have helped. And did the suspect know that those cameras weren`t working? Just curious.

The husband -- he`s talking today about just randomly, on his own volition, going to visit with police, just sort of talking about things on his mind.

He says he has found God. It is not clear, there`s been no indication that he has taken a polygraph.

He claims there is proof that he was on a fishing trip. He has also talked about repeated warnings to his wife that he was very concerned about her

being in this church at those times of the morning, that he told her to, quote, "be prepared."

And one last thing. Someone that she knows from one of the gyms where she likes to work out said -- don`t know if this means anything, has any

relevance -- but said that in the weeks leading up to this attack on her, she was not herself, that she seemed quieter, more reserved and




[20:25:46]UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Newly released search warrant reveals that police are searching Missy Bevers`s phone to see what calls, e-mails or

messages may have been sent or received prior to or during the deadly incident. Could the phone belonging to the murdered mother of three reveal

her killer?


GRACE: Pat Lalama joining us. For those of you that didn`t hear it before, puncture wounds found on Missy`s chest and her head, her face, we

believe, is the cause of death, police refusing to reveal more. They say that gives them a tactical advantage that only the killer knows about

specific injuries to her body. What are those injuries? Why are they being kept secret?

This is Lisa Pineiro reporting at least one of the murder weapons found near her body.

Pat Lalama, you just advised us -- Pat joining us from "Crime Watch Daily" -- that today, before we go to air, the husband wanders into the police

station. Where did that come from? Did he put (ph) post it?

LALAMA: No, there is a report from a local station that he was walking with media and just rather ponderous (ph) about the events of his life. He

said he had found God to carry him -- I`m paraphrasing -- that God was carrying him through the death of his wife and that he likes to go into the

police station just to get some things off of his mind, just to talk about the case. Take from that what you will.

GRACE: OK, let`s figure out what`s going on. We don`t know if he`s taken a polygraph. This guy, the husband, is not a suspect. And if he does or

did take a polygraph, that does not mean he`s a suspect. That means the police are probably clearing everyone close to her.

But let`s take a look at his timeline, the husband`s timeline. Justin, what do we know exactly? We`ve refined it.

FREIMAN: Right. He talks about going on a big fishing trip. So he was going into Biloxi in April 17th, and he posts all about this on Facebook,

about how his flight was delayed and about the dinner he goes to when he finally gets into Biloxi he was going from Biloxi and then fishing in the

Chandelier Islands.

Now, the next day, of course, we know Missy ends up dead. And he drives, according to him -- drives back. It`s an eight-and-a-half-hour drive

because when he arrives back at his home at 3:00 PM he said he is in a rental car with Mississippi plates on it.

GRACE: OK, here`s the timeline. He calls her that night. I believe he even says in his interview that she was half asleep. He made a point of

saying that she contacts him every morning to say, I love you. She calls him. So they go to sleep that night. Now, has all of that been confirmed?

And is it true, Justin, he says this is on his bucket list, but he goes every year?

FREIMAN: Yes, he does mention that he goes on a fishing trip each year and that this was a bucket list type trip. It`s a very famous place to go

fishing. He also did say that he`s got other people that can talk about the same trip. Chances are, there were other people were around, as you --

you know, Biloxi, lots of big hotels, lots of casinos, these boats that go to the Chandelier Islands...

GRACE: OK, great, great. I get it. You go on a charter out to the Chandelier Islands. You fish for what? There`s not any fish in Texas?

What`s out there?

FREIMAN: Well, there`s a lot of bluefish. There`s tarpon. It`s a really well known spot for fishing because you`ve got shallow waters there with

lots of fish.

GRACE: Did he always post about his trip, his fishing trip? Like, every year, did he post about it, or is it just this year?

FREIMAN: I haven`t seen postings, past postings about other fishing trips being planned like this one.

GRACE: Pat Lalama, what I`m trying to figure out, is this a yearly annual trip to the Chandelier Islands and it was delayed? Was he supposed to be

coming back that Monday morning? Did he fly there and drive back? I mean, what do we know?

LALAMA: We don`t know that much. And the thing is, if it`s a bucket list, you kind of do that at the end. If it`s an annual trip, then I`m just

guessing here, every year, you`re posting, Hey, look, here`s my latest pictures from my annual fishing trip.

But as far as we know, this is the only kind of communication we`ve had, only about this particular trip and not about past trips.

GRACE: OK, Pat, are you telling me that he`s going on Facebook and saying that, Hey, my alibi is being confirmed? Is that true?

LALAMA: Well, I`m not going out on that limb, but he says, There is proof I was on the fishing trip.


LALAMA: I`d want to see hotel receipts, or, you know, I bought a tent or I bought a fishing pole or, Here`s my fish, or whatever that would give us a

timeline exactly when he was there.



GRACE: OK, Pat, are you telling me that he`s going on Facebook and saying that, hey, my alibi is being confirmed. Is that true?

LALAMA: Well, I`m not going out on that limb, but he says there is proof I was on the fishing trip.



LALAMA: I want to see hotel receipts or, you know, I bought a tent or I bought a fishing pole or here is my fish or whatever that would give us a

timeline exactly when he was there.


[20:35:00] GRACE: Movie superstar, Charlie Sheen, sued for sex battery after a dentist visit.

The star visits the dentist, leaps from the dentist chair, grabs the dental assistant`s left breast, tries to rip her bra off, punching her in the

chest, and that`s not all.

Claims Charlie Sheen lunges at the dentist repeatedly, stabbing the dentist chair with a knife. The dentist wall is covered in Charlie Sheen`s spit,

screaming, I`m going to f-ing kill you!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen is in the news again. This time, over a trip to the dentist office to have a tooth pulled.

According to a new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles, Sheen suddenly became violent after being given some nitrous oxide, verbally threatening two

dentists and their office staff and attempting to stab them with a knife.


GRACE: Alexis Tereszcuk, senior reporter,, you broke the story. Alexis, what are the allegations against Charlie Sheen?

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, RADARONLINE.COM SENIOR REPORTER: What these three people are saying is that he was out of control, that he was "high", and that he

was violent and attacking them during a visit to the dentist`s office.

Now, these people are placing the blame to his bad reaction to the nitrous oxide, but the dentist who has done hundreds of these obviously has said,

no way. This guy was crazy.

He was yelling, he was cursing at us and it was without warning. They didn`t have any idea that this was going to happen.

He grabbed a knife and he tried to stab both the dentists and was stabbing the chair, the dental chair. They were really terrified of him. It was not

just somebody being funny like the videos that you see on YouTube that people take off and people get their (inaudible). This was a terrifying


GRACE: That`s "Two And a Half Men" you`re seeing right now from Warner Brothers T.V. Listen to this.


ANDREA CANNING, ABC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Some are saying that you are bipolar.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: Wow, what does that mean?

CANNING: I guess that, you know, you are on two ends of the spectrum.

SHEEN: Wow. And then what? What`s the cure? Medicine? Make me like them? Not going to happen. I`m bi-winning. I win here and I win there. Now what?

If I`m bipolar, aren`t there moments where I now like, crash as I`m talking in this corner and I go, oh, my God, it`s all my mom`s fault? Shut up, shut

up. Stop, move forward.


GRACE: That`s from ABC`s GMA. Alexis Tereszcuk,, now the reps for Charlie Sheen are saying that it`s because he got nitrous oxide.

I have never heard of grabbing the dental assistant`s breast and trying to rip her bra off because of nitrous oxide and punching her in the chest.

TERESZCUK: And then leaving -- getting it -- leaping out of the dental chair going out, chasing these three other people around with a knife.

This wasn`t a bad reaction to the nitrous oxide. And this was the dentist and -- who has filed the lawsuit, not just an assistant there, somebody

who`s had lots of experience with the situation.

GRACE: Yeah, you know, interesting. Alan Duke, editor-in-chief,, what do we know about the dentist? Here is "Anger

Management" with the Lionsgate T.V. This dentist has been in practice for a long time, right?

ALAN DUKE, LEADSTORIES.COM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: well, yes. There are two of these dentists in Hollywood, but the crazy thing about them filing this now

is the dental assistant claims she was fired three days later because she went to the police about this. She claims the dentist who`s now suing is

the one who fired her because she was talking about it.

So there`s a little bit of a complication.


GRACE: Well hold on, I don`t find that unusual at all, actually because when you have -- of course, going to the police department should not be

discouraged, but you are not to talk about your patients to other people outside the practice.

Everybody, you are seeing "Wall Street" from 20th Century Fox. Alexis Tereszcuk, I`m trying to get to the heart of what is being alleged. How did

Charlie Sheen`s spit get all over the walls?

TERESZCUK: They say that he was really just going crazy. That he was out of control and jumping at people and lunging all around the room and he was

screaming in the reception area.

So he was -- he was very -- he was under the influence of nitrous oxide. So he was, as the witnesses are saying, that he wasn`t himself.

GRACE: "Wasn`t himself." Here is "Ferris Bueller`s Day Off" from Paramount Pictures.

Unleash the lawyers, Randy Kessler and Misty Marris. OK, Misty Marris, give me your best defense.

MARRIS: Nancy, there are so many defenses here. First of all, really interesting how the story changed the minute that these people see some

dollar signs in their eyes. They`re going after a deep pocket here.

Second of all, these are just allegations in a complaint. None of these facts have been confirmed. They will be defended. He will deny the

allegations and to the extent there was any unusual behavior, it was due to the drugs administered by those dentists.

GRACE: OK, so do you know, Misty, that`s what you always say, `this hasn`t been proven yet`? OK.


MARRIS: But Nancy, that`s true.

GRACE: It`s kind of like the same broken record over and over. It hasn`t been proven yet. OK, fine. That`s your defense.

Kessler, have you got anything else for me?

[20:40:00] KESSLER: Yeah, absolutely. If they don`t want him their office, they should file a police report. They should have him arrested. There

should be a bond. He needn`t wait a year and a half and then we`re going to sue him.

If they`re afraid of this guy ...


GRACE: I do agree with you guys on that. Look, I tell you what, if somebody comes up -- put them up, please -- punches you in the chest, tries to rip

your bra off, goes at you with a knife, for Pete`s sake, yeah, you go to the police.

On the other hand, to Dr. Eris Huemer, Psychotherapist out of L.A. In L.A., in particular, there`s such a celebrity worship cult. And if this doctor,

this dentist, thinks that other celebrity patients are going to drop him if he rats out Sheen, I can understand some people not going to the police.

ERIS HUEMER, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Absolutely. And like you did say, it is all supposed to be confidential. You are not supposed to go out to the media.

You know, it is all confidential on who your patient is and what is happening.


GRACE: Did a gorgeous model hire a hitman to kill her husband`s ex-wife, then feed the ex-wife`s body to a wood chipper?

Tonight, we obtain secretly recorded tapes of the model planning the murder -- wood chipper and all.


TARA LAMBERT, MODEL FOUND GUILTY OF HIRING A HITMAN TO KILL HER HUSBAND`S EX-WIFE: He said he was going to punch her in the grill and leave.

GINNY CHEADLE, OLD HIGH SCHOOL ACQUAINTANCE: And asked me if I knew of anybody who could take care of `our problem for good`.

LAMBERT: Am I really like arrested?


GRACE: OK, believe it or not, you look at somebody and think they have got it all? Here is a woman, a model, she`s beautiful, she gets the guy, they

are married, but no, that wasn`t enough. She wants the ex-wife dead. You don`t believe me? Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what do you want done with her?

LAMBERT: Oh, my god, just put her in a chopper, like one of those lumberjack chopper things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t carry a lumberjack chopper.

Lambert: Oh, I`m just kidding, like that`s how much I hate her, though.

I`m going to be so excited, I just can`t even tell you, I`m so happy about this.

I know that`s so bad, but even her girls, I think they would pay people to do this. They probably like, they hate her so bad. Don`t feel bad about


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t feel bad about it at all.

LAMBERT: She is a loser. A cry baby. I don`t know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, sound good.

LAMBERT: OK. Very, very good. (Inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, girl.

LAMBERT: I really appreciate this. (Inaudible) you like everything.


LAMBERT: Yes, (inaudible). Thank you so much.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s going on with you? I hear you have a problem?

LAMBERT: I have had a problem for seven years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Really? Seven? Damn.

LAMBERT: Yeah. And it`s gotten to the point where maybe (ph) she knows. I have been wanting this for a while. And I just -- I need her away. Gone.


LAMBERT: Uncommunicative.



GRACE: Incredible. And joining us, live, is Ginny Cheadle, an acquaintance of Tara Lambert who reached out to Crime Watch Daily first.

Ginny, thank you for being with us. A question. What was your relationship with Tara Lambert prior to her asking you to plan a hit on her husband`s


CHEADLE: Um, we were associates. I mean, I say it like that because we weren`t friends, but we, you know, we were friends on Facebook. So, I mean,

we didn`t talk, but, I mean, we went to school together. That was about it.

GRACE: Now, her defense is that you tricked her. You trapped her into us. Tell us about the day she contacted you to set up a murder.

CHEADLE: Um, out of the blue, she wrote me off and just asked me if I knew anyone that was hard up for cash that could take care of our issue for


I knew what she was talking about because I had previously made a phone call for her in March to Kellie. Not to physically harm her, but just do --

you know, verbally threaten her to leave Tara alone. I don`t know.

GRACE: Hold on. Take a listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re the one that wants to have her killed.

LAMBERT: I don`t want her killed. I want her beat up. He said he was going to punch her in the grill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Explain to me why so I can understand why you would want to have her killed.

LAMBERT: No. No. I wanted her to stop harassing us. I want her to stop making false accusations of me. I want her to stop slandering my name and

my business.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re talking about Kellie?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. What did she do that made you so upset?

LAMBERT: I don`t want her to die. You`ll hear him say, "I`m just going to go up there and bust her in the grill." And then I talk about ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you ever hear the term bust a cap? Did you ever hear the term? Do you know what bust a cap means?

LAMBERT: There`s no cap.

[20:50:00] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you know what that means?

LAMBERT: Bust a cap?




LAMBERT: Bust a cap?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. Like a cap is in a shell, OK, meaning shoot a gun. Bust a cap. It`s a slang for -- street slang for shooting someone.

LAMBERT: No, I don`t know. Bust her in the grill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah. It`s a slang for shooting someone.

Lambert: And I have all of it. I can`t even sell my old iPhone for $500 because I have all this proof on my phone that she`s driving me crazy.

Well, I mean she was just constantly so nitpick -- she never told me why. She told people that she was afraid of me after that police report.


GRACE: Now, there you hear the model stating that what`s bust a cap? Like, a cap on your tooth? No. It has to do with shooting a gun. But listen to



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you want me to just walk up and cap her?

LAMBERT: If something else is going on like in the area, I don`t -- I don`t know. What do you think? Like we were kind of figuring out like a home

invasion gone wrong, but -- they`re like they do (inaudible) live in this place for free off of his mom.

And they always have all this expensive stuff. And they`re walking around flaunting it and talking about how they got no bills and have cash and big

ass T.V.s and stuff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They got cash in the place?

LAMBERT: I`m sure, yeah. They have a safe. They have a bad ass T.V. She has a ton of jewelry that just came from her grandma that she brags about how

she got it all appraised and it is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. They posted on it Facebook. Like the appraisal. So that`s what

kind of stupid we`re working with but you really get some good stuff out of her. Feel free to do whatever you like.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re the one that wants to have her killed.

LAMBERT: I don`t want her killed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It would be like make it look like maybe a home invasion.

LAMBERT: I`m going to have like a -- kind of an orgasm in my car just thinking about it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s why we were thinking of doing maybe, like, making it look like maybe a home invasion? You know what I mean, like a

home invasion gone wrong? Like tie her up like she wouldn`t give no information or something and then -- you know, I don`t know. You can talk

to him. There`s just unlimited possibilities you can go with.

LAMBERT: I`m gonna like have an orgasm in my car just thinking about it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, yeah. That`s funny.

LAMBERT: I hate her so bad. I`ve never hated someone this bad.


GRACE: Unleash the lawyers. Randy Kessler, Misty Marris. Misty Marris, they may be laughing about it, but this woman is clearly planning a murder

including feeding the body to a wood chipper.

MARRIS: Nancy, it sounds like she`s maybe saying these things but not necessarily saying that she wants to have her killed. And that`s what she

was telling the police in that interrogation.

GRACE: She paid money. She paid money.

KESSLER: OK. So there is something wrong. She has got a screw loose and she needs some help. But, you know, what kind of defense is it to say, I don`t

want ...


GRACE: You say that about everybody that commits murder.

KESSLER: Well, you know what, that`s true. Then everybody would think and say things like she do needs help.


GRACE: OK. You know what?


KESSLER: she said, "I was joking." She said ...


GRACE: I got to give you two credit because there is nowhere to go on this because she`s actually busted on video. And Pat LaLama, Crime Watch Daily,

isn`t it true that after she meets with the hitman, she goes shopping at Walmart?

LALAMA: Out, yeah, to get some dog food and some water. But I got to tell you, you really have to give Ginny Cheadle the credit for this because she

stopped the whole thing up. Yes, she did make a couple of intimidating calls to Kellie but when the push came to shove and Tara wanted murder, she

went to the cops and that unraveled the whole thing, so she`s the hero.


GRACE: It -- it really did. It really did. Listen to this. If you don`t believe she`s for real, listen.


LAMBERT: And another picture with some lovely information for you.


LAMBERT: I hate her. It feels like when you can`t get to your own money, I`ve got your (inaudible). I could have really -- yeah, I could have got it

out of my business but it would be really strange and I wouldn`t be able to account for it.

Whatever happens or whenever that happens, I just want it on a weekend when the girls are with me, obviously. That helps my alibi and keeps them away

from her, which is every other weekend.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This coming weekend?

LAMBERT: Yes. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So they`ll be back down in Lucasville the following ...

LAMBERT: Right. And then back up here and we never miss a weekend. So ...


LAMBERT: ... if we start from this weekend.


GRACE: And Matt Zarrell, didn`t she say the husband can go too?

MATT ZARRELL, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Yes, she did. IN fact, she was arrested for the husband`s attempted murder as well.

GRACE: Whoa! Gorgeous model wants husband`s ex-wife fed to wood chipper. Caught on video.

We remember American hero, Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Kimmell, 30, Paxton, Indiana. Bronze star, Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal.

Parents, Larry and Jane; brother, Jeremy; sister, Suzanne; widow, Melissa. Matthew Kimmell, American hero.

"Forensic Files" up next. Thank you to our guests but especially to you for being with us. Nancy Grace, signing off. I`ll see you tomorrow night, 8

o`clock sharp, Eastern. And until then, good night, friend.