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Clinton Breaks Barriers As Presumed Democratic Nominee; Clinton Makes History, Sanders Fights On; Israeli Police: Nine Wounded In Tel Aviv Shooting; Trump To Republicans: "Get Over It"; No Claims Of Responsibility In Attack. Aired 3-4p ET

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[15:00:42] HALA GORANI, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Hello, everyone. I'm Hala Gorani. We are live at CNN London. Thanks for being with us this

hour. This is THE WORLD RIGHT NOW.

Well, arms outstretched as adoring crowds cheered her triumphant smile said it all. Hillary Clinton made history. She gave a victory speech after

becoming the first woman set to lead the presidential ticket of a major American party.

But her win is more than a political achievement, of course, because it broke gender barriers and Clinton hopes that it will be a game changer.

Take a look.


GORANI (voice-over): Hillary Clinton's history-making moment.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: For the first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party's nominee.

GORANI: Savoring a triumph in her long Democratic primary fight, exactly eight years after extinguishing her first trail blazing campaign that ended

in Barack Obama being elected.

CLINTON: Tonight's victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this

moment possible. The dreams we share are worth fighting for.

GORANI: Here Clinton's latest campaign video paying homage to those who fought long before her.

CLINTON: Think of suffrages who gathered at Seneca Falls in 1848 and those who kept fighting until women could cast their vote.

GORANI: On Twitter Clinton looked to the future sharing the moment with, quote, "every little girl who dreams big" saying, "yes, you can be anything

you want. Even president."

While she hasn't yet landed the top job, of course, the former first lady is one big step closer to the White House. A place she already called home

for eight years when her husband Bill Clinton was president in the '90s.

Her campaign over the last year has, at times, struggled to shake off the skeletons of her past, most recently her time as secretary of state. The

classified e-mails sent from her private account and her handling of the Benghazi embassy attack --

CLINTON: The fact is we have four dead Americans.

GORANI: -- often used against her. And even now, Clinton still has the task of winning over a large proportion of Democrats who voted for Bernie

Sanders. In her victory speech, she extended a hand to them.

CLINTON: It never feels good to put your heart into a cause or a candidate you believe in and to come up short. I know that feeling well. As we look

ahead to the battle that awaits, let's remember all that unites us.

GORANI: The top of that list, and the most immediate challenge to the Democrats -- beating Donald Trump.

CLINTON: The choice is clear. Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president and commander-in-chief.


GORANI: All right. Certainly that is an outline of her line of attack against Donald Trump going into this general campaign.

My next guest is, no doubt, delighted that Hillary Clinton has reached this milestone. We're joined by CNN political commentator and Democratic

strategist, Maria Cardona. She is a super delegate as well who supports Clinton.

So Maria, first of all, OK, the Clinton camp has celebrated. It was a history defining moment, but going forward now, lots of challenges, what's

the strategy here?

MARIA CARDONA, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Sure, lots of challenges, no doubt. I think now is when the real hard work starts. I think first and

foremost on the agenda is party unity.

She started doing this I think very deftly last night when she talked about how historic Bernie Sanders' campaign was, how important the movement was,

how incredibly important his supporters will be to ensuring that Donald Trump never sets foot in the White House.

[15:05:12]So I think moving forward we will see campaigns continuing to talk to one another. They have been doing that for some time now behind

the scenes. I think you are going to see moving forward as well what you hear from Bernie Sanders in terms of what he wants to do.

I think he deserves the time and the space to figure out how he wants to land this plane. I was there in 2008, Hala. I was in the position of a

lot of these Bernie Sanders supporters, and it is not easy.

But last night, Hillary Clinton started to reach out to them. She is going to continue to do that. So I feel confident we will come out of

Philadelphia a united party ready to take on and defeat Donald Trump in November.

GORANI: You are saying the two campaigns have been talking behind the scenes? I mean, although Bernie Sanders has said he'll take it all the way

to the convention. So what is being discussed? What is being promised to Bernie Sanders in order to secure his supporters?

CARDONA: Well, you know, I'm not going to go into any of those details, but I think some of what has been reported is certainly conversations about

the platform, for example. Let's remember that what Bernie Sanders has started is a movement, and what he's talked about even last night is that

this movement is bigger than his own candidacy.

And part of that, I believe, is to ensure that his imprint in terms of the policies that he wants, in terms of what his supporters want, are --

GORANI: Such as?

CARDONA: -- are going to see the light of day, not just in Hillary Clinton but in the Democratic Party moving forward. And that is certainly

something that I think the Democratic Party as a whole welcomes because they're not all that different. They're not all that off from where they

both want to be in terms of providing a level playing field for everybody in this country.

GORANI: But what specifically does -- would Bernie Sanders and his supporters want in the platform that wouldn't have been there had he not

achieved what he did in terms of the support -- the surprising support he got during the primary process?

CARDONA: Well, I think that's something that you should certainly ask them directly. I don't have the list in front of me. But again, just from

conversations and from what Bernie Sanders has said himself and his supporters, raising the minimum wage.

Making sure that the climate change fight is front and center in terms of the agenda. College affordability, how do we make sure that students don't

leave college burdened with huge debt? And issues of income inequality. How do we make sure that we tackle that?

Campaign finance which is something that Bernie Sanders has put front and center. It is something that's important for Hillary as well. So let's

figure out how we lay that out in the platform to make sure that this gets done.

GORANI: But Maria, you talk about the Sanders coming on side as a given. But is it really? Some of his supporters we've spoken to have actually

said, there is no way I will vote for Hillary Clinton. No way.

CARDONA: Well -- sure, Hala, but let's remember, this is raw, and again, going back to my own experience, I was there. I was never one of those

Hillary Clinton supporters who said "I would never vote for Barack Obama," I knew many of them who did say that.

And in fact, there were many for voters -- the percentage was much higher in 2008 of Hillary Clinton supporters who said they would never vote for

Barack Obama than Bernie Sanders supporters today say they would not vote for Hillary Clinton. What happened in the end?

Everybody focused on the goal at hand, what everybody wants to make sure happens, which is that a Republican does not walk in to the White House on

January 2017. Back then it was January 2009. So everybody focused on the task at hand.

I believe that is what will happen this time around, but it is not going to be easy. You're right, it will be challenging. It will take both Bernie

Sanders and Hillary Clinton -- and quite frankly, the rest of the party.

Let's remember, that the White House and President Obama is going to come out here pretty soon to endorse Hillary Clinton. I think that will help

out. Barack Obama's many popular among Bernie Sanders supporters. It will be a process.

And they deserve the time and the space to make sure that they get over this. It is a mourning process because it is something you put your heart

and soul into and there is nothing less than heart wrenching when you realize that your candidate is not going to be the one.

GORANI: All right, Maria Cardona, always a pleasure. Thanks so much for joining us.

CARDONA: Thank you, Hala. Great to be with you.

GORANI: All right, now some breaking news out of Tel-Aviv. Israeli medics are rushing to the scene of a shooting incident near a popular outdoor

market in the city. Police say nine people were wounded, one critically. We don't have many more details about this still developing story, of


But as I mentioned, I'm checking right now just to be completely transparent with you. The latest that I have here now, it appears that

this happened outside one of the most popular outdoor markets in Tel-Aviv.

This is according to the Israeli police spokesperson, Mickey Rosenfeld (ph), who said this in a statement, nine wounded, one critically.

[15:10:10]We aren't sure who the perpetrator or perpetrators are. We're not exactly sure in what context this happened. But you can see Tel Aviv

there pinpointed for you on that map. That is what we have for now. We will update you as soon as we get more details on that.

All right, from history in the making on one side, to in-party bickering on the other. Senior Republicans are displeased with Donald Trump, they've

made that very clear.

A senator from Maine, Susan Collins, added her voice to the cacophony denouncing Trump's comments about a judge of Mexican heritage. She wants

to see him apologize and be more presidential before she endorses him.

Trump said to Fox News essentially -- those Republicans can lump it.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: So they have to get over it ideally as to whether or not they endorse me, that's OK if they don't, but

they have to get over it. They shouldn't be so angry for so long.


GORANI: Well, there you have it. S.E. Cupp is a Republican political commentator who likely has a lot to say about Trump's message there. She

joins me from Washington.

S.E., you've been animated on the subject of Trump's original comment. I want to take a moment to hear an exchange you had last night with a fervent

Trump supporter who has been on this program many times, Jeffrey Lord.


S.E. CUPP, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: You're putting -- you're inventing a -- what he said was very clear. He's Mexican. He's an anti-Trump guy.

He's an anti-Donald Trump guy.


CUPP: Yes.

LORD: Are they, yes or no?

CUPP: Yes.

LORD: Thank you, OK. This judge belongs to organizations that repeatedly go out there, legal organizations -- this is not about --

CUPP: This is not Donald Trump's reasoning. He said he's an anti-Trump guy.

LORD: Would you not find this --


GORANI: Well, S.E. Cupp there -- that exchange was actually -- it was on Twitter. It was starting to trend at one point people were saying you got

to watch CNN now, you got to watch this exchange.

But does this not highlight really a big division in the Republican Party here where you have really the Republican elite, the Republican leadership,

just very uneasy about what even to do with Donald Trump who's not at all pivoting to the center. In fact, he is doubling down on very controversial


CUPP: Yes. This has been the problem for a while and though Donald Trump has survived a lot of the controversial and outrageous things he's said, we

might have reached a tipping point with this latest controversy over his comments about an American judge with Mexican heritage being too biased to

serve on his Trump University fraud case.

What you saw last night, if your viewers were watching, at the Trump campaign speech was a guy who was reading off a teleprompter a very

scripted speech. That's not the usual Donald Trump that we see.

And the reason is I think he got spooked. Enough people universally condemned what Donald Trump was saying, including members of the party

leadership, like Paul Ryan, that I think he got a little spooked.

So he was defeated and chastened. Now to be clear, I think that's probably a temporary detant. Donald Trump is going to probably go back to being

Donald Trump very shortly.

But this is the problem for Republicans who are attempting to get on board, attempting to unify the party. It's a one-way street for Donald Trump and

Donald Trump is out for Trump. He's not out for the party. He's not out for the conservative movement. It's all about Trump.

GORANI: S.E. Cupp, I've got to interrupt you. We have breaking news out of Tel Aviv. Hopefully, we'll be able to catch up in a little bit.

Israeli medics are rushing to the scene of a shooting incident near a popular outdoor market in Tel Aviv. Police say nine people were wounded.

We can go straight to Micky Rosenfeld (ph) here, who hopefully will give us the latest. Tell us exactly what happened. Micky Rosenfeld is a

spokesperson for police forces there. What more can you tell us?

MICKY ROSENFELD, ISRAELI POLICE SPOKESMAN (via telephone): We confirmed that just over 45 minutes ago in Central Tel Aviv in the restaurant, which

we're in the busy area. Shots were fired by two terrorists. That was confirmed at the scene.

Two terrorists opened fire at people walking around and at restaurants in two different areas. Nine people have been injured until now. Five in

serious condition. Four in moderate condition taken to the nearby hospital.

Police special patrol units that arrived in the units immediately engaged with those terrorists. They were identified at the scene, which confirms

that both of them have been apprehended.

We are now investigating how they came into the area, where they got hold of those weapons from. The area is still cordoned off.

[15:15:04]The police units are searching and making sure that there is no further danger to the public there and there are no explosive devices

inside the restaurant area. Most of the area for approximately half a kilometer, half a mile around there is still cordoned off.

GORANI: Micky Rosenfeld, just so our viewers now, pictures coming from Channel 2 television in Israel. You mentioned two suspects in this case

have been apprehended? Is that correct?

ROSENFELD: That's correct. Two suspects, as far as I know, being apprehended at the scene. I can confirm that one of them was shot and I'm

not sure what his condition is. The second suspect himself was being questioned at the moment by police.

Our main impetus at the moment is to prevent and make sure there are no further terrorists in the area. What we have confirmed is that it was a

terrorist attack that took place here in Tel Aviv this evening and our emergency and special patrol units is still working in the area in order to

make ensure that there is no danger.

GORANI: All right, I want to welcome our viewers in the United States as well as cover this breaking news out of Tel Aviv. Can you tell us what

weapons were used?

ROSENFELD: That's something we're looking into at the moment. Our bomb disposal expert and counterterrorism units are still at the scene carrying

out their examination. Our main impetus at the moment is make sure inside the restaurant area there is no further danger and no explosive devices.

But we're going to look and find out exactly how those two terrorists made their way inside Central Tel Aviv area. The investigation is continuing

and operations are continuing still around where we are.

GORANI: So just to recap for our viewers around the world, nine people were injured in a shoot-out outside a popular market in Tel Aviv. We

understand that shots were fired.

But Micky Rosenfeld, what you're saying is that authorities and forces there are sweeping the area to make sure there are no explosives. Is that


ROSENFELD: That's correct. Inside the restaurant area we are still making sure that there are no explosive devices. Our bomb disposal experts are

searching the area. (Inaudible) until now we are just 45 minutes after the attack when shots were fired, until they've been taken to hospital, the

area is still cordoned off. We've asked -- requested members of the public to stay away from the area until the police operation there is concluded.

GORANI: And the two individuals you are saying who were suspected of carrying out this attack, one was shot but you are not sure about his

condition. What about the other one? Is he in custody?

ROSENFELD: The other suspect is being held and questioned now. How they and how he made their way into that area. That's still the side area,

streets are still cordoned off. Our main emphasis is to make sure at the moment in terms of members of the public in and around the area that there

is no immediate danger. That's why we're still swarming and working through the shopping area to make sure that there is no further terrorists

in the area.

GORANI: Any more suspects, any more people you believe on the loose at this stage. As we continue to watch live coverage from Channel 2 in Israel

here. Any more suspects?

ROSENFELD: Emergency services are still here at the scene. All of the hospitals around the Tel Aviv area are still being opened up. There are no

specific warnings of a terror attack that was going to take place this evening. There was no real information that we had received.

Therefore the rapid response of the police officers in the area was critical and vital. Although, of course, it took approximately about a

minute until first units were on the scene. That's why there were so many individuals that were shot. Nine people all together.

GORANI: All right. Nine people but no fatalities. But five in serious condition in Tel Aviv, taken to hospital. Is that the casualty toll so

far, nine injured?

ROSENFELD: Those are the numbers we have until now. We're working together with different emergency services in order to make sure that there

are no further injures, no further people being taken to the hospitals. We're still focusing on making sure that the area, there is no immediate


Once that stage will be over then we'll go into a deep investigation as to find out what the identity of those terrorists are, where they came in

from, if they possibly came in from the west bank area, or if they worked in the area and they were familiar with the area. That's something that's

all going to be investigated.

GORANI: All right, Micky Rosenfeld is the spokesperson there for police forces joining us from Tel Aviv. If you could hold on. Hopefully we can

get back to you once you have more information.

Oren Liebermann is in Jerusalem joining us now as well with the very latest. What more can you tell us? We understood from Micky Rosenfeld

nine individuals were injured in this shoot-out.

Micky Rosenfeld saying perhaps -- they are sweeping the area, hopefully there are no other explosives or devices, but that this was a gun attack.

Is that what you're hearing?

[15:20:03]OREN LIEBERMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Yes. A mass shooting. We just got the latest update from another police spokesman who

says there are at least two attackers who were neutralized. Now that can mean they were either captured or shot and killed. And they are still

searching for one.

So as of right now, it appears there are a total of three attackers that opened fire in two incidents or two shooting incidents very close to each

other right at a popular open air almost market right in the center of Tel Aviv called (inaudible), a very popular place especially at night.

There would have been a lot of people there at this hour. Police say at 9:30 they got first reports of a shooting. Just a few minutes later they

got the second report. That's when they got to the area and found nine people injured, one critically at least, two seriously and a number of


Police and first responders say they are also treating a number of people for shock at this time.

GORANI: This was really less than an hour ago because currently it is 10:20 in Tel Aviv. Right?

LIEBERMANN: Right. This all moved very quickly. We got the alert and started getting the number of injured very quickly. Again that latest

update that there now appears the latest information is three attackers, two were neutralized. They are still searching for one.

The attack happening right in the central of a Tel Aviv on a Wednesday night, a beautiful night out here. It would have been a very busy place if

the shooting happened. Incidentally it is also right next to the Ministry of Defense headquarters in the center of the city.

GORANI: All right, right next to the Ministry of Defense, now Oren, three attackers, three suspects in this particular case, two, quote,

"neutralized." According to Mickey Rosenfeld, one was shot, not sure what condition he's in. Another in custody and being questioned, and

potentially a third on the loose. So presumably people still very nervous there in Tel Aviv.

LIEBERMANN: Yes. We've seen a lot of attacks over the last few months, more than six months at this point, although they have certainly quieted

down over the last two or three months. Tel Aviv has for the most part been isolated from these attacks -- or insulated, I should say.

Not to say it hasn't seen attacks, but not many and far apart. This is a very significant attack certainly, nine injured, one critically, a number

of others seriously injured. People absolutely on edge tonight in Tel Aviv.

GORANI: So you mentioned the Serona Market (ph), this is a very busy bustling place in Tel Aviv for people who aren't familiar with it. Micky

Rosenfeld, if you're still on the line and you can hear me, our Oren Lieberman from Jerusalem spoke to a police source who indicated potentially

a third suspect. Is that what you're hearing?

ROSENFELD: We know the two suspects arrested at the scene are being questioned. We have one that was already apprehended. The second one I'm

not sure what his condition is. That's what I know at the moment until now.

In terms of what took place outside the central area (inaudible). As I said, our counterterrorist units are still inside the shopping mall area

making sure that there are no further suspects.

It is not clear and we haven't canceled out that there are no further suspects. What we are emphasizing is we are searching the area to make

sure there are no explosive devices in and around that area which could be a major threat, both for officers and members of the public.

That's why at the moment the area is still cordoned off for approximately a half-mile in each direction and only emergency services and

counterterrorist units and special patrol units are still working at the scene.

As far as we are concerned the terrorist attack is still not fully over. Therefore, we have to cancel out the possibility of any further terrorists.

Until now we have confirmed two and we are still continuing to work in the area.

GORANI: Can you tell us what kind of weapons you understand were used? With nine people shot, presumably these were some high-caliber assault

rifles or do you know? I mean, can you confirm that?

ROSENFELD: That's something that's still being investigated at the moment. If we connect to what we have and what we know in terms of intelligence,

this was no specific warnings that we had received. We're going to be looking to see exactly where those weapons came in from, where the suspects

came in from, whether they were familiar with the area, the Tel Aviv area.

That's also something that's very important in terms of how the attack took place, whether it was planned ahead of time or it was carried out

sporadically when these two suspects got hold of those weapons.

Our main emphasis -- it is important to differentiate -- our main emphasis at the moment is to make sure there are no further incidents and that we've

cleared out the area and there is no further danger.

Once we've completed that, we'll move to the next phase which is of course the investigation and at the same time I can also confirm that if we know

those terrorists came in from the west bank area, no doubt there will be police and IDF operations that will take place almost immediately in order

to find suspects --

GORANI: That's not something you've confirmed so far is what you're saying. You have not confirmed an I.D. You don't have a confirmed


ROSENFELD: No. What we'll do is make sure when we get not different areas -- the suspects left from over the last couple of months. The situation

has been relatively quiet in terms of the number of attacks.

[15:25:13]There's been a decrease in the number of attacks that have taken place. As to the behavior of those terrorists, how they carried out the

attack and of course, as far as we are concerned heightened security is continuing at the moment where we are.

GORANI: This is, as Oren Lieberman was telling us, Tel Aviv is not -- it's been insulated. You've mentioned yourself that there was a period of

quiet. Unfortunately, this terrible attack happened injuring nine people.

But this is something that you haven't dealt with in a while, right? I mean something -- you've had the knife attacks. And in this particular

case this is not something that you said you had any intelligence pointing toward.

ROSENFELD: The last attack took place in Tel Aviv was months ago. It's been very quiet and there haven't been any major attacks. Obviously we'll

have to step up security in and around the different areas, both in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and of course prevent any further terrorist attacks.

It's also going to be necessary for intelligence circles to look and find where those terrorists came in from, how they got hold of their weapons.

That's part of the higher investigation. This is unfortunately not the first attack that's taken place, but of course, our units will be working

on that.

GORANI: All right, Micky Rosenfeld, I just want to tell our viewers that the Israeli military has tweeted out actually -- I'm reading this for the

first time -- that they have confirmed at least one fatality in Tel Aviv shooting attack.

So unfortunately, there is some bad news there in terms of the actual toll itself. One fatality that would mean eight injured. Several people in

serious condition.

And has that area been -- we'll get back to Micky Rosenfeld in a moment. Just if you could stand by. Phil Black I understand is joining us as well.

He's in Jerusalem.

Phil, tell us about this particular neighborhood of Tel Aviv because this would be a very busy area on a Wednesday night, 9:30 p.m. Tell us about

the environment there where this attack unfolded.

PHIL BLACK, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hala, it is an area that's all about people enjoying themselves. It is a market area essentially, but

it is about restaurants, entertainment and, as I know we've been talking about on air this evening so far.

It is an area, a beautiful lovely Israeli evening like tonight, it is where people go to enjoy themselves, socialize, eat, drink, that sort of thing.

So it is that classic soft terror target in a sense.

And you're right, what we're hearing now from the hospital in Tel Aviv is that one of those people has been killed. At least one fatality as a

result. The initial report said that there were nine injured, one critical.

We presumed that one of these people have now died. So eight people injured so far. As you've been hearing from the police, two suspects

involved in the shooting have been neutralized.

And all from the police spokesperson you are hearing, they are only confirming two, we're hearing from another police source there is a third

person they are looking for as well.

So at the moment, two shooting suspects have been neutralized. It seems that nine innocent people in total killed. One of them has died as a

result of the injuries.

GORANI: Right. Because Micky Rosenfeld, who is a spokesperson for police forces there, is saying two that they know of, both apprehended. One

injured, shot. Not sure what the second suspect's condition is. But potentially that a third attacker may be on the loose in this case.

Just to recap, it is nine people injured but it appears as though one of those individuals was killed. Tell us a little bit more about the

potential third attacker and what you are hearing from that police source.

BLACK: Just one further update. I'm just being told in my ear as we speak, Hala, the number of people who have died as a result of this attack

is now three. So three people have been killed as a result of this shooting in this market area in this central Tel Aviv, the Sarona (ph)


A busy entertainment area, very busy at this time on a Wednesday evening. At least two gunmen have been involved in this attack. We believe there

could also be a third. But at this point they have confirmed two of those attackers have been neutralized.

And as a result, this is the latest information that we have just received, and that is in total three people so far have died as a result of injuries

sustained during this attack.

So the overall context, the extent of the injuries here, remember, we were told that nine were injured initially, one of them critical. The latest

update since then is that three of those people have now died -- Hala.

[15:30:02] GORANI: Well, certainly to emerge, Phil. as though this is a mass shooting. Clearly an attack on a soft target right now based on all

the initial preliminary details we are getting from this very fast developing story with potentially a third shooter on the loose.

Oren Liebermann, that's what your sources are saying as well potentially that there is someone else, which would mean that authorities and security

forces are really going through this area very carefully making sure all of the people in that neighborhood are evacuated well away from this site --

from the site of this attack and making sure that everybody is safe.

By the way, this is brand new video coming to us there from the Sarona (ph) market area in Tel Aviv. Oren, tell us what your police source is saying

about the attack and the possibility that someone, a gunman, may still be on the loose

OREN LIEBERMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Well, police haven't ruled that out yet. They are still searching. They blocked off a number

of roads in the area. They essentially blocked off the entire area, evacuated the Sarona (ph) market, the shops, the restaurant that are in

that market.

And all of the people that would have been in such a popular area on a night like together as they keep on searching. As Micky Rosenfeld said,

they have two, one captured, one arrested, but they haven't ruled out the possibility there may be somebody else out there.

That is a measure of the concern they have and the security they want to make sure remains in the area after this. Phil has mentioned it is a soft

target. There have been some concerns about security at the Sarona (ph) market because of how open it is. How nice it is to walk around.

We've been there quite a number of times. It is that pleasantness that makes it popular. It is also that pleasantness that appears to have made

it a target in this case.

GORANI: We're seeing these images I want to tell our viewers, by the way, that we are seeing these for the first time. Channel 2 in Israel is

broadcasting images from the scene. It looks sort of like -- is it like a shopping mall with restaurants and outdoor cafes, that kind of thing, Oren?

LIEBERMANN: Exactly. There are a number of shops and restaurants there. That is exactly what it is. It is open, you can walk around. There is an

open park essentially right in the middle of it to give some open area.

Then it's a number of shops that are right in next to each there. On a busy night, it's crowded in there. It's popular. People go there to eat,

drink, and shop. That is what makes such a nice area and as we've seen tonight, that's what made a target here.

GORANI: Authorities are also saying, well, OK, they've apprehended two people. Potentially there is someone else. Although we know in the

aftermath of these attacks sometimes there is a bit of confusion in reports that someone else is involved. We'll see if that pans out.

But importantly, authorities are saying we need to go through this shopping mall and this area to make sure there are no explosive devices or any more

danger that would put the safety of people in that area in jeopardy, right? They're still there. This is ongoing, Oren, correct?

LIEBERMANN: Right. Explosive devices are always a concern. That's not new. They've been here for decades after the wave of explosive devices we

saw used during the second intifada. Explosive devices are always a possibility. Police units will always check an area to make sure there are

none and if they find any, to remove those.

So that will be a concern. That will be going on as police are searching the area to make sure there is no other shooter, no other attacker in the


So all of that is a question the police are trying to sort out right now and to figure out while keeping the civilians in that area safe.

As Micky Rosenfeld had mentioned the next step will be figure out where attackers came from. If they came in from the west bank, how did they get

west from the west bank into Israel? That will be a question police will have to figure out moving forward.

GORANI: All right, Phil Black, explain what it is like moving if you are a Palestinian in the west bank into Israel. What kind of checks, what kind

of checkpoints -- I mean, bringing in heavy weapons from the west bank would not be the easiest thing in the world to achieve if that's the case,

if that's what happened.

BLACK: That's why, you know, one of the reasons why these sorts of events are so rare here really and why in recent months, certainly last six months

or so, we have seen Palestinians resorting to much more simple, far less sophisticated attacks.

You heard Micky Rosenfeld, the police spokesman there talking about knife attacks. That's what's been happening here a lot over the last six months

or so. It started late last year. There was a real spike.

It has eased off considerably in recent weeks and months, but it's still become a consistent, really permanent part of the security landscape here.

These are individuals simply acting alone most of the time, launching themselves with very little warning at Israelis and particularly Israeli

soldiers, police security forces, trying to do them harm.

That's been the reality lately. Weapons and gun attacks like this are far more rare. What you're touching on there are the very, very tough security

checks that exist between the Palestinian areas and the west bank.

[15:35:09]When they try to access the state of Israel itself. There are very, very thorough I.D. checks, body checks, often vehicle checks and so

forth as well.

Moving weapons across these points is incredibly difficult, and so, yes, it will be a key part moving forward to try and determine just where these

weapons came from, how did they get them into Israel itself -- Hala.

GORANI: All right, and stay put there, Phil. I just want to update our viewers on really the lay of the land of Sarona (ph) market in Tel Aviv.

It is a big complex. It was opened in 2015. It is really about a year old. It is a very big indoor restaurant/market.

It is open seven days a week. It's got 91 stores. It's got stalls, et cetera, and it was established to be essentially a center for Israeli


So as Phil and also Oren were describing a few minutes ago, this is someplace where young people, other people who want to sort of enjoy a warm

evening in an open air market, in an outdoor cafe, that's where they would assemble and this would really be, if this was chosen for that reason, a

soft target.

It would be quite easy to take aim at civilians really just enjoying a night out. I want to recap for our viewers watching us all around the

world exactly what we are covering here. Police are now saying that three people were killed in a mass shooting in Tel Aviv.

Earlier reports said nine people were wounded in this terrorist attack. The shooting took place there at Sarona market. It is a popular market,

open-air area.

Police say they've detained two, quote, "terrorists" in their words "suspects," potentially there is a third suspect on the loose. This is

something they are looking into.

Importantly, they are saying they've evacuated the area because at this stage what they want to make sure of is that there are no explosive

devices, no more threats to individuals in the area.

We are hearing, as I mentioned, three people killed, several injured. Several of those who have been injured in very serious condition in the

hospital. Oren Lieberman, if you can still hear me? Are you still on the phone with us?

LIEBERMANN: Yes, I'm still with you.

GORANI: All right. So three individuals killed in this particular attack. Several people injured. They're calling it mass shooting, the authorities.

This is what they are confirming?

LIEBERMANN: Correct. A mass shooting, a terrorist attack right in the center of Tel Aviv. Let me give you a little more context about the market

itself. You mentioned the number of shots there. Let me tell you what's around it.

First, it is on the major highway that runs through Tel Aviv so essentially fairly easy access. But it is also a much softer target than what's around

it. Just north of it is the Ministry of Defense, very heavily guarded and heavily secured for obvious reasons.

Next to that is one of the more popular shopping malls in Tel Aviv, one of the biggest. That also has very heavy security, obviously also a place

that civilians would gather, but very difficult to target because of that security.

Meanwhile, the Sarona (ph) market, a short walk away, about a mile from Tel Aviv's beach, a short walk away, is open. It is the open fess that draws

people to it. It is the openness that would have brought the people there to those shops, to those restaurants tonight.

GORANI: All right, let's talk a little bit about the possibility that someone else is on the loose here. This is what you are hearing from your

police sources. Micky Rosenfeld was saying, we're still not exactly 100 percent sure that's the case.

We do know two individuals were apprehended, one shot. We're starting, by the way, Oren to hear reports that that individual was shot right outside

of this open market area after having opened fire on some of these people outside, the civilians there enjoying that night out at Sarona market.

Tell us more about what police are saying they're still investigating -- Oren.

LIEBERMANN: Well, right now is figuring out if there really is a third person or anybody else on the loose after this. There are at least two

that they've captured. One was shot and killed. They are looking for the possibility that there is a third one.

Regardless whether there is or is not a third one they will still block off the entire area of streets going in all directions as they continue to

search for explosive devices planting anywhere. That is another critical part of what they're doing right now.

It's figuring if there were any devices planted anywhere. We have seen those in the past few months. They have not been common. This sort of

rudimentary IEDs that explodes. It has injured soldiers in recent months. Although again, not that common but still a precaution police will take.

Again the next phase will be figuring out where these attackers came from, where they work in Israel, where they in the west bank, and how did they

get weapons in.

We have seen guns used a few times. Generally, they are usually rudimentary rifles called Carl Gusta (ph) rifles. We don't know that's

what used here, but those are fairly easy to manufacture.

[15:40:06]They are not easy to get in, but people have succeeded in getting them through these numerous checkpoints between the west bank and Israel.

So we have seen them used before. That will be part of the question. Were they used in this case? If not what was the weapon of choice and how did

they get into the heart of Tel Aviv?

GORANI: All right. Haviv Gur of the "Times of Israel" joins us now. Haviv, what are hearing from your sources about what happened and whether

or not authorities believe maybe someone else, another suspect, another gunman is on the loose here?

HAVIV GUR, "TIMES OF ISRAEL" POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT (via telephone): Police confirmed just about three or four minutes ago that they've called

off the search for a third gunman. We have two gunmen, one is the neutralized, wounded, actually going in for surgery right now at a Tel Aviv


The second one, his condition is not immediately known. But we know that police have neutralized them, which means that might be killed, might be

wounded. That's the situation right now with the gunmen.

GORANI: So police calling off the search for potentially a third suspect. Do they believe that essentially the area is clear now of attackers?

GUR: Yes. Right now, they're actually distancing the crowds that naturally gravitate toward this sort of incident. It is obviously in

Central Tel Aviv in an area with a lot of people. They are saying there are quite possibly undetonated explosive devices.

We have known terror attacks in the past where bombs were waiting for rescue crews that came afterwards. Right now there is that search. The

chief of police is right now at the scene and the prime minister as well as several ministers, the heads of the security agencies are convening a

meeting to discuss what information they have and what the next steps might be.

GORANI: So what do we know about the victims right now? We understand three killed. This is what authorities are telling us and many more


GUR: We know we have at least nine casualties. Three of them confirmed killed by a Tel Aviv hospital. It's not clear if the shooters are in that

number or not. There is still a little bit of confusion about the numbers. But the victims are quite badly hurt.

In other words, they're obviously wounded but of the remainder, most are seriously or moderately hurt, which when you are talking about gunshots,

that's extremely hurt. In other words that is wounds that you might not survive.

So it is likely that the shooters knew what they were doing and this looks to be really one of the most skilled terror attacks in recent months, which

have seen quite a few of these sort of attacks.

GORANI: Yes, because as our correspondents, Phil Black and Oren Lieberman were explaining, many of the attacks had been knife attacks. It's been a

very long time really in Tel Aviv that an attack of this magnitude that appears well organized has actually taken place. Right?

GUR: Right. These are two shooters coordinated. It looks like the firearm itself was some sort of a homemade device or somehow altered. So

these appear again this happened exactly an hour ago and we still don't have many of the details. Some of the details are conflicting.

It appears as though these people knew what they were doing which suggests training, which suggests planning. We're going to know a lot more. We

don't yet have their identities, including Palestinian media has not yet reported there are identity. No one on the Palestinian side has claimed


No terror group has said anything about this. So right now everything's extremely preliminary, but there's no question that this was a very, very

serious attack and it targeted very popular mall and shopping area. It was meant to make quite an impression.

GORANI: And this shopping area typically would you expect younger people to be out at that time of night? Who would usually go to an area like

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv?

GUR: Certainly it is a lot of cafes and bars. It is right in Central Tel Aviv. It is one of the favorite haunts for nighttime -- for grabbing a

drink, for meeting friends at night, for the young crowd in Tel Aviv, the 20-somethings. This targeted exactly that crowd. It targeted young people

out on the town.

GORANI: All right, by the way, Haviv, we are hearing on Twitter from the spokesperson of the prime minister saying in the wake of tonight's

terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, the prime minister will convene shortly a meeting with the DM, the police and ISA chiefs. What is DM? If you can

educate me here. Meeting with the DM.

[15:45:03]GUR: Sure. That's defense minister of Israel. He's head of the army, the security agency, all the security services are meeting actually

next door to army headquarters. Next door to where the shooting actually happened.

The prime minister landed in Israel from a visit to Moscow just in the last few minutes and is immediately heading there. So obviously this is only

the beginning of the story. Now we're going to see if more information is going to come out and Israel's reaction.

GORANI: Haviv, because this market is very close to the defense ministry in Tel Aviv. Right?

GUR: Yes. A lot of things are very close. The defense -- the headquarters of the army are in this compound in Central Tel Aviv. It's

been there for six decades. So it is really in the center of a lot of the sort of booming area, but yes, that's next door. These people didn't

target army headquarters. They targeted the shopping area where obviously people are not soldiers.

GORANI: Yes. Indeed. But would you expect more security around there? Because you have official buildings like the Defense Ministry or is it

really just open air with just people enjoying a night out on a Wednesday night at 9:30 without much security? What's the set-up like there?

GUR: Well, it is actually an important point to make. It's -- we have a report from the police in April that said that the Sarona Market is

actually not secure enough. It doesn't have the proper security guards. There are too many entrances.

Police have actually warned that this place is not secure against terror attacks. So it is possible that these people knew that. In other words,

it suggests that there might have been reconnaissance intelligence gathering ahead of time for this attack.

Again it is another piece of circumstantial evidence that points to serious planning and sort of a more serious level of terrorism than what we've seen

so far.

GORANI: All right, Haviv Gur of the "Times of Israel," thanks very much for joining us there on the phone as we continue to cover this breaking

news story out of Tel Aviv.

Police now say three people have been killed in mass shooting. Earlier report said nine people were wounded in this terrorist attack. As we have

been discussing with our correspondents and our guests, this shooting took place near a very popular market called Sarona Market.

It's been open for a couple of years, year-and-a-half or so. Police say they've detained two individuals, two terrorists they say. A "Times of

Israel" correspondent, as we were discussing there with Haviv Gur, told us moments ago that authorities are calling off the search for a third


So it appears as though we are talking two suspects here both detained, one shot and in surgery, the other one in custody and currently being


Phil Black, at least, it appears as though there is no third attacker on the loose. So some sense of relief there on that front.

BLACK: Yes, that's right. So police now saying that they believe it is the two shooters that were involved in this. They believe that they

stopped. But as you heard, they are still ensuring that there is no further potential threat to life at this location.

No sort of explosive device. No one else possibly waiting in the wings, this sort of thing. But they believe it was just the two at this stage.

They are now continuing the search of the area.

It's been shut down significantly and so what they're following through now is the usual process, ensuring there is no further threat from this point

from this particular attack, then looking further afield.

How did this happen and looking to see whether or not there is a possible threat from the same direction because what is really marked about this

particular incident given recent history here is the coordination.

The clear level of planning and organization, the use of a firearm. This has been rare here in recent weeks and months. So the authorities here

will be looking to see how it happened, where the weapon came from.

And then you will see a marked step up in security as a result, both in response to any perceived threat, but also as a statement, no doubt, from

the Israeli authorities as well -- Hala.

GORANI: All right, Phil Black, we'll get back to you in a moment. Michael Oren is the former Israeli ambassador to the United States. He is also

ambassador and resident at the Atlantic Council. He is a member of the Knesset as well.

Michael Oren, we've spoken a lot over the years and your role as the Israeli ambassador to the United States in Washington. But you now live in

Tel Aviv. I understand not far from where this attack unfolded. Is that correct?

MICHAEL OREN, FORMER ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED STATES (via telephone): That is correct, Hala. I'm walking distance of the attacks.

GORANI: And did you hear sirens? Did you see anything?

OREN: Yes. They closed off the entire area. It is a new, very popular area of Tel Aviv. It was formerly a settlement of a German missionary

group from the 1860s and 1870s, the Templars.

[15:50:02]And all the buildings have been renovated and turned into rather upscale restaurants and shopping areas and very popular among residents of

Tel Aviv and tourists. So the terrorists obviously picked out this site very purposefully for maximum effect.

GORANI: And the reporter with "The Times of Israel" was saying essentially that this area had even been singled out as potentially not being as secure

as it could be. That it could have been sort of considered a soft target. Now sadly we are seeing that it appears as though attackers chose it

specifically for that reason.

OREN: I beg to differ. What's strange enough about it is this area is right across the street from the equivalent of Israel's Pentagon. So there

is, by definition, a strong military presence in that area. Formerly, it was part of the Pentagon.

Pentagon actually left that area and gave it back to the city of Tel Aviv to develop it as a tourist site. And the entrance to the restaurants has

the usual security guard outside.

I don't think there was any less -- or lesser degree or diminished security in this area. But the presence of Israel's really military hub right

across the street would tend to, I think, militate against the chance of a major terrorist attack there.

GORANI: Now we know there is a new defense minister in Israel who is leaning a lot more to the right than his predecessor. There is going to be

a political test for this recomposed government of Benjamin Netanyahu, right? I mean, what can we expect now? Because this appears to be a major

coordinated attack on a civilian target in Tel Aviv.

OREN: Well, the new defense minister from the Israel home party, it is another right wing party in the coalition. My party is the centrist party

in the coalition. And he has called for a much stronger Israeli position against terror.

And this, as you said, will be his first test and it is quite a big test. Starting last October, experienced a series of mostly stabbing attacks that

were carried out by young people.

The previous defense minister was able to work eventually with Palestinian security forces and greatly reducing the number of those attacks. This is

of an entirely different magnitude.

This is apparently not a young person who picked up a knife or scissors. These are people with automatic weapons. And as far as I know, the search

is still on in the greater downtown Tel Aviv.

GORANI: And have you been briefed? I mean, do you have more information on what weapons were used? You mentioned automatic weaponry.

OREN: Well, I don't. Other than the fact that they are now saying three people have been killed and five badly injured. That would tend to

indicate that the weapons used were very deadly.

GORANI: All right. Thank you very much, Michael Oren, the former Israel ambassador to the United States. He is also a member of the Israeli

parliament, the Knesset in Tel Aviv joining us there.

Just lives about a block away, he was saying, from where this attack took place. He could hear sirens and was describing the area essentially as

very popular with tourists. It is a culinary center with restaurants, shops and stalls, et cetera.

It opened in 2015. You can imagine people just going about their business, having a meal, and this terrible attack unfolding there in Tel Aviv about

9:30 p.m. local time.

Let's go to Boaz Ganor. He is the executive director for the Institute for Counterterrorism. He's also in Tel Aviv tonight. Mr. Ganor, first, I have

to ask you.

We've seen other attack in Tel Aviv, usually knife attacks, smaller scale attacks, cars ramming pedestrians, et cetera, that kind of thing. But if

this is indeed a coordinated attack with automatic weapons, what does that tell you?

BOAZ GANOR, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, INSTITUTE FOR COUNTER-TERRORISM (via telephone): Well, first of all, it tells me that what we are seeing here

is an organized attack, unlike what we have seen of recent wave of terrorism in Tel Aviv, which was mainly stabbing attacks. Those were not

terrorists, but youngsters that were not connected operationally wise to other terrorist organization.

Here as you mentioned we see a terrorist attack, which is coordinated by at least two terrorists with automatic weapon. This is probably an organized

attack meaning there is an organization behind that that initiated the attack, planned it and executed it.

[15:55:01]GORANI: But also because -- I mean, acquiring weapons, weapons of war really in this case, is not an easy thing to do. I mean, you would

have to know suppliers, figure out a way to smuggle them to get it to a sensitive area. Reminding our viewers, this is meters away, yards away,

from the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv.

GANOR: Yes. That's true. But I would have to say that there is not necessarily a shortage in automatic weapons among the terrorists. I know

even in the West Bank. We don't know yet what the identity of those terrorists. Might be terrorists that infiltrated on the west bank to Tel

Aviv because it's not sealed the border between the West Bank and Israel.

We have seen many others that have infiltrated before. If they did, it is not complicated that they would take with them the guns from their base.

GORANI: All right. Boaz Ganor, thanks very much. He's an expert in counterterrorism. Dr. Gil Fire is on the line from Tel Aviv. He is the

deputy director at Ichilov Hospital where many of the injured are being taken. Doctor, can you please update us on how many of the victims you

have received and what their condition is?

DR. GIL FIRE, DEPUTY DIRECTOR, ICHILOV HOSPITAL (via telephone): We have received ten patients. Unfortunately, three of them were in a very, very

bad condition when arriving. And now we had to declare them dead. We have five more, one more that is in bad condition. The others are now more

stable and we have two more that are in critical condition. Ten patients. One of them probably one of those who shot the wounded.

GORANI: Just so -- Doctor, just so I can just recap here and summarize what you've told me, ten patients at your hospital as a result of this

attack. Of them, three are deceased. Is that correct?

FIRE: Yes. That's right. That's right. Yes.

GORANI: And seven -- therefore, that leaves seven injured. And of the seven who are injured, you are saying five are in serious condition?

FIRE: No. Yes. Five are in serious condition. That's right.

GORANI: And the other two are in less serious condition and of the injured --

FIRE: They will be OK. They have superficial wounds and (inaudible) wounds -- injuries but that's all.

GORANI: So three deceased, five in serious condition. You are saying that one of the injured is one of the attackers, you believe. Correct?

FIRE: Probably, yes. Probably, yes. When he came here, he was in full consciousness and he could talk. Now he is in the operating theater

because he was also shot.

GORANI: He was shot. So he came to your hospital the attacker, you believe, shot. Can you tell us, of the five who are seriously injured,

what kind of wounds did they -- what kind of injury or wound did they sustain?

FIRE: Well, all kind of gunshot wound. Mostly in their chest and abdomen.

GORANI: Chest and abdomen. Do you know what kind of weapon was used? Were you able to determine that based on the injuries?

FIRE: No. We have police here who investigate it now but this is an update that I can give you information about, no.

GORANI: OK. So you have, as I mentioned there, three, sadly, deceased. And the two who were lightly injured, are they able to leave the hospital

today or are you keeping them there?

FIRE: Yes, I believe so. Yes, I believe they will leave the hospital today.

GORANI: All right. And this is something that, as we were mentioning there with the police who were speaking with us and our reporters, you

haven't seen any like this in quite a while. Right?

FIRE: Yes. That's right. We remember such events from few years ago when Tel Aviv was under sequence of attacks. But in the last years this was not

coming. I'm very sad about terrorism, of the three deceased. We always prepare for such possibility and --

GORANI: All right. Dr. Fire, thank you very much for joining us, the deputy director of Ichilov Hospital there. Many of the people who were

injured and killed sadly in this attack taken to Ichilov. Three dead, five seriously injured, two lightly injured in this mass shooting in Tel Aviv.

We will have a lot more on this story with my colleague Jake Tapper who picks it up in Washington. I'm Hala Gorani. Thanks for watching.