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Blast Rocks Demonstration in Afghanistan; Munich Police: 9 Victims, Gunman Dead in Shooting Spree; Clinton Picks Senator Tim Kaine as Her VP; WikiLeaks Releases 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails; Report Suggests MH370 Pilot's Act of Mass Murder-Suicide; Cop Suspended Without Pay in Shooting; Blast Rocks Demonstration in Afghanistan; Trump Attacks Democratic Party Unity; Olympics Marred by Terrorism Fears, Doping Scandal; IOC to Decide on Banning Russian Team. Aired 7- 8a ET

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[07:00:28] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A shooting rampage at a McDonald's in Munich. Nine dead, at least ten wounded.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People are very confused and running.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The events of yesterday, of this night makes us sad and speechless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hillary Clinton naming Virginia senator and former governor Tim Kaine as her running mate.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I want to be sure that whoever I pick could be president immediately.

SEN. TIM KAINE (D), VIRGINIA: Do you want a "you're fired" president or a "you're hired" president?

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Hillary Clinton's legacy does not have to be America's legacy.

CLINTON: Donald told us, I am your voice. I don't think he speaks for most Americans, do you?


CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning. So good to have your company as always. I'm Christi Paul.


PAUL: Yes, we have breaking news we want to share with you this morning coming out of Afghanistan that's unfolding as we speak here -- an explosion coming out of Afghanistan. It's unfolding as we speak here. An explosion has apparently ripped through an area of Kabul where hundreds of people were gathered for a peaceful demonstration. We do not know what they were demonstrating but this is a situation that is still very much developing this hour.

Our sources on the ground there gathering some details. As soon as we get some more, we'll bring them to you. But again, an explosion in an area where hundreds of people were gathered.

BLACKWELL: Also new for you this morning, police in Germany say the gunman behind the shooting rampage that left nine people dead in Munich was the lone attacker and there is no indication of a link to ISIS.

PAUL: This morning, police are also investigating whether that gunman posted a fake ad on Facebook possibly in an effort to lure victims.




PAUL: Such disturbing video, isn't it? This amateur video here showing that man dressed in black appearing to be holding a gun. Not clear if it is indeed the shooter in question, but the gunman opened fire at a McDonald's, fired across in the street to the city's biggest shopping mall.

CNN's Will Ripley is live for us in Munich.

Will, what else are you learning this hour?

WILL RIPLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: A lot of new information coming out of that press conference which wrapped up within the last hour. There is that Facebook ad that police are looking into. A fake ad saying that that particular McDonald's was offering discounts that may have lured more young people to the scene. And, of course, we know that many of the people who were killed were teenagers.

Also information about possible bullying, going back to 2012 when the attacker would have been 13 or 14. Apparently, he was beaten up by a group of other young people, stolen from a year earlier, and was researching shooting rampages and why students kill. All of this, police say, adds up to a picture of premeditated attack, perhaps targeting other young people.


RIPLEY (voice-over): German police now say the soul suspect in the Munich shooting took his own life. The chief calls the chaos caused by the 18-year-old German-Iranian his hardest day in 40 years of service.

HURBERTUS ANDRAE, MUNICH POLICE CHIEF (through translator): The events of yesterday, of this night, makes us sad and speechless. Our thoughts are especially with the victims.

RIPLEY: An intense exchange with who appears to be the shooter turned up on social media. The suspected attacker seems to have a disturbed mental state, insulting Turks and other foreigners. Shots rang out Friday at a popular shopping center, witnesses describe the gunman targeting children.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Killing the children. They make noting. The children were sitting to eat.

RIPLEY: Another apparent target, foreigners.

This witness says he aimed mainly at foreigners because all the dead bodies I've seen on the ground and the young man who passed away next to me, they were all foreigners.

The response massive: special forces from Bavaria, re-enforcements from other German states. Authorities locked down the city, searching for the gunman, urging people to stay inside and avoid public areas. Restaurants and other businesses closed. Public transit, shut down.

For President Obama, a new attack, a familiar message.

BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Our hearts go out to those who may have been injured. It's still an active situation.

[07:05:03] And Germany is one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need.

RIPLEY: This attack, the latest in a series of recent tragedies in Europe. Last week, 84 people died in Nice, France, when a man ran a 20-ton truck through Bastille Day crowds. Earlier this week, a 17- year-old Afghan refugee with an ax injured several people on a train in southern Germany. ISIS claims responsibility for both attacks and is calling for more bloodshed.


RIPLEY: But police here do not believe that is or any other terror group is responsible for this incident, which they call a lone wolf attack. But it ended up with nine people dead, plus the gunman. Another 27 injured. And it happened on the fifth anniversary of a terror attack in Norway where 77 people died, most of those victims, children -- Victor, Christi.

PAUL: Right. And we know Munich investigators saying there are certain connections it seems to that attack back in 2011.

Will, thank you so much. We appreciate it.


BLACKWELL: Just two days now until the Democratic National Convention, but first coming up in just a few hours, Hillary Clinton will appear with her new running mate Tim Kaine at a rally in Miami. Now, she made the big announcement of Kaine as her running mate on

Twitter saying this, "I'm thrilled to announce my running mate Tim Kaine, a man who has devoted his life to fighting for others."

Here's what we know about him: he's the senator representing Virginia, one of them. He's one of only 20 people in American history to have served as a mayor, governor, and senator. And he also co-sponsored the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

But here's something maybe you don't know.


BLACKWELL: He's pretty good at the harmonica. I want to hear more of that.

Let's bring in CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny now.

Jeff, tell us what else have we learned about him? What do we know about Tim Kaine?

JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Hey, good morning, Victor. Tim Kaine really has done it all in politics. He's very much an insider in this antiestablishment political year. He's been a city councilman, a mayor of Richmond, a lieutenant governor, a governor and finally now a U.S. senator.

But he also developed a chemistry and rapport with Hillary Clinton. She narrowed down her list from about 30 people to Tim Kaine. But he found out last night at 7:32 p.m. in a phone call from her.


SEN. TIM KAINE (D), VIRGINIA: Are we ready for Hillary?

ZELENY (voice-over): Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, new partners on the Democratic ticket.

KAINE: Do you want a "you're fired" president or a "you're hired" president?

ZELENY: It may be an anti-establishment year, but Clinton's running mate is an insider -- the U.S. senator from Virginia and a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

KAINE: And if I have anything to do with it, we'll win again.

ZELENY: By selecting Kaine, Clinton is betting that experience in government, not sizzle is the best way to defeat Donald Trump.

KAINE: Elections are just the beginning. The real work starts tomorrow.

ZELENY: He's neither flashy nor show boat. A seemingly safe pick and steady hand -- just what Clinton told Anderson Cooper she's looking for in a vice president. HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESUMPTIVE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: I want to be

sure that whoever I pick could be president immediately if something were to happen, that's the most important qualification.

KAINE: I'm Tim Kaine.

ZELENY: So, who is Timothy Michael Kaine?

A decade ago as governor of Virginia, he introduced himself in the Democratic response to President Bush's State of the Union Address.

KAINE: I worked as a missionary when I was a young man and I learned to measure my life by the difference I can make in someone else's life.

ZELENY: It was that stint as a Jesuit missionary in Honduras that shaped and now distinguishes him.

He learned fluent Spanish and still speaks it today, makes him a different attack dog against Trump.

KAINE: If you're a Latino, he's going to trash talk you.

ZELENY: Born in Minnesota and raised in Kansas.

KAINE: The best decision I ever made was moving to Richmond to marry my wife Ann 26 years ago.

ZELENY: He built his political career in Virginia, rising from city councilman and mayor of Richmond to lieutenant governor and governor.

KAINE: Thank you all so very much.

ZELENY: He's 58, ten years younger than Clinton, known well inside the party, but not beyond.

KAINE: I'm not the one with the biggest profile. I'm not the one that's the best known.

ZELENY: He signed on with Clinton, early this time around, endorsing her in 2014 more than a year before she declared her candidacy.

For an original Barack Obama supporter, it was a chance to make up for lost time.


ZELENY: His politics are more moderate than the liberal strain driving today's Democratic Party. He's Catholic, outwardly moved by Pope Frances' visit to Capitol Hill last year.

His views on abortion are far more conservative than most Democrats as he explained in this interview.

KAINE: I'm personally opposed to the abortion and the death penalty and I've lived my life that way.

[07:10:03] The law is what it is and I'm going to carry out the law, I'm going to protect women's legal rights to make their own reproductive decisions.

ZELENY: He's also spoken out forcefully against the administration, for failing to seek congressional approval to fight the Islamic State.

KAINE: The war against ISIL is just, it's necessary, it's noble, but it's illegal. There's been no congressional authorization for this war.

ZELENY: It's an open question whether Kaine fits the mold of today's red hot politics. Yet his selection could help soften Clinton's partisan edges.

KAINE: When it comes to our leadership in the world, trash talking ain't enough. We need a bridge builder and we've got a bridge builder in Hillary Clinton.


ZELENY: When Tim Kaine takes the stage later today in Miami, you can bet he will be using some of that Spanish that we saw there. It is one way the Clinton campaign believes he can reach out to Hispanic voters that they are so trying to excite against Donald Trump in this election -- Victor.

BLACKWELL: They're trying to excite those voters against Donald Trump. What are we hearing from Donald Trump after this choice?

ZELENY: Not surprisingly Donald Trump had a few comments on this on social media. He's calling them a ticket of insiders and he said this in particular. He said don't let Obama have a third term. And he is drawing obviously that link to Tim Kaine and President Obama there. He was an original Obama supporter, one of the first governors to sign on to him in 2007 but this time he made cheer he's a Clinton supporter and now this relationship between these two Democrats is finally complete.

BLACKWELL: All right. We'll see them later today. Jeff Zeleny, thanks so much.

PAUL: Well, a new WikiLeaks release this morning. Nearly 20,000 hacked e-mails of Democratic National Committee staff members here, including messages with personal information. We understand e-mails where staffers are debating, how to deal with challenging media requests.

Now, the leaks were from January 2015 to May 2016 featuring DNC staffers pondering ways to undercut Bernie Sanders. Now, I want to point out CNN has not independently established the authenticity of these e-mails but a lot of people looking to see how they may affect what's going to happen at the DNC this week.

BLACKWELL: And be sure to watch CNN for full coverage of the Democratic National Convention. CNN covers it in a way that no one else can. Access you will only get here live from Philadelphia, beginning at 4:00 p.m. Eastern on Monday.

Again, right here on CNN.

PAUL: Well, the GOP recouping after what some call a messy four-day convention. We're going to take a look at, I don't know, maybe some missteps or missed opportunities that might have happened in Cleveland and how they move forward.

BLACKWELL: Plus, this disturbing new report on MH-370's pilot. Matt Rivers is following that for us.

MATT RIVERS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And there are new big questions after a New York magazine report claims that the pilot of MH-370 flew a simulated flight whose flight path closely resembles the suspected flight path of MH-370 itself.

We'll have more details on that from Beijing, coming up.


[07:16:18] BLACKWELL: Sixteen minutes after the hour now.

There is this exclusive new report that suggests the pilot who flew the downed MH-370 plane intentionally crashed it. According to documents obtained by "New York Magazine", the pilot flew a similar route on a home simulator just a month before this plane went down. You can see the map here. The pilot was supposed to fly the path you see in -- on the map in yellow but the red line is the path he took instead.

Actually, unfortunately, I think that's wrong. The yellow line is the presumed flight path that the plane took. The red line, let me correct this, is the one that was on that simulator.

All right. So, we're clear there now. We must mention CNN has not independently confirmed the contents of that reported document.

PAUL: You might remember the plane disappeared in March 2014 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. I say you might remember, I'm sure you do because it's really all a lot of people talked about for quite some time. The mystery of it all.

There is no official cause for the crash at this point but this could be the strongest evidence thus far that it was a premeditated act of suicide and mass murder. Again, CNN cannot corroborate this. We have not authenticated this.

But Matt Rivers joining us from Beijing with details.

What can you tell us about this report, Matt?

RIVERS: This is a very interesting development in what has just been this ongoing saga of the MH-370 disappearance. This "New York Magazine" article published cites this document they say they obtained, previously unseen document that was generated during the Malaysian investigation into this disappearance. Now, this document, according to this article, purports to show that there were hard drives that were attached to the in-home flight simulator of the MH- 370 pilot.

Now, those hard drives were taken away from the scene, handed over to the FBI, the FBI did their analysis and during that analysis, again, according to the article, there were several deleted data points that went put together by the FBI purported to show that the pilot flew a simulated flight that closely matched the suspected flight path of MH- 370 in the southern Indian Ocean. You showed that image earlier. The paths do seem to line up.

And furthermore, the article claims that this document shows that that simulated flight took place within one month prior to the mhMH-370 disappearance. And we've spoken to families here in Beijing this morning about this news. They say they are frustrated by it. They say if this document is real, if it's authenticated, why wasn't there more transparency, why didn't the Malaysian government admit to this existed, why isn't this affecting the investigation in some way and why did the Malaysians consistently deflect blame away from the pilots in this case?

So, those are their main questions as this search for MH-370 continues in the southern Indian Ocean.

PAUL: Yes, we can just imagine what those families are going through right now. But the hopes of finding this plane, they are not strong. Authorities have been telling CNN that the search for the plane is going to be suspended if, quote, "credible evidence is not found."

What specific credible evidence do they need to continue their search?

RIVERS: Well, there is 120,000 square kilometers in the designated search area, only 10,000 square kilometers of which have not yet been searched. So assuming the plane isn't found in that area, which investigators say isn't likely, they would need some kind of piece of evidence that would pinpoint the location of the plane for them to resume the search. They wouldn't say exactly what that is.

[07:20:00] Family members we've spoken to say they have no idea what is. They say authorities are not telling them about it.

So, even though the search is only suspended, really it is effectively over unless there is some kind of miracle piece out there that will show investigators this is where the plane is.

PAUL: You just feel for those families there. Matt Rivers, we appreciate it to much. Thank you.

BLACKWELL: An unarmed black man shot. You may have heard his name. Charles Kinsey. Also now there's officer accuse of lying about what happened on that day. We'll have the latest on the shooter.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) PAUL: I don't know if you've seen this already, but a North Miami police officer we're learning is suspended without pay after a disturbing incident involving the shooting of an unarmed black man. It was caught -- it was recorded, caught on video.

BLACKWELL: Yes. The man's name is Charles Kinsey. He was lying on the ground with both hands raised when he was shot by that officer.

CNN's Boris Sanchez is following the story.

Boris, what have you learned?


BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Christi and Victor, Charles Kinsey is recovering at home this weekend after being released from the hospital on Thursday night. Right now, there are calls for the officer who shot him to be fired but it's the actions of another officer involved in the incident that are drawing sharp criticism.

(voice-over): This cellphone video taken moments before Charles Kinsey, unarmed African-American man, was shot by North Miami police sparked outrage across the country this week. But new developments suggest the controversy doesn't end there. On Friday, police released the names of the two officers involved in the incident.

[07:25:01] Jonathan Aledda, the officer who pulled the trigger, is a four-year veteran of the department. He's on paid administrative leave. But it's another officer, Commander Emile Hollant who is now on unpaid administrative leave because city officials say he provided false and misleading information about the shooting.

SCOTT GALVIN, MIAMI CITY COMMISSIONER: There will not be any cover- ups in the city of North Miami. The police officer who you just heard named who has been put on leave totally violated his trust from the public to protect and serve. By giving misinformation to this department, he not only jeopardized Mr. Kinsey's life and the life of his client but he jeopardized the life of every police officer who serves this city.

MICHAEL ETIENNE, ELECTED CITY CLERK, CITY OF NORTH MIAMI: An officer who betrays the trust of any residents, of any community, must be shamed, removed, fired, and, of course, completely, completely lose the right to ever wear an officer's uniform again.

SANCHEZ: Meanwhile, representatives for Officer Aledda urge the public to resist jumping to conclusions, saying the widely seen video doesn't tell the whole story.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The initial call went out as a man with a gun, possibly suicidal. That came from an independent witness who obviously called 911. There were other officers on the scene who also thought the individual had a firearm. At one point, they even thought he was reloading the firearm.

SANCHEZ: That individual was an autistic person who walked out of the assisted living facility where Kinsey worked. He then stopped in the middle of the street to play with a toy. Kinsey's boss says he was doing the right thing.

CINTON BOWER, PRESIDENT OF MACTOWN CENTER FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED: My employee was trying to get him out of traffic that was going down the street. And then Mr. Kinsey has stated, the next thing you know, the police sirens arrived and they -- we saw what he did. Mr. Kinsey was a hero. He saved the life of that individual.

SANCHEZ: Though several demonstrators swarmed the headquarters of North Miami police on Thursday, so far the community's reaction has been more restrained than what's occurred in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis in the wake of police shootings there. That's something both sides are hoping to maintain.

(on camera): The police unit has come out and said that this whole thing was an accident. They say that the officer wasn't even aiming his weapon at Mr. Kinsey but, rather, he was aiming it at the autistic person who was beside him in that video.

The real question now is, what caused them to escalate the situation to that level where they aimed their long guns at that autistic person? It is unclear right there. There is surveillance video from Florida Power and Light taken nearby of the entire incident. We are hoping to see that soon to get a better idea of how all of this unfolded -- Victor and Christi.


BLACKWELL: All right. Boris, thank you so much.

Well, this was supposed to be the Republican's time to shine. But instead, the convention was scarred by disunity with several top GOP leaders not showing up and then there was that Ted Cruz moment and his refusal to endorse. How does the party unite now even after the convention?

PAUL: But first, mortgage rates. They inched up this week. Here's your look.


[07:31:58] CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: Thirty-one minutes past the hour right now. Welcome back. I'm Christi Paul.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Victor Blackwell. Good to be with you.

PAUL: I want to update you on the breaking news in Afghanistan we're watching this morning.

An explosion has ripped through an area of Kabul. And this is an area where hundreds of people were gathered for a peaceful demonstration. We do not know what they were demonstrating but our producer tells us it took place near the Afghan parliament building and Kabul University. Protesters were demonstrating -- just learning -- in favor of a large power project that would potentially bring power to their homes. We're waiting to get more information from that region. We will bring it to you as soon as we have it.


BLACKWELL: All right. Both tickets are now complete. We know that it's Trump/Pence and now Hillary Clinton has picked Virginia Senator Tim Kaine to be her running mate.

PAUL: Kaine speaks fluent Spanish, which he's expected to show off in Miami in just a couple of hours. This will be their first joint appearance as running mates. Kaine also has a long history of political experience to this ticket. The Virginia senator is one of only 20 people in American history to serve as mayor, governor, and senator. And he co-sponsored the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

BLACKWELL: Donald Trump is attacking Democrats this morning and pointing toward potential party disunity. This is a tweet just sent out just moments ago. "Pocahontas", which he means Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, "wanted the VP slot so badly but wasn't chosen because she has done nothing in the Senate. Also, crooked Hillary hates her." That from Donald Trump.

But Trump is facing some riffs in his own party which were front and center at the Republican National Convention last week. Watch.


BLACKWELL (voice-over): It should have been Donald Trump's crowning moment.

DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: Our convention occurs at a moment of crisis for our nation.

BLACKWELL: A rallying cry for the Republican Party to close ranks against Hillary Clinton.

TRUMP: This is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terrorism and weakness.

BLACKWELL: Instead, it was a mix of missteps, distractions, divisions, and outright anger. The convention floor seemed of chaos. Then never Trump movement launched a last ditch attempt to change the rules in their favor.

UIDENTIFIED MALE: The podium has been abandoned. I've never seen the chair abandoned like that. They've vacated the stage.

BLACKWELL: Trump and RNC staffers squash the embarrassing rebellion, but the rowdiness shines a light on the party fault line when's it was meant to project an image of unity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How is this for unity?

BLACKWELL: Next, humiliation for Melania Trump. Mr. Trump's wife accused of ripping off parts of Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech.

MELANIA TRUMP, WIFE OF DONALD TRUMP'S WIFE: The only limit to your achievements --

MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY: That the only limit to the height of your achievements --

BLACKWELL: The Trump campaign embroiled in internal finger pointing fuels the controversy after initially refusing to come clean.

[07:35:06] PAUL MANAFORT, TRUMP CAMPAIGN MANAGER: We think that Melania Trump speech was a great speech. We don't believe there's anything in that speech that doesn't reflect her thinking.

BLACKWELL: Then the night that really shook the convention Ted Cruz draws boos from the crowd after refusing to endorse Donald Trump.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R), TEXAS: If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.

BLACKWELL: Cruz then doubles down the following morning.

CRUZ: I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father.

BLACKWELL: The ensuing chaos overshadows vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and his attempt to draw more like-minded conservatives to the Trump camp. Big name Republicans then line up to lampoon Cruz.

SEN. PETER KING (R), NEW YORK: He's a fraud. He's a liar. He's self-centered and he disqualified himself for everybody being considered president of the United States.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: I think it was awful and quite frankly everything it was selfish.

BLACKWELL: Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan who was slow to endorse Donald Trump finds himself stuck in a precarious political balancing act -- the party's deep identity crisis all too clear.

REP. PAUL RYAN (R-WI), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: We've got really big problems in this country. And in our party we've had, let's just say a really big family discussion.

BLACKWELL: As the dust settles a bloody primary season and a bruising convention, the pressure is now on warring factions in the Republican Party to kiss and make up and unite to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.


BLACKWELL: Let's bring in Scottie Nell Hughes, CNN political commentator and political editor for, and also with CNN politics reporter Eugene Scott. Eugene, I want to start with you. And how the Republicans put this

together even after what was supposed to be four days of unity in Cleveland.

EUGENE SCOTT, CNN POLITICS REPORTER: It was very interesting speaking with Republican leers and activists over the last couple of day, reflecting on the convention. While some praised Donald Trump for the delivery of his speech, many said that much of what they have been asking for from the nominee was still lacking in terms of detail policy proposals and ideas to move the party forward and to help encourage voters, including independents to get onboard the Trump train.

BLACKWELL: Hey, guys in the control room, do we have that Trump tweet we can put up for Scottie? The one this morning. Yeah, that's the one. Let's put it up on the screen, where he writes, "Pocahontas", speaking of Elizabeth Warren, "wanted VP slot so badly but wasn't chosen because she has done nothing in the Senate. Also, crooked Hillary hates her."

Scottie, my question to you. Many thought that Donald Trump was going after or engage in this back and forth with Senator Warren because he expected she would be the pick. Now that he knows the ticket is Clinton/Kaine, why is he still going after Elizabeth Warren?

SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Because I guarantee, knowing Senator Warren's activity in the past, she is not going to back down just because she didn't get the title. I guarantee she is still going to be just as much if not more of an attack dog against Donald Trump, which I actually think speaks to Trump.

Trump did not hide the fact that he brought on Mike Pence to unify his ticket, so at least try to bring the Republican Party together. There are a lot of folks this morning I believe amongst the Bernie Sanders camp that are feeling hurt right now. And when you sit there and look at Hillary Clinton, she picks someone just like herself, status quo politician instead of reaching across and trying to bring those Bernie Sanders folks in.

I think this is going to be interesting to see over the next week how this plays out, the chemistry between the two groups here in Philadelphia.

BLACKWELL: Well, some would say he has his opponents now and they are Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine. Why go after Senator Warren?

But, Eugene, let me come to you. Any reporting on whether or not Governor Pence will release his tax returns? We know up to this point Donald Trump has not released his.

SCOTT: We haven't seen that yet. But as you have mentioned people are still on Donald Trump, wanting him primarily to release his because regardless of his desire to bring on Pence to unify the ticket, people are mostly concerned about Donald Trump. He will be the leader. And people want to know what he has done with his finances and what role they will play in the policy-making decisions that he will propose eventually.

Yes, people still want to know more about Pence but the focus primarily is still on what Trump will do.

BLACKWELL: Congressman Ryan released his back in 2012. Should Mike Pence release his tax returns?

HUGHES: I honestly don't think so. I would think he's going to do everything he legally has to do because I think that would actually look bad if he's able to. But let's remember, these are two separate worlds. I guarantee probably Mike Pence --

BLACKWELL: Why would that look bad? Why would that look bad? If Donald Trump says --

HUGHES: Because if he's --

BLACKWELL: -- he's not doing it because he's in the middle of an audit, many people question that.

HUGHES: Exactly.

BLACKWELL: If he can, why not release them?

HUGHES: Because probably -- I agree, he probably could. But I think at the same time, it's one of those, does he have to? He's done everything by law. Mr. Trump has done everything by law. If Mr. Pence, which by the way Governor Pence could look and see in past records, he might have released it in other races.

But what is the point right now? The only people that are screaming for these tax records are the ones that are going to try to sit there and nitpick and find something to use against the candidate.

They've done everything they are legally required to do. If you don't like the rule, then guess what? We have a Congress, we have a process, change the laws of the next time we have a presidential candidate, he has to do it. But at this point, they're abiding by the law.

BLACKWELL: It's certainly more than people who want to nitpick. And I imagine by that, you mean Democrats. There are people even in the nominee's party who want him to release his tax returns in the interest of transparency.

We'll continue this conversation later because I hope we have time to talk about this news conference yesterday in which Donald Trump brought up Rafael Cruz and JFK assassination and that photo of Heidi Cruz. We run out of time for this segment. But we'll get to it later.

Scottie, Eugene, thank you both.

SCOTT: Thank you.

HUGHES: Thank you. PAUL: You know, millions of us are under a threat of a major heat wave.

Allison Chinchar has a preview for us.

Hi, Allison.

ALLISON CHINCHAR, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Hello to you. Yes, over 110 million folks are under some type of watch, warning, or advisory, including 26 states. We'll also take a look at exactly how long this heat wave is going to last.


[07:45:04] PAUL: So, think about this: 111 million of us in the U.S. are experiencing a dangerous summer phenomenon called a heat dome.

It's not that we're just complaining about the heat. This is dangerous.

BLACKWELL: Yes, this is serious.

Allison Chinchar has the latest from the CNN weather center.

Allison, how high are these temperatures going?

CHINCHAR: Well, it depends on where you're going to be. The watches, warning, and advisories stretch from Los Angeles all of the way to Newark.

So, the hottest temperatures will be in the southwest. But some of the highest heat indexes will actually be in portions of the Central U.S. where we have that dominant high pressure that's just kind of sitting there.

But to really understand why that high pressure plays such an important role, let's break it down for you a little bit better. Here you can see that high pressure that we have. Now, what that does is as the sun kind of comes through and bakes on to the surface of the earth, that heat begins to rise because that's what heat does.

But high pressure pushes air back down to the ground. It causes it to sink. So, it's basically trapping all of that hot air back down to the ground, essentially making some places twice as warm as they would be. We're talking 10, 15, some places even 20 degrees above where they would be.

Even though it's July, it's normally hot. We expect that heat. We just don't expect it to be quite as bad. And we don't expect it to last as long.

Take a look at Atlanta, for example. We've already had 32 90-plus degree days. That makes it the third most. But when you look at the seven-day forecast, you notice every single one of those next seven days is also going to be in the 90s.

So, guys, we may end up topping out in first place. Number one record I don't think many people really want to have.

PAUL: No doubt about it.

BLACKWELL: Certainly not.

PAUL: Allison Chinchar, thank you.

BLACKWELL: All right. So, we thought the list was limited to Zika and polluted water and funding crisis, political turmoil, construction behind --

PAUL: It's a long list.

BLACKWELL: Add to the list this now. Terrorism, security fears, and a doping scandal. The latest problems at this year's Olympics are facing. Rosa Flores is following this for us.

ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Brazilian authorities are calling it operation hashtag, a probe into alleged terror plot foiled by police. So, how did authorities bust these alleged terrorists? The detail, next.


[07:51:02] PAUL: The 2016 Olympics first marred by doping scandal. Now, newfound fears of terrorism. Thousands of Brazilian reserve forces have been drafted after jihadi messaging channel called for its followers to target the Rio Games.

Now, Brazil's intelligence agency is reviewing all of the threats against the games, this coming after terrorists arrested ten people suspected of planning terrorist attack just a couple of days ago.

Rosa Flores has new details for us because she is there in Rio.

What are you -- what are authorities? Do we understand it? And what do we know about the threats, Rosa?

FLORES: Well, Christi, the latest from Brazilian authorities is one other suspect turned himself in overnight. That puts the number at 11 right now.

Now, here's the background. Brazilian authorities were looking at 12 individuals because of the online chatter, both online and through text messages that these individuals were generating. Authorities tell us that they vowed allegiance to ISIS, that they were plotting a terror attack. And that's when authorities in Brazil kicked in. And that's why they issued 12 arrest warrants, 11 of these individuals are in custody now. One of them is at large.

But, Christi, I've got to tell you, Brazil has been preparing for this. They have been doing drills involving hostages, mass casualties, even nuclear emergencies because, of course, they know there's been chatter online regarding possible attacks on the Rio Olympics. However, Brazil is calling this a victory of intelligence-sharing

because they were able to foil this plot beforehand. And they are actually calling these individuals, these suspects, amateurs. Why? They say that these individuals in preparation for this alleged attack were going to take martial art classes. And one of the individuals even tried to purchase a weapon online from Paraguay.

Now, as you know, you try to purchase a weapon across international lines, online, that will leave a huge electronic footprint. Well, authorities followed those footprints and now, that's why they have 11 people in custody. One, however, is still at large.

PAUL: All right. Rosa Flores, we appreciate it, Rosa. Thank you.

BLACKWELL: Olympic organizers are dealing with yet another scandal.

Melissa Knowles is here with this.


We know Russia's track team will not be at the games, but will the rest of the nation's athletes be allowed to compete? That's still ahead on NEW DAY.


[07:57:11] BLACKWELL: The Rio Olympics are said to begin just 13 days. It feels like we've been counting down forever.

All right. Thirteen days now, and we still don't know if one country that would otherwise see a huge delegation is even going to be there.

PAUL: Yes, Melissa Knowles has more on this. We know the Russians take these medals very seriously.

KNOWLES: Very seriously indeed. We are one day away from finding out the decision whether or not Russia as a whole will be able to compete in the Olympic Games.

Now, Russia's top Olympic official says he expects a final decision will be made by tomorrow on whether or not the entire Russian team as I said will be banned from the games. World anti-doping officials say Russia ran a state-sponsored doping program for its athletes. They are urging the International Olympic Committee to consider the unprecedented step of excluding the entire Russian team from the Rio Games.

Now, earlier this week Russia lost an appeal over its track and field athletes being banned from the Rio Games. Meantime, another 45 athletes from the Beijing 2008 and London Games 2012 tested positive for banned substances. The IOC re-examined more than 1,200 samples using modern science to catch doping that was actually undetectable at that time. Now, the latest group had 23 medalists from at least eight countries.

A third straight gold medal looks pretty good for the U.S. men's basketball team. The new Warriors teammate Kevin Durant, check him out there, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green played together for the first time last night's game against Argentina against Las Vegas. Team USA barely broke a sweat, winning its first exhibition game, 111- 74.

This was the first of five games before Team USA heads to Rio. Next up is China on Tuesday in Oakland.

How about this story? American Kendra Harrison broke the 28-year-old world record in the 100-meter hurdle. Watch her here. She's going to get out in front pretty quickly. Yesterday, in one of the last major track before the Olympics is when this happened. It was .001 faster than the mark set in 1988. That's four years before Harrison was even born.

But she will not be heading to Rio. Can you believe that? She finished sixth in the Olympic trials and did not make the team. Only the top 3 advance, you guys. Look at the reaction.




KNOWLES: I know!

But she just set a world record. That's pretty darn good.

PAUL: We're applauding you. Not that our applause matters more than a medal.

But thank you, Melissa.

BLACKWELL: Thanks so much.

PAUL: There's so much more to tell you about this morning.

BLACKWELL: The next hour of your NEW DAY starts right now.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A shooting rampage at a McDonald's in Munich.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nine dead, at least ten wounded.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: People are very confused and running.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The events of yesterday, of this night makes us sad and speechless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hillary Clinton naming Virginia senator and former governor Tim Kaine as her running mate.