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Painful Week For Libertarian Ticket; Trump To NYT: I Can Be Nastier Than Clinton; Vice Presidential Debate On Tuesday; U.S. Sisters Found Dead In Luxury Seychelles Hotel; "Saturday Night Live" to Unveil New Trump; Wells Fargo Illegally Repossessed Vehicles; CIA Director Wars of Dangers in Upcoming Election; Big College Football Weekend. Aired 8-9a ET

Aired October 1, 2016 - 08:00   ET


CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: -- which was a very serious moment obviously, but look at what was happening as they were trying to get back home. Apparently some say frustrated President Obama. He is standing in the doorway of Air Force One, prepared to take off. He was waiting for Bill Clinton, though, look at him. He has already taken his blazer off.


PAUL: He is ready to go and saying come on, hurry up.


PAUL: I didn't know this, but apparently Bill Clinton has a history of being late. I didn't know that. So he finally made his way obviously on to Air Force One there. They did touch down statewide at Joint Base Andrews yesterday evening.

You know, we go to sleep on a Friday night. We think we know what we're talking about on Saturday morning and then things happen overnight.

BLACKWELL: Yes. Let's get to those. Next hour starts right now.

PAUL: We've been waiting for you. Good morning on this Saturday. I'm Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. Your NEW DAY starts right now.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I do cherish women -- I love women.

HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Who gets up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack against a former Miss Universe?

TRUMP: Working that microphone was a hell of a lot more difficult than working Crooked Hillary Clinton.

CLINTON: I'll say it again, a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not be anywhere near the nuclear codes.


BLACKWELL: All right, Donald Trump in the battleground state of Pennsylvania today. And according to the latest CNN poll, he is statistically tied there with Clinton.

Now, of course, this comes as he is ramping up attacks on Clinton, telling the "New York Times" and this is a quote, "She's nasty, but I can be nastier." Threatening to bring up her husband's sex scandals while not answering questions about his own infidelities.

PAUL: All of this as "Buzzfeed" released an adult video from "Playboy" from 2000 here. It includes an appearance by Donald Trump, but that's the appearance right there, pouring champagne on a Playboy limo. I want to make it very clear here, there was no sexual activity or nudity in the clip that he was involved in.

In the meantime, his poll numbers are down after a less than stellar performance at the debate. He is trailing Hillary Clinton in a new Fox News poll actually 43 to 40 percent with a 3 percent margin of error so they're statistically tied and in three other polls released this week he is down as well.

BLACKWELL: Those numbers for Hillary Clinton still being some say dragged down from third party candidates attracting some of those millennials, but will this last, especially after what's been a painful month for the Libertarian ticket.

Let's bring in Michael Smerconish, host of CNN's aptly named "SMERCONISH." Michael, hello to you.


BLACKWELL: And I'm doing well, thanks. It's October. September was not good for the Johnson/Well ticket. I want to remind our viewers of two moments of punctuation in the campaign. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?



JOHNSON: And what is Aleppo?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're kidding me.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aleppo is in Syria.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who is your favorite foreign leader?

JOHNSON: Who is my favorite --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just name any one of the continents, any country, name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to, anybody.

JOHNSON: Mine was Shimon Peres.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm talking about living. You have to do this, anywhere, Asia, South America, Africa, name a foreign leader that you respect.

JOHNSON: I guess I'm having an Aleppo moment in the former president of Mexico.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm giving you the whole world.

JOHNSON: I know.


BLACKWELL: So after those two gaffes in September, Michael, how does he hold on to the support that he has? Does he ever get on to a debate stage?

SMERCONISH: Well, I think we should also point out that this was a week and first of all, Victor, those two remarks or lack of remarks are inexcusable for someone who is running for president. But on balance, was it really that bad of a week for the Libertarian ticket?

They picked up unprecedented newspaper editorial support. The "Detroit News" and "The Chicago Tribune" both this week came out and said, we're for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld and they were full-throated endorsements.

They were endorsements that regarded these two individuals as men of principle. So I don't think that they fade any time soon, but the answer to your second question, do they get on the debate stage, there's just no sign that they're getting to the requisite 15 percent.

Bill Weld is not going to get to the stage on Tuesday night whether Gary Johnson can show up in the second or third presidential debate remains to be seen.

[08:05:03]I will tell you that I discussed these two things on the radio this week and I framed the question as whether either is a disqualifier.

And I heard from people, radio callers, who would say to me, well, wait a minute f Donald Trump's failure to release his tax returns isn't a disqualifier, if FBI Director James Comey saying that Hillary Clinton was extremely careless about her e-mails wasn't a disqualifier, why should either of these be a disqualifier?

BLACKWELL: Not being able to name a single world leader and as Chris Matthews said there, you can go anywhere, any world leader you choose. Let me play one other moment from Bill Weld that I think people paying attention to as well and then we'll talk --


BILL WELD, LIBERTARIAN VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States.


BLACKWELL: So there is another gaffe that is getting some attention, but I want to ask you what some people have discussed. Would this be a stronger ticket if the order was switched? If Bill Weld were the top of the ticket and Gary Johnson entered as VP.

SMERCONISH: First of all, I'm not sure that the last clip was a gaffe. I think that any objective observer looking at resumes alone would have to say that Hillary, among all three of these candidates meaning Gary Johnson, Donald Trump as well as herself is on paper the most qualified.

I don't think that that would cause him to then say therefore she needs to be president. But I'm going to ask him that question in the next hour when he is my guest. So I think that's a point that needs to be kept in mind.

BLACKWELL: All right, Michael Smerconish, looking forward to that interview with Bill Weld. Thanks, Michael.

SMERCONISH: Thank you, Victor.


PAUL: Donald Trump is ramping up attacks against Hillary Clinton, it seems. He told "The New York Times," he is planning to unnerve Clinton by bringing up her husband's past indiscretions. CNN's Chris Frates is looking into this story. So, talk to us about what Donald Trump told the "Times."

CHRIS FRATES, CNN INVESTIGATIONS CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Christi. He had a lot to say after what's been a really bad week for Donald Trump. Remember, there was that lackluster debate performance, the allegations that he called a former Miss Universe Miss Piggy, all getting bad headlines dogging Donald Trump, putting him on the defensive essentially.

In this interview with the "New York Times" yesterday, Trump tried to get back on the offense calling Hillary Clinton nasty, but adding he could be nastier. He also indicated he was rethinking supporting Clinton if she wins the White House in November.

Remember at the debate on Monday, he said would absolutely support her. Now he is saying, we're going to have to wait and see. So, you know, Trump also opening up a new line of attack on Clinton for what he says was her role in her husband's sex scandals.

He told "The New York Times" this -- he said, quote, "Hillary Clinton was married to the single greatest abuser of women in the history of politics. Hillary was an enabler and attacked the women who Bill Clinton mistreated afterward. That's a serious problem for them and it's something that I'm considering talking about in the near future."

So after a bad debate performance in a week of self-inflicted injuries, Trump back on the attack here trying to reverse some of those poll numbers that you guys showed earlier that have him maybe going in the wrong direction.

PAUL: I asked earlier what of our analysts I think it was Errol Louis if there's anybody in Donald Trump's ear who can help him shift course here. And it seems that we are hearing from some of Donald Trump's supporters and advisers, but they're speaking publicly and being quite critical, aren't they?

FRATES: Well, that's right. We've seen some advisers speaking on background and unanimously after that debate saying maybe he should have practiced more, shame him into it. In fact, they're talking about maybe it will bring Chris Christie into the inner circle to help overhaul that debate practice because he's a guy who can speak brutally honestly.

But here is what Newt Gingrich had to say about Donald Trump's performance this week --


NEWT GINGRICH, FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I think what Trump's got to understand is he's either got to sing I've got to be me or he's got to learn a new song, I've got to be president. They're not the same song. He's got to become much more disciplined.

For a while there I thought he had really turned a corner. This last week I think has been frankly a lost week, a week which has hurt him and shaken his own supporters, and you can't tweet at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.


FRATES: So there Newt Gingrich being very blunt with what he saw as the problems this week for Donald Trump. We'll see if Donald Trump heeds that advice -- Christi.

PAUL: All right, hey, Chris, thank you so much.

FRATES: You're welcome.

PAUL: Good to see you.

So three days away from the vice presidential debate, we're breaking down what is at stake. The strategies, the candidates, everybody is talking. We've got our political panel coming up next talking about it.

BLACKWELL: All right, plus, two sisters described as healthy adventurous and out to experience life to the fullest mysteriously found dead in their luxury Seychelles Hotel room. We are following the latest on that investigation.



BLACKWELL: All right, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence hunkering down this weekend as they get ready to face off for the vice presidential debate in just three days, the one and only for the two.

PAUL: The one and only, and both of them will have a tough task defending their respective presidential candidates you might say, their job is a little bit harder this time around than even the candidates.

BLACKWELL: Yes, so let's talk about it. We have with us this morning Scottie Nell Hughes, CNN political commentator and Donald Trump supporter, and Symone Sanders, CNN political commentator and a Hillary Clinton supporter. Simone and Scottie, good to have both of you.

So the question is how do these two candidates who were -- when they were brought on back in July were seen as very likable guys by their respective parties, the bases of each defend candidates who are respectively, according to the polls, highly distrusted and disliked. I want to start with you, Symone.

SYMONE SANDERS, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, you know, I think for Tim Kaine, he's a very likable guy. Everyone that knows Tim Kaine in the Senate from the Republicans and the Democrats love him. He is beloved in Virginia.

So I think his likability will come across easily on stage and he's going to have to talk specifically about policies. When it comes to Mike Pence, Mike Pence has to answer for some of these outrageous things that Donald Trump has said.

I know standing next to Donald Trump, Mike Pence might seem like an angel and very well-mannered and well-tempered, but we have to remember that this is the same man that waged war on the LBTQ community in Indiana. So that's definitely also going to come up on Tuesday.


SCOTTIE NELL HUGHES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: I think what we'll see Tuesday night is that debate of policy, but unfortunately thanks to Hillary Clinton, we didn't get to have the -- it was more like junior high. Both were governors. Both served in Congress.

They're going to stick to policy. I think the Democrats and Tim Kaine will have a hard time now talking about Obamacare, which is very important and for affordable health care considering we had two more states, 17 of 23, including Tennessee, this is something they're bragging about.

I think they're also going to talk about Tim Kaine, how he pushed in Virginia for one of the largest tax increases in 40 years within that state.

[08:15:07]So the Democrats and Tim Kaine are going to have to answer for policy where maybe last week we dealt more with personal issues. We'll see a little more about the policy and the differences between the two campaigns Tuesday night.

BLACKWELL: OK, so you're both forecasting a policy discussion. I want to listen to what the candidates have said in recent weeks about matters aside from policy, especially race. Let's watch.


TIM KAINE (D), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Yesterday, Hillary Clinton gave us a speech in Reno, Nevada calling out Donald Trump on a lot of things, on this equality idea, calling him out on the fact that he has supporters like David Duke connected with the Ku Klux Klan, who are going around and saying Donald Trump is their candidate because Donald Trump is pushing their values. Ku Klux Klan values, David Duke values, Donald Trump values are not American values.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST, "THE SITUATION ROOM": There are supporters and you know this, there are some supporters of Donald Trump and Mike Pence who David Duke, for example, some other white nationalists who would fit into that category of deplorables, right?

MIKE PENCE (R), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, as I've told you the last time I was on, I'm not really sure why the media keeps dropping David Duke's name. Donald Trump has denounced David Duke repeatedly. We don't want his support and we don't want the support of people who think like him.

BLITZER: You called him a deplorable.

PENCE: No. I'm not in the name calling business, Wolf. You know me better than that. What Hillary Clinton --


BLACKWELL: All right, you saw there, Mike Pence declining to call David Duke deplorable. Symone, would you advise Tim Kaine to continue that line during this debate, to push the line that Donald Trump has supporters like David Duke and these KKK values?

SANDERS: Yes, definitely. I mean, I think it's a line that strikes a chord with the Democratic base and also is ringing in the era of those moderate Republicans that don't like a candidate that is perceived as bigoted or racist.

I would also encourage Senator Kaine, which I know he's going do, he's going to stand on his experience as a civil rights attorney and Mike Pence recently said something along the lines of there's been a lot of conversation about institutional bias and racism, and we should stop talking about it.

So I can expect Tim Kaine to directly attack that line that Governor Pence said and talk about how, no, we need to address these issues systematically and that's what's wrong with this Republican ticket and some larger places the Republican Party.

BLACKWELL: Scottie, Governor Pence has declined to call David Duke a deplorable despite the urging of some in his own party. Do you expect him to continue that?

HUGHES: I'm not going to apologize. I don't think they're going to apologize for not using the words of Hillary Clinton camp. They're not going to use that same verbiage. Now we can call it disgusting. We can call it something we don't want every other word.

But we're not going to use this word that unfortunately Hillary Clinton decided to call millions and millions of good, honest, hard- working Americans. We don't get into the name calling business.

And as you saw by those two clips, Victor, Mike Pence is classy. On the other side was literally once again just another throwing mud at the wall, seeing what's going to stick.

Of course, they're going to bring up racism because that's the only charge they have. They continue to present problems but never out of (inaudible) --

BLACKWELL: All right, seem to be having a bit of a problem with the signal there from Scottie. So let me come to you, Symone. We know a little bit about how these two candidates are prepping.

We know that Attorney and Agent Bob Barnett is playing Pence in Kaine's preps. What do you know about how this is going down? Is this the same way of preparation, the same form that we saw for Hillary Clinton and what do we know about Bob Barnett.

SANDERS: Yes, you know, so Senator Kaine is definitely doing some mock debate prep. He is prepping not only for microphone issues but also some policy things. Governor Pence is unlike his Republican running mate, Donald Trump, in the vain that Governor Pence has been a senator.

He has -- he knows policy. So while they differ on issues, Governor Pence is definitely a consummate professional, a political aficionado if you will. So Senator Kaine is definitely brushing up on policy, on some of the passings, Governor Pence has said and supported.

BLACKWELL: OK, Symone, thank you so much and our apologies to Scottie. Something is wrong with her signal there, but we know that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is playing Tim Kaine in Pence's prep sessions. Symone, thank you to and thanks to Scottie as well -- Christi.

PAUL: All right, up next, a real mystery in paradise. Two sisters found dead in their room at a luxury resort off the coast of Africa. Here's the thing, there were no visible signs of injury. We have the details for you on this investigation.

BLACKWELL: Also, members of Congress accused the CEO of Wells Fargo of running a criminal enterprise. We'll have more for you on the new allegations against the bank. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


PAUL: Well, police in Southern California are releasing new video of a fatal officer-involved shooting of an unarmed black man. I want to give you a heads-up here, it's disturbing to see. So here we go.


BLACKWELL: This was in El Cajon, California, one officer firing four shots, another deploying his taser. The police say the man pulled out a vaping device and pointed it at officers. No decision has been made thus far on whether to file criminal charges against the officers.

PAUL: New information this morning for you, too, into the death of two American sisters vacationing in Africa. Autopsies reveal Robin and Annie Korkki both died of excess fluid in their lungs.

BLACKWELL: The women were found dead in the luxury hotel room in Seychelles off the coast of Eastern Africa. Here is Rosa Flores with their story.


ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Loving sisters, best friends who wanted to experience life to the fullest. That's how Robin and Annie Korkki are being described, two women who died in mysterious circumstances while on the vacation of a life time in Seychelles.

Police on the tropical island paradise in the Indian Ocean say hotel workers at the Maia Resort found the two Minnesota natives unresponsive in their luxury villa on September 22nd.

[08:25:01]Robin, 42, a commodities trader and younger sister, Annie, 37, an administrative assistant at JP Morgan Chase arrived to May Seychelles on September 15th.

After sightseeing in Kenya and Tanzania, local police say the women appeared to be so intoxicated the night before they died that hotel staff had to assist the pair to their villa. It would be the last time they were seen alive.

A preliminary autopsy report revealed both women's cause of death to be fluid in their lungs, a condition known as pulmonary edema. The autopsy for Annie Korkki showed fluid in the brain or cerebral edema as the contributing factor in her death.

Toxicology reports are pending and the police investigation is ongoing. In a place known for its beauty and serenity, described by Annie Korkki as the best place ever. Family members face the sombre task of bringing their loved ones back to the U.S. on their final journey home. Rosa Flores, CNN, Chicago.

(END VIDEOTAPE) PAUL: Also this morning, Wells Fargo may be in trouble again, this time for allegedly improperly repossessing cars that were owned by members of the military. We have details on that just ahead.

BLACKWELL: Plus a new season, a new Trump for "Saturday Night Live." A look at the new set of laughs in late night TV. That's coming up.


PAUL: Hope it's nice leisurely Saturday morning for you.

[08:30:00] We're grateful to have you with us. I'm Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell. Good to be with you. Bottom of the hour now and Donald Trump is in battleground Pennsylvania today. It is a must-win state in his path to the White House.

He's got a few scenarios here, Pennsylvania is a big part of each of them. Now, this is happening as his campaign is wrapping up attacks on Hillary Clinton, telling the "New York Times" this -- she's nasty, but I can be nastier. Threatening to bring up her husband's sex scandals.

PAUL: In the meantime, Trump's poll numbers are down after a less than stellar performance at the debate. He is trailing Hillary Clinton in a new Fox poll. It's 43% for Clinton, 40% for Trump but really when you add in the margin of error, that's a tie. Also in three other polls released this week, he's down a bit.

Well, the late night comedy shows are pulling out the big guns, of course they do this as we get closer to the elections. "Saturday Night Live" set to unveil Alec Baldwin as their new Donald Trump.

The idea coming from another "Saturday Night Live" alum Tina Fey. Senior Media Correspondent and Host of "RELIABLE SOURCES" Brian Stelter has details for us.


BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Live from New York, it's almost Saturday Night. As "SNL" prepares to raise the curtain on its 42nd season it's Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton versus Alec Bladwin as Donald Trump.

This year SNL actually pushed its season opener until after the first debate. Now the sketch everyone is waiting for could help shape the narrative of this election. Will there be Trump sniffles? Vigorous chugging of water? Jokes like that can breakthrough in a powerful way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These things go to define people and inform them so I think comedy could be the key to winning this election.

STELTER: As Election Day nears left-leaning late night hosts like Seth Meyers and Sam Bee are ratcheting up their anti-Trump jokes.

SETH MEYERS, "LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS": Donald Trump supporters are claiming that Hillary Clinton used a secret device Monday night to boost her debate performance and we have a picture of it right here.


SAMANTHA BEE, "FULL FRONTAL": Don't snort your way through the debate like John Pierre surprise truffle pig.

STELTER: Pointed comedy can turn off some viewer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm aware that that probably happens.

STELTER: But it impresses other viewers. And during elections years, people need to laugh. Some past "SNL" impressions are unforgettable like Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin.

TINA FEY, ACTRESS: I can see Russia from my house.

STELTER: And Will Farrell's George W. Bush.



STELTER: The portrayal of Al Gore as sighing and stiff was devastating.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would put it in what I call a lock box.

STELTER: And who can forget Chevy Chase as a bumbling Gerald Ford.


STELTER: Last year McKinnon's Clinton election helped win her an Emmy.

KATE MCKINNON, ACTRESS: I cannot wait to be your next president, if I'm elected, of course, not getting ahead of myself in public. In private I've been president for 15 years.

STELTER: And Darrell Hammond took on Trump.

DARRELL HAMMOND, ACTOR: Jeb, you're a nice guy, but you're a lightweight and I know for a fact that you pee sitting down.

STELTER: Both candidates also appeared on the show, something we could see again later this season. But tonight political junkies are eagerly awaiting SNL's take on the first debate. To see if the not ready for prime time players can once again make their mark on the nation's psyche.

Brian Stelter, CNN New York.


PAUL: Contributor for the Daily Beast, Dean Obeidallah with us now. I saw you chuckling, how can you not, when you see some of those clips. But, I wanted to ask you, you say late night comedians, "have a moral obligation to highlight the darker elements of Trump's candidacy." So you're basically saying even comedians have to hold politicians accountable.

Why do they -- is there not room for an outlet to just laugh?

DEAN OBEIDALLAH, CONTRIBUTOR, DAILY BEAST: Sure. And when I say comedians have an obligation to go through and comedically vet Donald Trump, that's what I'm saying, comedically.

First comedians have to be funny, period. That's it. SNL has to be funny, period. But within that, to me the highest form of comedy is when you're making people laugh and you're informing them. SNL is great at that. So are people like John Oliver and Seth Meyers and Samantha Bee, and so many others.

Donald Trump is not the normal candidate. This is my point. And then the quote in the article on politico is about that. I wouldn't be saying the same thing about Mitt Romney and John McCain that comedians get out there, vet this guy. Donald Trump is trafficking sexism, bigotry and racism and I'm being objective here, not partisan. And I think some people, don't watch the news. Christi, people should watch you and Victor every Saturday and Sunday, but not everyone does that.

PAUL: Well, thank you, I appreciate that.

OBEIDALLAH: So while, right ...

PAUL: ... I know what you're saying.

OBEIDALLAH: But that's the point. Comedy can reach people. Comedy can reach people who don't watch the news and they can learn more about Donald Trump than they might see from little glimpses here and there and might not know his history in this campaign.


PAUL: So, are you referring to -- 'cause there was a big dustup about Jimmy Fallon and the fact that it was just a fun segment with Donald Trump. But do they not serve -- do segments like that not serve the public in some way? You see a candidate's wit, you see a candidate's ability to laugh at themselves, you see their, you know, their ability to improv. I mean is there not a way to see them in that light that might actually serve them?

OBEIDALLAH: You can. And, I like Jimmy Fallon, I work with him at SNL, one of the nicest guys, one of the most talented people ever. And there is a place for that. But I also think Jimmy is so talent he can still be funny and be endearing as Jimmy is and still challenge Trump here and there. I don't mean turn the Tonight Show into "Meet the Press" at all with Jimmy Fallon. It's raise a few of the issues so if people have not tuned into this election, especially younger people, go, well he seems like a reasonable candidate. Well you have to know what Donald Trump is really about. And that's the point I think comedians can reach people who wouldn't go to a lecture or watch a serious news program. That's why Hillary Clinton went on "Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis" last week it reaches especially younger people. PAUL: Well, and "Saturday Night Live" as you talk about that subject

-- "Saturday Night Live" does have a lot of influence on what people think if they don't get their news from general sources online. In fact, let's take a look at this.


FEY: And I can see Russia from my house.

JEANNIE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: How deeply can SNL impersonations infiltrate our minds?

Who said I can see Russia from my house.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, that was Palin.


MOOS: Tina Fey, actually.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tina Fey, she didn't say that.


PAUL: All right, so how much do you think comedians can influence somebody's vote?

OBEIDALLAH: I think comedians we control the entire election, Christi. It's all about -- the reality is comedians can only heighten reality. We cannot create the reality that most people thought Sarah Palin was uninformed. So, when Tina Fey did that line which was slightly heightening reality, it resonated because it was truthful. If we were to try to define --

PAUL: ... it wasn't truthful, it's not what Sarah Palin -- it's not exactly what Sarah Palin said.

OBEIDALLAH: Right. But the idea at that point Sarah Palin had said things about Putin and he sticks his head out and had already come across a slightly uninformed and using these glib little sound bites. So it resonated.

If you were going to flip the narrative of a candidate, comedians, we don't have the power nor does SNL to change the entire narrative of a candidate. They can only heighten it because it's funny because it resonates as truthful. That's what comedy's basis. It's truth that's slightly heightened.

So I hope that we see SNL do that. I hope late night comedians do more of that. With Trump, you see Kimmel do it, you see Seth doing it, you see John Oliver doing it. It's fabulous of Samantha especially, Samantha Bee doing great stuff. PAUL: What about Alec Baldwin. What are you expecting tonight? Is he

the right guy to do this because look Darrell is pretty darn spot on, is he not?

OBEIDALLAH: Right, yes. I worked with Darrell for many years. Darrell is great. I also worked there when Alec Baldwin hosted and did like a Tony Bennett impression which was phenomenal.

Alec Baldwin is a progressive voice, so you add this kind of where he's coming from plus his skill set where he can do many, many impressions you haven't seen on air.

I think it's going to be great. I think it's going to potentially get under Donald Trump's skin. Let's not forget, Donald Trump had taunted people like John Stewart, and Bill Maher, and Seth Myers in the past for jokes about him.

He might go Alec Baldwin the way he went after Alicia Machado, which -- and I bet you will see something with Alicia Machado.

And that's the perfect point, it's comedy plus it's talking about Donald Trump's sexist history and I think that's important for voters who haven't tuned in to learn. Do you want your President who has done that kind of sexist, bigotry, racist stuff? If you , it's your choice...

PAUL: And to be fair, Kate ...

OBEIDALLAH: ... but you should at least know about it.

PAUL: Kate does a great job with Hillary Clinton too, it goes both ways no doubt about it. Dean Obeidallah, also -- so -- always good, excuse me, to see you. Thanks for being here.

OBEIDALLAH: Nice to see you Christi.

PAUL: You too. Take care.

BLACKWELL: All right, more trouble for Wells Fargo.

A soldier heading off to Afghanistan finds the bank has repossessed his car illegally and he was not alone. We'll have details on that.

Plus the CIA Director issuing a new and candid warning for the next president, prepare to be tested on day one by a long list of enemies and ISIS is not even at the top of this list. Details ahead.



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BLACKWELL: Wells Fargo is swinging from one crisis to another it seems.

OK, first you've probably heard about this, the revelations the bank opened millions of fake accounts. Well now, Wells Fargo is found to have illegally repossessed more than 400 cars.

PAUL: OK, as if that isn't bad enough here's the kicker to it. Those vehicles belonged to active members of the military. One man saying he was getting ready to be deployed when he got news that his car was going to be repossessed.

CNN Money Correspondent, Cristina Alesci walks us through this.

(BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) [08:45:00]

CRISTINA ALESCI, CNN MONEY CORRESPONDENT: Dennis Singleton was a soldier preparing to go to Afghanistan in 2013. That same year Wells Fargo had repossessed his car. It was against the law, but Wells Fargo did it anyway. And Singleton wasn't alone.

The Department of Justice has charged Wells Fargo with illegally repossessing 413 vehicles owned by members of the military. 413. As a result, Wells Fargo has been fined $24 million, but Singleton never got his car back, received no compensation and his credit was destroyed.

Wells Fargo told CNN Money that it reached out to Singleton but it hasn't heard back from him. It's just the latest scandal for a bank embroiled in controversy. There's also the up to 2 million unauthorized accounts, opened by Wells Fargo employees to meet unrealistic sales targets by management. Whistle blowers were even punished for calling the bank's ethics line.

KEVIN PHAM, FORMER WELLS FARGO EMPLOYEE: I always felt out of place and I always -- I tried my best to do the right thing. I'm not perfect and I eventually got to the point where my, you know, the mental stress that came from this, you know reduced my production to zero. I took it up to my district manager. Basically I was accused of making excuses for my poor performance and trying to, you know, throw my colleagues under the bus.

ALESCI: Can CEO, John Stump survived the fallout, many in congress say no.

VOICE OF SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, (D) MASSACHUSETTS: You should resign. You should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated by both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

REP. STEVE PEARCE, (R) NEW MEXIC: You have kind of shirked around and said the board can do anything it wants at any time. I, sir, think you ought to submit a resignation and your board cannot hold off action on that.

REP. DENNY HECK (D), WASHINGTON: Frankly, I don't personally see how you survive. But the truth is, it's not your survival that I am concerned about.

ALESCI: What is concerning -- a megabank with a potentially corrupt culture, leaving victims in its wake. Wells Fargo is ditching the sales goals that led to the creation of the ghost accounts. As for Stump, he's still hanging on, despite growing opposition.

WARREN: It's gutless leadership.

ALESCI: Cristina Alesci, CNN Money, New York.

(END VIDEOTAPE) PAUL: All righty. The Director of the CIA is issuing a new warning for the next Commander in Chief, be prepared to confront a long list of threats and security challenges on day one.

And get this, ISIS is not at the top of the list.



BLACKWELL: Look at your screen. This is a life-saving moment out of Syria.

A baby girl pulled from the rubble. You see there blood and the dirt caking her hair. Look at the man who rescued her in the white helmet.

PAUL: Can we drop -- there we go.

BLACKWELL: He's just overcome with emotion when he sees that she is alive, she's breathing.

PAUL: Look at him. But this is just an example of the war in Syria. One of the challenges, the many challenges that the next president here in our country is going to -- is going to face. Look at that little baby. She's crying. She's alive. You can hear him speaking to her and crying for her. It's so emotional, but again just one of those issues our president will face.

Now the CIA Director John Brennan is warning America's enemies are plotting to take advantage of this upcoming election. Here's CNN's Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr.


BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: North Korea's march towards a nuclear weapon that could attack the U.S. is now one of the CIA's top intelligence concerns for the next President of the United States.

JOHN BRENNAN, CIA DIRECTOR: These are things that the new national security team, the new president and his or her advisers are going to have to deal with from day one.

STARR: In his extraordinarily candid interview with Erin Burnett, CIA Director, John Brennan revealed the spy agency already is identifying a number of immediate threats the next president is likely to confront.

LT. GEN. MARK HERTLING, FORMER ARMY COMMANDING GENERAL: From the very beginning the North Korean young leader is going to try and do things that will cause turmoil in a new administration.

STARR: North Korea tops the list. The U.S. doesn't know what Kim Jong- un will do. A new president must be prepared for a sudden move from Kim even within hours of taking office.

BRENNAN: That's something that the new team and the current team is looking at very, very closely and we'll need to be able to address.

STARR: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump already have received initial intelligence briefings and have teams planning for transition. But the morning after the election the new president elect will start to be told about what is called "the crown jewels." The most sensitive intelligence about America's enemies.

On the list, ISIS. In a few weeks the battle to retake ISIS stronghold in Raqqah, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, are expected to be under way. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is still at large and threaten the west. But away from the battlefield, worries about so-called Pearl Harbor level cyber-attack that could take down the nation's financial networks.

And then there is Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Will Putin try to take advantage of a new president?

HERTLING: I don't think Putin will. I know he will.

STARR: President Obama's most senior intelligence adviser with a warning about the next few months.

JAMES CLAPPER, DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE: And this upcoming transition will happen at a particularly, I think, difficult time. As we're facing the most complex and diverse array of global threats that I've certainly seen -- that I've seen in my 53 years or so in the intel business.

STARR: North Korea remains one of the most critical issues for a new president. The U.S. has little intelligence about the secretive regime and its very unpredictable leader, Kim Jong-un.


BLACKWELL: All right, Barbara Starr reporting for us. Barbara, thank you so much.

Let's shift gears now and talk about sport. It's just hours away from the kick off of the biggest college football weekend of the season.

Andy Scholes is here, excited, ready?

ANDY SCHOLES, CNN SPORT CORRESPONDENT: Oh yes, I'm pumped for it. Victor, you know, the weekend actually started a little early for a pair of top ten teams and it turned out to be a long night for one of them.



PAUL: It's October 1st. You're waking up on October 1st and Andy Scholes is in all his glory.


BLACKWELL: He's got this morning's bleacher report.

SCHOLES: A big dollar football weekend guys. One of those weekends, Saturday, just stay on the couch all day and watch some football. A big weekend.

You've got not one, not two, but three matches between top ten teams.

The first actually came last night, number 7, Stanford travelling to Seattle to face undefeated number 10 Washington and the Huskies straight up just dominated this game on both sides of the ball. They scored the first game's -- they scored the first 30 points of the game, crushed the Cardinal 34-6. (inaudible) the first time since 1992, when they (inaudible).

And today another big game, number 8 Wisconsin is going to go to the big house in face Michigan. Kick off 3:30 eastern for that one. And then another big one at the night cap at 8:00, clash of Heisman hopeful quarterback's current frontrunner Lamar Jackson and his number 3 Louisville Cardinal is going to take on Deshaun Watson and the number 5 Clemson Tigers.

And you know it's the last weekend of the baseball regular season. And I'll tell you what, San Francisco Giants, not in the mood to mess around.

A fan ran onto the field during the fourth inning of their game at the Dodgers last night. He was offering the players some sort of object. Outfielder Angel Pagan having none of it, he grabs the fan, body slams him to the ground and holds him until security is able to get there.

And you know what guys, Pagan said afterward it's pretty, you know scary when fans run on the field, you don't know what they're going to do. He wanted to end that guys run right there and get the game going once again.

PAUL: And I just kept saying at least the man wasn't naked.

SCHOLES: Wasn't streaking. 'Cause I don't know if Pagan would have gone for the body slam in that instance.

PAUL: Don't know if I'd reach out and say yes, OK.

SCHOLES: No, it's gone the other way.

PAUL: Andy, thank you.

BLACKWELL: All right, thank you so much. And thank you for staying with us this morning. That's it for us this hour. We'll see you back here at 10:00 for an hour of "NEWSROOM".

PAUL: We sure will. But don't go anywhere, "SMERCONISH" is with you right now.