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Florid, Nevada Now Battleground States; Clinton, Trump Hit Battleground States; Clinton, Michelle Obama: Future of Country at Stake; Latino Voters Crucial to Florida Results; Twitter: Earnings, Layoffs, Discontinues Vine; Amazon Misses Earnings and Down 6 Percent After-Hours; EU-Canada Trade Deal Back on Track; Lamy: U.S. Public Opinion is Not Anti- Trade; Getting a Makeover, Miami Style; Top Miami DJ Spins for Clinton; Log Cabin Republicans Won't Endorse Trump; Shanks: Free Trade Deals Must Be Fair; Ford Mustang: The Iconic Muscle Car. Aired 4-5p ET

Aired October 27, 2016 - 16:00:00   ET


[16:00:00] RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR: The closing bell is ringing on Wall Street. We are on Miami Beach tonight as Florida is once again back in

play for Donald Trump. New polls have been released in the race for the White House. It shows that Florida is now once again a battleground state

on Thursday, October the 27th. I'm Richard Quest, in Florida, live on Miami Beach, where of course I mean business.

Good evening, we begin tonight from Miami Beach. And we are in the right place, at the right time, in the right state. A major shift in the

presidential race. CNN is now putting Florida back into the category of battleground state. Once again, voters here in the Sunshine State could

decide who becomes the 45th president of the United States. And in addition to Florida, CNN's analysts have also returned Nevada to

battleground status. Now to put this in perspective, the momentum was either against Donald Trump or in favor of Hillary Clinton, whichever way

you want to look at it, we moved them from battleground to leaning Democrat.

But a moment of reality here, even without Florida and Nevada, Hillary Clinton is still projected to have enough electoral college votes, that is

270, of course electoral college delegates to win. But the margin for the former secretary of state gets ever much closer. Look at the latest poll

of poll that has Hillary Clinton with a six-point lead nationally over Donald Trump, but 47 to 41 percent. But remember, as we've said, I've said

pretty much since the day we started, it doesn't matter how many votes you get, it matters where they are. Which is why all this week we have been

broadcasting from the north, center, and south of Florida.

And both candidates are focused on battleground states that we showed you in yellow on the map. Donald Trump is holding three rallies in Ohio.

Hillary Clinton was just in North Carolina where she appeared with the first lady, Michelle Obama. We are in Miami, Miami Beach. Let me tell

you, Miami Beach -- it has been a glorious trip so far. We were further out towards the beach, but then about 45 minutes ago the rain started and

we decided it was time to seek higher ground. There are no Clinton events or Trump events in the state today, but Hillary Clinton is planning to

return to Florida over the weekend. As for who was doing what today, Mrs. Clinton held her first joint rally with her new not so secret weapon, the

first lady, Michelle Obama. The current and the former first ladies appeared together this afternoon in North Carolina. They said the future

of the United States is at stake.


HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: All of the progress that we achieved under President Obama's leadership is at stake.

He pulled our economy out of the biggest ditch that it was in when he became president. He saved the auto industry. He cracked down on Wall

Street. He has tackled healthcare, education, climate change, civil rights, and so much else. And all the work that we've done to strengthen

our relationships with other countries and secure our leadership in the world is also at stake.

MICHELLE OBAMA, U.S. FIRST LADY: Let me tell you, this is not about Republicans versus Democrats. None of that matters this time around. No,

no, this election is about something much bigger. It is about who will shape our children in the country we leave for them. Not for the next four

or eight years, but for the rest of their lives.


QUEST: Now Donald Trump has been talking about winning Ohio, another of the key battleground states. Donald Trump has been speaking at the moment.

He is giving a speech even as we speak. Let's listen to what he had to say earlier in the day as he was talking, Ohio is simply one of those states he

must take.


[16:05:00] DONALD TRUMP, U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: At the core of my contract is my economic plan. That plan can be summarized in

three very beautiful words, especially for the people in this area and this room. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

It is terrible what has happened to this area, what's happened to this country with jobs is terrible. Hillary Clinton promised to bring upstate

New York 200,000 jobs when she ran for Senate. Instead the jobs left. They didn't come in, they left. She has been there for 30 years and has

not fixed anything. She just made things worse except for herself and her husband. Forty-seven million Americans are on food stamps and 45 million

Americans live in poverty. Nearly one in four Americans, in their prime earning years, are not working or able to work. Seventy million American

women and children are in poverty or the brink of poverty, and nearly half of African-American children under the age of six are living in abject



QUEST: Donald Trump talking there in Ohio. CNN's Chris Moody joins me live now from New York. So, just when we thought that the picture might be

getting a little bit clearer, Chris, it seems to be muddying even more. What's driving this latest shift, do you think?

CHRIS MOODY, CNN POLITICS SENIOR DIGITAL CORRESPONDENT: I think it's important to point out that regardless of whether Florida or Nevada are

tightening, and if they do to Donald Trump, if the chip still fall or it looks like they will, Hillary Clinton will still get the electoral college

votes she needs to win the White House. The truth is the path to victory for Trump remains incredibly narrow. There is absolutely no room for

error. He not only has to win the key battleground states, each one of them. He also has to flip a couple states that are leaning Democratic.

States like Pennsylvania. Without a state like Pennsylvania, Donald Trump cannot win the White House.

I want to say that even though it may look like a bad story for Hillary Clinton, you could argue that it could be a positive one for her. This

election has been a bear for a lot of voters. People are exhausted. And they might see some of the stories that have come out in the past month

that say that Hillary Clinton has this thing in the bag and they may not go vote, because they think it's all over anyway. A story like this that says

that the polls could be tightening in some key states, could really encourage, especially Democrats, to get to the polls. And that could in

the end be good for Hillary Clinton, even though it appears that it might be tightening toward Trump right now, Richard.

QUEST: Chris Moody joining us in New York with the reasons. Now, with me here in Miami Jose Aleman, is the managing partner of Meridian Partners.

Good to see you, sir.

Richard, thank you for having me. I know you been traveling all over Florida, the great state of Florida, but welcome to the best part, Miami


QUEST: What happened?

JOSE ALEMAN, MANAGING PARTNER, MERIDIAN PARTNERS: I don't know. Trust me this is not the norm. We'll fix it. We'll fix it.

QUEST: At any moment how you're going to tell me I should have been here yesterday.

ALEMAN: That's probably right.

QUEST: With duck tour is going by. We really are live on Miami Beach. What's going on in Florida's elections at moment?

ALEMAN: Well, as you've mentioned, Florida is always an indicator. It going to be a close call no matter what. Going back to 2,000 with Bush and

Gore. That is something we experience again today. You travel through the state of Florida, and in Miami it's a dichotomy of different Republican

pockets, Democrat pockets.

QUEST: But you are a Republican?


QUEST: And you're voting for Donald Trump.

ALEMAN: I am not.

QUEST: Tell me why not? Here ladies and gentlemen, we have a Republican who is voting for Hillary Clinton.

ALEMAN: I thought we were going to keep this a secret. No, well I was an addiment supporter of Jeb Bush back in January. I was walking door to door

canvassing for him in South Carolina and New Hampshire. I've always appreciated his adult in the room, effective leadership. That it was

always about making the right calls. It has been about creating solutions and so forth. In the case of Donald Trump, do I not see that. That is not

the case. It is not presenting solutions for the voters to see. It is about attacking. It is not about true leadership in my estimation.

QUEST: But your vote for Hillary Clinton is not really an enthusiastic one and you're not going follow Democrat down the line of the ticket, are you?

ALEMAN: That is correct. I am not going to follow Democrat down the ticket. I don't think we need to make it simple. I think what makes our

country great is diverse ideas.

[16:10:00] QUEST: But you could give end up giving your presidential candidate a considerably harder task because you're going to saddle her or

potentially fail from helping her take the Senate as well.

ALEMAN: I am not trying to make her job easy, I'm trying to make it the most effective government. An effective government is taking ideas from

the Democrat side, the Republican and going back to the middle. I think any president that wins this election would be the most effective, has the

opportunity to be the most effective president if they go back to the middle. If they start bringing our country back together again. Stop the

divisiveness and that starts with Congress and working with both sides of the isle.

QUEST: Finally, the rancor, the bitterness, the unpleasantness of this. Now you actually -- your wife is involved in government? My wife is a city

commissioner of Miami Beach, local government. And you see it. And you see the true leaders at any level. You know, all politics is local. So,

at any level be true leadership is defined by what needs to be done provide the right decisions for the citizenry.

ALEMAN: So, on that effect, from the mayor and the commission of Miami Beach, I would like to present to you the centennial coin for Miami Beach.

We celebrated our 100-year anniversary last year, and from Mayor Phillip Levine, Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, and all the commissioners in

Miami Beach, I'd like to present that. Thank you for coming to Miami Beach.

QUEST: How very kind of you, sir. Thank you very much.

ALEMAN: Absolutely, Richard. A pleasure. We'll fix the weather.

QUEST: Next time fix the weather. Very good to see you, sir. Thank you very much indeed.

As we continue tonight, Twitter is making more news than can fit into 140 characters or less. Twitter is killing off its popular Vine app, earnings

and layoffs too. We'll have the details from the markets, assuming it doesn't rain as we continue. QUEST MEANS BUSINESS in Miami Beach.


PAULA NEWTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: In market news, Twitter is discontinuing Vine. Now it was the app famous for videos lasting just six seconds.

Twitter said it is killing off its mobile app. It is also cutting jobs, 350 of them or 9 percent of its workforce. All of this on the same day it

reported earnings that did in fact beat estimates. Now, the founder of Vine -- you're going to like this one -- who famously sold his company to

Twitter before it even launched, went on to Twitter, of course -- of course he went on Twitter -- and offered his advice to entrepreneurs. Get this,

"Don't sell your company." I love that.

CNN's Paul La Monica is here really crunching these numbers and a lot of others. We have Amazon out as well. But if we start with Twitter. I

mean, look, and I'm sure that including the part time CEO, Jack Dorsey, right?

PAUL R LA MONICA, CNNMONEY CORRESPONDENT: Well, let's be fair. There are 24 hours in the day, I'm sure Jack Dorsey spends ten hours on Twitter, ten

on Square, sleeps the other four and God bless him. \

[16:15:00] In all seriousness I think that Twitter sadly, because Vine had some fans. It was a niche product though. Twitter is rightly making the

choice to focus more on long form video. Things like football games that it live streams on Thursday nights. The political conventions that it did

also. That's where the ad money is going to be, not these six second clips. So, it's sad that Vine is gone, but Twitter -- especially if no one

is actually going to buy them -- they need to find a strategy that works.

NEWTON: It was being brutal about that, but it probably needed to be. Moving on to other tech news that we have. I mean, a lot of earnings out

that have kind of been surprising people really.

LA MONICA: Yes, we just literally -- a couple of minutes ago after the closing bell -- got numbers from two giants of tech, Google owner Alphabet

and Amazon. Alphabet beating on earnings. The stock was up a little bit. Last check it was kind of flat. Amazon disappointing, though. Their

profit is missed. This might be spooking people because Jeff Bezos is out there spending a lot on more content. He's really stepping up the Amazon

video service. So, maybe people are starting to worry that he spending too much at the expense of profits.

NEWTON: We'll have to do a deeper dive into the numbers here, Paul. But do you get the sense that especially if you look at Google or if you look

at Amazon, they have so many different ways they can go with their businesses that it is becoming unwieldy when you start trying to apply

those interests to their bottom line. Where their margins coming in? Where is there growth and revenue coming from?

LA MONICA: I think it is a bigger problem with Amazon, Paula, because so many of the things that they are doing now with video and the cloud may not

necessarily fit with the core business of just selling stuff online. In defense of Google and Alphabet, even though they have a lot of crazy things

going on at the company, they took the right move and separated it into this other bets division and that is why they did the restructuring for

Alphabet. Most investors, they're not happy that they're losing all this money on big other bets, but they're still minting money with the core

google service. With YouTube, with Android, and that's where people are still looking to see how those businesses do.

NEWTON: and they might have much further to go on that revenue line. And the growth business as opposed to Amazon. Yes, that will be big news that

will percolate out in the next few hours. Paul, thanks for coming in and taking our first deep dive on those numbers.

Now, the EU-Canada free trade agreement is back on track. The Walloons of Belgium, led by its Prime Minister finally said, yes to the deal after days

of fraught negotiations now, the EU's Trade Commissioner told CNN she is hoping for a happy ending.


CECILIA MALMSTROM, EUROPEAN TRADE COMMISSIONER: The Prime Minister of Belgium gave his Belgian counterparts a deadline until Friday midnight.

But I think there will be debates are ready tomorrow morning Friday in the different entities. So, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon or early evening

there will be a conclusion to this process.


NEWTON: You can see that full interview in about 45 minutes from now on Amanpour. Now, the former head of the World Trade Organization is adamant

that public opinion on both sides of the Atlantic remains firmly in favor of trade deals. It is a bit shocking but earlier this week I spoke to

Pascal Lamy about how the trade issue was playing out in this U.S. election.


PASCAL LAMY, FORMER DIRECTOR-GENERAL, WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION: The truth is that in the electoral process for a number of reasons, both Hillary

Clinton and Donald Trump have to look at marginal places where this debate is harder. But American public opinion at large, like European public

opinion, is not anti-trade. There are places, there are sectors, there are segments of public opinion. Probably the part of the middle class which

civilization is not well treated, at least in the U.S. where the social system is much weaker than it is in the EU. So, there is a reality behind

that. It is not the end of the world. It is a trend which says the distribution, the gains of trade, the harshness of why trade works, and we

know why trade works. Trade openly works because it reshuffles the economic and social system. This is painful. Trade opening works because

it is painful and it's painful because it works.

NEWTON: What does this say to Britain about going into Brexit negotiations with the EU?

LAMY: That is a different story. Whatever the reason for the Brexit vote are, there are a mixed bag of reasons, the xenophobe-ism, populism,

sovereign-ism. Sort of being tied with the European Union because it is too much in the detail of everybody. Whatever the reason is the U.K. and

the EU will need to negotiate a new relationship if and when Brexit happens. I think it will happen. I'm not quite sure it will happen,

because this is formidably complex. And don't expect any significant result on the future of the EU-U.K. trade relationship before ten years

from now.


[16:20:00] QUEST: Pascal Lamy on EU trade.

Sun, sand, and style. Maybe I've left of one S, but you know what I'm talking about. Miami, has it all and it is one of the best places to

party. At least according to Will Smith.


WILL SMITH, SINGER, VEVO: Party in the city where the heat is on. All night on the beach to the break of dawn.

Welcome to Miami.

Bouncing in the club where the heat on, all night on the beach until the break of dawn I'm going to Miami

Welcome to Miami.


QUEST: Well, of course, that song is never far from my listening on my iPhone when I'm travelling the world. But you might want to ask

yourselves, what this rather middle aged, somewhat stayed, boring, suited man doing in Miami? And how on earth can we take this, and make it into

something a little more fashionable. Do I need to do a superman twirl and before you know it it's all changed?


QUEST: Christina, the one thing I have noticed since I have been in Miami, I'm a little conservatively dressed with a small c. Conservatively

dressed, I mean, people still do wear suits, and shirts and ties, but I think I need to be jimmied up a bit. Don't die?

CHRISTINA CELLINI, FASHION STYLIST: Yes, I think you do actually. You need a little pizazz.

QUEST: What is Miami pizazz?

CELLINI: We just like to pizazz you up a bit. I want to put you in some great kicks, awesome jeans, a great bomber jacket and perhaps a hat.

QUEST: I don't want to look like my parents disco dancing.

CELLINI: No, you won't look like a disco dancer. You'll be more up with the times.

We have this music tee and of course, a Givenchy jacket. I think you need a pair of white jeans. It's the look of the winter.

QUEST: You want me to wear those?

CELLINI: I do. And these are Marchello.

QUEST: Well, it's a bit different to pinstripes, but I suppose when in Miami.

So, what do you think?

CELLINI: Belicismo. Super cool.

QUEST: We've got all of the brands.

CELLINI: You've got all the brands. You've got Marchello shoes, Calvin Klein distressed jeans, and though shoes are waterproofed by the way. Then

you have a great Saint Laurent T-shirt, and a Givenchy jacket. I just think we're missing something. I know what it is. We need a hat. Try it

on backwards. Super cool.


QUEST: We were shopping at Webster's, when we are buying all of that. And the whole bill, if we bought it, would have been over $5500. Let's talk

Miami style with Adriana de Moura, one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Miami." The Brazilian bombshell is with us. Adding a true touch of

glamour to QUEST MEANS BUSINESS. Welcome.


QUEST: Now, you are very heavily involved in the arts and the culture scene here. What is it? How would you describe style in Miami?

DE MOURA: We love color as you can see. A little bit over the top. Miami is all about the glamour, not being shy at all. If you've got it, you

flaunt it. That's Miami style.

QUEST: Some people might say that's bling, would you agree?

DE MOURA: Yes, to a certain extent, definitely.

QUEST: But you know, I come from sort of slightly stayed. I'm British obviously. So were always a little bit reserved at the moment. What would

you recommend I do? Where should I go if I'm visiting here?

DE MOURA: If you want to eat well, one of the best places right now is Koya. It's a restaurant that has fusion with Latin food and Japanese.

It's a big scene right now. Beautiful people and great food. That's one of my favorites right now.

QUEST: And what about culture? What's the culture here?

DE MOURA: Culture is very active part of Miami. Since Art Basel started here in 1999, Miami became a hub for contemporary art. Right now, I just

saw this great exhibition at MOCA, our museum here in North Miami, titled "Gold". It is very interesting political-social art that --

QUEST: And if we take a look at how Miami has developed. I first came to Miami, I'm embarrassed to say in 1983. Now, then there was nowhere near as

powerful commercially on fashion. Do you think Miami sets the agenda for any of these things for fashion and music these days?

[16:25:00] DE MOURA: I think so, you see all kinds of movers, shakers, celebrities, artists coming to Miami. Not only because of the beautiful

weather, that was always attractive. But now because we have an active art scene and because the fashion is a way of self-expression here and people

feel more free. They feel like this is the place to come if you want to be more adventurous with yourself.

QUEST: My word. You're being adventurous with me, aren't you?

DE MOURA: Oh, perhaps. I have to make a little less stiff.

QUEST: Yes, right. I think we will say thank you for that, very kind. In fact, wait a minute, one thing you get to do, ring the QUEST MEANS BUSINESS

bell. Go ahead have a ding at the bell. Oh, you don't get that every day. Thank you so much. Lovely to see you, Adriana.

The weather here -- Tom Sater is at the World Weather Center. Tom, as I walk back just a little bit, the clouds are thick, an hour ago the rain

poured down. We decided to move away from Ocean Drive because we were terrified. The rain held off. You said to me, we should have been brave

and waited. But we couldn't take the risk. What's happening up there?

TOM SATER, CNN METEOROLOGIST: It was just one quick passing shower, but you're right on the line, Richard. When you started this quest across the

Sunshine State, a cold front moved through blessing your journey from Tallahassee down to Miami with sapphire blue skies. But there is a

disturbance down by the Yucatan. This tropical system is giving you a good sea breeze. And bringing the rain, of course one little batch over you,

but you're so close. Look how close we are on the radar.

Get ready to put the top up on that beautiful candy apple red convertible Mustang GT with a V-8. You're going to need it down beautiful A1A, all the

one to Key West. Intermittent rainfall throughout the overseas Highway. Quickly for you, the forecast for the next week and a half, as we all know,

not just the candidates, for all Americans and those around the world, Richard. High pressure will continue to build, intermittent periods of hot

air hopefully followed by a cold front to cool us all down. Followed by some tranquil weather.

QUEST: Tom, --

SATER: Keep the top up.

QUEST: Tom, I think you've just summed up the election. Intermittent hot air, followed by cooling down and cool times afterwards.

SATER: I hope so.

QUEST: Tom Sater at the World Weather Center. We have met the beautiful. And now let's meet the coolest. DJ Irie. Based in Miami. Is going to

give me a few tips on truly mixing.


DJ IRIE, MIAMI DISC JOCKEY: Quest it up, man, quest it up.

QUEST: Quest it up, is this a new verb? Watch my attempt to quest it up as QUEST MEANS BUSINESS continues in Miami.


QUEST: Hello, I'm Richard Quest, live from Miami Beach. There is more QUEST MEANS BUSINESS in just a moment. We'll have lots from the Sunshine

State where it is not actually sunny at the moment.

NEWTON: Stop whining, Richard. Before that I'm Paula Newton in New York and these are the top headlines were following at this hour.

With less than two weeks to go now before the U.S. presidential election, indications of a tightening race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Now CNN's revised polls shows Clinton now leading Trump by just 6 percent. In two states the CNN projected were leaning Democratic, Florida and

Nevada, are now back on the battleground map.

The head of U.S. Central command estimates the U.S. and its allies have killed up to 900 ISIS fighters in the battle to retake Mosul. It's

believed as many as 7,000 ISIS militants are planted inside and outside that city. Mosul is the terror group's last stronghold in Iraq.

French police closed off the "Jungle" migrant camp in Calais Thursday. Leaving about 100 unregistered children with no place to go. It's

uncertain whether the children will be helped or arrested. Aid workers say buses were supposed to come to take the migrants to a registration site but

never showed up.

QUEST: So, we're on Miami Beach, one of the coolest places in the United States, a true trendsetting place. We've already heard from the

fashionistas and we've heard about the life of style. But now we need to hear about the hot heat of Miami when it comes to music. And the man who

can bring both, politics and Miami's night life together, is DJ Irie.


DJ IRIE, MIAMI DISC JOCKEY: You're with Trump, and you know the Republicans, or are you with secretary Clinton and the Democrats. And you

know what, I'm with her.

QUEST (voice-over): DJ Irie is one Miami's coolest and hottest DJs. He spends records at elite parties and clubs worldwide. Now he is unashamedly

spinning full throttle for Hillary Clinton's election as president.

DJ IRIE: This is about our future. I have a young son. I have a lot of things that I still want and need to accomplish. What's going on in our

environment, and there are just way too many really, really important things happening in our country right now not to go with a sure-fire bet.

QUEST (on camera): Are you surprised that the latest numbers suggest in Florida that Donald Trump actually may have pulled ahead?

DJ IRIE I'm extremely surprised about that. I really am. I can't expect for everyone to think the way I think. But, for someone like me, when I

look at the situation, and I look at both candidates, it's such an obvious choice, right? It's such an obvious decision.


DJ IRIE: I've actually spent time with him. I spent time with Donald Trump, and he was one of the nicest guys I've ever met. One of the nicest

guys I've ever met. When I see him on the campaign trail, and I see him talking, and I see him speak to his constituency, this is not the person

that I spent time with.

QUEST (voice-over): Trump's alleged changing character is disturbing to this DJ, who himself is a master in marketing. I reassure Trump's new

divisive persona is deadly to his brand.

DJ IRIE: I think irrevocable.

QUEST: Really?

DJ IRIE: Here's why. Because this new audience that he has aren't his ideal customer. These are not the folks that are going to go take over his

suites at his hotels. These aren't the folks that are going to go and pay premiums to be a member of his golf courses. So, he's going to have to

reposition his business and come up with products and service that's can be directed to this new constituency. But right now, the Trump as a luxury

brand, it doesn't fit.

Come on Richard, give it a go man. Quest it up, man, quest it up.

QUEST: With branding in mind, Irie has decided to teach this old dog some new tricks.

DJ IRIE: You go the rhythm, man. You got the rhythm.

QUEST: It's a lot harder than it looks. I think I'll stick to the Dow Jones industrials.

[16:35:00] I'm not the only one thinking of a new career, DJ Irie is ready if Madame president calls, he will serve.

DJ IRIE: Absolutely. I want to be the music czar.

QUEST: The music czar.


QUEST: The music czar. for DJ Irie and something tells me that he might just make it. Talk about managing to put one at his base, DJ Irie, one of

the biggest names here in the music business.

Florida is once again in play for Donald Trump, and CNN is now declaring the state a battleground. And at least one poll, Bloomberg, showed that

Trump is leading.

Sid Dinerstein is the former chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County. He is in Boynton Beach, about 100 kilometers from where I am in

Miami. Sid, good to talk to you, sir. Where you are, where you are, I mean, we look at the polls at the moment, has it felt a bit lonely until

now being a Trump supporter in that part of Florida?

SID DINERSTEIN, FORMER CHMN. REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PALM BEACH CO.: Are you kidding? It's great. Trump got 52 income our country during the primary.

I live in a community that is very Trump friendly and we're feeling fine. You know, to the Hillary people, they're not really very intellectual about

an election. So, we don't have to have that discussion. Where would you like to start?

QUEST: I would like to start about why you're supporting Donald Trump. Briefly give us the most important reason for your support for Mr. Trump.

DINERSTEIN: The United States Constitution. Why aren't you?

QUEST: When you ask, and you say the United States Constitution, are you referring to the Supreme Court?

DINERSTEIN: Let's start with the first amendment, the second amendment. No, I'm not referring to the Supreme Court. I'm referring to the United

States constitution. The first amendment. Hillary is --

QUEST: Well you --

DINERSTEIN: Can I talk? Can I --

QUEST: You talk about the first amendment. Yes, you may. I asked -- when I've asked a question you may talk. The first amendment, Donald Trump is

not even traveling with reporters?

DINERSTEIN: Isn't even travelling with reporters. Hillary doesn't do news conferences, let's talk about the first amendment. The first amendment

free speech issue is Citizens United. Hillary has vowed in the debate to amend the first amendment. Let's go to the second amendment. Which is the

right to bear arms. Hillary has stated in a speech -- if she could, she'd confiscate everybody's gun.

Let's go to important things in Florida. In Florida, there are 100,000 voting Haitians. Haitians are wonderful people. And I'm happy to say,

many of them are my friends. There is no person on earth they hate more than Bill Clinton. Because after they were raped by mother nature by the

earthquake, they were raped by the Clinton Foundation, who was in charge of the rebuilding, which to this day never happened.

When hurricane Matthew came through a month or so ago, the one thing all the Haitians said were, no Clintons. Can we go on. Let's talk at the

90,000 minority kids in Florida receiving opportunity scholarships. Hillary's first endorsement was from the teacher's union. In the state of

Florida, as we speak, the teachers union in front of the State Supreme Court to take those 90,000 kids and stick them back in the schools that

they worked so hard to get out of. This, 150 years --

QUEST: Let me ask you another question -- all right, all right --

DINERSTEIN: You get to do this all day.

QUEST: Well with respect you are done for the second until I ask a question. The question is this, are you voting against Hillary Clinton or

are you voting in favor of Donald Trump?

DINERSTEIN: Understand this, go google me. I was with Trump in the summer of 2015 when I heard what he said. Here is what he understands and maybe

your viewers want to understand. This is not about Democrats versus Republicans. This is about those who think they should run our lives

against all of those whose lives we're not interested in having other people run for us. You think you guys have all of those people out there?

Go watch the Michael Moore video. Michael Moore, who I like to refer as the dumbest person in the world, has figured out what Clintons, the media,

the universities, Hollywood, Wall Street, has done to people he considers his constituents. He is all in for Trump. I'm all in for Trump, CNN is

the Clinton news network, probably not all in for Trump, but there is room to grow.

[16:40:08] QUEST: Well, we appreciate your, sir, we appreciate you, sir.

DINERSTEIN: I appreciate you.

QUEST: There we are then, we can end on a happy note and with an element of friendliness and comedy, the way it should be. Good to see you, Sid.

Thank you very much indeed.

When we continue, we will be looking at the social life of Miami and we will be looking at the societal life, the gay scene in Miami after the

break. QUEST MEANS BUSINESS a lively discussion you have to agree.


QUEST: This week the nation's largest LGBT Republican group has refused to endorse Donald Trump. It is the Log Cabin Republicans and it says while

Trump has spoken positively about the gay community, his senior advisors have an anti-LGBT records. Now Florida is one of the largest and most

vocal gay populations in the United States, they are making their voices heard in this election.

Dennis Paloma is a gay rights activist joining us now. When we look at the issues, when I was in the northern part of the state, many African-

Americans say they could not imagine a black American voting for Donald Trump, some people may say the same thing about the LGBT community.

DENNIS LEYVA, GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST: Not voting for Donald Trump. Absolutely not, the LGBT community is completely behind Hillary Clinton,

and does not even consider except for a very minority -- I think a poll came out today maybe 10 percent is considering voting for Donald Trump, and

the rest are voting for Hillary Clinton.

QUEST: The Republican party you have to admit and you've got people like Peter Thiel, the Republican party has moved considerably towards -- maybe

not the full acceptance of the LGBT agenda but certainly many of the tenets that it seeks.

LEYVA: I would disagree with you because, if you just read the platform, it was completely anti-gay. So why could you even think that they --

QUEST: Because you know and I know that the platform is a document that is produced for a convention. But the reality as government in states and

cities across the country with the exception of maybe North Carolina --

LEYVA: I respectfully disagree with you. I think the platform does mean something, and it means what the leadership is saying, and it talks about

who are the people they want to vote for which tend to be homophobic, anti- gay, anti-marriage, anti-women's rights, those are not the values that our community adheres to.

QUEST: What then are you going to seek from assuming she wins, a Clinton administration since one imagines that it will be very difficult for you to

work with a Trump administration. But if you get a Clinton administration, what is on the agenda? I mean the big issues.

[16:45:00] You've already got marriage equality.

LEYVA: Yes, we do have marriage equality. I think we need to continue working on transgender issues. We saw the problems that just occurred with

the Obama administration, and that is an issue we have to continue fighting for. And I think equality and gay rights are Hillary said, are human

rights and there is no end to that. It is a continuing battle for us.

QUEST: Do you think -- this is sort of bit lighter maybe, talk about Miami now, we obviously know the west coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles. We know

the New York, very powerful LGBT community, where does Miami fit in?

LEYVA: Well, I am very proud that in 1992 we passed the human rights ordinance here in Miami Beach, and right across the street from us in 1994

we did the winter party which is still taking place today. And it is one of the largest gay and lesbian fundraisers in the United States.

QUEST: Is the community a political force in Florida?

LEYVA: In Miami-Dade County, it definitely is.

QUEST: But once you move out of Miami-Dade?

LEYVA: I think once you move out of Miami-Dade you also have to think of south Florida as a whole, and Broward County has probably in the top five

cities with the largest gay population and the same occurred in Orlando and unfortunately the Pulse Nightclub. And the same occurs in the metro areas

of Florida.

QUEST: You're a very wise man. You're very wise. You brought an umbrella with you.

LEYVA: In the sunshine state.

QUEST: In the sunshine state. What happened to the sunshine?

LEYVA: What happened to the sunshine? It will come back tomorrow morning.

QUEST: I'll hold you to that.

More sun, thank you very much. Very kind of you. Now, as we continue from Miami, more than 50 years old. Just look behind me. What's the appeal?

An American icon when QUEST MEANS BUSINESS from Miami.


NEWTON: Richard is not the only one having fun. We're going to rev things up right here. With an extraordinary boardroom battle at India's Tata

Group owner of Jaguar and Land Rover. Now former chairman Cyrus Mistry accusing the board of illegally removed him on Monday. In a leaked e-mail,

he blamed the board for making him a lame duck boss. Now Tata is refuting his claims as unsubstantiated and malicious.

Elsewhere in the automotive business, Volkswagen is raising its sales and profit outlook, strong numbers from its luxury arm Porsche helping to

offset the fallout from the diesel emissions scandal at VW. And not to be left out over in Dearborn, Michigan, profits at Ford plunge more than 50

percent and it is cutting production at U.S. factories due to slower market growth. Results were not good, but they were better than Wall Street

expected. Chief financial officer, Bob Shanks told us that was part of the plan.


[16:50:00] BOB SHANKS, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, FORD: We said at the very beginning of the year that we would have a really, really strong first

half, and a weaker than normal second half for some factors we knew of, and then we had the addition of the recall on our door latches in our third

quarter, which obviously, we didn't forecast, but we'll still have a great year and this quarter was a little bit better than what we guided to.

NEWTON: Ford has been front and center in the election campaign perhaps in a way it didn't want to be. Trade is a hot button issue all over the world

right now. In terms of positioning Ford there, for what will be a much more protectionist environment going forward, do you need help from the

politicians or do you think Ford can handle it on its own?

SHANKS: I think that our view is, and it has been this way for a long, long time that fair trade is very important. Free trade agreements as long

as they're fair are very, very important. We have been supportive of them for a long period of time. Our issue with the Transpacific Partnership has

been around the lack of strong rules and principles around currency manipulation. If those were addressed, we would supportive of that. So,

we think global trade is important and free trade agreements, as long as they are fair are important, and we would be supportive of that going


NEWTON: It doesn't matter if you're supportive of it, I'm saying the politicians will not be supportive of it and they have been much more

protectionist on many different levels. Donald Trump has singled out Ford for basically being un-American and moving jobs to Mexico. The point -- I

will ask the question again, how will Ford be able to handle this going forward whoever wins the election and looking at a more protectionist

environment in Europe as well.

SHANKS: In the case in Europe, we already talked about the issues of Brexit and we're waiting to see what actually is going to be negotiated in

terms of the relationship of the U.K. and the European Union. In the United States in terms of NAFTA, it is a very important part of only in our

sector, but the whole texture of the U.S. economy. So, we'll react accordingly, as we see what happens. But if that is unwound that is going

to have a very adverse effect on not just the automotive sector but the entire economy. We'll see what happens and we will react accordingly.


NEWTON: And you know what is so interesting, Richard, you can look it up on CNN Money that little vehicle you have been trotting around Florida

with, the Mustang for a few months in Germany has been the bestselling sports car in Germany, out doing the Porsche.

So, when we talk about these protectionist issues and these trade issues, it really is significant for a company like Ford.

QUEST: And I have to say, never mind the numbers, Paula, never mind how many sales, I promise you once you get behind the wheel and put your foot

down, always following the speed limit, of course, it really drives you back about 30 years, never mind how far forward in terms of youth.

NEWTON: I will point out I was not driving 30 years ago, but that's my issue. No, no, no, let's continue I've got something to get to. So, while

I had the Ford CFO there, I asked him about that very car we discussed, take a listen.


NEWTON: I want to tell you the regular host of this program is wheeling around Florida doing an election special in a magnificent Ford right now, I

am not going tell you which one ahead of time, but why don't you tell me what do you think is the most iconic card that Ford has ever built?

SHANKS: I assume that individual is tooling around in a Mustang or Mustang convertible?

NEWTON: You got it, bingo, lovely red, he keeps revving it up ad nauseam through the whole show. Why do you think the Mustang, especially that red

convertible Mustang remains such an iconic car?

SHANKS: I just think it just gives one the sense of freedom, excitement, and youth. It just brings back a lot of good memories. Whether it is

songs or movies or the past, it conveys so many positive things that I think resonate with consumers. It does with me.


NEWTON: So, Richard, I understand why you're having such a good time there in that Mustang.

QUEST: We are, indeed having a great time. But Paula, unfortunately, we are having to say goodbye to our Mustang. It has to go back. It was a

loaner. This is the Mustang over here, but of course we have to be in Florida, and we have to have a red car, so we say goodbye to the Mustang

and from here, we head south down to Key West.

You got to have a red convertible. It doesn't matter what sort. The Mustang has been great so far, but now we move over to a Camaro. So, as

you can see, not just one convertible on Quest Means Business, we have two.

[16:55:00] We've gone from Tallahassee in the north, all of the way down through Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami Beach, where I promise you it is

threatening to absolutely douse it. There will be no roof down as we make our way across highway one all of the way to key west. A Profitable Moment

is after the break.


QUEST: Tonight's Profitable Moment from which come from Miami Beach. We took the risk and the risk paid off except until now where frankly we may

need umbrellas at any second. We have been in Miami for the last couple of days and we have to see how another part of the sunshine state --

obviously, it is a more liberal outlook. You've heard from the gay community tonight, you heard from the south, I even got a chance to try my

hand spinning on the tables.

In the end, the part of Florida that will decide this election is the I-4 corridor. At least the election in Florida from Tampa across to Daytona,

and there, the battle royal continues between Donald Trump supporters and those of Hillary Clinton. As for us, we say goodbye to our Mustang, and we

welcome the racing red Camaro which is now going to be driven all the way to Key West. Where it is Fantasy Fest I am told, my education will be

complete after a day at Fantasy Fest with scantily clad, that's right. So, the throaty roar of the Camaro because that is QUEST MEANS BUSINESS for


[17:00:00] I am Richard Quest, oh my goodness gracious me, whatever you are up to in the hours ahead, I hope it is profitable. The rain has finally