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Trump Votes in New York City; Clinton Voted Early in Chappaqua; Traditionally Blue Michigan Becomes Battleground State; North Carolina Down to the Wire; Record Voting in Must-Win Florida; State of the Race with RNC's Sean Spicer. Aired 1:30-2a ET

Aired November 8, 2016 - 01:30   ET


[11:00:00] CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: -- private person. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just to be thrust in the spotlight like that has got to be difficult. Not used to this at all and all of a sudden --


COSTELLO: Is this Mike Pence? Mike Pence? OK, Mike Pence is on his way to the polling station. He's riding a bike to the polling stations?

Stations? I'm just confirming this. That is correct.

All right. I'm going to throw it to the next hour, to Kate Bolduan and

You guys take it away, John Berman,

It's been a great time, great morning. Thank you for joining me, all of you.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCOR: Thank you so much. Hello, everyone. I'm Kate Bolduan.

It is decision day in America.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCOR: All right, we're watching two different pictures here. In Minneapolis, we believe Mike Pence on his way to vote. He's going to a nearby high school from the governor's mansion.

Here in New York City, Donald Trump was inside PS-59 on Manhattan's east side. He is inside voting right now.

BOLDUAN: The pictures were moving around as we were following Donald Trump walking inside. We saw Melania Trump was with him. I think we saw Ivanka Trump as well as Eric Kushner there as well.

BERMAN: And in Indianapolis, we saw a dude on a bike and we think that is the governor of Indiana. We think that is the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence. We think perhaps biking to the polling place. We've been told earlier he was wading. You would expect to see him perhaps in a suit. But this is 2016 so --

(CROSSTALK) BOLDUAN: Stop stealing my line.

BERMAN: You never know.

Let's take a look at Donald Trump. Let's look at that building PS-59 where Donald Trump is inside voting right now.

BOLDUAN: His is just a couple moments Ago. It looks like he -- giving a High five to some kids in the Polling station. Let's listen in.




TRUMP: Can make a little profit. OK? Have a good time.



TRUMP: Have a good time, everybody.

Lead the way.

Take care. Did you vote? Thank you, thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Mr. Trump, what are you hearing about early returns?

TRUMP: Very good. Very good.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Everything's very good.

TRUMP: Everything's going great.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Any states in particular?

BERMAN: It's 11:02 and everything is turning up roses.

BOLDUAN: Let's go to national correspondent, Jason Carroll, outside that polling place in New York City where Donald Trump Is inside casting his ballot Now.

Jason, hello. Good morning.

JASON CARROLL, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: What a scene when Donald Trump pulled up here on 56th Street. I don't know if you can see my Camera position to my right but There are still a number of People who are actually lined up Getting ready to vote. And as Donald Trump pulled up, He was met by both cheers and Boos from people here on the sidewalk Outside of ps-59 where he's Voting. Melania Trump inside with him, Ivanka Trump as well. Donald Trump finally shows up to cast his vote. Again, met by both cheers and boos here in New York.

That might come as somewhat of a Surprise to some people who Aren't from New York. But Donald Trump, not as popular Here in the city of New York as He is in upstate New York. So perhaps not surprising to New Yorkers who live in Manhattan at least to see that Donald Trump was met by some Boos as he showed up here. Finally showing up here to cast His vote. As we all know, it's now all in the voter's hands - Kate, John?

BERMAN: It is interesting, just one point here, this will be the first time that some of Donald Trump's kids will be able to Vote for him because they were Not registered as Republicans --


BOLDUAN: They did not vote in the primary.

BERMAN: They could not vote in the Republican premier. They can vote today.

Also, one point here, we Showed pictures before of Governor Pence. We understand he's out for a Bike ride.

BOLDUAN: Before he's going to go.

BERMAN: Returning home, then he will walk to go vote. Presumably, we don't know for sure, presumably he will change before he votes.

BOLDUAN: Here's the good thing, you can vote in your biking gear. You can vote in whatever outfit You want. Take a look right now.

I have to say it's a smart Move to get exercise on Election Day.


BERMAN: He can waive one handed.


BERMAN: President Obama, as we all know, always likes to play basketball.

BOLDUAN: He's doing that today.


BERMAN: Let's go to Chappaqua. That of is the hometown currently of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton already voted This morning.

CNN's joe Johns is there - Joe?

JOE JOHNS, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, John. That's Right, a beautiful day here in Chappaqua, New York. Hillary Clinton showing up with Her husband, the former President, to vote bright and Early around 8:00 a.m. eastern Time. She does not have a lot of Things on her schedule today Quite frankly except for a number of radio interviews. But she and the campaign very Busy online. Including on twitter. And the candidate herself just a Little while ago sending out a Text with the characteristic Letter "H," saying I've said all Along We're Stronger Together. That's why hope you vote for me and other Democrats today. And adds, we're counting on you. Hillary Clinton to project the image of a nominee who is assuming nothing. Listen.


[11:05:55] HILLARY CLINTON, (D), PRESIDENTIAL CDANDIDASTE: It is the most humbling feeling, Dan, because i know how Much responsibility goes with This. And so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country. And I'll do the very best i can. If I'm fortunate enough to win Today.


JOHNS: Meanwhile, back in Washington, the current President, who has campaigned so Hard for Hillary Clinton, engaging in a bit of Election Day tradition. Some call it ritual. He played basketball with friends as he has just about every Election Day that i can Remember.

Back to you, John and Kate?

BOLDUAN: All right, joe Johns, thank You so much.

Let's go to Michigan. Traditionally blue state of Michigan, in these final days, a battleground of sorts for both campaigns. A lot of campaigning in that state.

CNN's Jessica Schneider is at a polling place in Warren, Michigan.

What are you seeing, Jessica?

JESSICDA SCHNEIDER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kate, you mention it, a Flurry of activity in Michigan for the past week. Also, a lot of activity at the Polling place. We're just outside this polling Place in McCombs County. We do have to stay outside. Lucky for the folks here though, they can wait inside. It is a bit damp, a little bit Rainy out here. You know, Michigan has suddenly Come into play over the past few Days. And the people here are feeling It. Donald Trump held his late-night Rally last night on the western Part of the state. Hillary Clinton was here Yesterday as well. President Obama rallying for her In Ann Arbor, Michigan. You know, Michigan has not voted For a Republican candidate since 1988. Suddenly, though, the candidates Seem to feel this state is in Play. Because of that, McCombs county has become a focus For Trump. This is a blue-collar suburb of Detroit. Trump hoping if maybe he can tip This county that has voted Democrat for the past several Election, if he can tip this one and if the turnout isn't what it Should be and Democratic Strongholds like Detroit, he's Hoping maybe he can take the State. But it's all about the turnout Here because there is no early Vote. Lot of people Going into his polling place and today is the one day that Matters as I've talked to a lot of voters. They say no polls matter up Until today. This is the day that counts -- John and Kate?

Yes, the only poll that counts is today.

Jessica Schneider for us in Michigan.

If Michigan has become a recent fighting ground in this campaign, North Carolina, it's been a brawl for a long, long time. Right down to the wire. Ed on p and our Gary Tuchman is in Charlotte, right now -- Gary.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: John, it has been a brawl. 10 million people live in the State of North Carolina. Six million of them are registered Voters. Each and every one of those 6 Million registered voters are Coveted by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We're in the state's largest City Charlotte. Uptown Charlotte. Uptown. If you say downtown Charlotte, they get mad. It's uptown Charlotte. It's a busy precinct. You don't need Voter I.D. in the State. You come to this table. You fill out this form. Your name and your address. Then you go in this line. Alphabetical order. A to C here. S to Z at the end. It's really strange, look at all The S to Zs in line.

Ya'll Ss to Zs?

Strange phenomenon.

They go in this line. They then get verified they're from this precinct. Then they go to one of the screens and vote. It's been full for most of the Day.

This is a fascinating state. Because it is a purple state Now. It's been close the last two Elections. Democrats won every single Election except for 1928 when Hoover beat smith. And then beginning in 1968 for 36 years it was only Republicans Who won except for 19< when Carter, the nearby governor from Georgia, won. The polls here, open until 7:30 Eastern time.

John and Kate, to you.

[11:10:02] Gary, thanks so much.

We just saw leaving public School in New York City, Donald Trump, voting inside the school, just leaving. Let's listen in.


BOLDUAN: That may be about what we get. Doesn't look like we're going to see Donald Trump in the SUV.


BOLDUAN: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton have now both voted for Themselves.

BERMAN: Presumably.

BOLDUAN: Please! Let's not just presume. We can i think guess pretty well.

What are we looking at tonight? What are the first clues that are going to tell us something?

Ron Brownstein is here, the Guru.

The data, let's go through It. You were look at, as we were Talking to Gary Tuchman. 7:00 --


BOLDUAN: -- is the earliest some polls Close. You're looking at southern States.

BROWNSTEIN: Virginia in particular.

BOLDUAN: so let's talk about Virginia first.

BROWNSTEIN: Virginia in many way may be New Ohio. The state that most closely Miniaturizes kind of all the Demographic trends in the Country. It was the closest in the 2012 To the overall national margin. Tipping a little further towards The Democrats this year because Of the mix of support for the Two candidates. Virginia is a state where we get An early read on whether College, white collar suburbanites as big as polls say and how Strong Trump is in that rural Blue collar vote in the Southwest part of the state.

BERMAN: Georgia's interesting because Look, Georgia, it's been close in the polls but people expect Still, there are some very Important signs.

BROWNSTEIN: Two big ones. How big is the African-American turnout in Georgia? That's a big question across the Board. Can Clinton get the kind of Historic turnout that president Obama did in 2012 when African-Americans voted at a Higher rate than whites. Also, her gains relative to Obama among white collar whites Extend into the south, which is about to be more Critical in the 7:30 states we get to.

BOLDUAN: And Florida.


BROWNSTEIN: And North Carolina even more. We got North Carolina comes at 7:30. There have been really only Florida probably and Ohio, which Is also at 7:30, have given us More attention from the Candidates in this year. Na is critic. If Hillary Clinton can flip North Carolina back, it would Be, you know, much more Difficult for Trump. It is a place where you'll see Three big things. How big is his advantage among Working class whites? Do her gains among white Collar whites extend into the South? Because there sign of slipping in North Carolina in the polls in the past few days and what kind of African-American turnout she Gets.

Also, there's a thumb on the Scale, Latino population, that Could be very important for her If it grows at the rate it did Early voting.

BERMAN: Let's go north. Circle Ohio. Ohio, up until now --


BROWNSTEIN: Up until now.

BERMAN: Has always been a big battleground state?

BROWNSTEIN: Ohio has become a must-win State. It is a state where non blue collar White voters will be in the Electorate, maybe more. Again, it will measure how bad the blue-collar erosion is for Hillary Clinton, how dominant Donald Trump is. It will measure African- American Turnout. If it's very close, it will tell Us we probably have a lot of Close state also in the Midwest.

BOLDUAN: Ron, is it no longer the bellwether anymore?

BROWNSTEIN: The country is not somewhere around, you know, depending on Estimates 27 percent to 30percent, minority Voters. In Ohio, that is almost entirely African-American. It's also more blue collar. Divides get bigger in This election, those small Differences in the composition of the electorate loom so large.

BERMAN: The difference in the night That may end early and the Morning is Florida.

BROWNSTEIN: Florida, absolutely. That is the state where if Hillary Clinton can take Florida Early, you have to see a whole Series of reliably Democrat States topple the other way.


BROWNSTEIN: Well, Pennsylvania and Michigan I suppose. If you had an enormous blue Collar surge. If she wins Florida, most people Believe it becomes difficult for Him -- again, Florida is a state Where you will test how much do Democrats gain among white Collar whites in the south, harder than outside the South. Latino turnout? And how big are his margins.

BOLDUAN: It could still be close. Didn't Obama just win by --


BROWNSTEIN: Two points is a big win in Florida. That's like nine million people Voting potentially.

BERMAN: The other key here in Florida Is there's a lot of early Voting. More than six million people have Already voted. In theory, those 6 million People will show up right after the polls close.


BROWNSTEIN: And there are people who are Looking specifically at Miami-Dade County, right, where if the margin -- you know, Big human population. If it's moving Democratic among Those voters. Orange county, Orlando, big Puerto Rican influx. You'll see movement toward Democrats likely there. Also, if it's movement towards The Democrats in Miami-Dade, Tough night for Donald Trump. We'll be measuring in all the Countries, an enormous divide Between metro America and Nonmetro America. President Obama lost the other by seven million votes and both ends of that that could get bigger. The divide between town and Country will be one of the Defining characteristics of this Election.

[11:15:33] BOLDUAN: Key what Ron is pointing out Here is these are polls closing Early.

BERMAN: Early.

BOLDUAN: Early indicators that Could speak volumes about --


BROWNSTEIN: We could be waiting, depending on how it goes, we could Be waiting for Colorado, Nevada.

BOLDUAN: Don't be afraid to touch the wall. You can touch the wall. I allow that.

BERMAN: Ron Brownstein -

BOLDUAN: There it is, left a mark.

BERMAN: -- thank you so much.

You've been looking at video feed in of an -- inside that polling location where Donald Trump voted a short time ago. You can see it happening there.

BOLDUAN: If only he had glasses on and we Could read the reflection off his glasses.








UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Who did you vote for?

TRUMP: Tough decision.





BOLDUAN: Pretty rowdy polling station, I'll tell you that much. Welcome to New York City. Donald Trump, Melania Trump, placing their votes for President.

BERMAN: We also saw Ivanka Trump. Again, noting some of Donald Trump's children were not able to vote for him in the Primaries. Today is the first time they Will get a chance to vote for Him.

Again, we're still looking at These pictures now. He did vote side by side with His wife, Melania. Interesting to see.

It's a big moment. Look, for a guy who's never held Elected office, never held a government office, it's a big Moment.

BOLDUAN: And let's be honest, for Anyone, even if they've held Elected office when they're Going on general election voting Day, they get to vote for Themselves. It is a huge moment.

Let's listen in right now.



TRUMP: (INAUDIBLE). We'll see what happens, we'll See what happens. It's looking very good. Right now, it's looking very Good.


TRUMP: We'll see what happens. It'll be interesting.

Thank you.

BOLDUAN: And there's the wheels.

BERMAN: And looking very good, let's see what happens. He was asked just after he voted Who did you vote for and he Joked it was a tough decision.

BOLDUAN: He said going to be an Interesting day. I think that's absolutely an Understatement of the day and the year.

[11:20:04] BERMAN: Mike Pence, his running mate, is getting set to vote in Indianapolis right now. He just finished a bike ride. We'll take you back to Indianapolis live to see that in A few moments.

Stay with us.

BOLDUAN: Our special coverage Continues.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) BOLDUAN: Florida, Florida, Florida. And because this race has been So strange, I'll add an extra Florida just for good measure. This state and its 29 electoral votes could be the beginning or the end on the path to 270 for Donald Trump.

BERMAN: Voters have broken records there. More people voted in Florida, they voted early, in this election already in this election than in the entire 2000 elections already in the city of Orlando there.

Randi Kaye is in the key city of Orlando.

Randi, what are you seeing There?

RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We're not seeing very long Lines. At this particular precinct, more than 60percent of the voters have Already voted in early voting or Absentee.

But we did find one voter, Kendra Graham, who's with us.

You just voted. You like to vote on Election Day.

KENDRA GRAHAM, FLORIDA VOTER: i do. I'm born and raised in new Jersey. Lived in New York. There was no early voting. So, to me today's the day you Vote. I thought if i have to stand in Line, i have to stand in line.


KAYE: You got your workout in. You went to tennis first and you Made up your mind long ago or no?

GRAHAM: Yes, I've known for a while. This is an historic election. Not only because of who the two Eventual candidates were but Also i think the use of social Media throughout the election Process and i think there's Going to be kids studying this Election for many generations.

KAYE: And you voted Clinton. You shared that with us. Why?

GRAHAM: i think she has the best Background for the job. She's the most experienced. There's times I've been Disappointed in Hillary. I mean, i feel like it's such an Historic election, The first female president. I think she's too smart to have Made the mistakes she's made. Still, when it comes down to it. She has been there. She has seen it. There from the wings or sat in the chair. I feel like she's the one who Can bet lead our country Forward.

KAYE: Did you struggle at all? I talked to so many people along the campaign trail. Was there a struggle for you?

[11:25:29] GRAHAM: No, frustration and obviously Great interest. Hats often to Donald Trump. It's amaze wing what he has Accomplished. There's something to be said for Someone who has his acumen in Business but it's just not i Don't thing going to happen this Time around. KAYE: All right, Kendra, thank you.

Just one quick note. Last time when she voted, the Line was down to the end of this Parking lot. Short stream of People coming in and out.

Back to you guys.

BERMAN: Randi Kaye in Orlando. A lot of interesting data Points. What an interesting conversation.

All right, Randi, thank you so much.

BOLDUAN: Thank you, Randi.

Another interesting data Point, Sean Spicer is here Joining us to discuss the state the race today, chief strategist and Communications director for the Republican National Committee.

Great to see you.


BOLDUAN: biggest state surprise, the biggest surprise we're going to see tonight is?

SPICER: Michigan.


SPICER: I think it's a state that's Voted Democrat since 1988. We feel really good about the Trend there. I think Donald Trump's message Really resonate the in the Midwest. We're seeing that in Ohio. A state that Barack Obama Carried twice. It's spilling over into Michigan. I think Colorado's going to be Another one that's very close. But time and time again, you've Seen the expansion of this map. I think we have a candidate and an infrastructure that's Bringing home this race.

BERMAN: So, Sean, after tonight, someone will lose. Someone will win, but someone Will also lose this election.

SPICER: We look forward to Clinton's succession speech.

BERMAN: What the winner says is Important but equally important Is what the loser says tonight.

BOLDUAN: Especially this cycle.

BERMAN: What do you want to hear from the person who does not win?

SPICER: i think whoever, needs to make sure we have a peaceful transfer of power, we Congratulate the winner and Settle our disputes at the Election box.

BERMAN: From your lips.

BOLDUAN: Has Donald Trump -- you've Been working very hard Throughout this election cycle. You have a front row seat to The Trump organization. You've been on the front lines. Has Donald Trump considered his Succession speech at this point?

SPICER: No candidate -- doesn't wake Up and say i want to think about What happens if i lose.


BOLDUAN: Of course not.

SPICER: He understands this is going to be a tough election. He did six stops yesterday. He is so energized and fired up by the amount of support he is Getting. So i think he understands if the Vote doesn't go his way, he's Going to concede, but he is very Energized and enthused by the Amount of support that has come Out. The number of people that are Waiting hours, if not longer, you know, walking to Attend a rally just to hear him. I think it really kind of buoys You in the last couple of days.

Look, we have a candidate with a Message of change. We have an infrastructure and a Ground game that's second to None. Randi's down there in Florida. In 2012, we had 84 staff in Florida. We have over 1,800. We're making sure every single Voter in Florida and either Battleground state who hasn't Votes.

BERMAN: Donald Trump has talk the About the effort he's put into This and how much money, how Much time. And he often says this. Listen.


TRUMP: If we don't win, this will be the single greatest waste of Time, energy and money in my Life. We have to win. To do what we have to do. we Have to win. We can't just have something That looks wonderful in the History books in 30 years.


BERMAN: Do you agree it will be a Waste of time if he doesn't win?

SPICER: I think he's right. He's put in a lot of time, his own money into this race and he's talking About changing this country and Ending the status quo. So i think if you're some of his Supporters would have put in an Equal amount of time and money Knocking on doors, making phone Calls, you're committed to Winning.


BERMAN: If you don't, is it a waste of time?

SPICER: Look, i think for this Movement and how close this has Got, the ability to expand the Map, hold the Senate for a Republican majority, maintain The House, you know, it's not a Maintain the Senate and continue to have speaker Ryan in the House. I think that's important to Continue to have policies to Make every American's life Better. Every House member on the Republican side is out there to Talk about because i think we Can make real change.

BOLDUAN: The popular theory among Republicans has been a secret Trump support that hasn't been accounted for in the polls. Do you think there is secret Trump support?

SPICER: Well, our models -- we've modeled at the Republican National Committee all 198 million voters. We know where they are, who they, how they vote, what makes them tick. I think we have counted that as our model. And that's why -


SPICER: No, no. Not - I mean, I think in a lot of