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State of the Race with RNC's Sean Spicer; Voting Under Way Across the Country; Mike Pence Votes in Indiana; Clinton's Deputy Communications Director Discusses State of the Race. Aired 11:30-12p ET

Aired November 8, 2016 - 11:30   ET


[11:30:00] KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: The popular theory among Republicans has been a secret Trump support that hasn't been accounted for in the polls. Do you think there is secret Trump support?

SEAN SPICER, CHIEF STRATEGIST & COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE: Well, our models -- we've modeled at the Republican National Committee all 198 million voters. We know where they are, who they, how they vote, what makes them tick. I think we have counted that as our model. And that's why --


SPICER: No, no. Not - I mean, I think in a lot of cases A couple weeks ago when you saw Trump go to Michigan and folks Beyond what the heck he's doing and then you saw Clinton and Priorities USA double Down, then send the president There. So, we've been seeing things, a State like Colorado, come home That no one's predicted.

BERMAN: That's interesting --


SPICER: There is a lot we've seen Because of the robust data set We've been using with the Trump Campaign. There's insights we have a lot of other folks have missed.

BERMAN: So, no secret to you at the Republican party but you think People might be surprised.

Sean Spicer, thank you for Coming in today.

SPICER: Thanks, guys.

BERMAN: Thanks for your efforts -

BERMAN: Sean, real quick, one word to Describe the last 18 months of Your life.

SPICER: Exciting.

BOLDUAN: Great to see you, Sean.

SPICER: You bet. BOLDUAN: Thank you.

Right now, it's the moment You've all been waiting for. No, not the newest installment of "Star Wars" series coming Out. Voting under way across the country. CNN is everywhere, and we will Take you there.

Be right back.


[11:35:] BERMAN: All right, the only poll That matters are today and in the End, it will all come down to Turnout. We are everywhere where voters Are casting their ballots today.

BOLDUAN: Absolutely right.

Let's get CNN's Kyung Lah is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kyung, polls only open in Nevada about an hour now. What are you seeing, hearing There?

[11:35:02] KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kate, when the polls did open About an hour ago, we're Standing actually in the busiest Polling place in the busiest County in the state. There was a line out the door. They were able to work their way Through. I want you to follow me inside Here. This is what the polling place Looks like. When they first come in, they're Going to meet the people who are Coming in to vote, Daryl, he's Here in the green shirt, he Directs them over to one of two Tables. They check in with their Precinct. And then once they check in and They verify their signatures, they go to that far back table and at that table they pick up an activation card. From that activation card, they Head over to the voting Machines. It activates their ballot. There are 20-plus voting Machines in this polling place. They expect this to be very, very busy in just a few hours. Something else we're seeing Here, Kate and John, is over Here, this little Penned-in Area. These are election observers. There's been a lot of discussion About how carefully these Polling places are going to be Watched. They've split along party lines. One of them is neutral. One from the Trump campaign. A couple from the Democratic Party. This place, expected to be very Busy. Even though two-thirds of people In the state have already early Voted -- Kate, John?

BERMAN: Nevada, a big state already, Even bigger tonight.

Kyung Lah, thanks so much.

There's no state that takes its Voting more seriously, some say to a fault than the state of New Hampshire. They guard their traditions Jealously.

Our Chris Frates in the center of the universe in Manchester.

Chris, what are you seeing?

CHRIS FRATES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, John. We've seen over 1,300 voters Come into this ward, and the Election officials tell me That's above average.

I want to introduce you to one of those voters. I have Patrick Trayla (ph) here. He is an Independent voter.

Tell me who you voted for.


FRATES: Why did you vote for Hillary?

TRAYLA (ph): It's basically a no brainer. She has the experience. She is qualified. There's no clearer choice in There.

FRATES: It was Hillary Clinton all the way for you?

TRAYLA (ph): Yes.

FRATES: All right. Well, thanks you.

John and Kate, i can tell You, independents here, that is Huge because about 43 percent of the Voters who cast a ballot in 2012 Were independent voters and they Broke for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is hoping to get More voters so she can get other the finish line. Donald Trump hoping to bring them his Way and break that blue wall. We'll see how it goes. So far, lots of activity and Excited voters here in Manchester.

John and Kate, back to you guys.

BOLDUAN: Watching that one closely, Chris.

Thank you very much.

We'll take you to New Hampshire and raise you an Ohio. As goes Ohio, so goes the Nation. At least that's what some folks Say.

CNN's Martin Savidge is in Parma, Ohio, for us, the battleground state has 18 Electoral votes at stake.

Hey there, Martin.

MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Kate, we haven't got it Wrong in Ohio since 1964. Not since 1964 has Ohio ever got It wrong when it comes to voting for president. Whoever wins Ohio has won the Presidency.

That may not play out today. But let me explain where we are. Parma Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Cuyahoga County which Cleveland's located in heavily Democrat. This particular area, Parma, just to south of Cleveland, this Is one of those areas that could Prove crucial to Donald Trump. There's been talk about blue collar crossover voters, traditionally Democrats, but now Drawn over to Donald Trump Because they find his message so Appealing.

We don't know how people are Voting here. But this could be one of those Areas, an area that historically Saw a lot of manufacturing jobs Disappear, their way of life decline greatly. These are the sort of people When Donald Trump says I'm bringing the jobs back, I'm going to get fair trade deals, these are the people that have Listened. Because they have seen the loss in their own lives. We'll see how it plays out -- Kate and John.

BOLDUAN: All right, Martin Savidge, in Parma, thank you.

BERMAN: All day, you've been sending Us your voting selfies. Please keep them coming. Use #myvote on Instagram. Let us know who you voted for and where. Make sure you follow your state Laws. Send us those pictures.

BOLDUAN: Happening right now, Hillary Clinton getting ready to head to New York City where she'll be Holding her election night Event. That's really just a little than A mile from where Donald Trump Will be holding his election Night headquarters. We'll talk to the Clinton Campaign about what she's doing Right now.

[11:40:41] BERMAN: Plus, the first polls, they Close in just a matter of hours. People lining up to vote. All across the country. So many key states dotting this Map. We'll go to Pennsylvania ahead.


BERMAN: Live pictures of Indianapolis right now. Mike Pence Walking from the governor's Mansion to his voting location. A local high school right now.

BOLDUAN: Exactly right. He's heading over there.

Can we listen in.

MIKE PENCE, (R), INDIANA GOVERNOR & VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Couldn't hear much of the sermon that day.


Followed her out the back door.



Good luck. Take care.

PENCE: Thanks.

Thank you, thank You so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You've been kind of business.

UNIDENTIFIED WIFE OF MIKE PENCE: Great job. You've done a great job.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALED: Governor Pence, good luck.

PENCE: Thank you.

Thanks, guys. Good morning. Good morning, all.


PENCE: We're going to walk in. Watch your step.

UNIDENIFIED MALE: Hi. Good to see you.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go ahead. I.D. OK. Do you know your precinct number?

[11:45:06] PENCE: I'm sorry?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know your precinct number?


PENCE: I'm not sure i know our Precinct number. 04?


PENCE: Governor's residence.



PENCE: So we'd be 6.


PENCE: I'm 6.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Best of luck to you.

PENCED: Thank you so much.

Very humbling. Very humbling.

Good. We heading that way?




PENCE: Thank you all. Thank you for putting in the long hours today.

Appreciate all of you. We do.

All right, guys, in this door. Media in this room.

BERMAN: Genuinely a fun moment right There. Governor Mike Pence walking to His polling location. They asked him what precinct and He said, like many voters across the country would have responded, I don't know. And then he figured it out Quickly. You can see Governor Pence getting ready to vote right now.

Actually, Mike Pence -- there are a lot of key races in Indiana. A competitive governor's race, competitive senator's race as Well.

BOLDUAN: Couldn't exactly hear the Question but you did hear Mike Pence say very humbling and Offering his thanks to everyone Putting in the long hours today.

BERMAN: All right, some time over the Next 12 hours or so, one Candidate will reach the 270 Electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

BOLDUAN: One of the states under the microscope today is Pennsylvania.

CNN's Miguel Marquez is in that State near Pittsburgh.

Hi there, Miguel.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hello, there. We are in north Strabane township, Washington County, south of Pittsburgh. An interesting place. More Democrats than Republicans registered Here but they tend to vote Republican. Romney beat Obama in 2012. Hillary Clinton has an office Here. The lines enormous. Probably good news for Donald $ Trump. This is the last bit of Politicking you see as voters Walk into the voting booth here. I can tell you, we've been here Since the polls opened at 7:00 A.m. And the lines are as long as They get. Check this out. It keeps going this way. Goes -- hello, how are you? Good spirits because the Weather is perfectly gorgeous Here today.

It was about an hour and a half Down to where our satellite Truck is around this way. It snakes around up into the parking lot and up a Ramp there. It's probably looking at about a two hour to two-and-a- half-hour Line at this point. People are happy to wait. We've heard a few people say They have to get to work so they Walk out of the line. But very highly motivated to Vote here.

Donald Trump wants to win big in Places like Washington county and throughout rural Pennsylvania. Hillary Clinton wants to drive Those numbers up in Pittsburgh And in Philadelphia, the surrounding counties.

Whether or not Hillary Clinton will win or Donald Trump, we Won't know or have a sense of it Until tonight. Pennsylvania, polls opened at 7:00 a.m. They close at 8:00 p.m. tonight. That's when we'll know what Pennsylvania thinks.

Back to you guys.

BERMAN: You're looking at CNN drone pictures now of the long line There. Miguel Marquez outside Pittsburgh.

Two and a half hours. e You shouldn't have to wait two and a half hours to vote anywhere in this Country.

BOLDUAN: Thank goodness for the good weather because those two and a half hours could feel longer if it Was nasty weather.

BERMAN: Thank goodness for the commitment.

Joining us is Kristina Schake, the deputy communications director for Hillary for America and former special assistance to president Obama.

Kristina, thanks for being with us.

It's been a long 16 months or so for you.


BERMAN: So Hillary Clinton, secretary Clinton voted this morning.


BERMAN: She voted in Chappaqua, New York. She spoke to our Dan Merika, who has Been chasing her for 16 months. Let's listen to what she said.



HILLARY CLINTON, (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It is the most humbling feeling, Dan, because, you know, i Know how much responsibility So many People are counting on the Outcome of this election, what It means for our country and I'll do the very best i can if I'm fortunate enough to win Today.


DAN MERIKA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Anything you're worried about Today?

CLLINTON: Thank you, thank you.

BILL CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: It's been that way for several years now.


BILL CLINTON: 15 years of practice.

(END VIDEO CLIP) BERMAN: Voting for yourself as president of the United States, it has to be one of the most powerful moments anyone would witness or be a part of.

Kristina, where is secretary Clinton's Head today?

[11:49:53] SCHAKE: You've heard her say, Incredibly humbled today. The first time ever a woman be a Major nominee. Be it the nominee for a major Party and voted for herself. Incredibly humbled. You heard her voice, very Hoarse. Up very late last night Campaigning her heart out Throughout the last day. Midnight rally. Phenomenal event in Pennsylvania And North Carolina. Working her heart out. Incredibly humbled this morning.

BOLDUAN: Constructed with a glass Ceiling, assume not a coincidence?

SCHAKE: Very proud to be in her home Of New York this evening.

BERMAN: So there's two sides. Going to be an outcome her way or the other. If she wins, and becomes the first woman elected president of the United States, how much will she go into the history of that tonight?

SCHAKE: She is just going to be Incredibly grateful. Obviously, a remarkable moment for this country, and we've seen It all over, happening, millions Out to vote. Pictures from all over the Country. I started out this morning. Someone sent me photograph of a 102-ar- old woman out there Voting for Hillary Clinton Wearing a white pantsuit and Seen women all over the country Bringing their daughters to see Them vote for a woman president. This is a remarkable moment. She'll certainly talk about it Tonight. She's grateful for the Overwhelming number of women who Have come out to support her. A meaningful night.

BOLDUAN: As John well knows, someone will lose Tonight.


BOLDUAN: And if -- what do you -- no Matter who it is what do you Hear from the loser Tonight?

SCHAKE: You know, we want a peaceful Transfer of power. We want respect for our Democracy. It's so wonderful to see in your Reporting millions of people Getting out there and seeing American democracy in action and Being a part of it. It's really important tonight That we honor what this country Was built on what we represent, and to see a peaceful transfer of power.

BERMAN: That's what Sean Spicer, chief of the national Party said, great both of you Are saying that. We ask this, has secretary Clinton thought about losing? Has she thought about her Concession speech?

SCHAKE: Of course. Taking it very seriously. Today she voted early this Morning. Did a lot of radio calls into Battleground states around the Country.@ And you know, working on two Speeches today as any candidate Would to prepare for tonight. We're really hoping that her Supporters get out there. We feel confident about the Early vote. We've done really well. Built an organization to get our Supporters out there but we need Our people to get to the polls Today. If you don't know where your Polling station is, please, text Up as "where" we will help you Find it.

BERMAN: Mike Pence should text, ask You what precinct he votes in.


SCHAKE: We're happy to help.

BOLDUAN: President Obama this morning, He played basketball. His Election Day ritual. Does Hillary Clinton have an Election Day ritual she's doing?

SCHAKE: Spending time with her Family. Her driving passion for this, a Children's advocate. A woman who started her career in public service as a Children's advocate working for the children's defense fund. First woman president of the United States. We're going to send a children's Advocate in the Oval Office. She'll spend time with her Family today, with her two Grandkids and with her daughter, The passion of her life and Driving passion being president, Making sure every child in this Country gets the same Opportunity as her grandkids do.

BERMAN: First of all, notable these Election events both for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Happening 1.5 miles from each Other.

SCHAKE: They're near each other.

BERMAN: Walk if they want to visit each other tonight they can. Unlikely to happen What are her plans? When will she go to the Javits Center (ph)? Stay at home and wait?

SCHAKE: Right now, in Chappaqua at Home and will come into the city at some point today and get Ready for a very historic speech Tonight.

BOLDUAN: If you had one more day to Campaign, where would you guys Spend it?

SCHAKE: You know, we were really strategic about her schedule.

PENCE: Just so grateful for the Support and prayers of people All across the United States. For Donald Trump and for our, our firm belief we can make America great again. But I'm also -- I'm also Especially grateful to the people of Indiana today, who have given our family Opportunities to serve, and put Us in a position where we may Well have the opportunity to Stand beside the next president Of the United States and really Bring real change this -- i just would Encourage every American who Believes like we do, that America can be stronger at home and abroad. America cane more prosperous. We can chart a future on our Highest ideals to take time Today to vote and to join us in Supporting Donald Trump as the Next president of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Who did you vote for? PENCE: I voted for Donald Trump to be the next president of the

United States of America.

And -- let me also say on the Homefront it gives me such Confidence, gives me such Confidence to know that my Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcombe (ph) is standing to continue the great work of state of Indiana. And i encourage you to support his candidacy and give him their vote, and Todd Young, willing to step up, and a Renewed Republican majority. With a renewed Republican Majorities in the House and Senate, I'm very confident a President Donald Trump will have the presence we need to rebuild Our military, revive our economy, and set our nation on a pathway Where we can once again have Government as good as our people

So thank you very much. We're just very, very humbled to Be here today.

[11:55:47] UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What did it feel like to vote for yourself and to --




UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: With your name on it.

PENCE: Very humbling. Very humbling.

BERMAN: Indiana.

We're here with Kristina Schake, politely yielded to Mike Pence.

SCHAKE: Get out and vote for Hillary Clinton. If she makes it to the White House, has the privilege of Serving as president she will Work her heart out for American Families.

BOLDUAN: Kristine Schake, thank you for joining us.

SCHAKE: Thank you.

We'll be right back.


[12:00:02] BOLDUAN: We want to welcome to our viewers Here in the United States and Around the world. I'm Kate Bolduan.

BERMAN: I'm John Berman.

There are zero more days to Election Day. Zero. There are no more minutes until polls open in most parts of the country.