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Countdown To 2017; 35 People Killed In Istanbul Nightclub Attack. Aired 11p-12a ET

Aired December 31, 2016 - 23:00   ET



[23:00:00] MEGAN MULLALLY, AMERICAN ACTRESS AND SINGER: Hey, Anderson. It's Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman here. We just wanted to wish you a happy new year and wanted to extend an invitation to you to join us in our bed for some sex.


MULLALLY: See you soon.

OFFERMAN: Hello, Kathy.

MULLALY: We love you.




COOPER: I mean.

GRIFFIN: It's Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman; give it up.

COOPER: Wow, that - I mean, that.

GRIFFIN: That's commitment. And a nice invitation. I thought, they're friendly.

COOPER: I mean.

GRIFFIN: Have you been to their house?

COOPER: I have not.

GRIFFIN: Oh, never mind. I won't tell you about it. I don't want to hurt you.

COOPER: They're incredibly talented.

GRIFFIN: They're incredible people.

COOPER: Yes. They -- midnight is fast approaching here in New York's Times Square, less than an hour to go until 2017. GRIFFIN: But, may I stop you? Because there have been so many

moments that you're responsible for, though, I think we need to revisit. Oh, I don't know, like the time that you're on 60 MINUTES with your Bonobos.

COOPER: Is there a clip?

GRIFFIN: Yeah, there is a clip.


GRIFFIN: Trust me, and there's some explaining to do after the clip. So -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He will not leave you because you are so nice first. They're interesting by the hair.




GRIFFIN: OK. So, I have a lot of questions.

COOPER: It's a Bonobo Sanctuary, Kinshasa in Congo.

GRIFFIN: Yeah, I watched. All right. First of all, the Bonobo's behavior; is that how you see me in your life? Like a little - like Bonobo that's like, sort of, jumping on you?

COOPER: No. Look --

GRIFFIN: You, kind of don't really - but you're very like accepting.

COOPER: That's great?

GRIFFIN: But when I try to pick things out of your hair, you get mad.

COOPER: You know, I'm just worried.

GRIFFIN: I'm grooming you. I'm grooming you.


GRIFFIN: Yeah. Now, here's the question. I'm going to ask you to be honest, and I know it's a stretch -- Did you illegally bring a bonobo back into the -


GRIFFIN: Yes, you did. I just - it's so something that you would do.

COOPER: I mean, I don't believe that, you know, there are people who buy exotic animals - that's not something I would. If I could, I would get a sloth. I could --

GRIFFIN: Oh, you have a sloth thing I did not see.

COOPER: If I could have any exotic animal, it'd be a sloth, but it's not appropriate.

GRIFFIN: If you were - but I would say, you have a lot of energy. So, why do you like sloth so much, because you envy them?

COOPER: No, they sleep 18 hours a day -


COOPER: They poop once a week.

GRIFFIN: So do you.

COOPER: Always on the same spot.

GRIFFIN: So do you.

COOPER: And when they do, they lose a third of their body weight. And they're so cute.

GRIFFIN: And that's why you don't need to go to the gym.

COOPER: All they do is just like, hug you. And they move really slowly. Have you ever seen a baby sloth? They're so adorable.

GRIFFIN: I've seen them on your show. But now, I feel like you're speaking such detail as if you have them.

All right. Now, the other clip we'd like to show. You know, I have -

COOPER: These are the things from the past year. I think, right?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Yes. It's the highlights. Now, you know that I admit that I tend to laugh involuntarily at inappropriate things.


GRIFFIN: So, please show the clip of Anderson on WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE.


COOPER: Holy crap. Irwell Boykin, cause of death, killed by negro.

HENRY LOUIS GATES, FINDING YOUR ROOTS HOST: Boykin, was murdered by a rebellious slave.


GATES: Your ancestor was beaten to death with a farm hoe.

COOPER: Oh my God! That's amazing! This is incredible. I'm blown away.

GATES: You think he deserved it?


GATES: You too?

COOPER: I have no doubt.

GATES: It's a horrible way to die, Anderson.

COOPER: He had 12 slaves. I don't feel bad for him.


COOPER: I don't think - I think that's an appropriate response.

GRIFFIN: The nerve, or as my mother would say, the crust of you acting; surprised, you had slaves.

COOPER: I was - I've never heard of that man - of my great, even my great, great, great, great grandfather - I guess.

GRIFFIN: What was his last name?

COOPER: Irwell Boykin. I've never heard of him before.

GRIFFIN: You have no idea that your family -

COOPER: No, the Cooper -

GRIFFIN: The Vanderbilt.

COOPER: No, it's on my dad's side from Mississippi. And they were all too poor though, and say, they fought for the confederacy. So, I thought they would have owned slaves if they could've. But they were too poor because they were basically like shared property or farmer.

GRIFFIN: And you never heard that until that moment?

COOPER: I had not.

GRIFFIN: Do you currently have any slaves?

COOPER: No. I honestly had not heard that. That's a great show on public television. It's not - it's not --

GRIFFIN: It's not, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. I saw, otherwise.


GRIFFIN: You're right.

COOPER: Skip Gates, but it's a great, great show. You know, I was totally stunned by that.

[23:05:01] GRIFFIN: I just was expecting you to go, I know.

COOPER: No, no, no. I was totally blown away.

GRIFFIN: All right. Are you going to be recovering from that, when you watch the Chicago marathon tomorrow about the band Chicago?

All right. Now, we're going to move on - we're going to light it up and use your hall pass. Because yours is Mark Wahlberg, I would like you to do a poll (INAUDIBLE) and do my hall passes even though my lovely boyfriend is right here. Go ahead.

COOPER: All right. All right.

GRIFFIN: Oh, no. Oh no.

COOPER: Let me put on this glasses of shame.

GRIFFIN: Sexy alert. The sexy is leaving - is leaving Manhattan.

COOPER: All right. These are your hall passes, Charles Osgood. Yeah, (INAUDIBLE) anymore; he's just so tired.

GRIFFIN: Oh my God! He's so hot - so hot, with the bow tie and nothing else.

COOPER: Very great - a great writer. David Gergen, I knew this.

GRIFFIN: It's Professor David - it's Professor. Don't insult me.

COOPER: Jimmy Carter is your hall pass.

GRIFFIN: President Jimmy Carter in a heartbeat. No offense, Rosalyn, no offense.

COOPER: Sidney Poitier did not know that.

GRIFFIN: He's in my book. In fact, I have a deal with Sidney. Where his wife Joanna and I -

COOPER: Oh, I remember the story. Yes.

GRIFFIN: We're going to swap one night to give - to give each guy a night off.

COOPER: And the entire horn section of Chicago.

GRIFFIN: Yeah. Duhh.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: I assume yours is the same list.

COOPER: Yeah, exactly. Hey, let's check in with Richard Quest who each hour has been -

GRIFFING: New outfit change maybe? COOPER: Yeah, he's been sort of embracing a whole new look - Oh, Richard. Wow! Richard Quest means business.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR AND REPORTER: Yes, Anderson, we've decided to upgrade the look of this evening; with a shorter thing and it's a new night (INAUDIBLE) coming to you all, every night, party. Just a little thing that we put together, in a couple of (INAUDIBLE). Now, let's meet the crowd as we truly head towards midnight. All right, your name is?

HUNTER KOWALD: Hunter Kowald, from Charlotte, North Carolina.

QUEST: Charlotte, North Carolina.

LIZ TOBY: Liz Toby.

QUEST: This is Hunter and Liz, and they have the distinction of being the very first people in Times Square.

KOWALD: Very first.

QUEST: What time?

KOWALD: 7 a.m.

QUEST: Right. Have you been to the toilet since 7:00 a.m.?

TOBY: Yes! Once at 10:00 a.m.

KOWALD: 10:00 a.m. right before --

QUEST: Oh, I don't want to know - right. Where are you from?


QUEST: Alabama.


QUEST: Australia? Why are you here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To celebrate with everyone.

QUEST: All right. Let's have a big cheer.


QUEST: That is pathetic! Try it again!


QUEST: Where do you come from?



QUEST: Are you enjoying yourself?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, of course. I love --

QUEST: Is this your first time in Time's Square?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, it's my first time here in Time's Square.

QUEST: Would you come here again?


QUEST: Would you come here again?


QUEST: What time were you here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like, 1:00 in the morning.

QUEST: Wow! I think he means one o'clock in the afternoon.

The extraordinary thing about the atmosphere here, is just the sheer number of people. The million and a half. Where are you from?


QUEST: From Japan? Very nice.


QUEST: Are you having fun?


QUEST: Good.


QUEST: Hello!


QUEST: Where are you from?


QUEST: Lots of people from Japan. They've decided to celebrate. Anderson, look to your left.

COOPER: There you are. Oh, look, there you are.

QUEST: I'm ready to do a twirl, and a dance.


GRIFFIN: I love him.

COOPER: There's nobody like here (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: There's no one, and I have to pay the person that he was physically beating with the balloon was very accepting.

COOPER: Very accepting.

GRIFFIN: And it probably hurt a little bit. You know what I mean.

COOPER: You know -

GRIFFIN: But he's Richie Questie

COOPER: Megan Mullally -

GRIFFIN: And Nick Offerman.

COOPER: And Nick Offerman, who just did that funny - they actually have a comedy special "Summer of 69", no apostrophe, shooting January 14th in Irvine at the Barkley's. So, people can get in before then.

GRIFFIN: Go see them. And also, Meg is in the movie called WHY HIM; with Franco and Bryan Cranston.

COOPER: She's so good.

GRIFFIN: They're all great.

COOPER: And he - they're both so good. I mean, they're both so talented, and so, so funny. We are coming up on midnight, 51 minutes from now.

GRIFFIN: Wait. Tomorrow is --

COOFER: This has flown by, I got to say.

GRIFFIN: I know, and I - usually we complain about it but this is flying by.

COOPER: It's flying right.

GRIFFIN: All right. So, tomorrow, I know you like your binge watching.

COOPER: I love the binge watching.

GRIFFIN: So what are your, because, you know, I - because of my job, doing 80 cities this year on my celebrity runs in tour. I can't really watch great T.V.

COOPER: That if only we had a listing of all the places you were going to be.

GRIFFIN: If only there was a scroll, of just some, of the dates I was playing.

COOPER: Of just some of the 80 dates.

GRIFFIN: Where you can get tickets of the 80 cities.

COOPER: Oh, my gosh! Look, there is a scroll.

GRIFFIN: There they are. Get tickets while you can because I'm going to tell you everything about tonight that he would never admit to.

OK. Now, first of all, what are your binge shows going to be tomorrow? Because I know you're very hoity-toity.

COOPER: Well, I'll tell you what I'm binge watching right now. I'm binge watching The Vikings, from the history channel.

GRIFFIN: Never heard of it.

COOPER: It's a fourth season - there's four seasons. I hadn't watched it, I've been - I mean, I'm almost done with the fourth season. I've watched all season.

[23:10:04] GRIFFIN: And what else?

COOPER: I just finished The Crown. You know, The Crown about --

GRIFFIN: I heard about The Crown. OK.

COOPER: It's very good. It's Netflix's. I watch a lot of like, The Fall, season three. Just Netflix bought it from BBC Northern Ireland the first two seasons.

GRIFFIN: You are an old lady.

COOPER: Pardon?

GRIFFIN: You are an old lady, and should have a - like a tea cozy because here is my binge list and I would like you to read it proudly.

COOPER: I got to get - I got to get the glasses, I got to drive away.

GRIFFIN: Bye, sexy. Bye, see you guys next year. And there he is.

COOPER: See? Yeah. All right. Oh, this is what your binge watching: My 600-lb Life - I've watched that.

GRIFFIN: I just have to say something and I just - I have to be honest. They had a - they had an intervention the other night, it was a 600-lb life meets intervention with a transgender person in Canada. It was mind blowing. I did watch it 10 times.


GRIFFIN: It was so in transitioning, but also dieting.

COOPER: Wow, that's got to be tough. GRIFFIN: And stopping drinking, and transitioning.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: That's why I binge watch. What else?

COOPER: All right. Leah Remini, Scientology in the afternoon.

GRIFFIN: Have you seen it?

COOPER: I haven't. I did an interview with her though, and I've read all the books.

GRIFFIN: They showed the clip of you busting the psych high-people.

COOPER: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

GRIFFIN: They're in it now, it's riveting. Leah, you are doing the best work of your life. I love it.

COOPER: Intervention. I bet it's an oldy but the goody.

GRIFFIN: But a pretty delivered. And now, there's a Canadian one. So, they're like I'm drunk, ay? I've got to stop the crack, ay?

COOPER: Oh, my God. But I feel - I mean, I feel so bad for some of the folks.

GRIFFIN: I did, truthfully.

COOPER: The 90-day Fiance -- oh! I've watched this one. I didn't understand what it was.

GRIFFIN: Of course, not. It's about people that love. What it is, is where you have 90 days to bring someone from another country, which you've done several times, and then you have 90 days to marry them or else they don't get their citizenship.

COOPER: Is that really what it is?

GRIFFIN: Yes. It's called a K-1 Visa. And there's a lot of couples -- that I'm going to be honest, you're not even pulling for at all. Like, the whole time you're like; go back to your country no matter how horrible it seems.

COOPER: Oh, you know what, Married at First Sight - that's the one I saw, not 90-day Fiance.

GRIFFIN: Oh, wait. So, now you're sexy and so, you don't even know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: OK, that's how this guy works. The glasses come off, he's like a dumb blonde. But he doesn't know how to delineate. All right, Married at First Sight is where you don't know the person you meet, in a - like a not very nice ballroom and then you fight until you divorce. It's fantastic. COOPER: That's the one I think I saw. Snapped, we talked about.

GRIFFIN: Not enough.

COOPER: And Who the Bleep did I Marry?

GRIFFIN: Oh, that's a good one, where women realize they married someone who is not the way he seemed and then we scheme, I mean, they scheme at a way to get him and a way, where we - they will get caught.

COOPER: And the final show you're binge watching you said, Rachel Maddow or you - Rachel Maddow or you? Same difference.

GRIFFIN: Oh, did I write that down?

COOPER: Yes, you did.


COOPER: Hey, let's check with Gary Tuchman and his daughter Lindsay, in Miami with a special guest, Gary.

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN REPORTER: Anderson and Kathy, we are at the world's largest poolside New Year's Eve party. Justin Bieber is going to be performing in the stage. No one's in the pool, they're (INAUDIBLE). They can't go in the pool. But with us, who are the other acts after Justin Bieber.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN, ANCHOR AND TV REPORTER AT WBOC TV: This here is my best friend now, Skrillex. He is performing at the after party later tonight.

G. TUCHMAN: And also with us is the Beta's D.J. Marshmello. He's named Marshmello, for obvious reasons, we don't even know his identity. That's what a lot of D.J.'s do; they're very anonymous but they're both quiet, Marshmello and Skrillex. Skrillex, tell us, how does it differ performing on New Year's Eve than any other day of the year?

SONNY JOHN "SKRILLEX" MOORE, AMERICAN ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PRODUCER: I mean, it's the New Year's Eve. So, everyone is excited, you know, for a new beginning. Everyone's, with all their people - everyone's just having a good time already. And I already had a, you know, set a tone for the party for how many times - I think. Pretty much a lot of times.

G. TUCHMAN: Why are so many D.J.'s - they like to be anonymous, like Marshmello and you are quiet guy too?

MOORE: I think we're producers so, I mean, we only focused on production and we kind of like, sometimes in the background. So, I think we are used to that. But, you know -

L. TUCHMAN: I have a question. According to my dad here, you came up to me the other day after working out. And he was listening here - the Beta Rave. MOORE: Yeah.

L. TUCHMAN: You go so mad. (INAUDIBLE) listened to that song. I was very surprised you loved it. I mean, how do you feel that all these people, of different ages?

MOORE: I have no idea. You know, I go into the studio and I make music that I love and hopefully other people like it, too. And I'd never know what like - who is going to like what. It always comes out --

L. TUCHMAN: Well, you certainly appeal to us.

MOORE: Thank you.

G. TUCHMAN: Now, Skrillex will be performing after Justin Bieber, and then Marshmello after him. I don't know if you can hear, Marshmello because of this. Marshmello, let me ask you this - sorry, it's been (INAUDIBLE) so I can't hear my own voice. Just give me a nod, yes or no. Do you wear the helmet, Marshmello because you want to be anonymous? And you want to be anonymous because you don't think you should take the glory of the musicians you work with? And you love what you do? Are you excited about being here for New Year's Eve? Marshmello, nice talking to you. I've never talked to a marshmallow before.

Lindsay, is this the craziest party you've ever been so?

L. TUCHMAN: Yeah, it's definitely out there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The biggest side ever. Are you kidding me, look around - look around.

[23:14:55] G. TUCHMAN: Take a look - yeah. We'll take a look around. The 3,000 people here at this party paid for $500 a head to $50,000 for being pampered inside this amazing condo hotel; fancy, beautiful, elegant, and utterly chic and we're all having a wonderful time, especially with these guys. By the way, I talked to - I have a friend in the music business in Los Angeles, who said - who said this man right here is the most polite Uber passenger in Los Angeles. Is that true?

MOORE: I got to keep those five stars, you know, always five stars.

L. TUCHMAN: He's important. He's important.

G. TUCHMAN: (INAUDIBLE), Skrillex, and Marshmello. Anderson and Kathy (INAUDIBLE) back to you.


COOPER: We're about 45 minutes away now, from midnight. Much more ahead live from Time's Square. We're obviously, going to bring you all the sights, and the sounds, and the stroke of midnight, the ball dropping, all the music, all the emotion, whole night of music, cocktails - as I understand in also New Orleans. GRIFFIN: OK. Hold on one second.

COOPER: Yeah, I did.

GRIFFIN: You totally made that up.


GRIFFIN: You said all the emotion and it wasn't in the prompter.

COOPER: Yeah, I did. I know it wasn't in the prompter. I made that up.

GRIFFIN: What emotion?

COOPER: There's a lot of emotion that stroke of midnight, in Time's Square.

GRIFFIN: I feel like you don't - you didn't even act like you cared about Skrillex. Skrillex has feelings, and D.J. Marshmello.

COOPER: Yeah. No, but I think here there is a lot of emotion here.

GRIFFIN: There is a lot of Now, you know that I was thinking - I was thinking how you need, you're at the point of your life where you need like a - like a nickname. But you know how Maria Bartiromo is a money honey?

COOPER: Sure. Yeah, yeah.

GRIFFIN: OK. So, I came up with some for you.

COOPER: All right. Let's take this quick break and then we'll get some of the nicknames.

GRIFFIN: A lot of anticipation and emotion.



CYRIL VANIER, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Hi everyone, I'm Cyril Vanier with an update on our "BREAKING NEWS" out of Turkey. At least 35 people are dead and 40 wounded after a shooting at an Istanbul nightclub. This video shows at least one gunman carrying out the attack, revelers at the club were celebrating New Year's making this the first terror attack of 2017. Here's CNN's Ian Lee, with more.


IAN LEE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: We do not know the status of this gunman, were they - was he - he wasn't killed, or is he captured, or is he still on the run? Again, I say that, we still don't know how many people there were involved in this. I talked to one witness, one person who was actually at the club in there, when this took place. They said that they heard the gunfire go off; they started running toward the terrorist, the terrorist being on the Bosporus. He said that a person, that was right next to him was shot. We don't know the status of that person. He ran then onto the Bosporus - onto the terrorist. They hid underneath a table, he said, he saw some people actually jumping into the Bosporus to get away.


VANIER: CNN's Ian Lee reporting from Istanbul in Turkey there. And so far, there has been no claim of responsibility for that attack. I'm Cyril Vanier, and CNN's New Year's celebrations with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin from New York continue in just a moment.



DAVE GROHL, AMERICAN SINGER: Kathy, Anderson, Happy New Year! Here's to a clean, fresh start 2017.

JOSH GROBAN, AMERICAN SINGER, SONGWRITER: Hey, Kathy And Anderson, it's Josh Groban. My party is all here. We are wasted, and we can't wait to watch you guys countdown to 2017. Wishing you and everybody watching a safe, healthy, prosperous 2017, and sending you guys lots of love.

KRISTIN CHENOWETH, ACTRESS AND SINGER: Happy New Year, Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. It's Kristen Chenowith here. I'm on my way to the Oklahoma City Thunder game, as you can see by my bedazzled hat that I did myself. Anyway, I wish I was in New York with you guys, but I'm at one place better. That's Oklahoma. Happy New Year.


USC SONG GIRLS: Happy New Year, Anderson and Kathy. Congratulations on 10 bizarre years together. Fight on!



GRIFFIN: Do you think that Ron, slept with every one of those poor little USC Cheerleaders? I mean, for money, not for free.

COOPER: I'm not going to ask how you got Ron Jeremy?

GRIFFIN: Ron Jeremy comes to my house for Thanksgiving every year.

COOPER: Well, there you go.

GRIFFIN: All right. We're friends. We are pals.

COOPER: All right. There you go.

GRIFFIN: All right, would you like to read some of the names? Like, we were saying Maria Bartiromo is a money honey. COOPER: Right. Yeah, OK.

GRIFFIN: So, I have - go ahead.

COOPER: I'm old. I got to -

GRIFFIN: It's over. All right, here are some of your new names to get you a little bit of a hook.

COOPER: OK. Rebrand - this is for rebranding me?

GRIFFIN: Yeah, you've got - you need to be rebranded.

COOPER: Anderson Cooper, he's got the scooper. That way you get the dog community, people who care about the news.

GRIFFIN: Because there's a lot of dog people.


GRIFFIN: And if you say I have the scooper. Hello, rescue people. OK.

COOPER: OK. At this age, Anderson should be, Anderdad Cooper.

GRIFFIN: That's if you want to go on the PBS later. That is not a slighted about your incredibly fit, five-pound overweight body. Just five.

COOPER: Anderson Armoro, Anderson Cronkite.

GRIFFIN: I'm just saying, you might want to up the Emmy a little bit. No legitimacy department.

COOPER: We are - we're about 38 minutes away from the stroke of midnight. We got so much more ahead, and also, even after midnight our coverage - we're on until 12:30 and our coverage continues on till past 1:00 a.m. So, you get to see the New Year coming.

GRIFFIN: Does it ever? With Don and Brooke.

COOPER: That's right. In fact, let's go to New Orleans right now. Let's check back in -

GRIFFIN: I'm all about it.

COOPER: -- with Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon, who are at the Spotted Cat. Don, Brooke?



BALDWIN: Happy almost new year.

GRIFFIN: Hi! BALDWIN: We're at the Spotted Cat. The time - the time has almost arrived.

LEMON: OK. Tell them what's going to happen. I'm going to get something.

BALDWIN: So, we've invited our new friend Chris over, and Chris clearly, has many -- much, much ink. And the decision all night has been, should it be a tattoo or a piercing? I mean, what are you thinking? The people want to know what crazy, silly --

LEMON: Let me ask -- let me ask. Kathy - I think Kathy, Anderson might get me wrong.

BALDWIN: At Kathy - Kathy Griffin come back in.

LEMON: What should I do?

GRIFFIN: Nipple, nipple, nipple, nipple.

COOPER: No, Don.

BALDWIN: I love you, Kathy. I love you.

GRIFFIN: You don't - you don't want to hear my other --

BALDWIN: I mean, I love you, too but, we really don't need to see what's about to happen here.


BALDWIN: I love you, Don. No, keep it closed.

LEMON: All right. All right.

BALDWIN: Keep it closed.

LEMON: All right.

GRIFFIN: I love you more, Don.

LEMON: So, listen. Since I promised - since I promised. Thank you, Kathy. Thank you Anderson. That was good advice. The decision is -

BALDWIN: No nipples?

UNIDENTIFED MALE: I'm thinking ear or something more fun, but ear is cool.

LEMON: OK. Let's do it. Hang on. Hang on. Tell them what you had to do first. I think we had to be in the sterile plate.

BALDWIN: Can we please not give him shots, by the way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sterile plate, (INAUDIBLE) and then everything's pre-sterilized - ready to go. So, we're good. BALDWIN: OK. OK. I'm cutting you off after this one. Should I cut him off?

LEMON: Is this going to hurt?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's -- if you'll not going to hurt me. You'll be fine.

LEMON: All right. Let's go.

BALDWIN: This is seriously about to happen.

LEMON: Don't get blood on my jacket.

BALDWIN: Don, you need to hold my hands?

LEMON: Yeah. If this hurts, I'm going to be so mad.

BALDWIN: Is your mother watching?

LEMON: I don't know.

BALDWIN: I bet your mom is. Mama Lemon, I don't know what he's thinking.

LEMON: All right. All right. Hold on. Here we go.

BALDWIN: At least it's just his ear. You know what I'm saying.

LEMON: Here we go, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Here we go. Oh, God. Oh! Oh!

LEMON: Don't get blood on the jacket. It has to go back. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.

BALDWIN: Here we go. Here's the needle.

LEMON: Oh! oh!


LEMON: Wow! Mother!

BALDWIN: Oh, the whole crowd - The whole crowd is like what's going on? Oh, I'm in pain.


BALDWIN: I'm in pain. Why are you doing this, my friend?

GRIFFIN: Slow clap, slow clap.

BALDWIN: Happy, Anderson.

GRIFFIN: It's the end of Rudy, slow clap. It's the end of Rudy. Somebody's (INAUDIBLE) happens to win this.

BALDWIN: Oh, it's a Fleur de Lis.


LEMON: Oh, my gosh, I cannot believe I'm doing this.


[23:25:02] LEMON: Hold on. Hold on. Hold --

BALDWIN: Oh! Ken. Ken, kindly close up on the Flor de Lis, because we're in New Orleans. How are you feeling, honey?

GRIFFIN: That is commitment.

COOPER: That is commitment.


COOPER: Wow! All right.

BALDWIN: How do you - how are feeling, honey?

COOPER: Wow! You all right there, Don?

GRIFFIN: Honey, honey? Talk to us, honey?

LEMON: I don't know.

BALDWIN: I feel like I was squeezing your hand more than you were squeezing mine.

LEMON: I need to see this. Anderson, it didn't hurt that much.

BALDWIN: It was perfect!

COOPER: What do you think? Good.

LEMON: Cooper, you've got - you got New Orleans connections. What do you think?

COOPER: It's New Orleans and you got a place there. It's, you know, New Orleans - It's good.

BALDWIN: He kind of looks like he's going to barf. Are you OK, Don? Don't pass out.


BALDWIN: This is what happens when a lot of tequila happens. That's what you want.

LEMON: Griffin, what do you think?

GRIFFIN: I love it, Don. I say get it all the way down and stop when I decide. All the way down.

COOPER: All right. We got to take a quick break, we're going to have more - more with Don, more with Brooke.

GRIFFIN: More ears.

COOPER: More ears, who knows what else.

GRIFFIN: Who's in charge over there? I really don't know.

COOPER: Much more from Times Square. Just a little bit more than 30 minutes from midnight, now - 34 minutes. Anticipation building minute by minute, we'll have it all for you live.

GRIFFIN: And a lot of emotion?

COOPER: A lot of emotions here. A lot of emotion. We'll be right back.


VANIER: Hi, everyone, I'm Cyril Vanier with the latest on our "BREAKING NEWS" out of Turkey. At least 35 people are dead after a shooting in an Istanbul nightclub. This video shows at least one gunman carrying out the attack. Revelers at the club were celebrating New Year's making this the first terror attack of 2017. And here's what Istanbul's Governor said earlier about the massacre.

VASIP SAHIN, GOVERNOR OF ISTANBUL (through translator): It is a terror attack. According to initial findings, at least 35 citizens died, unfortunately. One of them, is a policeman. At least 40 people under treatment in different hospitals. Detailed investigation is going on, my colleagues are working on it.

VANIER: Istanbul's Governor speaking there, as you heard, the investigation just getting underway, right now. There's no word on whether the gunman is alive or dead, but we've heard no indications of a hunt going on for a perpetrator, or whether he escaped the nightclub before police arrived. There's been no claim of responsibility for the attack, as of yet. I'm Cyril Vanier, CNN's New Year's celebrations with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin in New York continue in just a moment.


[23:30:00] COOPER: Welcome back live from Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Am I a little too excited?

COOPER: Look at the crowd.

GRIFFIN: It's time -

COOPER: For what?

GRIFFIN: Just the cameraman, may I see you for a moment? Seth, the cameraman.

COOPER: This is the time of the night when I get scared, because I know it's coming off --

GRIFFIN: You know something is happening.

COOPER: I know something is going to happen.

GRIFFIN: You don't know what it is.

COOPER: I don't know what it is.

GRIFFIN: But you know it is something.

COOPER: In past years, you've handcuffed me -


COOPER: You've painted my hair. You've - I don't know -

GRIFFIN: I dyed your face orange.

COOPER: You dyed my face orange. Which was difficult to come off, I will say.

GRIFFIN: I thought it was - all right, this is Seth, the camera guy. And, Seth, has a long beard.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: Scissors, please. This is all up to you. If you answer the questions correctly, I won't cut your beard.

COOPER: No, are you kidding?

GRIFFIN: If you don't, I will. First question. Anderson, who did you vote for?

COOPER: I can't answer that question.


COOPER: Are you kidding?

GRIFFIN: Anderson, how much do you weigh?

COOPER: 162 pounds.

GRIFFIN: I don't believe it.

COOPER: I keep asking, are you serious?

SETH GREENSPAN, CNN CAMERAMAN: That was three years, three years.

GRIFFIN: Anderson, how much money do you currently have?

COOPER: I don't know - nine? Ninety?

GRIFFIN: How much money do you have, Anderson?

COOPER: All right. I'm sorry.

GRIFFIN: If only Anderson had answered the questions. Three years of growth. He lied on everything.

GREENSPAN: He lied on every single one.

GRIFFIN: You were a good sport. You're a good sport.

COOPER: I'm so sorry.

GREENSPAN: What happened?

COOPER: It looks better, though, Seth.

GRIFFIN: No, no. I think, you know, I apologize.

COOPER: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, so now what?

GRIFFIN: I'm really, you know, I just - I thought he'd be honest. But he doesn't want to say his words. It was up to him.

GREENSPAN: I blame, Anderson.

GRIFFIN: I do too. Thank you, Seth.

COOPER: Oh, sorry.

GRIFFIN: I appreciate you, and I apologize.

COOPER: I appreciate you too.

GREENSPAN: I can feel my chin again.

GRIFFIN: Go back to manning the camera, because we have to celebrate. Now Anderson, do you know what the 10th anniversary is?


GRIFFIN: OK. And because you failed so horribly at saving poor, Seth. I am now going to wrap you in tin entirely. I don't quite know how, and I kind of didn't think this through the way I thought. I'm helpful for any help from anyone because my tin's just falling. But, I'm going to do this if it's the last thing I do.


GRIFFIN: OK, here we go. Bare some and then it -

COOPER: This is not well thought.

GRIFFIN: So, this one's not working?

COOPER: This is - this is one of those things, like Ryan Seacrest if we had rehearsals. It'd probably work.

GRIFFIN: I swear, I tried this at the hotel a million times. It's our tin anniversary.

COOPER: We've been together - we've been in the show for 10 years.

GRIFFIN: Been together for 10 years.

COOPER: And this was -

GRIFFIN: It's a pun. And I'm trying to wrap this around you. And I'm having trouble with the tin breaking. However, there will be a rhyme and a reason.

COOPER: Should we take a break to see how you do during (INAUDIBLE)?

GRIFFIN: Yes, we'll do a break but we have to just do one more thing, which is, because you shaved off Shaun's beard.

COOPER: Seth's beard.

GRIFFIN: I've decided, I'm Miss Beard. And I would like to do the broadcast, ladies and gentlemen, Wolf Blitzer.

COOPER: We'll be right back from "THE SITUATION ROOM", with more.

GRIFFIN: Live from the "SIT ROOM".

COOPER: I said that.


[23:35:00] GRIFFIN: Happy Anniversary, honey. Hey, everybody if you're just tuning in, it's me Kathy Griffin with Anderson Cooper and this is our 10-year aluminum anniversary. And we did it right, how do you feel, Anderson?

COOPER: It's an - it's an interesting sensation, actually.

GRIFFIN: And of all the things I've done over the years. What did you think might possibly be happening this year?

COOPER: I have really had no idea. I didn't know that you would cut Seth's beard because he's been growing that beard for at least three years.



GRIFFIN: And you realized that you wouldn't be in this fix with tin, if just you had been honest. And now, poor Seth is crying and you are in tin.

COOPER: And my -- the crew hates me. So, yeah. Well. GRIFFIN: Now, would you say that this resembles your emotional armor? Because aren't you - isn't this kind of who you really are? Like, you might as well just be walking around with this on. In fact, if I know you, you're going to be photographed in this tomorrow. Trying to be incognito.

COOPER: I feel safe in this, actually.

GRIFFIN: Of course, you do, you're being swaddled. You've never felt safer in your life, I knew you'd feel this way.

COOPER: I know.

GRIFFIN: Now, are going to do the show tomorrow night with this?

COOPER: Maybe on the inside, maybe like inside my jacket.

GRIFFIN: Will you at least watch the CNN Chicago now, more than ever? About this - in Chicago in this outfit tomorrow?

COOPER: OK, can I break out of this?

GRIFFIN: Yes, break out of it. Go ahead. One, two, three. Oh, boy.

COOPER: Sorry.

GRIFFIN: You can't just punch me because you're - oh, boy, everybody turn your volume down at home.


GRIFFIN: What's going on? When did you get here?


GRIFFIN: Now, when you said you were cheap, I thought, well, here's a new suit. It costs as much as some Randall's wrap and no, I'm not a paid spokesperson.

COOPER: All right.



GRIFFIN: That's what anniversaries are for.

COOPER: Oh, I guess my mic went dead. Wow.

GRIFFIN: I think the booth told me to help you and I just can't, you guys. I'm just not capable.

COOPER: I know. All right. So, what are we --

GRIFFIN: We're celebrating our anniversary.

COOPER: We're about 20 minutes away, celebrating our 10th Anniversary. 20 minutes away from 2017.

GRIFFIN: That's right. And you - as we get you out of this adorable look, it's going to be on the runways next year, trust me. Jean Paul Gaultier called, and said, how do you do it, darling? I want you to know that, I really am serious about working on this show all year long. What happened?

COOPER: You do - I mean, look, it's no joke. I show up and you pour your heart into this. You worked really hard on this.

GRIFFIN: I produce the show.

COOPER: You produce the show.

GRIFFIN: And when we win our Emmys, I'm happy to thank you.

COOPER: Yeah. It's -- I mean, it's - no, I mean, it's an honor to be with you every year and it really is.

GRIFFIN: You are so --

COOPER: And 10 years ago, it started when I was out here alone because no one else at CNN wanted to with New Year's Eve.

GRIFFIN: It was the story of my career. I came up to do one block, somebody didn't show up and you went, you want to stay? And I did, and that's the story of my career. And you were a guest on my MTV show back in the day.

COOPER: And - well, I remember.

GRIFFIN: And you met my mom and dad.

COOPER: Your lovely dad, who I miss and your mom is so incredible.

GRIFFIN: And my mom was so afraid to talk to you because you're a real life Vanderbilt.

COOPER: Your mom is 96.

GRIFFIN: And loves you, adores you, unconditionally forever and ever. So, I wanted to tell you that I ran into someone that your wonderful mother, Gloria Vanderbilt knows, Barbara Davis wife of oil tech Marvin Davis, of course, and a lovely good friend of mine. And you know, as I'm preparing for this evening, if someone tells me a story about you, maybe something from your childhood or before you became famous and decided you're all about Bonobos, I just get excited. So, what I wanted to ask you about is your rompers. Are you going to act like you don't remember.

COOPER: I don't really. I don't remember.

GRIFFIN: So, Barbara Davis said to me, when you seek Gloria Vanderbilt, well, you tell her, I said hello. So, hello glow from Barbara Davis because she said she would see your mother in Georg Jensen, when you're a little boy and your mom would be buying you rompers with bows on them and quilted smocking.

COOPER: That could be very possible.

GRIFFIN: All right. Will you admit you still sometimes, wear rompers? The one's with the bows and quilted smocking -

COOPER: No, that is not true.

GRIFFIN: And you can spit up a little bit to feel safe, and then you call your mom and say, I haven't changed; I'll never grow up. Can I have another color? Because I know you have the powder blue, the pink, and the yellow, but this is the year you wanted lime.

COOPER: There is. In terms of relatable stories, there is a photograph of me when I was five, shaking Charlie Chaplin's hand -

GRIFFIN: In a romper?

COOPER: And I'm - no, I'm wearing, like a little black velvet vest, with like a pirate shirt with really - like Richard Quest was wearing earlier tonight. Yeah, very relatable.

GRIFFIN: And did you have any say in that outfit?

COOPER: I did not. It was a - it was a Spanish-like matador outfit sent by my aunt.

GRIFFIN: Did you have a Spanish matadorian name at the time?

COOPER: No, I didn't. But my - that's a long story.

GRIFFIN: Wait. Just hold on with the Charlie Chaplin part. I mean, what do you mean? I love how you act like I've been name dropping you, like, so, anyway Charlie Chaplin and I went hanging out in romper, and I had a pirate outfit on. I mean, that's how insane you are - he doesn't know when he does things like that.

COOPER: No, I knew. I mean, I knew it was a - not a relatable story but I -- the only story that popped into my mind on ridiculous childhood (INAUDIBLE)

GRIFFIN: Oh, God. Did you just drop the Charlie Chaplin something? I feel like something happened.

COOPER: No, he had been in exile. And it was his first time back in the United States to accept the Academy Award - A Special Academy Award, my parents threw him a party.

GRIFFIN: You were there for that? I remember when you went.

COOPER: I didn't go to the Camp Morty, I came to New York. I think first -

GRIFFIN: Did you have the outfit?

COOPER: I, no. He had the outfit - GRIFFIN: But do you still have the outfit? The pirate outfit?

COOPER: Yeah, actually, it's stored somewhere.

GRIFFIN: I know it, I know it. Now, what is your rompers like? Like, if you were going to get a romper today, like what are you? Like a 42 regular? Please anyone who's watching.

COOPER: 40 regular. 40 regular.

GRIFFIN: Besiege the CNN building with pink adult rompers with bows and quilted smocking. And should say, love Barbara Davis.

COOPER: All right, we're going to take a break. We're going to countdown to the ball drop where after this, no more breaks all the way through the New Year. We're live in Times Square with the view from Mary Marquee and others.

GRIFFIN: And a lot of emotion. A lot of emotion.

COOPER: We'll be right back.


[23:45:00] GRIFFIN: I'm going to ask you what you were thinking. OK.

COOPER: Welcome back. New Year's Eve, Time's Square, 13 minutes before the New Year. You're going to see it all live, no more commercials all the way through the New Year. Here with Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: With a question.


GRIFFIN: Many, many years in a row, I ask you to make out with me at midnight -


GRIFFIN: You won't, because apparently, I'm too chubby. Now, last year, which in many (INAUDIBLE), they're taking the weight it off, it's a little routine.

COOPER: I said - that's not true.

GRIFFIN: And then he says, time for the third nose job and hangs up. But the point is, last year, we actually made out for the first-time, off camera. And I have a photo.

COOPER: Oh, look at that.

GRIFFIN: I want to know, what your thoughts were during this.

COOPER: You have very soft lips.

GRIFFIN: Did you - did you have feelings in your naughty parts?

COOPER: No, I don't - I don't think it -

GRIFFIN: I thought it's the night of emotion?

COOPER: Well -

GRIFFIN: Well, you really, I'm going to get - a really laid a lot after this reaction. It was the greatest kiss of my life, Kathy.

COOPER: The greatest kiss with a woman, ever.

GRIFFIN: How do you keep going -- OK.

COOPER: I mean, you know.

GRIFFIN: But why, why hidden? Why not -- why not be proud?

COOPER: I'm - I'll go wherever you go tonight. Wow, already? I thought I would have a little build up.

GRIFFIN: Oh, my God! Oh, Ryan. Oh, shhh! Did I call you Ryan out loud?

COOPER: I thought I would have a little build up to prepare.

GRIFFIN: Oh, I don't do foreplay. I ABC, always be closing.

COOPER: Really? Always be closing.


GRIFFIN: -- always be closing. All right. We have one more clip to go to.

COOPER: Oh, we do?



GRIFFIN: And this is the one - it might hurt a little bit, but I just think we should watch it.

COOPER: OK. I think, I know what this is.


ALEX TREBEK, AMERICAN TELEVISION PERSONALITY: As Conan, the Barbarian on what's best in life: "to crush your enemies and to hear the lamentation of their women." Cheech?

CHEECH MARIN, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: It was Arnold Schwarzenegger.

TREBEK: Yes, Cheech again.

MARIN: Who is Al Pacino?

TREBEK: Right. Cheech?

MARIN: What is Pillow Talk?

TREBEK: Right. Cheech?

MARIN: What is never, never land?

TREBEK: Yes, Cheech?

MARIN: What is Camelot?

TREBEK: Yes, Cheech?

MARIN: What is a baster?

TREBEK: Yes, you're the winner today your charity will get $50,000. And Nayista, and Anderson's charity $25,000 each.


COOPER: I know, I was so stunned because I won the first time on Jeopardy. Second time, that was the second time; I come back, I was all cocky. I'm like, Cheech Marin, he must have no synopsis. Because of all the pot; he's so smart, he's so quick, and by the way, a lovely guy as well. Really funny, really nice -

GRIFFIN: Don't try to walk it back.

COOPER: He destroyed me.

GRIFFIN: Easy, Kellyanne. Now look, the best part about (INAUDIBLE) was you saying, "I was so shocked." Meaning, that anyone would be smarter than you.

COOPER: No. No, no, no -

GRIFFIN: That is clearly the meaning. It's obvious.

COOPER: It was that, no, if you're going to lose from Cheech and Chong, you would think he smoked so much pot that maybe, you know -

GRIFFIN: No, I get it. Sister Mary Elephant. I know, the whole thing.

COOPER: The what?

GRIFFIN: The point is, the record -- Sister Mary Elephant. I know all the comedy records. So, you still haven't gotten over it.

COOPER: I haven't.

GRIFFIN: I have a really quick thing to recite to you. This country's two main ethnic group are: Punjabi, who are also found in India; and Pashtun, also living in Afghanistan. Anderson?

COOPER: Wait, I'm sorry. What? I didn't - I'm still thinking about Cheech.

GRIFFIN: Wait, I get you again?

COOPER: Yeah, but -

GRIFFIN: Everybody, play at home and let's see if you can get it faster than Anderson.

COOPER: Pakistan.


COOPER: Right. I did not get it - I didn't not get it in that?

GRIFFIN: No, because you pushed the button too late and you lost.

COOPER: Oh, OK. Great.

GRIFFIN: Well, actually, you tied, but someone else beat you because you didn't buzz in.


GRIFFIN: Is it all coming back to you now?


GRIFFIN: And who beat you?

COOPER: In this one? Oh, in -- that was the last time, Lara Logan.

GRIFFIN: A real journalist.

COOPER: Yeah. So, I've been on four times. I've lost twice, and I've won twice.

[23:55:00] GRIFFIN: Now, when you go to bed at night, how - what do you tell yourself to convince yourself you're smarter than Lara Logan.

COOPER: No, I don't think I am smarter than Lara Logan.

GRIFFIN: Like, do you like, beat yourself up; I hate myself.

COOPER: OK. Well, you know what was funny about that? Is, I was so cocky after the rehearsal -- I did so well on the rehearsal.

GRIFFIN: Yes, true.

COOPER: And I -- in fact, I did so well early on, the first round.

GRIFFIN: But, you never thought a girl could beat you.

COOPER: No, that I started giving her and the another person I was playing with, I can't even remember what. GRIFFIN: Advice?

COOPER: Advice, on how to win. And then she just destroyed me. She destroyed me and I bet all wrong. Anyway, it's not -

GRIFFIN: That's the relationship with all women. You don't, you don't - this is just coming into focus? You give them stuff and then they use it against you and destroy you.

COOPER: No, that's not true.

GRIFFIN: I wrapped you in tin. I have sprayed your face. I have done everything short of like shoot you in the beep, and the - I won't say it. I - how do you not -- Oh, I love it. I love this guy because he never gets it. It's awesome. You can wrap him in tin. You can wrap him in feelings. Oh, it's fantastic - it's an emotional night.

COOPER: It is an emotional night.

GRIFFIN: All right. So, when you lose Jeopardy and shame your mother, how do you - like, when you call your mom, how do you -

COOPER: That was the hardest loss.

GRIFFIN: How do you say it? Like, I'm going to be your mom.

COOPER: I didn't tell her. She doesn't care about that sort of things.

GRIFFIN: Yes, she does. She called me. She called me. So, I'm going to be your mom. Hello, Anderson, how did it go today?

COOPER: She didn't even know I was on Jeopardy.

GRIFFIN: Yes, she did.

COOPER: Well, you know what was hard? Walking in to the newsroom the next day and having to tell people, not only did you lost but Cheech Marin destroyed you.

GRIFFIN: Toobin? Was he hard on you? Toobin? Toobin can be ruthless, everybody knows that. Who else? Tapper? Oh, that Tapper let you have it.


GRIFFIN: Did Christine Robin, give you the one-finger salute?

COOPER: It was - that was - that was a hard one, and losing Alaric as we both were in 60 MINUTES. So --

GRIFFIN: Why do you keep going on? Just stick to the face. It's all about - it's all this, people. This is the money right here.

COOPER: I love Jeopardy, have you ever been on? You'll do really well. GRIFFIN: Hold on, I actually was on Rock 'n Roll Jeopardy. And I won. And I'm really proud because the questions were like, what is two plus two? So, I --

COOPER: Well, this is dumb - I was on the Dumbed Down Celebrity Jeopardy as well.

GRIFFIN: No, I was not rock 'n roll. Which isn't even on the air anymore.

COOPER: I will say - I will say.

GRIFFIN: Wait, but did Alex Trebek give you a look like, I know, you know Alex is like a how sad, he used to be something --

COOPER: I did, my third time, I did beat - I was up against Tom Friedman of The New York Times, and I was so nervous.

GRIFFIN: I know whose Tom Friedman is.

COOPER: And I did beat him. He's Pulitzer smart, not Jeopardy smart.

GRIFFIN: Tom Friedman, I know you're going to hear about this, some way. Just remember, Anderson Vanderbilt said you were Pulitzer smart. Which is like fakey smart, with a tone. And you noticed it all, what he learned at (INAUDIBLE). And it was -

COOPER: Pulitzer smart, is real smart. He is very smart.

GRIFFIN: Oh, wait. Are you accusing Tom Friedman of being merely Jeopardy smart?

COOPER: No, no, no. I'm only Jeopardy - not even Jeopardy smart. I'm like -

GRIFFIN: There you go, that's the answer I want. I'm not even Jeopardy smart. Everyone else is better. Good night, everybody, let's cue imagine, and then I won.

COOPER: Seven minutes, until the stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: You know, what does this mean? Because I know this move.

COOPER: I'm starting to feel a little nervous. No, but honestly, I was looking down to see where Richard Quest is just to check in with him. Let's quickly check in with Richard Quest.

GRIFFIN: Why not? He has a beautiful scarf.

COOPER: Richard, how is it going down with the crowd? How is going there?

QUEST: Good evening.

GRIFFIN: Look at the top hat.

QUEST: Raising the quality once again. Adding a bit of something. These two are the people who have been here -- why did you want to be here in Times Square?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because I've never been here, and I've always tried to come because you watch it when you're a kid on T.V., and I'm like I want to do that.

QUEST: And what do you think? Now, you have done it?


QUEST: All right. I want to have a quick practice. I want you to do five, four, three, two, one. We're just going to rehearse. Are you ready everyone? Here we go.

CROWD: Five, four, three, two, one!

QUEST: Now --

COOPER: It's not midnight yet. Richard, we're going to check in with you after midnight. It is six minutes to the stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: It's not midnight yet, Richard.

COOPER: At about - in about one minute, they're going to start to play John Lennon's: Imagine, we're going to bring that to you then you will see the ball drop. And you're going to experience what it's like to be here.

I got a text that kids call it, last night from a number I didn't recognize. It was none other than Kim Kardashian -

GRIFFINL: That's weird.

COOPER: And her text to me was - and by the way, I deleted the text because I was so -

GRIFFIN: Oh, no!

COOPER: No, because I was so afraid -


COOPER: -- of losing the phone and someone finding out her phone number.

GRIFFIN: Not my fault. Not my fault.

COOPER: No, no. Out of respect, I thought --

GRIFFIN: I told you he was like this. You thought, he was so sweet.

COOPER: Anyway, the text was; text A.C., please be sweet to my boo K.G. she's a national treasure.

GRIFFIN: She wrote that herself? Except, why did you read the part that said text A.C.?

COOPER: Well, that was -

GRIFFIN: You're not supposed to read the part where I clearly had to tell her.

COOPER: Well, that's OK.

GRIFFIN: She tell - for you to tell me I'm a national treasure.

COOPER: But that was - it was very sweet of her.

GRIFFIN: You like breaching the stage direction.

COOPER: And you know, everybody says anyways that she is sweet. We are about -- just about five minutes away from the New Year. Are you excited about 2017?

GRIFFIN: I'm excited to go on tour, I'm excited to sell my book. Which I love how people keep putting it away - it's a wonderful read. Fine. And how much of my book have you read? Your section?

COOPER: I've read. No, I've read the whole thing, actually.

GRIFFIN: What about your mother's section? About how I go to your mom's house and she is way more fun than you are.

COOPER: Oh, yes. She's more fun than me. Yes.

GRIFFIN: How many people have told you that, by the way.

COOPER: Everybody. I mean, all my life.

GRIFFIN: Ben Bradlee?

COOPER: Ben Bradlee, he shouldn't, really.

GRIFFIN: Jill Gray?

COOPER: Jill Gray is, and he's fun.

GRIFFIN: Wes Anderson?

COOPER: Wes Anderson, yeah, my mom has pool of interesting friends.

GRIFFIN: Now, why don't you go to her dinner parties anymore?

COOPER: She doesn't invite me. She invites you.

GRIFFIN: Glo, this is for you - this is for you, Glo.

COOPER: She wants to hang out with you more than she does with me.

GRIFFIN: I wonder why that is?

COOPER: She's a little more fun, there's no doubt it. There's no doubt about it, I fully admit it.

GRIFFIN: Next time, I might bring Skrillex. Your mom is - your mom's like, up on everything.

COOPER: So just - they're about to start John Lennon's Imagine, one of the traditions here in Times Square. We're going to bring that to you, and then you'll see also the ball drop. A lot to watch for, let's listen - let's listen in.

RACHEL PLATTEN, AMERICAN SINGER AND SONGWRITER: It's easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the people living for today. Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for and no religion, too. Imagine all the people living life in peace... You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one. Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger, no brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people there in all the world. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.

I love you guys so much, Happy New Year, everybody!

COOPER: And New York's Mayor is going to start the ball being lowered.

GRIFFIN: This is it, the big countdown, everybody.

COOPER: 1 minute, 51 seconds until 2017.

GRIFFIN: '17 or as you say, 2000 and 17. Look at this. I mean, it is packed tonight.

COOPER: As many as a million people here waiting to celebrate the New Year. It's actually night-ish but isn't bitter, bitter cold.

COOPER: I mean, we've had some really cold nights.

GRIFFIN: Oh, yeah.

COOPER: And here we go. Get ready, and count along with us at home.

GRIFFIN: Yeah! The entire city is just pulsing with excitement.

COOPER: And 10 seconds -

COOPER AND GRIFFIN: Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year, everybody!