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The man, who police say was behind the Barcelona attack, is considered armed and dangerous; The suspicious person who appeared to be wearing an explosives belt has been shot in police in the town of Subirats; This is a story, not about the murders, but about the people who they stole lives from, 15 people in total. Aired 11-12p ET

Aired August 21, 2017 - 11:00   ET



BECKY ANDERSON, CNN HOST: I'm Becky Anderson. You're watching Connect The World.

Huge moving story right now out of Barcelona, the man, who police say was behind the Barcelona attack, is considered armed and dangerous. Police now

admit Younes Abouyaaqoub evaded capture just over an hour after a van ran into crowd in Las Ramblas Avenue. The search for the 22-year-old Moroccan

national extends across Europe. And the number of victims in the attack in Barcelona and Cambrills has risen to 15. They include 7-year-old Julian

Cadman, an Australian-British schoolboy who was initially reported missing following the Barcelona attack.

While we are getting conflicting information about what is going on as we speak, this is need a police operation on the way about 45 minutes from

Barcelona in a place called Subirats. I believe my colleague, Melissa Bell, has more on this story. She has been working her sources. Melissa, you're

on Las Ramblas Avenue, on the scene, what can you tell us about this ongoing police operation at this point?

MELISSA BELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, for the time being of course, that what we have been expecting these last few hours really, Becky, given only

information that we have is the results of this ongoing investigation is that authorities were really closing in on the only person who is still on

the run. We have no confirmation specifically of what is going on that town. But clearly, things are building up, so that all the different parts

of that jigsaw we have been talking about these last few days had at last started to take shape.

We now have a picture, Becky, of course that crucial house on Wednesday night. In those remains, they found DNA which showed that it was a body of

an imam that is now considered crucial to this investigation. An imam, it is believed, Becky, who has the man who lead eight young men, that's what

we were hearing from people up in Ripoll yesterday talking to people, relative to some of these men, eight of whom come from this town, saying

look, we believe that the imam brainwashed our son, that he was behind their change.

ANDERSON: Earlier I spoke with the Spanish Foreign Minister, I just want you to stand by, Melissa, while we hear from the Spanish Foreign Minister.

This is Alfonso Dastis. I asked him what we know about this imam, this Moroccan imam, suspected to be involved or possibly the ring leader of this

entire operation. Have a listen to this. We will talk again.


ALFONSO DASTIS. SPANISH FOREIGN MINISTER: These are pieces of information that we are getting. I'm not certain that he was involved with the killings

in 2004, but it is true that we have learned that he was around Brussels recently. And it clearly appears that he's sort of a spiritual influence

behind the activities of these people who had been radicalized by him.

ANDERSON: Are you concerned then, Sir, that there seems to have been a failing of intelligence at this character, Essati, this Moroccan imam was

not on authorities' radar? And critics are suggesting that Spain itself has been slow to share intelligence with other organizations across Europe.

What do you say to those critics?

DASTIS: Well, you know it's impossible to have a serial risk. We have always emphasized the importance of intelligence sharing. We practice it

with our neighbors and we all the countries that we estimate that you know in the possibilities of being victims of terror attacks. We certainly do it

with the Moroccan intelligence services and with France. But as I said, I don't think it's absolutely impossible. I don't think it's possible to

guarantee hundred percent security and to guarantee that whatever the efforts of those intelligence services as I said cooperated very closely,

there may be a possibility of someone escaping our attention a certain point in time.

[11:05:15] ANDERSON: Were you aware, Sir, that a State Department cable, a U.S. State Department cable, dated October 2, 2017 somewhat foreshadowed

this. It read in part, and I quote, there is little doubt that the autonomous region of Catalonia has become a prime base of operations for

terrorist activity, the reads. Can you just give us a sense of what you understand to be the problems with activity in these region, given that

just over the month, couple of years, or past months, and a couple of years, there have been a myriad of arrests of those associated. For

example, facilitation cells, and I ask again, has there a failing of intelligence here?

DASTIS: Look, as you yourself said, most of the arrests that have been produced in Spain in the last few months or even years, and do remember

that ever since the killings in 2004, we have been successful in preventing any incidents and the attacks -- terrorist attacks, most of those arrests

have taken place in Barcelona, in Catalonia. But as I have said, I think it is virtually impossible that you can assure hundred percent security.

And unfortunately, that has been the case. I don't think it's the fault of anyone in particular. We do our best to corporate all you know, internally,

the different police forces and with our neighbors and allies.

ANDERSON: Finally, Sir, on Sunday, a seven-year-old boy became the latest victim to be named. Authorities say Julian Cadman was killed by that

speeding van in Las Ramblas. This is clearly a very, very tragic situation in the names of those who have lost their lives still to be released, what

is your message to the outside world?

DASTIS: Our message is that we have to stay to together and we have to fight together against this abominable scourge of terrorism. We are all

involved in this, so we have to cooperate very forcefully. It is very sad that people of different ages, but in particular young children, this

Australian child, but there was also a 3-year-old Spaniard, that was also killed in the accident. And we have to be aware that this is something that

is being carried out against any country that cherishes its freedom. And it is not something directed against a particular country or in particular

religion, we all have to stay together and fight together. And we will finally be successful in destroying this scourge.


ANDERSON: With the foreign minister just some moments before we came to air. I want to be very transparent about what is going on here as we speak.

We are getting information that there is a police operation on the way in a town of Subirats, that's about 45 minutes from here, about 20 kilometers

from here in Barcelona to the south, more information will follow.

We can't confirm who it is, who is involved in this operation. What we do know is that the driver of the van cloud through Las Ramblas in Barcelona

on Friday, killing Julian Cadman and 12 others. He is still on the lose. And there is an international operation now across boarders to try and

locate him. Let me get you back to Melissa who is on Las Ramblas. What else can you tell us about where police are in this investigation, and

indeed any more about the victims of these terrible attacks?

BELL: Well, first of all, on the investigation, Becky, we are getting new information about this raid that you mentioned in Subirats. This raid that

is even now going on, we are hearing from Mossos that is the local Catalonian police that are seeking a suspicious person there. So again,

perhaps suggesting, Becky, that we are moving into the final stages in attempt of this investigation. We have learned so much as a result of that,

but of course, as long as we have Younes Abouyaaqoub remains out on the street, the investigation will continue. Clearly, it is urgent that he is

found in order to get some pieces can finally be fitted together. Becky.

[11:10:27] ANDERSON: What about the victims?

BELL: And the victims, we now have a much clearer picture of those injured as well. And what is striking, Becky, is the diversity of nationalities.

And even tonight, in Las Ramblas, it is much as it would have been last Thursday. There are hundreds of people milling around, hundreds of

supporters. But this is different, every tree and every lamppost have make memorials around them. It seems to grow day by day. So there is still

grieving there. There is still a sense of shock at what happened. Also, all that resilience and solidarity we have been talking about, but Las Ramblas

looks very much as it would have on Thursday night. Becky.

ANDERSON: Melissa on Las Ramblas. And she says those memorials to those who lost their lives, growing by the moment. It is really a remarkable

scene, in what is once again a very, very, very busy boulevard -- pedestrian boulevard where people have taken it upon themselves to continue

and to use that boulevard in defiance saying in Catalan, in English, and in any other language that you will find speaking here, we are not afraid.

Let's bring in local journalist, Sara Canals, now. You were one of the first voices we have heard on CNN as this incident unfolded. How do you

feel this city is coping?

SARA CANALS, BTV REPORTER: Well, they are trying of course to move on with this, we're not afraid quotation. We are trying to keep life back to

normal. Yesterday, I was walking around and there were a lot of people there, but of course, I think since we -- no if the driver is arrested or

shot down, we went back to normal.

ANDERSON: Younes Abouyaaqoub is on the run and authorities say he is armed. And we will keep our viewers up-to-date on what we know as -- there

is as you can see on our screens a continued operation as we speak, going on for what authorities say are calling a suspicious person in a place

called Subirats which is about 20 kilometers, sorry 45 kilometers, 20 minutes or so from here.

Barcelona is a major tourist destination for young people across Europe and the world, do you get any sense that people will be reluctant to come here

going forward?

CANALS: Well, we have been seeing for the last couple of years, different attacks in Europe and also people here from Barcelona are used to travel

around Europe. It is pretty common to go away for a weekend, not only international tourists coming here. So I think the last attacks didn't --

traveling and visiting Europe, I don't think this will change that much. I think this threat is an international threat, not only a local threat.

ANDERSON: You have done a lot of work with the Muslim community here. According to data compiled by one Madrid base, that is the quarter of all

Spanish suspects arrested in connection with radical Jihadism and there have been quite some few between 2013 and 2016 from this, either the

Catalan capital or the surrounding area. When you speak to the Muslim community here and they consider how they go about trying to ensure their

youngsters don't get radicalized, what do they tell you?

CANALS: Well, first of all, they are really worried. I have been doing some work with some Muslims actually in the center and they are really worried

because of course there is a part of the society who kind of targets Muslims because of that. So they want to fight not only against

radicalization, but also against this hatred that we can't deny that these attacks are causing. And also, they are struggling to do a lot of work to

try to detect radical behaviors.

For example, they work with schools. They are translating to spread it around to all the communities, all the Muslim communities in here. And when

I talk to them, one of my questions is how do you detect these behaviors. And all they say mostly when someone comes into the mosques and they say

passages from the Koran, they take it out of the context, and maybe they do a more extreme repetition. That's when they actually think that they have

to do something about it. And I ask them did you find people like this in your mosques. And of course, they said yes, they have been dealing with for

years now.

[11:15:43] ANDERSON: It is too familiar I'm afraid as we report on these stories, not just here, but across Europe, Mainland Europe, and in the U.K.

Sara Canals, thank you.

CANALS: Thank you.

ANDERSON: A suspicious person who appeared to be wearing an explosives belt was shot by police in the town of Subirats. The Catalan police are

telling us now on Twitter, you would have known if you have been with us now for the past 15 minutes or so. If you haven't, I would repeat. There

has been an ongoing operation in a town of Subirats. This is to the south of Barcelona. It wasn't clear who the character involved in this operation

was, but it does now seem that the latest we are getting from police is that there appears to be a character wearing an explosives belt, shot by

police in that town. This is according to the Catalan police. We are going to get more for you on that as we work our sources. I'm going to take a

very, very quick break. We will be right back right after this.


ANDERSON: The suspicious person who appeared to be wearing an explosives belt has been shot in police in the town of Subirats. This is according to

the Catalan police. That is a release that they have made on Twitter. Salma Abdelaziz is joining me now. You have been working with sources.

Salma, what do we know at this point?

SALMA ABDELAZIZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: What we do know so far, Becky, is that this suspect has been taken down. We don't know if that means if he is

alive or dead point. We don't know who he is, but we know he has an explosives vest around him, or what appeared to be an explosives vest. This

is a key detail because if you're remember in Cambrills, those five men that were shot by police, they were also wearing what appeared to be

explosives belt. This makes us wonder how he is linked to this terror.

Now, there is one suspect that we're looking for now, and police are looking for now, and that is Younes Abouyaaqoub, the 22-year-old Moroccan

national, the driver of the van that came barreling down Las Ramblas, killing 13 people. He is still at large remember, and we have a Europe-wide

manhunt for him. Could he be the suspect, we don't know yet, but we're still working on it with our sources to find out.

[11:20:10] ANDERSON: So let's be very, very clear about this. This is an ongoing operation, a character who appeared to be needs to be wearing

explicit has been taken down by police in Subirats, which is south here of Barcelona. This is at the same time as we are well aware that the

outstanding member of this operation, this terrible operation late last week, which has taken out so many people and injured so many more, this

character, the van driver, as they have pointed out, is the only outstanding character now on the run. And police say he could be armed.

ABDELAZIZ: Exactly. He could be armed. Now, remember, he is not just armed, he is armed and quite dangerous. He has fled on foot twice,

remember. So the first time, let's kind of go through that timeline again, 5 o'clock local time, he comes barreling down, he killed 13 people, he

flees on foot, he finds a man parking his vehicle, stabbed him to death, throws his body out of the vehicle, and starts driving again.

When he comes upon a check point an hour later, at 6 o'clock local time on Thursday, he tries to ram that hijacked vehicle through the checkpoint,

which police fire upon him and he flees on foot for a second time. It's absolutely amazing, Becky. This man will do anything to get away from the


ANDERSON: One of my producers has some images. I know we have some images or I hope we got some images of this character. Just after he fled, the

scene in Las Ramblas was caught in CCTV cameras running through what is a market of course, just off of Las Ramblas. These are some of the other

images. Let's see what we got. As we look at these images, this is the man we are talking about.

ABDELAZIZ: That's right, Becky. He was running through La Boqueria. It is a beautiful market that is just outside Las Ramblas, full of colorful

fruits and vegetables. He fled on foot through that market as we have said, running and hijacking that vehicle to get away. The question now about

where he is and what he is doing. Remember now, immediately after this attack, they notified that border between Spain and France to try to stop

anyone coming through. But the fact that he has escaped twice is a matter of question.

And let's think about what could potentially be one of the masterminds or one of the people linked to the attack. An imam from Belgium, could he

potentially have links from other mosques? This is what authorities are going to be really trying to drill on and working with the European

intelligence agencies.

ANDERSON: Salma is with me here in Barcelona, as is Melissa Bell, joining us again from Las Ramblas Avenue, the scene of Thursday's horror. Melissa,

what have you got?

BELL: Well, we are learning of course more about this raid. A man has been killed -- has been shot, I'm sorry by police, a man believed to have been

wearing an explosives vest. We don't know much more than that, whether it is real or fake, and whether he is or not the last man that was being

searched for by police or someone else entirely. No statements yet have been made by Catalonian police. But clearly, we are getting to a state

where investigators are making a great deal of progress. They try to unravel the person.

As you can see, all around me tonight, here on Las Ramblas, life is very much, Becky, as it would have been probably last Thursday at about 5 pm.

There are hundreds of people going up and down the street. They come from all over the world. As you can see, all along, this is perhaps the big

difference with last Thursday. We are seeing these memorials, Becky. We have seen them in Paris, we have seen them in Berlin, we have seen them in

Manchester, and of course, in London. This time in Barcelona as people try to put a name on what happened last Thursday night, to try and pay their

respect, life is certainly getting back to normal.

ANDERSON: Melissa, it appears to me as I was walking down Las Ramblas, amongst so many people earlier on today. And it was really, really busy. It

occurred to me as I was stopping to pay my own respects at each of those memorials, just know long the area is? I mean, just how far that van

actually got before this character, the attacker, jumped out of that van and fled. Let's try to open up the camera. We will walk away from the

camera a little bit, so we can see a sense of just how far that stretch of Las Ramblas is. And it is also a long way before he fled.

BELL: He got quite far, Becky. Just to give you an idea, if we can point the camera up Las Ramblas.


BELL: It is really in the heart of Barcelona. This is where the tourists come, probably first and foremost, all the way down there, which today,

even now, has the biggest memorial. I can show you down there that he finished his rampage. It will give you an idea of just how long, how

terrifying it must have been.


ANDERSON: Melissa Bell for you in the center of Barcelona. Let's not forget, this is a story, not about the murders, but about the people who

they stole lives from, 15 people in total. Among that number is one small boy, Julian Cadman, just seven years old, 7-year-old child. Seven Network

Australia's Cath Turner has more.


CATH TURNER, SEVEN NETWORK AUSTRALIA: After days of uncertainty, Julian Cadman's family visited the morgue confirming the worst, their little boy

was killed in the attack. In a statement, the Cadman family said as he was enjoying the sights of Barcelona with his mother, Julian was sadly taken

from us. He was so energetic, funny, and cheeky, always bringing a smile to our faces. We are so blessed to have had him in our lives, and we remember

his smiles and hold his memories dear to our hearts.

The seven-year-old held Australian-British citizenship. He and his mother had been in Barcelona for a family wedding. She remains in hospital

recovering from injuries suffered in the attack. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop confirmed the government is supporting Julian's family and will

continue to provide consular assistance to those caught up in the attacks and to their loved ones.

At Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia, a nation and the world mourned led by the king and queen of Spain. The Archbishop of Barcelona passing on the

Pope's prayers and condolences.

CARDINAL JUAN JOSE OMELLA, ARCHBISHOP OF BARCELONA: Pope Francis expresses his most deep sorrow for the victims who have lost their lives in such an

inhumane action. I pray for their eternal rest.

TURNER: Police now say the Gaudi-inspired cathedral may have been intended target for the terrorists. They found more than 100 gas tanks at the south

of Barcelona. One man Younes Abouyaaqoub, remains on the run.


ANDERSON: Much more from Barcelona.

Just ahead, a surgeon who treated some of the victims, he describes to CNN what he saw and what he will never forget. We will take a very short break.

We will be back after this.


[11:30:44] BECKY ANDERSON, CONNECT THE WORLD, CNN: A visibly emotional Neymar former Barcelona football his new club Paris Benjamin honored the

victims of last week carnage here in Spain. Come back here in the CNN Barcelona a suspicious person who appeared to be wearing an explosives belt

was shot by police in the town of Subirats, According to the police that being reported, let's bring in a local journalist Sara Canals who has been

working her resources on this. What do we know about this point about what was going on there in that town just South of Barcelona.

SARA CANALS, LOCAL JOURNALIST, BARCELONA: In Subirats, well there has been ongoing operations right now, we cannot confirm yet either if the who was

shot down is the attacker, but some media has been persuading about it, so we have to wait until the police updated us. Well some of our sources

saying that a woman cell, whether she is part of the attacker -

ANDERSON: The van driver.

CANALS: Yes and then she called the police and then the operation is on the way, there might be an explosive, now police is testing whether they

are safe or not and we will see if we can finally say that the attacker is arrested, but we are still waiting for that.

ANDERSON: The disappearance of the van driver of the van that make people down in front of us on Thursday and he fled and he is still on the road

we've been told today that he is on the run and possibly armed, we now know in the pass that there has been this operation out of Barcelona putting the

pieces together is too soon at the moment, we will bring more information as we get, we have been talking this hour about the effects this attack in

Barcelona, the attack in Gambrills is now, as we understand it explosives house in (inaudible) the information about the town of Ripoll to the north

of here, the impact it has on Barcelona and the Society, how would you describe it?

CANALS: the thing is pretty shocking, first of all, because we are talking not only about an operation in Barcelona, but on the different regions on

Katarina, Katarina is a pretty small region from Spain and we see that this cell was in Ripoll in attacking Cambridge, cooking the explosives here, so

that makes us that they are really preparing for the attack, which should maybe put more efforts on tackling this cells that are little by little

settling down across the territory. Not only in Barcelona in the (inaudible) in this neighborhood with a high immigration.

ANDERSON: It seems clear that most of this cell is from Ripoll's from the north, before we have this conversation, I want to talk about the

integration of those from the north, for example and form the society. A very, very quick update on this cell that you got here, the Catalan police

saying that the unit use to dismantle explosives is now using a robot to approach the suspect who has been shot in Subirats and according to

Twitter, an official account from the police sources here, it is unclear now if the suspect is dead or alive he had been shot down or taken down.

That is the very latest as we understand, apologies for - apologies he views as well for focusing on the conversation that we are having were very

important of you the information we have as quickly as possible. Just how to integrate it is?

CANALS: Well I think for a less a few years, immigration had been reintegrated with African police for the refugee crisis, that people here

form the Catalina had step up to welcome refugees, they did a huge demonstration on February, welcoming refugees, I think the sight is pretty

united on this, but there is also a portion of population who feel like marginalized maybe towns like Ripoll or rural areas.

[11:35:25] ANDERSON: Just yesterday a huge show of support from Catalan, a very big anti-ISIS, anti-attack demonstration by many Muslims who were

shouting, we are Catalan, we are Muslim and support from society.

CANALS: Exactly and I think it is really important also for moving on this attack that we say that we are not scared of integration, diversity and

that we are an international city.

ANDERSON: We have been discussing and I put on the great question to the Foreign Minister just in the past hour as to whether signals from this

whether intelligence that may be shared more than you when you report your sources is there a sense that this was miss, this attack?

CANALS: Honestly I think I was a little bit surprised that police were not able to prevent it, because as you have seen on the show, we have the

intelligence in 2004 and I have a sense of a journalist that police were pretty prepared. This year we have seen police and Muslims as well whether

this mental, huge terrorist cell who are in charge with the Brussels attack and the Paris attackers so, for me I want surprise because I had seen the

police here are quite prepared and for it was a shocked and also (inaudible) is a pretty crowded area and not only for tourist, but also for

people like us in Barcelona, and I am surprised that they couldn't stop something like this, in fact when we are talking in ---

ANDERSON: As we talked, I am just going to get our views about the very latest pictures coming in from Subirats in Spain again, south of here.

There is an ongoing operation, the bomb squad there, we are now being told by Catalan police using a robot to get closer to a man they have describe

as having taken down. We can't confirm whether he is dead or alive. It is unclear at this present, the police -- the Catalan police there telling us

that he has been shot down. Some reports appeared to be - he appeared to be wearing an explosive belt. Can't confirm whether it was a real belt or

not but these are the very latest pictures as we all getting them from the time Subirats in Spain, 5:38 pm local time here in Spain and an ongoing

operation there as we get more. We will bring it to you, but I want to stay on this pictures as long as we have them and while we continue to just

discuss what this city of Barcelona and so many other now we understand spots around the Catalan coast to the north has been through. You said

that this is, you know we heard people say we are not afraid we will get over this and get those tourist back on the streets and this is a familiar

scene, we have seen this across Europe. But you say there is a sense of shock, isn't it?

CANALS: Yes and there is another point on this matter that Barcelona is a pretty small city, for example we know, we confirmed today that the

attacker take some and go in the city so, , he left the van and walk for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. They go back to park their car and then it is

just everything that is supposed to people who wait here, that is pretty scary even if we are trying to say there is no fear, of course things will

change after this.

ANDERSON: We will take a very sort break, 5:39 in about 20 to six the evening on the is the current state of affairs just south of the here what

we are in Barcelona images coming to you live up what is now ongoing police operation, taking a very short break.

[11:40:02] We will get you what we can after this.


ANDERSON: All right the latest news from right here in Spain, you are looking at live pictures. Police say a special unit use to dismantle

explosives is on sight. It is a robot to approach a suspect he was being shot in Subirats according to the Catalan police, the time of the

organization now admitting (inaudible) evaded capture just an hour of he ran his van into a crowd on an Avenue. The 22 year old National extends

across Europe as we understand it. Police had said he is still on the run and that he could be armed.

Relating the two incidents at present, this guy being on the run and to what is going on Subirats too early to do that. A number of victims in

Barcelona that include 7 year old Julian Cadman, an Australian British school boy who was initially reported missing following the Barcelona

attack. Let's get back to Melissa Bell who is on the Rambus Avenue, for the Thursday's horror, Melissa?

MELISSA BELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: All alive very much on that town with that ongoing police operation of course, to try and workout how it fit in

to all this for the time being, they are linking it actually with the only thing that really matters to investigators at this point which is getting

their hands on (inaudible) last remaining suspected terrorist still to be on the run.

And of course we are learning a lot more about, he was one of the many who came from that town Ripoll's one of eight of the suspected attacker, Becky

what is emerging is the clear picture of the role of the Imam that we now know died there Imam that died in (inaudible) that might have played in

encouraging them to take up arms to get involved in this. And we are learning of course from the relatives of those who have died who say that

they believe some of their love ones may have been brainwash as we heard from a number of relatives. This is how the pieces of that puzzle are

beginning to come together, of course the big question mark will be on precisely at whom police have tonight shot down in Subirats.

ANDERSON: That is right and the pictures on the screen for our viewers, beside you as you speak as we keep this images up, a live operation going

on just South of Barcelona here in Subirats.

[11:45:00] Melissa you were in Ripoll's for some 24 hours. You were back yesterday won't you describe for our viewers the sense of shock from what

is such a small community there as we learned as many as eight if not more of this cell that were behind this atrocious attacks here in Spain.

BELL: Very small town, very unlikely small town. We are talking about the Spanish (inaudible) Becky, where eight of this suspected terrorist came

from including this Imam who his remains is now been found. It is very quiet, it was more famous for than night century monastery than anything

else, Becky until now suddenly you have this families all this alleged terrorist turning on their television and realizing that the people they

knew and love had been involve what is involved in many of them came out spontaneously on to the square on Saturday night, there were extraordinary

scenes there, crying and waling and really distancing themselves also from what they have done, there were sisters, there were mothers and their

fathers in a very sort of public outpouring of grief. And that is something that we have seen here. Perhaps the cultural thing that came

much more that what we have seen in London or in Paris. People coming down on to the streets not only to grief but also to debate, we have seen big

argument breakout between opposing groups, we have seen a demonstration by far right activist, the poll, immigration policy and we have seen far

greater numbers of people who oppose them. Carrying great banners saying neither ISIS nor fascism and this debate had being held very publicly all

over. Well like we saw on Ripoll's, the relative of the alleged terrorist.

ANDERSON: Melissa Bell, in the center of Barcelona. I want to take you back to Subirats that she's where we have been talking about what is an

ongoing operation, the Catalan police saying that had asked which is now the unit used to dismantle explosives if you think a robots reproach a

suspect he was being shot in Subirats, unclear that suspect is dead or alive, he has been shot down in (inaudible), one being told before we move

on to the things of the geographies that I only write the live images coming through us from the rest on the map in less than an hour's drive

from where we are here in Barcelona in a very small area of this clearly -- the investigation moving a very fast phase and we are all over it. So much

going on this part of Spain. We are in Barcelona and of course the surrounding area is in play as well, everything moving very quickly and

more breaking news coverage after this.


ANDERSON: The latest news right here in Spain where a major police operation going on right now, a man who police call a suspicious person has

been shot.

[11:50:05] He may be wearing an explosive belts, police using robots to take off the potential explosives apart and this is scene live at 10 to 6

there in Subirats in Spain where that is going on.

Our sources telling us, that they cannot confirm the identity of the man who has been taken down, just south of Barcelona here today to remind you

that these units (inaudible) evaded capture just over an hour, a van that he was driving around into a crowd unless Rambus Avenue on Thursday the

search for the 22-year-old Moroccan national extending across Europe there is an arrest warrant out for internationally in the number of victims in

the attacks in Barcelona Cambria has now sadly risen to 15 and they include 7 year old Julie Cadman, an Australian British School boy who was initially

reported missing following the Barcelona attack. These attack had hit Spain of course affected an awful lot of people. Mothers, fathers and

those who was directly involved on the blast that got involved subsequently. CNN Salma has more on a doctor who stayed out all night

treating the victims and experiencing moments that left him shaking.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That is right Becky, he is a 29 year old medical residence he never thought that this scenes like this before. He thought

he had seen Paris, when it came to Barcelona it was different, take a listen to what he has to say.

ANDERSON: All right we hadn't have that report at present but he will as we line up, just tell me what he told you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To this doctor like I said a 29 year old medical residence who called at the moment that is happening. Again like you said

this has affected every corner of the globe. 34 different nationality that are victims.

ANDERSON: As we try to cue on this report, when we first got here, I mean we were talking to those who had been involved in this attack, there is a

tidal wave of people, screaming down at Rambus, the problem is they didn't speak Spanish so they could not tell even what police are telling them to



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dozens of victims rush out for treatment, most came here hospital Delmar. Dr. Galego hadn't even finished his surgical

residency here, still he sprang into action.

TRANSLATOR: At the first I felt a little bit of fear of not knowing what we are facing when I came in contact with the patient with the reality of

what happened then I started that initial feeling of fear and uncertainty of not knowing what is happening. You let her go and I started to act.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you walked in the hospital that night, what did you see?

TRANSLATOR: At the beginning I saw chaos as you expect is chaos, but inside this chaos there was order. I was surprised by everyone's

participation all the other residents surgical staff everyone came here to help on the injured that were coming in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One terrified patient pleaded for the doctor to help find her love one.

TRANSLATOR: She was not worried about her injuries but was she valued more was to know the situation of the relative who is not in our hospital and we

cannot give any information she was critical to but she did not care if you do not care how hurt she was, she just wanted to know about family.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: At dawn he finally went home but he could rest.

TRANSLATOR: After moment of laying on my bed to sleep the realities of them all the terrible things that happened became clearer suddenly the

truth felt like a slap in the face, but does not let you sleep quietly. I began to remember all the victims thinking of each one by one and

everything that happened.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As patients recover in hospital resilience on the beach front, a city refusing out here, (inaudible) CNN Barcelona.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think what is interesting there Becky is him saying I can't sleep that night, I had those moment of nightmare and thinking of

the patients one by one. We are talking in front of the hospital and right in front of it a beach front and there people playing volleyball and I

think that is really what he wanted to communicate about Barcelona, he said we are strong, this is what I expect to get back on our feet again.

[11:55:13] ANDERSON: She might expect the dog shadow across this city literally you could see there the sun shining, but there is a shadow that

it was an emotional one, but also a very real way, life is pouring out of every avenue, people chatting over a coffee, they are allowed to drink, if

you asked this town, the answer is sure that have a heavy heart but it is widely the only one Barcelona, I am Beck Anderson and everybody on my team

will leave you with a view not of terror but as Spain's crown jewel.