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We Need To Talk; Scandal Shockwaves; Stealing Secrets; Disgrace Movie Mogul; Wall Street Journal reporter convicted on terror charges in Turkey; Trump makes fresh threats to terminate NAFTA; U.S. fail to qualify for first time since 1986; Eminem blasts U.S. president over NFL protest. Aired 11-12n ET

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[11:00:23] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need to sit down and really talk.


LYNDA KINKADE, CONNECT THE WORLD, CNN: Talking about a political earthquake that is what Catalonian wants, but Spain is not the mood. Sit-

down with the Catalan president just ahead as we go live to Barcelona.

Also this hour one woman tells me her story about film mogul Harvey Weinstein as harassment allegations stack up sending shockwaves through

Washington and Hollywood.

Plus, is this the newest weapon in North Korea's capital. We will look at North Korea fired the (inaudible) and one big success in this hour.

Hello and welcome to "Connect the World." I'm Lynda Kinkade live in Atlanta filling in for Becky Anderson. Good to have you with us.

Discussions without precondition, that is the Catalonian president is opening to Spain's leader. A door that could lead to new era in the

country's history. In an exclusive interview (inaudible) told CNN that the relationship between Spain and Catalonia is not working. Rather than

declare independence he says talking is at least for now the way forward.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE(TRANSLATOR): I believe that today we find ourselves in a moment of most importance that we have no prior conditions to sit down and

talk except that we must dialogue within adequate condition. Maybe it could help dialogue if two people from the Catalan government and two

people from the Spanish government simply agreed in one simple thing, but we cannot ignore the fact that talks need to come from recognizing reality

and that is what we need to talk about. The relationship Catalonia and Spain does not work and they want to make it an independent state. And

they want to do that in agreement with the Spanish state but we need to do that without conditions. We need to sit down and really talk.


KINKADE: Winning over Spain's prime mister will not be easy. Earlier he was asked to clarify his stance a in the past hour with Rajoy went on to

say what is happening in Catalonia is one of the worst moment in the recent history of democracy. Atika Shubert is joining us with more. Atika this

speech seemed to create more confusion than clarity. All he wants to do is talk.

ATIKA SHUBERT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes. We seem to be entering this protracted battle of words now between the Spanish Prime Minister and the

Catalan President. Since then we have heard from the Prime Minister and he is been very clear, he is batted the ball Catalonian court basically saying

you know listen did you declare independence or not? A declaration of independence as far as Spain is concerned is illegal, but he is not going

to enter into any dialogue until the Catalan President backs down. It seems that both sides are entrenched at the moment and we are waiting to

see how he responds to the statements that Spain is not going to be entering into dialogue for now. Either which way, what this means I that

there seems to be a play for time and that clearly is a disappointment to many here in Catalonia.

KINKADE: Tell us about the response there Atika, because given that 90 percent of the people that voted in the referendum voted for independence

what is the feeling there? What are people saying?

SHUBERT: Well, you know I think there is no doubt that there is, you know, quite a lot of people here in Catalonia who were hoping for a complete form

of independence. There were tens of thousands of people hanging on to every word that the Catalan President said in his speech and it was a huge

cheer that went up, when they heard what they thought was a declaration of independence. But then you could see the confused look on their faces as

they realized that this was an independence that would have been suspended. A number of people told me that they were shocked and they expected a delay

like this would happen.

[11:05:06] So clearly there's disappointment, but I have to say also there also a portion of the Catalan society here that does not want independence.

I think overall it's a big mixed feelings here. While some people want independence they may not be realistic to do it right now, so they are

waiting to see, what are the options, what is the timeframe for any possibility of independence.

KINKADE: Certainly a lot of questions there. Atika Shubert, good to have you with us from Barcelona. Thank you very much.

When and if Catalonia declares independence from Spain, it would find itself outside of the European union overnight. The UK is already going

through the difficult process of leaving the EU and when it comes to the economy, the UK finance minister says there's a cloud of uncertainty over



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We also have to consider the possibility of a breakdown in negotiations where we have noncooperation. And worst case scenario even

a situation where people are not necessarily acting in their own economic self-interests. We need to prepare for a wide range of scenarios.


KINKADE: Well, for more on all of this, let's bring in Diana Magnay who is at 10 downing street. The British finance minister saying he doesn't want

to put a contingency plan in place if the Brexit talks fail. He says it's too soon. But the progress seems to be very slow.

DIANA MAGNAY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes what the chancellor is saying is not that he doesn't want to put a contingency plan in place. They outline what

contingency plans in case of a no deal scenario might be, what he has been saying he is not prepared to commit the cash to those contingency plans

until it is responsible to do so because these contingency plans could cost a great deal of money and backlash against that. Theresa May in Prime

Minister question time and answered common a little earlier, clarified the money committed and added is. Let's take a listen.


THERESA MAY, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: Has committed over 250 million pounds of new money to departments like (inaudible) and DFT in this financial year

for Brexit, preparations and in some cases, departments will need to spend money before the relevant legislation has gone through the house and I can

tell the house that the treasury will write to departments and to the public accounts committee explaining this process shortly. So where money

needs to be spent, it will be spent.


MAGNAY: That is partly because both the chancellor and Theresa May are trying to pacify the right wing Brexiteer and those who fear that Brexit

will be frustrated and namely the treasury is doing what it can to make sure that the Brexit exit takes a very long time. It's partly to say,

look, we are committing funds to the process. and also because it gives the UK more weight in the Brussels talks or at least that is what the Prime

Minister would be hoping.

KINKADE: Speaking about the Prime Minister, Dian, she took a call yesterday from the public and when asked about what she would do if there

was another Brexit vote, she refused to answer three times. What are people making with that?

MAGNAY: She did and she said that was because she wasn't going to be drawn on hypotheticals, that she would make a decision based upon the economics

of the moment which have changed very much since she last made her vote which was of course, to remain. She is never been a particularly committed

remain or and never was at the time of the referendum and the response has been fairly muted. You would expect the likes of Nigel would come out and

condemn this comments which he did and that is because those on the right, the Brexiteers feel in a way that we need leader who is convinced of Brexit

to push through Brexit, but she is saying that is all academic. We're not going to have a second referendum. It doesn't matter which way I would

vote now, because it's not going to happen. What matters is for us to go forward with Brexit and that is what I'm going to do and actually even

though those comments made the front pages today and there's been a bit of conversation over twitter, it hasn't been as strong of a response from the

right-wing Brexiteers as you might have expected. Boris Johnson and others who have aligned themselves with that side of the party really have been

really quiet and after Monday's speech in parliament, they said, OK. Listen we all need to just get behind the Prime Minister. We need to stop

arguing about transitional phase and really look at the end goal which is the future trading relationship and focus our energies on trying to achieve

the best possible deal for that scenario. Lynda?

[11:10:16] KINKADE: Ok. Interesting to get that perspective from London. Diana Magnay good to have you with use, thank you.

Now to the growing threat from North Korea. A South Korean lawmaker tells CNN that North Korean has hackers stole secret military documents from

South Korea defense ministry. He says that it includes war plans of the U.S. and South Korea. And plans to decapitate Pyongyang's leadership in

case of war. CNN's will Ripley reports.


WILL RIPLEY, INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, CNN: The biggest threat from North Korea may not be its rapidly growing nuclear arsenal. The biggest

threat experts say, may be far more insidious.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE(TRANSLATOR): North Korea cyber weapons are just as destructive as conventional weapon. The former presidential adviser

founded Korea University, department of cyber defense and says North Korean cyberattacks could paralyze power grids and financial markets, cripple

communications and weapons systems. A


RIPLEY: South Korean lawmaker, a member of the country's defense committee says North Korea hackers stole highly classified U.S. and South Korean

military documents last year, including war plans. Cyber security company fire eye says hackers, likely affiliated e with the North Korean

government, recently targeted U.S. energy companies. Probing for vulnerabilities.

North Korea cyber capabilities among the top five in the world Lim says no countries say. Being the top five would put Pyongyang alongside global

hacking behemoths, China, Russia and the US as regular North Koreans do not have access to the internet.

Defector Kim Jean Quan was a computer science professor in Pyongyang. He says some of his former students reported leader Kim Jong-un ever-expanding

cyber Army recently divided into three bureaus. Bureau 121 focus is on attacking infrastructure. Bureau 91 on military espionage. Bureau 180 on

making money. Kim estimates around 6000 people support hacking operations in Pyongyang, with hundreds more operating abroad 2015, we found North

Korea's working at state owned businesses in China restaurant and hotel. Kim says some jobs are a front.

To be able to go abroad and carry out attacks. They need titles. He says they go disguised as trade workers restaurant employees exchange students.

China says it opposes illegal cyber activity on its territory. North Korea has long denied any hacking expert say North Korean hackers are linked to

bank robberies ransom ware attacks. Kim estimates they brought in $1 billion last year alone, you can probably guess where much of that money

likely goes. Making an already dangerous situation even worst. Will Ripley, CNN.


KINKADE: CNN Alexander Field is selling its first round salt South Korean join us now live. Alex the U.S. president recently said that only one

thing will work when it comes to North Korea that people thought that decapitating the North Korean leadership was an option and it seems like an

incredible hack.

ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Look, illustration has been very clear that their primary goal in terms of resulting the growing

crisis of North Korea is indeed a diplomatic measures as you point out, President Trump has had some more cryptic messages lately will carry out

that overtly is only that they have military option that are constantly being bragging or talking on the keys of this hack our plans that were in

place back in 2016. One of the many plans that would exist for the US and its allies outreach be able to deal with any eventuality that could present

itself, yes they are prepared for a wide array of scenarios and a wide array of responses. The South Korean Defense Ministry is not addressing

the details of this alleged breach the Pentagon was ask about it as well. They are not confirming or denying it, but they are not on the security of

the current plan for condemning out the administration has been asking for this continuously be updated as tensions here continue to rise.

KINKADE: Alex this of course is the first time North Korea has been accused of such a high profile hack, is it?

FIELD: That is important in their arsenal. These cyber threats is will lays out for you and they certainly can link to a number of high-profile

attacks going back to Sony pictures hack which many will remember a major hack on a Bangladesh bank and investigators even link them to the one to

cry malware attack that unfolded approximately 18 different countries earlier this year at the same time I got these allegations of the hack of

the Defense Ministry database, which is that you have been back in 2016 were learning today. More details from cyber security firms of efforts

which they believe are connected to the North Korean government by hackers to gain some reconnaissance U.S. power companies. They say that fishing

emails were sent out by the hackers that they believe are connected to North Korea. The emails were intercepted and is no indication that the

people behind us. He must have had any of the capabilities necessary in any way to interfere with U.S. power spike is certainly. They are probing

for any intelligence that they could glean from these kinds of schemes, Linda.

[11:15:58] KINKADE: All right Alexander Field for us in Seoul, good to have you with us, thank you. Still to come, explosive new allegations

against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. We will speak to one of who accuses about the emerging path that appears in Hollywood culture that kept it all

quiet for years. All that, after the break.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How refreshing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Winner of seven Academy awards. Starring Academy award winner (inaudible).


KINKADE: (Inaudible) starring in Shakespeare in love, now it won the Oscar for best picture in 1999. But now there is a shadow over it, the film was

produced by disgrace Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. And even if you and avid movie goer, you probably think some of Weinstein blockbusters.

The pulp fiction, the English patient, Gangs of New York and many more. According to the New York Times said that the mega producer made some

unwanted advances and she is not alone, there are many other women who had similar allegations. The New Yorker published account of three women who

accuse Weinstein of rape. CNN Brynn Gingras reports.


BRYNN GINGRAS, CNN CORREPOSNDENT: The board of the Weinstein Company insisting Tuesday that they had no knowledge of the explosive allegations

against cofounder Harvey Weinstein calling the claims quote other surprise this despite wide spread rumors that Weinstein's alleged abuse was the

worst kept secret in Hollywood. Comedian (inaudible) even knocked Weinstein bad reputation while hosting the Oscars in 2013.


[11:20:06] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.


GINGRAS: At least 25 women, including some of Hollywood's most prominent actors have now come forward accusing Weinstein of acts ranging from

harassment to rape. Gwyneth Paltrow telling the New York Times that when she was 22. A meeting with Weinstein quote ended with him placing his hand

on her and suggesting they had to the bedroom for massages. I was petrified Paltrow said Ashley Judd alleges that two decades ago Weinstein

had her sent up to his hotel room and greeted her in a bathrobe asking if you could give her a massage or she could watch him shower. Angelina

Jolie, also telling the Time that Weinstein made unwanted advances on her in a hotel room in the late 1990's.


KATHERINE KENDALL, ACCUSED HARVEY WEINSTEIN OF SEXUAL HARRASMENT: He at the bathroom, came back to the bathroom in a robe and asked me to give him

a massage and I said now I did not feel comfortable. He said everybody does that.


GINGRAS: Two other women recounting similar stories on CNN last night.


KENDALL: And said well lease if you won't, you know give me a massage then can I see your breast.

LOUISETTE GEISS, ACCUSED HARVEY WEINSTEIN OF SEXUAL HARRASMENT: He told me he would give me three picture deal and get my movie made then you know I

do not doubt that he could but he said you have to watch me, but you got to stay and watch me masturbate.


GINGRAS: The New Yorker publishing disturbing audio from a 2015 policing involving Weinstein and model Amber Elana Gutierrez. Weinstein attempts to

lure her into his hotel room before admitting to groping her the day before.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please come in. On everything. I am a famous guy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm feeling very uncomfortable now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please come in now and one minute. If you want to leave when the guy comes with my jacket you can go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why yesterday you touch my breast?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh please. I am sorry, just come on in. I am used to that.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why yesterday you touch my breast?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're used to that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You're used to that?



GINGRAS: The Manhattan district attorney's office said in a statement. While the recording is horrifying to listen to what emerged from the audio

was insufficient to prove a crime under New York law. Weinstein threats declined to comment on the tape but said in a statement Tuesday any

allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mister Weinstein. Weinstein is a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton and a

major donor to the Democratic party raising more than $1 million for Democrats since the 90's, after days of silence Clinton condemned Weinstein

on Tuesday, saying, quote the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. The Obama also denouncing Weinstein, saying any man

who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status.


KINKADE: Well I am joined now by Tomi Ann Roberts from Colorado Springs College, she is a psychology professor at Colorado College when she was a

20-year-old college student. She is fine to be an actress, back then in 1984. She says Weinstein propositions her. Tomi Ann Roberts good to have

you with us. Thank you very much for coming on.


KINKADE: Now you a 20-year-old college student you went to a hotel room or an apartment than when you came across a Hollywood producer?

ANN ROBERTS: I had met Harvey and his brother Bob earlier waiting tables. They were sort of new that Miramax company was pretty new at that time,

this was 33 years ago after all, Harvey had strongly urged me to audition for a movie, they were writing and directing. I received several scripts

throughout the course of the summer and an invitation to the apartment where I assumed others would be involved in the. It was just Harvey and --

KINKADE: And you went into his room and what happened?

ANN ROBERTS: I called down the hall and I discovered him in the bathtub, which, as you might imagine, was pretty petrifying. He attempted to

coheres me into taking my top off. By explaining that if I was not comfortable doing so. Then I surely would be comfortable being found in

the movie that was likely to have some topless in it.

KINKADE: How did you respond to that? What did you do?

ANN ROBERTS: I was frozen. I would like to tell you dear viewer that I ran or that I punch him in the face. But of course I didn't do that I

instead apologized profusely, saying I be comfortable with that. Perhaps I was not cut out for them because and politely exited the scene so looking

back I am appalled that is how I behave. I think that was my only way out. It felt like I was obliged to be polite to the man offered the opportunity.

KINKADE: I read that you said that you thought it was your fault. Why?

ANN ROBERTS: I think, I can't clarify that statement. As a young woman who had this acting aspiration that I essentially threw in a waste basket

after this experience. I thought maybe I just wasn't cut out for this. I thought it was my fault in the sense that I was not brave enough, I was not

cool enough to just sort of take this in my stride. That is how I talked to myself for quite a number of years. It took me awhile and it took me

earning a PhD and becoming a feminist and studying matters of sexual and self-objectification to recognize that was a really unfair way to talk to


KINKADE: This really changed the cost of your life, because of your career and the path you took.

ANN ROBERTS: It did. It definitely was a motivating factor for me deciding what I really want you was studying this horribly problem, work,

advocate for girls and women safety and security and full embodied lives. Full participation in the world. All the lie the brain drain and

opportunities we have from girls contribution because they been reduced to near mere call.

KINKADE: I can only imagine how many people in your situation probably also chose not to pursue acting as a result of an encounter like this, it

would have been a string of high profile actresses, like Ashley Jude, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow all come out making similar accusations.

Do you think that they wish they would have spoken up sooner to perhaps prevent other women from experiencing this.

ANN ROBERTS: I do, but I also want to acknowledge how heroic they are doing it now. They have their own careers to think about all kinds of

workplaces where sexual harassment is rampant. You have relatively powerless younger women trying to get ahead and realizing that a company

like Miramax got more power, the more likelihood of retribution of denial of roles if they had actually spoken out. I think it a core number to

finally reach the capacity that felt as though these women could say no when adjusted so powerfully. This way of treating women ends now.

KINKADE: And of course the company he co-founded has come out and said that they are surprised, what do you make of that?

ANN ROBERTS: I have to say I'm quite suspicious that they're utterly surprised. I think that this kind of treatment doesn't happen in a vacuum.

There are at best, passive bystanders and at worst, colluders and I would be very interested in having good men step forward and say, I'm sorry for

colluding in this. I'm sorry for leaving a room when I knew that Harvey Weinstein wanted to have an alone time with a young actress.

KINKADE: Tomi-Ann Roberts, very courageous of you to come on our program today. Thank u so much for your time.

ANN ROBERTS: Thank you so much.

KINKADE: Well, this is "Connect the World." Still to come Turkey is just convicted a "Wall Street Journal" reporter of what it calls terrorism.

We'll have more on that story with a live report when we come back.


[11:30:00] KINKADE: This is Connect the World. I'm Lynda Kinkade. These are the top stories we're following this hour.


KINKADE: Explosive new allegations against disgraced Hollywood mega- producer Harvey Weinstein. The New Yorker reports three women accused the movie mogul of rape. The board of Weinstein's Company insists that it had

no knowledge of any allegations. Weinstein has denied that there was any non-consensual sex.

In California, authorities are in a race to save lives and property from devastating wildfires. At least 17 people have been killed and nearly 200

others are missing. The fire are sweeping across the state for the fourth straight day with no rain on the way.

In the past hour, Spain's prime minister has slammed the referendum in Catalonia saying it represents one of the worst moments in the recent

history of democracy. Mariano Rajoy was speaking after the Catalan leader gave an exclusive interview to CNN in which he said he wants to focus on

discussions without any preconditions.

Well, the Pentagon is planning to officially say that ISIS was responsible for the ambush on a patrol in a jail which left these four soldiers dead

and two wounded. The attack occurred on October 4th.

The U.S. office -- defense officials says the U.S. is unit still working with the Nigerian government in an effort to enable possible operations

against the militant abroad.


KINKADE: While in Turkey, Wall Street Journal reporters being convicted on terrorism charges. Ayla Albayrak was sentenced to two years and one month

in prison, although she wasn't even present.

The journalist reported on the uprising of out north Kurdish militants in the country. Well for more now on this developing story and the rising

tensions between the two NATO allies, the U.S. and Turkey. We are joined by Gul Tuysuz who joins us now.

And Gul, since the uprising, we know that more than 100 journalists have been detained in Turkey, more than 280 outlets have been shut down. What

can you tell us about this Wall Street Journal reporter?

GUL TUYSUZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Ayla Albayrak from the Wall Street Journal was condemned to two years and one month in Turkish prison for

making propaganda on behalf of a terrorist organization, that conviction yesterday.

And that the heart of it was an article that she wrote in 2015. The story was about the escalating conflict between Turkish security forces and

members of an offshoot of the PKK, that's the Kurdistan workers party, which is recognized in Turkey as a terrorist group.

The article was really a scene setter of sorts just describing the atmosphere of what was happening in southeastern Turkey in 2015 and it

included voices from both the Turkish government as well as in her reporting, Ayla went and spoke to members of the offshoot of the PKK that

were involved in trench warfare there.

But really, the case highlights just how far the press crackdown in Turkey has gone. There is more than 150 journalists who are in jail.

[11:35:00] Four foreign members of the press corps here in Turkey are facing charges, a lot of them similar to what Ayla is facing, making

propaganda on behalf of a terrorist organization, et cetera.

But really the case goes to show you as Ayla said to the Wall Street Journal that this just goes to show you that the international media in

Turkey is not immune to the ongoing press crackdown in Turkey, really, really dire press crackdown in Turkey that has been taking shape since and

escalating since the coup attempt last July. Lynda.

KINKADE: And Gul, this of course all comes as Turkey holds one U.S. consulate worker and is taking another over espionage charges and is

calling for the dismissal of the U.S. ambassador there. Just how bad our relations right now between U.S. and Turkey?

TUYSUZ: Relations are at an all time low, Lynda. This is really -- we haven't seen this kind of tension in the U.S.-Turkey relationship for a

really long time. These two countries are traditional allies.

They are both members of the NATO alliance and they have a wide ranging area of cooperation for things that are vital to the national security of

both countries.

But this latest diplomatic row erupted last week when a Turkish citizen who works for the U.S. mission here was formally charged -- excuse me, was

arrested for being a member of a terrorist organization.

But giving so much cooperation across the board between these two countries, it seems the Turkish officials failed to notify the U.S. embassy

here of what it is that they're actually charging this U.S. mission local employee. And the U.S. ambassador came out and said as much in a farewell

presser that he gave today. Take a listen.


JOHN BASS, U.S. AMBASSADOR TO TURKEY: He will really have no basis to evaluate. Wider local staffs have been detained. It appears they have

been detained simply for performing their normal duties at the embassy or consulate which involved a lot of contact with Turkish government



TUYSUZ: Just goes to show you that the U.S. ambassador is coming out and saying we don't know why our employee is being imprisoned. There has been

no communication from the Turkish side and not just once again highlight how tense this relationship between these two allies has gotten. Lynda.

KINKADE: Gul Tuysuz, it certainly is tense right now. Great to have you with us, thank you. Well this of course is the story we keep coming back

to and the figure show why there are literally tens of thousands of people who have been swept up in this post coup crackdown.

More than 160 journalists remain behind bars in Turkey, making the country the world's biggest jail of journalists. Over 160 media outlets and

publishing houses were closed down in a crackdown after the failed coup.

And with more than 100,000 civil servants dismissed plus around 2,500 journalists and media executives have lost their jobs there. And since the

failed coup, more than 50,000 Turks have been imprisoned.

Well, Donald Trump is threatening to walk away from a landmark trade agreement just as Canada's prime minister begins a new lobbying effort in

Washington. Justin Trudeau is on Capitol Hill right now looking to support or to show up support for NAFTA.

He meets with President Trump in a couple of hours. The White House is expected to introduce tough new demands that it says will save American

jobs and it's three-way negotiations with Mexico resume.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- Commerce, course the demands, quailed and appeal that could doom the entire deal. Well let's get more now from

senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns live at the White House. We're also joined by Paula Newton in Ottawa.

I'll go first to, Joe. Joe, this is now the critical fourth round of talks we're seeing and the U.S. it seems is making some very aggressive and some

say very realistic demands.

JOE JOHNS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's absolutely right, Lynda. And among those is an issue of origin of manufracturing for car parts, a very sticky

issue right now. The rule calls for about 60 percent of the parts of the car sold region to be manufactured in the region.

The Trump administration is calling for that percentage to be increased and is asking for 50 percent of the parts to be manufactured in the United


[11:40:00] This is seen as outrageous by many of the trading partners and unfair in some ways. There are couple of other things that I think are

true sticking points, among those is an issue of arbitration, of disputes that right now arbitration of any dispute is mandatory in the agreement.

The United States would like to see it an opt out or opt in regime. You know, they could choose whether to do that or go to the court. And I think

the third thing probably essential is the issue of a sunset clause in this agreement.

In other words, after five years, if all the parties don't agree to the terms of NAFTA in your all can withdraw and the agreement goes away, five-

year sunset that is a problem as well.

So there are being called outrageous by some of the parties and perhaps a poison pill, according to United States Chamber of Commerce. Lynda.

KINKADE: Yes, certainly a lot issues there, Joe. I want to go to, Paula, now. The Canadian prime minister of course, meeting with Donald Trump

today, do Canadians think that Trump's call to terminate NAFTA is just negotiating blaster or do they really see that this could end?

PAULA NEWTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I think that rule, they consider it a little bit of both. Certainly it is in the negotiating position.

But I can tell you sources close to the prime minister's office say that, you know, they believe that President Trump would go through with

terminating NAFTA.

And that is why you just see Justin Trudeau on Capitol Hill there being not so subtle, Lynda, and reminding congressman there that look, Canada is

America's largest customer and for that reason, the relationship is important to both sides.

You know, Canada have some important allies in Congress and in the Senate, and that includes keenly, Lynda, those people who are in swing states.

Sometimes they are Border States that do rely on NAFTA for a good portion of their business.

Canada has been hard at work reminding people of that. It doesn't seem like it made a difference so far, which is why you're seeing Justin Trudeau

meeting with Donald Trump in the next couple of hours.

It is clear that the tough issues -- the one that, Joe, was just discussing. They haven't even got into yet, Lynda. And this really is

worrying a lot of people in both Mexico and Canada but also on Capitol Hill.

KINKADE: And major concerns, a lot to work for you, Paula Newton and Joe Johns, good to have you both with us. Thank you very much. Well, you are

watching Connect the World. Still to come, a soccer shocker, the United States won't be joining the football party in Russia next year. We'll tell

you how missed out on a qualification.




[11:45:00] KINKADE: Look at those incredible scenes in Damascus, Syria just imagine of they had won. The Syria came astonishingly close to a

World Cup place. The massive underdogs lost 2-1 to Australia, hitting the post in the minute.

For the war country was an achievement in itself to get that far and the country stands were at enforce to show their pride. Well another team who

will be watching the World Cup from home is the United States.

They shockingly lost 2-1 to Trinidad and Tobago leaving them fifth in the table. It is the first time they won't be at the World Cup since 1986.


KINKADE: Well, CNN's World Sport Patrick Snell joins me now and Patrick, the U.S. will be playing a team ranked 99th, how did they lose?

PATRICK SNELL, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, how did that happen? How did the USA with all that mites with a thriving major league with bust financial resources

behind them in terms of the infrastructure. How do they fail to qualify for the 2018 FIBA World Cup in Russia?

Fans, many of them that follow the U.S. men's national team desperate to want answers to this, was it complacency ahead of the game? They

effectively knew they only needed a point but what a disaster for them to feel that for Omar Gonzalez, who sliced the ball into the back of his own


And that really set the tone, Lynda, for the evening ahead. TNC tuned it out in Sebago, they were playing, they had nothing to play for but they

played inspired football and the USA -- once I went to kneel down, Lynda, there was no response. There was no response.

There was no fight. There was no desperation to try and make the World Cup to continue that trend of having qualified for every World Cup since

Italian 90. Huge disappointment, those players did not show up and this generation of players, Lynda, will have to live with this for the rest of

their lives.

KINKADE: Yes, really tough -- tough for the players, tough for the fans but also, tough for a U.S. network that's coughing up $400 million for the

T.V. right.

SNELL: Yes, this is the Fox networks, they have the right to report the United States who met two World Cups but if we look at just the next one

which is just around the corner in Russia 2018. About estimated $200 million loss reportedly, of course, football lovers or soccer lovers will

tuning in to watch.

KINKADE: Tuning in, yes.

SNELL: But, that fan base, they were bargaining on in terms of U.S. getting there and continuously that streak, that is a huge, huge blow, huge

financial loss for them to suffer. No question about that and you know, just -- just generally.

I just want to throw out this observation on the U.S. team, when their best player is a 19-year-old, Christian Pulisic, what does that say about the

rest of the depth of the squad? These are questions that have to be answered. The future of the head coach as well, Bruce Arena who let the

U.S. men's national team to the 2002 World Cup.

They got for the quarterfinals that year when Japan was co-hosting with South Korea. That was meant to be a breakthrough, a turning point. They

are fall in short, and not hit those high ever since then.

KINKADE: Yes, incredible. My American friends say, they can't wait to see the Socceroos in the World Cup, that's not going to happen now. Socceroos

are going on their own. And of course, Argentina, they qualified.


SNELL: Yes, where will they be without little Messi. I will tell you what, comment for hour, comet for man. That was breathtaking performance.

They were playing an altitude, you could say by the end of the game that they were flying in high altitude in Quito against the Ecuadorians.

It was a venue actually that they hadn't won that since 2001. They went one mill down up to 38 seconds, the quickest goal Argentina that ever

suffered in World Cup qualification but little Messi, how does he respond? Oh, just a hat trick to take his team to the World Cup.

The (Inaudible) will be there, drama over, we will be seeing one of the world's best players at the World Cup next year. And I'll tell you what,

this is huge relief. It was unthinkable. Look, if you are an Argentine -- Argentine football fan, you live and breathe the beautiful game.

The thought of them not being in Russia is actually unthinkable. They're going to be there. One want to pay tribute to the Peruvians as well who

have made the playoff there as well. That's a fine achievement for Peruvian football.

KINKADE: Patrick Snell, such a pro. Thank you so much.

SNELL: Thank you.

KINKADE: Well, we are going to take a break. But still to come, Eminem takes aim at President in a scaring freestyle rap. The details when we

come back.



EMINEM, AMERICAN RAPPER: It's like we take a step forwards then backwards. But this is his form of distraction. Plus, he gets an enormous reaction,

when he attacks the NFL so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All these horrible tragedies and he's bored and

would rather cause a Twitter storm with the Packers.


KINKADE: That's rapper Eminem going after President Trump in an explosive rap that's gone viral. It aired on BET's hip-hop awards.

It's perhaps the most exhausted attack against the president and hip-hop, former San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick who started the National

Anthem protest by kneeling last season responded to Eminem tweeting, I appreciate you. The rapper joins a hip-hop line in the fans, telling fans

they can either back or they can back president Trump.

Well, let's get more now from CNN's Brian Stelter in New York. And Brian this of course has gone viral as you would expect accusing the president of

everything from racism to his response to the disasters in Puerto Rico and the violence in Charlottesville. What resonated most figures in what were

pretty explosive lyrics?

BRIAN STELTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Indeed and more it seems I think to of what Eminem was saying here is that the president is weak, even pathetic in

the way Eminem describes him.

You know, this is a president with historically weak approval ratings in the United States. So there is all a lot of people -- perhaps majority of

the people in the country who would agree with a lot of what Eminem was saying here.

There is a line where he says that's why he wants us to disband because he cannot withstand the fact or not afraid of Trump. He says drain the swamp

because he is in quicksand. It is speaking of the idea that the president is in a weak position in terms of approval ratings.

A weak position vis-a-vis his Congress and so Eminem is going straight out that. This is the president who positioned himself as a strong leader

trying to strengthen the United States, and you hear a rapper saying in effect -- no, actually you are really weak.

KINKADE: Brian, entertainment world has always been accused of being aligned with the left. So as I preaching to the conveyed or there other

people do you think in Trump's base that you know, that might be affected by this?

STELTER: There is an impulsive -- instinct response. Anytime there is a attack or accuses of the president and say, that is just a liberal, that is

just a Trump aid or people are so divided in the U.S. into approach Trump's campaign -- an anti-Trump camp.

And it is easy, just the (Inaudible) to their corners. The reason why I think there is might be a little different, is that Eminem does have

crossover appeal.

He is a white rapper from Detroit, he is the kind of performer who have a lot of Trump bands in his audience and a lot of Trump aid in his audience.

So because he has crossover appeal, his words could carry more weight.

KINKADE: And speaking of those fans, a scene has back, Trump appeared to be a fan of Eminem and that seemed mutual.

STELTER: That is right, but this gets some of the core principles of Donald Trump. If you like him, he likes you. If you don't like him, he

does not like you. He will turn on a dime, debating on what you are saying about him.

And I would not be surprised. We see president counterpunch, fire back at Eminem now. These are remarkable lyrics. It's a great piece on

with some of the highlights, some of the best parts of the performance. At one point, he is always horrible tragedies and he is bored and rather cause

a tweeter storm.

He is really reflecting on what a lot of folks across America feel about the presence Twitter habit, about the president's issues with race but

doing it through lyric, it's a much more creative, compelling way to make these points and that is why it's going viral.

KINKADE: The president certainly seems to inspire these culture wars, we are hearing from people like AFL -- NFL players and performers rappers, who

don't typically weigh in to politics, right?

[11:55:00] STELTER: Yes, but there really aren't sidelines to sit on anymore. Everything -- you know, I hate to say this, this is sort of

depressing but it seem like everything is politics, everything is politicized these days in America and the celebrities or athletes, or other

folks who try to avoid it.

And try to stay on the sidelines, they end up getting pulled in anyway. So if you're Eminem, maybe it is better just to lean in, to embrace the fact,

they are already viewed as political and say what you really feel.

KINKADE: Certainly all seems to come at politics as you say, Brian Stelter, good to have you with us from New York. Thank you so much.

STELTER: Thank you very much.

KINKADE: Well, as you turn. You can get the best and the latest world news not limited to politics all over, that's on our website. You can go

to Facebook page, that is You can also tweet me on Twitter @LyndaKinkade. Well, Lynda Kinkade and that was Connect the World.

Thank you so much for watching. Have a good rest of the week.