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A Busy Series Of Success And Scandal; Rocketman, Enemies Of The People; DOW Hits Record Breaking 26,000; California House Of Terror. Aired 10-11 a ET

Aired January 16, 2018 - 10:00   ET



[10:00:27] ANDERSON: Hello and welcome this is "Connect the World," I am Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi where it is just past 7:00 in the evening. And

right now this hour we are in touching distance of Donald Trump having been the most powerful man in the world for one whole year. 365 days for

anyone's money it's been an unbelievable unexpected and exhausting roller coaster ride taking so much of what we thought we knew the rulebook as it

was and shoving in a way. Let's remember he promised to come out swinging on day one.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.


ANDERSON: But stops, not really, so much American carnage seems to start at the Oval Office that much of what the president comes out with, well let

me remind you he's at work would get most of his fired.


TRUMP: Rocket man is on a suicide mission I called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. I think this blame on both sides. What about

the old left that came charging at the, as you say the alt-right.


ANDERSON: Well you can fill in the gaps, we can all remember a few things made our mouths full open throughout the year, they are popping head right

now, right? So we all like you would be surprised to see this that Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating of any new president and his new

numbers from pew research just 32 percent, so you would be forgiven for thinking that is nothing, but downsides here right? There are plenty of

reason to smile a whole bunch of slam-dunk, a roaring economy, the stock market is it seems frankly skyrocketing DOW Jones just stampeding past

26,000 points and hitting what seemed like daily new highs. Something that in the last few minutes the president was full too happy to tweet that out

the main stream media isn't covering all of this. Here we are covering it.

Plus, ISIS, all but roguish after he promised to bomb the bully out of them. With all of that, one of the men who run against him captured what

many feel.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I apologized to somebody that I did something appropriate to not that I'm on the same of everything, you know all these

answers but gets it just takes a little I'm sorry, you know I was talking to Peter Hoekstra who's the new ambassador over to the Netherlands and he

got himself in the squall voice and I say hey Pete, just tell you know maybe you made a mistake in your there to learn, I mean let's get over it,

but the parties this is another symptom another symptom of the split between the parties and I think we can all agree to like.


ANDERSON: Well, speaking of reality TV which we know is associated with Mr. Trump's his catchphrase was that you are fired. A lot of that firing

that is in his first year including kicking out his one chief strategist, Steve Bannon, he's been called sloppy Steve, well this is him in the last

couple of hours walking in for a closed door meeting with congressional investigators looking into a story that's haunted Trumps first year,

alleged ties between his campaign and Russia.

Well, let us get you on the ground in Washington and CNN's Jeremy Diamond is there, the White House will be mocking this anniversary amid all

controversy's and successes of course by their take, Jeremy.

JEREMY DIAMOND, CNN WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: Yes that is right this White House does feel like they have accomplished a lot in 2017 and of course you

mentioned some of the successes in your intro there but the most significant of course legislative accomplishment for this White House is

the tax performance of the White House is hoping that those dividends political dividends will pay out in the coming year as Americans start to

see some additional money in their paychecks as a result of some of those tax cuts that most Americans are going to see in this coming year, but the

White House as they hit this first anniversary marker also coming to realize that 2018 is going to be even more difficult legislatively than

2017 was bipartisanship will be the key word for this White House, if they are going to accomplish any of the priorities for this year including

infrastructure for example and are already seeing some of the with the immigration struggles that are facing right now on Capitol Hill.

[10:05:33] The president has been trying to get to deal with Democrats over DACA, but the force his latest comments about certain countries in Africa,

disparaging comments about Haiti all of that now undermining those efforts and it's unclear as of now whether they will be able to avoid this

potential government shutdown in four days. Democrats want to see you on DACA before agreeing to fund the government.

ANDERSON: What is Sloppy Steve as president calls his former chief strategy is likely to say today in front of house -- the House intelligence


DIAMOND: Well I don't know what he will say, but I can tell you the kind of questions that is going to be asked, you know Steve Bannon is somebody

who has been at the president's side for a year and a half now. He came into the Trump campaign as it's the chief executive effectively in the

summer of 2016 and from then until the summer of 2017, he was at the president's side for every major political decision policy decision and so

obviously there is a lot that he has witnessed and can speak to a particularly as it comes to questions about the 2016 campaign, these

questions of collusion of course that the campaign including Steve Bannon have denied is also of course going to be asked about the comments that you

made in this book to Michael Wolff in which Steve Bannon suggested that Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with this Russian lawyer, he believes was

representing the Russian government would give him incriminating information on Hillary Clinton.

Steve Bannon has called that meeting treasonous is of course you will be asked to follow up on some of those comments which he has not denied.

Steve Bannon of course stolen out of the president's good graces since those comments, but even in the months between August when he was fired and

up until the last few weeks when he and the president had a falling out, he was still one of his top advisers on the phone instead of in person. So

there is a lot that Steve Bannon can speak to and certainly he will be facing a lot of those questions today.

ANDERSON: One of his chief advisor still back in the day three months. It is unbelievable isn't it? Thank you. Later, we will examine one of the

Trump's family friends why counterintelligence officials was a concern about how they warned that the family friend could use our relationship

with the first family to help China. That friends, none other than Wendy Murdock, more on that later.

Well this will put smile on the president's face in just the past 30 minutes also a milestone for the U.S. economy as we just mentioned the Dow

Jones industrial average is just zoom past 26,000 for the first time. The stock market boom reflecting excitement on Wall Street about what our

record corporate profits and strong growth domestically. So what is ahead, for what seems a seemingly relentless surge? CNN Money correspondent

Maggie Lake joins us now with the dizzying number and they are dizzying, because it literally was just weeks ago that we were talking about busting

previous 25,000 level and this is no small feat is it? How big be a jump in this market at any year?

MAGGIE LAKE, CNN MONEY CORRESPONDENT: Becky, 40 percent probably excess of that now, since the election of Donald Trump and that is really what we are

tracing things back that is when this enormous rally really got underway. He takes credit for as you know, a lot of people also talk about measured

put in to effect by the Obama administration combine, at this point there is enough credit to go around giving how far things have come. Becky eight

training days ago, we hit 25 day and now we are above 26 day, the word is know now is (inaudible). That is what everyone is talking about, this

market dealing everyone had a fear of missing out on the next leg of the rally so they continued pile money into U.S. equities, a little bit of

greed seems to me making its way around Wall Street. If you are worried at the end of 2017 and you took your money out of the market, you just missed

a 4 percent move. You can understand why everyone feels that they have to be in it right now, as you said, there are fundamentals to back it up, it

is not just greed alone, we are seeing a rising global economy, good corporate profit, executive so far, we are just sorting out here, you see

the astounding optimistic raising their (inaudible), so there is a lot to pin that money on, so for the moment people are feeling like it might be a

little bit overdone, but nobody willing to walk away from the parties.

[10:10:18] You can't fight the trend right now and you are seeing 264 points right out of the gate Becky.

ANDERSON: Yes. this is absolutely remarkable, you also got to remember, where lese do you find the yield at the moment, I mean with interest rates

as low as they are put on the as we know we look to go forward into what maybe a period of rising interest rates, it is likely that the interest in

this market would weigh somewhat correct?

LAKE: You would seeing, but remember we are coming from historically low- level on interest rate, so as long there is gradually and well telegraph, I think there is a feeling that the market can handle it, it rise rapidly, if

we see inflation comeback, that is the risk and (inaudible) and watch margin debt, I don't want to get too complicated, but it seems a lot of

people are borrowing money on the professional side to buy stocks. We start to see a pull back and they have to cover their position. You can

see things exhilarated, so there are some reasons to worry, but right now, you just have to worry no one is willing to take money off the table,


ANDERSON: Yes, frustrating. All right. Good luck. Thank you Maggie we have Mr. Trump make reference to the rocket man on a suicide mission in the

start of the show meaning you all the leader of North Korea on a huge issue that he is dealing as he approaches what is the anniversary of a year in

power, now there has been a false North Korea missile alarm. The second in just days, right after the Hawaii the national rural Costa in Japan guilty

of sending out an alert of a missile launch that never happened and H.K. apologize for currently claiming that North Korea had fired a ballistic,

the mistake corrected within minutes left false alert from NHK comes on the same day Canada is the summit in Vancouver where imposing sanctions against

Pyongyang is on the agenda. CNN Paula Hancocks has a very latest from Seoul in South Korea for you.


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Another warning of a missile that did not exist. This time it was in Japan the Japanese State broadcast NHK

sending out an alert by accident that was incorrect. The alert saying NHK news alert and that North Korea likely to have launched missile the

government jailer evacuate inside the building or underground, but just a few minutes later there was a correction from NHK which read, the news

alert sent earlier by NK missile was a mistake, no government alert was issued and of course there have been alerts over recent months in Japan.

This is an alert when North Korea has fired a missile over the top of Japan or ballistic missile heading in that direction. We had have images and we

been able to see people running for cover and underground so certainly there would be residence that would be concerned about this, but it was a

very quick correction for this broadcaster and of course it reminds us that just a few days ago, a very similar thing happened in Hawaii when there was

an official alert that went out that said there was a ballistic missile on its way, take cover. Of course in that case it took 38 minutes for

officials to actually come out and say that was a mistake.

So it's really quite remarkable you have to such similar mistakes in just a matter of a few days. Meanwhile we heard from North Korea was as well in

that response to the U.S. president Donald Trump recently saying about the nuclear button that the U.S. had is bigger than the one that North Korea

has and it works. We have a reaction from (inaudible) the North Korean state run newspaper and they say that said that wants to gain Donald Trump

stunned the world, saying that it was a spasm of a lunatic calling him a psychopath, so even as we are seeing North and South Korean officials sit

down opposite each other at the table talking about the Olympics, talking about negotiations. There is still the alerts and the articles from North

Korean state run media slamming the U.S. president. Paula Hancocks, CNN Seoul.


ANDERSON: As we look ahead to this one year anniversary of Trump inauguration one charge that is frequently leveled by his critics is that

he is alienating key allies on the world stage, to sync his behavior with the likes of North Korea for example. Unlike the United Kingdom where he

refused to attend the opening of the new state-of-the-art U.S. Embassy in London that has opened this Tuesday the high-tech building south of the

River Thames of a $1 billion price tag it was awarded under the George W. Bush administration for security reasons, Mr. Trump cancels the visit to

the U.K. blasting the new facility for its costs. CNN Erin McLaughlin joins us now live from London, for more on how, well how this absence was

felt, what are you hearing there?

ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Becky, well the embassy open to the general public earlier this morning open, I should say a very little

fanfare. That opening ceremony where President Trump had and accepted to attend to cut that ribbon, well that was not expected until next month. We

were talking to a spokesperson here at the embassy who told that no date has been set for that, although they will still go ahead with it.

Meanwhile that entire twitter storm that you are just describing their put the ambassador, the U.S. ambassador to the U.K. Woody Johnson that was

appointed by President Trump, no matter awkward position of having to new defend this new billion-dollar embassy that you see behind me and in op-ed

that appeared in the London evening standard and bigger and better than the old location and it was the safest, the most environmentally found embassy

that the United States have ever constructed, adding that it did not cost the U.S. taxpayer a single penny, the money for it had been pooled from the

sale on a variety of London property now critics of President Trump here in the U.K., British politician taking the opportunity to call President Trump

about saying this was never about any sort of bad deal, that is in fact about President Trump popularity lack there saying that he was trying to

avoid mass protest that would no doubt result from a visit to London which of course highlights a problem not only for President Trump.

But also for British Prime Minister Theresa May and the world shall be looking across the Atlantic to try and secure trade deal with United and

seemingly what would be beneficial to that is a strong relationship with President Trump that is becoming more politically problematic here in the

U.K. with every tweet from President Trump twitter account, like the one we saw late last week, Becky.

ANDERSON: Erin McLaughlin in London. Thank you Erin. Well the land that the old embassy was on wasn't owned by the U.S., but the U.S. did try to

acquire the plot according to the Los Angeles Times and in the 1940 the U.S. ambassador inquired about buying the land, Jacob Weston is the

newsgroup in a state owned the freehold instead offered a trade. The Americans could have the land if they agree to return 1200 acres of prime

Florida real estate which is being given to the Jukes family in the 1700s as a Royal Grande but was confiscated after the Revolutionary War.

Needless to say this was a gentlemen's bargain that never happened. Still to come tonight to California parent charged with torture after one of the

13 children escapes and calls police. What the officials are saying now about the House of Horror.


[10:21:16] ANDERSON: You are watching CNN this is Connect the World, I am Becky Anderson, if you just joining as you are more than welcome. To

parents charged with torture and child endangerment after their 13 children were found malnourished, dirty and shackled to beds. David and Louise

Turbin had projected a picture-perfect family on the social media, the Sheriff's officials say they held the kids captive using padlock and

chains, the children range in age from 2 to 29. One of them managed to escape and call 911 from a cellphone she found in the home. Neighbors say

they had no idea of the horrors inside the house.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So sad, so horrible I can't believe I can't believe it. It is heartbreaking. Now to know that there is not even know about it and

take -- I wish there was something (inaudible).


ANDERSON: Let us get CNN Stephanie Elam, he was outside the Turbin family in Paris California relates to the question everybody is asking is how did

this happen for so long and authorities and neighbors felt unnoted?

STEPHANIE ELAM, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That is the thing Becky, we don't even know how long they were being held in this house and you look at the very

normal-looking suburban house here in California were about two hours south east of Los Angeles here so no clues on that, but when you look at the ages

of the children the fact that there from 2 to 29 years old, the police say when they encounter the 17-year-old who escaped and made that 911 emergency

calls, they said that she was so amazing that she thought she was about 10 years old it turns out that seven of these children or adults and so it

does beg the question how are they being held, how are they being controlled in this way, we do know that the family did travel some, so it

was completely sequestered here in the house at all, we know they went to Disneyland a lot.

At one point even having annual passes for the family to Disneyland, we also know according to their other mother of the father in this case the

mother of David Turbin, she says that they were very protective parents, she said the last time she saw the was a couple of years ago and she said

that when they went into the public to address all of the children exactly alike with the mom walking in front and then from the youngest to the

elders of the children with dad walking at the end of the line so maybe some behavior to be odd considering the ages of the children, but also the

couple renew their vows more than once it seems in Las Vegas and in one of the videos that we've been able to find in and see you can see that the

children participated in that as well. It is not like they were completely sequestered in this house all the time from what we can see, but still not

clear how long they had been a lot of inherently filthy conditions, they said the children were very pale as well and malnourished and said that

they were starving when they were taken to local hospitals when this all happened on Sunday Becky.

ANDERSON: Yes, I'm not the biggest belief that now as I was good was what kind of state and really just fields that question in my mind, do we know

what happens next?

MCLAUGHLIN: Well we know that we are waiting press conference here to learn more, because obviously so many of us have questions about this, I

can tell you this, the couples facing these charges of torture and child endangerment are being held on $9 million bail each as it will probably

were hoping to learn more on this case and why was like that, I can give you more details just what people around here were saying that the fact

that they work on pale they kept to themselves here, there are several cars in the driveway several of them make references to Disneyland in some way

so it would make you believe that perhaps the older children were also driving as well at some point.

[10:25:16] So there's still so many questions that were hoping to get answers to when we have this press conference coming up after shortly.

ANDERSON: Yes. Remarkable. In the U.S. an apartment fire the family to make a choice out of desperation as flames close in to children were thrown

out and firefighters were there to make what is a lifesaving catch. Lynda Kinkade has their story.


LYNDA KINKADE, CONNECT THE WORLD, CNN: It was a moment that would take any parents breath away. A five year old tossed from the third level of a

burning apartment by his father.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: See how the flames are really hovering right above them, gaining momentum and it was really hot.

KINKADE: No doubt that the family, the day was so desperately an option they had was to throw that child out of the apartment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She initially had some reservations about dropping his child as any parent would, but he need to get down that ladder for us that

was our game-winning catch.

KINKADE: Moments earlier a baby sibling was thrown down wrapped in a blanket, caught by Captain Peckrove who is halfway up the ladder.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was like, oh god don't dropped it.

KINKADE: The (inaudible) family and their neighbors lucky to have escaped, thank to this mother of triplets and her colleagues.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That family must felt absolutely so grateful that she was there on the scene.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They are just truly thankful that the firefighters were there at the right place at the right time.

KINKADE: The father suffered burn to his back and receive treatment at hospital, others suffered minor smoke in relation. Neighbors had set-up a

donation drop to help the 50 people displaced by the fire, because of the blaze is under investigation. Lynda Kinkade CNN.


ANDERSON: You are watching CNN, just ahead after the brutal killing of a little girl. Pakistani women speaking out to the victims of violence and

abuse, the #metoo movement gaining new voices.


BECKY ANDERSON, CNN ANCHOR: You are watching CNN. This is Connect the World. I'm Becky Anderson. Welcome back. As we looked earlier, the Trump

presidency is hitting a one-year mark back in this week and a remarkable year that it's been.

The next major hurdle facing the White House is a possible government shutdown. It injures on a deal for what learns DREAMers, those illegally

brought in to the United States as kids.

Well, that's the big issue on the table but it's been complicated by the president's reported remarks on the immigration. CNN's Abby Phillip has

the latest for you from Washington.


ABBY PHILLIP, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The prospect of a government shutdown growing increasingly likely, as a high-stakes game of chicken plays out on

Capitol Hill over including a deal for DREAMers in Friday's must-pass spending bill.

SEN. CHRIS COONS (D), DELAWARE: A majority of my caucus, myself included, we will not fund the government without a DACA deal.

SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R), LOUISIANA: I don't want to shut the government down. I think it would be a mistake if the Democrats tried to force us to

vote on amnesty, but if they do, I will vote no.

PHILLIP: Republicans now focusing on passing another short-term funding measure to keep the government open, but it is not clear they have the


The chair of the Conservative House Freedom Caucus, telling CNN on Monday that, it will be extremely difficult to convince our caucus members to vote

on another short-term funding mechanism.

Democrats are demanding any spending bill include protections for DREAMers, so they are working to create momentum for the bipartisan deal rejected by

President Trump last week.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D), NEW YORK: If it was put on the floor of the House or the Senate, it would get a majority vote in either one.

PHILLIPS: Well, weighing the political risks of shutting down the government, especially for Democrats running for re-election in states that

President Trump won in 2016.

SEN. JOE MANCHIN (D), WEST VIRGINIA: We have to make sure this government runs and operates in a functional way. It takes all of us working as


PHILLIP: Multiple aides tell CNN that President Trump's disparaging comments about immigrants have hardened Democrats' resolve, but a

Republican source says the president is not bothered by the controversy and continues to think his vulgar remarks could help him politically.

Still, President Trump insists that Senator Dick Durbin, quote, misrepresented what was said at the Oval Office meeting, when Mr. Trump

reportedly questioned why the U.S. needs more Haitians and called some African countries shitholes.

SEN. DICK DURBIN (D), ILLINOIS: I know what happened. I stand behind every word that I said.

PHILLIP: Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has not denied Durbin's account, telling a South Carolina newspaper that his memory hasn't evolved.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: The discourse right now is pretty low. We're producing some pretty good policy, but those of us in my

business need to up their game. It's pretty embarrassing when you have to take your children out of the room just to report the news.

PHILLIP: White House officials focusing on semantics for their defense, telling CNN that Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue heard Mr. Trump say

shithouse rather than shithole.

DURBIN: I don't know that changing the word from hole to house changes the impact which this has. I am stunned that this is their defense.


ANDERSON: Well, Wall Street Journal reports U.S. counterintelligence was concerned about one of Jared Kushner's friends and warned him about her

last year, that friend, Rupert Murdoch, former wife Wendi Deng Murdoch, a prominent Chinese-American businesswoman.

U.S. officials were worried she could use her relationship to help China it seems. Well, officials warned that Kushner who was new to government to be

careful in his dealings.

Well, CNN Money's, Hadas Gold, is in Washington with more on this. These warnings are common it seems. So why are people so interested in this one


HADAS GOLD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, this is a really stunning story in terms and not only in terms of the content of the story and the fact that

Jared Kushner was warned that one of his close friends -- his wife's close friends could be advocating for a foreign government influence.

But also the fact that it appeared in the Wall Street Journal which is all by Wendi Murdoch's ex-husband Rupert Murdoch. Now, there's so much going

on, and that she was advocating for this Chinese Friendship Garden at a national park here and watched about 5 miles from the Capitol and the White


[10:35:06] And it seems though, counterintelligence agencies were concerned that this would include a tall white tower that they were worried could be

used for surveillance.

Now according to this report, Wendi Murdoch was advocating was trying to push for this garden. The garden has not moved forward despite their

having been a groundbreaking ceremony earlier.

And now it seems that Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka Trump have been warned that their very close friendship with Wendi Murdoch could be used

for other games.

ANDERSON: What could you tell us about the kind of wider relationship between Donald Trump and Murdoch?

GOLD: Well, it's a very complicated relationship obviously because Rupert Murdoch initially was not incredibly warm with Trump.

He disagreed with his use on immigration. But that clearly shifted as the election got going and as obvious Donald Trump became president.

But there is complications in here because that -- well, Wendi Murdoch is obviously now the ex-wife of Rupert Murdoch and there have been several

reports that Rupert Murdoch has allegedly been telling people that he was concerned about Wendi Murdoch's role with the Chinese. This is all a lot

of drama surrounding a lot of the Trump family and that there are very many connections in the media world.

ANDERSON: And just briefly and finally, how important is Rupert Murdoch to Trump and his family?

GOLD: Well, he is incredibly important to Trump and his family. Donald Trump cares a lot about Rupert Murdoch and what Rupert Murdoch thinks. And

a lot it is media company. He is incredibly concerned about Fox News. He is incredibly concerned about what appears on air.

And we know that he is a regular watcher of Fox News and he speaks to Rupert Murdoch in a very regular basis taking his advice and counsel. And

so clearly, any sort of possible change to that relation or any sort of troubles, would be concerning to Donald Trump.

ANDERSON: Fascinating. Interesting story. All right, thank you for that. It's been a year where women's voices have been over sexual abuse and

harassment due in part of the hashtag Me Too movement, a defining moment of 2017.

Now, three of Pakistan's most famous women are among those enraged over the rape and murder of a little girl. If you are regular viewer of this show,

you will remember that we have been reporting on that story recently.

These women are now speaking out about violence and sexual abuse which is so rarely confronted in that country. Alexandra Field reports from Lahore

for you.

ALEXANDRA FIELD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Becky, here in Pakistan, rape, child sexual abuse, these are things that are not often talked about, certainly

not publicly. But now you've got three very public figures, three women who were trying to change that.

They are sharing their personal pain in a very public way, using the hashtag Me Too -- the same hashtag that's been used by women across the

United States. It is now reaching women in other parts of the world.

This all happened at outrage has erupted here in Pakistan over the last few days over the death of the 7-year-old girl, Zainab Ansari. Police say, she

was raped and murdered. They have linked her case to eight other similar cases.

And they say they believe that the serial killer is still on the loose. These cases have ignited a public conversation about how to protect

children, and that's exactly why these women say, they're speaking up now among them.

Actress Nadia Jamil, wrote about several different instances of childhood sexual abuse. Fashion designer Maheen Khan, shared her story of abuse from

a religious cleric and modeling event manager Frieha Altaf, said she was sexually abused by a family employee at the age of six.

Talking with CNN, Altaf, said that this was something she didn't even know she needed to speak about something that she really took stock of she said

until she was 34-years-old.

She went on to say that she is speaking up now, adding her voice in hopes that it encourages others to come forward and she wants to say that she

believes that this is not an issue of course, that just affects little girls. She wants everyone to remember that this is something that is

certainly affects little boys here, too. Becky.

ANDERSON: Alexandra Field, for you in Lahore this evening. Meanwhile in Denmark, more than 1000 young people have been arrested on child

pornography distribution charges.

The arrests came after a tip off from Facebook that sexual content featuring 15-year-olds were being circulated online by social media users.

Clare Sebastian is on the story for you. She is following that from New York. Clare.

CLARE SEBASTIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Becky. So, this started as you say, where the tip off from Facebook. Their assistants detected that two

videos and one is actually explicit image were being shared via Facebook messenger.

They then alert U.S. authorities, some alerted Europe, only then got the message to the Danish authorities, and that led to this very widespread

police operation, and 11 out of 12 Danish police briefings were involved, and in Greenland.

[10:40:05] And now we have 1,000 plus young people who could be facing charges of distributing child pornography online. The Danish police is

saying that they believe young people know they shouldn't be distributing this kind of content.

But they perhaps didn't know that the charges could be so serious. This clearly is sending of very clear message, Becky, about the fact that online

behavior can have serious real-world consequences.

ANDERSON: Yes, absolutely. And what did Facebook said in their defense as it were, given that the -- it was from their reporting that this started,

of course.

SEBASTIAN: Well, Facebook said that their systems detected the content and they were able to act. You know, I think in one way, this shows that

Facebook systems do work. They were able to detect this, and that led to the Danish police being able to launch this crackdown.

But on the other hand, Becky, of course, this does reinforce once again the responsibility that Facebook has -- a platform that 2 billion people use.

And I think the fact that 1,000 people have been charged shoes just how far this was able to spread before it could be stopped. You know, Facebook is

definitely more vocal in taking more responsibility for this kind of abuse that has in part, Mark Zuckerberg, in his New Year message, is his personal

pledge himself...


SEBASTIAN: ... said that his mission this year is fix Facebook to get better at enforcing Facebook's policies and to protect that community

online. But he did say, there is more work to be done.

ANDERSON: Yes, absolutely. He said there is more work to be done but he says he's going at it. Just very briefly, how much work at other social

media companies platforms are doing to ensure that this sort of material doesn't get circulated?

SEBASTIAN: Well, Becky, I think we've seen as certainly in the past year, a reckoning from many social media companies, not just when it comes to,

you know, potential criminal behavior and abuse online.

But also, you know, fake news has been the theme of the year. We have seen Facebook, Twitter and others step up and said that they are doing more to

police their platforms.

You know, hiring more humans to do it, or introducing artificial intelligence tools that can flag these things to humans. Facebook launched

-- you know, has launched several artificial intelligence tools.

And it says, it can detect suicidal thoughts to prevent those kinds of things being live streamed online. It also launched a pilot project in

Australia to try and prevent intimate thoughts.

It's actually explicit image as being shared by having the people in those images, you know, kind of a lot to Facebook to themselves, controversial

risk, they admit that. But that's just one of the ways that they are trying. It is not an easy challenge, and the fact from the 2 billion


ANDERSON: Well, not at all. Fascinating. All right, Clare, thank you. Clare Sebastian is in New York for you today. We are in Abu Dhabi, this is

Connect the World. I'm Becky Anderson.

Coming up, in South America, Pope Francis expresses pain and shame at a priest sexual abuse of children. We'll have the very latest on the pope's

visit, up next.


[10:50:00] ANDERSON: Well, some incredible images from the Philippines now. This is the Mayon Volcano rumbling away. The country's most active

volcano suddenly erupted again, as you can see, sending an ash cloud 2 kilometers into the sky.

Thousands of people have been evacuated after lava was seen pouring down the side of the volcano. Well, authorities warn that the pilot should stay

away from flying over the summit. You're watching CNN. This is Connect the World. I'm Becky Anderson. It is just after 10 to 8:00 here in the


Pope Francis is on long awaited tour of his native South America. He has just led a mass in Chile, attended by thousands. Earlier he addresses the

sexual abuse by a predator priest, expressing shame over damage to the children.

Well, ahead of the visit, protesters were out, accusing recently appointed bishop of covering up those actions. But despite that, there are of

course, millions of supporters of the pope in any papal visit is carefully managed right from the start. Here is the behind-the-scenes look at that.

Our Rosa Flores filed this report as she boarded the papal plane headed to Chile.


ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This is a warning behind-the-scenes look at boarding the papal plane. I am ready to go. I've got my Vatican

credentials. Here is my ticket, with my passport. All my bags are tagged. You can see that we've got to have tags on our bags.

After a quick check-in, then we get a pocket that actually all embargo, so I can't share that with you. We've got on the bus, we get a lot of the

journalists right here already.

And after a short ride, here we are, just outside the papal plane. The pope of course was at the front part of the aircraft. The journalists were

board from the back side.

Now here is the challenge. Once we get on the flight, we have to choose a seat because we don't have assigned seats. The good thing is, that we

normally have good friends on this flight, like my friend, Anna, here. So she actually help me find a seat. Thank you so much, Anna.

And ones we get on, it's really a race against time because we have very little time. If you take a look around, you will see all of the

journalists are trying to find a seat. The photographers are actually the lucky ones.

They got assigned seats towards the front only because they will be taking video of the pope. Journalists travel on the back side of the plane. So

all intents and purposes, you can see that this is a regular commercial airline.

This was couple of perks that we do get. We get a care package because this is a 16-hour flight. We get a nice map that tells us where we're


The only little difference is that the leader of the Catholic Church happens to be traveling on the front, on the papal plane. Rose Flores,



ANDERSON: Well, if you want to see more of what's going on behind-the- scenes as it were, then do find those at Facebook, Well finally in our Parting Shots this evening.

[10:55:00] We remember a powerful voice.


DOLORES O'RIORDAN, LEAD SINGER, THE CRANBERRIES: Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to, do you have to let it linger? Oh,

I thought the world of you. I thought nothing could go wrong, but I was wrong.

ANDERSON: Linger, the 90's hit song written by The Cranberries' lead singer Dolores O'Riordan. She passed away on Monday in London at the age

of 46.

Police say her death is not considered suspicious. Well, fans around the world mourning her death. The Irish president paid tribute crediting her

and The Cranberries for their immense influence on rock and pop music in the Ireland.


ANDERSON: I'm Beck Anderson, that was Connect the World. Thank you for watching.