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Somber Return To School; Netanyahu Under Fire; Battered Battlefield; Trump's Pre-Campaign Business Dealings Under Scrutiny; Ghani Makes Offer To Taliban; E.U. Lays Out Its Brexit First Draft; Some Retailers Fight The World's Plastic Binge; CNN's Nima Elbagir Poses As A Migrant; U.S. Honoring Reverend Billy Graham. Aired 10-11a ET

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[10:00:30] LYNDA KINKADE, CONNECT THE WORLD, CNN: Stoneman Douglas back to school Parkland students get back to work and look ahead to their political

march. We are live in Florida this hour. Plus prosecutors point the finger at Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he has been directly

link to a case alleging multimillion dollar bribe in exchange for positive media coverage. We are live in Jerusalem to explain it all. Plus Syria's

battered battlefield get even more bloodily by the U.N. back troops and update from the region this hour.

Hello and welcome to "Connect the World." I am Lynda Kinkade in Atlanta filling in for Becky Anderson. We begin with an emotional day for students

returning to a high school Florida. Two weeks after a gunman killed 17 people, their classmate and teachers. Teenagers arrive on campus they were

met with flowers and caused of welcome back. The attack has spark an emotional debate on gun control in the U.S. and some of the country's

biggest companies are taking note. Nationwide retailer Dicks sporting goods has just announce that it will stop selling assault style weapons.

The chief executive focusing and you day about a decision.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If these kids are brave enough to organize and do what they're doing, then we should be brave enough to take the stand and that's

what we have done. We actually sold the shooter a shotgun in November of last year. We looked at that found out that we do this we had a pit in her

stomach and said we need to -- we don't want to be a part of the story and we need responsibility for these kids and we decided we are not going to

sell this anymore.


KINKADE: CNN Dianne Gallagher joins me now from Parkland Florida and Dianne it's really hard to imagine just how tough it is for the students

going back into the place they witness such a carnage. There is also a lot of frustration as well that politician are not listening to them.

DIANNE GALLAGHER, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: You know Lynda there is. This strange balance their having to strike today as they came back in and

started the day with 17 seconds of silence, one second for each of their classmates and teachers who were killed two weeks ago today, but as they

walked in there were tears walking arm in arm with officers, teachers and parents of those who were killed. They still kept that vigorous that they

had inside of them about trying to make change. They were still talking about gun control. Take a listen to what David Hogg told us this morning

on CNN.


GALLAGHER: How are you getting to strike to go in there?

DAVID HOGG, STUDENT: I have to because politicians are coward and they won't gather the strength even just stand up to the NRA like Marco Rubio,

Rick Scott or Donald Trump. You don't own me anymore and they rip off their shark collar and at this point our politician are like really stupid

sharks, they think they are unpowered, but honestly don't.


GALLAGHER: You know a lot of the kids when that have unfortunately been brought into this they feel like they have to continue the movement, I got

a text not too long ago from a sophomore who is inside and told me it's really weird being in here. I think it is hitting us hard, because we've

all been so involved with the movement and now we just have to be students. I think that really sort of hit home to just what they been dealing with

the past two weeks they've been on TV everywhere they been making changes and getting the attention of politicians and the president, but in the end

they are still high school student to have to go back to a class where their classmates were massacred two weeks ago.

KINKADE: Yes absolutely horrific and they are continuing to fight the politician the change but despite the lack of political will, we have seen

companies step back from the NRA, some had cut ties with the NRA and we just heard today Dicks sporting good said, we are no longer selling rifles

to a teenager and this is the company that sold one of the guns to the shooter, but not one used in the massacre but did sell a gun. Just explain

for us what students are reacting to that?

[10:05:00] GALLAGHER: I have a best way to explain to you Lynda. This morning before school started that Dicks announcement came out, Fred

Guttenberg whose daughter Jamie was killed in that massacre was standing over to the left to me and David Hogg, the student we just heard from here

as well. And he saw it and he said, oh my god, Fred Guttenberg he was Dicks going to stop selling assault style weapon and to see them together,

David was so excited and said, but we are not done. We need more, we have to press on, but this is a good place to be right now. they acknowledge

it, they have this happiness together Lynda, and then they look for in forcing a lot of the students, they each time a company does something they

celebrated and then they move on to the next and they plan to, there are several other movements in clubs and kids at the school and have tried to

start so they can empower other students around the country to understand the week that they maybe can't vote, but they can still have political

influence and they can still lobby their politicians to pay attention to what they want, because they will be voters soon. Watching their activism

and some of them had admitted that at least the next couple of days they would like to focus on their classmates and going back to school, but for

the most part they say were not going anywhere were to stay strong and stay loud and we are going to press on.

KINKADE: And we will continue to count on what they have to say Gallagher, great to have you there for us today. Thank you so much.

The White House is taking questions about whether Jared Kushner can continue on as one of Donald Trump top foreign policy advisor at the top

secret security clearance was stripped away. Mr. Trump son in law will no longer be able to access some highly classified material. After the move

by chief of staff John Kelly.

Well that news come to me and another bombshell report by the Washington Post that officials in at least four countries discussed ways they can

exploit and manipulate Kushner to their advantage. And that is not the only headache for the White House we now learned that Donald Trump's

business dealings with Russia before the presidential campaign and now under the microscope in the Russia investigation. Let us bring in White

House reporter Stephen Collison to help break all this down for us. Stephen certainly is a lot of bomb shell development to discuss. Let us

start firstly with the news Trump's business dealing in Moscow before he started his run for president are now under scrutiny. This is the man who

did not release his tax returns and did not want those business dealings under the microscope.

STEPHEN COLLINSON, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Yes this is a significant development I think in the Mueller investigation, because of

the raises the question of whether the special counsel is trying to find out whether there was any compromising information on Donald Trump and the

Russians might have by virtue of his previous business dealings in Russia. We don't know that that is a prime focus of the investigation, but the fact

that Mueller is asking questions about this sort of takes us into the territories that it's possible that he could be looking to see whether

there are any reasons why Donald Trump may have tried to potentially obstruct the Mueller probe on the probe by the FBI chief James Comey before

that so that's the whole issue of whether there was a rationale if you like for corruption as well as the issue of whether the Russians did indeed have

compromising information on Trump before he ran for election which could explain perhaps some of the positions he has taken towards Russia and the

leniency really with which he's dealt with a Russian President Vladimir Putin and the way he's not really responded strongly to the findings of

Mueller and the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election.

KINKADE: And of course let us have a look at Jared Kushner, a lot to break down here, he is President Trump son-in-law and according to these reports

at least four countries who are trying to manipulate him like countries like United Arab Emirates, China, Israel, Mexico they discuss ways they

could benefit ways that they could business dealings we can use his lack of government experience. How often that Kushner had this meetings without

letting the national Security Council without sharing the details of those meetings?

COLLINSON: Some of these revelations really tossed out about whether he can continue to serve as a senior foreign policy aide for the president.

Those companies you mentioned are all part of his portfolio so you have a situation where Jared Kushner now will not be able to get the most top-

secret intelligence on these countries in these regions before he goes into meetings with leaders from this countries he got his one hand tied behind

his back if you like the fact that these countries that you mentioned in the Middle East Mexico and China have a look for ways to exploit his

business entitlement, the high levels of debt of his family holds on real estate ventures makes it almost impossible for him to highly leverage.

[10:10:20] The fact this is known publicly raises all sort of questions about you know the status of his role on whether he can be an effective

foreign policy adviser to the president. He is one of the most trusted people in the presence in a circle, so this is also a huge blow to Trump,

because it is really striking the heart of his administration and his family and he is going to raise, you know great stress I think and pressure

on the White House at the same time as we talked about how the Mueller Probe is really getting -- getting really much closer to the president


KINKADE: As looking at the president's twitter account, the President of the United States had just called the Cheney general disgraceful and this

is the man he nominated them and endorsed him before any senator. Disgraceful is what he said. Let me just read it to you. Why is A.G. Jeff

Sessions asking the inspected general to investigate potential massive FISA abused? Will it take forever, has no prosecution power, already light with

reports on (inaudible). Isn't the I.G. guy and the Obama guy, why not use Justice Department lawyer, disgraceful? Clearly again we see the president

using his twitter account to really speak his mind and shows the chaos within his inner circle.

COLLINSON: In any normal administration the president publicly attacking his own Attorney General would be a massive occurrence, the Attorney

General will probably be out the door with about 10 minutes this is not the first time the president has attacked Jeff Sessions. We know he

exceedingly exercise, because the Attorney General who was a key figure in his campaign recuse himself of the oversight of the Russia program that's

what really exercises the president. This issue is about the famous dossier and whether the FBI is some Republicans claim abuses its powers and

getting a surveillance warrant for former Trump (inaudible) Carter Page. Really when it comes down to is the president extreme anger and frustration

of the Russia probe and the role of Sessions that played into it, but it made you think that Sessions is again on very thin ice.

KINKADE: Very thin ice, indeed. Stephen Collinson for us this morning. Thank you so much for joining us.

Israel's prime minister is on the defendants after a big development in one of the corruption investigations targeting his inner circle now for the

first time, prosecutors have directly linked Benjamin Netanyahu to a case that allegedly gave a friend lucrative benefits in exchange for favorable

media coverage. Mr. Netanyahu is not a suspect to what is known a case4000, but he is a suspect in two other cases.

Police had said, there is sufficient evidence to indict him. Let us bring in Oren Liebermann in Jerusalem for the details on all of this. Oren if

this prove true it is mind blowing that the Israeli Prime Minister could get a friend to a quarter of $1 billion for positive media coverage and is

of course is not the first allegation of corruption.

OREN LEIBERMANN, CNN CORESPONDENT: Well that friend would receive in regulatory benefits and prosecutor also says that would come in some form

of cash. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was always a fascination with the media someone called an obsession with the media that stems from the

Israel broadcasting authority which is the public broadcaster here to newspapers and online media sites. Remember this which is case 4000 is not

the only case that deals with Netanyahu and his inner circle and their relationship to the media in case 2000 were Netanyahu has been named as a

suspect prosecutors and the police have said that Netanyahu was discussing a deal with that one of the leading newspapers in the country for favorable

coverage in exchange for hampering the circulation of arrivals. So Netanyahu is always seeing the media mostly as an enemy or as an adversary

and this is a manifestation of that as you point out Netanyahu himself is not been name as a suspect in this case, but this investigation is

continuing, it is growing and that could change.

KINKADE: And just briefly Oren, have you had a response from Mr. Netanyahu and what could happen if he faces investigated on Friday?

LEIBERMANN: It is expected of his investigators on Friday that there is a chance that will be pushed back. The warning we are looking for there is

the question under caution and in what case? The words under caution would indicate that he is being question as a suspect and that would make him a

suspect in on additional case right now he is a suspect in two out of five cases, the other three target members of his inner circle.

[10:15:07] Netanyahu himself meanwhile fired back on social media. He posted this on his Facebook page. I will read this in full. After they

suggested that the Prime Minister smoke cigars worth a million shekels a new balloon has arrived favors of a million shekels however all of the

actions were made in a practical manner on the basis of recommendations for the professional echelon, professional committees and legal consultants.

Not a million, not a billion, not a trillion and not anything. Netanyahu insisted that all the actions from ministry of communications when he was

the ministry were made properly dismissing this all as nothing. That certainly has not changed, Lynda.

KINKADE: Sending out nothing. A lot of questions there Oren Lieberman, good to have you with us. Thank you so much.

We are going to move now to Syria and take a look at this. This look like a ceasefire, Opposition activist, the shelling and bombing continued

Wednesday during what was supposed to be day 2 of the humanitarian pause. Hundreds and thousands of people are trapped in eastern Ghouta in Damascus.

Russia has ordered the fighting to be stopped for five hours a day to let civilians leave. The government and the rebels accused each other of

violating that pause. So is there any hope that ceasefire can take pause. CNN senior international correspondent Sam Kiley following all of this from

Istanbul for us and Sam despite a U.N. ceasefire calling for a 30 days ceasefire and despite Russian claims of a pause, we continue to see the


SAM KILEY, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes there has been continued bloodshed not quite on the same scale as it was up until Sunday

Monday when the U.N. was Sunday when they past that resolution on Monday when it was supposed to become active. The Russian pause so called a five-

hour period. In local time between our 0900 and 1400 that is 2:00 in the afternoon supposedly to allow humanitarian accesses without resulted in no

humanitarian access and or evacuations in either direction with both sides both of the Russian back Syrian government and the rebels fighting each

other for violating this cease-fire and pause within a cease-fire. It has not been a pause, it hasn't been a cease-fire we have seen all of this

before and this is clearly a re-visitation of the campaign tactics used when the Russians and the Syrians allies conducted operations to recapture

East Aleppo. There were numerous attempts humanitarian corridors in the end there was a final evacuation when most of East Aleppo been pounded so

hard, that even the rebels throughout the white flag and either surrender or move into rebel held areas under the U.N. brokered agreement and in this

case there is sign yet of the rebels giving up the fight.

In fact there's been some quite heavy skirmishing during the morning in particular along some on the frontline areas and no prospects at all of

either humanitarian pause or cease-fire taking hold given the evidence on the ground, Lynda.

KINKADE: Yes, certainly not. All right Sam Kiley good to have you with us. Thank you very much.

Still to come, the Afghan president is taking extraordinary measures to break a piece with the Taliban. He is offering the insurgent, next.



[10:21:20] (SIRENS)


CHURCH: Well attack that shock even by the wearing Afghanistan in an explosive rig ambulance killed 95 people when it blew up last month, a

brutal assault claimed by the Taliban despite decades of violence like that Afghanistan's president Ashraf Ghani is offering to recognize the Taliban

and a legitimate political party. It is a step towards possible peace talks. The announcement came as police blames insurgents for the abduction

of five police officers and 14 others in southern Afghanistan. The Taliban have been a major force in Afghanistan for more than two decades now, but

who they are exactly and what do they want. They were formed in the chaos following the Soviet war in Afghanistan. The word Taliban means student

and pastor referring to those who formed the group in 1990, well their aimed is to impose their interpretation of Islamic floor on the people.

The group is the most notorious for providing shelter to Osama bin Laden and becoming allied with Al Qaeda before and after the September 11th

attack. When the Taliban took power they banned women from going to school, working outside or traveling alone. They also made it illegal to

watch television, listen to music or celebrate non-Islamic holidays. All of those ban lasted until they fell from power in 2001. CNN Nick Paton

Walsh joins me now from London to break this all down for us. Nick the president offering to treat the Taliban now as a legitimate political party

and is the president has referred to this group as terrorist. How significant this change?

NICK PATON WALSH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's a pretty substantial shift and certainly the Afghan government's policy here now of course we had heard

office for peace talks before all always come with caveats with preconditions for anything from denounce violence, to distance yourself

from Al Qaeda and also to more recently has been clear that really the U.S.-Afghan coalition wants to pass be in a better position of military

strength before they sat down at the negotiating table. That is different today preconditions no longer required and also there are quite few carrots

being offered if the Taliban comes the table well yes they come be a recognized political party and get this they might even get an office in

Kabul. That will be the first time they have a permanent outpost in the capital since they surrounded back in 2001 as a possible spoiler in this

from President Ghani wants to be sure the women are present throughout the entire negotiation process that may be something that a hardline Taliban

cannot necessarily tolerate. We have to ask ourselves why now, how do we get here? Remember only 30 days ago Donald Trump offer a series or rather

falsely, gusty blast in the capital. Now is the time to talk to Taliban and he was backed up by some Afghan security officials, that calls dismay

among some U.S.-Afghan officials who really always seem to be any way this incredibly long war, the longest in American history will come to an end in

some sort of political accommodation to the Taliban and they have a commander-in-chief saying that wasn't on the table anymore.

[10:25:12] So he may have to start reversal, talk about preconditions. Some may say this is because of President Ghani is recognizing the fact

that their (inaudible) militarily as Afghan security forces and at least in quite a few it seems so many were actually not necessary allowed to know

the number they made this figures confidential now some numbers that Americans have recently really suggested in fact the amounts of territory

control, logistics control by the Taliban is steadily increasing. So are good picks necessarily particular when you have the secure areas of Kabul

constantly threatened by large explosions.

Maybe I think perhaps political accommodation is a way to slow the violence it may be simply President Ghani peeling or trying to calm the fears of

ordinary Afghans who are frankly sick of war, they want to see peace or maybe perhaps Kabul's governments are aware of something a rift in the

Taliban I think that they can exploit. We simply don't know will the Taliban go along with what we have heard from them and frankly I think it

is unlikely the competing some might say it to be the most extreme group with Isis to carry out more brutal attacks, their leadership is not exactly

moderates, it's military commander is a leader of Al Qaeda affiliates, the leader itself recently suggested a song, to kill himself in a suicide

bombing, so doing well militarily as well as a nothing in the current CV suggests necessary about to sit down the peace and table, but still here we

have the sofa, have to say sort of brave, really President Ghani, if it fails it does damage the potential for peace talks to be seen as judgmental

or realistic idea in the years ahead, but frankly given the desperation I think many Afghans feel this is a move that if it works currently due to

some degree of goods. We have to see really if the Taliban would give it a second thought.

KINKADE: Paton Walsh, good to get your analysis on that from London. Thank you very much. Well you can always follow the latest on Afghanistan

in we will keep you updated on the president's potential ceasefire agreement with the Taliban falling more than 16 years of war. You can also

read about the U.S. military strategy there, you can check it all out at We are live from CNN worldwide headquarters you are tuning in

"Connect the World." Up next a very British divirce and a very British marriage, literally the red line when it comes to Brexit. We will explain

next, but before that divorce getting hitch Meghan Markle about to join the Royal family out and about with her groom to be. We will have both stories

when we come back.



NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Right here is the border between the north of Ireland on this side of the road and the south

of Ireland on this side of the road.

The road here is quite literally the border. There is now razor wire. There is no check post. There is no customs post but Brexit can bring a

changed to all of that.


LYNDA KINKADE, CNN ANCHOR: Well, Nic, was just along the 500 or so kilometer border between Northern Ireland and Ireland itself as greener as

it is there on the ground, it's been to onto a major redline for Brexit, that is.

Let me just break it down for you, the E.U. has just released this report. It's an idea of how Brexit should actually was. It's heavy, it's stick a

120 pages or so long and there is a lot of legal jargon.

You know, it's proposal to keep Northern Ireland inside the E.U.'s Customs Union with the rest of it, out at the U.K., essentially taking the border

from here to somewhere around here. That idea is not winning over Britain's prime minister. Take a listen.


THERESA MAY, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: The draft legal text that the commission has published would, if implemented, it would undermine the U.K.

common market and threatens the constitutional integrity of the U.K. by creating a customs and regulatory border down the Irish Sea, and no U.K.

prime minister could ever agree to it. And I will be making that absolutely clear.


KINKADE: Theresa May there. There is a lot to take in here. And very few people who understand it all. CNN's Bianca Nobilo knows Brexit like at the

back of her hand.

She is with us from London. Bianca, as you listen to the report, super, super, dry you no doubt, had across it all. Just explain for us why the

border matter so much.

BIANCA NOBILO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The border is the critical issue in these negotiations. It is really been a sticking point from the beginning

and the text that we've been talking about today that set 150 page document is really for minimizing what was agreed in December.

Now the problem is and server as an element of fudge, of vague diplomatic language around this issue of hard border in Ireland, in order to move the

Brexit talks on and have that sufficient progress.

Well today, the E.U. had put that in black and white. How this is going to operationalize. So this is a problem because if the E.U. and the U.K.

don't strike a comprehensive trade deal after Brexit which would enable the free movement of goods between the Republic of Ireland which is in the E.U.

and Northern Ireland which is in the U.K., and they don't come up with any miraculous technological solutions that we haven't heard about yet.

Then, the backstop solution as the E.U. is calling it is for Northern Ireland to remain in a Customs Union with the Republic of Ireland. That

would the fact of keeping them in the E.U. Customs Union.

But of course, that is not something that the prime minister is willing to since count on. We heard in that sound bite just now, the prime minister

said that would interfere with the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.

And further more, Lynda, the D.U.P., the Unionist Party in Northern Ireland that prop up the prime minister's government would never found for that


KINKADE: Yes, Theresa May completely rejecting it as you said. This is going to happen in 12 months. But it seems there is a long way to go

before they will be any agreement by March 2019.

NOBILO: There is. There is a huge amount to achieve this year. In fact, just today, Michel Barnier, the E.U.'s chief Brexit negotiator said that

the U.K. had to pick up the pace if they want to achieve Brexit by 2019.

The U.E. has been saying the all along. They said that the clock is ticking, time is running out, come on Britain, you have to deliver what you

want from Brexit.

[10:35:05] And we are expecting that this Friday for the Prime Minister to lay out the U.K.'s position on their future relationship between the U.K.

and the E.U. but there is so much to achieve.

However, the text that was released today does bring that forward slightly because it is the first legal document that we had on the Brexit deal.

They yet to agree on the transition period, which is the next step, the E.U. is saying today that that is not a guarantee.

Now the transition is essential especially for business in the U.K. in order to avoid that Brxit cliff edge that everybody dreads, then after the

transition has agreed, comes the future relationship.

Well, there is still much debate and division in the United Kingdom. So you said it, Lynda, so much to achieve. So little time but we will all be

watching that prime minister's speech on Friday to see what she lays out for the future relationship and whether or not the E.U. are likely to

accept that.

KINKADE: You know, we certainly do and no doubt before that. We will be talking to you a lot more. Bianca Nobilo, great to have you with us, thank

you for staying across it all.

Well, the United Nations has sounded the alarm on plastic waste to calling it a planetary crisis. And some grocery stores have heard the call, they

are taking against plastic food packaging. And CNN's Isa Soares found out doing good also means good business.


ISA SOARES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Plastic a constant presence in the convenience of our daily lives, but the planet is paying the high price

brought by throw away culture.

From coffee cups, to water bottles, some 8 million tons of plastic trash lead to the ocean each year and of the estimated 8.3 billion metric tons of

plastic ever produced only nine percent has ever been recycled.

But the war against the world's plastic binge is gaining momentum with governments and big retailers under growing pressure to reduce waste and

more sustainably about this physical packaging.

Eco Plaza at the supermarket in the Netherlands is hoping it can bring about change an aisle at a time. This is the world first plastic free

supermarket aisle organic and a little lane of hope, where customers can buy a wide selection of groceries or a 100 percent plastic free.

At the cofounder of the campaign group, a Plastic Planet shows on the land is hoping to take this global, this she tells me is a game changer.

SIAN SUTHERLAND, CO-FOUNDER, PLASTIC PLANET: Right now, you will go into the supermarket, you have no choice but to take home that shed load of

plastic that you didn't want.

So all we wanted was to say, in a day where you can buy gluten free, fat free, dairy free, all of these things free, just go this one aisle and that

aisle is a course of symbol. It's a symbol of what change can be in the future if it's a symbol of what the future of retailing will be.

SOARES: Also at the vanguard on the growing anti-waste movement is an unlikely eco warrior. Richard Eckersley is a former Manchester United

footballer, who recently set up the U.K's first zero waste shop, earth, food, love in the southwest of England.

RICHARD ECKERSLEY, CO-FOUNDER, EARTH, FOOD, LOVE: So I wanted something to contribute. I wanted to contribute and I want to use the resources that I

gained in football in support to something. And this seems like a perfect fit. We are just trying to provide people with everything that normally

comes with plastic, without plastic basically.

SOARES: Customers are encouraged to bring their containers. And fill them up with as many as 200 organic products, from dried foods, to washing up

liquid and it seems it is catching on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just went in here for the first time, so I just bought a few herbs and paper bags, but I will definitely be back with all

of my container, because I think it is a terrific idea.

SOARES: Sian says the momentum is here to stay and that most sustainable material we can use replaced plastic are already out there.

SUTHERLAND: Paper, card, wood pulp, grass, glass, tin, not plastic line, aluminum, now there are so many other material,. There won't be one thing

that directly replaces plastic, it will be a platter of things many different things.

SOARES: Outside the box thinking, the latest outbreak are plastic habit. Isa Soares, CNN, Totnes in the Southwest of England.


KINKADE: Well, regular viewers of this show know we cover the plight of migrants almost day in, day out, whether from Afghanistan, Syria or African


CNN's Nima Elbagir went undercover to expose the dangers this desperate people face on the perilous route in the journey from Nigeria to Libya to


And while posing as a migrant, so-called pusherman or human smugglers told, Nima, she would probably be raped on every leg of the journey and she --

that she should not fight back.

Well, earlier, she witnessed a slave auction in Libya where migrant men was sold off to the highest bidder. Nima spoke with The Daily Show Trevor Noah

about what can be done to keep the issue front center.


[10:40:05] TREVOR NOAH, HOST, THE DAILY SHOW: Well, people who see these stories on the side of the world -- I mean, after your report came, people

were hashtaging, many of us felt helpless because you are. Is there anything that a person on this side of the world can do to help in any way

with the situation?

NIMA ELBAGIR, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, I mean, we are, I think, is so incredibly grateful that you -- you know, you had me on

tonight because as long as we keep reminding people that this is still happening. Because I think at the time, everybody heard all these noise.

NOAH: Right.

ELBAGIR: And we all thought, well, something -- someone and somewhere, I don't know who is but someone is doing something good on it.

NOAH: Right.

ELBAGIR: But of course, no one was. The Security Council met four times and they still haven't -- they still haven't found an effective way through

this. But I think, if we keep reminding them that we care, then I think ultimately, they will be forced to do something.


KINKADE: Nima Elbagir there. Well, in her next report, Nima, caught up for the young man who tried unsuccessfully to reach Europe last year.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Speaking Foreign Language)

ELBAGIR: The last time we saw Victor (ph), he was lying on the floor of a Libya Detention Center, just rescued from slavery, begging to be sent back

home. Now, he is back in Nigeria but have he found his happy ending? How do you feel coming back here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A lot of people lost their lives over there. I am happy that I didn't lose my life. I am back home now, so I can also take

another step. So I am happy.


KINKADE: We are grateful for his life but still struggling to survive. See more of Victor's (ph) story this Thursday, only on CNN. Well, you are

watching Connect the World. Still to come, two royal couples on one stage as Princes William and Harry unveiled plan to a charity in the years ahead.


KINKADE: Hello, I'm Lynda Kinkade. This is CNN. Welcome back. Let's take you straight to Washington now. And Donald Trump has just arrived at

the U.S. capital for a ceremony to honor the Reverend Billy Graham.

Well, capital has set a host and a arrival ceremony for Graham before he lies in honor of the Capitol Rotunda. Graham died a week ago at the age of

99 and he was a towering figure in American religion for decades.

Well, there have been dubbed the Fab Four, Harry, Meghan, Katherine and William, the young British royals. Princes William and Harry have always

been passionate supporters for charities and today in London, they, along with their partners knocked out their plan for the future. W

Well, CNN's Max Foster joins us now with all the details. And, Max, this is certainly a first scene before them on stage together, and Meghan

Markle, certainly, not official part of the royal family, yet, but on the front foot, talking very passionately about something close her heart.

[10:45:03] MAX FOSTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, absolutely. So what we have got here is a future of the British monarchy. This was always the

plan for William and Harry to bring their wives into the foundation, where they would work together for the rest of their royal careers, effectively

for the rest of their lives.

And, you know, now it's complete. You have got Meghan Markle involved there as well. So they work on campaign issues together.

Meghan Markle, when she got engaged to, Harry, dropped all her previous associations, for example with U.N. women and with other charges that she's

worked with in the past.

So we are waiting to see whether or not she should, or she would continue to those causes or indeed, she will set back from them. And this is what

she said today about one of the courses she is best known for.


MEGHAN MARKLE, PRINCE HARRY'S FIANCE: Well, you'll often hear people say, well you're helping people find their voices. And I fundamentally disagree

with that because women don't need to find a voice. They have a voice.

They need to feel empowered to use it and people need to be encouraged to listen. And I think right now, in the climate that we're seeing with so

many campaigns.

I mean, the Me Too and Time's Up -- there is no better time than to really continue to shine a light on women feeling empowered and people really

helping to support them, men included in that.


FOSTER: It sounds like quite innocuous thing to say. That's a view shared by many people around the world. But actually from the British world, it's

going to involved in a campaign like that.

Many people see it as a political campaign -- the Time's Up campaign at this point, then that was quite a big step for here. So it is really

showing that she's not going to hold back at all. She has at least. She is going to stick with them. And she not going to compromise on marrying

into the royal family, Lynda.

KINKADE: Yes, it is certainly wonderful to see the four of them out together and no doubt we will see much more of the four of them like that

in the future.

Max Foster, good to have you with us, as always. Thank you so much. Well, coming up, she was India's sweetheart and for many, her death isn't only

the lost of an actress, but also a heroine.


KINKADE: We are going now to Washington for coverage of Billy Graham.


JOHN BLAKE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He has arrived here a bus, I can only imagine that is carrying some of the family members, perhaps some of the

North Carolina delegation people who were close to the Reverend Billy Graham who will be part of this ceremony.

We do expect to hear from the leaders of Congress. We also do expect to hear from the President of the United States on this day.

REV. SUZAN JOHNSON COOK, FORMER U.S. AMBASSADOR RELIGIOUS FOUNDATION: We have the secretary also who was top for the United States Senate, which

will be also important.

BLAKE: What do you think he did have such a direct impact, Reverend, on political figures in this country?

COOK: Well, you know -- I mean, first all it is an honor. I was a faith advisor to the two president, so we can advise them so many ways. You can

advise them on issues or you can actually be their pastor by then to the Oval Office, and so for him to have that impact to cross the line of the

Democrats and Republicans is major.

But I think the reason he had such an impact was because he hit with the media. The media had a major impact. He was really the first


He was the first one, when first zoned in on him in the 60s and said this is the one we're going to make America's pastor, media makes a difference.

So he was a man with a message but he certainly had the media on his side. And I think that that makes a big difference.

[10:50:00] BLAKE: All right, guys, standby. We're going to a quick break. When we come back, the country honors to late Reverend Billy Graham.


BLAKE: All right, live pictures from Capitol Hill. You can see they rehearse carrying the remains the late Reverend Billy Graham outside the


Inside the Capitol Rotunda, you can see a ceremony were the late Reverend Graham will lie in honor -- just the fourth private citizen ever to receive

that honor, a bipartisan gathering inside for what will be a very special ceremony.

We will hear from leaders of Congress, also the President of the United States. Our Boris Sanchez standing by outside as the ceremony is about to

begin. Boris.

BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right, John. You know, that just how rare this is. It really is a special accolade and one fitting of --

someone of the caliber of Reverend Billy Graham, the legacy that he has left behind, not only impacting so many people through his faith.

[10:55:00] But also really elevating his faith to play a role in politics and carrying influence with presidents dating back to Harry Truman. It has

been said that he's been active -- that he has played an active role throughout many presidencies.

Not only as an advisor but also as a person that has brought us spiritual council to presidents like George W. Bush and even to the current,

President Donald Trump called Billy Graham a braved man, so that he would be missed, not only by Christians but by people of all faith.

Of course, President Trump expected to speak during this ceremony. He will be joined by Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Congressman from both parties.

This ceremony will be close to the public. Of course, the only people attending are congressman, the president, vice president and Billy Graham's

family. Afterward at around 1:00 p.m., it will be open to the public.

There's already a large crowd gathered outside the capitol to pay their respects to Billy Graham. Again, towering figure in not only American

spiritual life but also in politics, John.

BLAKE: You know, Professor Palmer to you, born though to a simple life in North Carolina. Did he ever reflect on his overall impact on American


RANDALL BALMER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: He did. He often said that when he got to heaven, he asked God why me -- why is it that I was chosen to be such an

important and influential figure, and when I interviewed him in the early 1990s for a documentary, I asked him about how he thought he would be

remembered 50 years after his death.

And first he adopted the kind of Carolina all shocks attitude. Well, I'm not sure anybody will remember me. Many said, well, maybe if they see

documentaries like this, they might remember me.

And finally, he finished up by saying that he wanted to be remembered as someone who was faithful to God and who preach the gospel, and I think -- I

think by any reasonable assessment, that is true.

BLAKE: And that is quite a legacy in and of itself. All right, Professor Balmer, Ambassador Cook, Boris, standby. We're going to take a quick

break. When we come back, the ceremony in honor of the Reverend Billy Graham.