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Bill Cosby Found Guilty In Sexual Assault Trial. Aired 3-4p ET

Aired April 26, 2018 - 15:00   ET



HALA GORANI, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Welcome, everybody. We continue our breaking news of the Bill Cosby story there unfolding in the United

States as well as the very latest from Donald Trump and the White House in Washington with a remarkable phone interview on Fox.

But the very latest breaking news this hour as accusations filtered out against an iconic American comedian. They seemed to set the stage for the

"Me Too" movement. Now, they are sending a man potentially behind bars.

Just over an hour ago, a jury found Bill Cosby guilty of three counts of sexual assault. In this case, he is accused of drugging and raping one

woman, but he has been accused by dozens of others, and that the verdict came in they reached those accusers for each other. Take a look.


GORANI: These scenes in a courthouse in Pennsylvania earlier and one of those women said this is the moment that she can hardly believe.


LILI BERNARD, COSBY ACCUSER: I feel like I`m dreaming. I feel like -- I feel like (inaudible) and humanity is restored. This isn`t a (inaudible)

just for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Not just for the victim in the case, (inaudible), not just for the 62 of us publicly known survivors of

Bill Cosby`s drug-facilitated sexual crimes against women, but it`s also a victory for all sexual assault survivors, female and male --


GORANI: That was Lili Bernard. Lili Bernard is also one of the Cosby accusers and her lawyers celebrated a win that she said means more than a

hashtag, listen.


GLORIA ALLRED, LAWYER FOR PLAINTIFF IN COSBY TRIAL: Finally, we can say women are believed and not only on #meetoo, but in law where they were

under testify truthfully where they were attacked, where they were smeared, where they were denigrated, where there were attempts to discredit them.

And after all is said and done, women were finally believed.


GORANI: This is Gloria Allred. Bill Cosby spokesperson says this is not over. Listen.


ANDREW WYATT, SPOKESMAN FOR BILL COSBY: -- this case and the evidence doesn`t support the fact, we feel that this juror, these jurors are going

to look at the evidence and then they are going to look at the statute of limitations and acquit Mr. Cosby of all charges. Thank you. Have a great



GORANI: Well, you have to understand why this is such a big story in the United States, for decades Bill Cosby was known as America`s dad, a

wholesome persona that on television, he cultivated and even outside of his sitcom. This was something that he wanted America to believe that he was

also in his private life.

So, of course, when all these women came forward with these accusations, it certainly was a shock. This originally was a case that did not go all the

way to its conclusion initially last June and finally here we have a verdict with a guilty verdict on three counts.

This is something that could send Bill Cosby, who is 80 years old now. You see him walking out of that Pennsylvania courtroom to jail.

Jean Casarez was in the courtroom. She explained what happened inside. Listen.


JEAN CASAREZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, let me start that after the verdict rang out and it was the clerk that gave the verdict, accusers of Bill

Cosby, those who say they are victims of Bill Cosby, they were in the courtroom and they let out audible cries at that moment.

They weren`t real loud, but you could hear them through this quiet courtroom that was just really paralyzed with what I think they were

hearing at the time. Court personnel took them out. Immediately, though, after the jury left, it was the state attorney that stood and said, Your

Honor, we would like to remand the bail of Bill Cosby revoked and remand him into custody as soon as possible.

We believe he could be a flight risk. The judge had an issue with that. He believed that the $1 million bail that currently stands is good and

until sentencing. At that point, the state attorney said, Your Honor, we believe he is flight risk. He has a private plane.

At that point, Bill Cosby, stood up, looked at the state attorney and said in a loud booming voice, he doesn`t have a plane, you, asshole. It was

loud. It was strong. His PR representative came over to Bill Cosby to try to calm him down.

The judge was actually on the side of Bill Cosby. You give me facts that he is going to be a flight risk. I do not see it. File a motion.

[15:05:10] Let me take you back before the verdict, the jury came in and it was out of the blue we found out there was a verdict. This is very

different from last time. I watched the jury file in. Not one of them looked at Andrea Constand.

That can be a sign there of something that is favorable to the defense, not foolproof but many times they sat. We hear the verdict, guilty, guilty,

guilty. I think many people were shocked because what they had wanted to listen to the testimony readbacks could be favorable to Bill Cosby.

At that point, Bill Cosby made no audible reaction. He was just staring at the table in front of him, head lowered a little. Andrea Constand, all the

prosecution team, no visible response either or audible response. It was a quiet courtroom except for those accusers.

The ladies that believe that they are victims of Bill Cosby. They just could not contain themselves when they finally for the first time heard

guilty in a criminal court for an entertainer, Bill Cosby, America`s dad -- Wolf.

BLITZER: So, Jean, just to be precise, the judge said that Cosby could go back to his Pennsylvania home. He couldn`t leave that home and he would

require some GPS tracking devices to be installed on him to make sure he didn`t flee.

And they also ordered I`m told now from some notes that we are getting that there were several assessments for Cosby that now needed to be done. What

is the judge mean by that?

CASAREZ: That`s right. The pre-sentencing investigation has to be done. This is where they look at his physical status, his mental status, also

aspects of scoring. He`s never been convicted of a crime before. Is he a flight risk? The severity and this is a felony, aggravated indecent


Very serious felonies convictions on three counts, but there is a scoring procedure that goes in place there and they will then determine what they

believe those with the probation and parole department, believed should be how many years he serves.

Remember, it`s up to 10 years per count. The prosecution then can weigh in also on what they believe. The other assessment will be the sexually

violent predator assessment that they will do on him.

And of course, at this point, he will be a registered sex offender because of the convictions of these three sexual assault crimes.

BLITZER: Our producer, Aaron Cooper, providing some more notes for us saying he is not allowed to leave the state of Pennsylvania, either, but is

he allowed to leave his home?

CASAREZ: I personally myself did not hear about electronic monitoring device on his person, but the judge did talk about his passport. Do we

know if we have his passport? There was sort of a question in court, but I personally saw on December 30th, 2015 when he initially went to court on

these charges, his passport was handed over to the magistrate judge in court. I saw it.

BLITZER: One of the accusers, Lili Bernard, has now walked down the stairs. I want to see if we can hear what she is saying.


GORANI: Well, the verdict follows another case that ended deadlocked the last year as I was mentioning. This time around jurors spent 15 hours

deliberating. The judge as you heard their ruled that Cosby could remain free until sentencing. We do not quite have a date for sentencing.

Athena Jones is covering the story, joins me from New York. How much prison time could Bill Cosby, who is 80 years old now, possibly face?

ATHENA JONES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That`s right, Hala. Bill Cosby is 80 years old and he is legally blind. He could face up to 10 years on each of

these three counts. We understand that if he will be sentenced to the full 10 years would likely serve those terms concurrently, so one 10-year term.

Of course, he is 80 years old. This is very late in his life and it could if he were to have to go to prison that he could certainly pass away while

in prison, given the 10-year sentence.

GORANI: And more than 50 women have come forward accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault, but it is only this one case that made it to trial and

ended in criminal charges. Why is that?

JONES: That is correct and it`s pretty remarkable. These dozens and dozens of women, people have been talking a lot about this New York

magazine cover that showed all of the faces of the women who had come forward since around 2014 to accuse Cosby.

What`s interesting in this case is that you only have this one case with Andrea Constand, who he is now convicted of drugging and assaulting in


[15:10:09] This is the only case that they brought trial, but what`s different about this trial compared to last year`s trial with the jury was

unable to reach a verdict is that five of those 50 plus accusers were able to testify in this trial.

They testified that Cosby drugged and assaulted them in previous incidents and that was used by the prosecution to establish a pattern of behavior.

And clearly --

GORANI: Athena, I`m going to jump in. The district attorney from Montgomery County, Kevin Steele, is speaking now. Let`s listen in.

KEVIN STEELE, MONTGOMERY COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY: -- county provided her and I would be remiss if I did not think first those 12 jurors for their

diligence, the sacrifices that they made as well as the sacrifices of their families so that they could serve in this important duty that they did.

So, today, we are finally in a place to say that justice was done. As prosecutors, we have a responsibility to seek justice. We have to go

wherever and to whomever it takes us and to begin, I want to step back to a point that was pretty decisive in this case and that is when Judge

(inaudible) released a civil case deposition and indicated in his opinion that the defendant`s deposition showed the stark contrast between Bill

Cosby, the public moralist, and Bill Cosby, the subject of serious allegations concerning improper and perhaps criminal conduct.

At that point, the prosecutors who are here to do the right thing and specifically my predecessor, (inaudible) opened up and reopened this

investigation. So, that said, that`s a duty, but that duty took courage because she had open a case against a powerful man.

But I can say definitively that that is one of things that is done over and over again in the Montgomery County District Attorney`s Office. We have

shown from our record that money and power or who you are will not stop us from a criminal investigation or prosecuting a case.

Always revealed to this investigation was a man who had spent decades preying on women that he drugged and sexually assaulted, and a man who had

evaded this moment here today for far too long used his celebrity, used his wealth, used his network of supporters to help him conceal his crimes.

Now we really know today who was behind that act, who the real Bill Cosby was, and a jury has spoken with one voice in a court of law and found the

defendant guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in Elkins Park home.

Now a number people up here and I`m going to try to address as many of this, as I can, but 40 days as part of the -- that the team worked

tirelessly to get us to this point and the most important person in this is Andrea Constand.

Fourteen years later, it may be easy to forget that she was that first courageous person who stood up in public to go to the authorities and say

that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her.

Her courage, her resilience in the face of horrible and unfounded attacks upon her and her family has been so inspiring to all of us. We thank her,

family, her mother, Gianna, for trusting us through this process of prosecuting her attacker.

Then the next to her there is the (inaudible) were the ones that were asking the questions in that deposition that Judge Robreno (ph) was

referring to that got us to the point that we were able to reopen this case and seek justice.

[15:15:09] And standing with her through this whole process has been a lot of other courageous women, who are willing to stand up and tell their

stories about being drugged and sexually assaulted or raped.

Nineteen were willing to stand up with us in this prosecution, take the witness stand, and we are humbled by the courage all of them showed up, and

we can help applaud and celebrate courage of the five witnesses that had a chance to face Bill Cosby in this case to tell the jury, to tell all of you

what he did to them.

So, Heidi Thomas, Shilan Lasha (ph), Janice Dickerson, Janice Baker Kenny, and (inaudible). We public here thank all of them and call each of them

after the verdict is not able to talk to all of them, but they know what they have done, and they know what their courage helped all of us too.

So, supporting all of these women have been the victim advocates, the victims groups, women`s groups, anti-rape groups, and so many others, and

each of these groups play such an important role in supporting these women and helping them to heal from the ordeal that they have been put through.

Those are the people we all owe a debt of gratitude to today for their strength, for their resilience through this entire process, as well as

every day because they stand with us. They work with the victims and they make a difference in their lives.

I am very grateful to stand here before you with this is team and again it`s not all of our team who work to see that justice was done, but we had

to overcome many legal hurdles that were thrown at us by various defense lawyers. Who have been on this case for the past 28 months.

And this time from the lawyers of four different law firms and each step of the way we fought for the opportunity for the victims be heard the

opportunity to get this case to a jury, an opportunity to be standing before all of you after hearing the defendant had been convicted of three

counts of aggravated indecent assault.

This team has been incredible. I cannot say enough prosecutors and detectives dedicated staff who, despite everything that was thrown at us,

at them stayed the course, eye on the ball and work to get us here today.

I`m so incredibly proud of these talented people. They are committed always to do the right thing for the right reasons and I`m going to start

with -- I think I heard them referred to recently as thunder and lightning.

So, Mr. (inaudible) here on left. He heads our family protection unit. He has prosecuted a lot of cases, sexual assaults, rapes, and those have been

dropped in sexual assault cases. He has been with our office six years, and just as one of the best.

You saw some of that talent coming across throughout this trial and I got reports on how I (inaudible) as I watching. The other thing I enjoyed

doing is coaching and you get to these points where you work with kids.

You work with young adults and you get to that point where you put them out on the field or onto the court and there is not much you can do at that

point, other than watch, and I could not of been more proud of what they did throughout this whole thing and some of the cross-examination that you

all got see and some of the quick-witted remarks were for something.

[15:20:14] I think even cause the jurors to laugh when testimony was being written or coming back on things and where they had the (inaudible) here is

closing and Kristin here. So, we would not be here if not for her, and I say that because when we came back to look at this case, (inaudible) and I

should refer to him as Judge Furman (ph) now asked Kristin and some of our team to go to Toronto to meet with Andrea.

And that was a difficult task and when Kristin came back, she was adamant about what we should do, and we move forward, and it was the right thing to

do. She has stuck through this the whole way, and she had an opportunity, which was kind of a bad day for me when she had a great opportunity for her

and her family to go to an excellent law firm, Stradley Ronan (ph).

And we talked a lot and Kristin did not want to leave this and not see it to the end. And we talked to Bill Sasso, the chairman of the firm, who we

all owe a debt of gratitude to for allowing her to stay home with us and stay with us through this case.

And you have seen the results of that. She like Mr. Ryan here has prosecuted so many sexual assaults, domestic violence cases, and she has

always stood up for victims and has continued to do this and I could have found two better partners through this, two better people, two better

prosecutors to walk this journey with.

Their commitment to doing the right thing has been extraordinary and I got to talk about this one and the one on the end. Our deputy district

attorney, Bob Fallon, the captain of our appellate unit, Adrian Jappi (ph).

I don`t know if you all have noticed throughout the course of this, but we have seen what seemed like hundreds of motions from the beginning when

these charges were filed throughout the last days of trial and these incredible legal minds have found the law that we needed to support our

positions despite those many law firms and many lawyers that have made it difficult for us to get to this point.

They have supported our positions to keep it moving forward. They have kept up with everything. All of these lawyers have thrown at us and did it

with just amazing grace, seen them in court, you`ve seen what they can do and there has been some pretty memorable writing along the way from each of

them and also a difference maker too when the judge ruled that we could bring prior bad acts in and Adrian handle that argument.

And just did a stellar job to get us in the position we are in. Our law enforcement community, some of them are up here with me. All the folks

from Cheltenham, Sergeant Schaefer, who you saw testified on that stand.

But behind that testimony is thousands of hours of work, interviews, analysis, and just plain good police work to put together the case that he


[15:25:08] Our partners in this also had been the leaders of that police department, (inaudible), who has walked with us before him, John Norris

(ph), the chief who did the work and when we were looking to open up this case.

He was adamant on what we should do and where we should go with it and he is a great man. Our affiants here, we got the quiet one over there, former

Chief Shade, who is Detective Shade with our department and (inaudible) your birthday today. We`re all going to sing happy birthday.

And these detectives worked really hard to reopen this case and throughout the whole process, and I could not be more proud of the entire

investigative team. They are -- they are supported by the lieutenant from our major crimes, Chris (inaudible), Deputy Chief Mark Bernsteele (ph), who

has handled so much of these investigative efforts.

Chief (inaudible), our chief county detective and all the support that they provide and have picked up in this. Beyond the guilty verdict, there have

been some other I think important outcomes in this case.

As a we understand this has been important for sexual assault victims everywhere, but we did this case because crime was committed against Andrea

Constand and it happened in our jurisdiction and that was our duty to move forward on.

And when you look at this and look at what Andrea has done to stand up and declare what happened to him, she has been a major factor in a movement

that has gone in the right direction finally.

And her quiet courage and her actions through this and help victims to stand up and tell what happened to them, and I think now there is

tremendous awareness of how these crimes have been covered up and papered over for the years and I hope and I pray that our actions have shown that

we will stand up with those victims and all women that are out there standing up and telling their truth.

I, we support them and encourage them to keep it up, and I hope now everybody recognizes that here you can be treated with dignity and respect

through the process. Another outcome has been increased look at greatness or sexual assault myths and that the myth that a victim of sexual assault,

especially by someone they knew or trusted will immediately reported to the authorities.

They will behave in a certain way or they will never talk to anyone again. We have dispelled that here and that is because that is false and that is

not always the way it goes. Too often these types of crime sexual assault do not get reported, especially in cases where drug has been used in a drug

facilitated sexual assault and intoxicants of the victim does not have a clear memory of what went on him.

So, we hope that this case sends a strong message that the victims of these types of crimes can come forward and be heard on what happened to them.

So, there was a defendant in this case.

The next steps, a sentencing date will be issued by the judge that is typically within about 60 to 90-day period of time on when the sentencing

date will come and in the end term will be looked at and assessed in a couple ways this presentence investigation will be done via a sexually

violent predator. Assessments that will be done and all of these are standard procedures in these type of cases. These assessments will then be

used by the judge in determining the sentence, and that sentencing hearing will have the opportunity to put evidence, so on, as well the defense.

The defendant may be facing years in prison. He was convicted of three counts of this. So, technically that would be up to 30 years. However, we

have to look at merger of those counts to determine what is the final maximum will be that he is facing. So, in addition to jail time, and I

mentioned this because there`s been some things that have asked about it over that -- over time. And you know, typically, what is done in a case is

that a defendant will be assessed, and all of this things will be looked at in terms of the sentencing. But when a sentencing occurs, there is also an

assessment for the cause of prosecution.

We expect that we`ll be arguing that the cause associated with both the trials, the sequestration, the share of its cause, for this will go to the

defendant. And I will be relying on a -- on defense counsel`s opening remarks on this when he was talking about $3.38 million dollars being a

paltry sum or simply a nuisance. So, clearly, the cost of prosecution in this matter should not be a problem for the defendant. Dolores, is she

wanted to say something here? (INAUDIBLE)

DOLORES TROIANI, ATTORNEY OF ANDREA CONSTAND: Good afternoon. I know it`s going to be disappointing to you but I have the privilege of speaking for

Andrea, and Andrea will only -- will not be speaking today, only I will.

First of all, we have to thank the Montgomery County for doing what they have done. Kevin, Kiersten, Stewart, and the many, many lawyers in the

D.A.`s office who have been diligent in bringing about this just result. I can`t even begin to name all the people who have worked on this case. We

also -- and I`m doing this on behalf of myself and my co-counsel be give it -- who unfortunately move to Philadelphia, and this probably stuck on the

Schuylkill as we speak, or she would also be here.

But we also want to thank all the police officers who`ve dedicated themselves to this case, Detective Reef, and Sergeant Schaffer, Detective

Shade, and the many others who are unnamed. Who all contributed to what is happened here today. But most of all, I want to express on behalf of I can

the gratitude of so many women who admire Andrea for her courage. She came here 14 years ago for justice. I am so happy today that I can say that all

though justice was delayed, it was not denied.

It took a lot of courage for her to come back and to do this. There are so many people who expressed their admiration for her. The millions -- and I

do mean millions of people who have admired her courage, admired her come, admired her demeanor. And I`d ask you to bear in mind that when something

like this happens to someone, male or female, whoever, they have to work every day to be happy. Something that we all who have been fortunate in

our lives and not being victimized do not have to do.

And when you seeing Andrea and you all comment about how calm she is, how graceful she is, that`s something that she`s had to work out every day

since January of 2004, probably, January 6th or 7th, when this happened to her. This is a life-altering experience for any women, any victim. And

the person who I think needs to be herald for what she has done is Andrea. Thank you.

STEELE: All right, we`ll take questions.


STEELE: Go ahead.

[15:35:02] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you were in the moment as this verdict was being read, take as back, please. And others in exchange with the

defendant, immediately after revealed revocation. But in those moments, what was going to your mind, please?

STEELE: Well, I`ve been at this for a while, 25 years. And when a verdict comes back, you`re always anxious on what the result was going to be. I

keep the verdict sheet in front of me and I check them off as they were read. You know it`s a -- it`s a solemn moment because it`s hard work for a

jury. 12 ordinary folks from our community that came in and served. And so, I didn`t react, I won`t under those circumstances, and we heard the

verdict, and I`m just grateful for what they -- what they did. And if they will willing to stand with us in this, and stand up for what happened.

You know, I have never seen the type of attacks that -- or levied on people. People coming forward to describe how they were sexually

assaulted. And when that happened, I was concerned -- I was really concerned that we`re not who moving fast that the vestiges of what happened

before the people wouldn`t get it.

But I think they listened to doctors if they heard what was real and what was false. And they were strong when they came back, they were polled.

Meaning that every one of them was asked whether they agreed to the verdict. And all I heard from each of them was strength. And I`m grateful

for that and grateful for what they all did, and the commitment that they gave to Montgomery County. Our citizens, our communities, and this is

bigger, so.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: During the discussion of bail, an incredible outburst by the defendant. Throughout your opening and closing statements, you have

said this is not Dr. Huxtable, this is not America`s dad. Does that demand that you were speaking of?

STEELE: Well, I guess, you got to see a brief view of who he was. That`s just him acting out. I think everybody got to see who he really is when

each of those prior bad act witnesses got to testify. You know, the guy was an actor for the long time, and it was an act -- it was an act.


STEELE: We got to see who he really was, so.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kevin, standing here before as you speak with emotion in your voice, especially in talking about Andrea, you speak with tears in

your eyes. Describe emotionally what this process has been like for you, especially considering the critic who did not think it was worth retrying

this case.

STEELE: Look, you know, this is -- this is about our duty as prosecutors. And it`s really not that complicated. It`s about doing the right thing.

We had to investigate a case, we had to make the terminations on what happened, and then, move forward. And that`s our job, and that`s our duty,

and we hope did it in as graceful a way as we could despite what was being thrown at us and being thrown to a number of people. But I`m not that

going to get into nuisance with him on this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. Steele, do you think other prosecutors will look to this case in dealing with allegations that it results inside Montgomery?

[02:39:28] STEELE: I don`t know. I mean, I can`t speak for anyone else. But, I can tell you, it`s been an interesting start to becoming this

return. I had a -- I had a couple cases here that have been with powerful people as the most of you know.

You know, I tried a case where the chief law enforcement officer in the State had committed crimes and we had to go in. And that`s not the most

comfortable place to be when you -- when you have to tear apart your profession in some ways because she was a prosecutor. But I think that`s

just an example of -- you know, we`re going to -- we`re going to go where the investigations take us.

We are going to look to see who has committed a crime and --you know, whether they are powerful, whether they are wealthy, whether they have

evaded the law in the past, we just have to do our jobs. And you know, I hope if there`s anything that they comes from this is, is that -- you know,

you can look forward on these cases. And when you do -- you know, I`ve now had two juries -- you know, to stand up against the powerful, and say

guilty on every single count that has been alleged against them.

And I think that`s a recognition of the fact that we`re doing the right thing. In fact, that the juries -- you know, understand the significance

of this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Kevin, are you going to continue your terms to suggest bail revoked for Mr. Cosby before sentencing occurs?

STEELE: Well, we`re going to --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To do what and express with your concerns are about - -

STEELE: Yes, well, and I said it in court, I am concerned when there is somebody with the wealth and the -- as facts of -- you know, being a

potential risk of flight because of what he is facing. The judge made a determination, and I respect his determination that could be satisfied by

him remaining in Montgomery County for the present, and we`ll have to take a look at it. I --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, it`s not necessarily a closed issue to do what you support?

STEELE: Well, no. I mean, it`s -- gave these things never are. And we have cases every day where the people are out on bail and they commit new

crimes, or they try to flee, or they do something along those lines. We just have to be vigilant and make sure that we`re keeping an eye on every

aspect of this. So that we can be prepared if something like that happens. Yes?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. Steele, Thomas were said that the fight is not over and a number of legal experts have pointed to the 404(b), witnesses the

prior bad act, witness of being a potential vulnerability on appeal. Can you talk about how you`re ready to stand against that? And do you feel

confident that that`s not going to expose you to problems on the view?

STEELE: So, I mentioned them before, we have our Deputy District Attorney (INAUDIBLE) Captain of our union, Adrian Jappy. I`ll put them up against

anybody, and they walk with us through this, and we asked for 19th. And we felt that we have the grounds for 19th or otherwise, we wouldn`t be asking

for itself.

We`re appreciative that five women got to voice what occurred to them in the courtroom. But this is a -- this is a case where there were so many


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you think the inspector has one woman testify at the sentencing? Would that be the appropriate place to ruled when this

verdict done?

STEELE: Potentially. I mean, that`s something in -- you know, I`m not going to say today what we`re going to be asking for in terms of -- in

terms of sentencing. That`s all the assessments that need to be done. So, you do the -- do the pre-sentence investigation. You look at -- you know,

what these assessments developed, you speak to victims. You know, they get a voice in this, make sure they have a voice in this to make a

determination of what the appropriate request is at the time. So that`s all the process that will be going through in between now and when the

sentencing date is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But it is more appropriate. I mean, a place where more victims can potentially could be --

STEELE: Potentially can -- potentially can. But it`s also an area that`s -- that it is somewhat growing in Pennsylvania, to be able to do that. So,

we`ve heard testimony and a fact from five of the women at this point. So, you know, I think that goes into the consideration in role. We`ll be

assessing it, and our fellow unit will tell us what we`re allowed to do, and what we are allowed to do. Yes.

[15:45:09] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. district attorney, have you been -- has your office been approached by any new Cosby accusers since the trial


STEELE: I can`t speak about investigative matters. Leave it at that.


STEELE: Yes sir?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is this the vastly different trial obviously than the first one. Speak if you can the importance of having those five women

allowed to testify, they just more accusers? And also counteracting the defenses con artist claims, Margo Jackson`s testimony.

STEELE: So, you all got to hear from someone who I think very highly of a doctor (INAUDIBLE). And the legislature in their wisdom has given us the

ability to have somebody who is an expert in this area, educate a jury. And you saw that as our number one witness, our first witness in this case.

And I think. In the process, she was able to explain the situation. And then, when you heard from the different people, and you saw what the

defense was trying to do, to spike those sexual assault missed that lie out there.

I think there is a recognition, and again, I hope -- I hope it`s not attack, it`s continue, because it didn`t worked. And it is a situation

where it was a different -- a different trial. We were able to do that on the -- on the front under the case. And I think that`s the benefit of

having done this once before.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Without the legislature making that change only a few years ago to allow someone like that who`s have -- you, when able to call

her to the stand. How critical was she? And you believe as secure from diction today?

STEELE: I think that would be a better question for the jurors on how impactful she was, but, to us, it was very important

HALA GORANI, CNN INTERNATIONAL HOST: You are listening to Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, who, of course, is satisfied with

the outcome of the case against Bill Cosby, who was convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault on Andrea Constand that is standing

there in the white jacket behind the podium, but who chose not to speak today. Her attorney did say a few words.

Kevin Steele said that essentially, Bill Cosby, considered America`s dad for so many decades, spent all of that time preying on women that he use

this celebrity and his wealth to conceal his crimes. He also got emotional, Kevin Steele when he talked about how proud he was of his team

who prosecuted this case, and said that this case was important not just to the victims of Bill Cosby, but the victims everywhere.

He did say a few things about the sentencing. This was just the verdict, the sentencing will be weeks away, potentially. And new evidence, he said,

could be presented at the sentencing stage.

Bill Cosby, convicted on three counts, could face up to 30 years in prison, but the district attorney said that they would look at potentially merging

this sentences. So, 10 years, 10 years, 10 years, could be served -- it could be less than 30 years in the end. We`re going to keep on monitoring,

continue to monitor here. This news conference will bring you the very latest on the Cosby breaking news. We`re going to take a quick break.

We`ll be right back, stay with CNN.


[15:50:31] GORANI: Well, we are keeping our eye there on the Bill Cosby breaking news. But the very latest on the American president now, after

days of carefully choreographed meetings and high browse speeches during the French president`s State visit, U.S. President Donald Trump, is now

letting loose in a big way.

He gave an eyebrow-raising interview today going on a stream of consciousness rant that included some startling admissions.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have never had a sitting president of the United States phone us --

GORANI: It was a remarkable television moment, a half hour phone-in direct to Fox and Friends by the president himself. Mr. Trump covered a lot of


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (via telephone): This guy is going to get us into nuclear war!

GORANI: On North Korea, he suggested the much hypes meeting with Kim Jong- un, might never even happen.

TRUMP: It could be that I walked out quickly with respect, but it could be. It could be the maybe the meeting doesn`t even take place. Who knows?

But I can tell you, right now, they want to meet.

GORANI: He lashed out once again at former FBI Director James Comey, whom he fired last year.

TRUMP: Look, Comey is a leaker and he`s a liar. And not only on this stuff. He`s been leaking for years. He didn`t write those memos

accurately. He put a lot of phony stuff.

GORANI: The president in the phone call also threatened to interfere with the probe into his campaign`s connections with Russia.

TRUMP: They have a witch hunt against the president of the United States going on. I`m very disappointed in my Justice Department. But because of

the fact that it`s going on and I think you will understand this, I have decided that I won`t be involved. I may change my mind at some point

because what`s going on is a disgrace.

GORANI: Trump also weighed in on his lawyer, Michael Cohen, who paid a $130,000 in hush money to porn actress Stormy Daniels, shortly before the

2016 U.S. election. The president acknowledged for the first time that Cohen did represent him in the case.

TRUMP: He represents me like with this crazy Stormy Daniels` deal. He represented me, and you know, from what I see, he did absolutely nothing


GORANI: And in true terms style, the interview felt like an extended event. Unfiltered at times, rambling, and anything but modest.

TRUMP: I would give myself an A-plus.


GORANI: A remarkable television moment. But world has seen some real-life consequences. One of Mr. Trump`s statement would actually use by

prosecutors today in court. Let`s bring in White House reporter Jeremy Diamond, to help us through it all.

A wide-ranging rant event as we called it. What is the biggest takeaway here?

JEREMY DIAMOND, CNN WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: Well, you know, first of all, I think, he was hard not to feel transported back to the 2016 campaign as the

president jumped from one topic to the next during this half hour long phone interview.

Particularly, when he went back, he even talking about Hillary Clinton, and debates during the 2016 presidential campaign. The president also jumps

from railing against his own Justice Departments talking about James Comey as a liar and a leaker. But the Michael Cohen, point in his interview was

perhaps the most newsy because the president revealed for the first time that Michael Cohen, did and did represent him in one he called the crazy

Stormy Daniels` deal.

It was unclear if he was referring specifically to the hush money payment $130,000 that Michael Cohen made to Stormy Daniels. The president in the

past has said that he had no knowledge of that payment. But his comments were cited this morning in a court filing that federal prosecutors made

when they cited the fact that the president referenced that his attorney, Michael Cohen, had done very little legal work for him. That comes as

prosecutors and the -- and Michael Cohen`s defense team are haggling over how much they can actually reveal from the documents found in the FBI raid.

GORANI: So -- and, Jeremy Diamond, thanks very much for that report while a lot more on this as we have a quick break, we`ll have the latest on North

Korea after this.


[15:56:10] GORANI: Well, I didn`t want to get a quick wording on North Korea and South Korea. We`re about five hours away from history in the

making. A face to face meeting between the leaders of North and South.

It`s not the very first time it`s happened, but never in a way that it will today, here is why. Kim Jong-un is coming here. Take a look. This is the

Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas. He will become the first North Korean leader ever to cross to the southern part of that zone. He`ll do it

on foot. He will walk the demarcation line that you see here. He`ll then be greeted by the leader of South Korea, President Moon Jae-in. Then, they

will sit down in this room, in a nearby peace house.

This will be the most significant Korean diplomatic summit in a generation. CNN, of course, will have extensive coverage of this historic event,

history changing, potentially. That is about three hours from now. It will soon be early in the morning in -- on the Korean Peninsula when this

discussions will start, and we`ll be covering them. Thanks for watching. I`m Hala Gorani. Stay with CNN, "QUEST MEANS BUSINESS" is next.