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Fifty Eight Killed In Clashes With Israeli Forces In Gaza; Palestinians Accuse Israel Of "Horrific Massacre"; Thousands Protest U.S. Embassy Move To Jerusalem; White House: Hamas To Blame For Gaza Deaths; Trump Pledges To Help Chinese Mobile Company; White House: No Apology For Remark About McCain; New Fissures Open Spewing Lava And Magma "Bombs"; Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Marry Saturday; Rockets And Warriors Battle For Western Supremacy; Vegas Golden Knights Capture Public's Imagination; Thomas Tuchel Named Paris Saint- Germain Coach Aired 12-1a ET

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JOHN VAUSE, CNN ANCHOR: This is CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles. Ahead this hour, dozens of Palestinians killed in clashes at the Israeli-Gaza border as the U.S. moves its embassy in Jerusalem.

What happened to America first? President Trump now moving to lift U.S. sanctions on a major Chinese telecom company.

With new cracks opening up and lava bomb shooting into the sky, why is Kilauea Volcano is keeping big island on edge.

VAUSE: Hello and welcome to our viewers all around the world. Great to have you with us. I'm John Vause. NEWSROOM L.A. starts right now.

Israelis and Palestinians are bracing for another day of protests after the deadliest clashes in Gaza in years. The Palestinian Health Ministry says at least 58 Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli force along the Gaza border.

While just 80 kilometers away, the U.S. is opening its newly relocated embassy in Jerusalem. The Palestinians reject the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. They say the embassy move undermines their claim to part of the city.

Israel said its military was defending the borders against a terrorist operation led by Hamas. Most of the dead were killed by Israeli gunfire.

CNN's Ian Lee was there as Israeli drones drop tear gas on protesters.


VAUSE: Well, to Jerusalem now, CNN's international diplomatic editor, Nic Robertson is with us. Also joining us, Haviv Gur, is a journalist and political analyst with the "Times of Israel." Nic, we'll start with you with the very latest this hour from the Israel/Gaza border and also how reliable are the numbers of dead and wounded coming from the Gaza Health Ministry. The Israeli's have questioned their credibility.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMATIC EDITOR: Well, certainly, what we've seen in recent confrontations in Gaza, if we just take that as a measure over the last six weeks. A number of people reported killed by the Palestinian Health Ministry has tended overtime.

And I do stress that with time because the figures do often will vary during the day from different sources but has tended over time to be a figure that people can agree on right now we understand 58 people were killed in those clashes yesterday, 2,700 people injured.

Certainly, there will be -- certainly there will be questions raised about the authenticity of those figures that is perfectly normal in these situations in the aftermath as people try to figure out precisely what happened.

And certainly, we're likely to hear the accounts of what happened from either perspective being challenged on both sides and from the Israeli perspective, they said in advance, said all the way through the protests over the last six weeks, that they believed and were concerned that Hamas would launch a concerted effort to break through the border fence.

And that Israel had warned in advance it would defend its sovereignty. This is what we saw on the first day when these protests began, and it was a larger scale yesterday. So that figure of 58 may change a little bit, but I think what we've seen over recent days and weeks, overnight those figures tend to stabilize 58 may emerge as the agreed number -- John.

VAUSE: OK, Nic, stay with us. Haviv, to you, the underlining premise behind the move, according to the U.S., is simply a recognition of reality, facts on the ground, if you like. Here's presidential son- in-law, Jared Kushner and also a White House adviser at the ceremony on Monday. Listen to this.


JARED KUSHNER, SENIOR ADVISER TO U.S. PRESIDENT TRUMP: As Israel turns 70, the search for a lasting peace turns over a new leaf, one of realism and of not being afraid to stand strongly with our allies for what is good, right and what is true -- when there is peace in this region, we will look back upon this day and remember that the journey to peace started with a strong America recognizing the truth.


VAUSE: Well, Haviv, could this be the day when (inaudible) what Palestinians have been saying for years, it's not a neutral broker in the Mideast peace process. It's firmly in Israel's corner and now everyone knows it? HAVIV GUR, POLITICAL ANALYST, "TIMES OF ISRAEL": I think that's a fair point certainly, but it also touches -- you know, it's not just the Trump administration.

[00:05:07] I think the Obama administration made a very big show of being very pro-Israel and even as the peace process ground to a halt, the significance -- military aid deal that I think was a sign also of the Obama administration's commitment to Israel.

So, there's no question that America is on Israel's side. The question has been does America want what's best for the Palestinians as well and I think that's definitely being called into question under the Trump administration where even the Palestinian state is something that the administration isn't exclusively committed to.

VAUSE: Yes. And Nic, not only has the U.S. blocked U.N. Security Council resolution, which would have called for an independent investigation into the violence on the Gaza border. There's barely been a mention by the White House about the Palestinian death toll.

And add to that, Palestinian officials are boycotting all meetings with the Americans. So how exactly is this administration expecting to negotiate a peace plan, which Kushner apparently discussed with the Israeli prime minister on Sunday?

ROBERTSON: It's a very open question and a hotly debated and one that's been looking very keenly for answers particularly since last December when President Trump announced the recognition Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and said that that he would open the U.S. Embassy here.

People were expecting would there be a reciprocal move somehow to entice Palestinians towards peace negotiations? They've turned their back on it, rejected as we've been discussing here the United States position is no longer an independent arbiter that can bring two sides together, merely a player that is on one side.

What we saw in Davos earlier this year when President Trump was there, and he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Trump had very strong words back in February for the Palestinian delegation.

He said that the money for the deal was on the table, if they wanted peace, they would need to come to the table and they could get the money. The implication was that some part of the deal involved money.

We saw aid reduced from the United States, financial aid through the United Nations towards the Palestinians reduced by the United States over this period, so yes, it is a hotly anticipated question.

Is there a reciprocal part, essentially the Israelis are given something that they cherish, that the United States believes to be important, but what is there to draw the Palestinians towards some sort of compromise?

That has been absent and at the moment that doesn't appear to be forthcoming. We didn't hear language that related to that yesterday. We heard aspirations essentially that the truth of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel that the fundamental truth would be the basis for the aspirations for peace.

Because unless you recognize truth, essentially was the argument there, then how could you have a reliable substantial peace negotiation. As far as what we heard from the White House yesterday, we heard the White House condemning Hamas in Gaza for organizing these protests.

And therefore, being responsible for amping up the violence and leading young Palestinians in confrontation with Israeli soldiers leading them to their death. So, we've heard from the White House yesterday specifically on the protests blaming Hamas for the situation.

None of this brings us closer to peace. It really at the moment, whenever you have heightened tension, and this certainly is a period of such, the possibility of lowering the temperature of rhetoric, of bringing the sides together just seems implausible at the moment -- John.

VAUSE: Haviv, Nic mentioned there, about the United States recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. The U.S. says it has not taken a position on final status negotiations, which is Jerusalem. They point out the embassy is in West Jerusalem. Listen to the Israeli prime minister during Monday's ceremony.


BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, ISRAELI PRIME MINISTER: May the opening of this embassy in this city spread the truth far and wide, and may the truth advance a lasting peace between Israel and all our neighbors. God bless the United States of America and God bless Jerusalem, the eternal undivided capital of Israel.


VAUSE: The eternal undivided capital, it sounds like Benjamin Netanyahu has no intention of giving up East Jerusalem to the Palestinians any time soon?

GUR: No, that's his political camp, that's certainly his belief for many, many years and he has held to it, and he is, of course, trying to make the most out of this situation. You know, it's an interesting thing.

The Palestinians have a larger problem than just the Trump administration. We have seen almost no response from Democrats to the embassy move. We saw Democrats come out very forcefully when Trump left the Iran nuclear deal.

[00:10:07] But on the Palestinian question, I think the Palestinians face an international community, certainly American Democrats and quite an increasingly in the Arab world who don't -- while they don't like the Israeli behavior aren't sure the Palestinians are capable of ending the conflict either. And so, you actually have them trying to maneuver between, you know, the Trump administration, which certainly is on Israel's sides and all sorts of groups, Europeans, Arabs, Democrats, who would like to be helping the Palestinians but feel a little burned because of Obama's attempts and those attempts never bore fruit.

So, the problem here for Palestinians is larger and of course, Netanyahu is going to make the most of it if he can.

VAUSE: Yes, there's been a deafening silence, I guess, from Turkey and South Africa, which withdrew their ambassadors out of protest, but really not what you would expect to have heard in a moment like this especially from the Arab world. Nic and Haviv, thanks to you both. Appreciate it.

Michael Genovese is the president of the Global Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University. We're pleased to have him with us here for more on the story, which has been an incredible day especially.

What was notable on Monday is how the White House responded to the very high number of Palestinians who were killed. Nic touched on this, but this is the answer we got during the White House briefing. Listen to this.


RAJ SHAH, PRINCIPLAL DEPUTY WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Well, we believe that, you know, Hamas is responsible for these tragic deaths that they are rather cynical exploitation of the situation is what's leading to these deaths and we want them stopped.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, there's no burden on Israel to do something to sort of reign it in?

SHAH: No, we think that we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that Hamas is the one that frankly bear responsibility for the dire situation right now.


VAUSE: This seems to be a real shift from previous administrations, who at the very least, whether it was George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, would have made a call for restraint on the Israeli side.

MICHAEL GENOVESE, PRESIDENT, GLOBAL POLICY INSTITUTE, LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY: But I also think that the arithmetic is changing in the region. For the longest time, Israel, Palestine was the big issue and that was the break point. Now, we are beginning to see countries like Saudi Arabia fearing Iran more.

And during the growth of Iran as a greater (inaudible) than Israel and so the mathematics have changed, and the Palestinians seemed to be left alone and almost helpless and where it used to be true as you said, presidents always try to side with Israel but have a little bit of balance. That seems to be a thing of the past. I think we're almost going 100 percent towards Israel.

VAUSE: There's a lot of praise at the ceremony for Donald Trump in terms of being on the right side of history with this decision. He was included in the prayer, which was offered by the evangelical pastor, Robert Jeffreys, who was flown there for this occasion. This is part of what he said.


ROBERT JEFFRESS, PASTOR, FIRST BAPTIST DALLAS: I believe, Father, I speak for every one of us when I say, we thank you every day that you have given us a president who boldly stands on the right side of history but more importantly stands on the right side of you, oh, God.


VAUSE: Jeffreys has been labelled a bigot for saying that Jews will all go to hell and describing Islam as a religion that promotes pedophilia. It's about gay people is taking part in the most detestable acts you can imagine. Also, he criticized Mormonism as a cult.

John Hague has his own controversial part including such (inaudible) said the holocaust was part of God's plans for the Jews. Out of all the Christians leaders who could have attended the ceremony, why those two?

GENOVESE: A pretty humiliating for the United States and we are the ones who scripted everything. We could have chosen better, but you have to remember, Donald Trump owes a great deal to the Evangelical Christians or the people who call themselves Evangelical Christians.

They have basically given him a free pass, a mulligan, but a free pass after free pass after free pass. There's no way Evangelical Christians should be supporting this president and yet they are loyal, and he has to pay them back. This is payback time. And so, the president and the administration scripted everything. So, it's all upon their shoulders.

VAUSE: So, domestic politics play such a big role in so many of these decisions it seems. Stay with us because the U.S. president also defending his decision to help the Chinese smartphone maker, ZTE.

Let's go to Matt Rivers now in Beijing. Matt, ZTE was essentially, you know, forced out of business almost after American companies banned selling components to the company because it has violated among other things Iran sanctions. But now with this reversal in policy, why?

MATT RIVERS, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: You know, this goes all the way back to March 2017 when the U.S. initially levied a $1.2 billion fine on ZTE for violating trade sanctions with Iran and North Korea.

[00:15:10] And then this latest decision about a month ago basically banned ZTE from -- or banned American companies from doing any business with ZTE because it didn't follow the terms of that original $1.2 billion fine deal that came up.

And then kind out of nowhere it surprised a lot of people when President Trump tweeted out basically saying that he instructed the Commerce Department to fix this situation, to find a way for ZTE to get back into business.

Basically, what had happened is after D.C. came out with that decision, ZTE said it might have to completely shut down operations and employs 75,000 people worldwide. It was a surprise when the president tweeted that.

We then heard from the commerce secretary who said he was looking at different remedies that would be perhaps suitable instead of shutting down of business basically that the Commerce Department would force ZTE to do.

So really it was surprising. All of this, though, I think, John, needs to be looked at in terms of a broader situation going on right now between China and the United States. We have a Chinese delegation on its way to the U.S. for the next round of trade talks.

And what one Commerce Department official told CNN is that making a deal on ZTE could be viewed as a confidence building measure ahead of these talks. There's tens of billions of dollars in tariffs currently being threatened by either side in this looming U.S.-China trade war.

So, the thinking though is that do a deal with ZTE maybe China comes back, makes a concession of its own, it could be a confidence building measure. That kind of as the general thought that we are hearing in China as the Chinese government has really made its harsh opposition to the U.S. opposition to ZTE known for a while now. So, a move here by President Trump ahead of these negotiations.

VAUSE: Politics at work. Matt, thank you. Matt Rivers for us there live in Beijing.

Michael, I want to pick up on the issue of ZTE because it wasn't just violation of Iran sanctions, there were concerns about security and espionage, back in February, intelligence chiefs appeared at a Senate hearing.

And they were asked this question by Senator Tom Cotton. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Will you please raise your hand if you would use products or services from Huawei or ZTE? None of you would. You lead intelligence services so that's something of a bias question. Raise your hand if you would recommend that private American citizens use Huawei or ZTE products or services. None of you are raising your hand again, thank you for that.


VAUSE: Now none of that matters? GENOVESE: How many times have we had to see the White House trying to walk back a presidential tweet? This was probably an oops moment for the president. They caught it and they changed it later say, well, we really want Wilbur Ross to take care of everything, but I'm shedding no tears about the threat of losing jobs in China, why is the president?

VAUSE: Well, exactly. Given that he campaigned on what China was raping the U.S. economy at some point. You know, this get-tough policy. We're almost at a trade war with China, at some point.

GENOVESE: But again, it had to be an oops moment. He couldn't have meant it. They couldn't pull the words back, so they try to maneuver them --

VAUSE: (Inaudible).

GENOVESE: Yes, it didn't work.

VAUSE: Very quickly. We'll finish with a four-day old story. This was the White House briefing again on Monday.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why not just apologize so America doesn't think that is an acceptable way of speaking inside this White House?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why hasn't she publicly apologized as she told Megan McCain that she would?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you agree that she's a little bit of a victim here and why?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are they any concerns that this White House seems more concerned about the fact that there was leak than about the content of what was said?


VAUSE: So, the bottom line is the White House refusing to apologize, this White House aide, who made a very bad taste joke about Senator John McCain and his battle with brain cancer. This White House cannot say sorry. Why?

GENOVESE: This is a one-day story made a week-long story by President Trump and his inability to apologize. He seems incapable of saying, I made a mistake, I'm sorry. That would reveal a weakness that he just, has that wall. He will not reveal that.

VAUSE: Does that then go to the staff because if the staff apologizes for something that he should -- his actions come into question?

GENOVESE: I think they are walking on egg shells where he's concerned, and they know that he doesn't like John McCain. McCain doesn't like him. But, you know, I think a man who makes a mistake apologizes. That's part of the definition of a man. Trump seems incapable of doing that. It would be a sign of weakness. You know, if a fifth grader said something like that you'd punish them, but in this White House, the president sets the tone and he's the bully in chief, so people who work for him think well, I can say such ugly things too.

[00:20:05] This should have been a one day story, a one news cycle story, we did it, we're sorry, we're punishing the person, and the president say I'm sorry because I know that may have caused pain to your family while they're going through this horrible thing. I'm sorry.

VAUSE: It takes a big man to admit that he's wrong --

GENOVESE: It just takes a man.

VAUSE: Michael, thank you. Good to see you.

Well, Melania Trump is expected to spend the rest of the week in hospital after what her office describes as a medical procedure for a benign kidney condition. The U.S. first lady is expected to make a full recovery.

President Trump was at the White House during the procedure, but he headed to Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday afternoon. He said the procedure was a success and his wife is in good spirits.

(Inaudible) the volcanic threat to Hawaii is nowhere near over. There are new cracks in the ground spitting lava, toxic fumes and great balls of magma. An update on all of that next.


VAUSE: That's the sound of the Kilauea Volcano spewing balls of magma known as spatter bombs more than 150 meters, 500 feet into air. Black lava has been flowing through neighborhoods (inaudible). The 19th fissure opened on Monday, two others opened over the weekend and nearly 2,000 people have already evacuated their homes since the eruption began.

Let's go to Pedram Javaheri with more on this. So, Pedram, a lot of people forced to leave and no end in sight.

PEDRAM JAVAHERI, AMS METEOROLOGIST: No end in sight, yes. You know, it only gets more ominous when you look down into the chamber of the volcano. Most of the earthquakes still happening under order of several hundred per day in some case. Most of them 2.5 magnitude or less, much of them happening right near the summit of the Kilauea, and/or on the eastern rift zone, which, of course, near Leilani Estates.

So, a lot of the people that have been evacuated not really feeling the earthquakes that are impacting the region, but that is a just sign of things that could be occurring here under the ground as well.

In fact, the green triangles indicative of these fissures that have seen. We've seen in the past several weeks up to 19 and noticed the latest ones now beginning to push east of the Leilani Estates community.

That again tells us we are seeing the expansion of the particular channel here as the chamber begins to really feed additional magma beneath these communities and push it farther and farther away towards the coast.

[00:25:08] But, of course, every single one of these photos and the lava we see scattered about this region tells us what's happening above at the lake levels across this region. In fact, if you take a look at the dates moving forward for the last several days, we know the lava level has almost entirely depleted from the near the summit of Kilauea.

And what's happening beneath the surface, of course, as we bring the lava levels lower and lower, we bring the debris to a narrow chamber with water table. You have a drop in the lava levels.

So, as we get closer here, we know historically speaking, 1924 this occurred as well, an explosive eruption because of level dropping additional fissures forming and of course, we have debris in some cases the size of boulders, the size of trucks being lofted many miles away from the center of the volcano itself.

That's why these evacuations are so important across this region. If you take a look, this sulfur dioxide levels also have been on the increase, as you would imagine. Much of it in the southern periphery of the island, we know the highest population in Hilo, in the northeastern corner.

So, that is better news for the higher population regions, but still a lot of people having to deal with this there -- John.

VAUSE: It's just incredible it keeps going and going.

After the break, we'll return to Middle East, where Palestinians have vowed to continue their protests along Gaza border setting stage for more violent clashes with Israeli security forces.


VAUSE: Welcome back. You're watching CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles. I'm John Vause with the headlines this hour.

Donald Trump now wants to rescue Chinese phone maker, ZTE, a company the U.S. recently penalized for violating sanctions on Iran and North Korea. The president said helping ZTE would be part of a larger trade deal with China. The countries sit down for trade talks in Washington starting Tuesday.

Melania Trump is expected to make a full recovery after being treated for a benign kidney condition. She will spend the next few days in hospital. President Trump was at the White House during her procedure but visited his wife late on Monday. More fissures are opening up on Hawaii's big island spewing lava, toxic gas and balls of magma. So far nearly 2,000 people have evacuated the area near the Kilauea Volcano. Officials have issued a health alert saying high levels of sulfur dioxide in the air can make breathing difficult.

Well, after one of the deadliest days there in Gaza for years, Palestinians plan to continue their demonstrations at the Israel border. The Gaza Health Ministry says 58 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces on Monday.

And in the coming hours, the Palestinians marked what they call (inaudible), the great catastrophe they call it. The anniversary of the displacement of Palestinians in 1948 when Israel declared independence. CNN's Ian Lee is in Gaza.



IAN LEE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Not only has this been the deadliest day in the past seven weeks of protests but it's the deadliest day since the 2014 war. It's really all led up to today and tomorrow with Palestinians coming out in the tens of thousands along here on the border. What they say what they want to do is they want to cross that border fence to get to the other side into Israel to land they say they lost during the 1948 war.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): We have come out today as peaceful Palestinian youth on the border to send the message that we have Palestinian lands that was stolen in 1948 and we are here to reclaim these lands by any method.

LEE (on camera): Israel for it's parts says, that's not going to happen and they say they're going to use non-lethal means at first like tear gas and we've seen drums dropping tear gas on crowds. And then they say, if that doesn't work, then they will use lethal means live fire. And today, we have heard it. In the Northern part, we've heard heavy automatic gun fire. In the South, we've heard tanks firing shots. And then, in the north, we've also seen air strikes.

Israeli military saying that they had targeted five Hamas sites in the north. And just kind of shows you how deadly this day has been because you've had these large numbers of people. You know, another thing we've watched too, are Palestinians, they have slingshots but they also have kites and they've been lighting these kites on fire, letting them go. These kites then fly across the border into dry fields, starting brush fires on the other side into Israel. And so, that's why you're having this become such a deadly day.

Palestinians say, they're going to keep it up. They want to try to return over there. They're angry. They're angry about the current political situation, they're also angry about the United States, moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem declaring Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. So don't expect this to go away any time soon as they continue to vent their anger. Ian lee, CNN in Gaza. (END VIDEOTAPE)

VAUSE: Well, what's a wedding without some family drama? We'll have the very latest on the scandals surrounding Meghan Markle's father. Apparently he is been caught out staging shots for the paparazzi, (INAUDIBLE). And which is days to go before they throw the rice with the step by step preview about the ceremony will look like.


[00:35:14] VAUSE: Well it's just like a Disney movie. Well, to everything you ever wanted or maybe never wanted to know about the upcoming royal wedding. Here's Tom Foreman.


TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Let's look at some crucial questions about the royal wedding, and we start with, where is it? Windsor Castle will be home to then up (INAUDIBLE) at noon. It's about 20 miles outside of London or 32 kilometers. Most days you can visit this structure built in 11th century for about $29 or about 21 pounds. But it's a big place, so exactly, where will the wedding be?

Well, if you want to get in, go up these steps on the west, that's where Meghan Markle is going to go as she walks into St. George's Chapel. And oh, what an amazing site will greet her when she goes inside. This is what 600 guest will see including members of the royal family, foreign dignitaries and various celebrities. What else happens here?

Well this is home to what's called the Order of the Garter. This is one of the most prestigious groups you can belong to in this full country. The queen is the sovereign. She picks the people who are members of the group. And the group slogan is, "shame on him who thinks this evil." Who will officiate? The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the right reverend David Conner, the Dean of Windsor.

How old are these kids anyway? Well, Prince Harry is 33 years old, Meghan Markle is 36 and the queen by the way is 92. Will she be the first American to marry a member of the British royal family? No, now this is a very big deal and she could be given a royal title before everything said and done but it has happened before, King Edward the eighth married the American divorcee Wallis Simpson after he abdicated.

So was Markle's divorce or nationality a problem? No, but her religion could have been. That box up there is where the queen used to sit long ago, now she sits down here on the floor with everybody else but she is still the head of the protestant church of England and Markle was raised Catholic. The rule for bidding such a marriage was overturned only three years ago, Markle converted anyway.

Will Markle wear anything from Princess Diana? Yes, we know that her engagement ring holes two diamonds that originally belonged to the princess' late mother. How can normal folks see all of this? Well, you can watch on TV or the internets but right after the service, the happy couple is going to take off on a carriage ride through the nearby town of Windsor where they'll be greeted by thousands of well wishes before coming back to the palace for the reception.

Actually, there will be two, the second one will be smaller and more private. But the first will be in this magnificent space. And will there be a band? We don't know. But we do know that Elton John has been invited and so have members of the spice girls, so at very least, you might hear some royally entertaining karaoke.


VAUSE: Who needs an invitation when you get the holday with Tom? OK. Josh Boswell joins us now. He's a British journalist who was recently covered Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle.

OK, one very quickly asked question which Tom Foreman did not cover. This start with the past few days. Will Meghan Markle's father actually attend the wedding? This comes after Daily Mail reported that he staged a series of photos with the paparazzi photographer, apparently being sold to newspapers around the world. He's part of the reporting we have from Max Foster, listen to this.


MAX FOSTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: CNN has also learned that though Meghan Markle is upset by what's transpired her feelings about her father walking her down the aisle on Saturday weren't changed when those photos came out.


VAUSE: But despite that, it seems the answer is no, he will not be there. He's going to TMZ who says that he's decided to go home. This is all really sad and quite pathetic.

JOSH BOSWELL, JOURNALIST: I think, it's very sad for a woman who is having a fairy tale wedding, you know, any woman's dream from the fairytales to marry a prince to have a lavish wedding and yet her father is not going to be there to walk her down the aisle. It is very sad. Also, this is the man who TMZ is reported had a heart attack and you what six days ago.


BOSWELL: That's true, that's true. So, I mean, he's not helping himself there but--

VAUSE: You know, I guess he could not turn up. It may realize (INAUDIBLE) big circus even bigger, right? And so turned with those (INAUDIBLE). OK, those are some of the photographs that were actually staged for the paparazzi. There's the photograph of him getting fitted for his suit. There's a photo go out jogging, getting into shape for the big day. And then there's another one of him actually reading up on all things Britain, oh gosh. And then he says he caught on CCTV at an internet cafe with the actual photographer. And what's interesting though is that he insists -- he didn't do this for the money, right?

[00:40:08] BOSWELL: I mean, people don't get paid a huge amount of money for those kind of things the photos however do so for a lots of money. I think the photographer who staged all of these made a lot of money on it up to about $130,000, which is a lot of money. And now $13,000 for a front page photo as well, that is a lot. What's he going to do? I mean, he is someone who doesn't have that an incredible relationship with his daughter.


BOSWELL: Yes. He's not got a huge amount of money and then this opportunity walks along, what would you say?

VAUSE: Well, what's interesting though is that, it seems that Meghan's half sister, Samantha is actually taking, you know, a lot of the wrap for this, what she said.


SAMANTHA MARKLE, MEGHAN'S HALF SISTER: I have to say I am entirely the culprit. And I said, you know, the world has no idea that you're getting in shape, you're doing healthy things, they don't photograph you buying vegetables and Ph water. They photograph you in -- as unflattering ways as they can. So I said, really, you know, you need to show the world that you're getting shape and doing great healthy things. So I suggested it. And it was, -- there's a lot of scrutiny that it was money-motivated that was not.


VAUSE: Again, really? That was as likely to go over with the -- in the royal family, you know, Buckinham Palace and the queen?

BOSWELL: Well, the royal family has issued a statements saying they are concerned about Meghan Markle's father and they want the press to back off. That's always their line. They want to tamp it down, reduce any kind of scandal, any, kind of mismanagement of the situation. They don't want any scandal. That's their bottom line.

VAUSE: Which is interesting because Meghan Markle had actually put it wrong and she still hasn't, it's her dad, but it all be going quite smoothly unto this point.

BOSWELL: It's so difficult for her because she's holding herself perfectly. She is an actress. She's used to coping with these kinds of situations where she's got a lot of scrutiny, but her family, they liked any average family, you know. There's so--

VAUSE: There's this spotlight--


VAUSE: -- these issues. Finally, there has been to sort of hands of approach for the younger royals, especially Prince William and Prince Harry. The paparazzi said unofficial agreement to leave them alone after what happened to their mother. But consider like this, this sort of scandal, could that sort of mean, you know, maybe the paparazzi would think that to unofficial agreement, maybe all bets, you know, come off?

BOSWELL: I can see it breaking down that traditional relationship with a bit of separation between the royal family and the paparazzi because they can get access to Meghan Markle's family. We've seen already that her half brother, half sister, her father have spoken to the press much more openly than any members of royal family would and maybe that's their way in, they say it that way possibly.

VAUSE: Yes, Kate's family has maintained their sort of distance and they kept themselves out of trouble. So, big responsibility for the Markles. Just can see they can.


VAUSE: Well, CNN is inviting you to be part of our special coverage of Harry and Meghan's big day. From the I dos to the press, we'll have it all covered. That's on Saturday, right here on CNN. You wouldn't want to miss it.

Thank you. You're watching CNN NEWSROOM live from Los Angeles. I'm John Vause. Stay with us, our World Sports with royal watcher Patrick Snell is up next. You're watching CNN.


[00:45:16] PATRICK SNELL, CNN SPORTS CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, thank for joining us. Welcome to CNN WORLD SPORT. For the last threes, basketball's NBA Finals being contesting by just two teams, the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In fact, Golden States have won two of the last three time. Plus full on Sunday, LeBron James and the Cavs suffered a pretty much jolt to their system, shall we say in the Eastern Conference Finals. More on that in just a moment.

We'll be start with that Monday night's game one to determine the best in the west. And it was the Houston Rockets who lain wait for the Warriors. Houston, remember with the best record of any team in the regular season.

Tension is flaring to Draymond Green and James Harden had with the first of his 41 points of the night. Green with the technical foul, barely a minute into the series opener. Is that a sign of things to come? I want the Golden State trailing by as many as nine points early on.

But there's no need to panic, with lights of Kevin Durant on your team sheet throughout the 37 points as the Warriors win it 119 points to 106. And Durant was certainly enjoyed landing the first punch in the big heavyweight conflict with Harden, his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate.

Now, in the eastern, as I mention, because I hear will be the Boston Celtics withdraw first blood on Sunday with the convincing victory over Cleveland, defeat for LeBron. But he certainly, won many people over with what followed next.

James may not have had the best of games personally, but it was that when he talked about it all afterward, the way he's able to so effortlessly it seems. Pretty much record everything in photographic detail. James was asked what happened early on in the fourth quarter when Boston up sudden straight points. Here's his answer, and just look at how accurate he is.


LEBRON JAMES, CLEVELAND CAVALIERS, NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION: We ran them the first possession, we ran them down all way to two on the shot clock. Marcus Morris missed a jump shot, followed it up, they got a -- they got a dunk. We came back down, we ran a set for Jordan Clarkson, and he came off and missed it. They rebound it, and we came back on the defensive end, and we got a stop. They took it out on the sideline.

Jayson Tatum took the ball out, threw it to Marcus Smart in the short corner, he made a three. We come back down, miss another shot. And then, Tatum came down and went 94 feet, did a Euro step and made a right-hand layup, timeout. There you go.


SNELL: That's impressive. He can write my scripts for me if he wants. I guess that's why they call him a basketball genius in more ways than one. And I wonder he got a round of applause from the room and which he deserves as well.

All right, when it comes to the NHL, no one's captured the public's imagination quite like the Vegas Golden Knights. You know, expansion teams typically don't make the playoffs, never mind a conference final.

And then, there's the fact that this is a franchise that was fought to unite not just with each other but with an entire community just after the devastating shooting attack on the city late last year that claimed over 50 lives.

Well, the Golden Knights had lost the first game with their Western Conference Finals against the Winnipeg Jets. But on Monday night, they wasted no time at all in leveling up these best of seven series. Now this scoring twice in the first period, and when Jonathan Marchessault scored his second, Vegas in total control.

3-1 winners on the night, and we're having deftly to a standout performance from Marc-Andre Fleury, the man who won the Stanley Cup three times for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Fleury making 30 saved in total. The Vegas Golden Knights has never even supposed to get this far, were they? But after the season they've had, would anyone bet against them? What a story.

All right, plenty of European football news to get us caught up on there to France, we go at Paris Saint-Germain appointed that German, Thomas Tuchel, has been new manager replacing a Spaniard, Unai Emery.

And the former Borussia Dortmund head coach will be in no doubt as to what his chief task is winning the club, his first ever European Cup. PSG have no problems at all when it comes to domestic dominance but their wealthy Qatari based owners are desperate for success. Desperate to win the conference biggest club competition. Namely, the Champions League. The Parisian haven't gone further than the quarterfinals of that tournament in more than two decades.

In England, it's a really good time to be a Manchester City fan right now after the citizens record their record-breaking season on route to the Premier League titles. Their title in fact, in 8 years, Pep Guardiola, star-studded squad celebrating with their fans who've just witnessed a superb weekend.

Remember, memories that will last a lifetime, I'm sure if you're one of those fans out there in Central Manchester. The club winning 32 of their 38 games scoring 106 goals, winning they're titled by a record margin of 19 points eclipsing. The United's record their great neighbors. They're also the first team in Premier League history to reach 100 points.

[00:50:10] Now, not of Silva, one of their young Portuguese players has just finished his first campaign with city. He's been talking with us tonight. I think it's fantastic to say a season its one you'll never ever forget.

BERNARDO SILVA, PORTUGUESE FOOTBALLER, MANCHESTER CITY: I think, it was fantastic the way we want it. The way -- the way we broke all the records, points, goals, and wins. We are still trying to go for the gap one.

But yes, it was a fantastic first season for me to be able to share that rest, and to be able to learn from all the staff, all the players. And it's been a pleasure, very different cold, different. The weather, the foods, but yes, you gets used to it. And it's good, people are nice, I'm enjoying it a lot. Especially, the football, the Premier League. And then, as well the city even though it's a bit different, I'm enjoying, as well.

The atmosphere at the dressing room is very good. From the moment I arrive, everyone, everyone welcomed me in a -- in a fantastic way. And the Brazilians, especially because they speak my language, we share the same -- the same what language. Obviously, we're very close.

And as I felt, it's been a pleasure, we prank each other, we have fun at the training as well, because that's important to be happy and to have fun and to enjoy what you do. And they're big friends of mine --


SNELL: All right, they look OK there in Manchester. All right, after cooling time on this 23-year reign, this Arsenal manager warning what is next for the Gunners now former manager Arsene Wenger. The French was last game in charge a 1-0 victory on Huddersfield. The Arsenal team had won at 48 different grounds during his storied career. More than any other Premier League manager including his great rival, the Manchester United legend Alex Ferguson who could only manage 47 more. You can also mention the fact that Scott did win 13 Premier League titles.

Would you believe that less than a month ago now, until a FIFA World Cup, I tell you one player who just cannot wait to get going, Mohamed Salah, just re-reading English Premier League history books. Now, the Egyptian has his sights firmly set on Russia.


SNELL: Welcome back to CNN WORLD SPORT today. One country we won't be seeing at this year's FIFA World Cup that would Italy. After disastrous qualifying campaign, its surely do now have a new man at the Helm after the appointment of the former Manchester City, an Inter Milan head coach Roberto Mancini.

A 53 year old left his post at Russia's Zenit St. Petersburg over the weekend. This was by mutual consent and after agreeing a two-year deal, he's now officially task to trying to restore national pride after his predecessor Gian Piero Ventura's failure to qualify for it's just hard to believe, isn't it? But it's the first time since 1958, the Italians will not be at the World Cup.

[00:55:04] Speaking which the countdown continues to this year's tournament, it all started next month. In fact, it was the first time ever. It's Russia who were doing the hosting. It won't be long before tens of thousands of footy fans will be converging on Moscow's iconic Red Square when the tournament kicks off on Thursday, the 14th of June.

The host nation will kick off proceedings with a group they encounter against Saudi Arabia. Countries had to submit their preliminary 35 man squads on Monday. The final squads of 23 will have to be submitted on June the 4th.

Well, the first thing any host nation always wants to do is to make sure it gets out about initial group stage, and the Russians were fail. They probably have a pretty good chance of that. The host though are the lowest ranked team in the tournament.

So, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay will also be confident of advancing. Liverpool goal machine machine Mohamed Salah, sure to draw plenty of attention when he takes to the field to play for his country, Egypt. He wrapped up his Premier League season with Liverpool on Sunday, with a Golden Boot Award after the top score. Netting 32 times that's a new record for a 38 match season.

So, Egypt at the World Cup for the first time since Italian (INAUDIBLE), and remember, it was the last late penalty against Congo that got his country there.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) HECTOR CUPER, MANAGER, EGYPT NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM (through translator): He might to scored more goals in the Premier League. But that's just because there are many more matches to be played there with the national team.

But if you ask me about the change in the tactics and techniques, I believe that he was a very important player in the system that we just stepped up. And I hope that he can continue in the same way with us moving forward.


SNELL: Meantime, the Peruvian National Team has been dealt a big blow up. Their newest best keeper and their talisman Paolo Guerrero, won't be with the squad in Russia. The 34-year old is Peru's all-time leading scorer but the South American was hit with a doping ban after a World Cup qualifier against Argentina late last year. And that ban has just been extended to 14 months despite the fact that early this year, the initial 12-month ban was halved raising his country's hopes he would make it.

All right, thank you so much for joining us. Do make sure, by the way, you join us the later Tuesday editions of WORLD SPORT. Thanks for seeing here in Atlanta, thanks for watching. Stay with CNN.