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GREER: -- actually navigate that because that would be our greatest challenge.

ANDERSON COOPER, ANCHOR, CNN: Let's go back to Alisyn, as we continue to watch the invited guests arrive. Alisyn?

ALISYN CAMEROTA, ANCHOR, CNN: Anderson, we have been watching with bated breath here all of the celebrity arrivals and we just saw Oprah, as you know, come in and go into the chapel, and Richard Quest has breaking news about that.

RICHARD QUEST, ANCHOR, CNN: Well, according to what we're hearing, Oprah will be sitting in the choir. Now, as Max Foster was saying, the nave is the bulk of the church or the chapel and don't really get a good view, but you've got no view at all, if you're there.

CAMEROTA: From the nave?

QUEST: But the choir, which is the much more intimate, only 150 places, family, most of it is the choir and it would appear, at least at the moment that Oprah has been given a position, a place in the choir. At least, that's what we're hearing, which would explain why she was looking for her seat in the nave.

CAMEROTA: She was confused.


QUEST: She was wandering around, and she didn't see her name anywhere and then we saw her leave.

VICTORIA ARBITER, CNN COMMENTATOR: I think that really does suggest that she and Doria have struck up this friendship. The media reports are right, they are going to have this big interview coming on TV.

CAMEROTA: Meaning, Meghan's mother and Oprah have a relationship.

ARBITER: Have become friends and they are doing to do a TV interview. That's what the information that we are hearing that they are going to this big TV interview, and I think it...

KATE WILLAMS, CNN ROYAL COMMENTATOR: Maybe about racism and how Meghan suffered when she was younger, all the difficulties that she had. That would be fascinating to watch.

QUEST: But we're seeing the stars and stripes, the flag there at the moment and coming in this morning, just briefly, let me say, the number of Union jacks and stars and stripes. Remember, the United States is Britain's closest ally. Forget the European Union, and to some extent, the closest ally is the transatlantic relationship. Whatever may be happening in any moment of political troubles or difficulties and we are seeing that throughout London today.

People are wearing union jacks and stars and stripes.

CAMEROTA: It seems very welcoming of Meghan Markle, which is lovely to see, I mean, you know, she is this American woman. She is very modern, she's probably the furthest thing from monarchy, and she's been very much embraced. There are tons of Americans on the street last night at the pubs and --

JOE ZEE, FASHION EXPERT: So, Meghan feels very much at home here, that she's not sort of isolated out of it. She got has plenty of support from her countrymen and women.

CAMEROTA: It's just her mother. I mean, I keep thinking, just her mother. Just the two of them versus...

KATE BENNETT, CNN REPORTER: Her only blood relative here plus all of these 600 invited guests inside and all of the people lining. It's her mum.

CAMEROTA: Exactly, and it must be so daunting. I'm glad they have each other because it feels sort of overwhelming and must be such a scary new place.

ARBITER: She has got Prince Charles behind her and Harry behind her. It's not so daunting, actually, I mean, it's the beginning of a new era. She doesn't look back, when she said that she was going to stop acting, she said it is not stopping acting, I am moving on to a new chapter.

QUEST: The rings, the wedding rings.

CAMEROTA: Yes, are you getting some breaking news about the wedding rings?

QUEST: I am - wedding rings being made by Cleave & Company.

CAMEROTA: Is this the Welsh gold, there. What is the wedding bands...


QUEST: This is a nugget of Welsh gold that was excavated many years go. There's not a huge amount of it left and they all are Royal wedding rings are ...

WILLIAMS: Kate has it.


CAMEROTA: Stand by, please. We have CNN'S Nick Watt. He has more breaking news on the rings. Nick, what have you learned?

NICK WATT, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Well, we have learned that Meghan's ring is gold and is a gift from the Queen, Harry's ring is platinum, and of course, let's not forget about Meghan's engagement ring, that big rock from Botswana and then those little diamonds either side, from Princess Diana's collection.

As we have been talking about all morning, Princess Diana very much with this couple as they make history. Back to you guys.

CAMEROTA: So, Nick, this means that Prince Harry will be wearing a wedding ring -- am I correct that Prince William did not?

ARBITER: Yes, Prince William does not, Prince Philip does not, and Prince Charles wears it on his little finger.

CAMEROA: Why is that?

ARBITER: Well, actually, wedding rings in Britain they have only been a very post war fashion. They were only started to be worn in the World War II because men want to remember their wives at home.

But, in the '60s and '70s, they got more popular, but certainly, Prince Philip is of a different era. Prince William has said he finds jewelry a bit annoying, but I do think it's very significant that Prince Harry is saying, "I'm this royal man and I am going to wear a ring." And it really shows how much he loves Meghan and how much he is devoted to her, and how much he wants to show his love for her.

CAMEROTA: I feel like you're about to propose to me.

BENNETT: Alisyn, I just picked up something, and I want to...


CAMEROTA: Look at what you have --

BENNETT: This is the official replica of Meghan's ring.

CAMEROTA: You need to see this on camera if possible.

BENNETT: This ring, for sale for ten pounds.

CAMEROTA: It shows how beautiful and big this ring is. Look at this, it's sparkly.

BENNETT: So, the center stone is the Botswana stone and the two little ones are from Diana's collection and that was there - she is there in spirit, but not this one.


QUEST: So, the ring was made by...

CAMEROTA: I am just going to put it on if you guys don't mind. QUEST: The ring was made by Cleave & Co,, and unlike Asbury's the

former Royal jewelers, Cleave & Co. have only been around since 2001. They made the engagement ring, which as you say, has the Botswana stone and the two stones at the side.

WILLIAMS: It looks wonderful on you Alisyn.



CAMEROTA: Thank you. Thank you.


CAMEROTA: I mean, if this is to scale, this is a stunning ring.

BENNETT: It's supposed to be...

WILLIAMS: It doesn't look cheap, both of these replicas. They look absolutely appalling, but this one looks absolutely stunning.


ARBITER: But I think it's the beginning of Meghan, she is going to wear a diamond tiara, we might see diamond earrings, diamond...

CAMEROTA: Tell me about the tiara, this will be Princess Diana's tiara?

ARBITER: We don't know yet. Probably Princess Diana's tiara, it could possibly that the Queen Mother's tiara that she wore for her wedding, it could be the fringe tiara that Elizabeth wore for her wedding. There are so many in the Royal collection. They could make a new one for her, but many of us would like to see Diana's tiara.

The thing is, Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara is very associated with Kate. She has worn it, so maybe we won't see it go to Meghan.

CAMEROTA: It's also I think on display - the Cartier halo that Kate wore I think is on display in a museum in Australia or something, so that's not even available. But Prince Charles gave Kate a beautiful set of jewelry when she was married, a yellow diamond and white diamond bracelet, and ring and earrings and so, she's probably getting tons of jewelry. So, go ahead and keep that.

BENNETT: Thank you.


QUEST: Whether the jewelry is theirs or whether the jewelry is the state's.

CAMEROTA: And what's the answer to that?

QUEST: Well, it depends on the piece. It depends upon its importance. Was it a personal gift? Was it personally bought? Or is it considered part of the collection? Obviously, the crown jewels, they don't own, but a lot of the pieces that we will see today are most certainly are privately owned by members of the Royal family.

CAMEROTA: And you know, this raises the question of - that some people are talking about on the streets about how much money this wedding costs.


CAMEROTA: I understand, however, it is millions of dollars, $35 million is the last thing, and that is taxpayer money?

QUEST: Of course. Yes.

BENNETT: But the royal family also pays for a portion of it.

WILLIAMS: That pays for the wedding. They are here for the wedding.

The security is paid for by the government because, obviously, God forbid anything would happen, you know, it has got to be really, really tight.

QUEST: We cannot buy this sort of publicity for UK or UK TLC. Let's be clear about this. We cannot buy the publicity that we're going to get around the world all week next week of this. It's worth every penny.

CAMEROTA: Okay, so, let's talk about what is the underpinning of all of this and that is their beguiling love story, okay, this does not feel - this is not an arranged marriage. these are two young, attractive people who fell in love really rather quickly.

They had a whirlwind romance and it's so interesting to hear about their first date, which was sort of a blind date, in as much as you can have a blind date with Prince Harry, you know what he looks like.

WILLIAMS: Which is very sad, I mean, Harry said to me that he couldn't be like other young men to go to the pub and meet people. He was so wary of people taking photographs. He hated the fact that if you see him with one woman, they would go to the family like they have done with Meghan, and he was really fed up.

He longed to have girlfriends, you know, Cressida Bonas and most of all, Chelsey. They were solid, but he had just a load of fleeting girls, here today, gone tomorrow. So, when he saw...

CAMEROTA: The paparazzi was so intrusive, so...


WILLIAMS: They loved him, but not the spotlight, so when he went to see Meghan, he said something that is so moving and touching. He said, "When I took one look at her," he didn't know it, never watched, "Suits," he said, "I said to myself, you've got to make good talk. You've got to up your act." Now, for a Prince to say this, (inaudible) that he felt that she was

so amazing, instantly, he had to really talk well. It's extraordinary.

CAMEROTA: Listen, here's a moment where they talked about their relationship and their first whirlwind date in their engagement video. This is the moment, listen to this.




MARKLE: And it's so interesting because we talk about it now and even then you know, because I am from the States, you don't grow up with the same understanding of the Royal family and, so, while I now understand very clearly there's a global interest there.

I didn't know much about him and so, the only thing that I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was, I have one question. I said, "Well, is he nice?" Because if he wasn't kind, it just didn't seem like it would make sense.

And so, we went and had met for a drink and then, I think very quickly into that, we said, "What are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again."

PRINCE HARRY: Yes, what are we doing tomorrow, let's meet again. And then, it was like, what diaries? We need to get the diaries out and find out how we are going to make this work because I was off to Africa for a month, and she was working, and we just said, "Right, where is the gap?" And the gap happened to be in the perfect place.


CAMEROTA: That is so beautiful. Honestly, it is just so lovely and inspiring to hear, you know, their almost love at first sight or certainly great interest at love at first sight. But listen, I wanted to talk about the arrivals, because we have just seen -- who?


CAMEROTA: Tom Parker-Bowles?

WILLIAMS: Tom Parker-Bowles, that's Camilla's son, her second child with his wife --


CAMEROTA: Sort of the messy hair descending over...


WILLIAMS: It's interesting because they're separated and they're going to be divorced, so...

ARBITER: I think they're here together...

WILLIAMS: ... invitation...


CAMEROTA: Sometimes weddings just bring everyone together because of this ceremonial moment.


WILLIAMS: The marriage broke up, but maybe, they've got a very good relationship.

It's a very good relationship that Harry and William have with Camilla's children. They really did form a great relationship when they started to get to know each other and that was so important to the parents.


WILLIAMS: That was attitude, wasn't it? Extra flowers are brought at the last minute to make it even bigger, because there weren't enough flowers initially.

CAMEROTA: Imagine walking through that. I saw yesterday in town, all of the crowd, people they are wearing jackets that said, "Philippa Craddock" so you knew it was part of the floral team, really, a whole army of people from London who came in to do these beautiful floral arrangements...

BENNETT: Floral emergency, please make way. Must get there to beef up these flower arts...

ARBITER: It's so lovely.

WILLIAMS: It's very important to note that Prince Charles didn't introduce Camilla to the boys, which was a very sensitive time. He waited a year and then he did it by inviting the two - Camilla's two children, Laura and Tom Parker-Bowles to come for tea to see how that went first, and that went well and that gave him the confidence to introduce Harry to Camilla.

CAMEROTA: All right, hold those thoughts. There are very more VIP and celebrity guests arrivals that we will be watching. Of course, we are watching the royal wedding version of the red carpet. Basically, the stars are all coming out to honor Harry and Meghan. Stay with us to find out who shows up next.


COOPER: Welcome back to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We are covering all of the big moments of this Royal Wedding. You can see some of the thousands of people who are lining the route, hoping to get a glimpse of the couple after the ceremony as they ride past in a carriage.

Royal family members will make their way to St. George's Chapel about an hour or so, once all the other guests are arriving. A lot to cover ahead. We've seen Oprah Winfrey arrive, Idris Elba. We expect to see Sir Elton John, his husband, David Furnish, possibly Serena Williams and George and Amal Clooney.

This Harry's ex-girlfriend, isn't it, Chelsey Davy.

FOSTER: Yes. Is she there?

WILLIAMS: It does look like Chelsey. You know, the exes.

FOSTER: I know you've researched.

WILLIAMS: The Royals, they do, they keep the exes close. William had five ex-girlfriends at his wedding. I know it seems sort of an unusual thing, but these Royal houses...

COOPER: What? Prince William had five ex-girlfriends at his wedding?

WILLIAMS: He did and we know that Cressida Bonas is coming today. Chelsey Davy, both girls have remained really close friends of Harry. They both, I think bowed out of those relationships. They found the media scrutiny really intense, this sort of Royal life perhaps a little constricting, but these groups that they -- they just stay in a tight circle. No one wants to be ostracized.

COOPER: I think for anybody who has not grown up in the Royal family, I mean, to suddenly be immersed in it, it is a completely different world and just sheer - the lack of privacy that any of them have is extraordinary.

I mean, when you start to realize just every moment is sort of scrutinized and analyzed at the end of a telephone lens.

WILLIAMS: And some of them learn that the hard way. It was very unfortunate for Kate and William when they were in France and personal photographs were taken of them and they thought they were in a private moment.

But this is a thing when you're a member of the Royal family, you can never assume you're private anymore, especially because all the public have cameras.

FOSTER: We've got the Middletons arriving there. You can see James Middleton and Carol Middleton. I have forgotten his first name.

WILLIAMS: Michael Middleton.

FOSTER: But it's interesting when you say it, because James Middleton spoke to the pressure that his family felt when Kate got married, so Carol's party business, she accused of cashing in on the Royal family when she had princess merchandising as part of that business.

We've seen the pressure on the Markles today. But I think you know - and there's the former private secretary who used to work with them as well, I think advising them, theirs is Pippa Middleton behind you. Stole the last wedding you remember, Anderson. You were there. Pippa Middleton...

WILLIAMS: Pippa Middleton, yes, she is expecting a baby with her new husband, James Matthews and is that Uncle Gary?

FOSTER: No, that's he's the former private - Prince Charles's former private secretary.

ZEE: But Pippa looks fantastic, I mean...


ZEE: Always sort of steals the show at the weddings, and I think you remember her at Kate's wedding in that while column gown, but here, in that floral dress.

COOPER: Let's talk about the ceremony because the palace has released the program. It is very traditionally English, but there are some elements that are uniquely American, particularly African-American, the choir is going to sing, "Stand By Me."

There is going to be a sermon performed by an African-American pastor. The pastor is the most Reverend Michael Curry, he is the head of the Episcopal Church. The bride and groom are going to depart to "This Little Light of Mine," obviously, a gospel classic associated with the Civil Rights Movement.

FOSTER: I am also told that there will be two American references in the dress, and I really can't figure out how they did that...

LEVIN: I think it's a row - a flower or something.

FOSTER: Really?

WILLIAMS: A royal wedding can sort of run away with you very quickly in terms of tradition, the way everything has been done before, and I think Harry was particularly keen to make sure that Meghan felt this was her wedding and that her heritage was represented, as well.

So, Bishop Michael Curry has come from Chicago. He doesn't have a personal relationship with the couple, but he is known for being very liberal. He has been compared to Pope Francis for supporting same sex marriage, for wanting to take the Church and bring that into the 21st Century as well.

ZEE: I think Meghan had been very active in the planning of the wedding, and I know that her best friend from Toronto, Jessica Mulroney, who is also a wedding planner has been there with her planning a lot of these details.

I mean, she was there also for the first fitting of the wedding dress in January. She came back to London at the end of April to do the final fitting, so there is a lot of that contribution from her best friend, Jessica as well, and you know that her children will today be the flower girl and some of the page boys.

FOSTER: Yes, she had such good friends, she is between them, to be maid of honor.

COOPER: So, she's not having a maid of honor.



COOPER: You had said part of the music was played at Diana's service.

WILLIAMS: Yes, there is a hymn "Guide me, Oh Thou Great Redeemer," which has a very catchy chorus that we'll all be singing forever, but yes, that was featured in Diana's funeral. It was also played -- and sung at William and Kate's wedding.

So, this is going to be subtle ways that we see Diana included in this service today, and it is following a very traditional Church of England service, but they have changed some of the language to be more modern, so instead of saying thee and thou, they are saying you and I.

But the Queen is the head of the Church of England, and so the order of service is representing that and it is very respectful of that.

LEVIN: This is her church. Actually, that chapel is her church. It's called the Royal Peculiar and it is her church and that's significant as well, but what strikes me as interesting --


LEVIN: -- is that's important to understand that this Royal family is an institution of the people. It has on a certain level, they have their own money and their own customs, but this exists by the will of the people and this is very much in the tradition of how the people want to see this done.

So, it isn't sort of an idea of them doing their own thing. They are actually in an idea of what the British people and the Commonwealth expect of this family, which exists at their will. Because no one can marry in this family in the line of succession without the permission of the Commonwealth.

COOPER: Meghan Markle converted to the Church of England...

LEVIN: She had to do it. She had to do it.

FOSTER: It wasn't strictly converting because she was Anglican anyway, so...

LEVIN: Oh, I thought she was Roman Catholic.


FOSTER: I guess, she did, but she is Episcopalian.

LEVIN: I see.

FOSTER: And as we look at the Middletons, we should talk about the challenges actually of going into this system for an outsider because they are middle class, but they're in the social circles of aristocracy, you know, they went to Marlborough College. You know, they are in the smart set.

But you know, I've heard people referring to Carol Middleton, as doors to manuals...

LEVIN: Doors to manuals.

FOSTER: Because she used to be a flight attendant.

COOPER: I mean, I think for Americans it's - who haven't to spend time, and there again, that's Pippa Middleton right there, I mean class is such an issue.

LEVIN: Class is this, and that's what I was trying to say, I mean, even as an American is a class in Britain, and the assumption about you as an American proceeds your reputation, your work.

I mean, I have been in several organizations where you realize very quickly that there are assumptions made about you before you even open your mouth.

COOPER: You are saying this as an American...

LEVIN: Oh, yes, and you have to understand that or you don't get anywhere. So, it's going to be fascinating to watch her. This is lovely. The ceremony is lovely, but what is it at the end of the day.

ZEE: I think we just zipped by Alexi Lubomirski, who is a fashion photographer that shot the engagement photos of Harry and Meghan who is today, the official wedding photographer, and you know that (inaudible) they found him on Instagram.

WILLIAMS: And he grew up in Botswana.

ZEE: Yes, he is also a prince by title, as well. But even really quickly about Pippa, I mean, I think if you look at Pippa today, she is much more conservative, much more in the background, not really taking the limelight away from the bride.

LEVIN: And this speaks to what I was saying basically, you have to do that.

WILLIAMS: This is Clifton (ph) --

COOPER: Coming up, more VIP arrivals and the wedding dress that will likely launch millions of knockoffs and perhaps change the life of a designer. We expect to get our first peak soon when Meghan Markle leaves her hotel. Back after the break.

[05:25:00] CAMEROTA: Feast your eyes, everyone. Look at your screen right now.

We have breaking news. George Clooney and Amal Clooney have arrived. Look at Amal, strutting the red carpet or the equivalent of it. They look stunning as always.

We didn't know necessarily that they would be invited, but assumed they would because as we have spoken about, Kate, Amal has helped Meghan find a hair dresser, so tell me what you see here in this gorgeous ensemble.

BENNETT: I love this yellow. It's amazing, and clearly George Clooney has just opted to wear a suit, so he is not a morning jacket, a morning coat or anything like that. He still looks very casual American guy, but Amal looks spectacular with that yellow hat and the netting, and the little train. I don't know who makes it. It looks almost like a Dior, I don't know if it is, it's just first class.

But, clearly, wanting to be seen there in that bright yellow.

ARBITER: She loves yellow.

CAMEROTA: More breaking news, another fabulous-looking couple. Here are the Beckhams. This is David Beckham and as you can see, Victoria Beckham.

BENNETT: Wearing navy, again. She wore navy to William and Kate...


CAMEROTA: What are we to read from her wearing of navy?

BENNETT: She wore her hair back in a ponytail for William and Kate's wedding, as well, with a Philip Tracy hat, for their wedding. I am not sure who is making her hat, but this one is certainly...

CAMEROTA: And there again, Amal and George Clooney making their way in, having quite a sloth there.

ARBITER: She loves these bright colors. She wore that on the red carpet in Cannes. We have seen her in these luminous bright colors. She really does love to make a statement. Her pre-wedding dress was bright red if you remember.

WILLIAMS: She can carry it off though beautifully. These are very stylish wedding arrivals.


BENNETT: And actually, if we could go back to Pippa's dress that we were seeing earlier, by a company called The Fold here based in London. A dress anyone can buy off the rack for about $700 on their website. Looks great on her, but certainly not the spectacular moment when Pippa sort of stole the show at the last wedding.

CAMEROTA: She has turned down sexy...


BENNETT: Yes, yes, as you point, she had somewhat upstaged her sister at that wedding, so she is not doing...


CAMEROTA: The last one was...

BENNETT: She did not opt to the sexy.

WILLIAMS: She might not be so engaged. I mean, it's been said that she's not been invited to the reception, so she may be - she is a bit sniffy and she doesn't want to turn that looking...

CAMEROTA: Well, luckily for sex appeal, we have this on the screen. We have David Beckham and Victoria Beckham...


WILLIAMS: ... that Meghan wore for the...


ARBITER: She made this - very subtle, very formal dresses for her own design.

BENNETT: Meghan wore a white jumper that Victoria Beckham had made for the engagement pictures, so I think that was another link apart from hair dresser, who knows...

QUEST: I mean, David Beckham is a classy act, indeed.

CAMEROTA: He just shook hands with the police officer, right?

QUEST: ... to walk in to shake hands with the police officer, the police constable guarding the front door of - and George Clooney completely relaxed.

He's used obviously to these major events, obviously, but he's also used to state occasions, when his family is a political family. He knows exactly how to work the room.

WILLIAMS: And I think he knows Amal is the star.

ARBITER: He knows that she is the superstar. He is not going to bother. She has got the limelight. He seems to be taking that in stride. That is how I have seen this...


CAMEROTA: He has given up the spotlight.

BENNETT: This woman with the matching flowers over her hat, with the -- does look like Erdem -- designer who uses a lot of flowers and floral, Alisyn, here it comes...



BENNETT: Don't you feel the moment?

CAMEROTA: This is the moment for me to show the monochromatic look that I too have sported.


CAMEROTA: I mean, it is the dress code. Women - these are day dresses and hats...

ARBITER: If you could just get there, Alisyn, if you really run, you can get there in time.

QUEST: Just swim across.

CAMEROTA: I will do it. Don't temp me, Richard. Okay, so look at their - so this is is the choir, we are looking at or is this is the nave?

QUEST: No, this is the nave. The choir is much, much smaller. I mean, it's too - lengthwise, as opposed to the...

CAMEROTA: So, do we know where the Beckhams will be sitting?

QUEST: Well, I'll just - Oprah is in the choir. I would have thought that the Beckhams would be in the nave.

ARBITER: In the nave, and I think we'll know the choir because of these wonderful oak carved seats for the choir and that's where you have the flags for the Order of the Garter that are hanging, the flags that perhaps the each person, the King of Spain, the Emperor of Japan - all of these people that are part of this very historic chivalric order in Britain.

QUEST: It's the most senior - to be a member of the Order of Garter is the most senior, senior order of chivalry in the...

ARBITER: And Harry is not one, William is. And do you know that there was not a single North American who has ever been in the order of the garter, so perhaps with, Meghan, we are going to have some Americans joining the order of the garter.

CAMEROTA: I love watching the Beckhams, I'm fascinated by them.

BENNETT: She's always Posh Spice to me.

CAMEROTA: She is Posh Spice...

BENNETT: I agree.

ARBITER: There was that talk about the Spice Girls reunion a year ago...


CAMEROTA: I hope that that happens at the after party. I really...

QUEST: Hang on, we've got an idea where they're going to be sitting here...

CAMEROTA: You're watching, yes.


QUEST: They're walking through the nave, and it doesn't look...

ARBITER: Well, I think it definitely shows that Victoria Beckham is not the designer because if she was, the designer tends to wait at the door of the chapel, ready to help the bride, as she passes her...


ARBITER: Usually on the right-hand side we'll see the designer waiting, just to come in, we saw it with Kate, sort out the bride, sort out the train, so Victoria is eliminated now.

BENNETT: You've deduced this. I like your clues.

ARBITER: Maybe this evening - maybe the evening gown.

BENNETT: Yes, there are many different wardrobe opportunities. Let's be honest.

CAMEROTA: When Kate wore her reception dress, it was also a McQueen, correct?

ARBITER: Yes, it was a McQueen.

CAMEROTA: She wore McQueen for both the wedding dress and the reception...


CAMEROTA: Yes, and this will be interesting to see if Meghan changes it up a little different than (inaudible)...

ARBITER: ... Canadian designer or an American one to sort of (inaudible)...


CAMEROTA: Yes, that was speculated on and, of course, "Suits," her show was filled in Toronto, so there is a Canadian connection.


QUEST: And that's the Commonwealth, never mind just the "Suits" being filmed there. The Queen is the Queen of Canada. so, you know...

CAMEROTA: Please, stop with your historical references. I'm using pop culture.

WILLIAMS: You're right because the queen. that is the place she's most visited. She loves Canada. She's been around the world 42 times in terms of air miles, and most of it to Canada because she loves it there.

QUEST: And the role of the Commonwealth which Harry has now just been given a formal role within the Commonwealth, the role...

WILLIAMS: Youth Ambassador is his role...

QUEST: Thank you. This is an avenue for both Meghan and Harry in the future to do considerably more work with the Commonwealth, which is absolutely dear.

WILLIAMS: That's what they said at the engagement that they wanted to do...

ARBITER: And help very much with the Commonwealth. That was one of their great aims.

WILLIAMS: Very much.

CAMEROTA: All right, while we keep our eye on David Beckham, the rich and the famous are filling in to St. George's. I am engaged, as you can see to Kate Bennett. Prince Harry is getting ready to head there, as well as his brother, William. So, coming up, we will get our first look at the groom.

What will he be wearing on his wedding day? Will he still sport his beard? All of that when we come right back.


COOPER: Welcome back to our coverage of the Royal Wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It is all building up of course for the big moment, the wedding ceremony, about 15 minutes before the service, Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland arrives at the chapel, followed by Queen Elizabeth. The last person to arrive will be the bride.

FOSTER: Anyone for (inaudible)...

COOPER: There's a Nacho Figueras.

WILLIAMS: Nacho Figueras, he is the ambassador for Sentebale, which is Harry's charity and was helping orphans and children affected by AIDS, who have lost parents to AIDS. He also plays polo with Harry regularly to raise money with Harry (inaudible)...

COOPER: And is the Ralph Lauren model for many years. That is the hotel. You're looking at the outside of the hotel where Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland will be leaving.

That is where we think we will get the first glimpse, perhaps to see the wedding dress. She is going to be riding in a vehicle in which, I guess, open in the back. We should be able to maybe get a little peek at it.

ZEE: I think a little peek, I mean, of course, this is the most highly anticipated reveal of the entire day but I think they actually built a tunnel for her to get into the car so you don't ruin it until she steps out to see the full outfit. But, yes, I think when she is riding to the chapel, we will see the first glimpse of what that dress is.

COOPER: You've seen - we saw the arrival of George and Amal Clooney. Amal Clooney you were saying was - what designer was she wearing?

ZEE: Amala Clooney was wearing Stella McCartney. That bright yellow dress that was so beautiful and so fitted, and I am hearing, actually also Oprah Winfrey was wearing Stella McCartney as well, and of course, in the last 48 hours, the press has been really sort of appears to say that Meghan's dress potentially designed by Stella McCartney as well, which is personally someone I am voting for.

COOPER: Why is that?

ZEE: Well, because as long as I have known Meghan and I am friends with Stella as well, I feel like the two women match perfectly. The sensibility and style, is exactly what Meghan's personal style is. At the same time, they both share an ideology that I think is important to both of them.

I think they are both about animal rights activists. They are about feminism. They are about standing up and having a voice.

COOPER: That is Joss Stone by the way, Joss Stone arriving.

ZEE: Who also was at Kate and William's wedding.

FOSTER: Yes, she is very good friends with...


ZEE: ... Sentebale as well. She sung at concerts raising money. So, you're definitely seeing a posse here. The people that have really made a difference in Harry's charitable work.

COOPER: Sentebale is the charity that he founded along with...

WILLIAMS: Prince Seeiso, yes, that's right, and it's forget me not and of course, established in memory of both of their mothers, Prince Seeiso's mother as well.

COOPER: As we said, about 600 guests are arriving and there is about, is it 2,600 or so outside?

FOSTER: Yes, the 1,200 will be members of the public. There will be some household staff and charities associated with, and they're seeing this. So, they're part of it. Everyone else obviously out here is relying on big screens because it is a castle, obviously, there are walls.

COOPER: There are Jumbotrons throughout the route. After the ceremony, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle --


COOPER: -- will get in a carriage and they'll ride around --

FOSTER: They'll come right behind you, Anderson. You've got a great view, and it will be an open top carriage. So, people will be able to get a proper view of them. They really wanted the public involved as Victoria was saying earlier on, and I think they are trying to put some messaging in here, which will define the future of their royal roles and I think, more of it will make sense actually over time.

WILLIAMS: It's a nice, long processional route, too. Edward and Sophie did a very short horse and carriage ride following their wedding. Harry and Meghan wants to include as many people as possible. So, it is two miles and will last about 25 minutes. It will go through town and then, yes, we will have this long procession where they'll be escorted by 24 of the household (inaudible)...

COOPER: I remember covering the marriage of...

FOSTER: Sorry, I thought it was Elton John, but it's not.

COOPER: For Prince William the kiss actually - there is no kiss in the chapel itself. That's not part of the service, as it is in an American service. With Prince William, the kiss took place at Buckingham Palace.

WILLIAMS: And that was a tradition really started by Charles and Diana, so they make the appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace and back in 1981, the crowd were chanting "kiss her, kiss her," and so Charles and Diana duly obliged, and then it became a tradition.

Unfortunately Windsor Castle doesn't have a balcony. It doesn't allow for that moment.

COOPER: And they're not going to go to Buckingham Palace.

WILLIAMS: No, no. So, they are hoping it is going to happen on the West Steps, again, the Royal family choreographed, they know that will be the first pages of the newspapers, so and hopefully we'll see it on the West Steps. But I think knowing these two, there will be some kissing in the horse-drawn carriage.

COOPER: You grew up in Windsor. Can you just explain - I mean, Windsor Palace for those who don't know, it is actually the official home of Queen Elizabeth.

WILLIAMS: It is the official weekend residence of the monarch. That's right, so she comes here when she is in - in her working year. She also spends a month here at Easter Court, but it's very much a family home, too. It's got such a rich history. It's been a family home to 40 queens and kings. It was first built in the 11th Century. It is the oldest established working castle in the world and the Queen and Princess Margaret, they spent much of the war years here doing pantomimes and just living out here -- COOPER: They were sent here for their safety while their parents remained in London.

WILLIAMS: That's right. And it's where the Queen gave her first speech from in 1948.

WILLIAMS: And the crown jewels were buried in a hole in the (inaudible)...


COOPER: Princess Margaret is actually interred her - her ashes.

WILLIAMS: Her ashes are inside the St. George's Chapel. St. George's Chapel is very much a family chapel. It where Harry was christened in 1984, but it also the tomb of the Queen's parent, her sister's ashes, grandparents and great-grandparents.

COOPER: Also Henry VIII - I mean going back for...

LEVIN: They are going to walk over here - another Harry.

FOSTER: I think also, what we've got today, we're all so, in the back of our minds with Harry, it's always about that moment when he's behind the coffin at his mother's funeral. This 13-year-old boy and that was a huge tragedy. A huge story that really rocked the world and this is almost the end to a chapter here because everyone wanted to know what happened to those two boys.

And William is happily married and now Harry is going to be happily married and I think this is a big symbolic moment actually in that story.

COOPER: It was interesting though, I read an interview in which Harry was talking about walking behind his mother's casket and looking back on it and just saying how awful it was and awful that they were asked to do that, told to do that and that he was saying that, you know, nowadays that probably wouldn't - children would not be asked to do that.

But he said, just the real horror of walking behind their mother's casket, it was just a terrible, terrible...

FOSTER: Yes, and Charles Spencer said the same thing. He thinks it's outrageous. Harry also talk about - and we always talk about the silence of that day and the ones of us who remember it. There was weird, eerie silence in London because the whole country was in this grief, but Harry remembers it differently because, as you imagine, as he went along, people were so affected by it, all he heard was crying all along.

LEVIN: And looking at this crowd, I'm glad you said that. I mean, my background is in theater, like Meghan's and it must be very interesting for her to look at the theater of this.

The British are probably the best theater makers in the world and this entire spectacle we are seeing is just about as choreographed as a country can make it. There a lot of people who aren't involved, who don't like it, who don't want to be here, but the people who are here are totally engaged in the whole of the theater of this and it makes it very, very unique, very unique event.

COOPER: I want to check in with Bianca Nobilo who is at the hotel where Meghan Markle is, Bianca, I understand you have more information on when she and her mother are going to be leaving.

BIANCA NOBILO, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: I do, Anderson. it is going to be happening very soon. About 35 minutes' time, where right on the driveway where Meghan Markle will be driven out in that Burgundy Rolls Royce, one of the Queen's cars and all of us journalists have been told that we cannot move.

So, these are the final few minutes where they're putting the preparations on the dress, on her tiara and hair and makeup. They'll then be --


NOBILO: -- driving down this very long driveway here and then driving past the aptly named Fountain of Love which is behind me to make her way to St. George's Chapel, Anderson.

COOPER: Obviously, a lot of anticipation for that.

Let's just talk about the tiara. You're seeing Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, first there on the right, Elton John, of course, has a long relationship with the Royal family - a close friend with Princess Diana, formed obviously a special version of "Candle in the Wind." They are along with...

FOSTER: Beckham's, James Blunt and Elton John, as they are furnished in one picture there.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That's quite a pop circle.


FOSTER: Showbiz. Yes, Elton has been a big influence on Harry. He's very, very close and when Elton John played that rendition of "Candle in the Wind" at Diana's funeral, it went on to become the best selling single in the UK and the United States, which I think says so much about how that memory touched the world.

COOPER: It's important to point out, the proceeds for that were donated to the Princess Diana Foundation.

WILLIAMS: Foundation, that's right, yes.

FOSTER: You have many representatives about that, as well.

COOPER: There had been some talk about would Elton John perhaps be performing, but it doesn't seem that that's... WILLIAMS: That was definitely speculated upon and I think it's

because he sang at Diana's funeral, people assumed he would. There of course, Lady Jane Fellows, she is Diana's sister. She is giving a reading today. She read at Diana's funeral, but she is there to represent the Spencer family, and I think she was chosen for a number of reasons.

First of all, she is married to the Queen's former private secretary, Lord Fellows, and she was the perfect bridge really between the Royal family and the Spencers. She is not one for a lot of fuss and nonsense, you don't hear anything about her, but she lived at Kensington Palace when the boys were growing up. So, Harry spends a lot of time with her and the children, his cousins, they played together a lot.

So, she is a perfect person really to stand up and represent the Spencers.

FOSTER: We also have some breaking news, I think I saw Victoria Beckham smile. Seriously.

ZEE: That is Victoria Beckham having a good time.

FOSTER: I mean, she is having a wild time, this is the (inaudible) party she has ever been to.

COOPER: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they are going to live in Kensington Palace...

FOSTER: Yes, and they have got a tiny little cottage and William was there before, and it's just a two up two down, isn't it?

COOPER: But Kensington Palace, there's a number of royals there...

FOSTER: Yes, it's a complex.

LEVIN: It's a compound, actually.

FOSTER: So, sort of William and Kate have got this fantastic, big house, effectively a terraced house, and it looks like William is going to move next door to them with the Closter's currently are, and I have been in there. It's a gorgeous 20-room place with a huge garden.

WILLIAMS: It's a bit like the Melrose Place.

ZEE: It's like a Royal Melrose Place.

WILLIAMS: Because you've got William and Kate with their three children, Harry and Meghan. Now, you've got Eugenia and her husband to be, Jack, live there...

COOPER: I doubt there is a pool in the center, though.

WILLIAMS: There's not a pool in the center, but maybe you can pop over and ask (inaudible)... FOSTER: It's a lovely little oasis, isn't it, in the middle of...

LEVIN: So, let's see if she escapes into Kensington High Street, the big street on the other side where all the shops are and the restaurants.


WILLIAMS: That's where the photograph was taken...

LEVIN: Exactly, so maybe that's where she'll be able to leap...


FOSTER: Well, Kate tried it for a while, and kind of gave up.

LEVIN: She gave up. But maybe she'll leap over that fence and be there.

COOPER: The anticipation is certainly building to see the biggest stars of this day. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We are told, we are minutes away from Meghan's departure from her hotel, in her wedding gown with her mother, much more ahead.


CAMEROTA: Welcome back, everyone, we are watching celebrity arrivals. This is Priyanka Chopra arriving, looking stunning. As we know, she is a good friend of Meghan Markle.

BENNETT: She is wearing Vivian Westwood and the other day, she was spotted outside Philip Treacy's haute couture in London, so we can maybe guess that that hat is Philip Treacy. She posted on her Instagram with her glam squad this morning, actually, she was still waiting.

CAMEROTA: Here comes James Corden, TV host and car pool karaoke extraordinaire.


WILLIAMS: He's brilliant at weddings. I went to wedding where he was and he got everyone dancing. It was just amazing. He put so much energy into it. He is going to be a good guy this evening.

CAMEROTA: I would imagine he would be a wonderful wedding guest. It's almost worth getting married again - to have him at my wedding.


WILLIAMS: He's a sort of a modern man.


QUEST: What is it generally? You're going to a wedding. You can't afford one of the McCartney dresses or any of the expensive... CAMEROTA: You rent at (inaudible)...


BENNETT: You accessorize.

CAMEROTA: Yes, you'll figure it out.

BENNETT: You can nowadays rent designer...


WILLIAMS: ... she really does look amazing, isn't she.


BENNETT: I'm not sure, but I know some of the "Suits" cast members have arrived.


CAMEROTA: This is classic Vivian Westwood. The structure, the tailoring, the sort of abstract cut of that.

BENNETT: And the polka dots that we just saw is Abigail Spencer, one of her "Suits" cast mates. It's hard because everyone is so darn good looking.

CAMEROTA: Oh, that's Jacinda Barrett, so that's another one of her "Suits" cast members we just saw walk past here.

WILLIAMS: I think what's very interesting, clothes are much more modest than they were with Kate's wedding. You know, those high necks, there's long sleeves...

CAMEROTA: And how do we play that?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think it's fashionable now to sort of be more modest and there's not - I haven't seen a real sleeveless.

BENNETT: We've seen it at award shows as well, more modest and people said it was the influence of like handmade (inaudible) or these other things that we've been watching...


CAMEROTA: Oh, this is her love interest on "Suits" and it's been talked about the symmetry between her getting engaged and married on the show and engaged and married in real life, and that has been fascinating to watch. So, these are many of her "Suits" cast mates.

QUEST: I am sorry, gentlemen's talk here. That's the first top hat that I've seen. We were in morning suit here, which doesn't - which usually should have a top hat as well, but most men, of course, these days don't. I can see you're all fascinated.

CAMEROTA: No, I love that.

QUEST: Morning suit and we're not seeing many cravats as well either.

CAMEROTA: What is a cravat?

WILLIAMS: It's a tied up scarf at the neck.

QUEST: It's a posh way of tying a tie. That's why you'd wear it like ruffled at the front, which is more (inaudible) for morning suit.

WILLIAMS: It is like a small scarf though...

QUEST: That's exactly what it is.

WILLIAMS: I think it's very different to William and Kate's wedding. You'd have a much longer walk to walk through, perhaps that's why we are seeing lower heels and longer dresses. It's a long walk because they are walking...


CAMEROTA: Okay, here is Serena.

WILLIAMS: It's Serena and it's her baby...

CAMEROTA: Serena Williams just arriving. We do not see the baby, which makes sense.

WILLIAMS: -- that Olympia was coming, the baby. But it is a very child-free wedding. No Beckham children. No Furnish and Elton John children, just the bridesmaids and page boys at the moment.

CAMEROTA: The celebrities all flock together. What is that? We just saw Elton John talking to James Blunt, it's they all have to go in as a pack.

BENNETT: I know, they don't spread...


QUEST: They know each other...


QUEST: It is worth mentioning that all these celebrities know each other. They meet at these events, not just royal weddings, but whether it's red carpet, whether it's award ceremonies, charity dos.

So, once you reach that level of international fame or whatever one wants to call it, they're on a circuit.

CAMEROTA: Let's talk about Serena's dress.

BENNETT: Serena is wearing Versace, which is an interesting choice. Of course, Versace is an Italian fashion house and Donatella Versace helms it. You know, she's playing tennis again after having her baby. This is a great dress, it sort of has this rouging in the front, some pleating there, it's beautiful, very flattering. The hat feels very British, very wedding like, but it's an interesting choice with Versace. And she looks great.

ARBITER: And on her Instagram this morning, she posted a picture of her getting ready and saying, "My friend is getting married today..."


ARBITER: Did she say which friend it was? We all knew who she was talking about...


WILLIAMS: ... because she might have had to go to the French Open. I thought that was a bit of a doubt about it, but perhaps she's put this first because she...

ARBITER: Royal wedding, French Open, yes...

CAMEROTA: Good choice.


ARBITER: I love these pictures. We are seeing a good view of all the invited guests, the 1,200 people picked by their local communities as being community service, we see the Diana Award holders over there, so they are all there watching the wedding.

And I believe they've got a goodie bag. There was some controversy here, they wouldn't have any food, but they have a good bag, which apparently has a commemorative coin with Harry and Meghan on, some short bread and a bottle of water, so that must be quite a thing to have.

CAMEROTA: I am told that Jessica Mulroney is right behind Serena, so you're watching Serena walk in now to the chapel.

Jessica Mulroney is Meghan's best friend, so let's see if we can tell which one she is...

BENNETT: She is brunette...

WILLIAMS: Okay, they are coming in now...

BENNETT: I don't think so...


CAMEROTA: Maybe, she will be in this next, because Jessica Mulroney's children are of course part of the wedding.

QUEST: Both of them, both sides, yes...


WILLIAMS: We expected to see more - also, I expected to see her perhaps a bit later because she would be coming in with the children.

CAMEROTA: Maybe she will go back out. She has got two - I believe twins and then a young girl...


QUEST: So the nave is feeling up pretty much now as you can see. What we're expecting over - you are seeing the remainder of the celebrity guests, we are expecting to see some minor royals...

CAMEROTA: Patrick Adams is her love interest in "Suits" who was just being shown to where his seat would be.

WILLIAMS: I joined the internet hysteria that was (inaudible) personally, but why is he escorted down the aisle, (inaudible) Patrick or Wendell Pierce, her father...

BENNETT: Art imitates life.

WILLIAMS: All the "Suits" family is out there...

ARBITER: Her family is here with "Suits."

QUEST: As we come towards the top of the hour, you are going to start to see a shift in the arrivals because you're now going to start to see more minor royals arriving, and this will lead up to the major royals, the senior members of the Royal family and they will arrive on a very structured time ordered fashion.

Leading up to the Queen who will normally be last, but of course, today, it is the prerogative of Meghan Markle to be the last person to arrive at the chapel.

WILLIAMS: (Inaudible) arrived four minutes before Meghan...


CAMEROTA: Wait a minute, hold on one second. There is an actual interval that is designated. The Queen must arrive how many minutes before Meghan?

WILLIAMS: The most important, so she will arrive last, except when there is a bride of course, but she is going to arrive four minutes exactly...

QUEST: They will know -- so at 45 past, Charles and Camilla will arrive, at 52 past, whatever time it might be, her Majesty the Queen will arrive because they've got to give time for the dean, David Conner, to meet them at the door, whisk them down to choir and get back to the door again, so the next one arrives.

And its the same when it's the president of the United States on any major state occasion. People arrive to the minute, absolutely to the minute and today, will be of course, Meghan Markle who has the privilege and honor of arriving the last and then the somewhat awesome task of climbing 20 steps on the West Steps. ARBITER: And it's also about the social media isn't because I

remember in 2011, those of us (inaudible) the minute that Kate stepped out of the car, then we were told the designer on social media, so they were completely coordinated, so we may have to wait for that very moment.

CAMEROTA: That's another "Suits" star, the man, who is a "Suits" cast member, and the woman is formerly of MTV.

BENNETT: Yes, Jacinda Barrett, she was on a Real World back in the day, it might have even been Real World London, but that's going back a way through, but she's also an actress --