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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Wed At Windsor Castle; Spewing Lava Threatens To Block Escape Routes; Maduro Says Will Of Voters Will Be Respected; Mom: My Daughter Stood Up To Gunman & This Was Outcome; Trump Blasts Allegations Gulf States Offered Campaign Help; Authorities Investigate Crash That Killed 110 People. Aired 11a-12n ET

Aired May 20, 2018 - 11:00   ET




[11:00:00] MEGHAN MARKLE, DUCHESS OF SUSSEX: I'm Meghan, take you, Harry.

BECKY ANDERSON, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: Miles heard around the world, with them a new member of the family, a new page for the House of Windsor

and a couple just beginning to make their mark. The highlights of the Royal Wedding are coming up. Also ahead, lava flows and deadly gas

spreading from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano. Could it get worse? We'll check in with our reporter on the Big Island. And ballots being cast now in

Venezuela but only time will tell whether this presidential election can bring change to what is that now impoverished country.


ANDERSON: You're watching CONNECT THE WORLD, I'm Becky Anderson in Abu Dhabi. It is 7:00 in the evening here. It is 4:00 in the afternoon in the

U.K. the day after as it were Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after tiny not in a lavish wedding at

Saint George's Chapel in Windsor on Saturday. But they won't beheading on their honeymoon just yet at least, the couple's first royal engagement as

husband and wife. We are told will take place on Tuesday at Prince Charles's 70th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace in London. But

back in Windsor, well, the ceremony was unlike anything the British royal family had seen before from a gospel choir to the bride's solo walk down

the aisle. CNN's Nick Glass looks back at what were some of the most memorable moments.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When the night has come and the land is dark --

NICK GLASS, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The gospel solo classics Stand By Me from 1961, we assume the song means a lot to the couple and we

also assume that's never been sung at the British Royal Wedding before. The choir stood at the back of St. George's Chapel Windsor and simply sang

for Harry and Meghan. There was a palpable sense of departure here on one side of the chapel. A certain English royal stiffness perhaps of reserve

in contrast a warped and vivid emotion on the other side and Markle's arrival looks like she may help change things. We always knew that the

turnout would be glamorous, the divorced biracial American actress marrying the most popular of English princess. We weren't disappointed. The church

filled Meghan's on-screen husband from suits, Patrick Jay Adams, David Beckham, footballer and model, Mr. Elton John and husband, Serena Williams,

tennis player. The vintage Rolls-Royce swept bride and mother to the chapel and we glimpse the dress for the first time. It turned out to be

French couture (INAUDIBLE) with the most delicate and lengthy of veils sewn with floral symbols from all over the Commonwealth. 1930s Tiara was

borrowed from the Queen. It seems that Meghan had always planned to walk down the first part of the aisle by herself followed by her retinue of

bridesmaids and pageboys. In the absence of her father, Prince Charles met her halfway. And of course, at this wedding, there was love. This was

visibly inescapably a romantic union.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The late Dr. Martin Luther King once said in that quote, we must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love.

GLASS: For good thirteen minutes or so, St. George's Chapel reverberate it to unfamiliar oratory, American and passionate. The response was mixed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He didn't -- he wasn't getting anything out of it

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I, Megan take you Harry --

MARKLE: I, Megan take you Harry --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- to be my husband --

MARKLE: -- to be my husband --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- to love and to cherish --

MARKLE: -- to love and to cherish --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- until death us do part --

MARKLE: -- until death us do part.

GLASS: And so Harry and Meghan were married in a great English medieval chapel and kissed without any prompting from the waiting cameraman. Thomas

Markle watched it all on television. My baby, he said, looked beautiful and very happy. What seemed like Californian sunshine, his daughter now

has a title, she's the Duchess of Sussex, although we'll still probably refer to both of them as just Harry and Meghan. Nick Glass, CNN.


[11:05:15] ANDERSON: Well, the Royal Wedding may be over but that certainly doesn't mean that the conversations and celebrations have come to

an end. CNN's Anna Stewart joining us now from Windsor. The Sunday papers, the Sunday talk shows over those Sunday roasts I don't doubt there

is only one topic of conversation in town and it seems that it is the Windsor wedding, Anna.

ANNA STEWART, CNN BUSINESS NEWS JOURNALIST: Absolutely. And in fact, Becky, the street party here means that the party is definitely not over.

And they are analyzing yesterday's event over cucumber sandwiches and spawned in only British form. And you're right newspapers are the way we

always analyze these weddings and every single newspaper is filled with the kiss. The kisses on the Daily Mail, it's in the Sun, it's in the Sunny

Express. It was a long kiss, Becky. It was one of the longest. Photographers really like five seconds to get the shot. But you know what

Becky, it was also this photo that really captured the moment and possibly this is the one that will go down in history I think as a reflection of

what this wedding was like. And it is because it was a fun wedding, it was an enjoyable wedding. It broke all of the traditions that you would

usually expect around a royal wedding and that's what people were really talking about today.

ANDERSON: Yes, sweet, inspiring, utterly unmissable, one of my producers said not least of course because it shook up tradition, a wedding being

held by many as a transformative moment for the British monarchy. Will it be so?

STEWART: I mean everyone was talking about the transformative address by the American Bishop, Bishop Curry which really left everyone by surprise.

You know what, Brits had to leave their stiff upper lip at the chapel door before they went in because that speech was an impassioned, nearly 15-

minute speech with hand gestures, whole-body gestures. The Bishop said everyone needs to celebrate the power of love, he brought up the civil

rights movement, he brought up American slavery, and it was really took everyone by surprise. You know what, the British public love this. Now we

have had reflections from the Bishop and the Archbishop of Canterbury today, here's what they said.


MICHAEL CURRY, PRESIDING BISHOP, EPISCOPAL CHURCH: It was nonverbal communication throughout the whole thing. And you could watch them look at

each other and even when they didn't weren't talking, the way they looked at each other just sent a message of these people are involved, for real.

JUSTIN WELBY, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY: What an amazing way to get married and you can tell from the reaction the crowds there was wonderful moment.

When they exchanged the vows and you know, that was unscripted, you heard this roar from outside. And you know, I was sort of thinking, OK, what do

we do with that. And do I talk over it or just go on? And I would say congratulations. What a fantastic star. People with you as they are with

new married couples and God is with you. Pray, trust, keep going forward. You will have a wonderful life.


STEWART: Really strong words, and we found out that the royal couple, His and Her Royal Highness, the Duke, and Duchess of Sussex will not be going

on honeymoon immediately, Becky. They're getting straight down to work and we'll be seeing a celebratory on Tuesday for the Prince of Wales 70th

birthday celebrations.

ANDERSON: Anna, we're going to get back to you because I do believe there's a little bit of a party going on as you suggested behind you. I

want to find out what's going on there and who's there and what they're talking about a little later in the show so stand by, please. Thank you

for that. For the time being, the guest list as we said it included extended members of the royal family, Hollywood A-listers and lots of other

celebrities, Oprah, Serena Williams, Elton John to name, but -- David and Victoria Beckham, of course, were in attendance. One fan of the English

footballer got to meet her idol. Amelia Thompson was invited to the wedding. She is a young survivor of the 2017 Manchester bombing. And

Amelia and her mom, Lisa Newton are with us now live from London. It is a day after the day before as it were, how was it? Were you surprised when

you got the invite?

AMELIA THOMPSON, SURVIVOR, MANCHESTER BOMBING: Yes, I was speechless. I said didn't know what to say and it was such a good day.

ANDERSON: Was it? Tell me about it. Go on both of you since -- tell me about it.

THOMPSON: It was just all overwhelming, like seeing all day like people who were -- well, I got an invitation call and (INAUDIBLE) from the chapel.

It was just so amazing.

LISA NEWTON, MOTHER OF AMELIA: We got a goodie bag. I'll show you our goodie bag.

[11:10:05] ANDERSON: You did. Let's have a look at that goodie bag. I know -- I know you've got it with you, actually. I believe you were

treated to a right wall goodie bag. Well, what's inside?

NEWTON: And -- well, you got a little bag and then you got a bottle of water and (INAUDIBLE), and a thank you card, chocolate coin, little

(INAUDIBLE), we got an order service --

THOMPSON: And then some people got a rose afterwards which was actually in the chapel.

NEWTON: It was actually the chapel. They absolutely smelled gorgeous.

ANDERSON: That's beautiful. That's absolutely beautiful. And we know that her -- Meghan and her mom were at the chapel the day before and making

sure that those flowers were absolutely what they wanted. Mom, how did you feel when you got that invitation?

NEWTON: We got the e-mail on a Thursday night, I mean it's got picked by the (INAUDIBLE). It was sent -- I actually dropped my phone and then I

said to me, oh my gosh, (INAUDIBLE). And she read it and she genuinely thought it was -- it was a bit of a joke. And then the next morning,

Kensington Palace rang and I think then she started to really believe that maybe it was true and it wasn't until the Saturday when the letter came

that she actually realized that yes, I am going.

ANDERSON: We've got an image of you, Amelia, that I want our viewers to see. It is a really special moment that you had yesterday, of course, a

photo of a football star. David Beckham stopping to talk to you and give you a hug at the wedding. I can imagine that was another big highlight,

was it, being in Windsor yesterday?

THOMPSON: Yes, it was just -- mom, there was -- just going to the toilet actually and they're really (INAUDIBLE). I mom was like -- and mom was

like, can we have a photo? And the security guard said no but David Beckham says, oh, just take photo so I run over in took a photo with him.

NEWTON: Yes it was actually (INAUDIBLE), Amelia's guests who actually saw (INAUDIBLE) come in. It was (INAUDIBLE), oh, look David Beckham is -- I

was like quick -- but it was lovely. He said to the time a beautiful day, he did say and you know, Sharon, we put such a smile on Sharon's face in

which she was so happy. We had such a good time.

ANDERSON: That's wonderful and I know you had such a tough time last year and I know nothing will ever -- you know it's difficult ever to get over a

moment like this -- like that but listen. it must have been absolutely wonderful. And you look great. Where do you get the dress from? Let's

give him a plug.

NEWTON: Oh it was a coast, it was a coast dress. It looks stunning. The shoes did you see the shoes.


THOMPSON: We loved it.

NEWTON: Yes, I mean, it was really strange because like we got up yesterday morning and they were three T.V. crews waiting for outside and as

she stepped out, they actually chased her all the way up (INAUDIBLE) and then you know we had people, loads of Americans stopping us saying we love

you. We love you, can we have hug? Can we have a picture with her and it's just been amazing. Like all the attention, everybody was cheering

there when she went into the castle. And it was just really strange just being sat there and everybody was mingling with the Royals. It was just

all of it --

THOMPSON: Eating sandwiches --

ANDERSON: Did you actually enjoy -- did you enjoy the wedding because it was -- well, I mean, you know a lot of people said after the wedding that

wasn't what we expected. It was absolutely fantastic and electrifying but certainly not what a lot of people might have expected. What did you


NEWTON: I just thought it was amazing from start to finish. We -- you know, like with taking Sharon and I don't know if you're aware but we

actually got two extra tickets for the wedding which meant that I could go and but they were -- (INAUDIBLE) but she couldn't go, did she? But she but

she actually -- you want to see what she got in Steve. We gave Steve Friday morning as a surprise and he had no idea. What did you get Steve?

THOMPSON: I started getting quite upset that Steve was going to be left anything so we decided to and managed to get in some Wembley tickets --

NEWTON: For the FA Cup finals. So yes, he went to the FA Cup finals.

ANDERSON: It was of course on Saturday afternoon. There were two big matches in England. There was the wedding and then there was the match

which of course Chelsea won. I'm assuming that Steve is a Man United fan right, so he must have been a little bit disappointed about that, but at

least he was there -- at least he was there. Listen, to both of you ladies, I'm so pleased she went and it sounds like you had a really good

time and we're delighted to speak to you. It's a memory that you will keep forever. Well done. Thank you.

[11:15:05] NEWTON: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Wow. Up next, Harry, Megan if you're watching and you were thinking about jetting off to Hawaii for your honeymoon, we'll you might

want to think again for somewhere with you know less boiling lava, let's say. We're going to get you on the ground to have a look at what's going

on there. That's after this. And polls were open in Venezuela with President Nicolas Maduro seeking a second term. But will the main

opposition well, its boycotting the vote, but what happens next? That's after this.


ANDERSON: Well, it's just before 2o past seven, I'm in Abu Dhabi, this is our Middle East Broadcasting Hub. Right now, the Earth's molten fiery core

spewing into the early morning air in Hawaii. Just look at these incredible scenes, extraordinary and somewhat terrifying. Fountains of

lava gushing out of the ground so extremely hot, the rock itself melts into being like a liquid. Now huge blobs of it flying, flaming debris erupting

out all with one deafening explosions as loud as jet engines we're told. Now, one of those molten tentacles hitting the cool waters of the Pacific

Ocean cutting off part of what is a very important road to help people get out to escape. All that happening just behind Scott McLean in Pahoa on

Hawaii's Big Island. Scott?

SCOTT MCLEAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We now know that one of Kilauea's lava flows has reached the Pacific Ocean but on its way there it has cut off one

of the main highways in this area potentially stranding some people on that part of the Big Island. Let me show you where all this lava is coming

from. It's these fissures here that seem to have morphed into one giant fissure spewing a massive amount of lava back onto the surface of the

earth. And when it gets there, it goes into this fast flowing lava stream that is headed straight for the ocean. But when it gets there, authorities

here they are also warning about something called laze. It is a mix of chemicals with tiny bits of glass in the air that obviously can be quite

hazardous for anyone in that area. Now just to give you a sense of how much lava has actually built up in this area, well we were actually doing

live shots where you see those two rocks in the distance poking out there maybe where that methane is burning there.

Somewhere in the area, again you can hear the explosions in the background from another fissure, but somewhere in that area that I just pointed out is

where we were doing live shots just 48 hours ago just to give you a sense of how quickly this has all moved. As we know lava burns anything in its

path including trees and brush so much so that officials earlier today actually had to evacuate one neighborhood because of brush fires. Now, on

top of all of this, people here they are also dealing with earthquakes and of course that main crater of Kilauea and all of the dust that it sends

into the air when it explodes and officials say there very well could be more of those in the worst part perhaps for people who live here on the Big

Island is that no one knows when all of this will be over. Scott McLean, CNN Pahoa, Hawaii.

[11:21:12] ANDERSON: Isn't that absolutely remarkable? The lava hitting the ocean cutting off escape routes also as it slips into the water, as

Scott was just explaining there letting off a toxic gas. Now, nobody knows more about that than CNN's Meteorologist Allison Chinchar. She is plugged

in at our weather center for us. And Scott talking about laze, explain if you will.

ALLISON CHINCHAR, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Right. So it's actually a pretty big deal. You would think that having that lava go into the ocean would be a

good thing. It takes it away from people and property, but the problem is it also causes big concern. So let's take a look at the map here to kind

of show you what we're talking about. Scott was located up near where you see the word "the" on the map OK. Now we're looking at fissure 20 and

fissure 22, just to the south of where he was located. These two fissures, their plumes of lava came together further towards the south and then ended

up in the Pacific Ocean.

Now, what happens is when you have that lava follows that orange path and eventually makes its way down towards the ocean, it reaches, it mixes in

with that salt water and creates steam. The problem is within that steam, you have hydrochloric acid gas and very tiny volcanic glass particles. And

you can inhale those which for obvious reasons is very toxic and in high doses can be fatal. So they warning people stay away from this as far away

as you possibly can because the wind can actually pick it up and carry it quite good distances. So you don't necessarily have to be right on top of

it to have the impact. That area that we've been talking about, that is the East Rift zone.

This is where all of our fissures have been and most of the lava flows. However, we also have concerns over here near the summit of Kilauea. Now

the main concerns there, we have had for explosive eruptions just since Thursday at this location. Obviously, you have the lava comes out, but

take a look at this particular image. This is from the USGS, from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. You can see the huge chunks of ash in the sky.

This poses two problems. Let's take a look at what we're talking about. Not only is this a problem because when the volcano does actually erupt, it

sends lava, the toxic gases as well as the ash very high into the atmosphere. That ash comes back down and it can be a problem for people

who are breathing it in. But also one other thing that we've been keeping a close eye on is air travel. People plan to vacation to Hawaii.

Thankfully, we have had no canceled flights just yet but at the Hilo Airport, they have been keeping a close eye because here's what happens.

If you get that ash that comes in, it basically melts as it's going into the engine. But because of the air flow coming in, it then rapidly cools.

It becomes sticky and sticks to the inside of that engine and unfortunately kind of disrupts the airflow within and obviously that can cause some huge

issues there. So again, we have had no cancellations just yet but it all will come down to the wind direction as those eruptions continue where it

takes that gas, not just direction wise, Becky, but also how high into the atmosphere. And the other thing, we talked about earthquakes. We've had

over 2,000 of them since May 3rd.

ANDERSON: That is absolutely remarkable. Allison, I appreciate it. Thank you very much indeed. Well, to Venezuela now where voting is underway in

the country's presidential election. Incumbent leader Nicolas Maduro, you can see him right here expected to win another six-year term despite a deep

economic crisis that has plagued the country, home to more than 30 million people, of course, for years having created a refugee crisis and serious

food shortages. Paula Newton, my colleague is live for us with all of this. She is from Caracas, Venezuela's capital city tonight. It has been

several extremely turbulent years for Venezuela. What are the key issues in this election?

[11:25:04] PAULA NEWTON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I mean the key issues is exactly who's participating in the election. Now the opposition, the

mainstream opposition Becky, is will call them has boycotted. They said look, this is a rigged election and we want no part of it. That's not to

say that Nicolas Maduro, the president doesn't have challengers, principally, Henry Falcone, he's a former governor and he used to be in

fact, Becky, really loyal to the former president here Hugo Chavez. And I know that you follow in terms of this being an iconic figure here, somebody

who was still invoked in this election and yet the key issue remains on this day, Becky, is turnout. Now we just returned from the polls, the

turnout was not good. It is very, very quiet. Of course, this is anecdotal evidence. We can't prove anything. We only went to a couple of

polling stations, but certainly Becky, I've covered elections here for quite a while and this is certainly the slowest I've ever seen it. At

stake though, as you opened with Becky is the fact that so many Venezuelans are still coping with the shortages of the very basics of life. Take a



NEWTON: In Venezuela now, even the garbage has been ravaged thoroughly picked over by so many who suffer the indignity of dumpster diving. The

IMF projects hyperinflation will reach 13,000 percent this year, the number so high it's utterly meaningless. The measure of misery now, a Venezuelan

study shows four of five people within poverty may rely on government hand- outs. Carmen Herrera says she is poor thin and fed up. Nothing is normal she tells me because the little bit of money that we earn is not enough to

even buy a half dozen eggs. Trust me, any other questions? Of course, we have more and they're about the election. I would like to see a change she

says, because of this rate we're not going to get anywhere. But even for those who want change in Venezuela, there is no raucous resistance, no vows

to fight on like last year's opposition protests.

Things are quiet now not because anything is any better but from despair and a crippling fatigue, for many, the elections will be enacted on. Betty

Fernandez says like many Venezuelans, she may not vote.

BETTY FERNANDEZ, CITIZEN, VENEZUELA (through translator): My family and I are very undecided about whether we're going to vote. There are no

candidates and we don't agree with these elections.

NEWTON: Turnout will be closely watched here. Most of the opposition is boycotting saying the election is rigged. Henry Falcone is one of few

challengers. He says the country needs economic salvation. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has again invoked his late predecessor the iconic

will Hugo Chavez. The slogan, together anything is possible. In years of catastrophic economic decline, Venezuelans have learned that indeed

anything is possible.


NEWTON: You know, Becky, and that's the problem. So many people here thought it couldn't get much worse and yet it always does. I want to point

out Becky that in our piece we showed some of the protests and the rioting that were happening about ten months ago here. But do you see small

protests now but in speaking to some of the people that we interviewed for those stories last year, it is pervasive, it is insidious that the

intelligence services here have done what they wanted to do to intimidate people to make sure that they don't come out. And it has to be said,

Becky, so many people are so preoccupied with just trying to get the next meal or indeed even leaving the country because there continues to be a

mass exodus from the country for anyone who can leave that not only is voting the last thing on their minds but we have certainly seen many people

intimidated to come out in the streets and protest. Becky?

ANDERSON: Paula Newton on the story. Paula, I appreciate it. Thank you. Well just ahead, as a Texas community comes together to mourn those lost in

a school massacre, the mother of one of the victims says her daughter was targeted.


[11:32:43] ANDERSON: Welcome back. It's just after half of seventh in the UAE, half past 11th on the East Coast of the state, little further down at

Texas community rappelling with the aftermath with deadly school rampage.

Joining me frownless of U.S. school shooting, eight students, and two teachers were gunned down on Friday in Santa Fe. And at least, 13 other

people were wounded. A 17 year old suspect has been held on charges of capital murder. One of victim's parents now shedding light of the shooters

possible motives. CNN's Nick Valencia has more view.

NICK VALENCIA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: For at least four months, Sadie Baze, says that her daughter, Shana Fisher, was harassed by the alleged gunman.

He wanted so desperately to be her boyfriend, but he just wouldn't leave her alone. It was last week that she finally had enough standing out in

the middle of the class, rejecting the alleged shooter, embarrassing him in front of his classmates. And it's for that reason, she believes her

daughter was on intended her.


SADIE BAZE, MOTHER OF VICTIM, SHANA FISHER: My daughter was going up to my mother, telling my mom for the past four months, and my brother that he had

been making advances on her and that she finally stood up tell him because her younger sister is being bullied in school and she was showing her,

"Look, this is what you do. You got to stand up, told myself that no, it's not right." And this is the outcome. You know, I don't know what else to



VALENCIA: It just got wrenching to hear the pain in that mother's voice. She says that she expects to see her daughter walk to the front door, but

knows that it will never happen again. We are learning all of this as investigator say that the gunman, the allege gunman spare the lives of

students that he likes so that they could tell his story.

We know, later today, the first funeral of one of the victims that was murdered on Friday will be held this -- as Texas Governor Greg Abbott is

expected to attend that church service later today to followed up later this week with the series of roundtables for what he says is his answer to

trying to keep this from happening again. Nick Valencia, CNN, Santa Fe, Texas.

[11:35:07] ANDERSON: Let's getting up speed of some of the other stories that we are following few in our radar today. Newest Treasury Secretary

Steve Mnuchin, says America and China have agreed put their trade war on hold, suspending bans for tariffs. Mnuchin, says both countries have made

meaningful progress, and that China has agreed to reduce its trade surface with the United States.

Saudi Arabia has arrested, at least, seven people including four women that who campaign for the rights to drive. Now the crackdown on activist comes

just a week before the Kingdom is due to lift its ban on women driving. The arrests have concerned rights groups.

U.S. President Donald Trump is blasting New York Times report alleging Gulf States offered his campaign help. He says special counsel investigation

has found nothing on Russia. So, now, he says they are looking at the rest of the world. CNN's Sarah Westwood, explains.

SARAH WESTWOOD, CNN WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: A new report about the Trump campaign contacts with foreign interest before Election Day has raised a

fresh set of questions about how far the campaign was willing to go to secure victory.

Three months before Election Day according to The New York Times, Donald Trump Jr. met at Trump Tower with an emissary for a pair of Arab princess,

as well as an Israeli social media specialist.

George Nader, the emissary, the businessman with ties to the UAE who is already reportedly come under scrutiny from Robert Mueller. The special

counsel appointed to investigate alleged Russian collusion. And Joel Zamel, the Israeli social media specialist, reportedly put together a

multi-million dollar proposal for ways he could help the Trump campaign gain an advantage.

It's unclear whether that proposal was ever executed, but one thing is clear, this entire reported episode undermines President Trump's claim that

the Russia investigation is nothing but a witch hunt. And it raises new questions about the legality of the Trump campaign's conduct in the days

before the election. Because accepting help from foreigners in the United States in political campaigns is illegal. Becky?

ANDERSON: Well, this reported meeting between the Trump campaign and Middle East new representatives. So, raising new questions, it is unclear

if any help both accepted or executed. And the U.S. president has place to the furious tweets about this just in the past couple of hours. More

online at, of course.

You're watching CONNECT THE WORLD from our Middle East hub. Coming up, a search for answers of the -- a deadly plane crash in Cuba. A new report

from Havana, up next.


[11:40:00] ANDERSON: You're watching CONNECT THE WORLD. I'm Becky Anderson, welcome back. A search for answers after a deadly plane crash in

Cuba that is what we are doing now. It is just about 20 to eight in the evening. I want to get you to Cuba, but a nation is observing its second

day of official mourning of the Friday's deadly plane crash.

Under in 10 feet looking firm dead and the three survivors have a long and uncertain road to recovery. The transportation minister there says the

cockpit voice record has been found. Authorities still searching for the other black box. CNN's Patrick Oppmann is our man in Havana, joining us

now. Patrick?

PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Becky. And as you can see behind me, flags throughout this Island remain at half-staff. The families of

victims that we have spoken news at there, now beginning to make funeral plans, and the Cuban government has released all names of the victims of

this crash. Where they're still struggling to understand what led to the worse aviation disaster that this Island has seen in nearly 30 years.


OPPMANN: Just seconds after takeoff in Havana, an explosion. A Cubana Airline with 113 passengers and crew aboard crash in a field next to the

Jose Marti International Airport. Rescuers were greeted by scenes of total chaos. Passenger's belongings littered the ground.

The Boeing 737 split into several pieces. The plane's burned-out tail coming to rest near a three. 110 people died in the crash, but

miraculously, seemingly, against all odds, three people, all Cuban, all women survive.

Cuban officials caution the survivors has traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and severe burns. And that their recovery is far from certain.

"This patient have a highly complicated injury," he said. "It is taken an extraordinary effort to stabilize him."

Friday's accident was the worst aviation disaster Cuba has suffered in nearly three decades. And comes at the Island's communist-run government

recently canceled flights, and pull the aircraft experiencing mechanical problems from service.

The plane, Friday, had been rented from a Mexican Airline and had a Mexican crew. Cuban officials are still investigating what caused the plane to


This is the (INAUDIBLE) where the plane left from in response to takeoff from here and fly most of the weight down the Island to a city called

Holguin, Cuba. Instead, a crash just after takeoff. Residents fit leave in the area of the crash scene said the plane struggle to get airborne.

"The plain was revving its engines to takeoff but it couldn't," he told CNN. "Luckily, it didn't land on anyone's house."

Cuban official say they have now recovered the remains of all the victims. To the process of identifying the dead following to such a devastating

crash could take weeks.


OPPMANN: And Becky, as you said, they have now found the voice recorder that is a key piece of evidence here. They're also hoping to find the

second black box. They believe that they will find it very soon. This is the data recorder, will give of them the information that was been recorded

by the plane, as well. This is a Boeing 737, and the Boeing Company has offered assistance, offered to send a team to Cuba to help with the

investigation. And despite to political differences between Cuba and the United States, Cuban officials have now said that, that its help they are

willing to accept.

ANDERSON: So, thank you, Patrick. Live from Abu Dhabi, you're watching CONNECT THE WORLD. A short break, back.


[11:46:01] ANDERSON: Hello, its quarter to wait in the UAE that is where we are broadcasting from this on Middle East, and broadcasting hard, Becky

Anderson. Written officially as a new member of the royal family, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are

husband and wife after saying, "I do" on Saturday at St. Georges Chapel in Windsor.

Well, the couples were all smile as Harry, as you saw lifted Meghan's veil, see his wife's face for the first time in that day. Of course, they kept

the day off at the evening reception with the new Duchess where an emerald- cut aquamarine ring previously worn by Harry's mother, Diana.

Celebrations in Windsor are still going strong. Some of the streets have been closed today so that residents can throw what else, well, a tea party,

of course. CNN's Anna Stewart, joining us once again from Windsor. And listen, Anna, I had my tea and my cake, and I'm assuming well, I have this.

You have so much scums and finger sandwiches, is that right? Have we got you? Are you with us, Windsor? Come in Windsor. Come in Windsor, there

you go.

I tell you what viewers when I finish this. That season highlights from that day, Saturday in Windsor.


[11:49:51] CURRY: From the Song of Solomon, in the Bible. "Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm. For love is strong as

death, passion, fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a raging flames. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it


CHOIR: So darling, darling, stand by me. Oh, stand by me, yes, stand by me, stand by me, stand by me.

HARRY, DUKE OF SUSSEX: I, Harry, take you, Meghan --

WELBY: -- to be my wife.

HARRY: -- to be my wife.

WELBY: I, Meghan, take you, Harry --

MARKLE: I, Meghan, take you, Harry --

WELBY: -- to be my husband.

MARKLE: -- to be my husband.

WELBY: Meghan, I give you this ring.

HARRY: Meghan, I give you this ring.

MARKLE: Harry, I give you this ring --

WELBY: -- as a sign of our marriage.

MARKLE: -- as a sign of our marriage.

WELBY: I, therefore, proclaim that they are husband and wife.


ANDERSON: What a day with picture postcards stuff in Windsor. The sun shone, the sky was blue, and off they rode to what was the first but number

of celebrations in the evening. Relatively big party, slightly smaller one. And then, we believe an even smaller one just with their mates

towards midnight.

I'm sure they are having a decent day off today, some they rose maybe. Getting over with CNN's Anna Stewart that is still in Windsor. She's got

some friends with her. Tell us who you with and what you're doing?

STEWART: Well, Becky. You might think that the whole nation would have wedding flu. I certainly worried that might be the case. But it's not,

the party is still going in Windsor in the eastern where we've had a street party, and the hot topic of conversation over (INAUDIBLE) that part of the

(INAUDIBLE) John that it should be. Part of the conversation, what was the best fit to?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A share joyousness of the occasion with so many people from all over the world. I was at along with yesterday morning with

my friends and my daughter. We have Americans surround us. We had French, Italian, surround us.

STEWART: It was a real international affair.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE), which I think this been wonderful.

STEWART: And Chelsey, what was your favorite part?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The wedding was wonderful in the chapel, but I thoroughly enjoyed the music as well, which was up sick delight for us.

STEWART: Standby me, is that the comments of the British, same way with very un-British.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When they're decry were wonderful and also the chalice.

STEWART: And also the Archbishop -- the American Bishop, sorry. Curry, what did you think of him?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, he was really interesting. He was there much into love, and love making people happy. That is got to be a good thing.

STEWART: And kids, what was your favorite part? A dress?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How about the carriage?


STEWART: The dress. We all love the dress, an absolute classic. Now, this party, Becky, is supposed to be wrapping up in about 10 minutes. But,

I see absolutely nice signs about whatsoever. And to be honest, I think the conversation about this Royal Wedding will be going for months and

months to come.


STEWART: Back to you.

[11:54:33] ANDERSON: Yes, fabulous have rightly to say. Thank you, Anna. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, I think. Yes, there's a gentleman. Thank

you. Well, you can know the happily in bliss to light the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex if you head to our Facebook page where you are bound to

get the right world treatment that is

Windsor just down the road from where my mother lives. In fact, what a beautiful day it was. Fabulous, all right. Well, you can find lots of

stuff from the Facebook site and lots of something we've done today. Last week, a week before, months before. Stick with us on that, let us know

what you think. I'm Becky Anderson. That was CONNECT THE WORLD, hope you enjoyed the wedding review we're watching. Thank you for watching us. Is

there from the team up with me hear and knows working on this around the world. It is a very good evening.