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Erupting Volcano Sends Lava Bombs Flying Into Homes; Community Mourns Victims of Texas Shooting; Trump And South Korean President Talk Ahead Of Tuesday's White House Meeting; Trump Wants The DOJ To Release Documents On FBI Informant; A Royal Wedding For The Ages Aired 6-7a ET

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SCOTT MCLEAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's hell on earth from this molten sparkler popping, groaning and sometimes violently exploding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It shows me the power of God. The power of our earth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This lava bomb came and hit right here.

MCLEAN: Some of these fissures they are starting to now become interconnected and spread out in many directions across the southeastern sections of the Big Island.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This might all disappear. This area here might all disappear.

MCLEAN: It's man versus Mother Nature.


ANNOUNCER: This is NEW DAY WEEKEND with Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul.

CHRISTI PAUL, CNN ANCHOR: Good morning to you. So grateful to have you with us here, as we show you the breaking news that we are watching this hour.

Just stunning pictures out of Hawaii. Take a look at this. That lava spewing dozens of feet in the air, threatening to strand residents on the Big Island there and we're going to take you there live here in a moment.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN ANCHOR: The pictures that are coming out of that area are fascinating. They are remarkable.

Let's go now to President Trump doubling down on his theory that a government spy from the Obama administration infiltrated his presidential campaign. PAUL: A Manchester bombing survivor Amelia Thompson was personally invited to the royal wedding that made history. She is with us, sharing her experience from the big day yesterday.

First, though, we want to show you what we are seeing out of Hawaii if we want to take a look here. There is just spewing streams of lava. There have been dozens of earthquakes again this morning and chunks of flying flaming debris.

BLACKWELL: Hawaii is on high alert this morning. This erupting volcano it threatening to trap people on the Big Island. Overnight officials warned lava is flowing toward one of the main evacuation routes just hours after destroyed four more homes and forced helicopter rescues.

Let's go now to CNN's Scott McLean. He's in Pahoa, Hawaii. Scott, show us what is happening there right behind you.

MCLEAN: Hey, Victor. Sure.

So there is a fissure that we've been watching now. This is the seventh night that we have seen it active and you can see it looks like a giant sparkler in the distance. It is really like a firework show that has been going on for a week now.

Just continuously spewing lava out of the ground. It's a wonder it has gone on for this long. And you can also see it seems to have diminished in size from our vantage point but that may be only because you can see as that lava comes back down, well, it's got to go somewhere. And so you can see it has actually created a bit of a mound beside it.

You hear that explosion as well. There are two other fissures, smaller ones, it seems like, that will explode every so often, maybe once a minute or once every a couple of minutes letting off this big boom and sending lava high into the sky.

Here is the other thing that we are watching and that some of these other fissures that have really morphed into one big one. (INAUDIBLE) pan over this way. It is hard to see at this hour just because there's rain coming down sort of blocking the view and creating a lot of steam but that orange glow there, the reason that is orange, that foggy haze over there is orange is because that is a flowing stream of lava there.

There are a handful of fissures that have sort of morphed together into one sending lava downstream and it is moving at a very good clip. Officials said that it would reach the ocean either right around now. Obviously from our vantage point, we can't see whether it has or not, but that is at least what is expected.

It has crossed one road earlier today and in order to get to the ocean, it would have to cross another one and that what we are talking about. Victor, you mentioned it potentially stranding some people and not really giving them a clear exit out of that area. There have been some people who have to be air-lifted. And officials are also dealing with something in another area and that is brush fires that have been going on. We don't know whether they are still happening but earlier today, just a couple of hours ago, officials were urging people in one neighborhood in particular to get out just because of the brush fires caused by that lava flow were getting rather out of control and they obviously wanted to make sure that people have an escape route if things were to get worse.

PAUL: Scott, I know we have to let you go but what is that sound behind you? Is that rain or is that still some more explosions?

MCLEAN: It could be a little bit of both. So it did start to rain and we are actually on a local resident's balcony right now. (INAUDIBLE) and so it might be that but again you hear the strange groaning noises coming from this fissure here and it sounds like the earth is sort of struggling to breath.

And so it is a very strange noise. It's a mix of jet engine maybe going pass and a bit of explosion as well.


PAUL: Yes. OK. Thank you so much for explaining it to us because when we hear that I just want to make sure that we and our viewers have an understanding of what is going on.

Scott, thank you. Would you be so kind to keep that picture up of the fissure of what is happening there while we go to Allison Chinchar who is live in the Severe Weather Center? And thank you so much for doing so here if you can.

Allison, does -- a few might wonder does the rain have any effect here? The fact that it's raining there.

ALLISON CHINCHAR, CNN METEOROLOGIST: Yes. Yes. So that could end up turning into the acid rain especially as close as he is. So he may have to be careful of that in his proximity, to where he is. But not just him all those people around that could be very easily turn into some acid rain.

So just for reference point, for those who unaware of where he is, Scott is located in the east rift zone. The main concerns there are going to be those fissures as well as the lava flows but we also have the other concern and that's going to be actually at the summit. Now the main concern at the summit is actually going to be the ash. OK?

That explosive eruption that is basically imminent at this point. We are waiting to see exactly when that happens. Now when it does it's going to spew lava as well as ash high into the atmosphere, 20, 30, even 40,000 feet.

Not only does that cause breathing problems for people close by but it also could, in turn, cause some flight concerns. Now thankfully we have had no flight cancellations due to ash so far but all of the airports around the area have said, we are closely monitoring it. And here is the reason why. As that ash goes inside of those engines, it melts but you have air flow coming into it too. So then it quickly cools. The problem is then it sticks to the inside of that engine and it disrupts a lot of the air flow that is there.

So that is a big concern. Now in addition to that, a lot of people keep saying, what do I do about travel? If have any travel plans to this island am I going to be safe? OK?

Here is the thing you have to understand. From where this is located both the summit and the east rift zones are on the eastern half of the island. So, yes, if you have some travel plans expected to be say around Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you may have to alter those because a lot of areas of that are close.

However, the other side of the island is 70 miles away. The western half of the island is not being impacted by this volcano not to mention, you have Maui, Oahu, Kauai, some 200 even 300 miles away, Victor and Christi. So the good news is at least at this point there is no need to cancel your plans but you may need to keep a very close eye on flight cancellations if that eruption happens and send that ash very high into the atmosphere.

PAUL: All right. Allison Chinchar, thank you so much for explaining there.


PAUL: Well, this morning Texas governor, Greg Abbott, is attending a church service in Santa Fe, Texas where eight students and two teachers were killed in that deadly school shooting. There are five -- what you're seeing here are five of the 10 victims.

BLACKWELL: And we are getting some new information about how students sheltered in closets next to the dead bodies of their classmates as a teenager shot at them and taunted them from outside.

CNN correspondent Nick Valencia is joining us live now from Santa Fe, Texas.

Nick, we have spoken about school shootings, plural, about the number that happened this year and the number of people killed but each person has a family. They have parents. They have siblings.


BLACKWELL: We have to look at this in some micro scale here and you spoke with the mother of one girl who was killed here. What did she say?

VALENCIA: I did. And those are all great points, Victor.

Sadie Baze is one of the -- the mother of one of the victims. The 10 people that were massacred here at Santa Fe high school on Friday morning. And Sadie Baze says that for the last four months the alleged gunman was harassing her daughter Shana Fisher so much so that she felt that she was being bullying. She finally last week had enough, standing up in the middle of the class rejecting this alleged gunman, embarrassing him in front of his classmates.

And it's for that reason that Sadie Baze says she believes that her daughter was targeted and she told me that one of the shotgun shells was meant for her.


SADIE BAZE, DAUGHTER SHANA FISHER KILLED IN SHOOTING: My daughter was going up to my mother, telling my mom for the past four months and my brother that he had been making advances on her and that she finally stood up to him because her younger sister was being bullied in school and she was showing her, look, this is what you do. You got to stand up to him and let him know, no, it's not right.

And this is the outcome. You know? I don't -- I don't know what else to say.


VALENCIA: Sadie Baze was still in shock. You can tell there. We let her go shortly after asking her that question.

But she tell me that she still expects her, young girl, her 16-year- old daughter to walk through the front door of her house. She knows that is never happening again and that's something she is struggling with.


And just a quick update on the investigation, guys. We know, according to a source close to the investigation, that this gunman acted alone. Initially, there were two people taken into custody as well additionally -- addition to the gunman that they believe that were persons of interest. Those two people have since been cleared.

We also know that this was not months in the planning. It was actually, according to this source, probably about a few weeks. Victor and Christi?

BLACKWELL: All right. Nick Valencia there for us there in Santa Fe, Texas, thank you.

President Trump -- shifting to national politics here -- could be weeks away from the biggest meeting of his presidency though thus far this one with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Next, why he is calling, again, his own justice department over the Mueller probe saying that they infiltrated his campaign.

PAUL: Also, the day after their much-anticipated wedding what is next really for Prince Harry and his new bride, the duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle? We're going to take you live to Windsor for some of these details.


BLACKWELL: President Trump and South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, spoke for about 20 minutes on the phone last night. They are working closely to try to keep next month's U.S. summit with North Korea on track.

PAUL: Yes. At the same time let's talk about the domestic front. President Trump battling with his own justice department yet again over the Russia investigation and the 2016 election.

Joining us live, CNN White House reporter Sarah Westwood. What are you hearing from Washington this morning, Sarah?

SARAH WESTWOOD, CNN WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: Well, Christi, President Trump and South Korean President Moon are working to prevent their talks with the North Koreans from going off the rails amidst threats from Kim Jong-un this week over joint military exercises between the U.S. and South Korea and comments from National Security Adviser John Bolton. Now the June 12th summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump are still on but events this week added a layer of uncertainty to that meeting.

Meanwhile, President Trump is consumed with reports about the origins of the Russia investigation. He took to Twitter yesterday to vent his frustrations tweeting, "If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal. Only the release or review of documents of the House Intelligence Committee also Senate Judiciary is asking for can give the conclusive answers. Drain the swamp!"

Now, Christi, the DOJ is warning that the release of this alleged informant's identity could not only threaten the life of this source but also threaten the FBI's ability to recruit future informants. But President Trump and his allies are pressing ahead any way to get the DOJ to release information about a person who allegedly funneled information about Russia's contacts to the Trump campaign to the DOJ -- Christi.

PAUL: All right. Sarah Westwood, thank you for breaking it all down for us.

WESTWOOD: Thank you.

BLACKWELL: OK. Important question here. Could the Russia probe now be expanding beyond just Russia? There are new reports of other countries allegedly hoping to influence the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump.

PAUL: You are talking about a story from "The New York Times." According to them, Donald Trump Jr. met in August of 2016 with a man who claimed to represent two Arab princes. An Israeli social media expert was also there.

Now a lawyer for Trump Jr. tells CNN, nothing came from the Trump Tower meeting. The second Trump Tower meeting we're learning about. But according to one of the reporters who broke the story the relationship didn't end after the election.


DAVID KIRKPATRICK, INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT, THE NEW YORK TIMES: After Trump is elected, George Nader, working as an adviser for the UAE, pays Mr. Zamel, the Israeli social media manipulator a lot of money. Maybe $2 million according to some reports and some of that money goes to provide a presentation showing what a big help to the campaign social media was.

So if that campaign -- if that presentation was delivered to the Trump campaign as it seems, then here is an offer to help for the campaign and here is a wrap-up afterwards saying, look all of the help we did.


BLACKWELL: All right. Joining us now is Julian Zelizer, CNN political analyst and historian and professor at Princeton University. Julian, welcome back.


BLACKWELL: We got a few things to hit but, first, I want to talk about this reported meeting with Don Jr. I guess it's Trump Tower meeting two here. The significance of this meeting but, specifically, with these men.

ZELIZER: Well, once again, it suggests that there were other countries potentially trying to influence the election and representatives holding meetings with Donald Trump Jr., so it expands the scope of the inquiry. And as we just heard, here, there is follow-through.

We don't know what happened in the middle. We don't know if there was assistance provided but this is enough to keep someone like Robert Mueller going.

BLACKWELL: We do know that George Nader has been cooperating with this investigation, so, potentially, again, he is several months ahead of the reporting we are seeing here.

Let's move on to something we saw from this joint statement released with China and the U.S., White House releasing this statement on Saturday about trade talks saying that, China will significantly increase purchases of United States goods and services.


And noticeably absent from this announcement, this statement, any numbers. The U.S. has got into these talks hoping to reduce the trade deficit by $200 billion, that number not coming out of the back end of these talks. Without specifics what ground has been gained here?

ZELIZER: Well, it's still a positive development in that we are moving away from a trade war and that is what the administration was hoping to do. It seems that China is preparing to make some concessions as the United States did last week. And we are moving towards some kind of deal, which is what the president is hoping for. Not just to avoid a trade war, but to set up the summit with North Korea where China will be a key player.

So here we have the kind of chaos and the bluster from Trump apparently leading to some positive results.

BLACKWELL: So let's talk now about North Korea. And just a few days ago, Vice President Mike Pence boasted that the U.S. had made no concessions in these talks with North Korea thus far but North Korea called off those talks with South Korea unless and until the U.S. and South Korean air combat training drills were called off.

Now the North Korean Red Cross Society is calling for 12 defectors who are in South Korea who actually went through China to be returned at once. Moon really wants to continue to work with North Korea. We know how the president feels about the potential for some ground to be gained here.

Is it possible that there some concessions could be made, specifically on these air combat drills?

ZELIZER: It would have been inconceivable a year ago when President Trump was using his tough talk to suggest there would be absolutely no concessions on anything. But we are in a different place. President Trump badly wants this negotiation to work.

I think the administration believes any kind of deal with North Korea, which will entail South Korea supporting it, would be a massive political breakthrough. Not just a diplomatic breakthrough for the president.

So it's possible to see concessions. It's also possible to see this falling apart. You're dealing with two leaders in North Korea and the United States who are willing to walk away from the table and who are willing to make big demands even if those risk everything falling apart.

So this is a very delicate series of diplomatic moves we are going to be watching.

BLACKWELL: All right. We will continue to watch. Julian Zelizer, thanks so much.

ZELIZER: Thank you.

PAUL: Well, Harry and Meghan are beginning married life this morning. The honeymoon we have found out is going to wait because the newly titled duke and duchess of Sussex have something else on their plate. We will tell you what we learned.

BLACKWELL: Plus, the A list celebrities mingled with public at the royal wedding and one young woman who was lucky enough to score an invitation will give us the scoop. She will be with us in just a moment.





BISHOP MICHAEL CURRY, DIRECTOR, EPISCOPAL CHURCH, CHICAGO: We'll to sit down. We got to get you all married.



PRINCE HARRY: I, Harry, take you Meghan.


PRINCE HARRY: Meghan, I give you this ring.

UNIDENTIFIED PRIEST: I therefore proclaim that they are husband and wife.



PAUL: All right. Welcome back. That was a beautiful little wrap up there.

BLACKWELL: It was nice.

PAUL: I'm Christi Paul.

BLACKWELL: I'm Victor Blackwell.

PAUL: So what we didn't see there yet were the fireworks that lit up the sky over Windsor last night. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle partying late into the evening we are told with friends and family.

BLACKWELL: The newlyweds set off for their reception which was hosted by his father Prince Charles in this vintage Jaguar. This was a very nice touch here.


BLACKWELL: CNN's Max Foster joins us now from Windsor. Max, the I dos are over. Please just -- the car, the drive-off there in that vintage '68 jaguar is just beautiful.

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: It was. James Bond, don't you think? A bit of that.

Stella McCartney as well who dressed most of the guests at the wedding it seems. There's a great story about Stella McCartney and Oprah.

Oprah apparently turned up the day before the wedding, had a white outfit. She looked at it on camera and felt it was the wrong color so she rang Stella McCartney who made her a new outfit overnight just before the wedding. So I think she ended up in pink as opposed to white. So Stella McCartney a big part of this wedding.


Also, you know, what is interesting here is everything has a message in it if you look at all of the elements of this wedding. We will find out more and more over time. But that car that they drove-off to the reception in was electric.

These are two great conservationists here and so many elements of the wedding speak to things they care about and what they want to find them really with their royal careers going forward. Even the honeymoon. They are delaying their honeymoon so they can go to a public engagement on Tuesday recognizing Prince Charles' charitable interests.

PAUL: So, Max, I wanted to ask you, we know that there was a blue ring that was given to Meghan. I believe it's the same blue ring that we saw Princess Diana wearing as well. And I listened to a lot of the commentators talking about how they believe that Londoners are embracing her as the new people's princess.

With that said, is there any sense that the royal family is going to be doing anything differently with Meghan than they did in the past, security wise and what not as they did with Diana?

FOSTER: Well, I think what they learned about Diana was you can try and control someone and tell them what to do, but, ultimately, it doesn't pay. And if the British monarchy had a crisis in the last century, it was after Diana died, I'm separating Wallis Simpson here, of course. After Diana died actually the public rallied behind Diana, not the British monarchy and it took years and years, probably not until Kate and William's wedding for the monarchy's popularity ratings to bounce back.

What they learned there was you can't control a high profile member like they tried to do with Diana. So what they have done with this wedding is give Harry and Meghan a completely free range to do exactly what you wanted which is why you saw so many of Meghan's elements really reflected in the service. She is asserting herself and she has been allowed to do that.

PAUL: All right. Max Foster, very good point. Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Some 1,200 members of the public we should point out were given the opportunity to experience the royal wedding in person. Our next guests were among them. Lisa Newton and her 12-year-old daughter Amelia Thompson are with us now.

I want to point out Amelia is a survivor of the Manchester bombing that took place just over a year ago. We are so grateful to see both of you. Please, Amelia, first and foremost, tell us about what stuck with you most yesterday.

AMELIA THOMPSON, MANCHESTER BOMBING SURVIVOR WHO ATTENDED THE ROYAL WEDDING: Obviously, getting a picture with David Beckham and seeing the royals (INAUDIBLE) the horse and carriage.

PAUL: And the horse and carriage. How are you doing?

I understand, Amelia, that you -- I mean, you had some injuries. You had some real serious injuries to your vocal chords. You've been through some therapy for that.

How are you doing now a year later?

LISA NEWTON, ATTENDED ROYAL WEDDING WITH DAUGHTER WHO IS A MANCHESTER BOMBING SURVIVOR: She still has counseling -- we have family counseling together. She has had a couple of panic when we have been out around the crowd. It's just an amazing atmosphere down in Windsor and there's so many people from everywhere. The atmosphere is electric but (INAUDIBLE) a little bit panicky around crowds.

So we just take each day as it comes, try to keep (ph) it all positive.

PAUL: I know that you have some souvenirs from the wedding as well?



PAUL: They have been giving out goody bags at the wedding. So do you have it with you? What was in it?

NEWTON : So this is the goody bag.

THOMPSON: There was some chocolates, a magnet, a shortbread, (INAUDIBLE).

NEWTON: And water.

THOMPSON: And then afterwards, they were giving out flowers so we got some flowers too (ph) (INAUDIBLE).


NEWTON: -- from (ph) the (ph) chapel (ph). This is the (ph) (INAUDIBLE).

PAUL: Oh, my goodness. So, mom, you went to the wedding with her as well. What was your takeaway? Was there any moment that struck you in particular?

NEWTON: It was just really strange being to sat there at a royal wedding. It's really hard to explain. We were just -- people having champagne and it was like really amazing. When the ceremony was on you could see -- you could hear a pin drop and seeing Meghan go back -- we were back next (INAUDIBLE). We got some amazing photos on the camera going past the bridesmaids and then coming back in their carriage.

They was really slow and everybody got to socialize (ph), (INAUDIBLE) congratulations (ph) then get really good pictures of them. So just the whole day it was just -- it's a little bit overwhelming.

PAUL: Real quickly. Last word. Amelia, anything you would want to say to Harry or Meghan?


NEWTON: Congratulations. Yes.

THOMPSON: Yes, yes. Congratulations (ph).

NEWTON: Thank you for inviting everybody. You know, a lot of the members of the public --just pulling everybody together. We've met some amazing people from around America just being -- coming up to (ph) me (ph) and (ph) (INAUDIBLE) there and we can't thank everybody enough and everybody at CNN who (INAUDIBLE).

They've been fantastic. So thank you.

PAUL: Oh, my goodness. Absolutely. We are so glad that you're OK and what a special moment you had there with your mother. Thank you.

Amelia Thompson and Lisa Newton, we appreciate you both being here.

NEWTON: OK. Thank you.

THOMPSON: Thank you.

PAUL: Absolutely. Take good care. We are back in a moment.


BLACKWELL: The governor of Texas will attend a church service this morning in Santa Fe, Texas, where eight students and two teachers were killed in a shooting Friday afternoon.

The alleged gunman, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, opened fire on Santa Fe high school using a shotgun and a resolver.


He is being currently held without bond and has not entered a plea. Now this is, of course, the latest in a string of deadly school shootings this year and according to "The Washington Post" here are the numbers. There has been a sharp rise in the number of deaths in school shootings in recent years.

Now the alleged gunman's choice of weapons complicates the debate over gun control in this country and what to do about school shootings, mass shootings. Democrats and gun control advocates are pushing a ban on the sale of assault rifles, semi-automatic style rifles. But the attack on Santa Fe high school was said was not carried out by one of those weapons.

Let's go now to our two guests here. We've got Maria Cardona and Jack Kingston.

Welcome back to both of you.



BLACKWELL: Both CNN political commentators.

So, Maria, let me come first to you. Not a semi-automatic weapon.

Let me read off here. Didn't use a bump stock, no history of mental health treatment, no criminal record. This school just won an award for safety here. I'm mentioning this specifically because of the demands put by the Parkland shooting and many Democrats.

Was there some legislative fix that could have prevented this?

CARDONA: Yes, I think that there could be, Victor. And I actually don't think that this tragic horrible incident complicates the gun debate. I actually think it expands it.

It still continues to be true that if you ban assault style weapons, you can reduce the amount of deaths of these massacres. It still remains the case from history that assault style weapons like the one that was used in Parkland, for example, are the weapons of choice of those shooters who want to be able to commit as many deaths as possible and as much harm as possible.

But here --

BLACKWELL: What is the legislative fix that could have prevented this one?

CARDONA: Sure. So in this debate, I think that we need to expand it to look for example for liability for those owners who do have guns. Apparently, this student's father had guns available in his home and, yes, he attained them legally, but, clearly, his son had access to them in some way, shape, or form.

So, I think ,we need to look at what is the liability of adults in a household where there are minors who should not have access to guns by law but, yet, they remain accessible. I think that is something certainly that we need to take a look at --

BLACKWELL: All right.

CARDONA: -- and could have done something in this case to prevent this tragedy.


KINGSTON: Victor, let me say that I think Maria has a point. Put that on the table for discussion.

But let me also say this in the wake of this horrible tragedy in which we just -- we not only mourn for Texas but for the entire nation, the school kids across the country. But rather than go to usual camps where the left want to say it's about the guns and the right say, oh, there is a flaw in the system, law enforcement did not do what they were supposed to do, we should look at the psychology of this.

The American Psychological Association has studied this extensively. In fact, some of their findings have been used by the Capitol Hill police which I used to have jurisdiction over as a chairman of a committee, but one of the things they say is, you know, focus right now on school safety, what can you do about school safety? The left and the right can come together on that.

The second thing is what to do about the behavioral threat assessment of these individuals because it's interesting that in these cases, the American Psychological Association and the Secret Service, have found that, number one, these things are planned. Number two, in the planning process, the perpetrator often tells his peers and on an average, three different adults.

And then -- then there are also despondent. There are some flags about their behavior that we missed and by doing community based threat assessment we could learn a lot that I think the left and the right could agree on and they would also be very effective in terms of prevention.

BLACKWELL: Yes. You point out some of the flags potentially missed. There were no huge red flags but there were mentions of a t-shirt that said "born to kill" and in hindsight obviously you can read that as something that might have suggested something coming but not always, of course.

You mentioned school safety. And I want to play for you something that the Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said about this school and others. Watch.


LT. GOV. DAN PATRICK (R), TEXAS: There aren't enough people to put a guard in every entrance and exit. Had there been one single entrance possibly for every student, maybe he would have been stopped.


BLACKWELL: Jack, the inverse of arming all of the entrances, cutting the number of entrances? I mean, the argument here is that there are too many doors?

KINGSTON: You know, it's horrible because I've played this over and over in my head, you know, going through it.


What would you do? Because it's interesting that last week at Dixon High School in Illinois, an officer named Mark Dallas actually prevented a school shooting because he was an armed guard in the right place at the right time, but as the lieutenant governor said, you just can't have that. It's not practical.

So do we want the schools to become, like, TSA airport type entrances and exits? I don't know that we can. I don't know that it's practical.

But I do think, you know, getting back to behavioral threat assessment where you have not just teachers, but everybody kind of in the food chain around these children who can recognize some of these symptoms and according to the American Psychological Association, it may come out that this perpetrator actually did give more hints than that one t-shirt. He probably told some of his fellow students but, you know, how teenagers are. They say things you don't know if they mean it or not and that is why it's so hard.

There is not one profile you can say, ha, this is the guy that is going to be the next murderer.

CARDONA: You know, Victor --

BLACKWELL: Go ahead, Maria.

CARDONA: Victor, I think what Jack is saying, all of the points that he is making actually underscores my point. And I'm glad you said that additional legislation should be put on the table because that certainly is not something that the NRA supports, we know that.

But that all of these shootings and let's remember that this school shooting this year takes the fatalities from school shootings -- this year to be that of more than what our service members in the military. Let's think about that.

For this year it is now more dangerous to send your kids to school than to send them to the military. That is a disgusting statistic that American should not be facing and, yet, we are.

And Jack talks about the psychology behind all of these issues as well. We should look at the psychology behind our gun culture. Why are we so obsessed with having as many guns as possible?

There is absolute correlation between the amount of guns that this country makes accessible to its citizens versus the amount of shootings and gun deaths as compared to other countries that do not have this obsessive gun culture. And a group like the NRA that is absolutely against anything having to do with any kind of gun safety, and the amount of gun deaths in those countries.

We have to take a hard look at that and I know that there are people on both sides that don't want to, but at the end of the day, that is a real correlation that we need to wake up to. BLACKWELL: Yes. Just as, you know, the NRA, I'm sure, would push back and say there is a difference between pushing back against gun control and gun safety. One point I wanted to put in there.

CARDONA: Not really.

BLACKWELL: It's an interesting element we are seeing and I have to wrap up here.


BLACKWELL: I got to wrap up here. They do as well, Jack.

But what Nick Valencia is reporting from Santa Fe there is that the community is not looking for a legislative fix after this. They are looking at focusing on inclusion for students to seeing if that could help in some way, a departure from what we are seeing from other communities after these shootings but Nick Valencia has still continued to report on what's happening in that community after the shooting on Friday.

Jack Kingston, Maria Cardona, thank you both.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick sits down with Jake Tapper on "STATE OF THE UNION" this morning to talk about the Santa Fe school shooting. Senator Mark Warner is also on the show. That is today at 9:00 Eastern right here on CNN.

PAUL: And, listen, right now there are escalating fears in Hawaii because streams of lava are shooting into the air.

These are live pictures for you of what is happening there right now and there is real concern over health conditions as we have also learned lava has crossed over a significant highway there. We're going to take you to the Big Island just ahead.

And the president welcoming the first lady home on social media. There was an initial typo. There's a lot of people in the Twitter verse going, who is Melanie?



BLACKWELL: You know, I don't have a wife but I hear the calling of the wrong name is a bad thing.


PAUL: You would be smart to say that.

BLACKWELL: The president initially welcomed Melanie home from the hospital on Saturday.

PAUL: He realized this error, as I understand it, within a few minutes -- BLACKWELL: Yes.

PAUL: -- deleted the tweet, spelled it correctly the second time around and Melania Trump, of course, had been in the hospital for a kidney embolization procedure. We're glad that she is OK first and foremost.

Brian Stelter has been watching this because, oh, the Twitter verse went crazy with this, Brian.

BLACKWELL: Yes. It went in.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN SENIOR MEDIA CORRESPONDENT: Yes, yes, indeed. And let's also address the reality. We are only interested in the president's typos because they are a part of a pattern. You know, this one was funny or embarrassing or whatever because it involved the first lady.

But for the last, you know, 16, 17 months, the president's Twitter account has had all sorts of typos, misspellings, errors, things like that and it does have people talking not just English teachers but a lot of people talking about why misspellings or sloppiness matters. He has misspelled counsel, and weather, marine corps, unprecedented -- lots of different words.

And the White House obviously is not a spelling bee competition. The president is not a spelling bee champion. That's not why he elected.

But if you can't get the smaller stuff right you got to wonder about the big stuff as well. I think that's why this pattern of sloppiness and misspellings and typos matters from Trump and from the White House because it's not just the president's Twitter feed it also happens on White House announcements, on press releases, on official statements. Sometimes these have big, big meanings when you say Iran had versus Iran has nuclear weapons and those sort of issues have been problematic. I think the bottom line, guys, everybody needs an editor.


Even the president's Twitter feed.

PAUL: Good point.


PAUL: Good point, Brian.

BLACKWELL: All right. Brian Stelter, thanks so much.

STELTER: Thanks.

PAUL: Thank you, sir.

BLACKWELL: And of course there is more from Stelter later. Tune in to "RELIABLE SOURCES" at 11:00 a.m. Eastern right here on CNN. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


MCLEAN (voice-over): It's hell on earth from this molten sparkler, popping, groaning and sometimes violently exploding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It shows me the power of God. The power of our earth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This lava bomb came and hit right here.


MCLEAN: Some of these fissures they are starting to now become interconnected and spread out in many directions across the southeastern sections of the Big Island.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This might all disappear.