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Officials Warns of Trace Ashfall for Communities Near Kilauea; Archeologists Uncover Remains of a Man Crushed Running from Lava in Pompeii; A Strawberry of a Different Color

Aired May 31, 2018 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi. I`m Carl Azuz.

Penultimate is a dramatic sounding word. This is our penultimate show y`all. But it just means next to last and though we`ll be kicking off a

new season on August 13th, this is the penultimate production of the current one.

First today on CNN 10, a special weather statement for part of Hawaii. It`s not rain. It`s not storms. It`s ashfall from the erupting Kilauea

volcano that`s likely in the southern part of Hawaii`s big island.

A couple of reasons for this. One, the volcano continues to erupt, spewing ash into the air. Two, trade winds are blowing from the northeast, pushing

that ash south.

The National Weather Service says the air will get more dusty and that residents, especially people with respiratory problems should do what they

can to minimize their exposure.

Ash can irritate the skin and eyes. And this is just the latest problem that people have had to deal with, since Kilauea started erupting on May


Miles east of the volcano itself, fast-moving magma spilled over a major highway Tuesday night, increasing fears that some people could become trap

without an escape route if they don`t evacuate. Two shelters and a church had been opened in the area where people and their pets can take refuge and

hundreds of residents have. The danger from this eruption has drifted across the Pacific.

Volcanic haze, which can also cause respiratory problems, has reached the U.S. territory of Guam. That`s 4,000 miles away from Hawaii`s Kilauea

Volcano, and the sea itself around the big island is feeling the effects of this eruption.


SCOTT MCLEAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: From this vantage point, you can just see how much lava Kilauea has pumped out toward the coastline. All of this

black rock that you see along the coastline, this is all brand new, just within the last couple of weeks since Kilauea started erupting once again.

And you see from this glow here of the lava, this is actually the area where it`s entering the ocean.

Now, geologists say that it`s actually slowed down over the past couple of days. But just seeing what is going into the ocean is absolutely

spectacular to see. Now, this white plume here, that`s something called lava haze or laze, and it is actually potentially a deadly mixture of

hydrochloric acid, tiny bits of glass particles, and, of course, the steam that you get as the lava actually hits the ocean.

As you can imagine, there are restrictions here on how close boats can actually get to this because of the dangers associated with this laze.

Also notice which direction that it`s going in. That is not normal. Usually, it goes along the coast, down toward the southwest with the trade

winds. Right now, it`s going back on to land.

This is a potential problem for air quality in those population centers where people actually live. It also means that the fissures that are

giving off the sulfur dioxide, they`re also pushing into back onto land again into some of these towns and villages where people live.

The real story, though, is beyond where we can see from here in the Leilani Estates neighborhood and the areas around there where new fissures or old

fissures have reactivated, sending new lava down parts of streets that have not seen it so far. There have been more than 80 structures destroyed

already, about half of those are homes. And the people here simply do not know when Kilauea will finally stop erupting.



AZUZ (voice-over): Ten-second trivia:

What is the only active volcano on the European mainland?

Mount Etna, Mount Merapi, Mount Elbrus, or Mount Vesuvius?

This one is a little tricky. Mount Etna is active but it`s on the island of Sicily, making Vesuvius the only active volcano on mainland Europe.



SUBTITLE: Archaeologists have uncovered the skeleton of a decapitated man in Pompeii.

The ancient Roman city was wiped out during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The skeleton indicates the man was over 30 years old.

Archeologists believe he survived the first stage of the volcanic eruption, but his upper body was crushed by a large stone block.

Experts also believe the man may have had trouble walking due to a bone infection, impeding his escape.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (translated): This is a very dramatic testimony of the eruption. There are branches, bush, pieces of collapsed buildings, all

together with the pyroclastic flow.


AZUZ: Got a "Great Big Story" for you today that`s related to a fruit craze in Japan. There`s a luxury fruit market there and people are paying

hundreds -- in some cases, thousands of dollars -- for specialized strawberries, matchless lemons and gigantic grapes.

Some of these fruits have become status symbols. Some are used for religious offerings. And one of these foods describe as the crown jewel of

the luxury fruit basket is a strawberry that`s breed to be bigger, sweeter and significantly more expensive than it`s red relative.


YASUHITO TESHIMA (translated): Everyone is surprised when they see a white strawberry.

People will say, "These can`t be ripe yet, right?"

The strawberries are white with red seeds.

I`m Yasuhito Teshima, I grow white strawberries.

SUBTITLE: A Strawberry of a Different Color.

TESHIMA: I`m selling a type of strawberry called, "White Jewel".

One pack costs about $40.

There are various types of white strawberries on the market here, but the White Jewel is extraordinarily white and big. It`s an entirely unique


At the moment, I`m the only person in the world growing the.

Growing these is very difficult. I can`t produce them in large quantities, like I can normal strawberries.

And the whiter I grow these strawberries, the more obvious scratches and imperfections become.

Ultimately, the amount of actual sellable strawberries comes down to about only one-tenth of the production.

That`s why they are so expensive.

In its color, shape and size, the White Jewel is a totally well-balanced strawberry.

It`s also extremely delicious.

The flavor is something deep, something that doesn`t have a huge impact, but it does give you a slightly mysterious feeling and finally, you

understand it and it really, really tasty.

I`ve been growing White Jewel strawberries for about four years now.

In growing white strawberries, I feel so happy because I can feel the taste, the aroma, see their shapes form in ways I never expected.

My ultimate goal is for people to tell me that my strawberries taste like a different fruit. That mine are sweeter, more delicious; that there is no

doubt at all that my strawberry is great.

Until then, I will keep trying.


AZUZ: It`s a good thing for the people who shot today`s `10 Out of 10" video that mayflies don`t bite or sting, because the insects pretty much

took over a gas station in Louisiana recently.

Still, the folks who caught this on camera decided to take their chances on finding another station. Can`t really blame `em.

Swarms like this aren`t totally unheard of. Mayflies come out of rivers or streams where they develop to mate. But once that`s over with, they died.

So, while they don`t threaten people with pain, their bodies can cover window sills and streets and gas stations, creating stinky, slippery

hazards for people passing by.

Of course, people can hope the mayflies will chance direction on the wing, or just buzz off because they can surely bug you. But the mayflies made

the flight, which may fly in May, may fly in the face of those who may plan a way to try to make them fly away. Maybe they may, maybe they may not.

It may not always fly, guess that`s just a mayfly in the ointment.

I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. One show to go, and that`s tomorrow.