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Sources: Multiple Injuries and Fatalities in Capital Gazette Shooting. Aired 4:30-5p ET

Aired June 28, 2018 - 16:30   ET


[16:30:00] EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: At this point, again, they believe the shooter in custody, who is now isolated there was using -- used a shotgun to carry out this shooting again, early in the investigation. We don't know if that is exactly the weapon. That is what they believe is the case.

And so, now the work begins for the investigators to figure out where he got it, how long has he been plotting this shooting? I'm not sure if we're about to hear from the lieutenant there, who's the public information officer for the Anne Arundel County Police Department but, you know, there's a lot of details now they're beginning their investigative work to try to figure out what exactly was the motive here? What happened today? Why today? And why this place?

We don't know if this person, this shooter had any connection to this newsroom, to this newspaper. At this point, these are all questions that we have that the police hopefully will be able to answer in a little while when they do a briefing.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: We are expecting a briefing any minute now.

I want to bring in Susan O'Brien, she's a communications officer for the city of Annapolis.

Susan, thanks for joining us. I'm so sorry it's under these circumstances. What can you tell us about how the city of Annapolis is responding to this situation?

SUSAN O'BRIEN, COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER, CITY OF ANNAPOLIS (via telephone): It's important that the city of Annapolis is supporting Anne Arundel County in this investigation, in this tragedy today. The headline is that it's in Annapolis outside the city limits, but the mayor of Annapolis, Gavin Buckley, is on the scene with the Governor Larry Hogan and county executives too.

This is a newspaper we deal with every day in the city of Annapolis. It's actually the oldest newspaper in the country and our hearts and thoughts are with the families.

TAPPER: And you said that the mayor of Annapolis is on location with the governor. Are they expecting to brief reporters? Are they just gathering information?

O'BRIEN: They are. Yes, they're going to be briefing reporters soon. They'll be together and having a media briefing I think shortly. TAPPER: Do you know anything? Is there anything you can tell us

about the number of casualties in this event? We have heard that from law enforcement sources that there were fatalities. Is there anything that you can tell us?

O'BRIEN: I can't confirm any numbers. I can confirm that I have heard from several reporters that I deal with that they are OK. There were a few on vacations. So that's good news. But I can't confirm any numbers for you.

TAPPER: All right. Thank you so much, Susan O'Brien, and our thoughts are with the people of Annapolis City and Annapolis County today, especially those in the office building 888 Bestgate Road, and at the "Capital Gazette".

I want to bring back CNN's Josh Campbell, a former FBI supervisory special agent.

And, Josh, in a moment like this, law enforcement officials in other cities, other counties, other states, usually try to make sure that they are prepared in case there are any copycat type events. What can you tell us?

JOSH CAMPBELL, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: That's right. Officials in Annapolis will be focused locally on that incident, but as you mentioned, across the country, law enforcement officers will be looking at this incident. I just talked to law enforcement source who tells me that the NYPD New York City Police Department is sending resources to media outlets in and around New York City, both as a precaution for -- to -- against any copycats, but also to allay any fears and concerns for the public.

They see that police presence. They know that, OK, police officers are out there, you know, protecting them. But the copycat angle is important, because again, you know, there are a lot of deranged people out there that will look at an incident like this, and look and say, OK, maybe this is something I can get attention on. It's something law enforcement officers around the country will be focused on.

TAPPER: All right. Thank you, Josh.

I want to bring in CNN's Brian Todd who joins us now live from Annapolis.

Brian, what are you learning?

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Jake, I can show you the scene here. Let's set the scene a little bit. We're on Bestgate Road here in Annapolis, massive police presence behind me. Our photojournalist Harlan Smith is going to pan in there and just show you some of the police presence. There are dozens of police vehicles here. A large police presence over there to my right, your left.

What we can tell you according to law enforcement sources, multiple people shot, several injured, possibly multiple fatalities, although the fatalities are unclear right now. According to one law enforcement source, the shooter perpetrated the shooting inside the newsroom. We have seen tweets of a reporter of "Capital Gazette" named Phil Davis who said that the shooter shot through the glass do get into the newsroom and then shot multiple people in the newsroom while others hid under the desk and cowered. He described it as terrifying.

Harlan is panning around, near where we are, showing emergency vehicles over here. We can get possibly a slight view of the complex here. I'm not sure if we can. It's behind these trees to my left, to your right, Jake.

That is the building complex where the shooting took place. I just spoke with a law enforcement officer who said that that is not the actual building but it's the same complex. Police just said a short time ago that they are evacuating the building, they are searching the building, making sure that there are no bombs in there, or anything like that.

[16:35:03] Also making sure the scene is safe. They're telling people to avoid this area. They're also telling people if they need to reunite with loved ones to try to find out where they are, they can meet them at the Lord & Taylor in the Annapolis Westgate Mall, which is just over here to my right. That's going to be a staging area for people to try to connect with loved ones and colleagues, Jake.

TAPPER: And, Brian, we are told that there's going to be a briefing in the next minute or two. We have been told by the spokesperson for the city of Annapolis that the mayor of Annapolis, the governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, and law enforcement will brief at that meeting.

We hear helicopters behind you. Are those news helicopters? Are those law enforcement helicopters?

TODD: Seem to be both what we're seeing, Jake. I see what I believe is a law enforcement helicopter. We've also seen news helicopters.

There are officials walking toward the staging area now. I don't recognize the governor but he maybe among them. We may be able to bring you that news conference very shortly as we can see officials walking toward a staging area here and conferring with law enforcement. They may be giving us a two-minute warning or something coming up.

Here comes the police spokesperson for the Anne Arundel police, Ryan Frashure. We're going to see what he has to say here. Well, he may be just getting ready to give us some information. Stand by.

TAPPER: All right. Well, we're expecting, there's the Governor Larry Hogan in the blue blazer. There's the Lieutenant Ryan Frashure about to speak right now. He's the spokesperson for the Anne Arundel County Police. Let's listen in.

LT. RYAN FRASHURE, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY POLICE: Good afternoon. My name is Lieutenant Ryan Frashure. We're from the county police department, Anne Arundel County Police Department. We have a brief update for you guys. Just do give some details. Please bear with us. We can't answer a lot of questions. This is still a very active and ongoing investigation.

We are still trying to make sure that everyone is safe, reunite people with their families. And then once the building is secure, we have a crime scene obviously. So, we anticipate this being a very long investigation and very detailed investigation by our detectives.

So, I'd like to introduce first our county executive, Anne Arundel County Executive Steven R. Schuh to answer questions and give you guys some updates. But again, we're going to limit questions at this time just for investigative purposes because we still have a lot of work to do. Thank you.

Mr. Schuh?

STEVEN R. SCHUH, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY EXECUTIVE: Thank you, officer. I'm county executive Steve Shoe of Anne Arundel County. We have had a terrible shooting incident here this afternoon.

There are several people who have died from this incident, and several others are injured. Those who are injured have been transported for medical care to Anne Arundel Medical Center and Johns Hopkins Shock Trauma. Those fatalities are so sad and I don't know what to say except our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and we take comfort knowing they're in god's embrace.

The shooter is in custody and being interrogated at this time.

I want to commend the public safety professionals who were very quick to the scene here within about 60 seconds and we've had a tremendous response not only from Anne Arundel County Police and Fire, Annapolis City Police and Fire, but also state police, Howard County, Prince Georges, several federal agencies including FBI and ATF.

I want to thank all those agencies for their quick response and being our partners in this very unfortunate incident.

I Like to ask Governor Hogan to say a few words -- Governor.

GOV. LARRY HOGAN (R), MARYLAND: I want to say first of all our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, and I want to thank the law enforcement professionals who responded, our emergency response team was -- did an incredible job. They're still doing the job right now, but the fact that they responded within 60 seconds, I want do give serious praise to Anne Arundel County and the city of Annapolis for their response and we were here with the state agencies to back them up. We have federal agencies.

It's a tragic situation. We can't -- we don't have all the information yet and we can't give all the information yet, because it's an investigation but we have had several fatalities and several people that are in the hospital, and we'll just leave it to the professionals to continue their ongoing investigation. REPORTER: Lieutenant, I know you said it's early but can you talk

(INAUDIBLE) is it more than two? Can you tell us -- at least the kind of numbers you know of?

FRASHURE: I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce our acting chief, Bill Kramph, who answers some questions. But again, please, it'll be brief. We want to make sure the information is accurate. So, there's a lot of people involved here, so we want to make sure that information is accurate and we don't want to say anything to ruin the investigation.

[16:40:05] So, the suspect is interviewed by detectives. But again, I'll introduce our acting chief William Kramph.

BILL KRAMPH, ACTING CHIEF: Good afternoon. You can see this is a fluid scene. You can see that we have over ten plus allied agencies assisting with Anne Arundel County Police.

The investigation has just started, so as Ryan has said we're going to be quite a while determining what occurred, why it occurred and how it occurred. But as the governor mentioned, we were here quickly. We came in to the building very quickly. We received a call as an active shooter.

We do have fatalities and we do have serious injuries. We also have many, many witnesses that are being interviewed. And we have an area over by Lord & Taylor that the witnesses can reunite with their families. We are asking them to contact their families so that they come and assist them with getting home safely.

As Ryan mentioned before, our criminal investigation division has one person in custody. That person is at our criminal division down in Crownsville, and we will be speaking with that individual quite frequently and -- well, shortly, I should say. And get the information.

The building is secure from a tactical standpoint. That means that right now we believe that there are no other shooters in the building. But it is not -- it's not been cleared from an investigative standpoint.

So, once the QRT and the members of the SWAT team, the investigators will go in and then process putting the investigation together.


REPORTER: Did the shooter appear to be known to the police or to the "Capital Gazette" employees?

REPORTER: Anything to tell us about --

FRASHURE: Yes. Right now, we can't confirm exactly where the shooting occurred throughout that building. The "Capital Gazette" building is inside that building along with many other businesses and doctor's offices.

REPORTER: Do you have any numbers on casualties?

FRASHURE: Not at this point. Not at this time.

REPORTER: Where did you apprehend the suspect?

FRASHURE: The officers were on the scene very quickly, 60 seconds or a minute and a half. And they did engage the suspect and taken into custody. So, it occurred very quickly.

Just one second, that was -- again, just for everybody, that's the Acting Chief William Kramph, and I'd like to introduce the mayor of Annapolis City, the city of Annapolis, Mayor Gavin Buckley.

MAYOR GAVIN BUCKLEY, ANNAPOLIS CITY, MARYLAND: How are you doing? So the city sends its love and thoughts for all the families affected by this, this horrible event. I want to commend our first responders for getting on to the scene as quickly as they did, and if they were not there as quickly as they did, it could have been a lot worse.

So, I just have to say it was a great joint effort by everybody. This is what we train for. A week ago, we practiced an active shooter training thing. We didn't expect this to happen in our community, but we are ready, and I don't think we could have put more resources if you look at when's done here. It's a tremendous response.

REPORTER: Mayor, how many people have been killed?

BUCKLEY: We can't confirm that yet so I have to sort of leave that with the county on this. I'll hand it back to you.

FRASHURE: I'm sorry. Scott, you have a question?

REPORTER: Just concerned. Is it -- you can't give us a number how many people were killed or injured because you don't know or what's going on?

FRASHURE: No. At this point, while we're still, you know -- reuniting people with the -- while we're still reuniting people with families and we're interviewing this suspect, we don't want to put that information out right now. That information will come out very shortly.


REPORTER: -- the person acted alone? You only have one suspect? You're not looking for anyone else?

FRASHURE: Yes, at this point, he's the only suspect. We have one suspect and like to introduce the state's attorney, the Anne Arundel County state attorney, Mr. Wes Adams.


My office is on scene to assist with the fantastic response by our law enforcement officials. As everybody knows, this is an active investigation. We'll work with -- in conjunction with the detectives and police officers who are handling this scene to ensure we have everything collected correctly so we can then sift through and process the evidence as necessary.

Unfortunately, that's' the only comment that my office can make at this point, but we are on scene assisting with all other law enforcement agencies. Thank you.

REPORTER: Do you guys have any type of motive right now?

ADAMS: The investigation is active and ongoing. So, my office in particular, prosecutors, cannot comment on any way on the nature of the evidence.

REPORTER: What type of weapon was used?

ADAMS: Turn it back over to Lieutenant Frashure.

REPORTER: Lieutenant, what type of weapon was used?

FRASHURE: Yes, at this point, while we can't identify the weapon that was used, we anticipate having another briefing, very shortly to try to get that information out.

So, at this point with it being a very active investigation, we need to reconnect with our detectives that are interviewing the suspect, make sure we have the accurate information that we can give out to everybody. So, we anticipate another update here very shortly. So --


FRASHURE: Yes, at this point, we're still talking to the individual, we're engaging the individual, and we're trying to find out a motive. You know, all those things that come along with these investigations so it takes a long time. It takes a long time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Hogan, not so very long ago we gathered similarly in Southern Maryland. This happened again, a shooting like this. What are your thoughts? What's in -- what's in your heart this afternoon as the leader of our state to be dealing with this?

GOV. LARY HOGAN (R), MARYLAND: Well you know, the first thing, your heart goes out to all the people that lost their lives and all of their families and all the other people that are affected here. It's just a tragic situation. They're two entirely different situations but in both cases in Southern Maryland, we had a school resource officer that acted immediately and saved lives and here in 60-seconds we had the police response. So while the -- while the both situations are tragic our response to it has been incredible. And I want to praise the local officials who responded so well and perhaps saved other people's lives by getting there while the thing was taking place and apprehending the suspect and he's in custody. I know it's frustrating because it's not that they don't have information, they just can't share the information. I think we know about the number of fatalities, they know the weapon but with this thing still actively going on and it can hinder the investigation by releasing information too soon. So I believe that when they have the next briefing hopefully they'll be able to provide you with more information.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Hogan, do you think this has anything to do with the election?

HOGAN: No, I don't think it has anything to do with it.

FRASHURE: I don't have that information and I don't have that information but that'll be two things that I'll check on and make sure that we have that for the next briefing.


FRASHURE: We're still trying to determine the suspect. I'm sorry?


FRASHURE: That'll be another -- that'll be more information that I give out in our next briefing.


FRASHURE: I'm sorry?


FRASHURE: I can -- I cannot confirm what type of weapon was used in the shooting so again we have several questions that we know we need answers for the next briefing so we anticipate having a briefing within another hour and we'll make sure that we give that information then. At this time, that's all the information we have and we appreciate your cooperation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have one more -- we have one more bit of information and this is a last bit of information that will give to you until the next briefing. Anticipate another briefing very, very shortly but there are five fatalities that we know of, there are several other persons that are gravely injured. We will have more information for you in the next briefing. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, guys.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: Well we were just briefed from officials from Anne Arundel County standing outside the 888 Bestgate Road location of the Capitol Gazette shooting in Annapolis, Maryland. We were just told by the Acting Chief of Police William Krampf that there were five fatalities and several others gravely injured. It is still an active crime scene. The acting chief said that the QRT, that's the Quick Response Team and the SWAT team are still in the building and they are still searching to make sure that there were no other shooters. Shocking news, five individuals shot apparently in this newsroom. We were also told by law enforcement that police -- I'm not sure if it's -- I assume it's County Police were on the scene within a minute and a half of the shooting being called in. CNN's Brian Todd was at the press conference and joins us now live from Annapolis. And Brian five fatalities may not be hundreds and hundreds of fatalities but it is a shocking number of innocent people killed by this individual apparently all of them at the Capitol Gazette newsroom.

BRIAN TODD, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right Jake, and as we heard from tweets from a local reporter who was in that newsroom Phil Davis, he said that the shooter shot through glass to get in there and then shot at people in the newsroom. We were trying to confirm that with officials here. They wouldn't confirm it or they wouldn't address it. The crucial pieces of information is you just mentioned, five fatalities so far that we know of, multiple people wounded, and really a key piece of information here, Jake, is that the shooting seems to have been interrupted by police. Both the Mayor and police have said and along with Governor Hogan have said that police responded here within about 60 seconds. And the Mayor is saying if they had not responded as quickly as they did, this could have been a lot worse. So that's a key piece of information, Jake, that we just learned that the police got there, interrupted this shooting somehow and they would not confirm whether there had been an exchange of gunfire or not. That's some information that we hope to get a little bit later.

TAPPER: All right, Brian Todd on the scene for us in Annapolis, Maryland, thank you so much. I want to bring back CNN's Justice Correspondent Evan Perez. And Evan, the shooter we're told is in custody and it seems as though police although they haven't said this yet, they seem fairly confident that there's only one shooter. They haven't come out and said that 100 percent but they seem to be leaning very strongly in that direction saying at this point we believe only one suspect although they're not 100 percent. What else can you tell us about that? We were told he's being interrogated.

[16:50:15] EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Right. He there -- the police chief there or the spokesman for the police said that they were engaging with him. And I think one reason why you've heard a little frustration from the reporters they're trying to get information, but I think the reason why this was happening, why there's a little bit of lack of information from the police is that they're dealing with an individual who's not being cooperative right now.

TAPPER: He's not cooperating.

PEREZ: He's not cooperating at least initially to the investigators. They're trying to figure out even who he is. He wasn't carrying any identification so they are having to figure out who he is based other means. They have to check fingerprints. It's not clear whether or not he's been arrested before, whether there was any record of him in any other way that the police would have his fingerprints in the database. Perhaps that's the way they're going to try to figure out who he is. But at least initially, when investigators were talking to him, he was refusing to cooperate, refusing to provide any information. They have no idea whether or not he has any connection to this newsroom, to this building. There's -- it appears there's two newspapers there, the Capital and the Gazette so that's reason why it's called the Capital Gazette. So we don't know whether he has a relationship or any connection to either of the two little papers there that are based in that same newsroom, Jake, but at this point they're having some trouble just trying to even get to the -- to the first base there which is to try to figure out who he is, whether or not he has any connection to this newsroom or to something in this building that prompted him to go there today and opened fire on these people.

As far as the fatalities, we heard the Acting Chief there say that there were five fatalities. We're told that there are still additional injuries. Some of these range from simple trauma, people who were there and ran out. Obviously, this is an incredibly traumatic incident and so some of people are being treated for that. There are people who had injuries from the glass, the flying glass and perhaps even shrapnel so a range of injuries, people who are being treated in the hospital there. At least one of those people it appears to be fairly serious injury. But at this point it appears to be contained to just those people, five fatalities we know of but there are additional people who are being treated at a local hospital there because of a range of injuries. Again, ranging from trauma to actual injuries from perhaps the incident, flying glass and shrapnel and so on. So this -- the suspect at this point, we only know of one, the police believe there's only one, but at this point, he's not cooperating with the investigator.

TAPPER: They don't even know his name. I want to bring that back to Jessica Schneider. And Jessica, Phil Davis the crime reporter from the Capital Gazette who has been tweeting and providing insight also gave an interview to his own newspaper about the scene and what he went through. Tell us what he said.

JESSICA SCHNEIDER, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: He did, Jake. He gave that interview to The Baltimore Sun, they own the Capitol Gazette and he described the scene as it was happening as a war zone. That's how he described the inside of the newspapers offices. He says it's a situation that would be "hard to describe for a while." Now this is a reporter who covers the courts, he covers crimes and the way he described it being in the middle of this shooting scene, he says I'm a police reporter, I write about this stuff not necessarily to this extent but shootings and death all the time. But as much as I'm going to try to articulate how traumatizing it is to be hiding under your desk, you don't know until you're there and you feel helpless.

Of course, we've seen some of his tweets where he talks about the fact that this gunman shot through the glass window or the glass opening to the newsroom and then open fire on multiple employees. We now know that five people were killed, at least five people because we know that other people have also been wounded and waiting of course for the latest numbers from law enforcement. But this reporter was there. He tweeted after he was safe and he talked about the fact that he was hiding under his desk talking about hearing the gunman reload. And I want to continue with this interview that he gave to the Baltimore Sun because he described up until the moments when police arrived. He said that all of them hid under their desk until he says the shooter stopped firing. And he said, they weren't extremely clear as to why the shooter stopped firing. He said I don't know why. I don't know why he stopped.

But he said, after this shooter stopped firing perhaps, he heard the law enforcement on the scene. We heard there from the County Executive as well as Anne Arundel County police that took them about 60 seconds to respond to this call. And Phil Davis continued, he said that police then arrived once the shooting stopped and they surrounded the shooter. And based on what we've heard from this press conference, we know that the shooter is in custody. He's being interrogated by police but really very chilling first-person accounts that continue to come out from this one particular reporter. Again, he's the courts and crimes reporter for the Capital Gazette. He initially tweeted and then he gave this interview to The Baltimore Sun talking about the fact that he described this as a war zone where we now know, Jake, five people, at least five people have been killed. People hiding under their desks until this gunman for some reason stopped and then was surrounded by police and is now being interrogated. Jake?

[16:55:25] TAPPER: And then to hear police tell the story they -- he stopped because police came on the scene within a minute or so, a minute and a half of the call being made. Former Assistant Director for the U.S. Marshal Service Art Roderick joins me now. Art, I want to ask you about a shotgun because that's what we're being told, that's what our sources are telling us was the suspects weapon of choice. A lot of our viewers -- there are a lot of firearms owners in this country but there a lot of people who have no idea what a what a shotgun is. Tell us the significance.

ART RODERICK, FORMER ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, U.S. MARSHALS OFFICE: Well, and I'm hearing the same thing, Jake, that has been put out on law enforcement networks across the country that the individual did use a shotgun. Now, if it's a standard shotgun which is usually a 12-gauge, or a 16 gauge, or a 20 gauge shotgun, those are usually fed individually from underneath into a tube magazine that holds approximately four or five or possibly even six rounds based on the length of that tube magazine. But you have to sit there and load each one individually up in there when you run out of ammunition. So based on the number of injuries here with the five deaths and other people wounded, he had to reload that weapon at least once and possibly twice. So that also could account for the break on the firing is that he just ran out of ammunition. And of course, with the sketchy information, we're having out here right now, we don't know how many rounds he actually carried with him and it hasn't been 100 percent confirmed yet that it was a shotgun.

TAPPER: Right, of course. Art what kind of -- what kind of ammunition does a shotgun take? Are there probably individuals out there who imagine it's bullet by bullet but it's not.

RODERICK: It's not -- you can -- you can have birdshot which are very tiny pellets. The standard kind of round that law enforcement uses is double-aught buck which are fairly large pellets and also there's a slug round which is very deadly that a lot of people used in deer hunting and it's a basically almost like an ounce of lead coming out of that barrel. So you know, he could -- you can also use a combination of those different rounds but law enforcement generally uses the gauge rounds, the 12-gauge shotgun rounds and it's usually the double-aught buck.

TAPPER: I want to bring back CNN Law Enforcement Analyst Jonathan Name. Jonathan, Evan Perez who just heard said that his sources are telling him that the suspect is not cooperating. The law enforcement said that he was being interrogated but Evans sources say he's not cooperating. He didn't even have an I.D. on him and I was wondering how common is that?

JONATHAN WACKROW, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, you know it -- you know, again motive is going to be a key here. You know, the fact that the suspect is alive you know, after the end of this situation is unique. This doesn't seem to be a suicide-by-cop situation. But the fact that he had no identifiable you know -- you know paperwork on him, license, passport, whatever is a little bit disturbing. You know, the law enforcement does have their ways to try to trace back you know, fingerprint. Hopefully, he will start talking you know, or his attorney will be able to -- provide some information.

TAPPER: Jonathan, you said it was disturbing that he didn't have any identification on him, why?

Well, it's just again, you know, if I'm on a suicide mission, I may not want to you, know identify who I am. So I'm going to go in without any type of identification, no -- potentially no wedding, no identifiable markings, license or wallet or anything like that you know, to try to you know, adjust focus on that -- on that incident itself. So it is -- it's a clue, if not the clue but it's something that investigators are going to look at why. Does this individual show up with a shotgun, no identification, go to seemingly a very specific area of the building and launched this devastating attack with a shotgun.

TAPPER: If you're just joining us, police in Anne Arundel -- Anne Arundel County outside or of Annapolis County -- Annapolis, Maryland where the Capital Gazette newspaper is located, a reporting that five people have been killed, many more injured in a newspaper shooting. The shooter is in custody although our sources, CNN sources are saying that he is not cooperating. It's horrible news from Annapolis, Maryland. I'm going to turn it over to Wolf Blitzer now for more on this breaking news.