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Shooting In Annapolis, Maryland; Three Global Companies Are Searching For Their Place In Donald Trump's Economy; Five Dead in 'Targeted Attack' at Capital Gazette Newspaper in Annapolis; Nearly 600 Protesters at Women's March Arrested on Capitol Hill; Melania Trump Visits Immigration Facility in Arizona; Malaysian P.M.: Charges Likely Coming for Razak; Foxconn Breaks Ground on New U.S. Factory; U.S. Releases Report Card on Human Trafficking Fight; Deutsche Bank Fails Federal Reserve Stress Tests; Fox and Disney Shareholders to Vote on Bid on July 27. Aired: 4-5p ET

Aired June 28, 2018 - 16:00:00   ET


JESSICA SNYDER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: This reporter describing exactly what happened. Of course, Jake, just as we are seeing these pictures from

outside here, this is just one glimpse as to what's happened inside the newsroom. And as we continue to get these reports from law enforcement

about multiple wounded, we are hearing from this reporter via Twitter about what it was like inside hearing the gunman shoot, hearing the gunman

reload, and talking about what a terrifying scene it was in there, Jake.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: All right, Jessica Snyder for you just joining me. Sources are telling CNN that there have been multiple injuries and

fatalities, a shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, that's the capital of Maryland, about an hour outside of Washington DC. The shooting was at the

newspaper there, "The Capital Gazette." Police and law enforcement are saying that one individual is in custody, but they are still saying it is

an active shooter situation. They are making sure that there is no other shooter before they give the all clear.

I want to bring back CNN's Josh Campbell, the former FBI supervisory special agent, and Josh, we've got some very vivid descriptions there from

"The Capital Gazette" crime reporter, Phil Davis talking about what it was like being in the newsroom hiding under his desk after his colleagues had

been shot, hearing the shooter reload.

JOSH CAMPBELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That's right, Jake. We hear from witnesses in these types of incidents, we've heard from them before, it

never is easy to hear the panic and the chaos that ensues. And one thing that's important to remember is although workplaces will prepare for these

types of incidents, we've have seen the uptick in the number of active shooter training programs that are being putt on. Nothing prepares you for

that actual moment where you know, something happens, and now it's - you have the fight or flight reaction. We always talk about the run - fight or

hide methodology that's now being used and having to go through that.

We're going to hear a the lo of those stories, and again, there's still a lot that we don't know as far as what took place in the newsroom. The fact

that this is a news business means that you have people that are collecting information and pushing that out, so that we'll hear about it and we'll

continue to hear those details.

One thing that's also interesting as we look at the response that's taking place right now, both from witnesses and obviously the police, is there is

a lot that goes into this type of training that we don't see. And these law enforcement agencies will work together, they'll train together. We

heard you mentioned earlier that one of the medical facilities had indicated that they were receiving at least one patient. When these types

of incidents go out, medical facilities are now part of this response plan. They'll get the initial word that we have a crisis situation. Be prepared.

And to take casualties, to take patients.

It appears as though we have one person that was then transported. We'll probably see more of that as the injuries - we hear more about them and

they're resolved, and then one thing, obviously is when the police actually gets to the point where they are ready to brief the press and brief the

public, we'll learn those details. But right now, I think their focus is on clearing that building and then we'll get additional details about what

took place inside.

TAPPER: I want to bring in CNN Supervising Producer, Eric Fiegel, he is on the ground at the scene of the shooting. He joins us by phone. Eric, tell

us what you are seeing.

ERIC FIEGEL, CNN SUPERVISING PRODUCER: Well, Jake, the media presence here is quite impressive. I just drove here. There is probably 60, 70, 80 law

enforcement vehicles in the area. There are helicopters. This is very, very popular area. There is where the Annapolis Mall is, so you have a lot

of people in this area. It's very popular. I just talked to the Anne Arundel police and they say they are still securing the building. They

won't say anything more than that.

They still have several buildings on lock down. They do not expect this to it be a mass casualty incident which tells us maybe only a few injured, but

that's all the details he's given us, Jake.

TAPPER: And tell us about what else you are seeing in terms of individuals from "The Capital Gazette," individuals who worked in the building, the

building is not a small building, it houses other businesses besides "The Capital Gazette." If people are still securing the area as we know to this

shooting, I believe took place within the last hour, hour and a half, at least based on the tweets that I saw from "The Capital Gazette" intern who

was the first one who alert the world what was going on. What are individuals telling you about what happened?

FIEGEL: As I said, I just arrived on scene. This area is like the parking garage area to the mall, so it's been totally cordoned off by law

enforcement, so there's very little activity here besides law enforcement.

So the police are saying around 2:30-ish, they got the initial call of an active shooter. They quickly got to the building, they are in the process

of still securing it, and like I said, they are not telling us much more than that. They have got several buildings to lock down. They are using

the mall as a meeting location for families. But other than that, it's a total cordoned off area with massive law enforcement presence.

TAPPER: All right, Eric, thank you so much. I know you'll talk to some other individuals, try to bring us back some more information as you can.

I want to bring in CNN's Media Reporter, Brian Stelter who is on the phone. Brian, tell us about this newspaper, "The Capital Gazette," a saw a

reporter earlier tweeting that he had grown up in the area, and one time when he was a little boy, he drew a picture of his --


TAPPER: -- father and sent it in to the newspaper for Father's Day and they ran it, it's that kind of community newspaper. Brian Stelter has

dropped out. Let me bring back Josh Campbell.

Josh, obviously they are cordoning off as many reporters as possible. Annapolis is only about an hour away from Washington DC, so one assumes a

lot of reporters from Washington DC and from Baltimore, two major metropolitan areas in this country are going to be there. "The Capital

Gazette" owned by the "Baltimore Sun" newspaper.

Multiple individuals have been wounded and we're told that there are also multiple fatalities. Apparently the shooter is alive according to what

police seem to be suggesting. We've only heard of one individual taken to the hospital though.

CAMPBELL: That's right. And we'll continue to wait for those details as far as what the casualties look like. And again, as you mentioned at the

top, there is a difference between casualties and fatalities, so we have to be careful there as far as determining the extent of what took place here.

We'll get those details in short order.

One thing that's interesting to point out, and Jake, you know, we've talked about this far too often as we sat together covering these incidents, is

that law enforcement officers now have two audiences, two constituencies, if you will, that they need to get information to. The first is obviously

the public. This is in the public interest, but also to the family members of those who worked in this facility, who were there on that day.

We've talked about this before. I remember from incidents from like Orlando and San Bernardino talking to family members of those who were

impacted. This is that tough period of time where they simply do not know what's going on. You know, was their loved one unfortunately part of this

incident? Were they able to get out?

This is that period of time of that is most crushing for them as they are trying to determine. So it will be incumbent upon law enforcement officers

to quickly determine what they are dealing, to with that family reunification process that goes on. Obviously, the company will be key in

determining who should have been inside the building and making accountable everyone who was there and ensuring that their safety is paramount, this is

the period of time where they have to do that, and they have to do it quickly, because you have a lot of people out there that are simply

wondering are their loved ones impacted by this.

TAPPER: All right, we're going to - Josh, I'm going to - let's listen in to the police officer.

RYAN FRASHURE, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY POLICE: can continue now to get people outside of that building and them to safety, so we are in evacuation mode

right now. So, we are trying to secure the building the best we can. Once that building is secure, once we are 100 percent that that building is

secure, that's when we will be able to provide some more information with the extent of injuries and information on the suspect. So at this point, I

can confirm that we do have injuries. We did have an active shooter situation inside that building, 888 Bestgate Road in Annapolis.

Again, we do have injuries. I can't give the extent of those injuries at this point. But we don't expect this, even though it's very early on, to

it be a very or have major casualties or several hundred casualties, but we do have injuries. I can confirm that. I'll get you as much information as

possible. I just don't want to give you guys inaccurate information at this point so that's the only reason that I can't provide more. So, yes,

so once the building is secure, we'll give more information, whether the suspect is in fact in custody. That building is secure. And we'll make

sure we give everybody a quick briefing on the extent of injuries and how many injuries.

At this point, one of the main messages that we want to get out to the public, is, one, avoid the areas. We have a lot of police officers here

from our jurisdiction, we are very thankful for other jurisdictions, Annapolis City Police Department, Maryland State police, Howard County,

Federal agencies - everyone has come here to make sure that we get as many people safe as quickly as possible. So, we're asking family and friends to

meet at the Annapolis Mall. If you need to meet up with a friend or a loved one that was inside that building, a reunification center has been

set up inside the Lord & Taylor inside Annapolis Mall.

So, we're asking everyone to respond to Lord & Taylor. We have officers there that will assist you, both meeting up with friends and family, so

that's the biggest message we want to put out right now. We are doing our very best to get the building secure, and we should have information for

you very shortly, and as soon as that building is secure, we'll be able to provide more information. We appreciate everybody's patience and we're

doing everything that we can to get everybody out safe. Thank you.

TAPPER: So, that was from Anne Arundel County Police Lieutenant Ryan Frashure talking about the status right now at the shooting at "The Capital

Gazette" newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. Evan Perez - he's answering some questions. Let's listen back in.

FRASHURE: We need to make sure that there's no other people that are suspects or that helped this individual and we need to make sure that there

is no type of bombs or anything inside that building. So all of those things, we have to think about to make sure that people are safe inside

that building.

So again, our number one priority is getting people from that building outside safely --


FRASHURE: -- and reuniting them with their families. Once the building is secure, we can provide more information and the investigation will begin

and we'll be able to get a lot more details.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you said, you had (inaudible) --

FRASHURE: I can't confirm exactly how many injuries. I do know that we do have injuries. That was first called in. So, again, we don't anticipate

this being some type of a mass major casualty with hundreds of injuries, but we do have injuries. And so we are doing very our best to make sure

that those people receive care that need care and you know, we're doing our very best to make sure everybody else is evacuated out of there. So right

now, we're prioritizing --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible) offices in there, plus "The Capital Gazette" is in there (inaudible) doctor's offices or what?

FRASHURE: Yes, I can't confirm an exact location inside that building but I can tell you it was inside 888 Bestgate Road which does house several

different types of businesses. So I hope to have more information on that very soon. Again, I just want to make sure that all the information we

pass along is accurate since it involves such a serious incident. So we want to make sure that that information is accurate that gets out there to

the public.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Lieutenant Frashure has released everything that he can right now. We will give you an update as soon as we can.

Thank you, guys.

TAPPER: All right, just to recap, that's Lieutenant Ryan Frashure with Anne Arundel County Police, which is the home county for Annapolis, "The

Capital Gazette" newspaper, the community newspaper there just suffered a shooting. Lieutenant Frashure said that at this point, they believe that

there is only one suspect. Although, right now they are - just as a precautionary measure searching the entire building.

Let me bring in Evan Perez, our justice correspondent reporter, Lieutenant Frashure said a number of times that they don't expect that this will be a

major casualty situation. And he defined major in terms of their being several hundred injuries or casualties. But that's not to say to say that

there aren't several dozen or even fatalities.

EVAN PEREZ, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Right. Exactly. He was careful to not put any numbers on what exactly he's dealing with there, Jake. But we

are told by sources that there have been multiple injuries and that those include fatalities. So at this point, obviously, it's not going to it be -

I think what he's talking about is in a lot of shootings we have seen recently, unfortunately, we've dealt with a lot of these incidents around

the country. We have seen dozens of people being taken out, mass casualty is what that is.

In this case, it appears to be a much smaller, much more contained situation. As Jessica was reporting earlier, one of the reporters in that

newsroom, the crime reporter in that newsroom is out on Twitter saying that someone shot through the front door of the newsroom of the newspaper, and

there were people who were shot. So he doesn't know, according to his Twitter feed, he doesn't know whether anybody died, but he knows that

people were shot as a result of the attack there.

We do know, and I think the public information officer at the police there did confirm that there is somebody, at least somebody who is in custody.

What they are trying to make sure, and this is something that we always underscore, is they are trying to make sure that nobody else was involved

in this. Whether there was a second person, whether there was any bombs he left behind in that newsroom or somewhere else in that building as a booby

trap for the police who are there trying to clear the building and trying to keep people safe.

So at this point, I think we're going to have probably a little while before we have an all clear in that building that they know they have

gotten every single corner searched and that they know every single person who was there has been accounted for and then they can come out and tell us

how many people were injured, whether or not these were fatalities that suffered as a result of gunshots or perhaps somebody might have had a heart

attack or something else that might have occurred. But at this point, according to sources we've talked to, there are multiple people who are

wounded, or fatalities as a result of this and there have been fatalities as a result of this.

TAPPER: Fatalities, plural. Your sources are saying.

PEREZ: Correct.

TAPPER: And that does not include the shooter who is in custody - the suspect or the shooter.

PEREZ: It does not include the shooter. We do not believe - it appears that person is in custody and is being interviewed by the investigators.

TAPPER: So Lieutenant Ryan Fraishure that is the public information officer for the Anne Arundel County Police just provided that information.

I want to bring Josh Campbell back in, I would like to ask our producers if we could get Jessica Snyder prepare to read those Phil Davies tweets again

in a second for those people who are tuning in. They are descriptive and haunting, and I think they are worth sharing since he's the crime reporter

for Anne Arundel County's own --

RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL HOST: I'm Richard Quest. This is CNN. And breaking news, there has been a fatal shooting in the newsroom of a

major newspaper in the US State of Maryland. Police are telling CNN there are multiple injuries and fatalities at "The Capital Gazette" building in



QUEST: One person who is believed to be the shooter is now in custody, but the authorities in a news conference have not confirmed that. The building

has been evacuated and officers are still searching inside. They say the building was not yet secure.

As you can see from the pictures moments ago, staff was seen leaving the complex with their hands up. As we move forward and we get more details,

it does appear that the incident is contained at the moment. Certainly, it does not appear that the situation is getting any worse. But motive,

reason, the amount involved, casualties, those are not known and won't fully be known until the building has been searched. While we wait for more

details, we will of course continue with our regular evening digest.

Tonight, three global companies are searching for their place in Donald Trump's economy and that's what we're going to focus and look at. Firstly,

on the left, Foxconn breaking ground on new American factories in exchange for billions of dollars in tax breaks. It's cause for the President to


Meanwhile, he continues to attack Harley-Davidson as another of his corporate target is expanding. Amazon is spreading its tentacles into new

areas of the economy. Amazon is branching out into healthcare and pharmacies and in doing so, has clobbered the share price of traditional

pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens.

Let's begin our coverage of this tonight in the Midwest. Wisconsin to be precise. Now, if you can't find Wisconsin on the map, there it is, just up

a bit, across a bit, and in the middle. Donald Trump says Wisconsin is now the eighth wonder of the world. The badger state as it's known is one of

Mr. Trump's favorite after backing him in 2016.

Wisconsin is known as America's dairy land. Now it's a microcosm of the Trump economy. And this is why. Today, Foxconn broke new ground on a

factory in the town of Mount Pleasant. It's promising to have 13,000 workers, and one of the reasons it's in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin is it got

billions of dollars in tax breaks from the US government.

The Federal government, the state government, and the local municipalities. That's Mount Pleasant. But just go a bit further down I-94 on the other

side of Donald Trump's economy. Harley-Davidson. At Harley also in Wisconsin, worried about tariffs and moving production overseas. And

Donald Trump has warned them again, don't abandon the united states.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Harley-Davidson, please build those beautiful motorcycles in the USA, please, okay. Don't get cute

with us. Don't get cute.

They don't realize the taxes are coming way down. They don't realize it yet. I spent a lot of time with them. Build them in the USA. Your

customers won't be happy if you don't, I'll tell you that.


QUEST: So today, the focus was on Foxconn, and further south in Wisconsin, after touring the factory a few hours ago, the President said it was proof

his strategy was working.


QUEST: America is open for business, more than it has ever been open for business between our low taxes, our cutting of regulations, and we are not

finished with the regulations. And we'll have regulation, but a sensible regulation. You'll be able to get things approved quickly."


QUEST: Foxconn did not pick Wisconsin particularly because of its workers or delightful scenery, though beautiful, though it is. Wisconsin promised

$3 billion in incentives and it will take decades to get that lost tax revenue back. Mark Hogan is the Chief Executive of Wisconsin's Economic

Development Corporation and negotiated the Foxconn deal. He joins me joins me now live from Wisconsin. Can you hear me, sir, first of all? Can you

hear me?

MARK HOGAN, CHIEF EXECUTIVE, WISCONSIN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION: I can. We've got the band warming up behind us. But I can hear you.

QUEST: Excellent. Well, you can't beat a good band. Look, sir, you've heard much criticism. You've heard the criticism about the $3 billion and

the municipalities which are believed to take the bill up to $4 billion in terms of subsidies and assistance. Why do you think that's a legitimate

price to pay for this particular company in Wisconsin?

HOGAN: Well, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The numbers are pretty - obviously, they are large, but the numbers are from the state.

It's $2.85 billion from the municipality, it's about $764 million, so it does not approach the $4 billion, but when we look at it, we look at it

from a couple of different points. One is that, this is the first time that this industry is going to be anywhere other than in Asia, and to have

that opportunity, that unique opportunity is significant.


HOGAN: Our incentives are built around 13,000 jobs. It's built around the company spending $10 billion, and we believe that the ecosystem that will

be formed around that operation will create additional 20,000 to 25,000 employees over the next several years.

QUEST: Do you have any guarantees, hard guarantees, as much as one ever can in the world of business, for instance if the 13,000 jobs do not

materialize, if the ecosystem doesn't arrive, what fall back do you have to say, "Well, we gave you all this money, can we have some of it back?"

HOGAN: Well, our incentives are set up on a pay as you go basis. So until they employ the people, until they build the plant, they don't get the tax

credits from the State of Wisconsin. So we feel protected from that perspective. It's a 15-year transaction. And we think over that period of

time they will accomplish those numbers.

QUEST: How do you square this circle which down the road, the attacks from the President on Harley-Davidson, which frankly seemed to have made a

perfectly legitimate business decision to build motorcycles or to assemble motorcycles with engines still made in Wisconsin, but assemble them

overseas to counteract European tariffs?

HOGAN: Well, my role in the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation doesn't deal with tariffs, those are on a national basis - Federal basis.

But obviously Harley-Davidson is an iconic company in the State of Wisconsin. I think Governor Walker has been very clear with President

Trump and Vice President Pence about the importance of really just getting to a no tariff basis. Just have free trade all the way around. That's our

goal. And how they get there is really from a Federal perspective. That's what the President and the Vice President will need to deal with.

QUEST: Finally, do you get annoyed or irritated with the critics against the Foxconn deal. Because if you are right, then you could have just

created the next Amazon or in terms of investment or your Foxconn is a vast company, state of the art, you could have just given Wisconsin the keys to

the golden crown jewels.

HOGAN: Well, we are excited about the opportunity to partner with Foxconn. This is a company that over the last 43 or 44 years has been at the

forefront and on the leading edge of technology. We believe that that will continue in the future. So for the people that want to be detractors about

it, I believe that they'll see that over a period of time how great this will be for not just for Wisconsin, but for the United States as well.

QUEST: Good to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting and standing by. I really appreciate your time tonight. Very good of you to be with us.

HOGAN: Thank you.

QUEST: When we come back, Amazon, two moves today from Amazon, both of which fascinating for the future of the company as it takes it further into

the ecosystem of retail, after the break.


QUEST: Recapping our breaking news tonight from the US State of Maryland, the police say there is an active shooter situation in the newsroom at "The

Capital Gazette" newspaper. It's in the city of Annapolis, about an hour or so from Washington. Law enforcement are telling CNN that there are

multiple people that have been injured and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms which looks after these areas tweeted they are responding to

the incident at that location. The President - President Trump and the First Lady have been informed.

Amazon has sent shares in the world's biggest drugstores tumbling because Amazon has bought its own online pharmacy. Now Walgreens which only joined

the Dow this week were off as much as 10 percent. Walgreens owns Boots the Chemist in Britain, not a great way to celebrate earnings and Dow.

Amazon is buying PillPack. PillPack delivers medication. Amazon has long been expected to move into the pharmacy and it's also taking control of its

own delivers or at least attempting to. Amazon will hire you to start your own small business and deliver packages from their sorting centers to

customers. Charlie O'Shea covers Amazon for Moody's, good to see you.


QUEST: Let's first of all deal with this pharmacy, PillPack, look, we've had books. We've had deliveries. We've had Prime. We've had Fresh. We've

had Whole Foods. This is just moving further into the general retailing ecosystem.

O'SHEA: Yes, I've described Amazon as being almost a laboratory experiment from time to time. This is akin to taking your little toe and putting it

in the water in the pharma business. It's a relatively low cost, low risk opportunity for Amazon to kind of see where it can go on pharma, and I

think that when you look at the landscape, you've have embedded competitors. This is not Amazon buying Whole Foods and competing in the

supermarket space. This is much harder to do.

QUEST: But you say, but it clobbered Walgreens and other share - CVS share prices today, 10 percent.

O'SHEA: I think that's the market's reaction to the power of Amazon when it potentially enters something. And we saw the same thing happen last

year when Amazon bought Whole Foods. Kroger stock got hammered. When you kind of peel the onion back a few layers, it's really kind of a subtle

move, I think.

QUEST: Now, this move into the delivery, we've talked about this on this program when I visited UPS earlier this year in Louisville, Kentucky.

Amazon has always had the problem of the last mile or even distributing the goods from center to center. But it's okay doing that with UPS and the

United States Postal Service, but the last mile.

O'SHEA: The last mile is what drives retail. That's the advantage of the brick and mortar guys have. The only way to get product, same day in the

US and most of the country, is to go to the store and pick it up. This new delivery model for Amazon will be able to bypass UPS and FedEx, who really

don't have same day capability and allow for Amazon to deliver products same day to the consumer without having to rely on a kind of hodgepodge

system like they have today.

QUEST: How is going to work? The size and scale? Fine, okay, something like New York City, you might have people riding bicycles up and down 8th

Avenue, but in towns, isn't it a bit of an undertaking?

O'SHEA: It definitely is. And this is not going to happen tomorrow. It's not going to happen overnight. They'll have some of it in place by

holiday. But you are right, this is a gargantuan task to it be able to cover the US with same day last mile capability. And it's something Amazon

really needs to do.

QUEST: But Amazon is already, with the exception of the Federal government, and even then, it might be nearly beating them, the largest

single employer in the United States. I mean, there's some questions about this, but they are way up there.

O'SHEA: Walmart is still at the top.

QUEST: I just want to say Walmart is also there, but if you start adding in independent contractors delivering this stuff, it will be vast.

O'SHEA: It will happen quickly. But, again, I still think it's going to take time for this to scale. And the brick and mortar guys still have the

advantage of having --

QUEST: You're skeptical?

O'SHEA: I'm skeptical about the speed and I am skeptical about the absolute effectiveness over time. Because you are doing this from my

perspective, defensively to combat brick and mortar.

QUEST: Good to see you.

O'SHEA: Good to see you, Richard.

QUEST: Thank you. Thank you very much indeed. As we continue tonight, President Trump loves Foxconn's new plant. Wisconsin's Congresswoman Dana

Wachs does not. After the break, she'll explain why.


[16:30:00] QUEST: Hello, I'm Richard Quest. There's more QUEST MEANS BUSINESS in a moment. You are watching CNN, and on this network, the facts

and the news always come first. Police says an active shooter at the offices of the "Capital Gazette" or at least the situation in Annapolis,

Maryland, around -- an hour from Washington.

A law enforcement source tells CNN there are multiple injuries and fatalities. The police have made a series of arrests at a women's march

protest against the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant families. Hundreds of activists occupied the U.S. Senate building office

on Thursday, many were arrested for refusing police orders to leave.

Melania Trump has arrived in Arizona on a visit. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, will be the U.S. first lady's second trip to a

migrant center in two weeks. More than 2,000 children have been removed from their parents since the zero tolerance program began.

Malaysia's Prime Minister says corruption charges are likely coming soon for his predecessor Najib Razak. Mr. Razak is accused of siphoning off

billions of dollars from a state investment company. On Wednesday, police seized a quarter of a billion dollars worth of goods from his homes.

A Fox story tonight, the new Foxconn plant in Wisconsin, not everyone in the state is happy with a promise of 13,000 new jobs. Dana Wachs is the

Democratic state representative for Wisconsin. Good to see you, sir, thank you for joining us. No -- yes, of course you want jobs, I understand that.

Of course, let me get to you -- of course, you want new jobs and you want investment and I'm sure you also agree that the state has a certain role in

facilitating that through various incentives. What don't you like about this one?

REP. DANA WACHS (D), WISCONSIN: Well, Richard, the problem with this deal is that quite frankly, it's the most expensive deal any state has ever done

for an individual manufacturer or corporation. This state is putting $3 billion as state money and the municipalities are adding another billion

and a half dollars into one company.

So we're putting $4.5 billion into one company, very deep within one industry. That makes the whole state dependent on the market share of

Foxconn. It's just too many eggs in one basket. Meanwhile, Wisconsin is 50th in the nation in business development, in new business start-ups, we

are dead last.

QUEST: Right --

WACHS: It's hard -- you know, it's hard to imagine being dead last and given our education system and the like.

[16:35:00] I mean, to give you an idea of the scope, if you put $3 billion into new business start-ups in Wisconsin, you would have 10,000 new

businesses with $300,000 of seed money or start-up money and those businesses will be across the entire state, all 72 counties, not buried in

the south next to the Illinois border.

QUEST: If though --

WACHS: It's too expensive.

QUEST: Right, but if Foxconn does create an environment of clusters and does become the magnet by which others arrive and Wisconsin does become

known for the expertise. Then as we heard earlier on the program from the head of the Wisconsin -- from Mark Owen (ph), who I'm sure you're familiar

with of the --

WACHS: Yes, I am --

QUEST: Economic Development Corporation. If Wisconsin does become a magnet and a cluster, then it's money well spent surely.

WACHS: Well, you know, here's the deal. We're becoming overly dependent on one company very deep within one industry. And the bottom line is what

is the cost of this? This roughly $273,000 per job, that's really what it comes to. And the other thing about this is how reliable is Foxconn in

this situation?

Originally, the deal was that they were going to manufacture large 10.5 inch screens, and now they seem to be moving into the smaller screens. The

smaller screens will be less investment in that area of the state. So I think it's too much money spent in one industry and right now the industry

is changing, that company is moving.

It's like moving sand in the desert. And I don't think this is good investment. We have far too many other needs in the state of Wisconsin,

and to spend $3 billion state money and $1.5 billion municipal money on a foreign corporation.

QUEST: Let's turn to Harley-Davidson if we may. And the president today basically said what? He said don't be cute. The taxes are coming down,

you'll benefit. What do you feel about -- I do need to leave you sir, I do need to go to a briefing on this shooting, do forgive me, sir.

RYAN FRASHURE, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY POLICE LIEUTENANT: Obviously so, we anticipate this being a very long investigation and will be very detailed

investigation by our detectives. So I'd like to introduce first our planning executive, Anne Arundel County executive Steven R. Schuh to answer

some questions, give you guys some update.

But again, we're going to limit questions at this time just for investigative purposes because we still have a lot of work to do. Thank

you. Mr. Schuh.

STEVEN SCHUH, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY PLANNING EXECUTIVE: Thank you officer. I'm county executive Steve Schuh of Arundel County, we've had a terrible

shooting incident here this afternoon. There are several people who have died from this incident and several others are injured.

Those who are injured have been transported for medical care to Anne Arundel Medical Center and to Johns Hopkins shot trauma. Those fatalities

are so sad, and I don't know what to say than our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and we take comfort knowing that they're in

God's embrace.

The shooter is in custody and being interrogated at this time. I want to commend the public safety professionals who were very quick to the scene

here within about 60 seconds, and we've had a tremendous response not only for men, Arundel County police and fire, Annapolis City police and fire,

but also state police, Howard County, Prince George's.

Several federal agencies including FBI and ATF, I want to thank all those agencies for their quick response and being our partners in this very

fortunate incident. I'd like to ask Governor Hogan to say a few words. Governor?

GOV. LARRY HOGAN (R), MARYLAND: Thanks. You know, I just want to say first of all, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their

families, and I want to thank the law enforcement professionals who responded. Our emergency response team was -- they did an incredible job,

they're still doing the job right now.

But the fact that they responded within 60 seconds, I want to give serious praise to Anne Arundel County and the city of Annapolis for their response

and we were here with the state agencies to back them up. We have federal agencies -- it's a tragic situation, we can't -- we don't have all the

information yet and we can't give all the information yet because it's an active crime scene and an investigation.

But we have had several fatalities and several people there in the hospital, and we'll just leave to the professionals to continue their

ongoing investigation.

FRASHURE: I'm going to take this opportunity to introduce our acting chief Bill Kramph who'll answer some questions. But again, please, it will be

very brief, you know, we want to make sure that the information we put out is accurate.

[16:40:00] So you know, there's a lot of people involved here, so we want to make sure that information is accurate and we don't want to say anything

that will ruin the investigation, so the suspect is still being interviewed by detectives. But again, I'll introduce our acting chief William Kramph.

WILLIAM KRAMPH, ACTING CHIEF OF POLICE, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY: Good afternoon. As you can see, this is a very fluid scene, you can see that we

have over 10-plus, a lot of agencies assisting with Anne Arundel police. The investigation has just started.

So as Ryan has said, we're going to be quite a while determining what occurred, why it occurred and how it occurred? But as the governor

mentioned, we were here quickly, we came into the building very quickly, we received a call as an active shooter, we do have fatalities and we do have

serious injuries.

We also have many witnesses that are being interviewed and we have an area over by Lord & Taylor that the witnesses can reunite with their families.

We have -- we are asking them to contact their families so that they can come and assist them with getting home safely.

As Ryan mentioned before, our criminal investigation division has one person in custody, has one person in custody, that person is at our

criminal investigation division down in Crownsville and we will be speaking with that individual quite frequently and well, shortly, I should say, and

get the information.

The building is secure from a tactical standpoint, that means that right now, we believe that there are no other shooters in the building, but it is

not -- it has not been clear from an investigative standpoint. So once the QRT and the members of the SWAT team leave the building, the investigators

will go in and then we will start to process of putting the investigation together.


FRASHURE: Right now, we can't confirm exactly where the shooting occurred throughout that building, the "Capital Gazette" building is inside that

building along with many other businesses and doctors offices. Not at this point, not this time, sir.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where did you apprehend the suspect?

FRASHURE: Our officers were on the scene very quickly, I think it was around 60 seconds or a minute, minute and a half, and they did engage the

suspect and that's when he was taken into custody. So it occurred very quickly, just one second, that was again just for everybody that was -- our

acting chief, William Kramph, k-r-a-m-p-h.

And I'd like to introduce the mayor of Annapolis city, city of Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley.

MAYOR GAVIN BUCKLEY, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND: They're doing -- so the city sends its love and -- for all the families that have been affected by this

horrible event. I want to commend our first responders for getting onto the scene as quickly as they did, and if they were there as quickly as they

did, it could have been a lot worse.

So I just have to say it was a great joint effort by everybody, this is what we train for. A week ago, we practiced an active shooter training

thing, we did not expect something like this to happen in our community, but we were ready and I don't think we could have bought anymore resources

if you look behind you of what's been done here, it's a tremendous response.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sir, how many people have (INAUDIBLE)?

BUCKLEY: We can't confirm that yet, so I have to sort of leave that with the county on this, so I'll hand it back to you.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can't give us a number on how many people were killed or injured? Because you don't know or what's going on?

FRASHURE: No, at this point, well, we're still -- you know, reuniting people with -- while we're still reuniting people with families and we're

interviewing this suspect, we don't want to put that information out. That information will come out very shortly, very shortly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The person acted alone, there will be after one suspect, you're not looking for anyone else?

FRASHURE: Yes, at this point, he's the only suspect, we have one suspect and I'd like to introduce our state attorney, the Anne Arundel state

attorney Mr. Wes Adams.

WES ADAMS, STATE ATTORNEY, ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY: Good afternoon everybody, my office is on scene to assist with the fantastic response by our law

enforcement officials. As everybody knows, this is an active investigation, we'll work with in conjunction with the detectives and the

police officers who are handling the scenes to ensure that we have collected correctly, so we can then sift through and process the evidence

as necessary.

Unfortunately, that's the only comment that my office can make at this time, but we are on scene assisting with all other law enforcement


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You guys have any type of motive right now?

ADAMS: The investigation is still active and ongoing, so my office in particular, prosecutors cannot comment in any way on the nature of the


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What type of weapon was used?

ADAMS: I'll turn it back over to Lieutenant Frashure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, Lieutenant, what type of weapon was used?

FRASHURE: Yes, at this point, while we can't identify the exact weapon that was used, we anticipate having another briefing very shortly to try to

get that information out, so at this point, with there being a very active investigation, we need to reconnect with our detectives that are

interviewing the suspect, make sure that we have that accurate information that we can give out to everybody.

[16:45:00] So we anticipate another update here very shortly.


Yes, at this point, we're still talking to the individual, we're engaging the individual and we're trying to find out a motive, you know, all those

things comes along with these investigations. So it takes a long time, it takes a long time.


HOGAN: Thanks for having --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Governor Hogan, not so very long ago, we gathered similarly in southern Maryland. It's happened again like this. What are

your thoughts? What's in your heart this afternoon as the leader of our state in dealing with this?

HOGAN: Well, you know, the first thing, your heart goes out to all the people that lost their lives and all the families and all the other people

that were affected here. It's just a tragic situation, they're two entirely different situations quite in both cases.

In southern Maryland, we had a school resource officer that acted immediately and saved lives, and here in 60 seconds, we had the police

response. So while the both situations are tragic, our response to it has been incredible and I want to praise the local officials who responded so

well and perhaps saved other people's lives by getting there and while the thing was taking place and apprehending the suspect and he's in custody.

I know it's frustrating because it's not that they don't have information, they just can't share the information, I think we know about the number of

fatalities, they know the weapon, but with this thing still actively going on and it can hinder the investigation by releasing information too soon.


HOGAN: So I believe that when they have the next briefing, hopefully, they'll be able to provide you with more information.


HOGAN: No, I don't think it has anything to do with that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Was the shooter hurt?

FRASHURE: Yes, I don't have that information --


FRASHURE: And I don't have that information, but that will be two things that I'll check on and make sure that we have that for the next briefing.


We're still trying to determine the suspect. I'm sorry?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Was there an exchange of gunfire with the suspect?

FRASHURE: That'll be another -- that will be more information that I give out in our next briefing.


I'm sorry, I cannot confirm what type of weapon was used in the shooting, so again, we have several questions that we know we need answered for the

next briefing, so we anticipate having a briefing --


FRASHURE: Within another hour and we'll make sure that we get that information, and at this time, that's all the information we have, we

appreciate your confidence.

KRAMPH: We have one more -- we have one more bit of information and this is the last bit of information that we'll give to you until the next

briefing. Anticipate another briefing very shortly, but there are five fatalities that we know of, there are several other persons that are

gravely injured, we will have more information for you in the next briefing. Thank you.

FRASHURE: Thank you guys, we'll be with you shortly.

QUEST: All right to the end there, we got the most important piece of information, five fatalities that we know of and several many more --

several more seriously injured and being treated. This is in the shooting, the "Gazette Newspaper" building in Annapolis in Maryland.

You heard there from the governor, you heard there from the chief of police or the acting chief of police, they have somebody in custody that's

questioning the person, but we don't know any details about the person and we don't know exactly the circumstances of what -- in fact, we know very

little over the circumstances other than apparently an assailant deep start firing a gun at a glass door and broke in, caused havoc, mayhem and now we

are confirmed caused murder or committed murder, I should say.

Five fatalities unknown at the shooting in Maryland in the U.S. where there are many or there are several more -- we don't know how many seriously

injured. This is CNN.


QUEST: Breaking news from the U.S. state of Maryland. It's now confirmed by law enforcement, five people have been murdered and several injured

seriously after a gunman opened fire to newsroom of the "Capital Gazette Newspaper". It's in the city of Annapolis, lies an hour or so from


According to one of the reporters for the Gazette, it tweeted "a gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire at multiple

employees." A source says a shotgun was used and police are yet to confirm any doubt.

Now, there's a suspect in custody but we have no details about that person. The U.S. State Department has rated countries in terms of their efforts to

stop human trafficking, it also paid tribute to the survivors of modern day slavery. CNN's Clare Sebastian has been speaking to them in Washington at

the State Department.

His report comes out every year and it's very keenly watched to see what improvement there has been in the question or in the issue of human


CLARE SEBASTIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Right, Richard, I've got a report, it's about 476 pages long, but this as you say is not an intellectual

exercise, this is supposed to exact change, it's supposed to prompt countries to do more. We had a couple of key upgrades this year, Japan,

Estonia, Cyprus, Bahrain, all upgraded to tier-one, a couple of downgrades as well including Bolivia and Ireland.

But as you said, part of what the State Department is doing today is also trying to empower individuals to engage in grassroots activities. And then

the extraordinary story, Richard of a young woman who we met a couple of years ago, she actually was trafficked into domestic servitude in Kuwait

and she managed to escape after seeing a report that we aired on your show on CNN.

She contacted the NGO that we interviewed and was able to escape, and now she's launching her own assets against human trafficking in her native

Cameroon. I caught up with her again today and I asked her why did it matter, of the people being rescued, what happens next?

What do they have to do then to try and keep them safe?


FRANCISCA AWAH, SURVIVOR OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING: If you rescue someone and the person is not self-sufficient, what do you expect? The person will not

believe in the trafficker, and will be re-trafficked. So we now try to create empowerment facilities. We train the ladies because to give someone

money without any knowledge about what the person is going to do with the monies, we are not -- we have not done anything.

So we train them, business training, series of business trainings, and after you write a business project, you hand it to us, would take some time

to go over it to see the profitability margin, how sustainable the business will be, then we'll give you some microfinance.

SEBASTIAN: And does it work?

AWAH: Yes, it's working, many of them are successful, at least, they have smiles on their face.


SEBASTIAN: So originally, it's critically important and I think the message is there for information --

QUEST: Right --

SEBASTIAN: To get out on this issue. Whether it's through this coverage of it or through this report which has now been going on for 18 years and

continues to, not only run(ph) countries, but draw attention to the issue as a whole.

QUEST: Clare, thank you, Clare Sebastian. This is CNN, back in a moment.


QUEST: Now, before I leave you this evening, I do need to bring you one piece of breaking news from the business world. Deutsche Bank has failed

the Federal Reserve's latest stress test, it is the only major bank to fail. There were concerns raised about Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

But Deutsche was the only one to have failed. And we now have a date that we will watch the takeover battle for Rupert Murdoch's empire. "Fox" and

Disney shareholders will vote on the Disney bid, and it will be on the July, the 27th.

Now, the biggest bid so far of course or the highest bid is the Disney one that they came back after Comcast went for $65 billion, Disney now has $71

billion and we're waiting to see if they come back with anymore. But the vote, the trial's vote is late July.

And finally, breaking news tonight in the U.S. state of Maryland. Law enforcement officials have now confirmed at least five people have been

murdered, several more injured after a gunman opened fire at a newsroom at the "Capital Gazette Newspaper".

We'll obviously cover the story in much more details around the world, around the clock, this is CNN.