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China`s Mission to go to Dark side of the Moon; Supreme Court to get New Justice Soon; How A Supreme Court Justice is Picked; Aretha Franklin Passes Away at the Age of 76; New Rollercoaster in Canada

Aired August 17, 2018 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: There`s this little motto we have on CNN 10 as the work and school week nears its end. Fridays are awesome. I`m Carl

Azuz at the CNN Center. Thank you for watching today. There are three countries that have sent space craft to the moon, the U.S., Russia and the

third which soft landed a rover there back in 2013 is China. But China hopes to become the first country to explore the dark side of the moon or

the far side. The part that never faces Earth. China has a mission plan this year. Though a launch date hasn`t been announced yet.

One problem with exploring the dark side of the moon is that there`s no easy way to communicate with whatever kind of vehicle people put there.

The moon itself would block any signals coming from Earth. So to address that, China launched a satellite earlier this year that will hang out in

the moon`s orbit acting like a relay station between the Earth and the new rover that China`s planning to send to the moon later this year. The

country is a relatively late entry into space exploration. China didn`t sent it`s first satellite into orbit until 1970. But over recent decades,

it`s funneled billions of dollars into space research.

It`s hoping to ultimately set up a base on the moon that`s run by robots. And it`s also setting it`s sights on Mars. China`s hoping to send some

spacecraft there starting in 2020.

10 second trivia. What do Earl Warren, William Burnham Woods, and Oliver Wendel Holmes Jr. have in common? Were they all poets laureates, Civil War

veterans, framers of the Constitution, or Supreme Court Justices? All of these men served on the U.S. Supreme Court with Warren having served the

most recently in the late 1960s.

U.S. High Court is set to get a new justice. Those who serve there essentially stay as long as they want. In Article 3, Section 1, the U.S.

Constitution states that Supreme Court Justices quote "shall hold their offices during good behavior." It does not set a limit for how long they

can serve. Many justices has passed away while they were still on the High Court. Many have chosen to retire. Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy

announced his retirement earlier this year. He`s been serving since U.S. President Ronald Reagan appointed him in 1988. After Justice Kennedy set a

date for his retirement, the next step was for President Donald Trump to nominate Kennedy`s replacement.

And on July 9th the President named Judge Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee to serve on the High Court. Kavanaugh is 53 years old. He`s currently a

judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. He`s President Trump`s second nominee to the High Court. The first nominee was Judge Neil

Gorsuch who was confirmed in April of 2017. He filled a vacancy left by the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. Just like Justice Gorsuch,

Judge Kavanaugh will have to go through a Senate confirmation process and that doesn`t necessarily mean he`ll get the job. Before any Presidential

nominee can take the bench, the Constitution requires the Senate to provide advice and consent to the President. As part of that, Judge Kavanaugh

Senate confirmation hearings are set to begin on September 4th.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Supreme Court in 60 seconds. You don`t need any particular qualifications to be on the Court. You just need a President

willing to push you up Pennsylvania Avenue as his nominee. Brett Kavanaugh has that so what`s next? At the Capitol Hill meet with the Senate

Judiciary Committee, 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats who will have collected all sorts of information from colleagues and acquaintances and

old court records, maybe even law enforcement. And they`ll have a lot of questions for him about his resume and his legal opinions and his ideas at

the end of which they will vote to either confirm his nomination or to reject his nomination or neither.

Then they send him on to the full Senate. And here on the open floor the debate will rage between those who really want the candidate confirmed and

those who really don`t. 51 Senators can vote to stop the debate. Just as many can vote for confirmation. In the event of the tie, the Vice-

President decides. And if Kavanaugh is confirmed his new job is right across the street.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nobody handles a song the way you do. And what`s your secret?

ARETHA FRANKLIN, SINGER AND MUSIC ARTIST: It`s real simple. I just do my thing in my own way. And I hope - - I hope that you`ll like it.



CARL AZUZ: If you`re willing to travel in search of the newest superlative rollercoaster. Make sure your passport`s updated because what`s set to

open in Canada next year could be the thrill ride of a lifetime.


CARL AZUZ: Is it worth tracking down? Would it take nerves of steel to ride it? There are many ups and down in life and whether you`re the type

to take the front seat or just sort of coaster through. Every once in awhile you find a ride that`s to "dive" for. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. We

hope you have a great weekend ahead.