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Senator John McCain Dies at Age 81; Shooting in Jacksonville, Florida at Video Game Competition; The MIX Academy in Santa Ana, California; Bear Invades Rocky Mountain Hotel

Aired August 27, 2018 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Welcome back to CNN 10. Where ever you`re watching we appreciate your taking 10 minutes to get updated on news and

features from around the word. I`m Carl Azuz. First report takes us to the U.S. Capitol. Republicans and Democrats there say it won`t be the same

without U.S. Senator John McCain. The Republican who represented the state of Arizona passed away Saturday at the age of 81. He`d been battling an

aggressive form of brain cancer for more than a year and that was many fights he took on in his lifetime. John McCain was a survivor of plane

crashes, plural. One of them came in 1967 while he was serving as a decorated Navy bomber pilot during the Vietnam War.

He became a prisoner of that war suffering injuries under North Vietnamese captivity that lasted the rest of his life but he did survive. And McCain

eventually turned to politics serving in the U.S. House of Representatives starting in 1983 and the Senate three years later. He campaigned twice for

the U.S. Presidency but lost the Republican nomination to George W. Bush in the year 2000. He won his party`s nomination in the 2008 race but lost the

presidency to Barak Obama. Throughout all of it, Senator McCain defined himself as a maverick. Someone who could take an independent stand from

the mainstream. He publicly spoke out against various policies from both Democratic and Republican Administrations, including those of President

Obama and President Trump.

But he had the respect of politicians from both sides of the aisle. McCain will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol this week. It`s an honor reserved

for military officers and government officials. It means his casket will be on display at the rotunda of the capitol where the public can pay their

final respects to the late Senator. His impact on Washington extended well beyond the Senators he worked with.



JAKE TAPPER: The very last time I interviewed Senator John McCain he was blunt.

MCCAIN: But Jake, you know, every life has to end one way of another.

TAPPER: It was the kind of straight talk that characterized the Arizona Senator`s career. I first met him aboard his campaign bus, "The Straight

Talk Express" in 1999.


TAPPER: He was an underdog Republican Presidential candidate. A bonafide war hero and a sitting U.S. Senator, when I was just a young campaign

reporter. But I got to spend a lot of time with him and I learned a lot about his contempt for the phoniness of politics, about how to handle

adversity and about the importance of honoring veterans.

MCCAIN: Thank you. I salute you.

TAPPER: I got to ride on "The Straight Talk Express" again when he ran in 2008. Do you have the fire in the belly for one last - - like you did last


MCCAIN: We didn`t have it last time?

TAPPER: McCain described the politician-reporter relationship as adversarial and as I`ve learned that`s not a bad thing. What matters is

how it`s conducted.

MCCAIN: By all means let us argue. Our differences are not petty. They often involve cherished beliefs and represent our best judgment about what

is right for our country and humanity.

TAPPER: McCain fought fiercely, knowing the disagreements did not necessarily mean disrespect.

MCCAIN: It was a good fight. And we should be very proud.

TAPPER: He also knew that loses, even of presidential proportions were no reason for remorse.

MCCAIN: I won`t spend the moment of the future regretting what might have been. This campaign was and will remain the great honor of my life.

TAPPER: Serving with honor. That`s something the third generation Naval Officer knew quite well.

MCCAIN: I never lived a day in good times or bad that I didn`t thank God for the privilege of serving the United States of America.

TAPPER: His time in service included being shot down over Vietnam and held as a prisoner of war for five and a half years where he was tortured.

MCCAIN: I was on a flight over the city of Hanoi.

TAPPER: As a son of an Admiral he was offered early release but he refused so longer held men could return home before him. Years later he was still

gracious and he often joked he was invincible.

MCCAIN: I survived many near death experiences and so I think that I`m really the most fortunate person that I`ve ever known or heard of.

TAPPER: McCain seemed happy with the life he led because it was a life of service.

MCCAIN: There is nothing more ennobling than serving a cause greater than ones self.

TAPPER: In tough times on the campaign trail he liked to share a favorite quote.

MCCAIN: I was reminded of words of Chairman Mao who once said, "It`s always darkest before it`s totally black.", but anyway.

TAPPER: But in his final days, Senator John McCain seems as a light with passion and purpose as ever. He spurred his fellow Senators to remember

their mission to the public.

MCCAIN: We are getting nothing done my friends. We`re getting nothing done.

TAPPER: Nearly two decades after I wrote my first story on the maverick, John McCain, my final question for him in an interview was the most

difficult to ask. And oddly it was perhaps the easiest for him to answer. But how do you want the American people to remember you?

MCCAIN: He served his country and not always right. Made a lot of mistakes. Made a lot of errors. But served his country and I hope we

could add honorably.


CARL AZUZ: Police in Jacksonville, Florida are investigating a shooting that happened at a video game tournament Sunday. It took place in a

restaurant at the Jacksonville Landing, an open air market place along the St. John`s River. At a qualifying event for the Madden `19 NFL Tournament

at least one suspect apparently opened fire. Preliminary reports said last night that at least 11 people were injured and that four people were


The Jacksonville Sheriff`s Office said that one suspected shooter was also dead and there were no quote "outstanding suspects" as of yesterday

afternoon. Police were asking any witnesses who might have gotten video of the event to share it with them. Details about the shooting were still

coming in as we produced this show. will have the latest information.

10 Second Trivia. In what sport would you find the terms green room, impact phone and washing machine? Caving, parasailing, surfing or cliff

diving. The green room is the inside of a curling wave. The impact zone is where waves are breaking and a washing machine is when a surfer is

tossed underwater by a wave.

The MIX Academy is a program at New Song Church in Santa Ana, California. It offers dinner on Wednesday nights to people from all walks of life,

followed by classes in everything from baking and fitness to robotics and English. One of its most famous events involves surfing lessons from a

professional coach. It`s said to be available to the people most need a smile.


(LAMBERT LOWE, SURF INSTRUCTOR): There`s so many reason`s why I do what I do. I love surfing and I love helping people. I think if everybody found

what they love to do and what they were designed to do and use that gift to help others, this world would look so different. My name is Lambert Lowe

(ph) and I`m a surf instructor. I was living in Hawaii, living the dream, teaching surfing to billionaires and celebrities. At the end of the day,

something was missing and I knew in my heart that I needed to come back to where it all started.

I grew up in California. The ocean was where I felt the most connected. I came back and started a non-profit called The MIX Academy. One of the

things that come out of the MIX Academy is this surf school. And I brought the gift of surfing here where some of the people that need the most

smiles. My current class consists of a refugee from North Korea, Nathan (ph) a 9 year old who`s visually impaired and Shannon (ph), a veteran going

through alcoholism. The school of the misfits is a place where you can belong. On land, everyone looks at us a little differently but when you`re

in the water, water washes all that off.

Surfing, like life, is full of ups and downs. There`s waves that are coming and you can`t stop them from coming. Pain`s going to come. What

you can`t control is yourself and how you`re going to react. You can choose to battle for it, embrace it, adapt to it and enjoy the ride. Or

this wave`s going to come and it`s going to knock you out and it`s going to wipe you out.


CARL AZUZ: So this bear walks into a hotel. Sounds like a start of a joke. This wasn`t a joke. It`s a black bear that somehow sauntered into a

Rocky Mountain hotel. The good news is, it didn`t cause any problems for the hotel`s 300 guests. In fact, it didn`t really do any damage either.

Just rearranged some furniture and eventually headed back outside. The front desk supervisor said, when you have a hotel next to a National Park

wildlife is part of the gig. So he kind of dismissed it as just (inaudible) sign of the times. But will the "unbearable" guest respect the

hotel`s reviews, will some folks pan the place, will it just add to the hotel`s "kodiakolaides". It`s certainly a "polarizing" patron that could

cause some folks to "bearate" security. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.