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Indonesia is Hit By 7.5 Earthquake Then By Tsunami; Elon Musk Sued by The SCC; Update On Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh; County That Has Highest Life Expectancy; Goodwill Employee Finds $46,000 in Donated Box

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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10. Our week and month start off in an island nation that`s located between the Indian and

Pacific Oceans. Indonesia has been struck by yet another natural disaster. It began on Friday when the island of Sulawesi was hit by a magnitude 7.5

earthquake. That`s considered a major quake. One capable of significant damage and it generated a tsunami which brought ocean waves estimated to be

almost 10 feet high. They rushed ashore on parts of Sulawesi and caused a level of destruction the government officials aren`t able to estimate yet.

They say at least 832 people were killed in the disaster but that number could increase a great deal because thousands are still missing. In total,

authorities estimate that more than 2 million people have been affected. Flood waters and heaps of debris are piled up in several parts of the

island. And some areas are hard to get to because the roads have been damaged or blocked by landslides. According to the British Broadcasting

Corporation, rescuers in one city are digging through the rubble by hand searching for survivors. There`s not enough heavy machinery available to


The ground beneath them has been unstable since the quake struck. Aftershocks continue to rattle Sulawesi throughout the weekend. And with

electricity and communications knocked out, authorities and residents are struggling to share information. The damage is making it hard for

international aid workers to get supplies to those who need it.


WILL RIPLEY, CNN CORRESPONDENT. As rescuers are able to reach some of the areas that remain cut off with communication lines down and roads destroyed

after the 7.5 quake which was devastating enough but the even more devastating tsunami that followed killing hundreds of people possibly more

in the coastal city of Palu. The videos that have been coming in just show a really horrific scene. People perhaps unaware as they`re driving in

their cars or riding on their bikes with these huge waves, 3 meters or around 10 feet racing towards shore.

Lifting up buildings, pushing cars and debris at a very violent force inland basically destroying everything in their path. The President of

Indonesia Joko Widodo was on the ground. He declared a state of emergency for Sulawesi. He ordered rescue personnel to work day and night to

evacuate people. You`re talking about almost 20,000 people potentially who are homeless. They need, you know, food and water and supplies to - - to

make sure their conditions remain sanitary. Hospitals are also badly needed, supplies. The airport in Palu only partially open as of Sunday

evening local time allowing limited flights for military personnel and supplies. But commercial flights that would carry humanitarian aid workers

are not being allowed in. So the people who actually are going to help the victims on the ground are having to drive from airports that are seven, 10

or 12 hours away. Which means that help which is badly needed right now, very slow to trickle in. Will Ripley, CNN, Hong Kong.


CARL AZUZ: This century there have been multiple earthquakes and tsunamis generated around Indonesia. They`ve killed hundreds of thousands of people

in the region. Scientists say the earth below this section of the "Ring of Fire" is constantly changing and moving making earthquakes so common that

it`s not a matter of if another one will strike, but when.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s one thing you need to know about the "Ring of Fire". It produces 90 percent of the world`s earthquakes. "The Ring of

Fire" includes about 450 volcanoes. Many of them are submarine volcanoes meaning their underwater as are 75 percent of the world`s volcanoes in

total. Now "the Ring of Fire" is also called the circum Pacific belt. It a result of plate tectonics. The movement of the plates has created a

nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches and chains of volcanoes stretching for 25,000 miles in a horseshoe shaped pattern from New Zealand,

past Japan, across the Bering Strait and down toward the tip of South America.

The plate movement also causes earthquakes. Because many of these earthquakes occur in the ocean, the "Ring of Fire" is also known for

tsunamis produced when the ocean floor is either forced to rise or fall. When a mega thrust event happens in this region, the water is displaced and

the water pushes ashore. Most tsunamis are only a few inches high but there are times that that wave and that swell can be as tall as buildings.


CARL AZUZ: It appears a series of tweets has cost a businessman millions of dollars and part of his job. That`s the settlement between Elon Musk, a

billionaire who co-founded the Tesla Car Company and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which aims to protect investors and keep markets

fair. In August, Musk tweeted that he`d secured the money to take Tesla from a publicly held company to a privately held one. Investors liked that

idea. The tweet caused Tesla`s stock to rise. But government investigators said, Musk has not secured that money. That he mislead

investors with the tweet so the SCC sued him. Musk called the lawsuit unjustified and said he always acted in the best interests of truth,

transparency and investors.

But on Saturday, he agreed to settle the suit by paying a $20 million fine and stepping away from his job as Chairman of Tesla for three years. Musk

is still the company`s Chief Executive Officer but losing the Chairman position could mean his power within Tesla is limited. As part of the

agreement, the company has also been ordered to pay $20 million for not properly policing Musk`s tweet.

Updating you now on the confirmation process for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. Last Friday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party

lines to recommend that Judge Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court. That advances his nomination. It`s now up to the full Senate to

make the final vote on whether to confirm President Donald Trump`s nominee. But that vote like the one that the Senate Judiciary Committee has also

been delayed because of some Senator`s concerns about the testimony we reported on in last Friday`s show. President Trump has ordered a new FBI

investigation into some of the accusations made against Judge Kavanaugh. That investigation is expected to last a week and the full Senate is

expected to hold it`s vote after that wraps up.

10 Second Trivia. In which of these nations do residents have the highest life expectancy? Monaco; Japan; Luxembourg; or Norway. According to the

CIA World Fact Book people born in Monaco can expect to live 89 and a half years on average. The highest life expectancy on earth.

The United States is 43rd on the CIA`s list with a life expectancy average of 80 years. The nation of Chad is lowest with just over 50 years. Now of

course things like job opportunities, poverty, medical care, war and disease all factor in to a national life expectancy. But what about on a

personal level? How much does being young at heart factor in? As part of our ongoing "Living to 100" series here`s Dr. Sanjay Gupta.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: A recent study that I read basically asked this question. Not how old are you but how old do you

feel? And they asked it for a specific reason because they found a correlation between how people feel and how old they really act and how

their body`s actually age. There`s this great story that we did about a nursing home that was really close to a nursery school. People from the

nursing home often times spend time with these kids and you`d see them get out of the nursing home, actually walk down the street to the nursery

school. Something that they didn`t typically do and spend time with these kids. Besides the exercise, it seemed to bring them a lot of laughter, a

lot of joy.

If you look at some of these elderly people who are spending time with younger people, you`re starting to see the benefits. You`re starting to

see reductions in dementia, improvements in memory overall. Improve motility as well, people getting up and walking about. And I think perhaps

most importantly, less depression and more joy. I think Frank Sinatra probably had it right when he said, you make me feel so young even when you

live to 100.


CARL AZUZ: At a Goodwill donations store in California, an employee who was sorting through a box of donated items found something pretty valuable

wrapped in foil, $46,000 in cold hard cash. At first he said he could believe it and wondered if the money was real. He told his managers. They

tracked down the woman who made the donation. She`d sent the items to Goodwill after a relative who owned them passed away and said she had no

idea cash was inside.

The employee who helped return it said it was just the right thing to do. It was a good will effort. Some might say that`s not realistic. For him,

it was "all truistic". Whether or not he "kneaded" the dough, get it. He took "transaction" to cash in on virtue and as far as that`s concerned,

it`s money in the bank ya`ll. I`m Carl Azuz and these puns are spent. We`ll see you tomorrow.