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Ambassador Nikki Haley Reigns From U.N. at the End of Year; Last Category 3; Live to 100 Segment; World`s Largest Model Train

Aired October 10, 2018 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Welcome to CNN 10. On this 10/10/2018, hope your day is a 10 out of 10 so far. I`m Carl Azuz in the CNN Center. Our

first story is on the resignation of a U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Nikki Haley has held that position since January of 2017. She

had been nominated by President Donald Trump shortly after he was elected. On Tuesday, Ambassador Haley announced she`d leave the post by the end of

this year. Several reports said the news came a surprise to some members of the Trump Administration.

Whoever works as the Ambassador, represents America`s interest to the United Nations and there`s a lot going on right now between the U.S. and

other U.N. members like Iran, North Korea and Russia. Also, with the U.S. mid-term elections four weeks away, some politicians are questioning the

timing of the Ambassador`s announcement. At a news conference yesterday with President Trump, Ambassador Haley reflected on her work at the U.N.

and her tenure as governor of South Carolina for the six years before that. She said there`d been a lot to manage.


AMBASSADOR NIKKI HALEY: It`s been eight years of intense time and I`m a believer in term limits. I think you have to be selfless enough to know

when you step aside and allow someone else to do the job. So, thank you Mr. President. It`s been an honor of a lifetime.


CARL AZUZ: President Trump said Ambassador Haley had done a fantastic job and it helped solve a lot of problems on the world stage. And U.N.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he deeply appreciated Haley`s cooperation, support and productive working relationship. She plans to

stay on the job until the end of this year. Meantime, President Trump is working on finding a successor to Ambassador Haley and says he`ll make a

nomination in two or three weeks.

10 Second Trivia. What is the name of the last hurricane that made landfall in the U.S. state of Florida? Nate, Irma, Matthew, or Irene. The

last hurricane to strike Florida was Irma. It made landfall on September 10th, 2017.

More than a year later, another powerful storm is approaching the Sunshine State.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hurricane Michael is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the Florida panhandle in decades. The storm will

be life threatening and extremely dangerous. We`re expecting 4 to 8 inches of rain and some areas might see 12 inches of rain. The storm will bring

torrential rain to most of the panhandle and Big Bend which means flooding will be a major issue.


CARL AZUZ: With landfall expected Wednesday, President Trump issued an Emergency Declaration for Florida. It gives FEMA, the Federal Emergency

Management Agency, the authority to do whatever it needs to do to save lives, protect property and help those effected by the hurricane. In the

Gulf of Mexico last night, Hurricane Michael was a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour. Forecasters had warned it

would strengthen. We don`t know yet how strong it will be at landfall but hurricane warnings stretched across more than 300 miles of U.S. coast line

covering Florida`s panhandle from the Alabama border to the Suwannee River.

Even before Michael was this strong, it was deadly. Flooding related to the system killed at least 13 people in Honduras, Nicaragua and El

Salvador. Hurricane Michael struck Cuba on it`s way to the Gulf and in addition to potential flooding in Florida, forecasters say that`s also

possible in Alabama, southern Georgia, the Carolinas even Virginia. Damaging winds are a threat. Forecasters say the storm could span

tornadoes as it moves inland. And one major concern for coastal areas, the storm surge.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A storm surge is not typically one big wave but rather a bulge of water, a series of waves being pushed toward the shore by the

winds. And as they ride up onto the land they can do tremendous damage. Look at what a storm surge of two or three feet would look like on a house

like this. That`s more than enough to damage cars, really hurt the house.

But when you talk about nine feet or more as we are in some places here, then you have enough water to erode the foundation, to batter the top of

the house and homes are really not meant to withstand such things. Bear in mind, a cube of water, just four feet on all sides, a cube this size weighs

as much as an automobile. That`s a tremendous amount of potential damage coming ashore.


CARL AZUZ: Up next, diet and exercise or at least exercise. We all need it. We don`t all get it. There are guidelines for how much we should

exercise. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says, if we`re doing moderate aerobic exercise, so think walking, swimming or dancing. We

should do at least 2 1/2 hours of it per week. If we`re doing vigorous exercise, like jogging, swimming laps or mountain biking.

We`ll need at least an hour and 15 minutes a week and that should all be spread out across the week. The government also recommends strength

training at least twice a week and working all major muscle groups when we do. And CNN`s Dr. Sanjay Gupta agrees that working out like this can help

us live to 100.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: I think the health benefits of exercise are too numerous to probably even say in a little session like

this. You know it can reduce your - - your risk of certain diseases. You know it can improve your muscle mass. Problem is fewer than a quarter of

Americans are actually getting the amount of exercise they should get. A lot of people started turning to more extreme exercise of high intensity

interval training. This is when you exercise really intensely for a period of time, usually just under a minute. Take a little break, do it again.

And you do that cycle over and over again for 30 to 45 minutes.

The big argument for high intensity interval training is that not only might it help your metabolic profile over all, help you lose weight. Help

you build endurance for your heart and lungs but it might be better than if you`re doing the regular low interval training. But here`s a rule of thumb

that you should remember. Your maximum heart rate is typically 220 minus your age. So for me that`s right around 170. You don`t want to let the

exercise that you do really get over that range. First of all, it`s potentially dangerous. Second of all, you`re probably not getting the

benefits of exercise as much as you otherwise would. So whether it`s vigorous exercise or moderate exercise, just make sure you get some

exercise in, break a sweat. It will probably help you live to 100.


CARL AZUZ: For 10 out of 10 on this 10/10. Yes I like saying that. We`re taking you to a place with 400 bridges, 3,000 buildings and 50,000 streets.

That sounds like a decent size community. It`s not at least not by human standards. Then again, it`s not built to scale not to our scale anyway.

It`s believed to be one of the world`s largest model railroad sets. We`re blowing the whistle and calling "All Aboard" for a great big story.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted that, "Nothing great can every be achieved without enthusiasm". I have a lot of enthusiasm.

This is Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey. Northlands is the world`s largest model railroad. Well I guess, you know, everybody has a passion

for something. My thing was trains. Had trains around the Christmas tree as a kid. Wherever I lived I`m planning a track plans and over 18 years I

added five basements onto the house. And from that I got fairly good at making mountains and bridges and design work and we decided to give it to

the world. So we tore it all down, bought this land and built Northlandz.

Any given day we run between 85 and 90 trains. Some of the details at Northlandz inside, about 40,000 feet of track, about 4,000 buildings, over

400 bridges. Many of the mountains in here are three and half stories high. Most things in here are scratch built. Underneath the entire

superstructure there`s enough lumber to build about 42 large houses. Takes a few hours to go through for the average person to see everything. We

went millions into debt to build this place. Everybody thought that we were nuts. The only one that believed in what I wanted to do was my wife

and she was totally with me on this. Big time. It`s an artistic endeavor. It`s a gift to the world of what I can do and it makes a lot of people



CARL AZUZ: Know what it takes to build something like that? A lot of "training". You got to "steam" ahead, "chug"along and "train" your eyes on

the prize to keep the project to track and not go off the rails. It takes some serious "loc motivation". Thinking outside the "boxcar", and knowing

that at the end of the line "diesel" will make people "commuter" cross country to "track" such "model" community. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.