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Suspicious Devices Sent To Clintons, Obamas, CNN NY Offices; Florida Office of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Also Been Evacuated. Aired 11:30-12p ET

Aired October 24, 2018 - 11:30   ET


WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: We do know that there was a suspicious package intercepted heading towards George Soros' residence outside of Washington, and as we all know, the Time Warner at the CNN bureau in New York City. Shimon Prokupecz, you're getting more information as well.

SHIMON PROKUPECZ, CNN CRIME AND JUSTICE REPORTER: Well, that's right, Wolf. Exactly what you said there, this device, this package that you're talking about here sent to 10 Columbus Circle, the mail room there, our offices at CNN. It was intercepted in the mail room.

And it was addressed to the former CIA Director John Brennan. So now what we have here is you have former -- certainly former Obama administration officials being targeted. you have Hillary Clinton. you have the former President Barack Obama. As we've been reporting, George Soros.

We're being told by officials, all of these packages are similar in the way they were constructed. At least initially, that's what authorities think. We're told that at least one of the devices appeared to contain projectiles, and that was -- including that there were shards of glass so if this had exploded, it would have been actually sent out shards of glass, pieces of glass if it had exploded.

We're also told that the devices were rudimentary, but they're functional, which means essentially that they could have exploded. So really, here authorities now dealing by all accounts with perhaps a serial -- perhaps a serial bomber, someone who has now sent at least, that we know of, four bombs -- perhaps, from everything we know through the mail.

Obviously, authorities now concerned that there could be other devices similar to this out there. They're now alerting people all over the country really to be cautious. What we expect here, Wolf, just to quickly update folks on the scene there, is that the police, the NYPD, is going to be removing this package, this explosive device they have found at our offices and put it in this truck that you're seeing on the right of our screen here.

And then it will be driven to the Bronx, where it will likely be detonated. Then they can really begin the investigation into exactly what this device is made of. But authorities in New York are extremely concerned. They know what they're dealing with because they say that this seems to be similar to the other devices. And so now the big thing here is just to try to remove this safely so no one gets hurt, Wolf.

BLITZER: And very, very important information we're now reporting, Shimon. Once again, I just want to update our viewers. The package that was delivered to the CNN New York bureau at the Time Warner Center was actually addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan. That according to city and local law enforcement officials.

John Brennan a very, very sharp critic of President Trump's. He served during the Obama administration. We also know suspicious packages were delivered to the Obama residence here in Washington, DC, the Hillary and Bill Clinton residence in Chappaqua, New York, the George Soros residence outside of New York, as well as once again to the CNN New York City bureau, but that was specifically addressed to John Brennan.

I want to quickly read a statement that the Vice President Mike Pence just tweeted. "We condemn the attempted attacks against former President Obama, the Clintons, CNN, and others. These cowardly actions are despicable and have no place in this country. Grateful for the swift response of the Secret Service, FBI, and local law enforcement. Those responsible will be brought to justice."

That statement just going. Oh, and we're now being told more information that the Florida office of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has also been evacuated -- the former head of the Democratic National Committee, another sharp critic of the President. The area around her office in Florida, we are told, has been evacuated. It's been secured, but the bomb squad down there has been sent to the site. Another very suspicious development.

So there's a whole series -- once again, the Secret Service is saying there were only two packages intercepted by the Secret Service, not one, as earlier reported, to the White House. So it looks like the White House was cleared in all of this.

Kate, you're there, you're on the scene for us. Tell us what you're seeing.

BOLDUAN: Right now, since we left you, Wolf, we've been pushed back even further. So now, we are on 58th going from 9th to 10th Avenue is where they've pushed back and officers, when I asked why, they said they need a bigger frozen zone is what I am being told.

Shimon, are you on with us as well? Because I want to ask you kind of what you're take is because my sense is that this thing is about to be moved, and it's going to be moved out this way probably -- I don't know if it makes sense, but it's going to be heading down 9th Avenue when you said it needs to go up to the Bronx, but they definitely have expanded their perimeter.


BOLDUAN: And they need more of a frozen zone. This place is cleared out other than police presence behind me.

PROKUPECZ: Right. We don't know which direction they can go. I don't know if you can look up the street. They probably won't go in the direction of where you're seeing all those officers. So probably, I think you're on 9th Avenue. So it will probably go up to the West Side Highway, and then they could take the West Side Highway up to the Bronx. It could go up -- you know, they could do whatever they want here.

But what you're going to see is streets are going to be closed. There's going to be police vehicles around that, Kate, because they really -- they want to move this safely.

BOLDUAN: All right, Shimon, I'm also seeing -- I'm seeing officers moving in my direction. So they could be moving us back even further is what it appears like it could be. Let me just watch this one second with you, guys because I'm seeing some vehicles moving here and some sirens. I just want to make sure I know what's going on really quick. Hang on, everybody.

All right, so we're watching this. FDNY heading inside kind of the main area on 58th between 8th and 9th. My photographer is going to be showing you what we can see right now. While we're listening to sirens kind of ripping right now. Let's go over to Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow, who have a different perspective, another angle. You guys have been pushed back as well?


JIM SCIUTTO, CNN ANCHOR: We were on the corner of 58th and 9th, just down the block from the offices. You could see the entrance there. They're moving us down all the way to 57th Street and you see a sort of circus of activity now. Sirens, more police vehicles arriving, pushing everybody back. It appears to prepare for the transport of this device now.

HARLOW: Right.

SCIUTTO: Because they don't want us at all close even though this is a containment unit designed expressly to contain the danger from these devices, they don't want anybody close to it at all, as they move it.

HARLOW: I would note, Kate that our cameraman right now is holding his camera, being held by four of our producers, walking it on the tripod down the block. That is how urgently they wanted us to move. I asked one of the NYPD containment officers back there, why is this? And he said so that they can move it. One would infer meaning the device.

I will also tell you from a detective at the NYPD who I've been speaking with, he just told me that, Kate, the NYPD also just sent out what's called a heightened awareness message to all of their staff, all of the members of the NYPD, just precautionary.

And he said it is just to tell us all to be on alert for suspicious items, obviously given what has transpired, but that's what's happening internally at the NYPD as they are dealing with this in real time externally. SCIUTTO: We're a full two city blocks now from our headquarters

there. Again, just to reiterate, this device made it inside the building. They believe it to be an explosive device. They're moving it now.

HARLOW: At 9:58.

SCIUTTO: Here's the truck. The truck is moving as we speak.

HARLOW: Watch this. Maybe we can step away from the camera so you can see what's coming down here.

SCIUTTO: There's going to be a caravan of law enforcement vehicles as they move this containment device. You see fire engines, police cars and there it is. You could see it. It looks like a cement truck. It's going to be turning on to the street, passing us. I'll get out of the way here.

HARLOW: Okay, here we go. Take a look. This camera is on 9th Avenue and 57th Street in the heart of Manhattan. They've cleared out these two blocks, and now you see it.

SCIUTTO: So where do they take that now? Poppy was reporting earlier, they take it all the way to the Bronx. There's a specific -- what's it called? Rodman's Neck?

HARLOW: Yes, they will ...

SCIUTTO: There's a zone up there that the police have for this and why ...

HARLOW: They'll take it to Rodman's Neck, that's right.

SCIUTTO: Why wouldn't they detonate it on site, as you often do? And we reported earlier today one of the other devices sent earlier in the day to Clinton and Obama's residences have been detonated. Why would you not detonate this? If it's safe enough, you could glean a lot of information, a lot of clues from that. Even right now, I mean, they've taken fingerprints off explosive devices before as you try to figure out who's behind this.

HARLOW: Can you guys still hear us?

BOLDUAN: All right, guys. As you guys probably saw as well, we saw the truck. We saw the device come out of 58th Street, I'm on 58th Street right now, as you can see. It came out -- it came right out here, right at the south end, it's a green light and it turned down 9th Avenue with vehicles with it.

So we're obviously tracking where that goes with the police presence. My question now is now that we're seeing the immense police -- law enforcement presence that accompanied that vehicle and left. Now, the big question is what happens next?

I'm trying to get a sense, so we might be getting information now, kind of when we can move back in. You know what, they just ripped the yellow tape. Come on. Come with me. Can we go back in now? We can't go back over to Time Warner? We have to go up 9th Avenue only? So that block is still clear? All right.


BOLDUAN: So let's go back. So as it's clear, they've pushed everyone back so they could get the device out of here safely without having so many people that are standing here trying to get in as well. They've now cleared this half a block. We can walk back up here, but the perimeter is still in place. The police officer told me, the perimeter is still in place on the block of 58th Street between 8th and 9th where the Time Warner Center is. So we're going to walk back up here and try to get a sense of what happens next. Let me see what I can see. Sir, can you tell -- where's the perimeter now? 58th and 8th. There's going to be a briefing of ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's going to be a briefing at 58th and 8th at 12:45.

BOLDUAN: At 12:45, all right, so the latest -- is the mayor going to be there? Can you give us any update on the briefing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's going to be a briefing at 12:45 at 58 and 8.

BOLDUAN: The block will be locked down until then?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There will be a briefing at 58 and 8.

BOLDUAN: You got it. Thank you so much. The latest we've just heard from on the ground though, Wolf, is that there is going to be a briefing. I've not been able to be told who will be briefing but on 58th and 8th at 12:45.

To be honest, I've lost track of what time exactly it is right now. So an hour from now, one hour from now, there will be a briefing. That's one avenue over from where we are right now. We're going to keep walking, but as we're walking, I want to toss it back to Shimon in DC. Shimon, are you learning anything new?

PROKUPECZ: Is that it? I don't know. Is that the device?

BOLDUAN: Shimon, can you hear me?

PROKUPECZ: Hey, what are you asking? I'm sorry, Kate, I could not hear you.

BOLDUAN: It's all right. No, no. I totally understand. I just -- just so you know what I've got, I've got a briefing coming from -- they haven't told me who, but a briefing, NYPD just told me a briefing will be here on 58th and 8th at 12:45. We did see the -- I did see the device move out, Shimon. Are you getting any more information?

PROKUPECZ: Yes, it was moved. And what I'm told is that it's going to be, as we've been reporting, it's going to be taken to the Bronx where the NYPD bomb squad has an area where they can safely detonate it, if that's what they're going to do. We don't exactly know if they're going to do that in this case. They usually do with these types of devices. Then they pick up whatever forensic material.

They can once it's detonated, so that that will definitively, based on that forensic material, tell them if this device is linked to the other devices, which right now authorities certainly believe it is. They will be able to -- once they detonate it, they have a way where they explode it and this can just kind of keep some of the material that they need so that they could build a criminal case because now this is a criminal investigation. So they'll do that.

They'll probably do that, you know, probably today perhaps maybe and we'll see what happens.

BLITZER: All right, I quickly want to go to Jim Sciutto right now. He's outside of the Time Warner Center. Jim, first of all, tell our viewers precisely where you are and what law enforcement is telling you.

SCIUTTO: All right. We are -- I'm with Poppy Harlow here. We're a block and a half away. We're actually around the corner now from Time Warner Center. That's a block up and a block to the right. We were closer, but in the moment -- just a few moments ago, Wolf, we saw on the air, I believe we were broadcasting it when that containment vessel was driven away with the explosive device inside.

As a precautionary measure, they moved everybody a further block back. that's really been the attitude since the beginning, since the moment we had that alarm while we were on the air, get out of the building, then move 10 yards down the street, 20 yards, around the corner, now we're the furthest away that we've been.

HARLOW: Now, we're the equivalent really of three city blocks away. I was just speaking with a detective at the NYPD who was telling us that this would be transported up to Rodman's Neck in the Bronx. would be the routine practice. Whether this device is going there or not, we're not sure, but they would indeed search it and detonate it then.

I also asked how rare is that emergency alert that we all got on our phones, saying to everyone in New York in this area, 58th Street and 8th Avenue to shelter in place.

SCIUTTO: Simultaneous text that we all got, yes.

HARLOW: Yes, and I said how uncommon is that? He said it is not. That is exactly what we would do in any situation like this when they just don't know if a device will explode or not.

SCIUTTO: Well, it's a great way to get information to people quickly. Just some other news we've been getting, Wolf, as we've been going along. speaking to the NYPD. To our knowledge at this point, no injuries from this device. That of course a risk, although, this person was able to get an explosive device inside the CNN headquarters here, which of course speaks to the risk. And I'll tell you and I've -- we've both been saying on air many times it, the New York Police Department is trained for -- they train for this kind of thing every day. They get there more quickly than you can imagine and these quick response teams that encompass a whole host of skills from fire to ambulance emergency to the bomb squad that turned out there first.


SCIUTTO: Anyway, that response still very much under way, Wolf.

BLITZER: You know, it's important to note, Jim and Poppy, and I just want you guys to elaborate on this. If we take a look at these suspicious devices, clearly where you are, in New York City at Columbus Circle, the Time Warner Center, a suspicious package that sent to the CNN New York offices, it was addressed to the former CIA Director John Brennan, who's been a very sharp critic of President Trump.

So there was one package along those lines; another package sent to the Hillary and Bill Clinton residence in Chappaqua. They've been very critical o the President as well. Athird package sent to the Obama residence here in Washington. We know they've been critical of the president. A fourth package sent to George Soros, a billionaire investor who's a strong supporter of the Democrats, a fierce opponent of the President -- all of these developments and now, we're told there's some suspicious device -- we don't know if it's related -- at Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's offices down in South Florida as well.

So it looks like there's a pattern, Jim Sciutto and Poppy that's unfolding right now.

SCIUTTO: No question, they're all on that list. You've just listed a number of folks who the President has accused of being unfair to him, that the President has publicly attacked at times.

HARLOW: Look, Wolf, this is a point that Jim and I were privately discussing this morning as we were going to air and as this came out. You never want to jump to any conclusions. Our job is to bring you the facts. That is what we are doing here. But this is a fact pattern that is indisputable. It shows you that all of these targets are indeed targets where ...

SCIUTTO: There's the bomb squad leaving, just as you were talking. Sorry, go ahead.

HARLOW: Yes, they are the facts. That is the list of where has been targeted thus far.

SCIUTTO: As the police investigate incidents like this, they look for ties, for commonalities. We already know that the packages themselves have some similarities. The nature of the device, delivery method. In this case, they were mailed to various addresses.

So you have an MO that appears to be common, and then you begin to look at motive. It's very early -- it's very early in this, but when you look at that list, it certainly has one thing in common, Wolf. And that's something, folks that have been on the list -- folks and organizations that the President attacks.

BLITZER: Yes, early, and clearly things can change, but that's a disturbing development. I want to go to the White House. Jeff Zeleny is getting more information. What are they saying over there, Jeff?

JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, we are, indeed. We are told the President has been briefed several times about the situation throughout the morning. He is still in the residence of the White House where he usually spends most of his mornings before his meetings begin. A couple officials are telling us that he has been briefed. He following along on this. The news coverage as well, as we know he's generally watching here.

He's not said anything about it himself directly, but the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has issued a statement condemning all of these attacks. The Vice President has as well. Ivanka Trump, the senior adviser to the President and the President's daughter, has also issued a statement condemning what's happening here, condemning these suspicious packages.

But we are told the President is still scheduled to keep his schedule, that includes an event this afternoon here at the White House as well as a campaign rally this evening in Wisconsin. If that changes, the officials say that they will let us know. But as of now, he is scheduled to continue that. But Wolf, the Secret Service is also clarifying. There were some reports this morning, an official said that a package was addressed here as well.

The Secret Service is saying that is not the situation at all. The White House has not received any packages. But the President is being briefed on this, and so far they are not saying anything. We're asking about if he has a comment to this, the sense that all of these suspicious packages are being sent to places that he has criticized and he certainly has talked a lot as we've covered all of these rallies across the country. The rhetoric is extraordinarily intense thirteen days before the midterm elections.

And indeed, it has been for a long time. We do not know if there is a correlation or not, but we are asking the White House for the President's view on the rhetoric specifically. If he has an answer, we'll let you know, Wolf.

BLITZER: And just to be precise, the President has not yet tweeted, issued a public statement, anything along those lines, even though the Vice President, the Press Secretary, and others at the White House are making statements condemning all these developments, the President has personally been silent. I just want to be precise on that.

ZELENY: As of now, at this moment, at this second, he has not sent out a message. That could change, of course, at any time on social media, on Twitter. That's how he generally communicates, but his spokesperson, the White House Press Secretary, has sent out a statement on behalf of the White House so that has happened. The Vice President has as well, Ivanka Trump has, but the President as of this moment has not, Wolf. BLITZER: Which is unusual, because we likes to tweet on important

stuff; sometimes, not important stuff. This is clearly a very important development indeed. We'll see what the President personally says. That's coming up.


BLITZER: Jeff, I know you're working your sources over there. We'll get back to you. Kate, you're there in New York City, outside the Time Warner Center. You, like all your colleagues in New York have been evacuated. You've been told there will be a press briefing, New York law enforcement will be briefing reporters in less than an hour, but what else are you hearing?

BOLDUAN: They have opened up this portion of 58th Street that we have moved, that had been locked down, that was called a frozen zone and the containment device was being taken down this avenue. They have taken that dangerous path, the risk of that while they passed, they have now opened up that portion of 58th Street, of course the block where our building is, that is still locked down. No suggestion by anybody involved when that is going to open up, Wolf, but I can say that suspicious package has left the vicinity, Wolf.

BLITZER: These are all very, very disturbing developments. Let me read the tweet that Ivanka Trump posted just a few moments ago. "I strongly condemn the attempted acts of violence against President Obama, the Clinton family, CNN and others. There is no excuse. America is better than this. Gratitude to the Secret Service and law enforcement for all they do to keep this nation safe." That's from the President's daughter and senior advisor Ivanka Trump.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson says that the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen has been briefed on these suspicious packages. Earlier Jeff Zeleny was reporting the President has been fully briefed on this as well.

Athena, you're there outside the Time Warner Center, as well, Athena Jones is on the scene for us, what else are you learning?

ATHENA JONES, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Wolf, that's right, I'm at the other end of the block from where Kate and Poppy and Jim are at 58th and 8th Avenue. This is where we expect to have a presser in about an hour, a press conference at 12:45 and we know how who will be among the briefers at that press conference -- Governor Andrew Coumo, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and representatives from the NYPD and the Fire Department of New York. This is all according to the governor's spokesman and via colleague Mark Morales. So that is who will be briefing us in about an hour right in this vicinity.

As you mentioned, or as Kate was mentioning, this part of the block is still shut down, you can see a number of NYPD officials behind me. We know the containment truck is now gone. We continue to see bomb sniffing dogs sniffing some of the vehicles on this block and we've also gotten a tweet from the New York City Police Department Commissioner just explaining who all is on the scene. I mentioned earlier that Jon Miller who is -- heads up the Counter

Terrorism and Intelligence Investigations for NYPD. We saw him arrive here earlier. We know that the NYPD Special Operations Team is here, other intel and counter terrorism units, all of them investigating the circumstances here and let's remind our viewers once again where we are, we're in midtown Manhattan in the heart of New York City. This is a major avenue, a major transit point that is now shut down as a crowd of onlookers and news cameras arrive.

And we're standing next to Time Warner Center, which has been entirely evacuated. This is not just a building that houses CNN, and WarnerMedia and TNT and Turner, it also houses dozens and dozens of shops, it's a mall. There are restaurants. There is a Whole Foods grocery store downstairs, the entire building evacuated just after 10:00 a.m.

And one more reminder about that package, it was received to the mail room which is in the basement of Time Warner Center, midmorning, sometime in the 9:00 hour. And so that is the information we have right now.

We also know that it was sent to 10 Columbus Circle. Now, 10 Columbus Circle, that street address is the street address that pops up when you try to Google or search on the internet for CNN, it also pops up if you're searching for the shops at Columbus Circle, I should point out.

You mentioned that this package was addressed not only to CNN, but specifically to John Brennan, the former CIA director. We've been talking about how this package contained pipes and wires being treated clearly as a real explosive and so we will await that press conference just in a little over an hour from now again from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and representatives from the NYPD and the Fire Department of New York, Wolf.

BLITZER: I just want to point out a representative for the former CIA representative John Brennan is telling CNN that Brennan is not commenting on the suspicious package that was addressed to him at CNN at the CNN New York bureau, John Brennan, not commenting at least not yet.

Kate, you're there as well outside the Time Warner Center in New York. You're getting more information even as we speak?

BOLDUAN: Yes, Wolf, right now they're still -- right now, they are trying to open up this street still on 58th Street, they're trying to loosen up the traffic. They'll trying to ease the congestion, but I can only what's been created since this started now a couple of hours ago.


BOLDUAN: I have been able to actually link up with my colleagues Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto because we have been separated.

SCIUTTO: This is news by cell phone. BOLDUAN: This has been a pretty amazing thing to watch. The ebb and

flow of the presence that has built up this morning. You guys were on air when this all happened. I saw you guys ripping out your IFBs and following everybody down the stairs, and then that containment device leaving. It is going to drive right past us ...

SCIUTTO: And the bomb unit after it, listen, the device is now gone. They're taking it to a safer location so that they can investigate and glean what intelligence and what they can from that device particularly and we've been reporting this since from the very beginning, the first devices were reported targeting the Clintons, Obamas, Soros -- that they saw commonalities between these devices.

HARLOW: Right ...

BOLDUAN: And now even at Debbie Wasserman Schultz -- there is a device at one of her offices. Any linkage -- we don't know at this point.

SCIUTTO: They believe they are linked. They believe they are linked but again, it's early, we always caution early in the investigation. So there are no conclusions.

HARLOW: And the fact that when we were on the air right before the fire alarm went off and the alert that we needed to evacuate, Jim and I had just gotten reporting from Shimon Prokupecz that these devices were indeed rudimentary, but functional, right?

BOLDUAN: And you hear that they're functional and then you get the alert that there is maybe one in your building while you're on the air, I mean, it all happened so fast ...

HARLOW: None of us were prepared -- rudimentary or not.

SCIUTTO: And it's no longer a suspicious package, right, it's a functional explosive device.

BOLDUAN: And you would not see this, I think, we can all safely say you would not see this kind of presence and this kind of response and this kind of sustained response that we have seen if it was not something we take very seriously. When we got down here, I can say, though, we will see if it's still the same. We have noticed a change in the tension from the officers that I have been interacting with.

SCIUTTO: No question. They've been letting us back half black closer ...

BOLDUAN: Yes, exactly. Things are easing up somewhat. We're getting live pictures right now, we're showing everyone. We're showing you live pictures of the -- I'm just being told by the control room, we've got live pictures of the suspicious device being removed and being take on to where it eventually will go, to the containment facility -- the screening facility.

I'm just learning this from the control room as we speak and we're looking at this right now. But again, when that happens at Rodman's Neck, when that happened and then we can say this very confidently, this doesn't answer any of the big questions that we have right now.

We've got a briefing from NYPD, now it's official that is going to be happening at 12:45, which will be now in about 45 minutes and there are a lot of questions right now, but first and foremost, the control room is in my ear talking to me at the same time as we're trying to talk to everybody else. There's a lot of breaking news dealing with this, but the fact of the matter is, a lot of questions still remain.

A lot of questions that NYPD need to answer, but I will say, the response has been remarkable by the NYPD, the FDNY -- the professionalism they have handled this situation with clarity throughout situation, with clarity throughout this unfolding breaking situation in the heart of Manhattan. There are a rush of vehicles that are now being clogged up sine this breaking news.

HARLOW: Kate, you were on the air when we all got that emergency alert, "shelter in place," which is something that we as reporters make these reports on when it happens in a situation like this. It's never happened to us before and we have seen it and the NYPD was telling me, look, this is imminent danger, we don't know if something is going to detonate or not, but there's still something that's been striking being out here doing our job and then getting the alert, "shelter in place."

SCIUTTO: You know, the New York Police Department, when they do drills to respond within minutes to terror like threats around the city, they will converge on a spot, announce summarily just to keep folks on their toes, but what we saw today was not a drill, of course, it's real life and the New York Police Department responding to, as they are trained to do and have been every day since 9/11, responding quickly to threats like this one.

BOLDUAN: I have to say, this is just remarkable to see that this device has now left the Time Warner Center, that was in the Time Warner Center, it's left the Time Warner Center. It's on the way to the Bronx, on its way to the screening facility right now as we're watching this now. It's one thing to cover it, we do it all the time, it's another thing when it's happening in our place of work and everyone else that is impacted by this.

HARLOW: And the people, Kate, and Jim that ran in when we ran out. Those lights were switched off on our steps, we held our mics, got our IFBs out of our ear and we and the entire CNN team went out of the building and these are the folks that ran in.