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Packages with Explosives Sent to 10 Prominent Democrats; Part of DMZ in North and South Korea Will Be Demilitarized; Chan Chan, Peru Found Relics; Positive Athlete Segment; Cave Hall Found in Southern China At Bottom of Sinkhole

Aired October 26, 2018 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Up and down America`s eastern seaboard a manhunt is going on and that`s our first story this Friday on CNN 10. The names of

prominent Democrats, an actor and director and a former CIA director were written on packages that looked like they contained explosives. As of

Thursday night, authorities had discovered 10 of these packages in all. Three new ones were detected yesterday. None of the apparent explosives

has gone off. No one`s been hurt and one law enforcement source says, this likely means one of two things. Either the bomb maker didn`t construct the

explosives well or he or she constructed them specifically so they would not explode. Even though some of them were handled, jostled and moved

through the postal system.

At this point, investigators have classified the crimes as domestic terrorism meaning within the U.S. They say that could change. One

official says they believe some of the packages could have been sent from Florida. Several of them had the return address of a Democratic

Congresswoman from that state though she`s not a suspect. Officials are looking for fingerprints, DNA, hair, surveillance video clues, anything

that could help identify the sender. As one law enforcement official put it, everything is a clue. And though the Federal Bureau of Investigation

says it`s not sharing everything it knows with the public to avoid compromising the hunt for the bomber, it is asking the public to call in a

FBI tip lines if they see anything suspicious.

What`s been called the scariest place on earth is the sight of our next story. Despite it`s name, the Demilitarized Zone, the border that

separates North Korea and South Korea is one of the most heavily militarized borders on the planet. But in one section of the DMZ, where

the two countries soldiers have faced each other for decades with guns at their sides, the weapons were removed and the armed guards will be replaced

with unarmed personnel on both sides of the border. In addition, officials from the north and south say they`ve removed all the mines from the region.

They`re steps taken toward the more peaceful relationship that both Korean leaders say they want.


PAULA HANCOCKS, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: This was a very symbolic event that happened up in the DMZ on Thursday in the Joint Security Area,

the JSA, which is where North and South Korean soldiers have been facing off against each other for decades. We now know according to the South

Korean Defense Ministry that there are no more firearms. No more ammunition. No more guard posts in that one particular area of the DMZ.

It has been demilitarized. Now this is in keeping with the agreement between the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the South Korean President

Moon Jae-in just last month in Pyongyang when they had that third summit. They agreed on this broader military pact to try and make sure that

tensions didn`t spike again on the Korean Peninsula.

And they agreed that they wanted no firearms within that one area of - - of the DMZ. And remember, just a year ago there was that - - that event that

took place when a North Korean soldier defected from the North to the South. Ran across the MDL, Military Demarcation Line and was shot a number

of times by his own fellow soldiers. Those bullets flying from North Korea into the South Korean side. So it just shows that very recently, just a

year ago, there were tensions on that exact same area. So this is really just another indication that the cooperation and the negotiations between

North and South Korea are continuing. Paula Hancocks, CNN Seoul.


CARL AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these South American capitals is located the farthest west? Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; Bogota, Columbia;

or La Paz, Bolivia. Of these options, Peru has the western most capital. Lima is 77 degrees west.

Between the 12th and 15th centuries A.D., one of Peru`s most important cities was Chan Chan. It`s located in northern Peru. It`s ruins contain

everything from temples to living rooms to cemeteries. All in pretty good condition. This is where 20 intricate statues were buried about 750 years

ago and along with a complex adobe wall, they were just unearthed. There each a little more than two feet high. They have scepters in one hand and

also what maybe shields. They`re made from wood and they have clay masks and beyond that, they`re pretty mysterious. One was destroyed, others are

missing their heads. They might have been idols of some sort. They might have been decorations near the entrance of an important structure.

What`s certain is that they`re relics of the rich and complex history of Peru. From Peru to Potachu, that`s the name of a foundation in

Indianapolis, Indiana that has the goal of serving healthy meals to children who often don`t have them at home. Madeline Filer (ph) works with

the Potachu Foundation when she`s not in her high school classes or on the tennis court and that`s why she`s a great example of a Positive Athlete.


(MADELINE FILER): You see the camera person?


(FILER): You see the kids coming in for like the breakfast meal at school and the kids staying after school for the snack they offer. But like, I

never really had any idea that what was happening was they didn`t have food at home.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Indianapolis Public Schools has a huge number of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch.

(FILER): Indianapolis is one of the worst cities for access to food. We have a lot of hunger deserts and hunger swamps. Hunger swamps are areas

where you don`t have access to fresh food but you`ll have things like fast food. I didn`t really realize that these kids are going to bed hungry and

they`re going and eating processed foods. So I definitely want to just end hunger for all kids.

So they`re hard. I like that. That`s cool.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Madeline (ph) is an ambassador for the Potachu Foundation. Our goal is to fight hunger by serving a scratch made meal

that is healthy, wholesome and something that kids will devour. When we recruited Madeline (ph), we let the doors be open and she used her own

creativity to raise the funds necessary to pay for a day of meals every single week at one of our schools.

(FILER): There`s two main ways that I`ve been raising the money. The first one is through my supportive friends and family and I did fundraising

events. I`m currently at $8,959 and my goal is $10,000.

Yeah. Good job. You`re so smart.

When I started tennis I fell in love with it. I kind of like the work you have to put into it. On the tennis court, you have to be motivated to keep

playing because you have two sets to get through and I feel like that`s same with volunteering. If you don`t have the motivation to come and talk

with these kids and serve the meals, then you shouldn`t really be doing it. Because they can see that you don`t want to be here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know that she develops skills within herself that I can see on the tennis court but also here in the foundation. Being here

every single week is something that`s unique. Not only for anyone in the community but especially for someone of her age.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She saw a problem in her community and instead of complaining or placing blame. She took action and she took action by

asking all of her friends, family and business owners. Hey, let`s change this. Let`s feed these kids in our community.

(FILER): I find it like very rewarding to see that I`m helping others. Like every time that I walk out of the school that I just served, I just

feel like happy because I know that this is at least one more kid not going to bed hungry.


CARL AZUZ: We`ve discovered sculptures in Peru. We`ve discovered a positive athlete in Indiana. Climbers from China and Britain recently

discovered a giant cave in southern China. At first they were just studying a giant sinkhole but then they found a hall at the bottom of it.

So it`s just a cave hall right? Wrong. It`s gigantic. Big enough to fit two great pyramids inside. Researchers say this is one of the 10 biggest

cave halls on the planet.

It`s always tempting to explore. We`re glad those folks "caved". It`s not an insult someone a "spalunkhead" when they "stalagmight" make such a

"holesome" discovery that "ropes" in explorers who "carse" enough to "pit" themselves against the elements. Cave pun. Can you "dig" `em? I`m

"Carstal" Azuz for CNN 10. Friday`s are awesome.