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U.S. Responds to Caravan Migrants; Flooding in Italy; Kinetic Art Sculpting; Weather Across the U.S. for Halloween

Aired October 31, 2018 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Boo! This Halloween I`m going out as CNN Anchor Carl Azuz and I`m going to go ahead and give my costume a CNN 10 out of 10.

Thank you for watching on this last day of October. We`re starting with a report on the U.S. government`s response to a caravan of migrants heading

toward America`s southern border with Mexico. We first reported on the caravan last week on our October 22nd show. You can find that in our

archives at The group is made up mostly of people from Central America. It`s not known exactly how many migrants there are.

Many have turned back and headed home to nations like Honduras but estimates say several thousand are still in the caravan which is making its

way through Mexico. The U.S. military is sending command posts, helicopters, night vision equipment, medical units and more than 5,200

troops to the U.S. border with Mexico. The military says that`s in addition to more than 2,000 troops who`ve already been deployed from the

National Guard. The deployment is called Operation Faithful Patriot and an American military commander says the mission is to better secure areas

where people can cross into the U.S.

U.S. President Donald Trump says gang members and some very bad people are mixed into the caravan and that the migrants won`t be admitted into America

unless they go through the legal process. He also called the caravan an invasion of the U.S. Critics say the migrant group is not a threat to

America. That`s it`s mostly made up of women and children. They accuse the President of using the caravan to incite fear and attract votes in next

week`s mid-term elections. The migrants, who are traveling by foot, could still be weeks away from the U.S. border. The U.S. military operation

there is expected to run from November 5th through mid-December.


CARL AZUZ: It`s not unusual to see flooding in Venice, Italy this time of year. The city of lagoons and canals is often overwhelmed by water between

October and December but it is unusual to see flooding like this. A low pressure weather system has brought strong winds blowing from south to

north across Northern Italy. That combined with high tide has caused flooding in at least 77 percent of Venice. If high tide levels of 5 feet 3

inches above sea level are confirmed, they`ll be the city`s highest since 1979. Tourists and residents have had to wade through waist high water.

Marathon runners had to splash their way through part of the city on Sunday.

But this has been more than an inconvenience. Schools have been closed. The government has warned people against traveling unless it`s necessary

and 9 deaths have been blamed on the flooding. Even in the capital of Rome, which is located in Central Italy, officials have issued weather

alerts because of heavy rains, strong winds and violent storms. It`s limited some of the vacation options for tourists. The Coliseum, the Roman

Forum, the Ruins of the Ancient Roman City of Pompeii, all these sights were closed because of the bad weather.

10 Second Trivia. What adjective describes something specifically related to motion? Adroit, Didactic, Kinetic, or Plucky. When it comes to motion,

kinetic is the word that keeps things moving.

And in the art world, kinetic describes a piece that moves usually with mechanical parts, what you`re about to see is a perfect example. The

kinetic sculptures that Anthony Howe creates are tall as much as 25 feet high and they`re stopping people in their tracks around the world. They`re

expensive to buy but once you start looking at them, it`s hard to look away.


ANTHONY HOWE, SCULPTOR: Aliens. Jellyfish. Bursting suns. That all is immaterial to me. I don`t really want them to be like anything. I want

them to be like nothing else you`ve seen before. My name is Anthony Howe and I`m a kinetic wind sculptor residing on Orcas Island, Washington.

Unifying element to all of my work is that the outdoor stuff is all powered by the wind. I don`t have a gallery and haven`t had one for about 30

years. My wife and I have run the whole business ourselves without agents or galleries or consultants. Most of the people that see my work see it on

YouTube videos.

A large scale piece will generally start at say $45,000-$50,000 and go up to $400,000 if it`s a really big sculpture. But that`s a kind of a piece

that takes a long time to make and extracts a lot of physical ability out of me. What I`m trying to do with the work is cause people to stop

whatever thought process they have in their head and just for a moment experience a different kind of reality. Maybe more meditative. They work.

They take people out of their, whatever nonsense that`s going on in their heads. Puts them in a different place. It`s a feeling you get when you

see something that is very beautiful and unusual. That`s what I`m trying to do with the work.


CARL AZUZ: As American`s make plans to go to Halloween parties, watch creepy movies, or go trick-or-treating which I always thought was the most

thing about Halloween. The scariest part of the holiday may not be the costumes or the giant fake spider web decorations. It may be the weather.

At least for folks in parts of the Midwest and the South. Here`s what American`s can expect.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And here`s a quick look at your Halloween forecast, maybe somewhere around 6 or 7 o`clock on Halloween night. Rain showers and

even some severe weather across parts of the deep south. Colder weather to the north although this is still OK. 53 in Minneapolis, you don`t have to

put some kind of parka on top of your costume and cover it all up. You can dress warmly underneath. 76 in Memphis.

Now here is the area that there maybe thunder and lightening. You have to watch this as you kind of plan your attack on the neighborhood. See where

the storms are before you go out because this could be a 6 or 7 o`clock thunderstorm-lightening event for some people here and especially across

that orange area. And there`s the front. There`s the weather right on through Arkansas. Now it moves off to the east eventually for your

Thursday and Friday. High pressure in control of most of the west. Colder than you`ve been out west but still pretty good.

Here are our temperature now for Northeast. Syracuse should get to 56 right at game time or 6 o`clock eastern daylight time. 54 in Boston. 62

in New York. And still pretty mild in Columbus. Nashville still 73. There`s the line of weather approaching Texarkana, maybe Little Rock on up

even toward Cape Gerardo. That`s going to be the 6 o`clock forecast time there. Still thunderstorms around Houston, Texas and a high there a

beautiful 79.

Billings and also towards Boise and Missoula there`s snow in the higher elevations above about 7 or 8,000 feet. It will still be quite cool in

some spots. Flagstaff a cool spot here only 36, where Phoenix at your 10 o`clock eastern daylight time pretty close to 7 o`clock local, you will be

in the 70`s still. So enjoy your Halloween.


CARL AZUZ: So if you`re going trick-or-treating, an umbrella you`ll be needing if in Shreveport or in Lufkin you are trying to fill your pumpkin.

You`ll want that to be contained with much more candy than rain. So be sure to check the weather. Maybe the streets will be wetter or maybe just

a sweater will make your whole night better as you`re outside and hobnobbing for some chocolate to be gobbling. I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.