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Trump Speaks as GOP Loses House, Grows Senate Majority. Aired 12:30-1p ET

Aired November 7, 2018 - 12:30   ET


[12:30:00] DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: This is an investigation where many, many millions of dollars has been spent and there's no collusion. It was supposed to be on collusion. There's no collusion and I think it's very bad for our country. I will tell you, I think it's a shame.

And a poll came out today, by the way from NBC or at least I saw it on NBC where a majority of the people do not agree with the Mueller investigation or it wasn't approved -- they have approval and disapproval and it had a much higher disapproval. It should end because it's very bad for our country.


And I'm not just talking about the tremendous expense. And the other thing is they should look at the other side also. They only look at one side. They're not looking at all of the things that came up during this investigation. They don't do that.

They should also get people that could be fair, not 13 or 14 or 17, I call them the angry Democrats. They are angry people and it's a very unfair thing for this country. It's a very, very -- forget about unfair to me. It's very bad for our country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, Mr. President, if it's unfair --

TRUMP: Please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If it's unfair to the country and it's costing millions of dollars, why don't you just --

TRUMP: Give him the mic please. I've answered the question. Go ahead and take it.

Well, I'll give you voters -- I will give you voter suppression. You just have -- sit down, please. Sit down. I didn't call you. I didn't call you. I didn't call you.

I'll give you voter suppression, take a look at the CNN polls how inaccurate they were. That's called voter suppression. Go ahead, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President.


TRUMP: I'm not responding. I'm responding to -- excuse me, I'm not responding to you. I'm talking to this gentleman. Will you please sit down? Excuse me. Excuse me. Would you please sit down? Please, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Now that the House of Representatives --

TRUMP: Very hostile. It's such a hostile media. It's so sad. You ask me -- no, you rudely interrupted him. You rudely interrupted him. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Do your demands remain the same to the United States Congress on immigration in exchange for a DACA fix? In exchange for amnesty for 1.7 million, are you willing to change any of those demands that you gave to Congress earlier?

TRUMP: I think we could really do something having to do with DACA. And what really happened with DACA, we could have done some pretty good work on DACA but a judge ruled that DACA was OK. Had the judge not ruled that way, I think we would have made a deal. Once the judge ruled that way, the Democrats didn't want to talk anymore. So it'll see -- we'll see how it works out at the Supreme Court.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you still --

TRUMP: Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE) can you take a question from the international media?

TRUMP: From where?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: From the international media?

TRUMP: Yes, go ahead. Go ahead.



TRUMP: Go ahead. Which group? Where do you want me to take a question from?


TRUMP: Go ahead, ma'am. Go ahead, take the --


TRUMP: Either one. Either one.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Or both? TRUMP: Or both. Are you together? Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're not together. Mr. President, how do you respond to critics who say that your message on the campaign towards minorities have been polarizing.

TRUMP: I don't think it has been at all.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But is the election of two Muslim women, one of them is veiled to the House which is making history. Is this a rebuke of this message do you think --

TRUMP: I don't understand what you're saying. What?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is it a rebuke of this message. Do you think that this is more reflective of multi-ethnic and multicultural America?

TRUMP: Well, that question -- I can only say this, you look at the employment and unemployment numbers for African-Americans, for Asian- Americans, for Hispanic Americans, they're at a historic high. A poll came out recently where my numbers with Hispanics and with African- Americans are the highest, the best they've ever been. That took place two or three days ago, the poll. I have the best numbers with African-American and Hispanic-American that I've ever had before. And you saw the same polls.

So, I can say that, I can say this, you look at median income, you look at all of the employment and unemployment numbers, they're doing the best they've ever done and it reflects -- it really is very reflective in the polls.

Yes, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, I'm from Brooklyn so you'll understand me.

TRUMP: Yes, I understand you very well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My question is on healthcare. How is it possible to keep premiums down and cover pre-existing conditions without the individual mandate to fund it?

TRUMP: Well, first of all, what we're doing and we're -- if you look at the Department of Labor also secretary separately -- the secretary or what they've done, they've come up with some incredible healthcare plans which is causing great competition and driving the prices right down. But we are getting rid of the individual mandate because it was very unfair to a lot of people but at the same time we're covering the people that need it. But the individual mandate was a disaster because people that couldn't necessarily afford it were having to pay for the privilege of not having to pay for healthcare and it was bad healthcare at that.

[12:35:10] So we are working many plans with healthcare, we're creating tremendous competition. We had ObamaCare repealed and replaced. Unfortunately, one person changed his mind at the last moment and we had no Democrat support. I have to say that we didn't have one vote. We would have repealed it, replaced it. We would have had a large-scale very good healthcare plan.

Now we're doing it a different way. We're doing it a different way. But getting rid of the individual mandate is a very, very popular thing and a very important thing and people very much appreciate it. Go ahead.


TRUMP: No. That's enough. Go ahead, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, sir. Two questions. One, I think you went through the results and you obviously studied them late last night. What lesson did you learn most from looking at those results? Was there one thing as you kind of reviewed them that you'll change your strategy not just for Congress but kind of going forward? And just a follow-up question --

TRUMP: Well, I think the results that I've learned and may be confirmed, I think people like me. I think people like the job I'm doing, frankly, because if you look at every place I went to do a rally I couldn't do it with everybody but -- and it was very hard to do it with people in Congress because they're just too many -- it would be too many stops, but I did it with the Senate. I did it with Andy Barr as you know. And he won a very tough race against McGrath. That was a tough race in Kentucky and he was down quite a bit and I went there and we had a tremendous very successful -- some of you were at that rally and he won that race but I could only do that so much because there's just so many players involved but I did focus on the Senate and we had tremendous success with the Senate. Really tremendous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can I ask one more question, sir. Mr. President, one more question (INAUDIBLE). It's rare opportunity. A lot of people are going to be rushing to Iowa, rushing to New Hampshire. You know that the Democrats are already looking ahead to 2020. Do you want to lock down your ticket right now, sir? Will the vice president be your running mate in 2020?

TRUMP: Well, I haven't asked him but I hope so. Where are you? Mike, will you be my running mate? Huh? Stand up, Mike please. Raise your right hand? No, I'm only kidding. Will you, thank you. OK, good. And the answer is, yes, OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, sir.

TRUMP: That was unexpected but I feel very fine. Yes, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Going back to the Russia investigation and the potential investigations from the now Democratic majority in Congress, some say that you could stop all this by declassifying --

TRUMP: I could fire everybody right now but I don't want to stop it because politically I don't like stopping it. It's a disgrace. It should have never been started because there was no crime. It is -- everybody has conflicts. They all have conflicts over there that are beyond anything that anybody has ever seen in terms of conflicts. From the fact that people ask for jobs, from the fact that they have very good friends on the other side like really good friends like Comey who by the way lied and leaked and also leaked classified information, nothing happened there. It might perhaps, maybe something is happening that I don't know about. I stay away from it but you know what I do, I let it just go on. They're wasting a lot of money but I let it go on because I don't want to do that but you're right, I could end it right now. I could say that investigation is over but it's really -- it's a disgrace, frankly, and it's an embarrassment to our country. It's an embarrassment to the people of our country and it's too bad.

Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What about the declassification of the documents? Some say that that would clear --

TRUMP: We're looking at that very seriously. No, no, we're looking at that very seriously.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. Can I ask one more question?

TRUMP: It's amazing how people on the other side just don't want those documents declassified but, no, we're looking at that very carefully. I certainly wanted to wait until after the midterms.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I ask you o more question, Mr. President? OK. Thank you.

TRUMP: Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. You have campaigned as a pro-life president. You have defended the rights of unborn children. You now have a divided Congress. It's unlikely to pass (INAUDIBLE) to pass a pro-life bill --

TRUMP: Very tough issue.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How are you going to push forward your pro-life agenda?

TRUMP: It's going to push. I've been pushing, I've done a very good job too, they're very happy with me but it's a tough issue for the two sides. There's no question about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But what are you going to do?

TRUMP: What am I going to do? I won't be able to explain that to you because it is an issue that is a very divisive polarizing issue but there is a solution. I think I have that solution and nobody else does. We're going to be -- we're going to be working on that.

Yes, go ahead, please. [12:40:00] She took your place but that's OK.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. President, just a quick question on rural America. In states like Indiana and North Dakota, folks turned out for Republican candidates. Could you talk a little about what this means for your agenda in terms of trade and the farm bill?

TRUMP: The farm bill is working really well. I mean, we could have it approved any time but we're looking to get work rules approved. The farmers want it. I'd like it. The problem is the Democrats are not giving us the 10 votes that we need. We are -- everybody wants it. The farmers want it but the Democrats are not approving the farm bill with work rules. We could have it very fast without the work rules but we want the work rules in and the Democrats just don't want to vote for that, so at some point they'll have to pay maybe a price.

Jeff, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you very much, Mr. President.

TRUMP: Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you seen any evidence that Russia or China intervened in yesterday's election?

TRUMP: Well, we're going to make a full report and unlike the previous administration we've done a lot of work on that issue and if you look -- speak with the FBI, speak with the Department of Justice, speak to Homeland Security, we've spent a lot of time, it gets very little coverage in the papers. I mean, you cover the nonsense part but you don't cover the important -- this is very important. And we have been working very hard on China and Russia and everybody else looking into our elections or meddling with our elections, but people tend not to write about it but we have worked very hard as you probably heard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you intend to say, sir, to President Xi and to President Putin when you meet with them later this month?

TRUMP: Well, I have a good relationship with both. I know President Xi better but I think I have a very good relationship with both. I actually had a very good meeting in Russia that you people didn't agree with but that's OK. It doesn't much matter obviously because here I am.

But the fact is that I had a very, very good meeting, a very, very good meeting with President Putin and a lot was discussed about security, about Syria, about Ukraine, about the fact that President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken and right now you have submarines off that particular parcel that we're talking about.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was President Putin who annexed Crimea, sir.

TRUMP: That was President Obama's regime. That was during President Obama, right? That was not during me. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it was President Putin, sir, who did the annexation.

TRUMP: No, it was President Obama that allowed it to happen. Had nothing to do with me. OK. Go ahead. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

CORDELIA LYNCH, U.S. CORRESPONDENT, SKY NEWS: Thank you, Mr. President. Cordelia Lynch of Sky News. You're a man who likes to win but last night was not an absolute victory for you --

TRUMP: I'll be honest, I thought it was a very close to complete victory. When you look at it from the standpoint of negotiation, when you look at it from the standpoint of deal making because it's all about deal making. Again, if we had the majority and we had one or two or three votes to play with, we would never -- we would have been at a standstill. I really believe that we have a chance to get along very well with the Democrats and if that's the case we can do a tremendous amount of legislation and get it approved by both parties.

So, I can consider it to be -- hey, look, I won Georgia. President Obama campaigned very hard in Georgia. Oprah Winfrey campaigned very, very hard all over the television. I said, this is going to be tough. I only had me, I didn't have anybody else and I went to Georgia and we had one of the largest crowds that anybody here has ever seen here at a political rally. And you know what, he won. And he won actually by, you know, pretty good margin. He won.

And then we went to Florida and they had celebrities all over the place, and a man who happens to be a very smart person was running, Ron DeSantis, and people didn't give him a chance and I went and we had -- we did some great work and they're going to have a great governor at the state of Florida and then we talked about the Senate and a lot of money was pouring in for the Democrat. This is a man who's been in office for like 44 years or something. This is a man who is like a professional at getting elected and being in office so he's not -- Bill Nelson not easy to beat, OK. And -- but they had a lot of celebrities coming out for Nelson and, they had everybody coming out for Nelson and Rick Scott won and I helped him. And I think we've done an amazing job and you could look at many other places. You just take a look at some of the other places.

And we just got the word that in Iowa, you have a governor who just got extended who -- Kim just got extended and numerous other places.

[12:45:01] I think it was a great victory. I'll be honest. I think it was a great victory. And actually some of the news this morning was that it was in fact a great victory. But if you look at it from the standpoint of gridlock, I really believe there's going to be much less gridlock because of the way this is going than any other (INAUDIBLE).


TRUMP: Sit down, please. Go ahead. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Let me ask you about one of the campaign promises you made down the stretch which was a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You just talked about gridlock. Democrats can now run the House's Ways and Means Committee. If it means a tax cut of some kind for the middle class but that means raising rates elsewhere, corporations, on the wealthiest, is that a trade-off that you would be willing to make in able to enact a middle class tax cut?

TRUMP: Well, it could be. You know that this will have to be now proposed because if we did it now we don't have the votes in the Senate. You don't -- we need -- we would need 10 Democrat votes, we probably couldn't get them. If we could, we could pass it very easily in the House. But there's no reason to waste time because you don't have the votes in the Senate but if the -- as an example, if the Democrats come up with an idea for tax cuts which I am a big believer in tax cuts I would absolutely pursue something, even if it means some adjustment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some adjustment on which of the side, the corporate, the individual?

TRUMP: Yes, to make it possible but I would love to see a tax cut for the middle class now. That's going to be their decision. They're going to have to make that decision. As you know, if we bring it up to the Senate we'd need Democrat votes, 10, and don't have those 10 votes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And just because the markets would want to know, sir, some adjustment, would that be one, two, three percent on either side --

TRUMP: And I'm just saying, I would be certainly willing to do a little bit of an adjustment. Go ahead, behind


TRUMP: Go ahead, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, thank you very much. Two questions, one is you had stalked about leaders who called to congratulate you. Did President Putin called to congratulate you? And will you in fact meet with him at lunch this coming weekend?

TRUMP: Well, as I understand it, we're having and I guess a lot of you are going over. We're having a lunch for numerous countries. I'll be there. I believe President Putin is going to be there. We don't have anything scheduled. I don't think we have anything scheduled in Paris. And I'm coming back very quickly.

I'm going over -- there's a great event, this is an important -- really it's going to be a very important and I think a very beautiful ceremony. I'm looking forward to going and we're representing the incredible heroes of the world but the heroes of our country from World War I and so I'll be going there and I am very proud to go there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he call you --

TRUMP: I don't think we have time set aside for that meeting. Now, with that being said we're very shortly meeting again at the G20 where he'll be there and I'll be there and that's where we're actually looking forward to meet. We will be having a lunch but I think there are many people there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And did he call you to congratulate and also if I could also just invite you since this is quite a gathering we've got here to go ahead and talk about the staff changes that you expect in the White House while we're here, we're eager to hear about them. Is General Kelly going to stay on?

TRUMP: As we make changes we'll sit down and talk to you about it, Damien (ph). There's no great secret. A lot of administrations make changes after midterms. I will say that for the most part I'm very, very happy with this cabinet. We're doing a great job.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about in the White House, sir? You got a lot of White House staffs, some have been talking about leaving. General Kelly has been rumored to be leaving.

TRUMP: Well, that's OK. You know, people leave. People leave.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And is that going to happen, sir?

TRUMP: People leave. I haven't heard about John Kelly. But, no, people leave. They come in, they're here. It's a very exhausting job although I love doing it, I must tell you but it's exhausting for a lot of people. I'm surprised that a lot of people, they start off, they're young people. They're there for two years and they're old by the time they leave.

It's quite exhausting. But I love doing it and I'll tell you, there will be changes. Nothing monumental --


TRUMP: -- from that standpoint. I don't think very much different than most administrations but -- and we have -- I mean, we have many people lined up for every single position. Any position -- everybody wants to work in this White House. We are a hot country. This is a hot White House. We are a White House that people want to work with. OK.

No, no. Please, behind you. Behind you. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, this has been a very challenging campaign. This has been a very challenging campaign --

TRUMP: It's a very challenging campaign. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It has involved quite a lot of abuse and a lot of violence. People have died during the course of this campaign. Is there any way in which you think the temperature could be lowered, perhaps peace could break out with the media, perhaps your bipartisan relationships across the House and the Senate may now produce some change or are we going to have more of the same?

TRUMP: It's a very fair question. Look, I would love to see unity and peace and love and any other word you want to use. And obviously I think we had to especially at this particular (INAUDIBLE) who had to wait until after the midterms are over. Now they're over.

[12:50:05] If they would cover me fairly, which they don't, which they don't -- I'm not saying that in a hostile way, I get extremely inaccurate coverage, I can do something that's fantastic and they'll make it look like not good. And I don't mind being -- having bad stories, if I make a mistake, cover it. I'd like you to cover it fairly, but cover it. But when you do something terrific, look how little the economy is talked about. A poll came out this morning talking about how little the three networks -- I don't think they included CNN but how little the three networks talk about how good the economy is. How little. Almost not at all.

If President Obama had this economy -- and, by the way, if that administration through somebody else kept going, you would have had negative 4.2 instead of positive 4.2 percent growth. You would have had negative. It was heading down but the point is this -- excuse me, I would love to see unity including with the media because I think the media -- I'll be honest, I think it's a very divisive thing for our country. And you would be amazed at how smart people are that are reading the stories and seeing your stories and watching, you'd be amazed how perceptive and how smart they are. They get it. And it really does bring disunity.

I didn't -- excuse me. You are not called on. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, President Trump. Shortly after your victory speech on the stark night of -- back in November 2016, I asked you to what single factor you most attributed this victory too. And --

TRUMP: Seth (ph), you have to speak up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sure. On the night of your victory, I asked you right after your speech to what you would attribute your victory. You pointed out to the ceiling and you said that it was God. Based off of that, how would you say over the last two years God plays what kind of a factor he plays in the day-to-day execution of the office of the president --

TRUMP: Well, God plays a big factor in my life and God plays a factor in the lives of many people that I know very well in this room like your vice president, God plays a very big role in my life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And one more back -- quick one, quick follow-up. Which loss last night surprised you the most and which of these unsuccessful candidates are you most likely to consider for future administration -- would you consider --

TRUMP: But there were some losses last night and there were some victories last night that have been incredible. I mean, there were victories last night that nobody would believe. Especially based on the suppression polls, they had a lot of suppression polls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you consider --

TRUMP: And there was some victories last night that were very surprising but I'm not going to pick out special -- you know --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But would you consider any --

TRUMP: It's tough enough for those people to have a loss.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you consider any for administration post moving forward as one of the very few of the 3.7 percent --

TRUMP: Would I what? What?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you consider any of the people who lost last night for a post in the administration in the near future?

TRUMP: I know a couple of very good ones, yes, I would actually. Go ahead, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, I asked you on Monday if there's anything that you regret in your first two years and you said that at times you could have and should have used a, quote, softer tone. Your critics as you can imagine, your skeptics, they say they're not holding their breath on that happening. Will you indeed have to change your tone if you're to get things passed through Congress after losing the House? And you also said you might extend an olive branch. What would that look like?

TRUMP: I would love to have -- I'd be very good at a low tone but when things are done not correctly about you, written about you, said about you on television, on wherever it is you have to defend yourself. I would love to do very even toned -- much easier than what I have to do. I have to go around and going around is much easier than facing somebody and being treated fairly. But when you're not treated fairly you have no choice. I would love to have a very even modest boring tone, I would be very honored by that. But you know what, when you have to fight, all the time fight because you're being misrepresented by the media, you really can't do that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But not about the media, sir. But -- sir, real quickly, not about the media but what about Congress?

TRUMP: Please go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, how you focus on the economy --

TRUMP: Where are you from, please? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Japan.

TRUMP: Say hello to Shinzo.


TRUMP: I'm sure he's happy about tariffs on his car. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (INAUDIBLE). So how you focus on the trade commensurate with Japan. Would you ask Japan to do more or would you change your tone?

TRUMP: I don't -- I really don't understand you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How would you focus on trade --

TRUMP: Trade with Japan? Well, we're dealing with Japan right now on trade. Japan has -- it's a great country.

[12:55:01] You have a great prime minister who just had a very successful election. He's a very good friend of mine. He's one of the people I'm closest with and -- but I tell him all the time that Japan does not treat the United States fairly on trade. They send in millions of cars at a very low tax. They don't take our cars. And if they do they have a massive tax on the cars.

Japan -- and I'm not blaming Japan. I'm blaming the people that were in charge of the United States for allowing that to happen. But as you know we have close to $100 billion trade deficit with Japan and Japan has treated us very unfairly but don't feel lonely because you weren't the only one.

(Foreign Language)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Two internationalist questions. The first one, Secretary Pompeo's talks about -- with North Korea have been postponed. What is happening there and will your meetings tell what happened --

TRUMP: We're going to change it because of trips that are being made. We're going to make it on another date but we're very happy how it's going with North Korea. We think it's going fine. We're in no rush. The sanctions are on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're still expect to meet Kim Jong-un?

TRUMP: No, no. Excuse me, wait.


TRUMP: The sanctions are on. The missiles have stopped. The rockets have stopped. The hostages are home. The great heroes have been coming home. Mike Pence was in Hawaii where the -- one of the most beautiful ceremonies that anyone has ever seen for the fallen, these are great heroes, very important when I was running, a lot of people -- as many years ago as it was in many cases grandchildren but were asking about that, they're coming home and they're being provided to us as we speak. But I'm in no rush. I'm in no rush.

The sanctions are on. I read a couple of times and I've seen a few times where they said he's done so much. What have I done? I met. Now, I'd love to take the sanctions off but they have to be responsive too. It's a two-way street but we're not in any rush at all. There's no rush whatsoever.

You know, before I got here they were dealing with this for over 70 years and I guess on a nuclear front for 25 years. That's a long time. I've been there, I probably left Singapore four or five months ago and we made more progress in that four or five months than they've made in 70 years and nobody else could have done what I've done.

But I'll say this, I'll say this very simply. We're in no rush. The sanctions are on. And whenever it is -- but that meetings are going to be rescheduled.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That meeting -- but how about your meeting with Kim Jong-un, sir. Will it happen in the next months?

TRUMP: Some time next year, I would say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some time next year?

TRUMP: Some time early next year. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And a quick question on the USMCA. Now that it's been concluded, have you repaired your relationship with Prime Minister Trudeau?

TRUMP: Yes, I have. We have a very good relationship.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you very much. Mr. President. We've been talking a lot about division and the division that exists in this country right now and some of the statistics are disturbing I think to just about everyone. Anti-Semitic incidents have increased by 57 percent since 2016. Hate crimes are on the rise. Why do you think that is and what will you do about it as president?

TRUMP: It's very sad to see it. I hate to see it and as you know I've done more, in fact, if you were with us the last time we met, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that this president has done more for Israel than any other president. Those words. Those exact words.

Jerusalem, protection, working together, so many different things but the big thing is Jerusalem. You know many, many presidents have said they are going to build the embassy in Jerusalem. Never happened. Making it the capital of Israel. Never happened. Never happened. But it happened with me and quickly.

And not only did it happen, we built the embassy. That would have taken another 15 or 20 years and cost probably billions of dollars and we did it for a tiny amount of money. It's already done. It's open. Nobody has done more for Israel than Donald Trump and the nice part is that's not me saying it, that's Prime Minister Netanyahu.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But what about -- Mr. President, what about the divides in this country? Mr. President, what about healing the divides in this country --

TRUMP: Well, we want to see it here. And one of the things I think that can help heal is the success of our country. We are really successful now. We've gone up $11.7 trillion in worth if you know. China has come down tremendously. Tremendously.

China would have superseded us in two years as an economic power. Now they're not even close. China got rid of their China 25 because I found it very insulting. I said that to them. I said, China 25 is very insulting because China 25 means in 2025 they're going to take over economically the world.