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Remembering the Life and Legacy of Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush; A 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Alaska; A Twin-Filled Basketball Program

Aired December 3, 2018 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: December 3rd is one day after the official start Hanukkah, about two and a half weeks from the official start of winter and

just over three weeks from Christmas. And we thank you for spending 10 minutes of it with CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz.

We start today by remembering America`s 41st president.

George Herbert Walker Bush served as U.S. leader from 1989 to 1993. Before he passed away on Friday, he was the nation`s oldest living president. In

fact, he was the longest living president in U.S. history at more than 94 years and five months old.

President Jimmy Carter is now the nation`s oldest living president. He`s also 94, but he was born a few months after President Bush.

The 41st U.S. leader had a pretty remarkable life. When he became a pilot for the U.S. Navy in 1943, he was the branch`s youngest pilot at the time.

He flew 58 combat missions during World War II, earning three Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

He played in the first two college World Series baseball games in 1947 and 1948, and that was all before he even entered politics. And when George

H.W. Bush was elected to the presidency in 1988, he was the first sitting vice president to do that since Martin Van Buren in 1836.

It wasn`t just his political life that made history though. In January, the former president and his wife, Barbara, set the high mark for the

longest married presidential couple. They`ve been together for 73 years.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away on April 17th. His husband, a man remembered by his sons as a wonderful dad followed on November 30th.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST (voice-over): George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Milton, Massachusetts on June 12th, 1924. The son of a future U.S.

senator, he married Barbara Pierce. They had six children; two would follow his footsteps into public life.

GEORGE W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I, George Walker Bush, do solemnly swear.

COOPER: In 2001, his eldest son, Texas governor, George Walker Bush, became the 43rd president, the first since John Quincy Adams to follow his

father into the White House.

JEB BUSH (R), FORMER GOVERNOR OF FLORIDA: I`m now about to enter, so help me God --

COOPER: His second son, Jeb Bush, served two terms as Florida governor and in 2016 unsuccessfully ran for the Republican presidential nomination.

After earning a degree at Yale, the elder Bush moved his family to Texas, where he made a fortune in the oil business. There his budding interests

in Republican politics blossomed. That one fact helped Bush become elected to two terms as a congressman. But he was defeated in two subsequent bids

for the U.S. Senate. His disappointment didn`t last long.

GEORGE H.W. BUSH, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We view this item as a -- so seriously that we consider it a possible turning point in the

history of the United Nations.

COOPER: His political profile was high enough that President Nixon appointed him U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Later he became

chairman of the Republican National Committee.

President Ford sent him to China to head up the U.S. liaison office as part of a new initiative in U.S.-Chinese relations. And in 1975, Bush came home

to become director of the CIA, a job associates said he truly loved.

He left that job when Democrat Jimmy Carter became president and soon became a player in national Republican politics. Bush ran against Ronald

Reagan in the 1980 GOP primaries, winning some but eventually withdrawing when it became clear he wouldn`t be the nominee.

But Reagan believed the Texas oilman could help him win over the party`s moderates and named him as his running mate. As vice president, Bush spent

a lot of time on the road. He was Reagan`s heir apparent in 1988.

BUSH 41: I want a kinder and gentler nation, like 1,000 points of light in a broad and peaceful sky.

COOPER: He also made a campaign promise that would come back to haunt him.

BUSH 41: Read my lips: no new taxes.

COOPER: His selection of a running mate surprised many.

BUSH 41: My choice for the vice presidency is Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana.

COOPER: The voters supported the ticket.

BUSH 41: So help me God.

COOPER: As the nation`s 41st president, Bush`s focus returned to international affairs. He presided over the collapse of communism in the

former Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. He ordered U.S. troops into Latin America to capture Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega.

BUSH 41: The responsibility for sending someone`s son and, today, daughter into harm`s way rests on the shoulders of the president. So, it is the

most difficult decision.

COOPER: He would order U.S. troops into combat again, allied with dozens of other countries, to free Kuwait from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein`s

aggression. The first Gulf War didn`t last long.

In less than six weeks, the Iraqis were booted from Kuwait but Saddam Hussein remained in power and held a grudge. Years later, a car bombing

plot hatched in Iraq targeted Mr. Bush during a visit to Kuwait.

BUSH 41: You`ve got to have security. If I have to have it with the Secret Service, I`ve got the best there is and we will continue to be


COOPER: The United States retaliated with a missile attack against Iraq`s intelligence headquarters. The man behind the plot would not be captured

for another decade. The second President Bush ordered the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.

COOPER: At home, President Bush was hammered by critics for compromising with Congress on tax increases and breaking his "no new taxes" promises.

BUSH 41: Well, it was a mistake to go along with the Democratic tax increase. And I admit it.

COOPER: In a three-way battle with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot, he lost. He lived long enough to see his son accomplish what he did not -- win a

second term in the White House.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So help me God --

BUSH 43: So help me God --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations.

COOPER: At his son`s request, he also briefly reentered the public spotlight.

BUSH 41: The aftermath of the devastating tsunami --

COOPER: He joined with former president Bill Clinton to help raise money for victims of the 2004 earthquake and tsunamis in Asia. The two reunited

in late 2005 to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

As a young Navy pilot, Bush`s plane was shot down and he had to bail out over the Pacific. As a far older man he would jump from planes again to

celebrate his 80th, 85th and 90th birthdays.

BUSH 41: It feels good. It`s an exhilaration. It sends a message around -- with these guys -- all around the globe, that just because you`re an old

guy, you don`t have to sit around drooling in the corner. Get out and do something. Get out and enjoy life.

COOPER: It was a life that brought George Herbert Walker Bush back to the White House in 2011 to receive the nation`s highest civilian honor, the

Presidential Medal of Freedom.

BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Those of you who know him, this is a gentleman, inspiring citizens to become points of light in

service to others. His life is a testament that public service is a noble calling.

COOPER: At his beloved wife Barbara`s funeral, President Bush posed for a photo with other surviving former presidents. The years had taken their

toll on his body but his dignity and resolve shined through, part of a graceful final act in a life of public service.

BUSH 41: I do not fear what is ahead, for our problems are large but our heart is larger. Our challenges are great but our will is greater.



AZUZ (voice-over): Ten-second trivia:

Which U.S. state sees the most earthquakes?

Alaska, California, Hawaii or Arizona?

The United States Geological Survey says Alaska is the most seismically active state in the country.


AZUZ: Even though a major magnitude 7 earthquake struck near the Alaska city of Anchorage Friday, most businesses, airports, hospitals and

emergency services were up and running on Sunday. And officials say no deaths or serious injuries.

The city`s mayor says this is a demonstration that Anchorage is prepared for this kind of emergency. Still, power was knocked out from many

residents, roads were ripped apart, buildings were damaged, and more than a thousand aftershocks of magnitude 1.5 or greater have struck since Friday`s


Schools in Anchorage are closed today and tomorrow, and Alaska`s governor has made a disaster declaration that quickly get money and resources to

those who need them. A seismologist says the quake was felt as far as 400 miles away and that this was the most significant tremor that Anchorage had

experienced since a historic 9.2 magnitude quake struck in 1964.

Alaska is located along the Pacific Ring of Fire, a region shaped like a horseshoe where most of the world`s seismic activity takes place.


AZUZ: Basketball teams that face Texas` Splendora High School could have a unique challenge to grapple with -- wins. Not just one set where players

might have trouble keeping track of who has the ball, but there are six set of twins playing on the boys and girls teams.

And to make this twice as crazy, but teams` coaches are parents of twins. One coach calls it a blessing because of how they connect, work together,

compete and support one another.

I guess that`s right up there alley hoop. And no matter how the game goes, double doubles are always part of it, the sixth man is probably related to

someone on the court, and two-pointers are everywhere you look.

Wonder how they`d stack up against a triplet threat. Keeping up with that could make anyone a basket case.

I`m Carl Azuz for CNN 10.