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2019 New Year's Eve With CNN. Aired 9-10p ET

Aired December 31, 2018 - 21:00   ET


SANTINO FONTANA, AMERICAN ACTOR: Hi, Anderson and Andy. Santino Fontana here in the Heart of Times Square with a new Broadway Musical, "Tootsie" is kicking off in March. And the entire "Tootsie" family wants to wish you, a Happy New Year.

CAST OF "THE BAND'S VISIT": Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

CAST OF "COME FROM AWAY": Anderson and Andy, the Tony award winning Broadway musical, "Come From Away" tells the story of a small town in New Finland that opened its heart to the world and welcomed them on September 11th, 2001.

Fun fact, New Finland is the first place in North America to ring in the new year. Wishing everyone a healthy and Happy New Year! Happy New Year.

(VOICE OVER): From the heart of Times Square, it's CNN's "New Year's Eve Live." Welcome to TV's wildest party. Star-studded. Unpredictable. With performances and appearances by Gwen Stefani, Dave Chappelle, Jack Black, Keith Urban, and more surprises. And now, your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

ANDERSON COOPER, ANCHOR, CNN: And the top of the hour to you from here in Times Square.

ANDY COHEN, ANCHOR, CNN: Is that your Irish accent.

COOPER: No, just - I don't know what it is. Top of the hour.

COHEN: Oh my gosh, here we are, me and Anderson and hundreds of thousands of people in the rain in Times Square.

COOPER: Yes, it's our hourly toast.

COHEN: But it's not making it any less fun.

COOPER: Another toast.

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Cheers. If you have at home, not if you're driving, but feel free to toast along with us.

COHEN: Absolutely. You know what, everybody here seems to be having a great time. He's not a big drinker

COOPER: Ah. It's like burning your lungs.

COHEN: It's burning your lungs? Feels good to me. We have some great guests and musical acts still to come tonight. Grammy winners, Oscar winners.

COOPER: We have a surprise guest, too. Very special. But we, right now, two especially special guests. I think we can say that, especially to Andy, certainly and to me as well, for the second year in a row, it is now officially tradition, Andy's parents are joining us from St. Louis. Happy New Year, Mr. and Mrs. Cohen. Congratulations ...

COHEN: Hey, mom --

COOPER: ... on your upcoming grandson.

EVELYN COHEN, ANDY COHEN'S MOTHER: Thank you. Oh, my gosh.


E. COHEN: We just came and saw you there in the rain.

L. COHEN: And you're tired of holding the umbrella?

A. COHEN: I am tired of holding the umbrella. I actually am. But you know what, it's all right. We're staying warm. We're having a great time. Wait, you just came in, where have you been, mom?

E. COHEN: Do you have a cover or something?

COOPER: No, they don't allow it. They don't allow it and for security reasons, they say. They don't even want us to have the umbrella. It's been a fight.

A. COHEN: Yes, we've been fighting with them about the umbrella.

COOPER: Yes, you would be proud of your son, though, he was literally like put me in a paddy wagon.

A. COHEN: I did, I just said take me away.

COOPER: I'm not getting rid of this umbrella.

A. COHEN: It's true. Mom, where have you guys been? You weren't watching the show?

E. COHEN: We were at the movie. Well, we were at the movies and we came in to talk to you.

A. COHEN: What'd you see?

E. COHEN: We turned on the set, and there you are, all wet.

A. COHEN: What did you see?

L. COHEN: "Vice." E. COHEN: Vice.

A. COHEN: What movie did you see? "Vice," how was it?

E. COHEN: It was slow.

L. COHEN: Choppy.

E. COHEN: Choppy. But it was okay. It wasn't terrible, but wasn't the best movie I've ever seen.

A. COHEN: Not a rave review.

COOPER: But I do love it that, you know, your son is, you know, co- hosting a nationwide, actually a global --

A. COHEN: Worldwide.

COOPER: World wide --

A. COHEN: And they're at the movies.

COOPER: For the second time you're at the movies. I think this is the second time you were at the movies. Last year, I think you spent most of the show outside at the movies.

A. COHEN: True.


A. COHEN: So, mom, I'm told that our producers gave you some lines to read and that you're going to read and that you're going to read us some lines from pop culture and we're going to try to guess who said them this year. Is that right?

E. COHEN: That is correct.

A. COHEN: Okay. So give us the first.

E. COHEN: Do you want to start?

A. COHEN: Yes.

E. COHEN: Okay, Lou.

L. COHEN: Are we ready to go?

E. COHEN: Yes. Go.

A. COHEN: Yes, dad.

L. COHEN: Who said this? "I feel nervous, overwhelmed. Everything I feel, woo, butterfly in my stomach and vagina."

A. COHEN: Cardi B. Said that, right, dad?

L. COHEN: Oh, that's absolutely right.

A. COHEN: Butterflies in the vagina, yes. Yes. At the Grammys. She said that. Okay. What's the next one?

COOPER: I can't believe your dad just said that.


E. COHEN: Who said this? "To this day, my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch and I'm in no rush to get rid of it. I think it's real. Whenever I'm ready to get a six pack, I will go into beast zone and work my ass off until I have it."

A. COHEN: Do you know who said that?

COOPER: Is that Beyonce?

E. COHEN: Yes.

L. COHEN: That's right.

COOPER: Yes. I got it --

A. COHEN: How did you know that?

E. COHEN: Anderson --

COOPER: Evelyn and Lou, did you get a call from Seacrest, were they trying to book you to do this? Because if they were, we really appreciate you agreeing to do it with us.

A. COHEN: Yes, exactly. Do you have another one, mom?

E. COHEN: We're moving over - we've going there after we're through with you.

COOPER: Oh, you got another booking, okay.

A. COHEN: Thanks for doing us first. Do you have another one, mom?

E. COHEN: I've got another one. Okay. This is a scene from a movie. Guess the movie.

A. COHEN: Okay. Okay. Guess the movie.

E. COHEN: Okay, start over, Lou.

L. COHEN: This is the scene - hey.

E. COHEN: What?

L. COHEN: I just wanted to take another look at you.

E. COHEN: Aww.

A. COHEN: Okay. That's "Star is Born." That was butchered. I mean, that was your "Star is Born"? I think you could conjure up more energy.


A. COHEN: Some more chemistry. You've been together 60-something years.

E. COHEN: I didn't look at him.

COOPER: Oh, my gosh.

E. COHEN: That's 67 years.

A. COHEN: Do - mom, read the last one. Read the last one.

E. COHEN: Oh, I skipped one? Okay.

A. COHEN: Yes, yes, do the last one.

E. COHEN: Okay. Who said this? "I went to do a yoga class in L.A. recently and the 22-year-old girl behind the counter was, like, have you ever done yoga before and literally I turned to my friend and I was like, you have this job because I've done yoga before."

COOPER: Gwyneth Paltrow.

A. COHEN: That was Gwyneth Paltrow.

COOPER: Yes, that's Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes. That was a good read.

A. COHEN: Good read, mom. Good read.

E. COHEN: Thank you.

A. COHEN: Thank you, guys. Happy New Year, you guys.

L. COHEN: Same to you, guys.

A. COHEN: Love you.

E. COHEN: Stay dry.

COOPER: Happy New Year.

A. COHEN: Kiss everybody in St. Louis.

COOPER: All right, have a shot with us on the next hour.

A. COHEN: Say hi to the Newmarks. Okay. We're going to be hearing from plenty of celebrities about what their resolutions are going to be in the New Year.

COOPER: I don't think Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be calling.

A. COHEN: At "Watch What Happens Live," we've had a lot of great guests this year. And everybody who stopped by, we asked them for their New Year's resolution. Here's a first look. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

DUA LIPA, SINGER SONGWRITER: My New Year's resolutions is not to make any because I end up breaking them all.

KENAN THOMPSON, AMERICAN ACTOR: To tone down the road rage because I drive a lot in the city and it can make you very angry. So I think I'm going to just try to be lot more patient because it's getting dangerous out there.

GAYLE KING, AMERICAN ACTRESS: To get more organized. I'm so disorganized. I've worked on it for years and I just can't get it together.

LENNY KRAVITZ, SINGER SONGWRITER; To eat raw vegan for the entire year of 2019.

JENNIFER LOPEZ, SINGER SONGWRITER: To really find true balance this year, between work and family, free time and work time. That's always been a struggle for me, but I think I'm getting so much better and my resolution is to continue to grow in that area.

LEAH REMINI, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Let go. Let go of the past. And to be forgiving of others, but also this, I think this is the most important of yourself, of the things you've done, not your past, and to love yourself.

NATALIE PORTMAN, AMERICAN ACTRESS: To not look at my phone very much this year. Maybe not at all.

LESLIE MANN, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Break my husband's phone into pieces and put my phone away more often.

LUCAS HEDGES, AMERICAN ACTOR: To read a book a month.



COOPER: That's so nice that everybody did that.

COHEN: It's fun.


COHEN: Really fun. We have a lot more to come, too.

COOPER: You get a lot of great guests on "Watch What Happens Live." You ask questions that there's no way I could get away with asking somebody. You asked Shaq how big his --

COHEN: Penis is.

COOPER: And he answered. That's the thing.

COHEN: He did. COOPER: He didn't slap you. He put it -

COHEN: All right. We are going to go to round one of our 2018 news quiz.


COHEN: I'm going to quiz you on pop culture news and you're going to quiz me on, like --

COPER: Okay. Now, we can do this - if you're drinking at home, you want to play along, every time he gets it wrong, you take a drink or he gets it right, take a drink or I get it wrong, you take a drink or I get it right.

COHEN: Okay, Anderson, this year the hit show "This Is Us" featured a sudden surprise death caused by what household appliance? A microwave? A panini maker? Or a slow cooker? Do you not know this?


COOPER: I do not know this. I'm just going to guess. A microwave?

COHEN: It was a slow cooker.

COOPER: Oh. Okay. Well, have a drink.

COHEN: Okay. You give me one.

COOPER: Okay. So this is a news item, obviously. Name either of the Republican Democratic leader in the U.S. Senate. Bonus if you get them both.

COHEN: Oh, in the Senate?


COHEN: Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

COOPER: So the answers, though, are Mitch McConnell and on the Democratic side, Chuck Schumer.

COHEN: That's what I said.

COOPER: Is that what he said?


COOPER: Sorry, Andy.

COHEN: You're so ready to be after me. Okay. What TV show did Meghan Markle star in before she married Prince Harry? Do you know the answer?

COOPER: Oh, yes, "Suits."

COHEN: Yes, very good.

COOPER: Yes, never saw the show.

COHEN: I've never seen it, either.

COOPER: Okay, which Democratic congresswoman-elect recently got into a feud with your outgoing home state senator, also a Democrat, Claire McCaskill of Missouri --

COHEN: Okay. Ocasio-Cortez.

COOPER: Okay. First name?

COHEN: I can't remember.

COOPER: Alexandria.

COHEN: Okay. Well, I mean, give me some -- Ocasio.

COOPER: That's great. I'm just, facts matter.

COHEN: All right. Claire mcCaskill. I love her.

COOPER: Do you have another one?

COHEN: Oh. Okay. What is Fortnite? A video game --

COOPER: Oh, I know. I know this. There's a big article in the "The Wall Street Journal" about it. It's a game that like 200 million kids play it around the world and parents are very upset.

COHEN: It's a video game, yes. All right.

COOPER: You want to know - final question. Fifty years ago, 1968, which President announced that he would either seek nor accept his party's nomination for re-election?

COHEN: This is a current news quiz about 2018?

COOPER: Well, you know what, it's the one i was given.

COHEN: What year?

COOPER: 1968.

COHEN: I mean, I don't know why we're talking about '68.

COOPER: It was on the card. It's the last one I had. I don't know. Lyndon Johnson.

COHEN: Oh, that's timely. Thank God. Slow cooker. Let's go to Brooke and Don in New Orleans.

COOPER: What's going on, guys?

LEMON: Oh. Hey. Brooke, we're on. They are a brass band. They perform on the streets of New Orleans all the time. We just stumbled upon them. And so we're going to hang out with them. How are you guys doing? All right?

BALDWIN: Happy New Year.

LEMON: Happy New Year.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Same, same, same to you all, man.

LEMON: Tell me about your -- the brass band.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, this is basically just a group of guys that just get together and enjoy playing a lot of New Orleans music, producing music together.

LEMON: What are you going to play for us?


LEMON: Play something for us. What are you all going to play?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Any specific selections you would like to hear?

LEMON: Yes, this is good. This is good.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is (inaudible) brown man.

LEMON: So we're having a little fun out here outside The Spotted Cat. We have another band coming on the inside. I got my drink tightened up as we see here.

COOPER: Don and Brooke --

BALDWIN: Now I feel like I'm in New York.

LEMON: Yes. We were watching, Anderson and Andy, and we were saying that this is probably the gayest new year's show on the air. I like it.

COOPER: Yes, for 15 years running, I would say that's --

COHEN: Yes, yes.

COOPER: Although, hey, so, DDon, explain, you're on Frenchman Street, which is a great street in New Orleans and one of the things about New Orleans that's so crazy is you can wander around with an open container of alcohol. That's what they're doing.

COHEN: That's fun.

LEMON: We cannot hear.

COOPER: I think they're having trouble hearing. All right. We're going to come back to New Orleans in a little bit. Andy's going to quiz me on the Royal Weddings. We did a lot of royal weddings this year. COHEN: A lot of Royal Weddings.

COOPER: A lot of - also our own Prince Charming, Richard Quest, is coming back in yet another salute to a New York food. Yes. Take that, Seacrest.

COHEN: Gwen Stefani is going to join us and Jack Black and Dave Chappelle. I'm working on a surprise caller. I'm working on this very hard. I'm hoping this happens? Really? All of that and more tequila as we roll into 2019 from Times Square, New York City.



COOPER: Don't lose the love. Don't lose the love.

COHEN: I am --

COOPER: Andy is taking a turn. He's taking a turn.

COHEN: I took a turn. It's more than drizzling in Times Square. It's not putting a damper on anything. But I will say this. I had this umbrella. The lady from the Times Square Alliance came over and said you have is to get rid of the umbrella.

COOPER: This has been going on for an hour and a half already.

COHEN: Off the air, and I said I won't do it.

COOPER: And he was like, "What are you going to do, arrest me?"

COHEN: Yes, I go, get the paddy wagon because that's what it is going to take. But now they are threatening to pull CNN's spot from the credential, from Times Square --

COOPER: It's, like --

COHEN: For next year.

COOPER: It's like - this is like the Jim Acosta/Sarah Sanders thing.

COHEN: Yes, it really. And I've got to tell you something, this umbrella is such a threat to the Times Square Alliance and what does the Times Square Alliance do besides "F" with my New Year's Eve? So fine. Here I am. Univision has their umbrellas over there. We stand with Univision.

COOPER: They've removed their umbrellas.

COHEN: Oh, they did? Oh great.

COOPER: El Gordon took it down.

COHEN: I mean, this is some grade "A" BS. Honestly.

COOPER: DDon't call it --

COHEN: There it is. Can't have it.

COOPER: It's crazy.

COHEN: Honestly, can you imagine?

COOPER: Univision and us --

COHEN: I might turn. I really might turn. I mean, my coat, we're wearing ties. Anyway --

COOPER: At least you have a hood. You look -- it looks good.

COHEN: Whatever.

COOPER: We're rising above it.

COHEN: You know what's great? As it always does, London gave New York something to aim for.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: In the fireworks department. Take a look at this. This happened a few hours ago, yes.

COOPER: London. Love that city.

COHEN: Gorgeous.

COOPER: You were just, you were in London --

COHEN: I went a few times this year. Yes.

COOPER: Yes, me, too.


COHEN: Oh, my gosh. So much has happened in London this year.

COOPER: Well, I went for the Royal Wedding for Prince Harry.

COHEN: You did.

COOPER: And I had a moment that I will just explain, I didn't -- it wasn't seen on camera, but CNN had built this big tower. It had all these lights on it and when the - when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were coming after the wedding in their carriage, the carriage had to make - you've lost interest.

COHEN: No, I'm listening. Go on, come on.

COOPER: You're sweating over the umbrella.

COHEN: Keep going. Keep going. COOPER: The carriage made a turn and Max Foster, our Royals

correspondent, said, you know, as it turns, Harry's going to look up at our lights and you should wave and I bet he'll wave at you. And I was like, no way. I was like, really? You think so? So, it did, turned, I waved, and I kid you not, Prince Harry looked up, totally had a moment.

COHEN: It's amazing.

COOPER: And then he waved back. I mean, I almost fainted. I almost fainted.

COHEN: And didn't you see Meghan Markle --

COOPER: I thought for a moment that Meghan Markle -- see look, that is him waving at me right there.

COHEN: Wow. She was pissed, right?

COOPER: Now, look, she looked for a moment, I thought I saw her look at him, look at me. See the connection between us and then --


COOPER; No, that didn't happen.

COHEN: Yes, she was mad about that.

COOPER; No, she wasn't. But he did wave and it was very, very exciting.

COHEN: Have you covered the other Royal Weddings?

COOPER; I did. I went to Prince Charles' wedding.

COHEN: You're too young to cover Prince Charles' wedding.

COOPER: No, I went Prince Charles' wedding with Camilla Parker- Bowles.

COHEN: Oh, sweetie? Oh, my god. Camilla, what did she wear? Tell us about the doilies she wore. Steal her hairdo. Nobody cares about that wedding. Don't tell people you covered that wedding. Oh, my god, Camilla's bowl cut looked amazing.

COOPER: Who wore it better?

COHEN: Yes, Camilla or the doily on the table? You know what, I was there --

COOPER: She's - everyone says Camilla Parker-Bowles is wonderful.

COHEN: I know, yes, I've heard that, too.

COOPER; But you were there during Princess -- COHEN: Eugenie's wedding. Everybody was saying to me, "Oh, are you

going to the wedding?" It seemed like they were handing out tickets to celebrities. Everyone's like, are you going? I'm like, I don't know Eugenie. Like, weird. I want to play a little game with you because there were so many celebrities at both of the weddings.

COOPER: Right.

COHEN: I want to play did they attend a Royal Wedding? Okay.


COHEN: Okay. Demi Moore.

COOPER: Apparently we didn't make a graphic for this.

COHEN: Demi Moore?

COOPER: Did Demi Moore attend - no.

COHEN: She attended Eugenie's wedding.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Yes, she did.

COOPER: Good for her.

COHEN: Okay. What about George Clooney?

COOPER: She is very nice.

COHEN: What about George Clooney?

COOPER: I like her.

COHEN: I love her.

COOPER: George Clooney, yes, he attended the wedding.

COHEN: He was at Harry and Meghan's. What about Gwyneth Paltrow?

COOPER; I would say yes.

COHEN: She did not. What about Elton John.


COHEN: Prince Harry's wedding. What about Timothy Chalamet?


COHEN: No, he did not. What about Oprah?

COOPER: Yes, Oprah attended Harry's wedding.

COHEN: Yes, she did.

COOPER: Huge moment. She was amazing. She had a church hat.

COHEN: What about Sir Paul McCartney.

COOPER: Paul McCartney, I'd say no.

COHEN: He didn't. Liv Tyler?

COOPER: I don't know.

COHEN: She went to Eugenie's. But again, I mean, she's like, you know what, I'll come if I can bring my squad and 18 people. I might come. Serena Williams.

COOPER: Yes. She was at Harry and Meghan's.

COHEN: She was, yes.

COOPER: See, I covered that wedding. I can tell you who went to Prince Charles' and Camilla Parker-Bowles --

COHEN: No one cares. If anyone cared --

COOPER: The sad thing for that wedding is --

COHEN: One of the sad things.

COOPER; They had, like, airport shuttle bus people movers to bring people from the church to, like, the reception.

COHEN: Oh, that's not --

COOPER: There was no carriages or anything, it was just like, all right --

COHEN: I really hope that the Times Square Alliance is thrilled that I am now completely soaked. I've ruined this coat. It's, like, a joke. What do they care about an umbrella? I was so happy before. I just want to say. It's pouring. By the way, the forecast, it's going to stop at 1:00 a.m. Right as we're pulling out of this joint.

COOPER: So we last checked in with Richard Quest, he was a pretzel.

COHEN: Tweet them.

COOPER: He was at pretzel. That's right. Let's get America tweeting. Let Andy have this umbrella.

COHEN: Yes. How was it hurting anybody?

COOPER: Richard, what are you dressed as now? Look ...

RICHARD QUEST, ANCHOR, CNN: I'm dressed as a soggy piece of pizza.

COHEN: Emphasis on soggy. QUEST: And a dancing pizza.


QUEST: Yes, you see. We just - look. All of this seemed like a really good idea two weeks ago in the warmth of the office.

COHEN: Yes, didn't everything.

QUEST: I assure you this pizza does not taste quite as good now but Lisa Ling is here.

COOPER; Hey, Lisa Ling.

LISA LING, HOST, CNN: Hey, Richard, we've been standing out here in the rain. You're wearing this pizza and you're so irresistible to me right now.

QUEST: Look, you have a program, "This Is Life."

LING: Yes, I do.


QUEST: Now, this is life.

LING: No, I mean, we are embedding with the NYPD out here tonight because as you can see, there's a massive amount of people and it's their job to keep all these people safe. But not just people here in Times Square, all over the City of New York, and it's an extraordinary effort.

QUEST: Would you come here on your own to enjoy it or not?

LING: I probably wouldn't, however, knowing how safe it is, I feel a little bit better about it. I mean, you can't help but notice the NYPD presence here. It's really, really unbelievable. And they have mobilized just about every officer in the entire department to keep this entire city safe. And there's a lot going on. Not just Times Square.

QUEST: Do you like pizza?

LING: I love pizza.

QUEST: What would you have on it if you could have anything on the pizza?

LING: I'm a pepperoni girl.

QUEST: Yes. I knew. Thank you. Good to see you. Happy New Year.

COOPER: Good to see you, Lisa.

COHEN: Lisa, ask the NYPD what their issue is with us having umbrellas. QUEST: Hang on. Gentlemen, look to your left. Look to your - and


COHEN: Oh, there he is. That's fun.

QUEST: Hey, Andy, you've had ten minutes without an umbrella.


QUEST: Try two and a half hours.

COHEN: All right. We'll talk later.

COOPER: You're, you know, there are people who have been here for seven hours in the rain, Andy. It's not that bad. It's fine.

COHEN: Everything's cool.

COOPER: Everything's cool. We're good. We're good. Although, if Richard really was in a New York pizza, there would be a rat gnawing at it or chasing him down the street. Well, you have just given up.

COHEN: Everything's fine.

COOPER: Your hair, you're not feeling it.

COHEN: I know, it just got to --

COOPER: You're about to go through childbirth. It's going to get a lot worse.

COHEN: I know.

COOPER: You know? We're going to head down to Mexico City next. Where I actually --

COHEN: So true.

COOPER: Yes, I know. So, perspective.


COOPER: Talk about the most underreported stories of the year plus Randi Kaye, she traded up from last year's pot bus, I guess, and gets onboard a superyacht.

COHEN: Yes, I think it's a good gig. We'll be right back.


ANDERSON COOPER, ANCHOR, CNN: Welcome back. Just a reminder, BEBE Rexha is going to be singing John Lennon's "Imagine," it's a tradition here just before the ball drops on 2018. And to be honest --

ANDY COHEN, EMMY-WINNING REALITY TELEVISION PRODUCER: It's kind of amazing. COOPER: I love it. I've probably said this before in the 15 years

that I've been doing this this.

COHEN: You say it every year.

COOPER: I probably say it every year.

COHEN: No, but it's very touching, it's true, it is very touching.

COOPER: But it's true. For me, like the ten minutes before midnight, the ten minutes after when the confetti's flying, everyone's happy and optimistic, the music's playing, they play "Imagine" and "What A Wonderful World it will be." That's my favorite time here.

COHEN: It's super peaceful and sweet.

COOPER: It is - it is New York at its finest.

COHEN: I agree.

COOPER: Also, you know, Lisa Ling was talking about all the New York City Police. We also want to give a shout-out to the New York City Police officers and Fire Department.


COOPER: EMT and everybody who keeps us safe here. Chief Watters and the New York Police Department does an amazing job. All the police officers, you know, they're standing out in the rain all day long.


COOPER: So we wish them best and thank them. An hour later, the New Year arrives in Mexico City where I just was. I was there until yesterday, Leyla Santiago is there for us. Leyla, how is it going? I was in Mexico City. I didn't get to see you. How is it being celebrated there?

LEYLA SANTIAGO, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: I know. I can't believe I missed you. Okay. But listen, we are celebrating New Year's Eve in Mexico City. Still a little early here. It's 8:30. Folks have been coming out. There's a big band off in the distance.

But one of the things I wanted to make sure that we sort of hit tonight, that we learn about are the traditions of Mexico City. So I did a lot of homework, been asking a lot of Mexicans around here what I would need to celebrate New Year's the right way. And here's what they said. All right? Are you ready for this? They said --


SANTIAGO: I would need some grapes, so I got a bunch of them. I'm more of a red grape kind of gal. I don't do the green ones, so we got a bunch of red grapes.

COOPER: Okay. SANTIAGO: Okay? They said I would need some red undies. Red

underwear, my friend.


SANTIAGO: I got them.

COOPER: Really?

SANTIAGO: Some boxers. Boxers, briefs.

COHEN: Those are some big drawers.

SANTIAGO: Whatever, I'll explain later, but I got them.


SANTIAGO: And they also said I would need a sassy bat. So this is what I got. A really bright --

COHEN: A sassy bat?

SANTIAGO: Sassy bat. What is this for?


SANTIAGO: Yes, I know, so what is this for?

COOPER: Yes, what is this for?

SANTIAGO: What is this for, my friend? Take a look. We've got a gigantic pinata.

COOPER: Oh, I like a pinata.

SANTIAGO: And we are going to go to the town on this. So we're going to go to town on this. We're going to gather some of the kids around here. Now, interesting story here, the pinata in Mexico, this one in particular, has to do with the seven deadly sins. Can you name those? Pride, greed, sloth. Do you guys know the rest? Lust.

COHEN: Envy.


COHEN: Jealousy?

SANTIAGO: Come on, guys.

COHEN: Sex? Is sex one?

SANTIAGO: Gluttony. Wrath.

COOPER: Dopey?

SANTIAGO: we're going to put that in the lost category, Andy. Okay. So all of that, that is why this pinata has seven different legs.

COOPER: Okay. That's cool.

SANTIAGO: Because they represent the seven deadly sins. And then folks are going to pound this and go to town in a new beginning.

COOPER: I still don't understand what the grapes and underwear are for. I don't understand what the grapes and underwear are for.

SANTIAGO: Well, stick around and you'll find out, my friend.

COHEN: It becomes clear as the night goes on.

COOPER: Okay, we'll find out. We look forward to that one.

SANTIAGO: Well, consider that a tease. Consider that a tease.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: That is a tease.

COOPER: Yes, grapes and underwear. Every other night of the year, this is obviously news network, the truth is we can't be everywhere all the time covering every single news item out there, so right now, we want to talk about what we consider some of the big, I guess, underreported stories here in the U.S. in 2018.

COHEN: One that I loved was, you know, Barbra Streisand had her dog, Samantha, cloned.

COOPER: I didn't know that.

COHEN: Into two new dogs.


COHEN: The breed is - well, how do you pronounce that?

COOPER: Coton de Tulear, I don't know.


COHEN: I don't know. If you're watching and you can't afford to clone your dog, try your local shelter. But she has two super cute dogs.

COOPER: Oh, my god.

COHEN: Those are clones of her dog, Samantha.

COOPER: That's amazing. Are they the same personality?

COHEN: It's the dog - no, she said their personalities are kind of different.

COOPER: Different, interesting. Wow. COHEN: This, you love this.


COHEN: The Philly Eagles fans --

COOPER: In Minnesota, who went to the Eagle Boat Bar to celebrate the Super Bowl win not realizing apparently that the Eagle Boat Bar is a gay leather bar. That's quite a surprise.

COHEN: If you're ever in any city where there's a bar called the "Eagle," it's a gay bar.


COHEN: I was obsessed with the fact that Oprah has a bathtub that is sculpted in the shape of her body. Did you know that?

COOPER: What? I didn't know that.

COHEN: It is carved from marble and onyx.

COOPER: Wow, where'd you hear that, is there a photo?

COHEN: It was everywhere. And my dream is to kind of swim around in Oprah's amniotic fluid.

COOPER: I don't know what that means, but I don't think that's possible.

COHEN: Well, it's what I think about. So I think if you were in the tub shaped like her body, that would be --

COOPER: Is that in the house in Hawaii or in --

COHEN: In Santa Barbara? That's a good question. Where is it? We need to locate it. Did you see Lindsay Lohan's ad for


COHEN: She became the face of --

COOPER: Did she really?

COHEN: Some of her best acting work in years. No joke. Like, I'm obsessed,; not She was amazing.

COOPER: You don't need to give the website, they're not paying us.

COHEN: Yes, well, it was great work. I absolutely loved it.

COOPER: But --

COHEN: It's like a dating site that connects people with attorneys. And Lindsay was amazing in the ad. I watched it so many times.

COOPER: She's had a busy year. She was at some club in Mykonos in Greece.

COHEN: Yes, that's in my favorite Instagram stories. We're going to get to that in a little bit.

COOPER: Oh, all right, and then also, didn't she try to, like, kidnap somebody?

COHEN: Yes, that was on - yes, she did, those kids.

COOPER: She was just a kid.

COHEN: Rescue them, she wasn't kidnapping them.

COOPER: Well, they didn't need rescuing. They had parents right here.

COHEN: Well, it depends who you ask. Maybe she felt that they needed to be rescued.

COOPER: There was also that whole "Vanity Fair" photo shoot where, like, Oprah had three hands.

COHEN: Yes, yes, and Reese Witherspoon had three legs. It was like a Photoshop fail.

COOPER: Was that really what it was?

COHEN: Yes. it was, like, a Photoshop fail. Yes. I don't - someone didn't catch that. I don't know. And then lastly, Joan Collins said recently in an interview, I love Joan Collins, and I loved her sister, Jackie. I don't know if you knew her.


COHEN: She said she feels that Jackie Collins, who passed away from cancer several years ago, has been reincarnated as a fly. She feels that that happened.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: Yes, can't decide whether I like the hood up or down.

COOPER: Why a fly? Down. The answer is down.

COHEN: Oh, okay. All right. I don't know, but she said there's always kind of this fly that's flitting around her and she thinks it's her sister.

COOPER: If you think hood down, swipe right, up, swipe left. Here's another story that gets far too little coverage. Life on a yacht in St. Barts because gosh knows we certainly need to learn more --

COHEN: Well, turn on Bravo and you'll see more coverage of that.

COOPER: That's true. Absolutely.

COHEN: Here's Randi Kaye. She is --

COOPER: Digging deep.

COHEN: Live in St. Barts.

COOPER; Randi, you're on a yacht. Who you got with you?

RANDI KAYE, NEW JOURNALIST, CNN: Well, this is Versace. Versace is the mascot of the gene machine. I've taken Versace off the yacht. I am holding him for ransom. Unless I can get back on the gene machine, they're going to have to pay me $6 billion by midnight if they want Versace back on the yacht by midnight. That's what I've decided.

COOPER: But Randi --

KAYE: So hopefully --

COOPER: Randi, it's Versace. It's a joke.

KAYE: Versace - Versace is a mascot and Versace has a big Instagram, the adventures of Versace with a whole lot of underscores in between, so you guys can figure it out.

COOPER: I'm sure Donatella is thrilled.

KAYE: But this is Versace and he lives on the yacht.

COOPER: She is going to sue you for trademark infringement.

KAYE: Versace is on a world tour. Apparently, Versace has been all over the Mediterranean according to the captain.

COOPER: I don't know why they did that.

KAYE: And you know, it's going to have to be $6 billion in order to get Versace back by midnight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You're holding him for ransom, are you?

KAYE: So you tell the owner that that's what he has to pay up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Okay, I'll pass it on.

KAYE: Fair deal?


KAYE: So on another note - you want the dog? No, I am holding him - on another note, you guys mentioned the bong we used last year in Denver. Well, you got us thinking --

COHEN: Yes, I remember that bong.

KAYE: So we decided - yes, you remember. So we decided, here, if you can hand that over. Yes, yes. We decided - the captain is holding it for us, we decided to make a snorkel bong, a champagne snorkel bong. COHEN: That's cute.

KAYE: Because that's what they would use here. Isn't that cute? And we're going to demonstrate it. We have Dave, one of the willing staff here. All right, Dave, we're going to do a champagne snorkel bong. You ready, Captain?


KAYE: All right, Dave, are you ready? This is creative. Let's hit it. Drink, drink, drink.


KAYE: Isn't that what they say? Yes, oh, whoa.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's not a good --

KAYE: I don't think he's going to be able to work after this. Oh. Woo, Versace, what do you think?


KAYE: Do you think Versace should try it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is not something Donatella Versace approved of.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think you should?


KAYE: Oh, I should?


KAYE: All right, I've got to hand Versace off. No, Anderson said I should not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'll take the dog.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Call your agent.

KAYE: Call my agent. All right, let's do it. I don't know. I mean - really, just a little bit. All right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You've got to hold it up straight.

COHEN: This is a bad idea.

COOPER: This is not a good idea. Not a good idea.

KAYE: Oh, yeah. That was an excellent idea, Actually. That was excellent.

COOPER; All right. All right. KAYE: All right, give me the dog back. Give me the dog back.


KAYE: I got Versace until midnight.

COOPER: That's right, now hand the dog --

KAYE: $6 billion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. All right.

KAYE: There you go, the adventures of versace.

COOPER: All right. To be continued. We'll see you soon. There's a lot more ahead as we count down to 2019. A legend joins us on the riser. Academy award winner Faye Dunaway is actually going to be here braving the rain.

COHEN: I don't know how - I can't believe it.

COOPER: She's a Broadway -- she can do anything. We'll see how they are partying at Niagara Falls as well, we'll check in with Gary Tuchman and his daughter, Lindsay, who are there.



COOPER: And welcome back to New York City, Times Square. I'm Anderson Cooper here with Andy Cohen. We are counting down the New Year. Very excited.

COHEN: Very excited. I've got it tell you something, I did not expect there to be this much energy here tonight.

COOPER: Really?

COHEN: I don't know why, just because it was raining, maybe it was super mellow downtown, but if is pumping.

COOPER: It is pumping.

COHEN: It's weird, it's really fun.


COHEN: And I'm excited about this. We're going to head to Las Vegas. Magician, Criss Angel, is joining us and he has some help from a friend of his, winner of this year's Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Winston Churchill.

COOPER: Gary Oldman who I love, do you remember "The Professional," he was so good.

COHEN: Yes. There they are from Vegas. COOPER: All right.

CRISS ANGEL, MAGICIAN: Anderson, Andy, thank you so very much. I'm here in my brand-new theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with none other than living legend, Oscar winner, Mr. Gary Oldman.

GARY OLDMAN, AMERICAN ACTOR: Thank you. You're so kind.

ANGEL: No, it's true, you're the thespian of thespians, my friend.

OLDMAN: You're very kind.

ANGEL: Way too honest.

OLDMAN: We're going to do a card trick.

ANGEL: You want a card trick.

OLDMAN: I do. I want to see.

ANGEL: You don't want to see the big show you want to see a card trick, right now, right here, up close.

OLDMAN: Yes, I want to see the magic.

ANGEL: Let's go first, I want to show you that I have some cards. They're all different. We're going to do this is one continuous shot. Simple to do. All's you're going to do is touch the top of one card for me. Touch one. Take it out. Don't let me see it. I'm going to take it out. I'm going to give you a marker. Gary, write your initials. Your name. The next movie that you're doing that we can see you in, whatever we like.


ANGEL: Okay. Have you done that?

OLDMAN: There you are.

ANGEL: You can keep the marker for helping me.

OLDMAN: All right, okay.

ANGEL: Take your card and put it wherever you like in the deck. I'm not looking.


ANGEL: Pick the spot you'd like to put it in. You've done that? Now take the deck, and you're going to shuffle it any way you wish.


ANGEL: Let's see if you're a poker player.

OLDMAN: Okay. ANGEL: Because you play one, you would do it better than me.

OLDMAN: Maybe I could get it down, but as you can see, I am not --

ANGEL: You can stop wherever you feel it's there.

OLDMAN: Okay, well, I think it's shuffled and --

ANGEL: Definitely, that's a sloppy shuffle right there.

OLDMAN: And the year is drawing to a close. Here we are.

ANGEL: So I'm going to leave them in your shuffle order. I'm going to place it right here in this device over here known as a card shooter. I'll place them in there. This can shoot up all of these cards in about a second. Now, I'm going to combine that with this crossbow. Crossbow. Yes. We're going dangerous. It's not really a trick. This is actually a demonstration that relies on nothing more, nothing less than skill.

OLDMAN: Right.

ANGEL: I'm not going to hit you.

OLDMAN: I'm going to be good here?

ANGEL: You'll be good right there.


ANGEL: We're going to aim. We're going to try to shoot those cards or at least one card as they fly out of that card shooter. Check it out. On three, Gary. One, two, three. Yes, yes, and yes. We're starting the New Year correct.


ANGEL: I want you to tell everybody what your card was. You could take the arrow. You show them.

OLDMAN: All right.

ANGEL: So show - there it is. There it is.

OLDMAN: Fantastic. Fantastic. So, Andy, Anderson --

ANGEL: The world.

OLDMAN: From Las Vegas, we wish you Happy New Year. That's fantastic.

COOPER: Oh okay, guys, thank you so much. Gary Oldman and Criss Angel. I am obsessed with Gary Oldman.

COHEN: That was very cool. Speaking of cool, we're in the heart of New York's Theater District and I cannot believe Faye Dunaway, Oscar winner, has joined us. And I have to give you an umbrella because you look too clean and crisp.

FAYE DUNAWAY, AMERICAN ACTRESS: You are the sweetest. Thank you. It's good to be here.

COOPER: This is your first time in Times Square during New Year's Eve, right?

DUNAWAY: Oh, yes. Absolutely. It may be my last. No, it's nice to be here. We're in New York for god's sake.

COOPER: Absolutely.

DUNAWAY: It's a very important moment.

COHEN: Did you just move to New York, did I hear?

DUNAWAY: Yes, I lived here all of my adult life during the film career, but recently I've come back and I'm here now.

COHEN: And you are going to be on Broadway next year.


COHEN: Playing Katharine Hepburn, right?


COHEN: That's incredible.

DUNAWAY: It's a play called "Tea at 5" and it takes me back to my roots, six days after I graduated from BU, I had a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I was on Broadway.

COOPER: Oh, okay.

DUNAWAY: And then, then movie started to roll and that career took over, but I kept coming back to Broadway and back to theater. So now I'm back, you know, really investigating it again.


COHEN: Incidentally --


COHEN: You beat Katharine Hepburn for an academy award, if I remember ...


DUNAWAY: How did you know that?

COHEN: Because we --

COOPER: He has a fund of information.

COHEN: So how ironic that you're now going to play her. I mean, that's incredible. Did you know her at all?

DUNAWAY: I didn't unfortunately. What a unique create she was. Amazing. This is what I've been looking forward to investigating.

COOPER: How do you go - that must be such a big challenge to investigate a role like that.

DUNAWAY: It is, you know. But I mean what I wanted to do was get into who she was because she was a great artist. You know, she was really this phenomenal presence in film, and she went back and forth to the theater all the time, more than most actors in film do now.

COHEN: I loved it that we just saw Gary Oldman from Las Vegas.

DUNAWAY: He's so good.

COHEN: I loved seeing you back at the academy awards this year announcing best picture. I was so glad that they brought you and Warren Beatty back.

DUNAWAY: Finally, we made it right.

COHEN: Right? Are you willing now that that's all in the rearview mirror to say it was all Warren Beatty's fault?

DUNAWAY: Well, yes.

COHEN: Of course it was.

DUNAWAY: He gave me the envelope, didn't he? Trusted -- I am kidding, I'm kidding.

COOPER: Yes. We're on your side.

DUNAWAY: It was the wrong card. Who knew?

COHEN: Who knew is right. We were talking about Broadway, and "Network" is playing now on Broadway.

DUNAWAY: I know.

COHEN: Have you seen it yet?

DUNAWAY: I saw the opening night in London.

COOPER: Oh, really?

COHEN: You did.

DUNAWAY: And it's a lovely show. My god, Bryan Cranston is amazing. Very different from Peter Finch. And Michelle Doherty is lovely. So it's a great show.

COOPER: My mom was married to Sidney Lumet, who did "Network".

DUNAWAY: Of course. Of course, those were the days. COOPER: Yes, such a great movie.

DUNAWAY: Yes, it was such a lovely situation and marriage.

COHEN: Do you know Anderson's mom?

DUNAWAY: I think I've met her at a few dinner parties around town.

COOPER: Maybe so.

DUNAWAY: She's a phenomenal presence herself.

COOPER: The other movie you did, and I'm blanking on the name, with Robert Redford, its set in New York, where he was in the CIA, and he accosts you.

DUNAWAY: Now, you're making blank on it.

COOPER: It's one of my classic favorite movies. Anyway, I'll think of it later.

DUNAWAY: A lot of people --

COHEN: None of us can remember? Okay, but what about it?

COOPER: It was just a great, great movie.

DUNAWAY: Yes, it was good. I was a captive by Robert Redford.

COOPER: Yes, right.

DUNAWAY: And I was supposed to be terrified ...

COOPER: Right, but he kind of wins you over.

DUNAWAY: ... of Robert Redford.

COHEN: Honestly. Honestly.

DUNAWAY: Sidney Lumet -- was it Sidney or the other Sidney?

COOPER: I think it was Sidney Pollack. What was the movie? "Three Days of the Condor".

DUNAWAY: "Three Days of the Condor."

COOPER; Such a good movie. If you haven't seen it, you've got to see it. It's so good. And such like New York '70s vibe to it, which is great.

COHEN: By the way, everyone is talking about the Oscars. They don't have a host yet for next year. Who do you think should host the Oscars?

COOPER: What about you?

DUNAWAY: No, I don't think so. No, they're talking about not having a host, aren't they?

COHEN: That is one of the --

DUNAWAY: I would think they'll have a host, I'm sure, in the end.

COHEN: I would think so, too.

DUNAWAY: I don't know. Who's in contention? Do we know?

COHEN: We don't know. We don't know. We have Dave Chappelle coming up in a little bit.

DUNAWAY: Yes, he's good.

COHEN: And we're anxious to hear who he thinks should host.

COOPER: I don't know if you heard this. Andy is going to be a father for the first time in about a month. Do you have any advice for him on parenting?

DUNAWAY: Oh, good luck is one of the things.

COOPER: He's going to have a son.

DUNAWAY: Just love him, you know, and try to guide them the best you can. Know that we're all fallible, you know. Mistakes are going to happen, but you can make them good. You can come back and say, hey, you know what? I was wrong about that. So can we get together on this one? Just be real.

COHEN: You have worked with such an incredible array of people over the years. I want to name a few and just have you tell me your first impression of them or just the first thing that comes to your mind. Jack Nicholson.

DUNAWAY: The best. The coolest and the best.

COHEN: Warren Beatty?

DUNAWAY: He's a good guy. He's a very interesting man. Quite complicated, but he's talented and sharp. Good lord, look what he's done with his career in terms of earning power.

COHEN: Did you ever have a romance with Beatty?

DUNAWAY: No, not really.

COOPER: You don't have to answer any of his questions. Just ignore --

COHEN: Well, we're here. Steve McQueen.

DUNAWAY: Unfortunately, not with Steve McQueen. I loved Steve McQueen. The way he tugged his vest down.

COHEN: Was he as cool as we all thought that he -- DUNAWAY: Yes, he was. He was. He was very chauvinistic though.

Alley, he felt, should have children all the time and do nothing else. But that's okay.

COHEN: Okay, Marlon Brando.

DUNAWAY: He's one of the great artists of all time. And he's so - working with him, he's just so inventive.

COOPER: My mom hooked up with him.

DUNAWAY: She did?

COOPER: With hot Marlon Brando, not like apocalypse now Marlon Brando. She hooked up with like, I think it was on the waterfront Marlon Brando. She and Carol Matthau both watched the movie and both made a deal that they were going to meet up --

DUNAWAY: Did they really? You're not kidding.

COOPER: Yes, Carol got it first and then set it up for my mom. It was a one-night date.


COOPER: As my mom left in the car, he put his hand on the car and pressed his face against the door and said, "You have Japanese skin." I don't know what that means but that's --

DUNAWAY: Well, she does ...

COHEN: There you go. Thank you very much, Faye.

DUNAWAY: No, it was my pleasure.

COHEN: Thanks for coming. Can't wait to see you on Broadway next year.

DUNAWAY: Yes, come, come, come. We didn't talk about Kate and what I love about her. But that's okay. Because you can come, and we'll talk after the show.

COHEN: Absolutely.

COOPER: I am honored. I would love that. Thank you so much.

COHEN: Absolutely. Stay right here. We want to take a moment to pay tribute to some people who might not be household names but whose work means the world to so many, our CNN heroes.

DUNAWAY: Can I just say one thing?

COOPER: Yes, of course.

DUNAWAY: I just want to say that Matthew Lombardo wrote this play, and it is a really special play. It looks at her entire life in a new way. So that's it.

COHEN: Can't wait to see it.

COOPER: We'll come to see it. The year may be coming to a close, but there's time to help our CNN Heroes get a great start to 2019. If you saw our heroes program, you know how incredible these people are. They are great grassroots organizations who need your help. Subaru is matching all contributions up to $50,000 to each CNN Hero. They'll be doing it through this Wednesday, so to make a tax deductible contribution, go to Click the donate button. You'll really be helping a lot of people.

You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday night to make your charitable contributions. I hope you make it happen. Thanks very much. Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D, and Keith Urban are going to be joining us ahead. Stay with us.


CAST OF "PRETTY WOMAN: To Anderson and Andy, from the entire Broadway company of "Pretty Woman" the musicale, if we forget to tell you later, we had a really good time tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And turning that channel would be a big mistake.


CAST: Huge! Have a Happy New Year.

VOICE OVER: From the heart of Times Square, it's CNN's New Year's Eve live. Welcome to TV's wildest party. Star-studded, unpredictable, with performances and appearances by Gwen Stefani, Dave Chappelle, Jack Black, Keith Urban, Bebe Rexha, and more surprises. And now your hosts, Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.