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2019 New Year's Eve With CNN. Aired: 10-11p ET

Aired December 31, 2018 - 22:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, ANCHOR, CNN: And welcome back, Times Square. It is the top of the hour, the crowd is counting down through the top of the hour. So for us, the top of the hour means.

ANDY COHEN, ANCHOR, CNN: Another tequila shot. This is number three.

COOPER: With us at home.

COHEN: Cheers.

COOPER: Cheers.

COHEN: You know what? That felt good. For real? Are you kidding?

COOPER: I don't drink.

It's like it's medicine.

I'd rather have Nyquil.

COHEN: No, you're not. Okay. You know what? It's balmy here by the way. I will say it's raining but--

COOPER: It's nice.

COHEN: Okay.

Do you prefer zero --

COOPER: Oh, my god, we're talking about the weather?

COHEN: No, do you prefer zero degrees or like raining in the 40s. I prefer raining 40s.

COOPER: Raining and the 40s.

COHEN: Me too.

COOPER: Raining in the 40s, although I was talking to a bunch of police officers earlier, and they were saying

they preferred it last year just because cumulatively -- because they're out here for like 12 hours, the rain, you know, gets into you.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: But for us, it's great. Many people have been here since this afternoon. There's nothing for us to complain about. We just showed up, and this is certainly, there's no place we'd rather be or they would. Of course, they'll tell you that in New Orleans as well, which is where we'd find Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin--

COHEN: Boy, that shot is really messing you up.

COOPER: I know. I just need to sit back.

COHEN: Randi Kay is in St. Barts.

COOPER: With that Versace dog.

COHEN: Richard Quest is dressed as various -- by the way, do you know what the reference to Versace is?

COOPER: Yes. And I know you--

COHEN: Showbiz.

COOPER: Of course. Yes.

COHEN: Keith Urban is going to join us shortly.

COOPER: Yes, and so is Jack Black, the singing of "Imagine," "New York New York" which I love, the ball drop, a Sushi, the drag queen and the shoe, which is a tradition on this show--


COOPER: That we first started.

COHEN: How long have you been doing that with Sushi? A long time.

COOPER: Literally, I started volunteering to do New Year's Eve, like I think it was 15 years ago because no one was like doing it.

And so it was just me for like five years.

And we started doing Sushi, I think, that year.

COHEN: I really enjoy you still trying to process this shot. You have been literally..

COOPER: I don't drink.

COHEN: It really messed you up.

Okay, speaking of drinking, let's check back in with Don and Brooke in New Orleans.

COOPER: Hey, Don. Hey, Brooke?


LEMON: Are we on?

BALDWIN: We can hear each other. Yes, baby.

COOPER: You are on. You are on.

BALDWIN: Yes, we're in New Orleans.


COHEN: Who's the guy in the back?

COOPER: Who is that behind you?

BALDWIN: How are you guys?

COOPER: What's that behind you? What's going on behind you? That guy..

BALDWIN: Oh, is it the shim? Are we giving away our tricks early? It's a tease. Is it a big champagne glass or is it mirror man?


COOPER: No, Brooke, over your right shoulder. It's the mirror man. What's his story?

BALDWIN: He's kind of creeping on us.

COOPER: What's his story?

BALDWIN: This guy--


COOPER: I like him. He's cool.

BALDWIN: What's his story? They want to know what the mirror--

LEMON: He's the mirror man. He performs all around New Orleans.


BALDWIN: All around New Orleans.

LEMON: He does the boogie.

COHEN: There he is.

COOPER: He's feeling the groove.

COHEN: All right.

(Crosstalk) BALDWIN: I don't think mirror man talks, though.

COOPER: Mirror man doesn't need to talk.


COOPER: You don't want to hear mirror man, you just want to dance with him.

COHEN: All right, should we go to our northern border now?

BALDWIN: I'm a little freaked out.

LEMON: I can't hear you guys. You'll have to translate. I don't hear anything.

COOPER: I don't know what's going on. It is kind of -- I would like to have mirror man here in New York. If we could book him, we should have mirror man as a sidekick. By the way, has the whole New Orleans production shut down?


COOPER: They have no microphone, they don't know if we're on or not, now, they are doing the -- what is it called?

COHEN: What is that dance called?

COOPER: The floss? This is like watching a silent movie.

COHEN: This is hilarious.

COOPER: It's like we're watching a surreal silent movie that they don't even know that they're on TV. They're just like they're just -- this is what - they are hanging out.

COHEN: Oh my gosh, should we go to our northern border now?


COHEN: Because Gary Tuchman is there with his daughter, Lindsay, ringing in the New Year in Niagara Falls.

COOPER: How is it?

GARY TUCHMAN, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Absolutely right, Anderson and Andy. Happy new year to you. You're at the largest celebration for New Year's in the United States. My daughter, Lindsay, and I are reporter and affiliate for New York 1, we are at the biggest New Year celebration in the nation of Canada.

LINDSAY TUCHMAN, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Not too far from them either in New York.

G. TUCHMAN: We're not too far, a six-hour drive. Right now we are right across the Niagara River from New York, right now, we are standing in a mosh pit.


L. TUCHMAN: A muddy mosh pit.

G. TUCHMAN: A muddy mosh pit because of all the rain that's been here like you've had in New York City. On this stage, Canadian rock and

roll bands. Coming up shortly, Burton Cummings who was one of the founders of the Guess Who? They sing "American Woman." It goes, "American woman, stay away from me"


G. TUCHMAN: "American woman, let me be" Anyway, anyway. But the reason everyone is here listening to the concert is because the beautiful shot that we have standing right next to us, the Niagara Falls. Lindsay, it's the first time you'd see that.

L. TUCHMAN: I thought you were going to say me. I was the beautiful - but Niagara Falls, which of course everyone knows it's the most famous waterfall in the world. There's actually three of them. This is my first time here. And I think a lot of people probably don't know that there are three falls that make up Niagara Falls, two in America, one in Canada. They straddle the border. And the most amazing fact that I found out is that there is so much water coming down from the falls, we got wet here from the rain.

But if you were standing under that falls, you would get soaked in one second and that's because in one second, about 1 million

bathtubs full of water come down the falls.

G. TUCHMAN: So that's a literal statistic. How big the bathtub is, we don't know.

L. TUCHMAN: That's a true measurement, and I believe we're discussing American standard bathtubs is the way to measure it.

G. TUCHMAN: Exactly right.

L. TUCHMAN: Not a jacuzzi.

G. TUCHMAN: 3 million cubic feet an hour come from the waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls in Canada, American Falls also in the United States, this microphone is not working, okay. This microphone is working. And also the Bridal Veil Falls. They are the three falls that are there.

L. TUCHMAN: Yes, I mean, it is absolutely stunning. Despite the rain, despite the cold, which is actually not even that cold right now, which is unusual for Canada.

G. TUCHMAN: Right.

L. TUCHMAN: We got lucky.

G. TUCHMAN: Last year it was two degrees at midnight. It's expected to be 48 degrees tonight at midnight. And lots of people have come from all over this country here to enjoy the festivities. And it's been a very festive night here in the nation of Canada, the biggest celebration in our neighbor to the North.

Anderson and Andy, back to you.

COOPER: Gary and Lindsay, are Canadians not the nicest people on the planet? I love Canadians. That's my statement for 2019.


COOPER: I stunned them into silence.

COHEN: So you did.

COOPER: I stunned them into silence.

COHEN: By the way, a very controversial stance from Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: I know, I know, I really went out on a limb.

COHEN: Canadians are nice.

COOPER: No, but Canadians are like really nice.

COHEN: They couldn't be nicer.

COOPER: Toronto. Montreal.

COHEN: Yes, those are some cities in Canada. Yes.

COOPER: No, I know, but they're great.

COHEN: Yes, they are, they're also very beautiful people.

COOPER: Yeah, sure. Of course. But like -- I like Canadians. They're cool.

COHEN: How is that tequila? Okay.

COOPER: I think that was a bad idea.

It is the siren song of 2018. We keep coming back to Instagram.

It's all about Instagram with this one. It's time to talk about the top three most liked Instagram posts of the year. Okay, so these are the top three most liked posts.


COOPER: We also want to go to some of the others, why don't you do the honors?

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: By the way, you haven't-- COHEN: So first up, coming in at number three, Kylie Jenner in a velour track suit with Stormi, her daughter, celebrating her being one

month old.

COOPER: That was like the one of the top three?

COHEN: That was the number three liked photo. It got more than 13 million likes. And by the way, Kylie had five out of the top ten most liked Instagram posts.



COOPER: I'm old.

COHEN: Coming in at number two -- Justin Bieber announcing his engagement to Hailey Baldwin. This got 13.3 million likes for that.

COOPER: That's nice. Congratulations to them.

COHEN: Congratulations to them. I like his hair the way he's been wearing it, I just want to say.

COOPER: He gets a lot of tattoos from Bang Bang.

COHEN: Yes, and the most liked Instagram of 2018 was Kylie Jenner's first photo of Stormi Webster, with more than 18 million likes. What does it say about us all that everybody is so crazy for Kylie and Stormi?

COOPER: I don't know who they are. I don't know.

COHEN: You don't know anything about Kylie and Stormi? She's a billionaire--

COOPER: I saw that she's the highest paid model.

COHEN: She's a billionaire, yes, bigger than--


COHEN: That Kendall is her sister. She's the model. Okay. I want to tick through some other notable Instagrams from the past year. Did you see Jennifer Garner's tribute to her chicken, Regina George, who passed away from natural causes this year.


COHEN: It was the sweetest -- I love Jennifer Garner.

COOPER: I love chickens.


COOPER: No, it's true. I do. I really want to get chickens. (LAUGHTER)

COHEN: Oh my god.

COOPER: I mean Jennifer Garner seems lovely too, but I don't know her. But chickens I know.

COHEN: Did you see this photo of Samuel L. Jackson having --


COOPER: Are you interrupting here montage?

COHEN: Here's Samuel L. Jackson and Judge Judy having dinner. They're good buddies.

COOPER: Are they really?


COOPER: What do you think they are talking about?

COHEN: I know everything.

COOPER: I once was in a restaurant and Judge Judy -- I think it was like the Polo Bar and Judge Judy was at the next table. She was like, "Hey, come over." It's nice. She's fun.

COHEN: She's very rich.

COOPER: Oh, my god. She makes like $75 million a year or something.

COHEN: Because, you know, Judge Judy, it's just about Judge Judy. Like there's nobody else making the money.


COHEN: Here's Hilary Duff dragging her cigarette-smoking neighbor on her Instagram stories.



HILARY DUFF: I'm open to any advice you have. My neighbor smokes cigarettes all night long, my apartment reeks, seriously--



COOPER: I feel her on this. I feel Hilary Duff on this because I live -- I have a bar - bars on my block, and people come out of the bar, and they stand in front of my house, and they smoke.

COHEN: Right, you should drag them on Instagram like she did. COOPER: No, what I don't understand is all these people who are out

there smoking, I know it's New York. It's a very liberal city. I imagine a lot of them think of themselves as environmentalists and stuff.

They all smoke, and then why do people who smoke think it's okay to drop your cigarette on the street? Why is that okay?

COHEN: Don't yell at me about it.


COOPER: It's just one of those cultural things. Like everyone thinks it's okay to just throw your cigarette on the street. It's not okay.

COHEN: It's horrible.

COOPER: It's like taking a poop on the street. It's not right. And it's outside my house.


COHEN: If you think throwing a cigarette is like taking a poo on the street.

COOPER: Ever morning, yes it is. Every morning I go out, and I have to brush--

COHEN: No, you don't.

COOPER: I absolutely do.

COHEN: You do not. Really?

COOPER: Yes, I do. I take a broom --

COHEN: I never -- I've known you 29 years. You go outside and --


COHEN: Sweep every day the cigarette butts?

COOPER: In the morning. Yes, I do.

COHEN: I don't believe you.

COOPER: Honestly I do. During the summer months, I use a power hose. During the winter, I --

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: I don't know what to say.

COHEN: I don't either.

COOPER: I'm a man of the people. I do that.

COHEN: Yes, I know. The Vanderbilt man of the people.

We're going to Randi Kaye from the super yacht roundup in Saint Bart's. There she is--


COOPER: What's going on, Randi?

RANDI KAYE, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: I've left the yacht. I'm now with J.C. at the hottest restaurant in town called Bagatelle. You are my Superman tonight, J.C. I love this.

J.C.: All for you.

KAYE: They are serving champagne in this restaurant together.


KAYE: Let's go. Here we go. This is all part of the show. It is wild here. Whoa, look at J.C. Oh, my gosh. Go. Look at you go.

Happy new year. I'm coming up there? All right. Sure. Why not?

COOPER: Sure, yeah.

KAYE: Oh, boy, oh god.

COHEN: They're all guzzling champagne in St. Barts. Where is this in St. Barts?

COOPER: They're in Bagatelle.

COHEN: A lot of New York housewives are going to dine in Bagatelle.

KAYE: I love this town. I love this town.

COHEN: Oh my god. Randi Kaye is never coming back--


KAYE: Can I just drink from this?

COHEN: I feel like I just saw Ramona from the New York housewives.

COOPER: Is that Randi?

COOPER: That's Randi.

COHEN: Dumping champagne down her throat.


KAYE: What a party. Oh, my gosh.


KAYE: This is St. Barts style, guys.

COOPER: I agree with that guy, yeah. I agree with that guy.

COHEN: All right.

KAYE: I don't know what else to say.

COHEN: What does Randi Kaye usually cover?

COOPER: She usually covers stuff, real stuff. She's a very good reporter.

COHEN: Stuff. Real stuff?


COHEN: But on New Year's, I don't -- it's like -- I'm always entertained by her on New Year's eve.

COOPER: You know how all this started, really? Actually we sent her to cover something about pot dispensaries, like an actual story.

COHEN: Right.

COOPER: And she was doing all these live shots all day. By the time she got to my program, like I think she had like a contact -- like she was all red in the face and seemed loopy. And then I guess that started

the idea of sending her to these places where things might happen.

COHEN: Right. Okay. We have a lot more ahead tonight.

COOPER: There's a lot more ahead.

COHEN: Gwen Stefani, Keith Urban are back this year.

COOPER: I'm not having any more tequila.

COHEN: Is that true?

COOPER: Jack Black and Kylee Gass of Tenacious D here joining us as well. You said Gwen Stefani, Richard Quest goes totally al dente. I'm not sure what that means.

COHEN: Wake the kids. Phone the neighbors. Stick around, we've got a whole lot more. I think we're going to change coats.

COOPER: Yes, I do want to change. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)


Welcome back to Times Square. I'm Anderson Cooper.

COHEN: I'm Andy Cohen.

COOPER: And we've had a costume change.

COHEN: Yeah, we put different coats on.

COOPER: We were soaking wet, so we changed. We're a little drier for a few more minutes. Let's check in with Richard Quest. He's doing a nightly salute to New York foods. He's so far been a pretzel and a soggy pizza. Let's see what he eats now. Richard?

RICHARD QUEST, ANCHOR, CNN: Good evening. Good evening. I hope it's nice and wet outside because it's lovely and dry in the Olive Garden.


QUEST: You know, you get a very nice class of person at the Olive Garden.

COOPER: Always do. You always do.

QUEST: Look who we've got over here. Which of these is the daddy?

Right. Now, people -- you just got married?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we just got married.

QUEST: When did you get married.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On the night, on the.


QUEST: He doesn't even remember when you got married.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was so excited.

QUEST: A couple of days ago.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we just came here from Miami.

QUEST: You came from Miami?


QUEST: Well, congratulations. Happy New Year. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Originally Long Island, but I'm Florida now.

QUEST: Florida.

So here we have another person who clearly needs assistance.


QUEST: How many of you would rather be in Florida or here?



QUEST: The best part of my annual visit to the Olive Garden is the food.

COHEN: Nice.

QUEST: You get to eat other people's food.

COOPER: So you're in the Olive Garden.

QUEST: I knew you were going to pick on that.


COOPER: The Oliver Garden, have you tried the artichoke dip? It's quite extraordinary.

QUEST: I meant my annual visit on New Year's eve.

COOPER: Okay, okay, all right.

COHEN: New Years Eve then, that makes sense.

QUEST: We are missing one major New York food.


QUEST: that you'll see in the next -- oh, where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm from Singapore.

QUEST: Singapore. We knew we'd fine the crazy rich Asians eventually.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 19 hours flight. Longest flight in the whole wide world.

QUEST: Right. Andy, how's the rain?

COHEN: The rain is -- it's fine. Its I'm unbothered. I got over my little moment.

COOPER: He had a moment about it, but now he's back, and he's happy.

COHEN: Anderson talked me --

COOPER: And Richard, I love that you changed to dress up to go to the Olive Garden.

COHEN: We all should dress up to go to the Olive Garden.

COOPER: Well, everybody should dress up to go to the Olive Garden.

QUEST: Well, it's a warm welcome at the Olive Garden. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: St. Louis, Missouri. Shout out to Andy.

COHEN: Yes, let's go Cardinals.

QUEST: All right, you can take one of these two home. Who's going for this one?


QUEST: Who's going for this one?


COOPER: Oh, did I win?

COHEN: Yes, you won.

COOPER: I won.

COHEN: Congrats.

COOPER: Me. Yay. Thanks, Richard. Richard and you will go home together.


COHEN: This took a took a turn I didn't expect it to.

COOPER: Why not?

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: All right. That happened. Hey, is Keith ready?

COHEN: I think we're going to Keith Urban now in Nashville, Tennessee.

COOPER: Okay, hey, we're very thrilled that Keith Urban is joining us from Nashville.

Keith, thank you so much for being with us. Happy New Year.

KEITH URBAN, GUEST: Happy New Year. You guys should be down here. It is gorgeous, like 52, 53 degrees, no clouds, beautiful. COOPER: Man, Nashville is such a great city.

COHEN: Love it.

COOPER: I mean anytime of the year is a great time to be in Nashville. You're going to be performing tonight?

URBAN: Yeah. I'm going to be performing tonight. I'm not alone, of course. It's a family affair tonight. Nic and our girls are all here.


URBAN: New Years Eve. Beautiful.

COOPER: Happy New Year, Nicole.

KIDMAN: Happy New Year.

COHEN: Would you please tell her how brilliant she is in "Boy Erased." She is so incredible in "Boy Erased" my favorite movie of the year. Unbelievable performance.

KIDMAN: Thank you. Thank you so much. So nice to have that said, especially because we want people to go see it. So thank you.

COOPER: Yes, it's such an important movie.

COHEN: A very important movie.

COOPER: I mean you've both had another great year. We talked about this last year. You've been doing so many great things. It's such a pleasure to see what you've both been up to. And I hope the new year brings you a lot of fun, interesting projects. What are you most looking forward to in this next year?

URBAN: That's a great question. What are you looking forward to, baby?

KIDMAN: I think we're going on holiday tomorrow, so that's going to be kind of nice.


COHEN: Nice.

KIDMAN: And then we go -- we actually go to L.A. for the Golden Globes, which will be fun too. But for the actual year, I think spending more

time with our family and being able to just --

COOPER: More travel. More travel with the family.

KIDMAN: Yes, we want to travel the world and see more of the world together. COOPER: Yeah. And "Big Little Lies". (Crosstalk)

KIDMAN: What about you? What are you looking forward to?

COOPER: I would love to travel more. I was just at Easter Island, which was really cool. To be honest, I would like to get more content

with my life. I would like to enjoy my life more and be more content and maybe work a little less.

COHEN: That's a good resolution for you.

COOPER: Good luck on that.


COHEN: I'm looking forward -- I'm about to have a baby, so I'm very much looking forward to that. Do you have any advice for me?

COOPER: Andy is going to have a son next month.

KIDMAN: Oops, my thing just fell off.

COHEN: Can you hear us?

URBAN: Andy, is going to have a -- are you going to have a son?

COOPER: Yes, he's having a son next year. It's going to be his first baby.

KIDMAN: You said advice for -- yes. Love that baby. Just love it up because the more loved a child is, the better they are in the world.

COHEN: Absolutely.

KIDMAN: Right?

COOPER: There you go.

COHEN: That's great advice. By the way, when are we going to see "Big Little Lies" next year? Do you know?

COOPER: Good question.


KIDMAN: June, I think. We're looking at June. We're still in the midst of editing it, but thanks for asking because we're glad that people are excited about it.

The reason we did it is because audiences were like, "you have to do a second season."


COHEN: I can't wait. COOPER: Yes, and Keith, what are you performing tonight?

KIDMAN: Can you hear, guys?

URBAN: We are going to do "Blue Ain't Your Color" we're actually -- we are going to play for quite a while but I think you guys, you'll probably see that one and maybe a new single called "Never Coming Down" but the crowd is amazing out there tonight, we're just so lucky with the weather, it's beautiful.

COHEN: That's awesome, and it's a free concert there in Nashville, right? So anybody can come.


URBAN: Absolutely.

COHEN: That's awesome.

URBAN: Make it your destination next year.


COHEN: I would love too. Actually, I think we're coming on tour. I think we are playing the Ryman again next year.

COOPER: Yes, Nicole, do you ever get onstage and sing too?


COOPER: Too shy.

KIDMAN: I'm too shy. I'm an introvert.

COOPER: Yeah, me too.



COOPER: Well, listen, we wish you the best. No, I am. I actually am.

COHEN: He is an introvert.

COOPER: I wish you the best. And again, we're so thankful that you joined us this year, and I just hope you have a healthy and happy New Year.

URBAN: Thank you so much.


KIDMAN: You too. Everybody else, yeah.

URBAN: Good luck with your baby, Andy.

COHEN: Thank you.

KIDMAN: Happy New Year everyone. Bye.

COOPER: All right.

COHEN: Thank you so much.

COOPER: Take care.

COHEN: Thank you.

COOPER: Bye-bye. Thank you so much again.

COHEN: Thank you.

COOPER: It's so nice that they joined us.

COHEN: That was great. That was great. I kind of thought I had offended her last year. So I'm very excited that...

COOPER: I think you kind of had offended her last time. And I think it was very nice of her to come back and give us another chance.

COHEN: I couldn't agree more.

And I love "Boy Erased."

COOPER: "Boy Erased" is incredible. And she's in this other movie I just read about.

COHEN: "Destroyer." COOPER: Yes, it's supposed to be really good.

COHEN: Yes, she's apparently phenomenal in it.

COOPER: It's so interesting to me how there's this other series, "The Sinner" on Netflix that Bill Pullman is in.

COHEN: You love the series.

COOPER: I'm obsessed with it, the second season is already posted. You should all watch this movie, Jessica Biel was in the first one and she executive produced it. It's a great, great...

COHEN: It's a great binge on Netflix.

COOPER: But what's so interesting to me is like there's all these roles now for actors who, you know, they're at a certain point in their career. Nicole Kidman is at the top of her game, and there are so many great roles now for people to play.

I mean Bill Pullman, you know, suddenly gets a great role at age 65.

COHEN: I would argue it's kind of the golden age of television (Crosstalk)

COOPER: I think you're right. I think you're absolutely right.

COHEN: Because there's so much --

COOPER: I've heard it said. Others have said that, and I agree with that.

COHEN: Oh, my god. You're such an introvert. I like your New Year's resolution by the way.

COOPER: To be more content.

COHEN: That's good.

COOPER: It's true.

COHEN: Yes, you need that.

COOPER: So what are we doing? Just hanging out. We'll take a break. We'll be back. there's a lot more. Jack Black is going to be here. Stick around.




SEAN HAYES, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to not wear my pants so high. LAURA LINNEY, GUEST: No Swedish fish for a year.

TYRA BANKS, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to be on time.

MEGAN FOX, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to better love myself so that I can better love those people who are in my life.

TERRENCE HOWARD, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to break down the entire economic low brow infrastructure.

CANDICE BERGEN, GUEST: My new year's resolution that every year I make and every year I don't keep is to exercise and diet.

TATIANA MASLANY, GUEST: My new year's eve resolution is to when I leave a room, to clean up the stuff that I leave for tomorrow, but do it today.

JANE CURTIN, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to make sure that the Republican Party dies.

PARTRICIA ARQUETTE, GUEST: 2019, this is the year that I stop caring about new year's resolutions. Nothing. Nothing.

BRIGET EVERETT, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to wake up and have Anderson Cooper cook me breakfast every day for the rest of my life.

QUEEN LATIFAH, GUEST: My new year's resolution would be to start an entire new year's resolution.

EVEN ROSS, GUEST: Our New Year's resolution is --

ASHLEE SIMPSON, GUEST: To focus on love. I feel like we do that.

ROSS: I think in the world we're living in, I think it's a really good time to like focus on love.

SIMPSON: And positivity.

ROSS: And letting that be okay, letting that be the most important thing.

HARVEY FIERSTEIN, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to stop wearing all of this jewelry.

LENA DUNHAM, GUEST: My New Year's resolution is to kiss more gay men on the lips consensually.


COHEN: Okay, thank you so much to my guests from "Watch What Happens Live" this year for telling us their new year's resolution. Lena will kiss you on the lips. (Inaudible).

COOPER: The rock duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass are ringing in the New Year at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. We're very pleased they join us now. Happy new year, guys.

JACK BLACK, GUEST: Happy new year, you guys. How are you?

KYLE GASS: Terrible weather here in Vegas.

COHEN: I love the umbrella.


BLACK: The polka dots, thank you. Yes, we're just trying to stay dry. There's a little snow and hail here in Vegas.

GASS: The Vegas alliance says we must use umbrellas.

BLACK: Or e don't use them, we'd get in trouble if we don't use umbrellas.

GASS: We don't use them, they come down on us.

BLACK: Okay. This bit's done.

GASS: All right.

COHEN: You guys, I am really, really admiring your beards tonight. I mean your beard game is so strong. GASS: They're on point. It's on point.


COOPER: How long have you been working on that?

BLACK: I feel like this isn't the right lighting for my beard. What was that?

COOPER: How long have you been working on that, Jack?

BLACK: I've been working this beard for about a year.


COHEN: What's the end game?

BLACK: I felt like it was important for a project we're working on, it's a post-apocalyptic music comedy. And no one shaves in the post- apocalyptic world. It's kind of like "Road Warrior" that's what we're rocking.

COOPER: Yes, make it legit.

BLACK: And it's also like Santa Claus, so it's seasonal as well.

COHEN: What's the end game for the beard? Will they keep going?

BLACK: Well, this is actually our last show for a while, because I'm going to go do Jumanji 2, which I have a beard in that one as well, but it's going to be a

shorter beard. Also I'm going to magically be ten years younger, so I'll color it dark brown. But don't tell anyone our secret.


COHEN: Were you surprised by the major, major success of "Jumanji" this year? It just blew everything out.

BLACK: You know, I have to say I thought when I read it and heard that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart were going to be in it, I called it. I was like "This is going to be a huge hit, I want to be a part of it" that's why I wanted to jump in, it felt like a monster. So I wasn't really shocked, no.

GASS: I wanted to jump in, but no one asked, so --

COHEN: Yeah.

BLACK: Awkward.

COOPER: There's always a...

COHEN: There is always "Jumanji 2".

GASS: "Jumanji 3"

COOPER: What's going to happen tonight? What are you going to be playing? BLACK: "Juman D" Come again? Sorry, Andy, I wasn't listening at all.

COOPER: What are you going to be playing tonight?

BLACK: Oh. Well, tonight, we're going to be doing our rock opera in its entirety. then we're going to play the greatest hits. Then at some point, we're going to have to sing "Auld Lang Syne" and count down from ten because that's what you do at a New Year's Eve show. And we're going to bring the love, the merriment. That's a lot of pressure. People said, hey, I want to bring the new year with you, so show us a good time.

So, you know, we're going to bring the thunder.

COHEN: I always feel there's so much pressure on new year's eve. It's got to be hard, just like you said. I mean people have committed to being there, to see you. Everyone wants to have a good time. That's a lot of pressure to be under.

COHEN: It's actually really moving. It's actually really touching that, you know, we sold out this show. All these 4,000 people come because of all the places they could be in the world, they want to spend it with me and Kyle on new year's eve.

So, you know, I'm a little emotional about it. I'm excited.

We don't do a lot of -- this is only our second ever new year's eve show. And I remember the first time we were in Australia, and we were nervous because we knew everyone was going to be really drunk off their asses. And we're like, what if they're going to be super unruly? Maybe they're going to be partying too hard. And then we said, you know, what we'll do? We'll fight fire with fire. We'll get a little tipsy just to be on the same wavelength.

And I recommend that you guys both do that as well tonight.

COHEN: How did that go?

GASS: They are.


BLACK: Come on Anderson.

GASS: Anderson had his first drink, I think


COOPER: I'm a total lightweight, I know.


BLACK: I still have shots of Jaeger right now, one shot.

COHEN: Yes, yes.

COOPER: Oh, do you really have a shot of Jaeger?

COHEN: Yes, they just...


COHEN: Will you drink before your show tonight because it's new year's eve again?

BLACK: Well, we've got a two-drink maximum. That's our rule for new year's eve.

We will drink, but we're going to rock responsibly.

GASS: It's a little music lube.


COOPER: Well, let me ask, do you guys also do like one of those kind of Madonna prayer circles before you go on, were you like...


BLACK: How did you know about the prayer circle?


GASS: Wow, how did that get out. Wow.

BLACK: I mean the truth is going up onstage and rocking a crowd, it's a little terrifying. And we do need to get together the whole band and just create a good energy, good love energy of support and just say whatever our thoughts and feelings are at the moment right before we go onstage.

We'll let our fears out into the room. We'll destroy them. And then we'll go out and face our inner demons.

COHEN: I love it.

COOPER: There's a lot going on there.

BLACK: Do you guys do a prayer circle before you go on?


COHEN: Maybe we should.

COOPER: We should have. We should have, yeah.


COHEN: Paranoia will destroy you.

You know that reference?

COOPER: Yes, I do know the reference.

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: We're really freezing cold out here.

COHEN: It got really cold all of a sudden.

COOPER: Just throwing this out, just so you know. You guys look very warm.

GASSL You'll have to do it indoors next time.

BLACK: We are pretty toasty here at the Hard Rock.

COHEN: I was thinking the same thing --


COHEN: You guys have a great show tonight. Thank you for joining us. I want to see Tenacious D.

COOPER: I want to totally see Tenacious D. I hope to see you guys soon.

BLACK: All right, we'll...


COHEN: You guys keep those beards going strong.

BLACK: Lifetime backstage pass for you two. Love you guys.

COOPER: Okay, thank you. All right. Take care.

COHEN: Thanks, guys.

COOPER: Bye-bye, have a great new year.

BLACK: Take it easy.

COOPER: We are very lucky tonight. So many great guests.

COHEN: We have great guests tonight, and Gwen Stefani is coming up too.

COOPER: We'll be right back. A lot more.



COOPER: Welcome back to New York's Times Square. Very excited as we're counting down. Not sure what's happening with the camera there, a little - a

kind of interesting viewpoint there. I want to take a look at some more celebrity New Year's resolution. These were taped when they stopped by Andy's show, "Watch What Happens Live."


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, GUEST: My new year's resolution, not to follow it.

MICHAEL RAPAPORT, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to watch "Housewives" twice. You can watch it once, but you really soak up the essence the second time.

HODA KOTB, GUEST: My new year's resolution for the 15th year in a row is to stop eating so much.


HODA KOTB: That's the same thing every single year.

SETH MEYERS, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to not look at my phone when my two children are around because I want my children to think I love them more than I love my phone.


ELLE MACPHERSON, GUEST: Let's put it this way. It's all about love, baby.

TAYE DIGGS, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to try to care less what other people think about me.

SE CUPP, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to watch more "Bravo" and less news.

JOSH GROBAN, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to get to the woods more. I like whenever I find myself in a foresty situation, I say to myself, you know what? I haven't been to the woods nearly enough.


GROBAN: I'm growing this bad boy out. Got to get some logs around me.

FAITH FORD, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to see Anderson and Andy live.

CARSON KRESSLEY, GUEST: My new year's resolution is to spend less money on shoes, at least for the first couple days.

SANDRA BERNHARD, GUEST: My new year's resolution is I'm going to continue to wear my Invisalign at night so that I keep these teeth gorgeous.

T-PAIN, GUEST: My new year's resolution is condoms, man, just like -- a lot of them, just like all the time now.


COHEN: All right. Thanks, guys, for those.



COOPER: Have you made a- --


COHEN: Mine I think is well, it's just to love my kid. I mean it's just to spend all my - I know, and to be off my phone. I mean I said it last year.

I think it's also just a great idea to leave your phone -- a friend of mine with kids would say leave your phone on your desk and just go to your desk when you need to use your phone to another place. I don't want to be around my kid on my phone.

COOPER: I think that's a good idea.

All right, let's play trash your past.

COHEN: Okay.

COOPER: All right? So this is when we decide something from 2018 gets trashed or whether we allow it to pass into the new year.

COHEN: Okay, good. I'm really into this.

COOPER: We'll try to come to a joint decision.

COHEN: Okay, great. Omarosa on reality shows.

COOPER: First of all, you refer to her as Omarosa Manigault-Newman, not by one name because I think if gives her pleasure to be referred to by one name. It's just she's that good --

COHEN: And you don't want to give her pleasure --

COOPER: so Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

COHEN: On reality shows.



COOPER: You want to see her on reality shows.

COHEN: She should be on reality shows. Yes, absolutely.

Better in reality shows than in the White House. Reba McEntire dressed as Colonel Sanders.



COOPER: Yes and yes.

COHEN: I love those ads.

COOPER: Frankly, Reba McEntire anywhere, doing anything.

COHEN: By the way, I haven't gotten over the Reba McEntire Fritos commercials entirely if you want to know the truth.

COOPER: Okay, trash or pass, glitter beer. I didn't know this was a thing.

COHEN: It's beer with glitter in it.

COOPER: I don't like glitter.

I have to say, I know, I know, take away my gay card.

COHEN: It's new year's eve and you are saying you don't like glitter?

COOPER: Glitter gets everywhere. It gets into everything, every nook, every cranny.

COHEN: That's the point.

Flying veils in china.


COHEN: Did you see this? They're these veils that fly. It's the latest thing.

I don't know if we...

COOPER: In a wedding?

COHEN: Yes. They fly and they land on the bride.

COOPER: That's cool.


COHEN: It's kind of amazing, let's keep it.


COHEN: The raccoon who scaled the Minnesota Skyscraper.

COOPER: I'm all for that raccoon.

COHEN: I was very annoyed by the raccoon.

At first I got into it and I'm like, really, we're all stopping what we're doing?

COOPER: Yes, we were, yes.

It's like the little engine that could.

COHEN: Meghan Markle's dad. Trash. Nothing but a troublemaker. yes.

COOPER: You know, families are complex.

COHEN: Yeah, I know. But no.

COOPER: You say -- okay. I will let you stand out on a limb on that one.

COHEN: Tristan Thompson cheating on my favorite Kardashian, Khloe.

COOPER: I don't know, who's Tristan Thompson?

COHEN: A basketball player for the Cavs.


COHEN: Khloe is my favorite -- she's my favorite Kardashian. She's amazing.

COOPER: Yes, you like her a lot, yes, you said that.


COHEN: So I trash that.

COOPER: Okay, well, I feel bad about that.

COHEN: I'm very upset about that.

Okay. What about Glen and Jan, the couple from the Emmys who got engaged?

I was very annoyed by this one, this guy won an Emmy for directing the Tonys, which is already annoying.

COOPER: Why would he win an Emmy for --

COHEN: Thank you. It's like put this in the untelevised portion of the Emmys.

COOPER: Yes, that's for the luncheon.

COHEN: Then he gets up, and if anyone knows not to waste time on an award show stage, it's someone who directs an award show. No. He takes the whole awards show hostage and he brings up his lady and proposes to her. Everyone thought it was so amazing. I did not.


COOPER: So you say trash or not?

COHEN: I wanted to see the show

COOPER: You say trash?

COHEN: More.


COHEN: Yes, enough.

COOPER: The Wal-Mart yodel kid.

COHEN: I love him.

COOPER: I love him, yes he was good.

COHEN: Super cute. There he is.

COOPER: Let's listen.

COHEN: Yodeling. Super cute.

COOPER: It's super cute.

COHEN: It's an ear worm.

COOPER: Your hands are just dazing your head.

COHEN: Okay. That's enough. Okay. All right.

COOPER: Okay, let's give him the hook.

COHEN: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's song "Shallow" being stuck in our heads.



COOPER: Yes, I'm happy to have it stuck in my head.

COHEN: Did you see "A Star is Born"?

COOPER: I haven't seen it yet. but I have heard the song.

COHEN: I haven't seen a lot of movies yet. I've been working.

COOPER: Okay. Life going on in the country.

COHEN: Okay, well, remember your resolution. Be more content. COOPER: Yes, more content. COHEN: You know what? Actually it's so funny. We were in a car

somewhere months ago, and you said -- we were leaving our vacation in August, and we were all saying, let's make a resolution for the fall -- and you said that, to be more content.

COOPER: Yes, I did say that. Yes.

COHEN: And then I would say to him occasionally in the fall, as he was just churning and working hard.

COOPER: Churn, churn...

COHEN: In a little bit of a mood. I'm like how's your contentment going, Anderson?

Is that going well? I feel like you might need my hat. I'm really worried because you're starting to shiver --


COHEN: I am now normalized and I feel like you are --

COOPER: I think it's still not going to happen but it's fine, it's fine, I just think --


COHEN: By the way, don't forget, you can come see me and Anderson live on stage.

Our tour rolls on. We have a whole new show. It's called AC2 live, deeper talk and more shallow tales. You can go to for a whole bunch of cities we are going to be on. I know that Baltimore and Two Nights at The Beacon are going on sale soon like later this year.


COOPER: Yes, and I think Wednesday, they go on like pre-sale for the best tickets. And then Friday or January 4th, I think they're on sale.


COOPER: But what's so funny about this is, I can't believe that you and I have been doing that. We've been on that tour for...

COHEN: Almost four years.

COOPER: Almost four years.

COHEN: I know.

Thank god. So we came up with a whole new show.

(Crosstalk) COOPER: Right, we couldn't, frankly, stand to hear each other do the old show any longer.

COHEN: Same thing.

COOPER: We've done probably -- but we've probably performed --

COHEN: We've done 50-something shows.

COOPER: We've performed before like 120,000 people.

COHEN: It's true.

COOPER: That's crazy.

COHEN: It is crazy.

COOPER: It's very nice.

It's also nice, because a lot of people are like, what do you guys do? Like, what are you coming for? But people leave happy. People like it.

COHEN: Full release.


COHEN: In a little over an hour, the ball is going to drop in Times Square. In a moment, we are going to talk with one of the folks who's going to push the button on the launch, right?


COHEN: And Gwen Stefani is going to --

COOPER: Gwen Stefani and midnight in St. Bart's is only moments away, apparently, it's in different time zone.

COHEN: Oh, cool. Yes.

COOPER: Okay, Midnight in St. Bart's. We'll be right back.


COOPER: And welcome back. We're live in Times Square. Andy Cohen and joining us is Alisyn Camerota. You are actually going to be taking part in releasing or pushing down the giant ball.

ALISYN CAMEROTA, ANCHOR, CNN: I have a huge responsibility tonight.

COHEN: Yes, you do.

COOPER: It's heavy.

CAMEROTA: If I don't do this right, the New Year does not happen.

COHEN: True?


COOPER: Exactly what is happening.


COHEN: Really.


COHEN: If the ball doesn't drop, there's no new year's.

COOPER: No, not happening.

CAMEROTA: That ball isn't going to drop on its own, Andy. This finger is what stands between you and the New Year.

COHEN: Really?


COOPER: That finger will make the ball drop.

CAMEROTA: This finger is ushering in 2019.

COOPER: And it's you and a couple -- and who else?

CAMEROTA: Okay, there's ten of us.


COHEN: It's all journalists...

CAMEROTA: It's all journalists because the Times Square Alliance, which puts on this whole to do...

COHEN: They took my umbrella away.

CAMEROTA: -- chose -- I mean, this year they're honoring the committee to protect journalists.

COOPER: Right.

COHEN: Which is an incredible organization.

CAMEROTA: It is. And it's also, you know, been a rough year for journalists.

COHEN: Yes, it has. CAMEROTA: I mean here in this country, we've been the target of threats and attacks, of course, four journalists were killed in Annapolis, Maryland, you will remember over the summer at the "Capital Gazette." And around the world, 53 journalists were killed. So it's been a really bad year, 2018 for journalists.

So the Committee to Protect Journalists chose 10 journalists from the top news organizations and, you know --

COOPER: That's so cool.

CAMEROTA: We're hoping that when we press the button, it will usher in a new and better year.

COOPER: Have you ever been in Times Square on New Year's Eve?

CAMEROTA: I have. I've covered this probably four other time when it was bone-crushingly cold.



CAMEROTA: I think this is better.

COHEN: It's better.


COHEN: I prefer this.

COOPER: It's interesting to go -- Chief Waters, I'm sure you talked to the cops they say they like the cold better.

COHEN: The cops like the cold better, because the wet, you know, they're out here for many, many hours.

COOPER: Cumulatively, the wet takes a toll.

COHEN: And it gets, I feel like it's maybe starting...


COOPER: It's taking a toll on me.


COHEN: I'm a little worried --

CAMEROTA: I feel like we're standing in a shower right now, a cold shower.

COHEN: Yes, we are, we're taking a cold shower.

CAMEROTA: Yes, we're taking a cold shower.

COHEN: And I've been showering Anderson with tequila, so that's having mixed effects, as well.

CAMEROTA: That is, yes.

COHEN: Well, congratulations.

CAMEROTA: I'm really honored, I'm honored to represent CNN, I'm honored to represent journalism this year.

COOPER: Do you have to get up early tomorrow morning.

CAMEROTA: No. Thank goodness, I don't. I have a little respite, but I'll be back on "New Day" on what is that -- is tomorrow Tuesday?

COOPER: Tomorrow, it's a Wednesday.

CAMEROTA: I'll be back on Wednesday. Yes. All I'd focus on is getting that ball down. COOPER: Make sure you push the others away so it's your hand on the ball.


COHEN: Yes, put it and make it yours...


COOPER: Alison, congratulations and to the rest of them as well.


CAMEROTA: Great to see you guys. Happy New Year.

COOPER: Thank you.

COHEN: Thank you.

COOPER: Thank you very much.

COHEN: Thank you, you too.

COOPER: So Bill Weir is in Key West, Florida.


COOPER: A long-held tradition of covering the drag queen drop.

COHEN: Yeah, they drop Sushi down..

COOPER: They drop Sushi in a giant...


COHEN: And they are - there's the rehearsal.

COOPER: That's Sushi in the -- and at the stroke of midnight, the pump will be lowered from the top of this barge roof.

COHEN: Wow, let's talk to Bill. Hey, Bill.

COOPER: Hey, Bill, how's it going there?

BILL WEIR, CORRESPONDENT, CNN: Hey, Andy, Anderson. Good to see you. Here we are. The woman of the hour, the drag queen of the hour, it's Sushi, everybody. High over Duvall Street from the Bourbon Street Pub, Happy New Year, Sushi.

SUSHI: Happy New Year, guys.

WEIR: This is what, the 21st, 22nd year for you?

SUSHI: This is the 21st year in the shoe, honey, yeah.

WEIR: Must be the thrill of your year, I'm sure, right?

SUSHI: Oh, definitely, dolly. And I want to say thank you to Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen for making Key West a destination to come to during New Year's Eve.

WEIR: absolutely.

Yes, of course, Hurricane Irma devastated the Keys, they've come back strong thanks to the dedication of people who like to come see them. And I guess for the second year in a row, it's send the straight guy to cover the drag queen cabaret.

Tell me about this amazing outfit.

SUSHI: Oh, well, I started about three weeks ago in honor of Andy Cohen's new baby. This is what diapers should look like.

WEIR: And Andy, check out the earrings, Andy. Look at that. we've got some sort of --

COHEN: Amazing.

WEIR: A bust, a marble bust inside a cage, it's beautiful.

So at midnight, the Sushi drop, the drag queen drop, one of six different very distinct Key West drops at midnight. It's so touching. It's so beautiful.


WEIR: -- back to Times Square.

COHEN: I think, Bill --

COOPER: Bill, thank you.

Bill, give our best to Sushi and I hope she drops safely because some years, it's been hit or miss. Sometimes, that shoe, there is a mechanical misfunction. So we wish you -- we will bring you the drag queen drop after the ball drops here just to make sure she --

COHEN: We got to St. Bart's, because it's almost new years there and Randi Kaye is there counting down. Hey, Randi.

KAYE: Hey, so we gave Versace back and we were invited back on the yacht, on the Gene Machine, we're here with Captain Frazier (ph) once again. You have a little bit of champagne, and that's allowed, because we're very close to midnight.

So cheers to you, good health as well. We're as I said, we're very close to midnight and out there in the dark is this fort and that's where they're going to launch all of these fireworks?


KAYE: That's the tradition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Every year, fireworks go off just about there and all the yachts are going to start honking their horns and bring in the new year.

KAYE: So they honk their horns all at the same time and apparently this is a really big deal. It's like it's very --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's just a dumb thing.

KAYE: Yes, it's just a thing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everyone does it.

KAYE: Because everybody just -- they just coordinate it and they honk it -- is it really loud?