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Venezuela`s Political and Economic Crisis Taking Toll On Its Citizens; Dubai Will Be The Site of the World Expo 2020; Sheep is Helped By Police Officer in South Carolina

Aired January 29, 2019 - 04:00:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. On last Thursday`s show at we reported on some of the reasons for a worsening crisis in

Venezuela. Today on CNN 10 we`re looking at some of the effects it`s having on the South American nation. Countries around the world are taking

sides on what`s happening here. After a Venezuelan lawmaker named Juan Guaido declared himself to be the new temporary leader of his country, the

U.S. said it would support him. A growing number of other countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Britain, Canada and Chile have done the same


Additional European leaders have said they`d also support Guaido if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro doesn`t schedule free elections soon.

But President Maduro said, nobody gives Venezuela an ultimatum and that his country had held elections which he says he won. He accuses the U.S. of

setting up a coup to remove him from power and China, Cuba, and Russia are among the countries who put their support behind Maduro.

Yesterday the United States announced new sanctions or penalties on the South American country to increase the pressure on its embattled leader.

Some Venezuelans have rallied behind President Maduro but many others have protested against him and more demonstrations are scheduled this week. The

people caught in the middle are suffering.


NICK PATON WALSH, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Cross into Venezuela`s unending disaster, the world`s worst growing refugee crisis and it`s like

the world as you know it is slowly ending. Oil once made them the richest in South America but this is now the line for three days and nights to get

a full tank. In the capital, there`s a (inaudible) for everything, everywhere. Hunger breeds a special kind of anger.

This is how life or inflation works. These groceries cost $50 now but (inaudible) of what`s happening with the local currency they`ll be worth

double at least by next month. People (inaudible) tomorrow`s prices today. There`s no cuing for the youngest living off what even here nobody wants.

This isn`t play. It`s practiced self defense.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (TRANSLATED): My brother got killed in July by another gang said 14 year old Asmaria (ph). They found the body in the river. We

gather stuff. We beg, a piece of chicken skin to take home.

WALSH: And the socialist utopia that now leaves every stomach empty. This was the day when change was meant to come. Hundreds of thousands flooding

central Caracas watching opposition leader Juan Guaido swear himself in as interim president. They fast turned sour. They`ve had this stand off

outside the military airfield here for months but this is the first time with an opposition leader claiming the presidency. All eyes were on the

army and whether it too would rise up.

The staple (ph) question really at a standoff. It`s about the military`s vote. They may be throwing stones at them here but what they really need

is the army to switch sides. Fast (inaudible) happen and the police tear gas and motorcycle charges sent us fleeing down side streets.


Some likely wounded, although dozens reported dead during the day. It was up here in the normally loyal slums where the fight was the nastiest.

Special forces entered these streets. They`ve been coming back to make arrests all during the afternoon when we`re invited to meet Carolina`s (ph)

extended family where Maduro`s base has long lived. State handouts bought their loyalty for years but now this.

Wazul (ph), she has to feed four this day. And they say now they too want Maduro gone. They can`t hold it anymore one of her cousins says.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (TRANSLATED): We`re being crushed with beggars now. Always begging. This isn`t political. It`s survival for people are

killing each other for a kilo of rice, for water.

WALSH: And as Washington says Maduro isn`t president but Moscow insists he is, everyone else walks zombie like further and closer towards starvation.

Nick Paton Walsh, CNN, Caracas.


CARL AZUZ: 10 Second Trivia. Which of these international events is held every five years? World`s Expo, Winter Olympics, World Mining Congress or

World Cup. Also known as the World`s Fair, the World`s Expo is held every five years and it lasts for months.

It`s a massive event. It`s a chance for the country that hosts it to attract attention and investment and it`s a chance for exhibitors from

around the world to show off what they`ve created. The typewriter, telephone and television broadcast, the Statue of Liberty and the Ferris

wheel, the X-ray machine and the ice cream cone, all of them exhibited at World Expos. That`s why Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has great

expectations for Expo 2020.


JOHN DEFTERIOS, CNN EMERGING MARKETS EDITOR: A giant construction site in the middle of the desert, an ambitious project taking shape. Two years

from now this location is set become one of Dubai`s greatest endeavors so far, the World Expo 2020.

ACHMED ALTAEED: This is the biggest I will be doing in my life.

DEFTERIOS: Achmed Altaeed drives us around this massive site. He`s keen to show off every corner of it.

ALTAEED: Right now we have 23,000 workers working on site. We have about 45 tower cranes. Also we have moved around 5 million cubic meters of sand.

DEFTERIOS: Dubai is building it`s Expo from scratch. Everything from pipelines to pavilions, streets to a metro station. And at around five

square kilometers in size, it`s a huge feed (ph) with a lot at stake.

ALTAEED: It is a big challenge because we have a fixed deadline for us to finish our construction, all of it by October 2019. This is one year

before the event starts. Everybody`s working towards one single goal is how to make this project as successful as possible.

DEFTERIOS: Putting on a successful Expo is a top priority for Dubai. It will be the first held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region.

Expected to attract 25 million visitors with around 180 countries said to participate. Let`s hope the event will be a big boost for the economy.

Redirecting Dubai`s economy, not an easy task and it may take more than just a six month event to make it happen. With a project of this scale,

usually the focus is on getting all the work done before the event begins but in this case officials suggest they`ve given an equal amount of

attention and resources to what happens after the Expo finishes in April 2021.

MARJON VARATOONI: The wonderful thing about building the city that it`s going to live on after the Expo. So it`s not done on a temporary basis.

So it`s something you will see in the future.

DEFTERIOS: Marjon Varatooni is looking forward to the Expo and equally to what comes after.

VARATOONI : We know what`s going to happen the moment the doors close after the Expo ends. You know, that was as a result of the direction and the - -

the vision of our leadership and the instruction that we were given to really think very carefully about every single investment that we`re making

in the city.

DEFTERIOS: The plan is called District 2020, a ready built community, business and tech hub. The Expo site is said to be transformed. In its

place, more than 65,000 square meters of residential space, educational facilities and parkland, as well as 140,000 square meters for commercial

development. German industrial giant Siemens has already agreed to build a new logistics hub here.

VARATOONI: And we hope that we attract people from the UAE but also from around the world to make this a successful innovation district in the


DEFTERIOS: The Expo theme is "Connecting Minds Creating the Future". With District 2020 on the horizon, it may just practice what it preaches. John

Defterios, CNN, Dubai.


CARL AZUZ: A sheep recently wondered into a neighborhood in South Carolina so a policeman came to corral the mammal before animal control got there.

Seems they had a lot to talk about.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Come on. Come on. Come on. I`m taking you to greener pastures.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t know what you want to eat man. What about this clover right there. Clover is a very calming thing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you ever had clover honey?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is not how I pictured my Tuesday going at all.


CARL AZUZ: But thanks to the dashboard camera, it went pretty well for the rest of us. Guess the animal was just trying to "cop" a snack. And maybe

the policeman was so patient because he has a "bleeting" heart. Officers are used to pursing suspects on the "lamb" but this one was "wooly"

unusual. It required a "shearly" careful approach that was right on the "mutton". I`m Carl Azuz. Keeping it being "sheep" shape on CNN 10.