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No Deal Reached At the Second Summit Between the United States and North Korea; A Super Bloom in California; Positive Athlete Series; Sport of Skijoring

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CARL AZUZ, CNN 10 ANCHOR: One thing that pizza, puppies and Fridays have in common, it`s called awesome. I`m Carl Azuz. This is CNN 10. Welcome

to the show. Our first topic on this first of March, no deal. In the second summit between the leaders of the United States and North Korea an

agreement was not reached for the communist country to give up its nuclear program and the democratic country to remove the economic penalties on it`s


The summit ended early. After meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump said they made a lot of progress and

have a quote "very special relationship" but he added that sometimes you have to walk away from a deal.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: - - have to be prepared to walk and, you know, there was a potential we could have signed something. That I could of 100

percent signed something today. We actually had papers ready to be signed but it just wasn`t appropriate. I want to do it right. I`d much rather do

it right than do it fast.


AZUZ: So why wasn`t an agreement reached? CNN reports that the communist country offered to eliminate part of its nuclear program but that it wanted

the U.S. to completely remove its sanctions on North Korea`s economy. President Trump said, America couldn`t do that. In a rare news conference

after their summit, North Korea`s foreign minister said his country would permanently and completely remove all nuclear materials from its main

production site. And that North Korea only asked for partial relief from the U.S. sanctions.

The North Korean official called it a realistic proposal. Before the summit, U.S. and North Korean negotiators had been working on the terms of

an agreement for weeks. So some analysts say that the failure of the leaders to finalize it suggests it might have still been too soon for them

to actually get together. A date for another meeting between them hasn`t been set according to the White House but President Trump says America`s

conversation with North Korea would continue.

10 Second Trivia. What is the state flower of California? Golden Columbine, Cherokee Rose, Golden Poppy, or Apple Blossom. A fitting flower

for the Golden state is the golden poppy, also known as the California poppy.



AZUZ: A high school basketball player named Jordan Tuff is making headlines beyond her hometown of Kernersville, North Carolina. She`s the

latest highlight of our Positive Athlete series. It reports on high school athletes who shine in the game, in their schools and in their communities.

If that sounds like someone you know, you can nominate him or her at athlete. Here`s how Jordan`s inspiring the next

generation of basketball players.


JORDAN TUFF: I love the game. It`s everything - - it means everything to me. I first started playing basketball pretty much in Kindergarten. When

I first picked it up I just knew I fell in love with it. I`ve won a few MVPs in some big tournaments this year. I recently on our Senior night, I

got 150 career made threes, 500 rebounds and 1,000 points.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Like every kid, Jordan goals were always to play at the highest level. They always want to go play on national TV to be the - - a

big star on national TV, the All-American, all those things. Jordan, as a teammate, she`s encouraging. She sets examples by working hard. She`s a

let`s go, come on you all type of kid.

TUFF: On the team, I feel like I`m a leader. You know, I control the tempo of the game. I feel like I`m just that - - that glue piece that

really brings the team together and I love to do that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well she started working with basketball camps simply because I identified that she was the type of person that could work with

young kids.

TUFF: I love basketball. So teaching kids, you know, who are also like, who love it and are just excited to play is a great feeling. Dreams In

Motion is camp run by my coach Delany Rudd (ph). We have a kids basketball camp with a bunch of little kids. We go through skills. We teach them,

you know, just basic fundamentals.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s able to communicate because she`s - - she`s still a kid. And she can say, hey I`m going to college to play college

basketball. You know, I played at the highest level in high school. I accomplished this. I still accomplish my academic success. For a little

kid, they need that.

TUFF: I mean my coach, you know, he`s worked us and helped us to become the players we are today. And you know, when me and my teammates are

helping coach these kids we`re full of energy. We`re just as excited as they are so it`s great being out here on the floor with them. Because

maybe one day they`ll want to play basketball too and for us to have a part in that is very important.


AZUZ: Skijoring or skeering (ph) is a sport you might not be familiar with. It combines the danger of skiing with the danger of horse racing for

an unforgettable wintertime event. At a resort in Southeastern Switzerland, you have to be at least 18 years old to participate in

skijoring. You have to pass both fitness and intellectual tests and you have to wear body armor. A two time skijoring winner says you also have to

get it a shot.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Skeering (ph) is a really special sport. We only do it here in St. Moritz. We need a thoroughbred in front and the skier

behind. I done the skeering (ph) the first time when I was 18 years old and I did it because it`s amazing speed behind it (ph) and I loved the

adrenaline. If you like to do skeering (ph) you have to be first of all a really good skier because you have a good direction during the race.

And the second thing you need is to have a good contact to your horse to understand how horse is working and to be a good horseman is really

important. And the third thing we have to be is you have to be really brave because there`s a lot of kick back coming from your own horse and a

lot of speed. This is really important.

During the race, you need a really good voice because you - - only with shouting we can make our horse faster. So for example, go Becky (ph). You

definitely have to try it because its full of adrenaline, full of speed and it`s in the nature together with a wonderful thoroughbred in front of you

and it`s just amazing.


AZUZ: Boring knows. Skijoring is for those who feel like soaring. Setting skis to snow and racing with a horse that does the pacing. It`s

not horsing `round , it`s horsing down. A snowy track, they risk it because it`s just like Elsa`s magic harnessed right up to "Sea Biscuit".

You can "dis" it. You can`t miss it. It`s an "equine" kind of show that brings tack and saddle, bit and bridle thundering over snow. It combines

the thrill of racing with the wintry sledding fun of a "horse powered" machine that`s thoroughbred to run. I`m Carl Azuz, photofinishing the week

on CNN 10.