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David Ortiz Shot; Dallas Crane Collapse; Biggest 2020 Event Yet; Mega Defense Merger; Hong Kong Protests; California Wildfires Forcing Evacuations; Nominations Closing For New U.K. Prime Minister; Resilience In Wall Street; June Gloom Hits Hollywood Box Office. Aired 4:30-5a ET

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CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN HOST: Breaking news this morning, retired Red Sox icon David Ortiz recovering after he was shot in the Dominican Republic.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my god the crane is falling over. Oh, my God.


DAVE BRIGGS, CNN HOST: One person is dead after a falling construction crane slice through a downtown Dallas apartment building.








ROMANS: Democratic candidates slammed President Trump at the biggest event so far in the 2020 race.

BRIGGS: United Technologies and Raytheon joining forces to create an aerospace and defense power house in one of the biggest corporate mergers of the year. Welcome back to early start everybody on a Monday. I'm Dave Briggs.

ROMANS: And I'm Christine Romans, busy morning now, 32 minutes past the hour, we begin with this breaking news this morning. Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz shot in the back at a club in his native Dominican Republic. According to authorities the recently retired slugger known as Big Poppy, we are told, is out of surgery and out of danger. Coy Wire has been monitoring this developing story, he joins us live with the latest, Coy?

COY WIRE, CNN SPORTS ANCHOR: Good morning Christine. Authorities in the Dominican Republican said the shooter was on a motorcycle and ambushed Ortiz outside the dance club in his hometown Santo Domingo. According to police, the former Red Sox star was shot in the back and the bullet went through his stomach. The 43-year-old was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery.

A nurse at the hospital told CNN, Ortiz asked the emergency room doctor, quote, please don't let me die. I'm a good man, before going in to surgery. Big Poppy's father gave reporters an update on his son's condition outside the hospital.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): The operation is over and he is stable. We are just waiting for the doctors to take him out of the surgery room. He is resting right now. Now, there are no other damages we know of. He is stable.


WIRE: A police spokesman said multiple people were taken into custody in connection with the shooting. According to witnesses, one of the suspects was attacked by bystanders immediately after Ortiz was shot. The person is being treated at a local hospital. As news of the shooting spread shocked, teammates, opponents, sent prayers and well wishes late Sunday.

Hall of fame pitcher Pedram Martinez tweeted this, I'm at peace knowing you are out of danger, you are a strong man Compai. Can't wait to hear your voice, my thoughts and prayers are with you. See you soon.

Yankee slugger, Alex Rodriguez posting, anxiously waiting for more news. In the meantime only prayers for David Ortiz, Tiffany and their family.

David Ortiz played 20 seasons in the majors, 14 of those in Boston. The 10 times all-star led the Red Sox to three World Series titles before he retire after the 2016 season.

ROMANS: Wow, that's something. So, bottom-line here, he was shot, but he is expected to recover. Still in the hospital, but expected to recover.

WIRE: Yes. That is right, Christine. Good news so far. And the latest we've heard from his father. And we will continue to stay on top of this and our thoughts and prayers with the man who is so much bigger than he was off the field even -- although he was record setting at his performances and iconic and a huge part of them ending their 86-year championship drought there in Boston, he did so much for the community both in Boston and the Dominican Republic. Well loved. ROMANS: Sure. We'll continue to monitor that. Thank you so much for

that, Coy Wire. Thanks Coy.

BRIGGS: All right. At least, one person is dead in Dallas, Texas. Another six injured after a construction crane fell on to a downtown apartment complex.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't recall ever responding to one where it actually has fallen on to an occupied building. Much less an occupied five story residential high rise building.


[04:35:08] BRIGGS: One witness said the crane quote slice through the building lie a hot knife through butter. The fire and rescue spokesman called the situation really challenging, because crane more often collapse on to an inhibited construction sites. The cause of the crane collapse is still under investigation, but severe weather may have been a factor. CNN's Christina Alesci has more.


CHRISTINA ALESCI, CNN MONEY CORRESPONDENT: Dave, Christine, here is what we know. Shortly after the collapse, Dallas fire fighter used rescue dogs to search for more missing or injured people. Now what makes this so scary, is part of the crane fell on the residential building and parking lot. Where a lot of people could have been killed or hurt. We don't know what could have caused the collapse. Weather, human error. Well, both could had been factors here.

Look, the National Weather Service did issue warnings Sunday morning about damaging winds with gusts up to 75 miles per hour and more than 227,000 people in the area experienced power outages. The winds may have also caused a billboard to crash onto a car in Dallas' uptown neighborhood. Now the investigation will likely take months.

Authorities are still investigating a Seattle collapse in April which killed four people. And the result of that inquiry will probably take a few more months. Experts say human error may have played a role there. But in 2017, three cranes designed to withstand 95-mile-an- hour winds in South Florida collapsed during hurricane Irma. Dave, Christine.


ROMANS: All right. Christina Alesci, thank you that. President Trump declaring victory in his trade battle with Mexico. But he may have been the only one fighting. The New York Times reports, Mexico agreed months ago to take many of the action that are in Friday's immigration deal with the U.S. And the president simply threatened tariffs first before accepting the agreement and repackaging it as negotiating success. And Mr. Trump denies that report and his supporters are praising his negotiating skills.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tariffs are attacks on American consumers and we don't want to see them in place -- long-term note I -- do I believe President Trump does. He is using tariffs as leverage in trade negotiations and I think he used them as leverage in this situation brilliantly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The president put a charge in this whole dialogue with Mexico with the tariff threat. Brought them to the table, the Foreign Minister from Mexico arrived within hours, he arrived the next day. With real proposals on the table.


ROMANS: Mexico has agreed to deploy its National Guard to its borders with Guatemala beginning today. Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. says, that's been the works for weeks and she hopes to see results in a month to a month and a half.

BRIGGS: The Iowa hall of fame dinner was the placed to be Sunday night for 2020 hopefuls. Most of them in a way, 19 of the candidates getting five minutes each at the microphone to make an impression in the first caucus state. And there was a common theme.














BRIGGS: The former Vice President and front runner Joe Biden was a no show but he does plan to be campaigning in Iowa tomorrow. CNN's Leyla Santiago has more.


me that this event didn't necessarily make things easier for them, rather more difficult in narrowing down their short list for 2020. You had 19 of the 23 candidates, all in one room making a five-minute pitch to voters here in Iowa.

Remember Iowa, the very first caucus state. That's why there's a lot of focus here. Among the candidates you heard them talk about issues that are not so surprising, abortion, voting rights, health care. And every single one of them made sure to sort of flex some muscle in talking about beating President Trump in 2020.

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS, (I-VT), U.S. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I'm running for president because we can't take four more years of Donald Trump. I'm running for president to beat Donald Trump and I'm running for president because beating Donald Trump is not enough.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need a president who lives like you live. We need a president who has the grit that you have. And we have a president right now that doesn't understand the dreams that you have. I will be that president.

SANDERS: While we are all united in the need to defeat Trump, there are disagreements amongst us as to the best way to do that. In my view, we will not defeat Donald Trump unless we bring excitement and energy into this campaign.

[04:40:10] SANTIAGO: Now what you did not see here for the hall of fame dinner, you did not see the front runner, Vice President Joe Biden. His campaign said that he had a long-standing family commitment that had been scheduled awhile back, that's why he's not in Iowa. But some voters tell me, they took offense to that that perhaps they didn't see themselves as the priority for the front runner Vice President Joe Biden. Christine, Dave.


BRIGGS: Leyla, thanks. Right now Joe Biden is the top choice among likely voters in the Iowa Democratic caucus, but he does not have a lot of breathing room. A new CNN De Moines register poll puts the former V.P. at 24 percent. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg lock pretty tight there, 16, 15, 14, all within 10 points the lead. Here's Jeff Zeleny catching up with the three who has some catching up to do.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA), 2020 U.S. DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: Yes. People are ready for real change, for structural change. Nobody in this crowd was saying do less.

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG (D-SOUTH BEND-IN) 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Now, we still have work to do to get people used to the idea of a millennial Midwestern male running for president. Although it is not quite as exotic as people thought it was in January at the polls or anything we go by. SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), U.S. DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:

Again, it is my full intention to work very hard, to earn the support of the people of Iowa and to spend time here and continue to grow a staff on the ground and have a presence here.


BRIGGS: Only five Democratic candidates scored above 5 percent in that poll.

ROMANS: All right. Two of the biggest suppliers in aerospace and defense system are merging in one of the biggest deals of the year. United Technologies and Raytheon announced Sunday, they will create a new company called Raytheon Technologies Corporation. The Wall Street Journal reported that the combine company would be the second largest Aerospace and Defense Company by sales behind Boeing. United Technologies is an industrial (inaudible), it makes everything, jet engines, to elevators, it owns the Pratt and Whitney engine maker, as well as, Cohen's Aerospace.

Raytheon is rooted in defense, it produces missile defense systems and cyber security solutions. The companies supply airbus and Boeing. Now United Technology is last year said it was spinning off its elevator in HVAC division to focus on aviation.

BRIGGS: More than a million people clashing with police and protesters in the streets of Hong Kong. The government plan that started the uproar, next.


BRIGGS: 4:46 Eastern Time, China is censoring information on social media about a huge demonstrations in Hong Kong on Sunday. More than a million people taking to the streets clashing with police, protesting a controversial government plan that would allow extraditions to mainland China. Let's go live there Matt Rivers, in Hong Kong with the latest. Matt, good morning. Is this a one day event? Do you expect it to continue today?

MATT RIVERS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, the fight is definitely not over. No more protests today here in Hong Kong, but we are going to see more protests on Wednesday, because that is the next time that the Hong Kong parliament will be debating this very controversial bill that could go into law at some point.

Now what critics say, is that this law, which would allow Hong Kong to extradite certain suspects to main land China, what critics say that that would allow Beijing to use its notoriously opaque legal system to crackdown let's say on dissidents or journalists, people that Beijing is unhappy with for political reasons. They say that this law would allow Beijing to take advantage of people here in Jong Kong as simply for political reasons.

Now, the leadership here in Hong Kong doesn't agree with that. They would say that this kind of law will close a loophole. But clearly, there's a lot of people here in Hong Kong, around a million people according to organizers which marched that are not in favor of this.

They see this yet again, as another sign that Beijing is encroaching on Hong Kong. Technically Hong Kong is a part of -- is a part of China, but it is a one state, two systems principle here. So Hong Kong has certain Democratic freedom that the rest of mainland China doesn't. And the people that were on the streets here yesterday, well, they want to keep a lot of those freedoms.

Interestingly we seen Beijing state media actually point the finger at the United States today saying that they may have had a role in these protests due to frictions between Beijing and Washington for the ongoing trade war. I think a lot of people on the streets yesterday would be offended with that statement. That this isn't some sort of grassroots movement and the U.S. consulate here in Hong Kong, Dave, saying that any indication that U.S. is behind those protests are, quote, manifestly absurd.

BRIGGS: OK. Matt Rivers live there 4:48 p.m. in Hong Kong. Thanks Matt.

ROMANS: All right. Several wildfires are raging across parts of California. The so-called sky fire in Southern California forcing the evacuation and closure of Six Flag Magic Mountain Theme Park Sunday, along with the neighboring water park in Valencia. The fast spreading sand fire prompting mandatory evacuations in Yolo County in Northern California. Authorities say the blaze which began Saturday has burned now 2200 acres and it's only 20 percent contained. Pacific Gas and Electric restoring power to some 20,000 customers after the utility temporarily cut off electricity in areas of extreme fire risk.

BRIGGS: Heavy rain and flooding being blame for three jets in North Carolina. Authorities say, three men were killed when their vehicle slid off the road and hit a tree and overturned into rising creek waters near Lincolnton North Carolina.

Several locations, the western part of the state had seen more than a foot of rain in the past three days. High water also damaged the Duke University student union, flooding rooms and forcing a partial evacuation of the building.

[04:50:06] ROMANS: All right. Not even the X men could save the box office this weekend. CNN Business next.


ROMANS: All right. In just hours, nominations close for a new British Prime Minister. Politics in the U.K. are in turmoil. Theresa May stepping down over her inability to get a Brexit deal through parliament. It is not all clear that whoever replaces her as conservative party leader will be able to usher a deal through either. For the latest on the escalating crisis in British politics, I want to bring in CNN's Nick Robertson live in London.

[04:55:03] And Nick, when I say the escalating crisis in British politics, I feel like I've been saying that for two years. And it continues to make new highs or new lows depending on which way you look at it.

ROBERTSON: You know, I think the discussion here today is about the new highs to be perfectly on the set. The highs have reach another moment that no one expected it to reach, 11 candidates are expected to declare today. Each of them will need to get the backing of eight M.P.'s that's sought to happen late this afternoon here, but the revelation and the papers and TV interviews over the weekend, that one of the leading candidate admits when he was in his 30's, working as a journalist to occasional cocaine use at house parties, parties he hosted in his own house. And that who's pitch the leadership challenged in contest into a question of who will -- which of these candidates has taken drugs before.

And one British newspaper reporting that seven of the 11 candidates have now reported taking or admitted taking drugs in one sort or another. So, Michael Gove, the Environment Secretary who admitted to taking cocaine. His message of reducing taxation has been lost. Boris Johnson, the leader in all of this is trying to scotch reports that he did take cocaine, saying that he was often and didn't take it has admitted to smoking cannabis. His message however, Britain will leave without a deal is the sort of strongest message at the moment.

This isn't just about leading the country, it's about leading the party, but trying to bring a divided Conservative Party together, a divided country together. And at the moment that leadership candidates who appears to be the sort of bookish favorite, Boris Johnson is going to be expected to -- if you will, divide -- further divide the country over this issue leaving the E.U. without a deal at the end of October.

ROMANS: Oh my goodness. You're right. A new high in the all-time -- in the lows of British politics. All right. Thanks for that, Nick Robertson in London for us.

A Texas man missing for almost a week on a hiking trip in Arkansas, he has been rescued, 38 year-old Joshua McClatchy, he was found safe in Ouachita National Forest, a National Guard chopper spotted his flashlight. Rescuers -- they had to walk about 21 miles over rugged terrain to get to him. His sister says he was dehydrated, but otherwise in really good shape.

Let's go check on CNN Business this Monday morning. Taking a look at a new week in stock markets around the world. Asian stocks closed higher and European markets opened up slightly after President Trump took Mexico tariffs off the table after nine days of threats. The U.S. stock futures are trying to build on their best week of the years.

The DOW closed up 263 points Friday, snapping a six week losing streak. The S&P 500 closed up 1 percent. The NASDAQ finish up almost 2 percent for the week. The DOW closed up just shy of 5 percent that makes up the best week of the year and the first five days in a row of gains since January. Investors grew more confident that the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates next. The Fed now seen as a shock absorber for President Trump's trade experiments. Well, that means for you, interest rates had been falling. You can see it in mortgage rates near a two year low, the 30 year fixed rate mortgage rates now at 3.82 percent.

American Airlines canceling all 737 Max flights through Labor Day now. The carrier has remove the aircraft from flight schedules through September 3rd, about three weeks later than it previously announced. Shuffling the schedule means American will cancel 115 flights per day. Potentially affecting thousands of passengers. The 737 Max was grounded in the wake of two fatal crashes blamed on a new anti-stall system. Everyone on both of those flights, 346 people were killed in those crashes.

Well, the X-men failed to save the box office this weekend. Dark Phoenix, the latest film in the X-men franchise made an estimated $33 million do domestically, making less money in it's opening weekend than any other film in the X-men franchise.

Also a disappointing opening for a chatty group of animals. "The secret life of pets 2" brought an estimated 47.1 million in the box office, less than half of the original which debut from (inaudible) 104 million in it's opening weekend. There are still some big blockbuster movies on the docket this summer. Toy Story 4 and the Lion King will debut next month.

BRIGGS: And that is the one, this guy.

ROMANS: That's our age demographic right here.

BRIGGS: All right. "Early Start" continues right now.

ROMANS: All right. Breaking news, retired Red Sox icon David Ortiz recovering after being shot in the Dominican Republic.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my God, the crane is falling over. Oh my God.


BRIGGS: One person is dead after a fall of a construction crane slice through a downtown Dallas apartment.