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Black Patient Hooked To I.V. Arrested Outside Hospital; Jury Deliberates Case Of Navy SEAL Accused Of Killing ISIS Detainee; U.S. Women's Soccer Team Battles England For Spot In Final As Rapinoe Is Benched. Aired 2:30-3p ET

Aired July 2, 2019 - 14:30   ET


[14:30:00] KAITLAN COLLILNS, CNN WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: But, of course, this is going forward. The White House here is defending the president, saying it's open to the public and they want everyone to come.

And it's starting out that it's going to be quite a thing on Thursday.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: We will stay tuned. We will talk about it up and until then.

Kaitlan Collins, thank you very much, with the preps ahead of the Fourth of July in Washington.

Coming up here, an African-American hospital patient speaking out after he was arrested outside his hospital while hooked up to an I.V. Now, the police department is launching an investigation. That man, who was arrested, and his boyfriend joining me, live, to tell their side of the story, next.


[14:35:03] BALDWIN: Police in an Illinois town are under fire after arresting this black hospital patient who decided to go for a walk while being hooked up to an I.V.

The stunning moment was all captured on cell phone video by the patient's boyfriend and is now getting national attention.

Shaquille Dukes says he came down with double pneumonia last month while on vacation and checked into a hospital in Freeport Illinois.

On the next day, at the hospital, he was feeling better, asked doctors if he could go out and about for a walk. As he walked through the parking lot wearing his hospital gown and hooked up to this drip, Duke said the security guard, you see there, confronted him, accusing him of trying to steal hospital equipment.

The security guard called for police backup. Officers arrested him and his boyfriend and his brother. The three men were charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing and resisting a police officer.

Dukes believes they were racially profiled by this white security guard and by the police officers because of the color of their skin. Shaquille Dukes is with me now, along with his boyfriend, Marqwandrick

Morrison, who recorded the video of the arrest.

Gentlemen, thanks for being on with me.



BALDWIN: Where to begin.

Shaquille, first to you.

Health-wise, are you feeling better?

DUKES: Yes. I'm feeling better.


All right, I know I just ran through some of the highlights or lowlights, but take me back, you're in the hospital, hooked up to this drip, you go outside for a walk. You are in your hospital gown and the security guard approaches you. What happens?

DUKES: We were getting ready to go into a facility after walking back across the lot. The security guard, we see him driving up the street. At that point, he yells, what are you guys doing? I stand there, and hold my arm up, and I'm like, the hospital door is right here, we're going back inside. He's, well, I need you guys to come over here to the car. As we're approaching the care, that's when this controversy ensured. He's, well, it looks like you guys are stealing this, I don't care if you're walking back or not.

I said Jennifer is my nurse. Doctor --

BALDWIN: I'm sorry, I'm just -- why would he think you're stealing hospital equipment when you were there in a hospital gown hooked up to an I.V.? Did he explain why --

DUKES: That is --

BALDWIN: Did he what he was thinking?

DUKES: That has been the billion-dollar question, Brooke. I have no idea. I mean, I could see if we were blocks away. I could see if I was in regular clothes and carrying the pole in my arms, but neither of those are the case. I was in a hospital gown with no clothes and with medicine pumping into my veins. I'm not sure how it could have seen if we were attempted to steal it or pose this threat that he speaks of.

BALDWIN: Marqwandrick, you were this other set of eyes. What happened?

MARQWANDRICK MORRISON, BOYFRIEND OF SHAQUILLE DUKES & ALSO ARRESTED: I was shocked, especially coming, you know, when he got like, what are you guys trying to do, sell it on eBay.

I'm like, well, he's in a hospital gone with an I.V., medicine, fluids are running through his veins. How crazy could it be? How crazy could you think? I want to know, what was he thinking? I don't know. It's really crazy to me.

BALDWIN: Let me make sure I get this in. The hospital declined to comment citing patient confidentiality. Cooperating with the police investigation.

Freeport police investigating. They say, quote, "to gather the facts, interview all parties involved, and determine whether officers conducted themselves in adherence to department policies and guidelines."

Just so I'm clear, cuffs were slapped on you with the I.V. drip and then you had an asthma attack, is that correct?

DUKES: Yes, I had an asthma attack and seizure, according to paramedics in transit. When they first arrested me and told me I was charged with attempted theft, they took my inhaler. When I got into the back of the squad, I told him I was there for pneumonia and asthma and that I needed a treatment. He asked the sergeant, who told him, no, to transport me to city jail.

While in transit, that's when I blacked out. When I came to, I was having an asthma attack. But I was still in the back of the car.

At that point, officers came out, another patrolman came out, I said, I need my inhaler, I can't breathe. She said, where is it? I said one of the officers took it.

At that point, that's when he stepped forward and presented the inhaler. At that point, the paramedics were arriving in the lot, and that's when they removed me out of the car and transported me back to jail.

BALDWIN: So, again, they're investigating. Why do you think this is about the color of your skin?

DUKES: Just, you know, there's no other clear indication what this could be about. I mean, three black males attempting to steal hospital equipment. I mean, like seriously, what else could this be? He posed no threat whatsoever. Had he simply even attempted to verify or send someone inside to double check our story, we wouldn't be here. But that wasn't the case.

I truly feel that because of how we looked, the situation spiraled into something other than what it needed to be. It was initiated by the security and later perpetuated by the police.

[14:40:16] BALDWIN: Really, last question. This wasn't yesterday, right? This was a couple weeks ago. It's my understanding you waited. When was it?

DUKES: Yes. BALDWIN: When was it?

DUKES: This happened June 9th.

BALDWIN: Right. A couple weeks ago, you waited to post the video because, why? And are you all taking legal action?

DUKES: We waited because, initially, after the incident happened, I immediately went and started having dialogue with the administration with the city of Freeport, with the police department.

Initially, I had given them a timeline of seven days, I expect some sort of answer and then I'm going to go public and ask the world what they think about the incident.

Throughout that entire process, they've been doing nothing but blowing smoke. I've met with the mayor, with the city manager, the chief of police, with its chief human resources officer at the hospital.

BALDWIN: What did they say?

DUKES: And it's all just -- they're playing this game of, oh, we're looking into it.

When I met with the hospital, they told me, Shaquille, pretty much we wanted to give you this opportunity for this dialogue, but we really want to figure out what are you propose. What would look like victory to you in the situation.

BALDWIN: What do you want?

DUKES: And I told him, I said -- Exactly. And I told him, if you're insinuating there's some monetary something that can make this go away, you're ignorant. With that, I said it's insulting. I feel like I'm being handled. I ended the meeting and left.

BALDWIN: Have you hired a lawyer?

DUKES: Not as of yet.


DUKES: As I mentioned, that really wasn't what we were seeking.

BALDWIN: It's about --

BALDWIN: We want to see reform, policy stood up around the situation, and that has not happened. It's clear that it won't happen without some sort of outside oversight.

BALDWIN: All right. Let's stay in touch. I have a feeling --


BALDWIN: Let's see where this goes.

DUKES: Absolutely.

BALDWIN: Shaquille, Marqwandrick, gentlemen, thank you so much.


BALDWIN: Again, the hospital declining comment. Wow!

After weeks of extraordinary testimony, and even including a bombshell admission, a jury is deliberating in the murder trial of the former Navy SEAL accused of murder. We'll take you there.

And a 27-year-old pitcher from the Los Angeles Angels is found dead, shocking baseball fans across the country. We have the latest on the search and what happened to him, next.


[14:46:58] BALDWIN: We are waiting for a verdict that could come down at any moment now in the court martial of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. His fate is in the jury's hands. All men jury on this day two of deliberations.

Gallagher's defense portraying him as old-school, hard-charging warrior targeted by younger Millennial colleagues. The prosecution painting a much different picture of the chief petty officer while serving in Iraq. Prosecutors say he ruthlessly stabbed a wounded ISIS prisoner to death and then, after the fact, posed for photos in front of this corpse and tried to keep other SEALs from reporting his behavior.

CNN's Nick Watt is live at a naval base in San Diego where the deliberations are ongoing.

Nick, it's a waiting game.

NICK WATT, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It certainly is, Brooke. They deliberate for two hours last night. They came back this morning. The judge said they could stay late until 10:00 p.m. last night. No, we'd like to recess.

They came back this morning. After an hour, they asked to hear a recording of the first witness that was called by the prosecution. That guy was a SEAL officer.

He testified he walked into the compound, saw Eddie Gallagher treating this detained wounded ISIS fighter. He went away, came back, and saw the ISIS fighter is dead. He saw Eddie Gallagher with a knife in his hand. That knife is the alleged murder weapon. But he did not say he saw Eddie Gallagher stab the detainee.

After the jury heard that piece of evidence, they said, we've heard enough, and they went back to deliberations.

We're told that military juries generally reach a verdict quicker. It doesn't have to be unanimous. It has to be 5-2 to convict. This jury is taking their duty seriously. Listen, everyone wants this to be done by the July 4th holiday. The

jury is taking their duty responsibly.

If Gallagher is convicted of that premeditated murder charge, Brooke, that means life behind bars.

BALDWIN: Nick Watt, we're standing by right along with you. We'll talk as soon as you get news.

Thank you, sir.

In the meantime, the U.S. women's soccer team gearing up for an epic match against England with the winner heading into the World Cup final. The latest on the match up and a surprise change to the lineup, next.

But first, from the first silent film to the current blockbusters of today, the history of American cinema is beautiful, occasionally controversial, but always inspiring. And this Sunday night, our brand-new CNN original series, "THE MOVIES," will delve into the stories behind the movies we all love.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There's something about being told a story. A movie is something that's been handcrafted, carefully pieced together. It creates this opportunity to totally lose yourself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those images lives in our consciousness. It stays on. We recall it in our heads and those images are replayed, and we live our lives by it.

[14:50:08] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It brings all the elements and all of our senses together. There's nothing else like it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Even though you're doing something incredibly personal, and in many ways incredibly selfish, but you're doing something you love so much. And it gets out there in the world, it can change people's trajectories.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you can go somewhere, you can guarantee -- (INAUDIBLE). It's like a drug. It's like a drug.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a direct conduit straight into your soul.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I grew up wanting to be in the movies. It was all about the movies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Since the dawn of man, we like to get around the fireplace and commune in story together. So we can feel for a few hours that we're human together.


BALDWIN: Be sure to tune in. "THE MOVIES" premieres this Sunday night at 8:00 Eastern and Pacific, only here on CNN. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

[15:55:36] BALDWIN: An epic showdown going down today. The U.S. women's national soccer team all smiles as they were about to battle it out in with England for their spot in the World Cup final. The U.S. thoroughly dominant so far, thrashing Thailand, never looking back, edging Spain, knocking out France.

We're learning that Megan Rapinoe will be starting the game on the bench. This is happening despite her unforgettable play in the World Cup so far and against the backdrop of the president slamming her for saying she wouldn't go to the White House.

Rapinoe's girlfriend, WNBA star, Sue Bird, writing this in the "Players Tribute," quote, "I'm so proud of Megan and the entire U.S. women's world national team. Take away all the extra stuff and focus on the soccer alone. Two goals against Spain, two goals against France While a guest of Mason. It's about a world-class athlete operating at the absolute peak of her powers on the absolute biggest stage there is. It's about an affluent athlete 'F"'ng killing it."

CNN's Sports Analyst, Christine Brennan, is with me now.

And just, this is down, USA versus England. It's safe to say, Twitter is freaking out that Megan Rapinoe is not starting. Why?

CHRISTINE BRENNAN, CNN SPORTS ANALYST: The best we can tell, she's played a lot. She's 33 years old, she's about to turn 34.

BALDWIN: So old.

BRENNAN: Ancient.


BRENNAN: And -- but it's a strategic -- hardly played the last few games, so clearly pressure, stronger, quicker, hopefully, for the U.S. against a very, very difficult English defense. And so it's strategic.

There's nothing wrong. No discipline, no nothing like that. If anything, I think they'd play Megan just because she's so outspoken. This sounds like a smart move. It's all strategic to rest Megan.

BALDWIN: Also, you and I have talked a lot about the lawsuit followed by this U.S. women's team. Parker says the earning call, quoting that the U.S. women's home jersey is the number-one soccer jersey, men or women, ever sold on in one season.


BALDWIN: How huge is this for these ladies?

BRENNAN: They couldn't have planned it better. They were trying to figure out a strategy to lead into their negotiations post-World Cup. It couldn't have gone better. From all the publicity, all the controversy, the great crowds, great TV ratings and now this news, it is spectacular.

It will be impossible for the U.S. Soccer Federation to deny the women equal pay now, just because of the nation and everyone kind of ramping up on their side. Then these facts, these are very important facts, and that's a big one for sure.

BALDWIN: Turning to Wimbledon, Coco Gauff beating Venus Williams, one of her idols, not before putting her schoolwork first. Watch this.


CORI "COCO" GAUFF, TENNIS PLAYER: I guess some of my teachers saw the interview, so now before that match, only one teacher knew I played tennis. I don't think they knew I was pro. Now all of them except one know. And they're all cheering me on.

I ended up getting a "B" on the exam, which was pretty good considering I took it at 11:00 at night and I had to wake up the next day.


BALDWIN: Earth to Coco's teachers, Coco doesn't just play tennis, she dominates in tennis.

Tell me a little bit more about what you know about her, and where she came from?


BALDWIN: How great is that?

In sports, we love the new thing, the surprise, that moment that you just say, wow! That's cool. And Coco is that.

That was tough for her to knock Venus out Venus. Venus was so great, gracious as well.

Her idol is Venus Williams. Both of Coco's parents are athletes. We're going to see much more of that moving forward with young male and female athletes, where you have the mom and dad being athletes. That's cool.

And they really seem to have their heads on straight in terms of how to raise this young woman. We'll see where it goes from here.

BALDWIN: We'll be watching closely. Bittersweet. Exciting to meet Venus but, of course, bittersweet as she is.

Christine Brennan, thank you very much.