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Twenty People Hospitalized After Gas Explosion At Shopping Center In Plantation, Florida; Two Large Earthquakes Hit Southern California; President Trump May Still Try To Include Citizenship Question On 2020 Census Form; Several 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Attend Essence Festival In New Orleans; Joe Biden Campaigns In South Carolina; Photos Released Of Royal Infant After Christening; Coco Gauff Advances At Wimbledon. Aired 2-3p ET

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[14:00:09] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is CNN breaking news.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: Hello again, everyone. Thanks so much for joining me on this Saturday. I'm Fredricka Whitfield. We're follow breaking news out of Plantation, Florida, where 20 people have been hospitalized after a gas explosion at a shopping center. Two of them are in critical condition. Polo Sandoval is following developments for us. Polo, What are you learning?

POLO SANDOVAL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: West of the city of Fort Lauderdale, they're in Plantation, Florida, offering an update a while ago. They say that they are confident that all people have been accounted for and anybody needing any kind of medical assistance is getting that right now, which totals at least 20 people who were taken to area hospitals there in Florida with at least two of them in serious condition.

That number could potentially change according to the deputy fire chief, who says that people left the scene and now are essentially coming back to have some of their wounds taken care of the, which at essence are blast debris injuries as authorities described it. What we do know as far as the potential cause here is that they did identify a gas rupture once firefighters arrived on scene.

Now, whether or not it was caused by the blast or an actual -- or actually what caused all of this, that is still yet to be determined. We do know that a nearby business was closed and that could potentially have played a role in limiting the injuries here.

What happens next? Engineers will be arriving at that commercial area. They will be surveying some of the nearby business to see if they are structurally sound and can be occupied. But of course, it goes without saying that the building that was directly affected, which you see there, and the neighboring gym there was heavily damaged and in some case there's even destroyed here. So do expect this part of town to be closed for quite some time here.

But, again, authorities now trying to pinpoint a cause. They initially suspected a gas leak explosion but now are saying that they do want to take a closer look at the area there before they can definitively say whether or not that gas leak was caused by the blast or if it was really the reason for this blast.

But as you can see here, authorities did search the debris here, there were initial reports that there were people trapped. But again, as of the last update offered just moments ago by authorities there in Plantation, everybody seems to have been accounted for. Fred?

WHITFIELD: All right, Polo Sandoval, we'll check back with you, thank you so much.

On the line with me right now, Joel Gordon, battalion chief of the Plantation Fire Department. I know you've got your hands for, but I'm wondering if you can tell me, of these 20 that were injured, were they all in one concentrated area? What can you tell me about their relationship to the injuries and the place of explosion?

JOEL GORDON, BATTALION CHIEF, PLANTATION FIRE DEPARTMENT: At this point it's difficult to tell exactly where all the patients were. When we arrived, there was a significant amount of debris over quite a large area, and the patients were actually scattered over that large area.

As well as that, we -- as well as that, we also have patients that had wandered away and came back again. So we can't really tell exactly where they were. What I can tell you is we had two that were serious. One was a serious trauma patient taken to the trauma center. A second patient was taken to a trauma center, and the rest were transported locally.

WHITFIELD: So when we look at the images and we see this -- clearly this flattened area, perhaps that is the centerpiece of where the explosion took place right outside of the L.A. Fitness there, can you tell us about your initial observations about this gas explosion. Is this a store or structure that was up and running? Is it before business hours, what?

GORDON: At this point we have not actually confirmed that it's an explosion due to gas. We believe that, that's what it appears to be, but we have not yet confirmed that. What we have here is we've got a strip mall situation where there's actually two separate malls that are perpendicular to each other. The L.A. Fitness is in the strip that runs across the west side of the mall, and the other buildings run up the east side -- I'm sorry, up the north side of the mall, and they kind of meet in the corner.

The explosion appears to have happened in that corner somewhere. There is a -- there is a closed pizza place right on the corner, but we haven't confirmed that it originated from there yet either.

WHITFIELD: OK, so when you say explosion, then, what would be the variation of sources of an explosion of this caliber?

[14:05:00] GORDON: At this point, it could be any one of a number of things. I'm not even going to try to speculate. We do have the state fire marshal on scene, ATF and Broward Sheriff's bomb unit is also here, so everybody's investigating. We did -- we did have an active gas leak when we arrived. Whether that was the origination of the problem or it came afterwards, we're not sure.


GORDON: So at this point I really can't confirm.

WHITFIELD: I gotcha. And then this L.A. Fitness, are you able to kind of zero in on what time this explosion took place? You think L.A. Fitness and a Saturday morning people could be working out or going there or occupying that space as early as maybe 6:00 a.m. or something? Can you tell us about when this happened?

GORDON: Well, we got the call at just about 11:30. Actually 11:28. The L.A. Fitness was occupied at that time. Not sure which of the other stores were occupied or how many people were in them. So as far as where the patients came from, difficult to tell right now.

WHITFIELD: No fires or anything like that when you arrived, strictly you had to cut off gas. But can you tell us anything more about your observation when's you arrived?

GORDON: So when we arrived we had a significant amount of debris. We had multiple patients that were spread over a large area. It was actually difficult to access because the access road into the mall was covered in debris. So we did -- it was quite a large perimeter. We started searching the perimeter. Initially the hazardous material unit from Broward County was able to get in and temporarily secure the gas. Following that the gas company TECO, Tampa Electric Company came in and they secured it for the entire area.

We were able to secure patients, move them to an area where we could treat them and triage them. The critical ones were transported off scene immediately. Then we had the local search and rescue teams come in. They searched the perimeter. There was nobody in the adjacent stores. And then we went into the collapsed zone where we searched that area. And at this point we have not found anybody else inside.

WHITFIELD: Joel Gordon of Plantation Fire, thank you so much for your time and all of this information. Of course, we're wishing you the best as you continue to try to get to the bottom of what happened here and treat all those who need to be treated. I appreciate it.

GORDON: Thank you.

WHITFIELD: Still ahead, more breaking news. Millions of Californians on edge after a second powerful earthquake rocks that state. Now many are bracing for more possible aftershocks to come.

Plus, President Trump keeps pushing his plan on the 2020 census, attempting to add a question about citizenship. Could he use an executive order to finally get his way?

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) [14:11:30] WHITFIELD: CNN is watching this breaking news, an explosion taking place in Florida there. We're learning that at least 20 people have been taken to a hospital, this taking place in a shopping center. Two people are in serious condition. The cause of the blast still under investigation. We'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you the very latest as we get it.

We're also following breaking news on the west coast where a second major earthquake has rocked southern California. This one hitting near Ridgecrest last night with a 7.1 magnitude. That's 11 times stronger than the one that hit the day before in that same area. This major quake knocked out power to thousands and sparked several fires. Just moments ago, emergency officials in Ridgecrest expressing relief that the damage to their community is not as catastrophic as it could have been.


CHIEF JED MCLAUGHLIN, RIDGECREST POLICE DEPARTMENT: It's hard for the world to know what we've been through, because by the grace of God we've had no casualties, and we've only had minor injuries, which is amazing considering these two big earthquakes that we've experienced. Also, our structures have remained upright. Some have sustained some major damage, but they're still standing. So that's been amazing.


WHITFIELD: So far there have been no reports of deaths or serious injuries. The epicenter of the quake missed the major cities nearby. About 120 miles between Los Angeles and Ridgecrest, and Las Vegas is the other nearest big city. People felt it as far south as Mexico as well.

For the very latest, let's bring in CNN's Sara Sidner, who had your own personal experience while enjoying the Dodgers game only to be rattled like everybody else. And now you're there in Ridgecrest. What are you experiencing and seeing and hearing?

SARA SIDNER, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes. So this morning we felt sizeable aftershocks, and then it has been fairly quiet as far as we can't feel them. But we know from USGS that there have been upwards of 4,000 earthquakes since the first large quake that this area has seen in 20 years, the 6.4 back on July 4th. Now, of course, that turned out to be a precursor to an even larger quake which is a major earthquake of 7.1. It rattled everyone in this town and surrounding area.

We actually ended up going about 25 miles from here to Trona, California. It is a town that is very, very small. And we heard that there might somebody damming there, and there was. I want you to take a look at this. And sometimes it's hard to see the damage and hard to figure it out, but take a look at this slab. This is a Shell gas station owned by a gentleman named Roger Sandoval.

And he talked about the fact that over the past couple of days since the 6.4 quake and then subsequently the 7.1 major earthquake, he noticed the slab on top of his large gas tanks that feeds the tanks that you put in your car, all of a sudden the slab started going down, first an inch, then a couple inches, now three or four inches, and it is sinking. He is very concerned avenue went through quite a shaking the night before last.


ROGER SANDOVAL, GAS STATION DAMAGED BY EARTHQUAKE: The last one was more quick, faster, and lasts longer. So I just hang on to my refrigerator. I was eating dinner at home. So I just grab my refrigerator and stay with it.


[14:15:12] SIDNER: Now, Mr. Sandoval was very concerned because this is his livelihood, this is his business. Lots of things knocked off the shelves inside of that Shell. But he was still open without any power. He was trying to make sure that the community was able to get some of the things they need.

He also talked about the fact that he may have to close for good. It would break his heart. He's been there 25 years, but may have to close for good because it could cost upwards of $300,000 to potentially fix what he is seeing there, the sinking there and worried about what's happening with the tanks and all the lines to the gas pumps.

So a lot of concern in Trona, which is 25 miles away from here in Ridgecrest. Here in Ridgecrest there have been fire after fire, at least four in the past 12 to 14 hours. Three of those house fires destroyed the homes.

And remember how we've been talking, Fred, about the dangers of gas leaks.


SIDNER: Well, you're seeing that potentially in Plantation. You see that explosion? That is why they tell you if you smell gas after something like an earthquake, or even if you smell gas when there isn't an earthquake, you need to call for help and you need to try turn your gas off immediately because the reaction can be a devastating explosion or fire. Firefighters and investigators are trying to determine exactly what caused each of these fires. But they say it is very unusual to have that many fires in that short of time in a town of only 27,000 people.

WHITFIELD: And Sara, about your experience. You were in Los Angeles enjoying a baseball game, and that was more than 100 miles away from Ridgecrest where you are now. Describe what you experienced and if you thought it was what it turned out to be initially.

SIDNER: Yes. Me and thousands of Angelinos were all sitting in Dodgers Stadium, enjoying a beautiful night, watching the Dodgers play the Padres. And about round the fifth inning, about 8:15 or 20, we started feeling something. And what happens oftentimes is when you around a crowd of folks that have been through these before, you kind of look at each other and acknowledge that your feeling something just to make sure it's not just you. And then someone says earthquake.

And then it went on for quite a for seconds. And we knew at that point in time, because of what had already happened, the 6.4, that there was likely an even larger quake because it felt stronger even in Los Angeles, more than 150 miles away from the epicenter. Fred?

WHITFIELD: Wow, still taking people up. Sara Sidner, thank you so much, there now in Ridgecrest.

Experts are warning than an even more powerful quake could hit southern California in a matter of days. CNN Meteorologist, Chad Myers joins me now from the Weather Center. So what's the probability here of all this.

CHAD MYERS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: The number now from the USGS is down to a three percent chance, and that's happening because the numbers have been going down from five percent to four to three just over the past few hours because we're getting farther away from that 7.1. quake timewise, time distance.

But even Dr. Lucy yesterday with the USGS said that these aftershocks may go on for two years with 7.1 earthquake. The original 6.4 kind of on the axis of two faults that came together. The 7.1. was not in the same area. That was here. The 7.1. was up the fault. So up the fault started to slide as well. And that's where that 7.1 was. And, yes, obviously the shaking 11 times greater with the power of that, but a little bit farther from Ridgecrest than the other. And distance makes a huge difference.

The distance of the 7.1 to L.A. was somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 miles. And all L.A. really felt was the wave of the secondary wave, not the primary jolt. But 4,700 aftershocks, they're saying somewhere now between 30 seconds and one minute between every one. And some of them are not feelable. Some them are one or two magnitude, not the three and the four which you can actually feel.

But with the original quake, Ridgecrest felt the severe shaking. Searles Valley here at right at a seven magnitude, and then all the way to L.A somewhere around a four or five magnitude. If that earthquake was under L.A. it would have felt like a four even though it was so far away that it was a seven, it didn't feel like a seven, thank goodness, in L.A.

Magnitude aftershocks probably a six. One of those and then we go down from here. But the difference is exponential. This is what people don't understand. The difference between a 6.0 and a 7.0 for power is 32 times. When you talk magnitude, it's 10 times. But it's the power that we really care about.

And a 6.4 to 7.1 was 11 time stronger. A 6.0 to 7.0 was 32 times. A 7.0 to an 8.0 is about 32 times. So that's 1,000 times different form a six to an eight. So these really ramps up quickly, and the damage does as well. A hundred degrees for the next couple days, though, in the desert. Hot weather out there, Fred. WHITFIELD: That's a lot all at one time. Chad Myers, thank you very


MYERS: You're welcome.

[14:20:05] WHITFIELD: The other breaking stories that we're following, an explosion in Plantation, Florida. This one right here. CNN's Rosa Flores just arrived on the scene. We'll check in with her right after this.


WHITFIELD: Following breaking news out of Plantation, Florida, where 10 people have been injured after an apparent explosion at a shopping center. Two of those injured are listed in serious condition. Rosa Flores arrived there just minutes ago. So Rosa, what are you learning.

ROSA FLORES, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Fred. If you take a look behind me you can see the damage in one of these building at this shopping center. As you mentioned, at least 20 people or up to 20 people were transported to area hospitals, two of them in critical condition. And if you take a look at these live pictures, you'll see the damaged sign of the L.A. Fitness, the blown out the windows.

The aerial view that we can get you from the choppers that are in the air. You can see that there is a lot of debris, charred debris, exposed beams. And what firefighters are doing right now is they're still going through that debris. From what we understand from first responders, everyone has been accounted for, but of course first responders always do their due diligence to make sure that everyone is safe.

[14:25:03] We've learned from firefighters that the gas company in this area has already controlled the alleged gas leak and that the gas to this area and area building has been shut off for the safety, first of all, for these first responders, and of course if they can figure out exactly what is going on and what caused this explosion.

We've learned that the ATF, Miami office, so arson explosive investigators are now also on scene to help with this investigation. As you know, when scenes like this happen, it usually turns into an effort of both local, state, and federal, in this case, investigators to try to figure out exactly what happened.

Now, from the fire department we learned that the call initially came in just before 11:30 about a possible gas explosion. And then of course we learned that after 20 people were transported to the hospital, from talking to the Broward Health Medical Center, they say that they Republican two individuals in critical condition, one of them in the level one trauma center, and that is of the most serious condition, the most serious trauma, and another patient of level two trauma which is a little less severe.

But again, as you take a look at these pictures, at these live pictures right now, you'll see that there is a lot of debris all over the place. Firefighters of course making their way through that debris to search the debris to make sure that everyone is accounted for. Fred, the miracle here is that no one has died. Based on what we see from the air and from the ground, you can see that this was a significant explosion.

And now Plantation, just to give you an idea, is about 30 miles north of Miami in Broward County. This is a shopping center that is frequented by people in all of this area. So of course, being a Saturday, people are out at this shopping center, and of course at the L.A. Fitness. We just got here, so I haven't had a chance to talk to people that are in and around this facility, but I'm going to do that next, Fred, to try to get a little more information for you.

WHITFIELD: Thank you so much, Rosa Flores. We'll let you do that, and we'll check back in with you. Appreciate it.

Still to come, the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in and was quite critical of the idea of putting a citizenship question on the U.S. Census. But now President Trump says he is still trying to find a way to add it in. We'll find out what his last ditch effort might be.


[14:31:20] WHITFIELD: U.S. Justice Department lawyers have told a federal judge in Maryland that they are still looking for a way to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census. The judge allowed an immigrant rights group to move forward with their lawsuit against the Trump administration. An administration official says right now the census will be printed without the controversial question, but, the president says he's not out of options to add it in.


DONALD TRUMP, (R) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: So we'll see what happens. We can also add an addition on so we can start the printing and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision. So we're working on a lot of things, including an executive order.


WHITFIELD: With me now, Jeff Mason. He is the White House correspondent for Reuters, and former federal prosecutor and CNN Legal Analyst, Renato Mariotti. Good to see you both.

Renato, you first. The U.S. Supreme Court weighed in, calling the administration's effort to include this question contrived. And now Maryland direct court has instructed the administration to submit information justifying this citizenship question. So where is that going?

RENATO MARIOTTI, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: I don't think for the Trump administration this going anywhere fast. And that's really the problem. Time is not on their side. The Constitution says that there has to be a Census every 10 years. Federal law says the Census has to go forward April 1st of next year. And the Trump administration had made previously clear to the courts

that they absolutely had to figure this out by the end of the June. I don't think there's enough time for the Trump administration to come up with a new justification and try to clean this up at the courts. I just think it's going to end up not working for them.

WHITFIELD: So then Jeff, this president says he's Mr. Law and Order, and the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in saying this is not advisable, they don't see how this would be helpful at all. Yet the president is now talking about executive orders. So what is the driving force here for the White House?

JEFF MASON, WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT, REUTERS: Well, there are a few things. Number one, the Supreme Court did leave some wiggle room for the White House. They said that the rationale that the administration had articulated for putting the question on the Census was not acceptable. So now the administration is looking for another rationale.

And as to why, many people think that having that type of a question on the Census would lead to immigrants being less counted because people who are here illegally would not be inclined to fill out that form. And the implications of the Census are that it is used to help draw political boundaries, districts, and also determine where federal funding goes. So people who are fighting this believe that it could help help Republicans and hurt Democrats in states where a lot of those immigrants are located.

WHITFIELD: So Renato, the president says there are many reasons why that citizenship question needs to be there. And now it looks like it's the Justice Department who has to come up with more rationales or a better argument. What is going to be the most viable option for the Justice Department and argument to make?

MARIOTTI: It's a problem. They have a problem there because they've already said, including Secretary Ross, the Commerce secretary, said under what the stated reason was, and as you mentioned a moment ago, Fred, the Supreme Court said that that did not work. And they have to put forward what the real reason is.

We saw for example in the travel ban, what happened in this case is the administration came up with a new ban. And then they could come up with new reasons supporting that. There just isn't time to do that here, and that's the problem that they have. They can't come up with a new question and a new justification in time to still have the census occur in April of 2020.

[14:35:07] WHITFIELD: And then, Jeff, you have the White House saying one thing, you've got the Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, saying another. What does this say, particularly as it pertains to this Census question, what does this say about the right hand talking about the left hand and it all being on public display, that there's incongruent messaging going on?

MASON: Completely, and more than just messaging. It's about actual policy. The Commerce Department had said it would follow the Supreme Court's order and just proceed with the Census without that question, and then the president of the United States called that fake. So, and that's how they found out about it within the administration, the officials who were in charge of doing that.

So it is, I guess, a good example of how things operate in thee1xd Trump administration, and it is certainly a challenge for the people who are trying to implement that policy and scramble right now to implement what the president wants but also stay in line with what Supreme Court has ruled.

WHITFIELD: Jeff Mason, Renato Mariotti, thanks so much to both of you. Appreciate it.

Up next, it's a big weekend on the campaign trail. Several candidates in New Orleans right now for the Essence Festival. We'll take you there live.


[14:40:21] WHITFIELD: The Democratic candidates for president are taking their messages across the country today. Six hopefuls are speaking at the Essence Festival in New Orleans this afternoon. It's an event that really is celebrating fellowship, inspiration, music, and culture. Many times it's also billed as a party with a purpose.

Senator Cory Booker right now speaking, as you see, on stage. Four candidates are in New Hampshire, home of the second primary in the election. Two candidates are stumping in Nevada. And Joe Biden is campaigning in South Carolina.

Let's check in with a couple of our reporters, CNN Senior National Correspondent, Kyung Lah is at the Essence Fest in New Orleans, and our CNN Political Reporter, Arlette Saenz is Sumter, South Carolina, with the Biden camp. So let's begin with you, Arlette. What is the expectation on Biden's message today?

ARLETTE SAENZ, CNN POLITICAL REPORTER: Fred, this is Biden's first trip to South Carolina since that debate about a week-and-a-half ago. And today he is really going to be here in South Carolina, in Sumter, defending his record and pushing back on some of that recent criticism that he's gotten, particularly on the issue of race. Biden's campaign says he's going to talk about what galvanized him and prompted him to enter public service, part of that being civil rights.

And I want to read you a few quotes of what Biden is expected to say today. Biden will tell voters here "America in 2019 is a very different place than the America of the 1970s. And that's a good thing. I've witnessed an incredible amount of change in this nation, and I've worked to make that change happen. And, yes, I've changed also." So Biden here is expected to talk about his time in the Senate and the work that he did there.

But he's also going to push back on some of that recent criticism that he's received. The campaign saying that his political record is, quote, being weaponized by political opponents, and Biden is expected to lean heavily into his work with President Obama, essentially saying that President Obama has already vetted him to be vice president, and that that's important.

I'm going to go ahead and read you a quote of what Biden is going to say relating to that. He's going to say "I was vetted by him and selected by him. I will take his judgment of my record, my character, and my ability to handle the job over anyone else's."

Now, Biden after that debate a week-and-a-half ago was dropping a bit in the polls, but he still does have significant support among black voters, and that's part of what he's going to be doing here in South Carolina over this weekend is trying to hold onto and court a little bit more of that vote among the African-American community. I think was talking to some people earlier today who say Biden has been a long-time fixture here as they see his work with President Obama as a big asset for him going into this Democratic primary.

But question now, is Biden going to be able to turn the page, turn the corner from these issues of school busing and his comments about working with segregationist senators in the past, and is he going to continue to build momentum in a state here like South Carolina, Fred.

WHITFIELD: Arlette Saenz in Sumter, thanks so much.

Let's go to big easy now. That's where we find Kyung Lah. So Kyung, what is the message from these candidates who are there? We know Cory Booker just wrapped up his messaging. What's happening?

KYUNG LAH, CNN SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, they're essentially saying, and we've heard this from Cory Booker as with as Kamala Harris that the Democratic platform must address the concerns of the black community, specifically the needs of black women. You just saw Cory Booker leave the stage.

He gave an impassioned speech about income equality, about black maternal health, about making sure that homeownership is available to black women. It's a message also being echoed by Kamala Harris who here at Essence Fest just unveiled a $100 billion homeownership plan. That is to address the racial gap, the inequality gap between black families and other families. And then she also gave nod to the fact that she is only the second black woman to run for president. Here's what she said.


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: The fight of black women has always been fueled and grounded in faith and in the belief of what is possible. We have always built thee1 future that we can see and believe in and fight for. And that's why the Sojourner spoke. It's why May flew, it's why Rosa and Claudette sat. It's why Maya wrote. It's why Fanny organized. it's why Charlie ran, and why I stand here as a candidate for president of the United States.



[14:45:06] LAH: Beyond Kamala Harris and Cory Booker we also heard this morning from Michael Bennet as well as Bill de Blasio. Later today Elizabeth Warren as well as Beto O'Rourke will speak, and tomorrow, Fredricka, Pete Buttigieg. So as you pointed out, this is a festival to deal with culture. It's also billed as the largest single gathering of black women ever in America. Fred?

WHITFIELD: Kyung Lah, Arlette Saenz, thanks to both of you, appreciate it.

All right, coming up, baby Archie's big day. The royal family releasing new photos of his super secret Christening. More right after this. But first, from the first silent film to the current blockbuster of today, the history of American cinema is sometimes beautiful, occasionally controversial, and inspiring. Tomorrow night our brand-new CNN original series "The Movies" will delve into the stories behind the movies that you love.


RON HOWARD: There is still something about being told about a story. A movie is something that's been really handcrafted. It's a mosaic that's been carefully pieced together. It just creates this opportunity to totally lose yourself.

MARTIN SCORSESE: These images live in our consciousness, stays in our minds. The way music is recalled in our heads, those image replay, and we live our lives by them.

JULIA ROBERTS: It brings all the elements of all of our senses together. There's really nothing else like it.

JON FAVREAU: Even though you're doing some incredibly personal and, in many ways, incredibly selfish, because you're doing something you love so much, then it gets out there in the world, and it can change people's trajectories.

ALEC BALDWIN: When you can go somewhere that you can pretty much guarantee that you can set your worries aside, it's like a drug. It's like a drug.

HOLLY HUNTER: UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's just a direct conduit straight into your soul.

MORGAN FREEMAN: I grew up wanting to be the movies. It was all about the movies.

BAZ LUHRMANN: Since the dawn of man, we like to get around the fireplace and commune in story together so we can feel for a few hours that we're human together.


WHITFIELD: Wow, be sure to tune in to "The Movies." It premieres tomorrow night 9:00 Eastern and pacific only on CNN.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) [14:51:10] WHITFIELD: Checking our top stories, an explosion out of Florida. We're learning at least 20 people were taken to the hospital, two were in serious condition. The cause of the blast still under investigation. The explosion taking place at a shopping center. We'll take you live to Florida at the top of the hour.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused two other explosions that ripped through dormitories at the University of Nevada, Reno, campus on Friday. Authorities say eight people were injured, two were sent to the hospital and later released. At this time according to fire officials it's believed that there was a mechanical failure in the building.

And two months after the royal baby made his grand arrival, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated baby Archie's Christening today. CNN's Kate Williams has more.

KATE WILLIAMS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: What a fantastice1 day it has been here at Windsor. The royal fans, the well-wishers, they've all been out here in force, champagne corks popping, cakes, and all for one tiny baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor christened today in a private ceremony.

We didn't have any pictures of people arriving or leaving. It was made very clear to us this was going to be a private ceremony and we weren't going to get any details of godparents. And there has been some controversy about this, some comment in the newspapers saying, look, we fund them, we fund the $3 million renovation of their property. We should see the baby.

But then at about 14:15 our time, 11:15 eastern, we got two photos arrive on the Sussex Royal Instagram, and they're really lovely photos. One quite formal photograph of the family in the Windsor castle. Meghan, Harry, and Archie in center. Also Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Mrs. Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother, and William and Kate were also there. And a very lovely touch, Diana, her two sisters. Diana of course could not be there, but her sisters were there representing her.

And the other photo was this black and white shot of the new family, Harry, Meghan, and Archie together, a really sweet photo. And of course this is our first chance to get a look at what Archie really looks like. Very cute, and a baby that's going to be, I would say, one the most famous children in the world christened today here at Windsor.

Kate Williams, CNN, Windsor.


WHITFIELD: And what a cutie piee1 is he is.

The Women's World Cup Final will kick off tomorrow at 11:00 as the United States takes on the Netherlands. The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team has won the cup three times, more than any other country. Sweden beat out England for a third place in today's match. And 15-year-old tennis sensation Coco Gauff keeps on winning on the court and winning hearts. She made a remarkable comeback at Wimbledon Friday and now has her eyes on the title.

Here's CNN's Patrick Snell.


PATRICK SNELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: She's America's teenage sensation, and Coco Gauff is indeed still living the Wimbledon dream after a truly amazing comeback on Friday, booking her spot in the last 16.

Throughout this past week we've admired her infectious enthusiasm, her undeniable talent and her class both on and off the court. Now, though, it's time to admire another quality, her resilience and sheer will to win. This would be an epic performance from the 15 years old, but she struggled early on, dropping her first set to her Slovenian opponent, Polona Hercog. Her body language at this point really giving little indication of the sensational fight back that was to come.

Suddenly, though, her challenge sparked into live as she saved not one but two match points to win a set and five-two down. And coco, who had been afforded center court billing no less, rising to the challenge and would level the match by winning a tiebreaker. The reaction at this point from both here and her devoted parents, absolutely priceless.

[14:55:00] But if Herzog was expecting her opponent to fold in the decider, forget it. Willed on by friends and family who had gathered in Florida at a viewing party, the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon in the open era certainly did not disappoint. Gauff showing nerves of steel and maturity way beyond her years to win the third seven-five. Joyous celebration for a 15-year-old who now faces former world number one Simona Halep next. A 15-year-old who also, it seems, simply does not know the meaning of the word defeat.


COCO GAUFF: Even when I was down match point, the people were in the crowd were behind me every step of the way. And that's something I really appreciated during the match. And I don't know, it's just crazy how like, I remember before I played Venus, as you know, when you walk to leave the practice courts, there's people waiting, and one little kid asked me for a picture. And then after the next day, after playing Venus, everybody was streaming my name. So it's just pretty surreal how life changes in a matter of seconds.


SNELL: It is indeed. Still all is to play for Coco Gauff at this year's Wimbledon as the story continues. Next up in action on Monday against Simona Halep.

Patrick Snell, CNN, Atlanta.


WHITFIELD: Can't wait to see all that is sports and all of these women all weekend long.

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