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World Cup, Equal Pay For Better Work; Iran To Break Nuclear Accord; America's Choice 2020, Joe Biden's Apology; Britain Seized Tanker Claiming It Was Violating Oil Sanctions; New Charges For Billionaire Epstein; FBI and ICE Using Driver's Licenses For Surveillance; Rep. Amash, Pelosi Is Making A Mistake; Deutsche Bank To Cut 18,000 Jobs; Starbucks Apologizes To Tempe Police; Mother Forced To Give Up Babies After IVF Mix-up; U.K. Probes Ambassador's Leaked Cables Insulting Trump; DOW Snaps Four-Day Winning Streak; Saudi Airline Goes All In On Airbus; Spiderman Beats Box Office Expectations. Aired 4:30-5a ET

Aired July 8, 2019 - 04:30   ET



JESSICA DEAN, CNN HOST: Champions again. Can the U.S. Women's National Team spark action on equal pay for equal work after a dominating World Cup?

DAVE BRIGGS, CNN HOST: Iran escalating once again, breaking its commitment to the nuclear deal. How much uranium will Tehran enrich and how will the West respond?

Welcome back to "Early Start," everyone on a Monday, I'm Dave Briggs.

DEAN: Good morning. I'm Jessica Dean in for Christine Romans, it is 31 minutes past the hour here in New York. The U.S. Women's Soccer team rewriting the record books and sparking a movement with their stunning performance in France.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That is it, U.S. wins their fourth World Cup!


DEAN: Team USA never trailed in the tournament, capturing its second straight World Cup title with a dominating 2-0 victory over the Netherlands. And there were plenty of fans shouting USA, but this is the chant is resonating across continents.


CROWD: Equal pay. Equal pay. Equal pay.


DEAN: Many of the fans there, male and female, chanting equal pay after the victory, the president was asked if female athletes should get paid the same as male athletes.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I would like to see that. I would also like to look at numbers, because when you look at World Cup soccer that is one thing. And you also have to look at soccer, professional soccer. You have to see who's taking in what. So I don't know what those numbers are. I would like to see that, but, again, you have to look at the great stars of the men's soccer, the great stars of the women's soccer and you have to see year round, how are they all drawing?


BRIGGS: Worth noting here a gigantic $370 million pay gap between the men's World Cup prize money last year versus the women this year, but when it comes to revenue over the last three years, the women's team fair slightly better than the men with the U.S. set to honor its returning heroes, what effect will this team have off the field?

Let's go live to Leone, France and bring in Amanda Davies. Amanda, also have to point out though, a massive disparity when it comes to World Cup revenue the men's makes exponentially more than the women's World Cup does. Good morning to you.

AMANDA DAVIES, CNN WORLD SPORTS: Good morning. Absolutely, Dave. There are two very different issues here. Ultimately though what they're trying to achieve is the same goal. (Inaudible) in terms of the pay gap between the U.S. women and the U.S. men. The other is the issue over the prize money for this tournament which of course, the women's tournament has a much shorter history than the men's equivalent of a World Cup. There's a difference of 60 years, but here we are, the morning after the night before in Leone, the banners, the branding maybe coming down on the stadium behind us, but you suspect that the impact of what we've seen over the last month will leave a much longer lasting impression.

If there ever winning a match that means more than just winning the battle on the pitch. It was what we saw last night. The U.S. team creating history with that victory over the Netherlands, becoming champions for a record extending fourth time at a tournament that players' current and former are talking about as the best standard of women's soccer ever.

[04:35:13] And the Dutch did give them a test, but who else was it going to be, Meghan Rapinoe to break the deadlock, the player who has made as many headlines off the pitch just here over the last few weeks. A goal that saw her also claim the golden boot for the tournament's top scorer. And what a moment as well for Rose Labelle (ph), the young player who scored the second four years after sitting at home watching the victory in Canada while she was eating pizza.

Speaking of watching at home, this was the result. The world celebrated by fans across the USA this tournament has really increased the visibility of the women's game, it seemed more eyeballs on it than ever before. And that is a fact that hasn't been lost on the U.S. Women as they fight for those causes much bigger than trophies.


MEGAN RAPINOE, USWNT CO-CAPTAIN: I think everyone is ready for this conversation to move to the next step. I think we're done with are we worth it? Should we have equal pay? Is it, you know -- is the markets the same? Yes. Yes. Everyone's done with that. I mean, we put on as all players, I'm saying, every player at this World Cup put on the most incredible show that you could ever ask for. We can't do anything more.


DAVIES: The battle for equal pay goes on, but the players in the meantime are rightly celebrating their moments and some fantastic scenes on social media of the party that took place in the center of Leone here overnight into the early hours of this morning. The successful U.S. women's team flying home later on Monday, ahead of the (Inaudible) parade in New York on Wednesday. You guys I would think would have the best seats in the house for that.

DEAN: We are looking forward to it.

BRIGGS: We will. I will be down there. I cannot wait. Terrific job by a dominant team. Amanda, thank you.

DEAN: Turning now to Iran. How will the U.S. respond in Tehran exceeding the uranium enrichment limits it agreed to and the landmark nuclear deal? President Trump gave a first indication last night.


TRUMP: Iran better be careful, because you enrich for one reason, and I won't tell you what that reason is, but it's no good. They better be careful.


DEAN: Iran's move comes more than a year after the president withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed tough economic sanctions. CNN's Fred Pleitgen is just back from assignment in Tehran. And he joins us now live with more on this, Fred?

FREDERIK PLEITGEN, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, OK. It's actually a pretty significant move on the part of the Iranians. In the past they had said, what they are going to do is they are going to keep the enrichment levels of the uranium with just make more low enrich uranium. But now they're actually increasing the amount of enrichment, that's the quality of the low enrich uranium that they are making.

Before, it was 3.67 percent, now it's at about 5 percent, that higher quality uranium, but at the same time to keep things into perspective a little bit, you need uranium of about 90 enrichment to actually make a nuclear weapons. So the Iranians are still very far away from that and they are saying, they don't want a bomb in the first place. But the big question is, of course, why are the Iranians doing that?

And they say, look, they've been abiding by the nuclear agreement, they put severe restrictions on their nuclear program, their civilian nuclear program. But they say, they are getting none of the benefits, because of these heavy U.S. sanctions.

Now the Iranians are trying to put pressure on the Europeans to get more of an efforts to try and get around these American sanctions. The Europeans are saying they're working on a mechanism, it's already partially functioning, but the Iranians are simply saying, right now, their patience is running out and they're saying in about 60 days down the line, they are going to continue to reach even more provisions of the nuclear agreement which is of course, another escalatory step. And they've already warned the Europeans, in this case, not to take any actions that after they decided to increase their uranium enrichment levels, Jessica.

DEAN: All right. Fred, thanks so much for that update.

BRIGGS: Iran's uranium enrichment comes at a pivotal moment, the country and its proxies had been increasingly aggressive within the last few weeks. Now Tehran is demanding Britain release an Iranian oil tanker seize by royal marines off Gibraltar. That is where Nic Robertson is standing by live for us with the latest. Nic, good morning.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN SENIOR INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, good morning, Dave. I mean, what the Iranian authorities believe is that Britain and Gibraltar are essentially acting as proxies if you will for United States by impounding this super tanker. Why do they believe that? Well, the acting Spanish foreign minister said that the British and Gibraltar authorities have interdicted this vessel at the request of the United States.

So that is one point, but the Iranians are saying contrary to what the authorities here in Gibraltar say, that they believe the vessel was on the way to a Syrian oil refinery and therefore it was breaking a new sanctions, that's why they impounded it.

[04:40:16] The Iranians seem to believe in affect that the ship was impounded because it's carrying Iranian oil. They're calling this an act of piracy by the British. They are demanding that the ship be release immediately, they are saying that -- even that, you know, a British ship should be ceased in this same manner.

So, on this point, at the same time as you have the rising tensions over the nuclear deal, you have this -- what is for the Iranians, the very lease a standoff here about this vessel. Now, just a couple of days ago in Gibraltar, the Supreme Court here gave the authorities here another 14 days to hold on to the vessel. I don't think if you can just see this, there's a small vessel going in front of the tanker. And that is one of the patrol vessels from the Gibraltar authorities here. The trolling their super tanker, making sure it doesn't go anywhere, the crew are being question, no as criminals but as witnesses in this. So, right now, Iranians are demanding it back. They think the United States has put Britain up to do it, and Britain's is holding on to it for the investigations.

BRIGGS: All right, 10:41 a.m. there in Gibraltar. Nic Robertson, terrific reporting for us. Thank you, sir.

All right, a so-called gold mine for the FBI immigration authorities. The Washington Post reports millions of stage driver's license photos are being used in widespread facial recognition searches without people's knowledge or consent.

The nonpartisan government accountability office has told CNN, that the FBI has searchable access to more than 641 million photos of people's faces. But documents obtain by the postal further claiming federal investigators have used DMV databases for unprecedented surveillance including finger prints and DNA. ICE decline to answer questions about how the pictures are being used. The FBI says facial recognition technology is used to develop leads and agents are expected to verify the findings.

DEAN: Congressman, Justin Amash is calling out speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Amash was the only congressional Republican to publicly argue that the president has engaged in an impeachable conduct before announcing he was leaving the Party last week.


REP. JUSTIN AMASH (R-MI): From a principal moral position she is making a mistake. From a plan strategic position she is making a mistake -- if she believes as I do, that there's impeachable conduct in there, then she should say so. When she says things like, oh, I think that we need to have the strongest case before we go forward which is telling the American, if she doesn't think there's a strong case, if she doesn't think that then she shouldn't open her mouth in the first place.


DEAN: Amash now an independent also tells CNN high level Republican officials have thanked him privately for his stance on impeaching the president.


AMASH: People sending me text messages, people calling me saying, thank you for what you are doing, great op-ed, when I was discussing impeachment I had fellow colleagues and other Republicans, high level officials contacting me saying, thank you for what you are doing. So there are lots of Republicans out there who are saying these things privately, but they're not saying it publicly. And I think that is a problem for our country. It's a problem for the Republican Party.


DEAN: Michigan Congressman not ruling out a third party presidential run. A conservative alternative could present a problem for President Trump in 2020. BRIGGS: It's the end of an era. Deutsch Bank, a pillar of European

finance unveil a radical restructuring plan, Sunday. It will cut 18,000 jobs and shrink its investment bank as part of the costly overhaul. The149 year old bank has struggle to produce consistent profits. A sluggish European economy and a reluctance reform have made it harder for the bank to compete in the expensive sector. Deutsch Bank said the job reductions would be made by 2022, but did not provide a geographic breakdown of the cuts. The bank employees almost 9300 people in North America, most of those jobs here in the United States, Jessica.

DEAN: He has evaded similar charges in the past, but billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing serious new charges now of alleged sex crimes involving minors.


DEAN: An indictment against Florida base billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is expected to be unsealed today. The new charges related to alleged sex crimes involving minors. Law enforcement sources say the new charges also involve alleged sex trafficking crimes committed between 2002 and 2005 in New York and Palm Beach. CNN has reached out to Epstein's lawyer for a comment. Epstein avoided similar charges in the past by securing a non-prosecution deal with the federal government in Miami.

Back in November the Miami Herald reported when labor secretary Alexander Acosta was a U.S. Attorney in Florida, he gave Epstein 13 months in prison for pleading guilty to two state prostitution charges that even though a federal investigation had identified 36 under age victims.

BRIGGS: An apology from Starbucks after six police officers were asked to leave one of its stores in Tempe, Arizona. The officers say they were enjoying some coffee on July 4th when a barista approached and told them there was a customer who did not feel safe in their presence. They were ask to move out of the customer's line of sight or leave, they left Starbucks, later released a statement calling the treatment of the officers completely unacceptable. The company says it has already taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.

[04:50:00] DEAN: A new mother forced to give up her new baby, because an IVF mix-up cause her to have someone else's children. Court papers say, a New York couple is now suing a fertility clinic called CHA, after the woman whose Asian had two none Asian babies. Each baby was a genetic match to a different couple. The other couples are also clients at that same clinic. The fertility company has not responded to a request for a comment. But the lawsuit says the couple spent more than $10,000 for all of the IVF services.

BRIGGS: All right. Ahead the summer box office has found its hero. Spider man. CNN Business has the details on how the web slinger made it over the holiday weekend. That is next.

[04:55:00] (COMMERCIAL BREAK) DEAN: The U.K. is now investigating leak diplomatic memos written by

the British ambassador to the United States bashing President Trump. In the cable the ambassador calls the president incompetent and inept. CNN's Anna Stewart, live in London now with the latest. Good morning.

ANNA STEWART, CNN PRODUCER: Good morning. Yes, insecure, inept, incompetent, the British ambassador really didn't hold back giving scathing opinions about the U.S. president and the White House as a whole. For instance, he writes, he really don't believe that this administration is going to become substantially more normal, less dysfunctional. Less unpredictable, less faction living, less diplomatically clumsy and inept.

In other memos, the president talks for instance about the president's (inaudible) that could see the presidency crashing and burning, that's the quote. Although he also goes on to say to the British government that they shouldn't underestimate this president's ability to shrug off controversy and scandal actually rising that Trump may emerge from the flame, battered but intact, like Swaszenegger in the final scenes of the Terminator. (Inaudible) comments, very offensive and of course they didn't go down well with the U.S. president himself, here's he's reaction yesterday.


TRUMP: We're not big fans of that man and he has not served the U.K. well. So, I can understand it and I can say things about him but I won't bother.


STEWART: The president being the bigger man there. Now, the question is, what happens to the British ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch, can he continue in his job. Yesterday the foreign office did support him and ambassador have to give (inaudible) of his assessments of the countries that they are in, that is what they are paid to do, but of course, it will be incredibly difficult for Darroch to perform his diplomatic duties since all of this has been uncovered. Now, the foreign office also launch a formal investigations to see who is behind the leak, lots of speculation, it could be politically motivated, perhaps by a Brexiteer wanting space for more pro-Brexit ambassador. Jessica?

DEAN: All right. Anna Stewart for us this morning. Thanks so much.

BRIGGS: All right, 4:57 Eastern Time. I going to check on CNN business this morning. Frist a look at markets around the world. Asian markets closed lower. European markets have open and Wall Street futures pointing lower. The hopes for the rate cut from the fed are dashed by that strong jobs reports, Friday. The DOW finished with nearly 44 point loss, Friday snapping a four-day winning streak. The S&P 500 and NASDAQ fell slightly. Investors now think the fed could put a mob that is so-called insurance cut in place in justified by pointing to an array of headwinds associated with slowing global growth. Saudi airline is going all in on Airbus as Boeing struggles to get the

737 Max back in the air. Flyadeal announced I will fly an all Airbus fleet changing course from a plan to buy up to 50 737 Max planes. The move another blow to Boeing which has struggled to regain trust in the airline industry. The planes are still grounded worldwide. Deliveries are halted and airlines had said they will demand compensation. Flyadeal is the second airlines to switch to Airbus. Earlier this year, Indonesian airline Garuda, cancelled a multi- billion dollar order, saying its passengers have lost confidence in the Max eight.

The summer box-office has found its hero.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You going to be the next Ironman now?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, no, I don't have time. I'm too busy doing your job.


BRIGGS: Spiderman far from Home, made an estimated 185 million at the box office over at six days holiday weekend. Its big opening was great news for Hollywood, because the summer movie season was in desperate need of a win. June was a rough month with multiple sequels including "Men in Black International" and "Dark Phoenix" underperforming. Analyst say, Spiderman gave the box office the bump it needed. And we could see a bigger bump when Lion King debuts next week. I cannot wait. Friday opening. Thanks to our international viewers for joining us. Have a great rest of your day. For our U.S. viewers, "Early Start" continues right now.

DEAN: Champions again. Can the U.S. Women's national team spark action on equal pay for equal work after a dominating World Cup?

BRIGGS: Iran escalating once again breaking its commitment to the nuclear deal. How much uranium will Tehran enrich and how will the West respond?


BIDEN: I'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception that may have caused anybody.


DEAN: Joe Biden apologizes for comments about working with segregationists, but he is mounting a vigorous defense of his record on issues of race.